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desperate straits

Qc, 15.07.2004 10:08

Desperate Straits

desperate straits

Qc, 15.07.2004 10:06

Desperate Straits

Now or Never for the Biscuit -- Cascadia EcoDefense this month!

Portland, 15.07.2004 09:47

poliziotti indagati a Napoli

Italy, 15.07.2004 09:47

A giudizio

genoa : indy vs ros

Italy, 15.07.2004 09:42

Non e' il vibratore l'unico oggetto smarrito!

Charity Versus True Sharing and Giving

Portland, 15.07.2004 08:15

Liberated Space

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2004 07:44

Liberated Space in San Francisco

Beyond Protest Politics :: Saturday, 7/17

San Diego, 15.07.2004 07:00

Saturday, July 17th, Beyond Protest Politics: Long term strategies for radical social change

Workshops to include:
- Community gardening round table: permaculture, organic farming, land use policy
- Building a movement for Border Justice
- Cooperative Businesses
- Beyond Voting: Strategies for Direct Democracy
...and more

Performing live: Maiz, members of the B-Side Players

@ the Che Cafe, on the UCSD campus. See for directions.

How can we win?
How can we move away from petitioning the government for the change we want and start actually creating that change?
How can we have a movement that is 100 times larger than the one today?

Se viene la APEC...

Chile, 15.07.2004 05:44

Se viene la APEC...

UPDATE: Did the NY Daily News &quot;Invent&quot; its Anarchist Internet Postings?

NYC, 15.07.2004 04:52

The NY Daily News provided a number of direct quotes from an internet website when it wrote about anarchists threatening to disrup the convention. A google search cannot find any of these quotes online. ||Original story

noRNC Clearinghouse meeting-Thursday 7PM

NYC, 15.07.2004 04:50

The noRNC Clearinghouse is a place for different organizations, collectives and groups organizing against the RNC to share resources and ideas. It has been meeting for over a year in response to the RNC coming to our city.

Did you know you need a license to 'Drive' your Bicycle?!?(looking for a kick A$$ lawyer)

Portland, 15.07.2004 03:12

Project Billboard Denied

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2004 01:53

Bay Area Activists File Suit Against Clear Channel

Intifada en Maze

Puerto Rico, 15.07.2004 01:53

Culturas: Intifada a invadir con protesta y propuestas el antiguo Pier 10

Forest Service Withdraws Two Controversial Old Growth Sales: Juncrock &amp; Imp

Portland, 15.07.2004 01:46

Intifada en Maze

Puerto Rico, 15.07.2004 01:38

Culturas: Intifada a invadir con protesta y propuestas el antiguo Pier 10

Rainforest Action Network Cooks Up Trouble at Wells Fargo

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2004 01:00

Rainforest Action Network Cooks Up Trouble at Wells Fargo

Sherman Austin Released

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.07.2004 00:28

Sherman Austin Released to LA Halfway House

UFPJ to hold Emergency Rally for Permit

NYC, 15.07.2004 00:15

URGENT! Protest to Demand a Rally Permit WHEN: Tomorrow, Thursday, July 15 at noon WHERE: Broadway side of City Hall "We are reaching a critical moment in our struggle with Mayor Bloomberg over his continued refusal to issue a rally permit for a reasonable location on August 29 (see link below for background). "Please join us in an important protest tomorrow, Thursday, July 15, at City Hall (Broadway side), to demand that Republican Mayor Bloomberg respect the First Amendment and grant us a rally permit. This is extremely short notice, we know, but we need as many people as possible to join us for a public display of outrage at Bloomberg's partisan political maneuvering." Kelly's Final Offer for Protesters

poliziotti indagati a Napoli

Italy, 14.07.2004 22:52

A giudizio

Free Speech at the Regatta?

Pittsburgh, 14.07.2004 22:06

Infringements on freedom of speech at the Three Rivers Regatta

Peak Oil

Melbourne, 14.07.2004 19:41

Australian oil production declining fast

BBQ The Banks

San Francisco, 14.07.2004 18:58

Wells Fargo Grilled Over Environmental Policies

Report back on Sumitomo protest

Portland, 14.07.2004 17:25


Richmond, 14.07.2004 16:32

Demand criminal trespassing charges be dropped against FLOC organizers! On June 25, FLOC organizers Francisco Heredia and Blake Pendergrass were arrested during a meeting with 20 cucumber pickers at a Nash County labor camp in Whitakers, North Carolina. The workers were discussing with FLOC their concerns over substandard living and working conditions, and a pay-rate below the minimum wage. The meeting was disrupted as the organizers were handcuffed by Nash County Sheriffs and charged with criminal trespassing, at the furious growers' request. The arrests occurred despite the workers' outspoken defense of FLOC's presence at the camp to the grower, crew leader, and Sheriffs.

Aboriginal Sovereignty

Sydney, 14.07.2004 15:49

Corroboree in Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Saturday July 24th: Beyond Civilization Slideshow @ Cascadia Rising Infoshop!

Portland, 14.07.2004 15:41

Calling All Forest Crimes Units! Biscuit Auction Friday

Rogue Valley, 14.07.2004 15:05

Speak Out to Bidders and the US Forest Service Friday at 9:30 a.m.!

(USFS Medford Supervisor's office: 8th & Holly, downtown Medford)
Oxygen Collective Bus to Leave Evo's in Ashland at 9am.

