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Catalyst Radio for 3/11/2005

Michigan, 12.03.2005 02:01

This week Catalyst Radio interviews Dave Mossburger and Phyllis Jennings, local neighborhood organizers who will join us to talk about their work in the community and about the current Grand Rapids City budget crisis. In the News Analysis section, the GRIID crew discuss local media coverage of the Giuliana Sgrena incident, Ice Mountain moving to Evart, and 7th Annual Women’s Expo.

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of theCommunity Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

G7 Finance Leaders Get Noisy Welcome as Thousands Protest

United Kingdom, 12.03.2005 01:30

As the G7 Finance Ministers met for dinner at Lancaster House in London on Friday 4th February, activists greeted them with a noisy protest. A giant 'Drop the Debt' digital counter recorded the number of children around the world who die needlessly as a result of poverty (at a rate of one child every three seconds). See report and pics | report 2.

The day before on Feb 3rd, tens of thousands of people gathered in Trafalgar Square to demand the elimination of world poverty. Nelson Mandela delivered the keynote speech where he called for millions of people to carry the message of ending poverty to the G8 Summit in Scotland in July, saying: "Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great. You can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom. Of course the task will not be easy. But not to do this would be a crime against humanity, against which I ask all humanity now to rise up.". See report, pics, speech in full and comments. [MP3 Audio: hear speech in fullPart 1, Part 2] [Oxfam video]

Just days before, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, at the World Social Forum 2005, the Call from the Assembly of the Social Movements pledged to take to the streets in mass mobilisations against the G8 Summit, while the Caracol Intergalaktika, the WSF International Youth Camp, called for mass resistance against the G8 and other summits taking place this year, including the IMF / World bank, FTAA and WTO.

See also: G7 Report - the G7 has no intention of cancelling the debt
SchNEWS on the G7 Finance Ministers' Meeting
Report on Church launch of Make Poverty History (Jan 29)


Athens, 12.03.2005 01:30

Η πικρή γεύση των πορτοκαλιών


Argentina, 11.03.2005 23:20

Pobreza y Enfermedad por Dora Reiss

Modesto Medical Marijuana Patients Block Attempt to Ban Dispensaries

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 22:00

3/10/2005: From Indybay's Central Valley Page:


Uruguay, 11.03.2005 21:01

FM Raíces cumple tres años de transmisión junto a las organizaciones sociales

Desalojan de toma de tierras a 50 familias

Argentina, 11.03.2005 21:01

Viernes 11 de Marzo 2005 | AVELLANEDA
Desalojan de toma de tierras a 50 familias


South Africa, 11.03.2005 21:00

Victory for Cuba Heights land invaders


South Africa, 11.03.2005 21:00

No answers from Mosselbay officials


South Africa, 11.03.2005 21:00

What is Love?


South Africa, 11.03.2005 21:00

Illegal evictions: Does the law apply to housing agents?

Exhumation ordered in NT black prisoner's death

darwin, 11.03.2005 20:02

Exhumation ordered in Douglas Scott case

Medical Marijuana Patients block Attempt to Ban Stores

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 20:00


Will Georgetown enact a Living Wage Policy?

DC, 11.03.2005 16:01

Will Georgetown meet its March 14th deadline and agree to a Living Wage Policy??


Uruguay, 11.03.2005 16:00

Trabajadoras agrícolas derrotan a Taco Bell

Fotos del 8 de Marzo

Argentina, 11.03.2005 15:30

Mártes 08 de Marzo 2005 | Imagenes del 8 de Marzo en Plaza San Martín
Fotos del Día Internacional de la Mujer Trabajadora

IMCistas Organize, Socialize in Austin

NYC, 11.03.2005 15:01

A few months after the Independent Media Center celebrated its fifth anniversary as a non-corporate resource for the open-publishing of news and information, about 150 IMCistas, mostly based in the US, gathered in Austin, Texas for IndyConference which took place February 18-20. The weekend included both formal and informal workshops, discussions, and skillshares with the goal of improving our effectiveness as a radical media network. There were also presentations from media activists Douglas Kelner, John Downing, Clemencia Rodr�guez, and Amy Goodman.

Our discussions included themes such as Professionalism and Indymedia, Shortcomings and Potentials of IMC, The Geography Hurdle, Setting up an IMC at a Mass Mobilization, Blogging and Indymedia, IMC and Underserved Communities, and Race and Gender in Indymedia. Other workshops and skillshares included IMC Print Caucus, IMC Video Discussion, How to Do a Radio Show, and Documenting Resistance. A generous amount of time was dedicated to discussing, an open-publishing website and a portal site syndicating news from local IMCs in the US. Before the Friday workshops began, we discussed how we would document the conference and coordinated our coverage efforts. We hope that you find the documentation useful and encourage your feedback about all aspects of the conference.

