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Protest in Fayetteville, NC led by Iraq Vets Against the War

NYC, 23.03.2005 18:22

March 19: 3500 people marched to Ft. Bragg to protest the war in Iraq. The protest was led by Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Goldstar Families for Peace and Veterans for Peace

Soldier gets anti-war letters from 6th-graders: Teacher gets reprimanded

NYC, 23.03.2005 15:21

Officials at JHS 51 in Brooklyn have reprimanded a teacher who let 6th graders send letters to a soldier stationed overseas. The controversy centers around the fact that about nine of the 21 letters were critical of the Iraq War and accused soldiers of killing Iraqi civilians.

An excerpt of one of the letters: "Even thoe [sic] you are risking your life for our country, have you seen how many civilians you or some other soldier killed? I know your [sic] trying to save our country and kill the terrorists but you are also destroying holy places like Mosques."

Upon reading the letters, the soldier who is stationed in Kuwait, called his father, who said he was "very upset." The soldier later told the Post, "If I were in Iraq and read that the youth of our nation doesn’t want me to be there and doesn’t believe in what I’m doing, it would mess up my head.”

The Brooklyn School reprimanded its teacher, who apologized and took full responsibility.

Shell Versus Mayo Farmers, in the High Court Today 23/03/05

Ireland, 23.03.2005 14:20

This 15 minute long report is from Mid West Radio, the local station, and was made by Liamy McNally on March 1st while Shell attempted entry onto the land upon which they wish to build their unpreceedented upstream pipeline, and while the local farmers refused them access, on the grounds that proper consents are not in order. Copyright: Mid West Radio Over the past few months there have been attempts by Shell personnel to enter the lands of residents in Rossport, north west Mayo, to mark out an upstream pipeline route for the Corrib Gas project. Seven landowners – who own 50% of the land the pipeline is to go on - are refusing Shell access. Today some of them will be facing High Court injunction proceedings aimed at preventing them from going to those parts of their land which Shell wish to use. The injunction process began on March 1st, the last occasion Shell tried to get on the lands, Liamy McNally of local radio station ‘Mid-West Radio’ was there and the following 15 minute extract is from his recording of the several hours long stand off. Paul Gallagher and Geoff Phillips from Shell will be heard along with Rossport residents Willie Corduff, Monica Muller, Vincent McGrath and others. The report starts with Shell employee, Jim Nevin appealing to landowner Philip McGrath. Shell Vs Rossport The report is copyrighted to Mid West Radio, thanks to Liamy for giving it to us, and to the lads in UL who changed the format. For background see: Shell in Mayo: Summary of the Issues

Guatemala No TLC

Argentina, 23.03.2005 12:31

Pueblo Guatemalteco senteciado a muerte

&quot;How Does Israel Do It?&quot;--A Talk by Abdul Hadi Hantash

Michigan, 23.03.2005 10:02

Home destroyed by Israelis in Al-Walajeh.

Tuesday, March 29, 7:30 PM
Michigan League: Michigan Room

How does Israel do it?

How does the Israeli army work with so-called non-governmental agencies to seize Palestinian land at will for new and bigger settlements, the Apartheid wall, and Israelis-only highways that slice the West Bank to ribbons?

Laws and 'arrangements' make it all 'legal.'

Abdul Hadi Hantash of the Land Defense Committee in Hebron, Occupied Palestinian Territories, explains it all. A professional cartographer, surveyor, and expert court witness--he knows every dunum of land in the Hebron area.

Report on 9-11 Premieres in the Bay Area

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

With a short lead time, activists managed to pull off a very successful series of premieres, despite the non-participation of the mainstream press. Public support for 9-11 Truth continues to grow, and the movement attracts some major new allies and opposition.

The premieres were benefits organized by the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance and Project Censored in less than a month; The Grand Lake Theater was donated by its generous owner, Allen Michaan...

The first night at the Guild Theater in Menlo Park, the theater was packed and they had to turn away 75 people. Fortunately, we were able to offer the DVD to the people who couldn't get into the theater, and suggest that they attend the other showings. We probably broke a fire regulation rule or two, and squeezed at least three hundred people into the Guild.


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Portland City Bureaucrats Attempt To Dismantle Cable Access TV

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

Public Access is coming under increasing assault nationwide. Akaku: Maui Community TV is being hijacked for funding by State bureaucrats and politically connected land developers. TVTV in Beaverton, will soon be run by their local Cable Regulatory Commission, which some believe will reduce citizen access to the cable.
Nationally, there are court cases pending which will have impacts on our access to airwaves owned by the people.