Greenpeace and the Oxygen Collective are calling on all Forest Crimes Units to gather at the US Forest Service office in downtown Medford on Friday at 9:30 a.m.. We will be there to protest the first of several Biscuit auctions, scheduled to sell off five "emergency" timber sales. The sales will be auctioned in the following order: Indie (10 a.m.), Berry (11 a.m.), Fiddler (1 p.m.), Flat Top (2 p.m.) and Cedar (after 2). All of these areas are within delicate and unique ecosystems in Southwestern Oregon.


belgrade, 14.07.2004 14:56


genoa : indy vs ros

Italy, 14.07.2004 14:35

Non e' il vibratore l'unico oggetto smarrito!


Manila, 14.07.2004 07:45

CUT OUR TIES WITH U.S.� WAR OF AGGRESSION to save the life of Angelo and protect our OFWs

Urban Garden Center Opening

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.07.2004 07:36

Spiral Garden Urban Garden Center Opening

Acting President Cheney to visit Minneapolis Saturday July 17

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.07.2004 04:13

Duluth showed at least 1,500 for the frontman of the administration - can Minneapolis double that when slimy oil kingpin and Acting President Dick Cheney comes to town? Where? Minneapolis Convention Center When? Rally begins at 10 AM POST YOUR PLANS HERE!

Tthe G8-Genoa-trials, update, 14.07.2004 01:21

The second preliminary hearing of the Diaz school raid in Genova G8 2001, has been postponed and then has been held on July 9.

The hearings of The Diaz/Bolzaneto Trial where opened on June 26, at the main Genoa Tribunal. The first Group of 29 police officers from the diaz raid, are to be tried first. The 44 police plus three doctors from Bolzaneto are to be tried as the Diaz case finishes. | Statement by the international Diaz people

On the 6th of July there was the first hearing of the counter-exam of the witness Corda. Corda is the policeman who was given the task, with 5 other colleagues, to collect any video documentation of the G8, and which made a video, collecting images in a way that can influence the jury

Read More | IMC-Italy

Sex Work

Melbourne, 14.07.2004 00:31

Improving Conditions for sex workers

Project Billboard Denied

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 23:31

Bay Area Activists File Suit Against Clear Channel

State of Oregon Must Record Same-Sex Marriages

Portland, 13.07.2004 23:23

Another Nail in the Coffin for Diebold?

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 21:29

E-voting Activists File $42 Million Lawsuit Against Diebold


Portland, 13.07.2004 20:52

Infoshop News Interview with Rainbow Bookstore

Madison, 13.07.2004 20:24

The Midwest Anarchist Bookfair, aka “Pencils and Pandemonium,” was held in Madison, Wisconsin on the weekend of May 8, 2004. The bookfair included tables, workshops, tours, and social events. The weekend also saw the anniversary party for Rainbow Bookstore, which celebrated 15 years of bringing radical materials and thought to the community of Madison, Wisconsin. The anniversary celebration included a reception and a reading by Martin Espada and other poets. Chuck Munson interviewed Rainbow Bookstore volunteers Peter Staudenmaier and Moise Villavicencio for Infoshop News.


Uruguay, 13.07.2004 19:48

Por la dignidad y la resistencia

Jewish San Francisco Activist Denied Entry into Israel, 13.07.2004 18:43

7/12/04: Jamie Spector, an activist and social worker from San Francisco, arrived in Israel on Sunday. She was detained for 9 hours at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, interrogated for 1 hour, denied entry into the country, and is still being held. She is one of a dozen or more human rights advocates who have been stopped from entering Israel in the last month. It is believed that she and others have been targeted for deportation because of their membership in the International Solidarity Movement. She also works with Jews for a Free Palestine and the Brass Liberation Orchestra in the Bay Area. Brooke Atherton, who is also an ISM activist from the Bay Area, was refused entry into Israel in June.

Ringling Brothers

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 17:50

Beaten, Tortured, Abused, Oh My!

Puerto Rico d��a a d��a...

Puerto Rico, 13.07.2004 17:00

Guayama: Pueblo de Satos, Molinos y Brujer��as


Uruguay, 13.07.2004 15:28

Sacude, libertinus at work

Staking bij Picanol in Ieper

West Vlaanderen, 13.07.2004 14:53

Staking bij Picanol in Ieper

Staking bij Picanol in Ieper

West Vlaanderen, 13.07.2004 14:50

Staking bij Picanol in Ieper

Klamath Tribes to Rally for Salmon in K-Falls and Scotland

Rogue Valley, 13.07.2004 11:29

Tribal members will host two events this weekend to draw attention to dwindling salmon runs on the Klamath River. In Klamath Falls, a Congressional field hearing is scheduled to address the hardships caused by the Endangered Species Act (ESA) on Klamath basin farmers.

The House Resources Committee will vote on two bills that would significantly weaken ESA protections next week. Rep. Dennis Cardoza (D-CA) and Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) have introduced bills that will create holes in the designation of critical habitat and place additional burdens on the scientific process of listing species under the ESA.

The Klamath Tribe has planned a deomonstration in support of wild salmon with dancing and drumming on Saturday, July 17 at 7:30 am at the Klamath County Museum.

Meanwhile, representatives from four Tribal Nations will send a delegation to Scotland to demand protection for salmon runs on the Klamath River. PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of mulitnational energy giant Scottish Power, is seeking re-licensing on dams it owns and operates on the Klamath River. The Karuk, Yurok, Hoopa, and Klamath Tribes cultures revolve around the annual return of the salmon. Since the construction of the Klamath River dams, the number of salmon returning to spawn has plummeted.

Another Nail in the Coffin for Diebold?

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.07.2004 11:08

E-voting Activists File $42 Million Lawsuit Against Diebold

Cariche al Regina Pacis

Italy, 13.07.2004 09:33

Cariche al centro di detenzione Regina Pacis

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