[ Austin Indymedia | | Syndication FAQ | John's Indyconference Dispatch | Indyconference Fosters Different Views ]


Barcelona, 11.03.2005 14:00

"Tota persona té dret a circular lliurement i a triar la seva residència en el territori d'un Estat" (art. 13 Declaració Universal dels Drets Humans)

[11-13Març Tancaments] Comunicats dels/les immigrants als MMSS | [La nit de l'11-12Març]: Els immigrants comencen els tancaments pels seus Papers | Els immigrants es tancaran en quasi una desena de locals per tota Barcelona i voltants | Nou reglament de la Llei d'estrangeria: Cursa d’obstacles amb trampa >>> Qsvt-cobertura dels tancaments 11-12-13 de març

| [05Març]Passada assemblea d'Organitzacions d'Immigrants | Cap a la jornada del 2 d'abril contra els centros d'internament d'immigrants | Solidaritat amb els immigrants en lluita a la UPF | Treballadors immigrants del camp guanyen a una multinacional del menjar ràpid | Els capitalistes no regularitzen els emigrants: Els acomiaden | 2n dia europeu per la lliure circulació de les persones i contra els centres de detenció de migrants | La frontera sud d'Europa és un altre mur de la vergonya

| Punts de informació i assessorament per a immigrants a Barcelona | Arxius per imprimir i distribuir amb informació sobre punts d'assessorament immigrants

+info :: immigració


Barcelona, 11.03.2005 14:00

"Toda persona tiene derecho a circular libremente y a elegir su residencia en el territorio de un Estado" (art. 13 Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos)

[11-13Marzo Encierros] Comunicados de los/las inmigrantes a los MMSS | [La noche del 11-12Mar]: Los inmigrantes comienzan el encierro por sus Papeles | Los inmigrantes van a encerrarse en casi una decena de locales por toda la capital y alrededores | Nuevo reglamento de la ley de extranjería: Carrera de obstáculos con trampa >>> Qsvt-cobertura de los encierros 11-12-13 de marzo

| [05Marzo]Pasada Asamblea de Organizaciones de Inmigrantes | Hacia la jornada del 2 abril contra los centros de internamiento de inmigrantes | Solidaridad con los inmigrantes en lucha en la UPF | Trabajadores inmigrantes del campo ganan a multinacional de comida rápida | Los capitalistas no regularizan a los emigrantes: Los despiden | 2do día europeo por la libre circulación de personas y contra los centros de detención de migrantes | La frontera sur de europa es otro muro de la vergüenza

| Puntos de información y asesoramiento para inmigrantes en Barcelona | Archivos para imprimir y distribuir con información sobre puntos de asesoramiento de inmigrantes

+info :: inmigración

Invitation of Gujarati Chief Minister to NYC Sparks Protest

NYC, 11.03.2005 13:01

The scheduled appearance of the chief minister of the Indian state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, at Madison Square Garden on March 20 has sparked calls for protests. Many South Asian and human rights groups have condemned Modi for his role in anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat three years ago that killed up to 2,000 people and left another 200,000 displaced. In New York, efforts to block and protest Modi's visit are being coordinated by the newly formed Coalition Against Genocide.

Marcha Mundial das Mulheres

Brasil, 11.03.2005 12:01

30 mil pessoas esperadas na Marcha das Mulheres em São Paulo


Brasil, 11.03.2005 12:01

Mobilização pelo passe-livre em são paulo


Brasil, 11.03.2005 12:01

A morte das nossas crianças: a desnutrição e nossas terras


Brasil, 11.03.2005 12:01

Projeto de Sistema Integrado Intermunicipal já prejudica escola em SC

Suicídio na esquadra da PSP de Lagos

Portugal, 11.03.2005 11:20

Suicídio na esquadra da PSP de Lagos


Sydney, 11.03.2005 10:21

"Voluntary Student Unionism"

RISE Act Seeks Expand Opportunities for Students Who Have Drug Convictions

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 08:20

March 10, 2005: 56 members of Congress introduced the Removing Impediments to Students' Education (RISE) Act this week. Today, the NAACP, ACLU, National Association of Financial Aid Administrators, US Students Association, Faces and Voices of Recovery, the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, SSDP, and the Coalition for Higher Education Act Reform to announce the introduction of this legislation.

Eyes Wide Open

San Diego, 11.03.2005 07:31

I went to Grape Day Park today, Located in Escondido, California

I look out over a Sea of Shoes and Boots.

