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South Africa, 22.03.2005 17:00

Social Movements Report on Zimbabwe


South Africa, 22.03.2005 16:30

Bisaser Road Revolt

Mass Anti-War Protests Mark 2nd Anniversary of Attack on Iraq

United Kingdom, 22.03.2005 16:21

Around the world, anti-war protests have been held on the 2nd anniversary of the attacks on Iraq [see global pictures].

On Saturday 19th March in London, a massive protest took place, passing by the US Embassy where members of the Military Families Against the War laid a coffin to remember the 100,000 plus dead caused by the war. Organisers claimed up to 200,000 people had marched through the streets of London. [see Short report | Statement to Blair + Bush | Policing Pictures | Anti-war Demo Pics | Samba Protest Pics | Creative Protest Images | Stop the War Demo Pics | Troops Out Images | Portrait Pictures | OutRage! Protest | Samba Surveillance | Policing Pictures + Report | US Embassy Pics | Assorted Protest Pictures | Picture Story | Placard-spotting Pics + Report | Summer of Dissent | Video Clips]

bayan-usa rally

QC, 22.03.2005 16:03

Bayan-USA Leads Hundreds of Filipinos in Calling For End of USA War and Occupation

Last minute announcement: Picket Detroit's state of the city speech tuesday at 6

Michigan, 22.03.2005 14:03

Picket the Mayor's State of the City Speech!

Save Detroit's City Services and City Jobs!
Fight for a Fair Contract!

Tuesday, March 22, 6 pm
Orchestra Hall (Woodward, just north of Mack Ave.)

On Tuesday, March 22, the Mayor will use his state of the city speech to push his effors to slash city services, jobs, wages, and benefits. The AFSCME city of Detroit presidents have voted to picket this event. Everyone should join this picket! Show the mayor, city council, and the media that Detroiters are not second class citizens, that workers united with the community will stop the attacks on city services and city workers.

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 22.03.2005 13:24

Urgente ::: Acción contra deslocalización empresas ::: 9 detenidos

Última convocatoria: A partir 17h >>>Concentración comisaría Poble Nou [C/Aiguablava, Trinitat Nova L-4]

A partir 12h >>> Concentración comisaría Poble Nou

Comunicados prensa [I] [II]

+info ::: >>>laboral

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 22.03.2005 13:24

Urgent [22 mar] ::: Acció contra deslocalització empreses ::: 9 detinguts

Darrera convocatòria: A partir 17h >>>Concentració comissaria Poble Nou [C/Aiguablava, Trinitat Nova L-4]

A partir 12h >>> Concentració comissaria Poble Nou

Comunicats premsa [I] [II]

+info ::: >>>laboral

Leftist Marching Band Conducts Whistle Stop Tour

New Hampshire, 22.03.2005 13:04

#media_909;left# The Leftist Marching Band conducted a whistle-stop tour on Wednesday, March 16th to draw attention to the efforts of the Trainriders / Northeast, a non-profit group of volunteers who have worked 17 years to make the Downeaster possible. The group continues to work to bring faster, more modern passenger rail service to Northern New England.

Multiple Marches Converge Against War

San Diego, 22.03.2005 10:23

From National City to Oceanside, from Chicano Park to Balboa Park, a diverse group of San Diegans marched through their own communities on March 19th to say, once more, no to war and no to occupation. The Resistencia Estudiantil march started at 7am at Southwestern, going through National City, Barrio Logan, Chicano Park, Sherman Heights, City College, and eventually, Balboa Park. The Code Pink March came from Oceanside, starting three days in advance and keeping it strong the whole way. At 2pm they all converged at the San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice's massive Anti-War rally.

Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Stories: Pablo Paredes at Rally - War is good business for who?

Other Anti-War actions in San Diego: PHHS counter-recruitment action - Sean Hannity protest - Street Art Covers San Diego - Recruitment Centers Defaced

National and Global March 19th stories and actions:

March 19, 2005, was an International Day of Protest on the second anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Over ten thousand people took to the streets of San Francisco. Elsewhere in California, thousands took to the streets of Los Angeles, and many people from all over the Central Valley gathered in Fresno for "the Rally in the Valley." Hundreds converged in San Diego, and in Eureka, thousands braved the rain to demand an end to the occupation of Iraq and the immediate withdrawal of US troops.