And now, Here in Portland, City Bureaucrats are seeking to eviscerate the Cable Regulatory office, probably the most progrssive, knowledgable and sympathetic to issues of free speech and citizen access to the airwaves in the nation. Budget constraints are being used as an excuse to reduce funding to our Mt. Hood Regulatory Commission, which oversees, Portland Community Televison and Multnomah COmmunity Television in Gresham.

PCM has lost about 25% of it's budget in the last three years, which amounts to about $250,000 a year, money that cable subscribers pay in their bill, but disappears into the Portland General Fund, to be allocated as City Bureaucrats see fit. And they don't see fit to transfer much of this money to the Public Access facilites.

Biscuit Protesters Speak from Inside the Josephine County Jail

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

The following letter was written while we were in jail, as a letter to the editor of the local paper, the Grants Pass Daily Courier. We wanted to explain to the people outside, who only knew about the issues posed by the Biscuit timber sales from the coverage that had only recently begun flooding the local papers and television news, what we are doing out there.

We're writing from the Josephine County jail, where we've been held since we disrupted logging on Fiddler Mountain March 9th, after one of our jailers was kind of enough to leave copies of your paper in our cell block. We can tell there has been some confusion about why we are protesting recent logging at the Biscuit timber sales. Most of us remaining in jail are not even permanent residents of Southern Oregon, but were drawn to the area on the merits of the forest ecosystem you are lucky enough to have on the public land in your backyard, and the fact that the largest timber sale in the National Forest history threatens to destroy it.

read more >>New Green Bridge Base Camp set upFollowing the closure order issued by the Forest Service- the campaign to stop the massive Biscuit logging project has established a new base camp just below the closure line on BLM land along the Illinois River. The directions are the same- take Highway 199 from Grants Pass about 25 miles west- past Selma but not quite to Kerby- and take a right onto Eight Dollar Road- go a mile or so and turn left onto a dirt pullout and there our wonderful encampment awaits! If you go all the way to the closure and are turned around by grumpy feds in uniforms- simply turn around and take your first right!

Come one come all! Our momentum is still strong and morale is once again high! We are receiving a ton of community support from cooked meals to fire wood and maintain a high profile in the national media in newspapers, television and radio! Bring gear, food, donations, toys of all sorts and fresh minds and bodies to support the campaign!!!! We can win this one!


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Iraq Invasion anniversary actions: Vancouver, Washington, Starts It Off

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

Nearly fifty members of Vancouver For Peace showed Peace banners, flags, & signs from the Evergreen Boulevard overpass, above the I-5, just north of the Columbia, splitting between northbound & southbound, during evening rush today. We were a spirited, determined group, with a nice age spread.

(Halfway thru, a WA state patrolman stopped on the center shoulder below the bridge & asked us on the southbound side to leave, explaining his concern about us distracting drivers, but we did not leave. So he called Vancouver Police, who, when they finally arrived, backed us, so that another state patrol officer simply asked that we not hang anything over the side, but to hold our stuff high, to prevent anything from falling onto the freeway. It's cool to be treated with respect & with smiles from police. It's cool to not feel a knot in my gut with cops around.)

Reports from Portland M19 Peace March

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

About 1000 people took to the streets of Portland today to protest the war and occpation of Afghanistan and Iraq. The march wound through downtown, stopping briefly at the Oregonian to upbraid them for their slanted coverage of the occupation and U.S. Policy in general.

After brief remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs With Justice, the crowd marched north on 6th Avenue. The mood was festive, yet not flippant. Though a solomon occasion, the anniversary of a preemptive strike for reasons later proved to be mistaken, if not deliberately fabricated, the crowd celebrated their sense of community with witty signs, music and even laughter.

Tightly packed and over two blocks long, the stream of peace moved through the city, stopping at the offices of the Oregonian, where Laurie King questioned the veracity of their coverage, especially the typical Corporate media habit of counting Israeli dead, but not Palestinian.

photos+story >>Capitalism, War, and KFC: Report back on the first four and a half minutesI left the march early today. Truth be told, I wasn't really in the mood for a march. I haven't been for at least two years now, when I finally realized all those marches weren't making any difference. I go anyway, usually, for the same reason everyone else does: I can't figure out what else to do. But I did not stay today.