22 arrested at blockades protecting ancient forests on public lands

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 07:20

The logging of "protected" old-growth reserves began at the Biscuit timber sale, atop Fiddler Mountain. 11 people, including a 72-year old womyn from rural Selma, Oregon was arrested on Monday. Another 11 were arrested on Wednesday, including one man who locked down to the rear axle of a police vehicle with a steel lockbox.

juicio a Ogando y Salgado

Argentina, 11.03.2005 06:20

Viernes 11 de Marzo 2005 | Son los primeros estudiantes universitarios enjuiciados en democracia
Comienza el juicio a Ogando y Salgado

From the Newswire

Perth, 11.03.2005 06:01

International Women's Day Rally - Perth

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 11.03.2005 05:20

hacklabs :: technologies & collective joining networks of digital autonomy

A space of deconstruction and construction >><< Digital and Telemathic Activism

algunas actividades :: 24-26.10.03>>Hackmeeting 2003 10-12.12.03>>the counter WSIS summit 23.12.03>>¡Copying isn't illegal, use free software! 09.03.04>>Intelectual Property directive at the €U parliament 19.03.04>>Women and technology 19-20.03.04>>Irs Fractal games 14.04.04>>¿H@ckers, how do they behave themselves so well? 23.04.04>>shell-scripts course 13.05.04>>Action against software patents 20.05.04>>workshop on editing (& shooting) digital video 29-30.10.04>>Sevilla Hackmeeting 23.11.04>>Kafeta (coffee tea biscuits & cookies) in the Banka Roota 13.12.04>>WIRELESS ATTACK: seminar on wireless security

11-13Mar_BCN :: II Fractal games - GenereJant Xarxes (Kernel Panic)

+info:: >>>networks and liberty -- -- hacklabBCN : kernelpanic -- audios from I Fractal Games

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 11.03.2005 05:20

Kontraŭ la Barcelono de la risko, solidareco kun El Carmel

[5an Mar 18h] Unueca manifestacio pl. Urquinaona/ronda Sant Pere

Rilataj novaĵoj :: Ĉiuj truoj de El Carmel ::: La "milito" de El Carmel ::: Viktimoj de El Carmel ::: Pri kaserolaj kaj aliaj protestoj por videbligi tion, kion politikistoj celas kaŝi ::: Solvoj kun spekula haladzo ::: La 3% estas sensignifa kompare kun la neceso pri bona loĝig-politiko ::: Kaj krome la dekstruloj tion profitas

[5an Feb 17h] Manifestacio por nia kvartalo ni ĉiuj surstratiĝu {Kroniko}

+infoj:: >>>koruptado

reto kaj libero (eo)

Barcelona, 11.03.2005 05:20

hacklabs :: teknologioj kaj kolektivaj kunigaj retoj de cifereca aŭtonomio

Spaco de dekonstruado kaj konstruado >><< Cifereca kaj telematika aktivismo

Kelkaj aktivaĵoj :: 24-26.10.03>>Hackmeeting 2003 10-12.12.03>>Kontraŭ-pintkunveno WSIS 23.12.03>>Kopii ne estas kontraŭleĝe, uzu liberan programaron! 09.03.04>>Kopirajta direktivo en la Eŭropa Parlamento 19.03.04>>Virinoj kaj teknologio 19-20.03.04>>1aj Fraktalaj Ludoj 14.04.04>>Kiamaniere enrompantoj estas bonaj knaboj? 23.04.04>>Kurso pri ŝelskriptoj 13.05.04>>Agado kontraŭ la programaraj patentoj 20.05.04>>Ateliero pri editado (kaj kaptado) de cifereca video 29-30.10.04>>Enrompant-kunveno en Sevilo 23.11.04>>Kafeta a la Banka Roota 13.12.04>>ATAC SENSEFILS: Tago pri Senfadena Sekureco

11-13Mar_BCN :: 2aj Fraktaj Ludoj - Generante Retojn (Kernel Panic)

+infoj:: >>>reto kaj libero -- -- hacklabBCN : kernelpanic -- sondosieroj 1a Fraktalaj Ludoj

Medical Marijuana Trial begins in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.03.2005 04:01

On Tuesday, March 8th, legal proceedings started in the trial of Roger Mentsch, local medical marijuana provider and in-home caregiver. After waiting nearly two years to stand trial, Mentsch is facing several charges that could possibly result in over twenty years in prison. Local medical marijuana patients and human rights activists are rallying around Mentsch, claiming the charges are the result of a witchunt by the District Attorney, looking to make an example out of Mentch despite his status as a cerified medical marijuana provider.

On June 6th 2003 the home of Roger Mentch was raided by the Santa Cruz County Sheriffs drug task force. A warrant was issued because the money smelled funny, Monterey Bank stated. At 7:30am guns were drawn on Mr. Mentch as well as his girlfriend and 8 year old daughter.

Please help stop this abuse of power. Please come to my trial and support and protect our civil rights.