Articles, Photos, Audio and Videos from California

March 19th Action Page on

There were many other protests around the US. Aside from San Francisco, the largest protests were in New York (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ) , Chicago (Photos: 1 | 2 Video: 1 ), and Fayetteville, North Carolina (Photos: 1 | 2 ).

Thousands also took to the streets in Portland (Photos: 1 | 2 ), smaller towns in Oregon (Photos: 1 | 2 ), Las Vegas ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ), Baltimore (Photos: 1) , Seattle (Photos: 1) , St. Paul ( Photos: 1 ) , Boston (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ), Houston ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 ), Madison (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 Video: 1 ), towns throughout New York State (Photos: 1 Video:1 ), Nashville (Photos: 1 ), Miami ( Video: 1 ) Atlanta ( Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 Video: 1 ), Traverse City Michigan (Photos: 1 ), Pittsburgh (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 ), Champaign Illinois ( Photos: 1 ), Cleveland ( Photos: 1 ), Arkansas (Photos: 1 ) , and Milwaukee.

Around the world, protests took place in Tokyo, Winnipeg, Istanbul, Copenhagen, London, Bombay, Lahore, Rome, Ankara, Athens, Brasilia, Dublin, Glasgow, Mexico City, Sydney, Aukland, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur, Santiago, Cairo, Montevideo, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg and many other cities. Photos

Read More Anti-War Protest News On Indybay's Anti-war News

New Website Features Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.03.2005 10:04

The Bethlehem Bloggers website is dedicated to bringing first hand insight into life and politics inside Israeli-occupied Bethlehem. The site is managed by a diverse group of activists and professionals living and working in the area. An introductory statement posted to the website explains:

"We are Palestinians and internationals who are living in the Bethlehem region, and who want to tell the world what it is like to be living in occupied territory, under an economic siege, encircled by a wall and military checkpoints: what it is like to live in a Palestinian Ghetto."

[ Bethlehem Bloggers: Voices from the Bethlehem Ghetto | Bethlehem bloggers online ]

Great American Meatout March 20th 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 09:24

The Great American Meatout is the world's largest and oldest annual grassroots diet education campaign. Activities include street theater, lectures, public dinners, food samplings, leafleting, and information tables called "steakouts." Vegetarians ask family, friends, and the general public to consider going meatless for a day, a week, or even a lifetime. People are encouraged to "kick the meat habit on March 20 and explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains." Locally, for the 20th annual Great American Meatout, East Bay Animal Advocates sponsored a vegetarian feed-in in front of the Burger King at 13th and Broadway in Oakland. Information about the negative effects of modern industrial animal farming and the healthy and environmentally-sound option of vegetarianism was offered to the public, as well as samples of vegetarian turkey "deli slices". Reports & Photos: Oakland | | Read more and stories like this on Animal Liberation Page

March 23rd Community Protest for Environmental Justice at PG&amp;E Headquarters

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 09:24

On Wednesday, March 23, 2005, there will be a protest at the PG&E Headquarters to say, "Shut Down the Hunters Point Power Plant Now!" The demonstration will take place at 12 Noon, at the PG&E Corporate Headquarters - 77 Beale Street, San Francisco (Market Street near Embarcadero BART). The event is being sponsored by the Coalition to Shut Down the PG&E Hunters Point Power Plant, the Huntersview Tenants Association, All Hallows Garden Residents Association, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice, Code Blue, and the Community First Coalition. Read more

Oakland's Public Works Committee to Address Pesticides on 3/22

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 09:24

Discussion of Oakland's pesticide ordinance has been postponed to a Public Works Committee meeting on Tuesday, March 22nd at 12:30pm. A rewritten version of the proposal will also be brought before the City Council on April 5, 2005, at 7pm (6pm for seating, and to sign up to speak).

SF Mayor Newsom Calls for Moratorium on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 09:24

3/21/2005: San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom called today for a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries in the city after he learned that one of these clinics, called the Holistic Center, planned to open this week on the ground floor of the All-Star Hotel, which is a city-funded SRO hotel that is home to a number of recovering drug addicts.


LA, 22.03.2005 06:22

April 23rd: Nuestra Arma es Nuestra Palabra


Argentina, 22.03.2005 06:02

El ajusticiamiento del Coronel Rauch en Las Vizcacheras

la mentira redonda de la soja sustentable

Argentina, 22.03.2005 05:03

Martes 22 de Marzo de 2005
La mentira redonda de la soja sustentable

La mentira redonda de la soja sustentable

Argentina, 22.03.2005 05:02

24 de marzo

Argentina, 22.03.2005 05:02

Star Tribune shows Photo of Bush-Cheney supporter at War Protest

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 22.03.2005 04:01

More than 1000 persons protested in Minneapolis on March 19th to mark the second anniversary of the Iraq war. Roughly 350 persons held a vigil later that same evening in St Paul. There was very little coverage in the corporate media. View the images on this site to see what the media are hiding from their readers and viewers. This first article has photos from the Minneapolis event. A companion article will have photos from St Paul.

Report: Peaceworks &amp; Palestine

Michigan, 22.03.2005 02:03

Break the Silence Report
Vol. 2, No. 1
March 21, 2005

Ann Arbor, MI--Break the Silence members had a great time at Sunday’s march and rally in Ann Arbor on the second anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. We distributed 250 of our “Peaceworks or Peacescam?” leaflets to many appreciative peace activists who were unaware of Michigan Peaceworks’ stifling of discussion of a major peace and justice issue: Israel-Palestine.

CALL OUT for Visual evidence of Police tactics of Control

Aotearoa, 22.03.2005 02:03

Kia Ora Koutou In the wake of the weekend's events, I've just been approached by an producer about the potential for making an independent documentary about police tactics and attitudes towards demonstrators and activists. I have every reason to believe the documentary, if made, will serve the cause of bringing more public attention to untoward, violent police practices of the kind seen over the weekend. For the documentary to work, a significant amount of visual evidence (moving image; photography etc.) will need to be gathered - and because of time constraints, we'll need to do this in the next two weeks (by the end of the first week of April). The material we're looking for can cover a broad range of situations that fit within the general theme. Your anonymity won't be a problem.

New Issue of the Indypendent Features Map of Military Resistance

NYC, 22.03.2005 01:11

As the war in Iraq moves into its third year, this week's issue of The Indypendent features a beautiful poster map of the growing opposition the U.S. military faces both inside and outside its ranks. The counter-recruitment actions on the map occured before this weekends' anti-war events. Meanwhile, on the IMC newswire, a debate is raging over the most appropriate counter-recruitment tactics. Download Map PDF Donate to the Indypendent

Grand Rapids marches against occupation of Iraq

Michigan, 22.03.2005 00:03

Approximately 75 people gathered in downtown Grand Rapids to call for an end to the United States' occupation of Iraq on the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The rally, organized by the West Michigan Justice and Peace Coalition (WMJPC), featured speeches from two members of the WMJPC (one of whom is running for the school board) and a member of Confronting Empire. After the brief rally, a marching band organized by Confronting Empire led a march through downtown Grand Rapids. The "Radical Anti-Imperialist Marching Band" consisted of around twenty-five people playing a variety of percussion instruments and a saxophone while others twirled anarchist flags. The march was led by a large banner reading "US Out of Iraq" and flanked by banners reading "Stop US Imperialism" and "Capitalism Kills." At several points the march was able to take the streets blocking key intersections in downtown without drawing any attention from the police. Moreover, when the march stopped outside the DeVos Place and stole the attention of many attending the Sporting Expo. Unlike many previous marches in which energy has been low and reactions from passer-bys hostile, the energy on the march was high and the group generally received positive reactions from pedestrians, even when marching in the street.