LA, 11.03.2005 04:01

M19: Two Full Years of War on Iraq

¡¡Liberar a l@s pres@s por luchar!!

santiago, 11.03.2005 03:21

Jornada por la Libertad de los Pres@s Polític@s de la Patria Grande

California Police Pursuits Cause for Concern

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 01:20

On Sunday March 6th 2005, Kamal Lal, 43, of South San Francisco, was shot to death by a police officer after a chase between the Peninsula and San Francisco. More deaths related to car chases occur in California than in any other state. According to the California Highway Patrol, the number of car chases has grown by the hundreds each of the last three years for which statistics are available: 5,895 in 2001; 6,337 in 2002; 7,171 in 2003. The California Legislature is set to repeat past attempts to change the way that law enforcement officers pursue potential criminals. Law enforcement groups want to increase penalties for fleeing drivers, while a bipartisan group of legislators is pushing a proposal that would include penalties for police who recklessly pursue drivers.

Logging Begins in Old Growth Reserves

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.03.2005 00:30

3/8/2005: Old Growth Reserve Logging has begun on Fiddler timber sale unit 11 about 1 3/4 miles above the National Wild & Scenic Illinois River on the road to Babyfoot Lake (also known as the T.J. Howell Memorial Botanical Drive). The old growth forest making up unit 11 was burned by the Forest Service in fire suppression efforts during the Biscuit Fire.

¡¡Liberar a l@s pres@s por luchar!!

santiago, 11.03.2005 00:21

Marcha por la Libertad de los Pres@s Polític@s de la Patria Grande

Southside Rebels...Dumbiedykes Radio Project is GO!

Scotland, 11.03.2005 00:21

A well organised band of guerrillas descended upon Holyrood IT centre last Thursday. The group, calling themselves the “Southside Rebels” seized control of the building, and after setting up a sophisticated radio studio complete with red “on air” sign, began to broadcast their subversive, politically charged message to the wider world – “Why do you build me up, buttercup, don’t break my heart…”


Colombia, 11.03.2005 00:20

Mercado Campesino en Bogotá

Rótulos de Capetillo

Puerto Rico, 10.03.2005 23:21

Capetillo se levanta

Memphis Delegation Returns from Palestine: Urges End to Israeli Occupation

Tennessee, 10.03.2005 23:01

MEMPHIS- Six Memphians have recently returned from a 4-week journey to the Occupied Palestinian territories and Israel; part religious pilgrimage to holy sites and part witness to the Israeli occupation, Jacob Flowers, Ceylon Mooney, Joey and Mende Noffsinger, Joel Gulledge, and Kyle Kordsmeier returned from Palestine this January. They are looking for any individuals, communities or organizations who wish to hear about their personal experiences.

Rótulos de Capetillo

Puerto Rico, 10.03.2005 22:22

Capetillo se levanta

Interviews with Hezbollah: Part 3 of a Series on Controversial Lebanese Resistance Group

NYC, 10.03.2005 22:21

A Hezbollah spokesperson talks about Lebanon's competing political movements and his group's stance toward Syria, Iran, Israel and the U.S.

"Mass Demonstrations Force U.S. to Grudgingly Accept Hezbollah" | "Exclusive Interviews with Hezbollah Leaders"

Over 10,000 March In Port-au-Prince on International Women's Day

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.03.2005 22:20

March 9th, 2005: Over 10,000 Lavalas activists demonstrated on Tuesday, March 8 in the populist district of Bel-Air in Haiti¹s capital city, Port-au-Prince. Those assembled marched in solidarity with women whose children or spouses have been killed in recent repression perpetrated in populist sections of the capital. This demonstration was held to mark International Women's Day and, largely due to international outrage over past collusion between UN forces and the Haitian police, received a high level of protection from soldiers of the United Nation Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH). Dissidents also protested political persecution, and called for the return of constitutional government and the release of all political prisoners.

Bridgestone Firestone Workers See No Progress in St. Louis: Strike Preparation to Begin

Tennessee, 10.03.2005 22:02

Bridgestone/Firestone is refusing to make long-term commitments to its US plants, despite their plans to do so about everywhere else, from Asia to South America. In fact, it plans to build a new state-of-the art facility in Mexico to produce tires specifically for the U.S. and Canadian markets.

City Council Votes SoBro Into SOHO: Local activists try to fight corruption, gentrification and displacement

NYC, 10.03.2005 21:01

The City Council yesterday approved sweeping zoning changes for the Port Morris section of the South, South Bronx that many residents, local artists and business owners say will lead to violent gentrification and displacement. The major local concerns centered on lack of local input, no guarantees of affordable housing and not enough priority on waterfront access. The zoning changes prepared by the Department of City Planning would make SoBro into SoHo according to some residents. Now Home Depot is trying to slip in...

Nace Indymedia Córdoba

Argentina, 10.03.2005 16:30

Miércoles 09 de Marzo 2005 | ¡¡ EN CORDOBA ESTAN PASANDO COSAS !! - Violencia es Mentir
Nace Indymedia Córdoba

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