Nashville Says &quot;Bring the Troops Home Now!&quot;: Turnout Near 300 at Centennial Park

Tennessee, 21.03.2005 23:04

On Saturday, March 19th three hundred demonstrators lined the streets of West End Avenue with a message: Bring the Troops Home Now! On a day that started out with a good chance of rain, skies had cleared up by noon as demonstrators began to arrive at the park, even though the air was still cool and windy. The rain held out for the entirety of the rally, which lasted from noon until 3:00pm, going an hour over schedule. After the street demonstration there was a short walk to the Centennial Park bandshell to listen to speakers, music and spoken word.

A 20 años

santiago, 21.03.2005 21:33

Vivan los Jóvenes Combatiente

Rev. Jackson: 'We can't give up! Protest. Be on the streets. We must not despair.'

NYC, 21.03.2005 21:02

NEW YORK, March 20 - Capping off the two year anniversary weekend of the invasion of Iraq, about 600 people gathered in the nave of Riverside Church Sunday evening to hear from an array of luminaries from many religious faiths as well as activists and politicans, at an Interfaith Service meant to reinvigorate support of ending the war in Iraq.

El congreso de los cocaleros

Peru, 21.03.2005 20:04

El congreso de l@s cocaler@s

Photos from Protest against Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden

NYC, 21.03.2005 19:03

Photos from the protest against Narendra Modi. Narendra Modi was denied a visa to enter the US but his party still held a rally in Madison square Garden. There was a protest of several hundred people against them outside on the sidewalk. Unwelcome Guest: Hindutva Official Modi || Modi Denied U.S. Entry Visa After Intense Grassroots Campaign

Uribe calumnia

Colombia, 21.03.2005 17:32

Uribe sentencia de muerte a las Comunidades de Paz

From the Newswire

Perth, 21.03.2005 17:04

[Bushlandrescue] R.I.P. Beckley bushland

GEMA und GVL bedrohen Webradios

Germany, 21.03.2005 16:01

Zum ersten April treten bei den Verwertungsgesellschaften GEMA und GVL neue Nuntzungs- Geb�hrenverordnungen in Kraft. Viele kleine Webradios in Deutschland werden dann ihr Programm einstellen m�ssen. Betroffene und Kritiker der Verordnungen bezeichnen diese als Einschnitt in die Meinungs- und Pressefreiheit und Medienvielfalt in Deutschland.

Weitere Artikel: GEMA und GVL t�ten Internetradios | Webradios: 30% werden dichtgemacht | Schluss mit Lustig: Den Webradios geht es an den Kragen

M19 - US/ANZ out of Iraq - Police brutality

Aotearoa, 21.03.2005 15:03

At least 4 peace-activists were arrested in Auckland at the anti-war demo on Saturday March 19 2005. The 300 people strong demo, organised by GPJA, gathered on Queen St after visiting the ANZ Bank (who happen to be making millions from the war in Iraq). A stand off with the police ensued, in which potestors state that the police were looking for trouble with provocative, heavy-handed and violent behaviour. At least 2 complaints have been made against the Police's brutal tatics [1 |[2]. 150 people turned up for an Anti-War demonstration to the US embassy. One protestor was arrested (for throwing tomatos at G.W.Bush) but was successfully de-arrested. 50 protesters gathered in Dunedin and a rally and die in were held in Christchurch. 5 more people were arrested in Auckland on Monday morning when protesting against Saturday's police brutality.

Antiwar movement unveils new strategy

DC, 21.03.2005 15:03

One the eve of the protest in Fayettsville, NC, antiwar activists formally unveiled a new strategy of protest aimed at stopping the Iraq war

Fayetteville Iraq War Demonstration Photo Essay

DC, 21.03.2005 13:02

a photographic essay of the day where thousands gathered to say "no more" to US troops in Iraq.

iraq 2nd anniv

QC, 21.03.2005 12:02

Regaining Our Solidarity with the Iraqi People and Their Struggle for Independence

Actualización Sección de foto

Argentina, 21.03.2005 11:31

2 ensayos de foto

Guatemala fights with riots and strikes and despite deaths against the Free Trade Agreement

Scotland, 21.03.2005 11:22

For about one week the economy of Guatemala has practically been shut down by strikes. And there is no end in sight. Primarily the protests are against the ratification of the central american free trade agreement CAFTA with the USA. But many people in Guatemala want to also bring down the neo-conservative government.

More information:
[ Guatemala section on Chiapas Indymedia | report | FTAA protests Imc | Indymedia San Fransisco Bay | pictures | original article on Indy Germany | coverage by Christian Aid | BBC world ]

Background information:


Sydney, 21.03.2005 11:22

Australia refuses visas to anti-war, democracy activists


Argentina, 21.03.2005 11:21

Centro de Atención Integral a la Niñez y Adolescencia


Argentina, 21.03.2005 11:21

Pueblo Guatemalteco senteciado a muerte

Vieques, la lucha sigue

Puerto Rico, 21.03.2005 10:32

Vieques: Las Playas son Nuestras 19-20 de marzo 2005

PSP autoriza licença de arma a neo-nazi

Portugal, 21.03.2005 10:20

PSP autoriza licença de arma a neo-nazi

Vieques, la lucha sigue

Puerto Rico, 21.03.2005 09:23

Vieques: Las Playas son Nuestras 19-20 de marzo 2005

Pictures of Iraq anniversary march in St. Paul

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.03.2005 09:01

Photos of one of the over 500 peace rallies on the second anniversary of the illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

Great American Meatout

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.03.2005 09:00

Immigrants and Supporters to Deliver a Wakeup Call to Diane Feinstein

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.03.2005 09:00

A vigil will be held Monday, March 21st, at the home of Senator Diane Feinstein. People who need rides will gather at 4:00 pm at Centro del Pueblo (474 Valencia Street at 16th). They will carpool to the vigil at Diane Feinstein's house, which is located at 30 Presidio Terrace, near Arguello. The vigil will include speakers, music, candles, and a public display of driver's licenses on Feinstein's front lawn. People who are in favor of the issuance of driver's licenses to undocumented immigrants plan to express their intolerance of Feinstein's support for the Real ID Act (HR 418). Read more

Great American Meatout March 20th 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.03.2005 09:00

In 1985, the first Great American Meatout was called for in reaction to the U.S. Senate's attempt at the time to endorse a National Meat Week. Starting from a single event that year, it has grown into an international action observed in all 50 states and 21 countries. It is now the world's largest and oldest annual grassroots diet education campaign. Activities include street theater, lectures, public dinners, food samplings, leafleting, and information tables called "steakouts." It is a day when vegetarians ask family, friends, and the general public to consider going meatless for a day, a week, or even a lifetime. People are encouraged to "kick the meat habit on March 20 (first day of spring) and explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grains." Locally, for the 20th annual Great American Meatout, East Bay Animal Advocates sponsored a vegetarian feed-in in front of the Burger King at 13th and Broadway in Oakland. Information on the negative effects of modern industrial animal farming and the healthy and environmentally-sound option of vegetarianism was offered to the public, as well as samples of vegetarian turkey "deli slices". Reports & Photos: Oakland ·

Wapentuig in Noordwijk

Netherlands, 21.03.2005 08:35

protest tegen EU wapentuigtop in Noordwijk
Met veel wapengekletter is er vrijdag 17 en zaterdag 18 september in Noordwijk een top waar alle Europese ministers van defensie en daarmee ook een hoop lobbyisten neerstrijken. Onder de noemer "versterking van militaire capaciteiten" spreken ze onder andere over het Europees leger, dat volgens de Europese Grondwet overal ter wereld, op meerdere plaatsen tegelijk en 'preventief' moet ingrijpen bij 'crisissituaties'. Ook gaat de top gepaard met een heuse wapenshow.

Over 1500 join Minneapolis protest to say &quot;U.S. Troops... Out Now!&quot;

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 21.03.2005 08:01

1500 join Minneapolis anti-war protest. Link to photos.

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