I left when the donation buckets came out. It was just so damn disheartening. No, this isn't a rant about "damn liberals," I'm not gunning for anyone. I saw the same well-meaning people there that I always see at these things, carrying the same signs and flags and dwindling hope that they are always carrying. I'm in no position to be looking down on any of them. At least they're still trying. I saw the same shiny faces surrounded by the same threatening mob of the same bored riot cops, and the same utter lack of concern about the ineffectiveness of it all.



PHOTOS: [ "photos from todays march" by navy dad | "M19 *Intense* Demonstration PHOTOGRAPHY" by Matthew Graybeal | "M19 *mild* protest PHOTOS" by Brian Thomas ]

pdx indymedia streaming web radio provided coverage of the events of the day in Portland and around the world, and discussions of the issues behind the ongoing war in Iraq. Callers from the street gave updates from Portland, Milwaukee and Baltimore.

listen >>
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Report-backs from M19 marches in Bend, Corvallis &amp; Eugene

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

It had rained in the morning here in Bend, and I thought I was going to rain during the March. We were fortunate that the rain had stopped and it was only windy and overcast.

There was a PA system playing Country Joe and the Fish's "What are we fighting for?" song among others.

There was a table for filling out postcards to be sent to our representatives.

About 110 people showed up for the event.

photos+story >>

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Cyberspace, mirror worlds, &quot;tron&quot; and the unabomber

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

i am a diehard cyberpunk fan, and information pattern junkie. as i started reading about the history of the making of the movie "tron", patterns started to emerge that were interesting to me. here is a brief timeline of some interconnections that might surprise imitating art, and the inevitable feedback loops.

1975: john brunner's "the shockwave rider" is published. often regarded as the first literary concept of cyberspace, and a primary influence on william gibson.

1979: william gibson describes his first conscious thought of cyberspace, living in vancouver, b.c. with a group of fellow vietnam war draft dodgers:

"I was walking down Granville Street, Vancouver's version of "The Strip," and I looked into one of the video arcades. I could see in the physical intensity of their postures, how rapt the kids were inside were. It was like one of those closed systems out of a Pynchon novel: a feedback loop with photons coming off the screens into the kids' eyes, neurons moving through their bodies, and electrons moving through the video game. These kids clearly believed in the space games projected. Everyone I know who works with computers seems to develop a belief that there's some kind of actual space behind the screen, someplace you can't see but you know is there."

International Day Against Police Brutality, Vancouver CA

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

March 15th, 2005, was the ninth annual International Day Against Police Brutality (IDAPB). This day of action began in 1997, as an initiative of the Black Flag collective in Switzerland, with the help of the Montreal Collective Opposed to Police Brutality. The date was chosen because on March 15th, two children, aged 11 and 12, were beaten by Swiss police.

In Vancouver, this year's IDAPB started off with a hot food serving at the former Woodwards squat (a large department building in Canada's poorest neighbourhood, occupied in 2002 and evicted by riot police). Along with the food, leaflets and newsletters were also distributed, containing information on the IDAPB march scheduled for that night and profiles of Vancouver Police in-custody deaths and RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) involvement in the military occupations of Haiti, Iraq, and indigenous nations in Canada.

At 7:00 pm, about 100 people gathered in Victory Square. Some flew black flags and wore masks to avoid police identification (including video surveillance and plain clothes officers). After a few short speeches, the crowd began to march down Hastings Street, led by a banner with the words: "Resist Police Control - Fight For Freedom". Another banner read: "Stolen Lives", listing some of the people who have been killed by Vancouver cops in the past few years (Gerald Chenery, Robert Bagnell, Roman Andreichikov, Christopher Ecklund, Benny Matson, Jeff Berg, and Frank Paul). A stereo pumped out anti-cop hip hop, heavy metal, and punk songs.

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Saving Shiavo While Burying the Real News

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

The weekend second anniversary of the start of the U.S. invasion of Iraq was marked by demonstrations large and small around the globe, but here in the U.S. you could be forgiven for not knowing anything was happening. In the corporate media, the front pages and TV news programs were dominated by a demonstration of 30 religious fundamentalists opposed to the removal of a feeding tube from the brain-dead Terri Schiavo.

Who had time or space for reports on tens of thousands of noisome protesters in New York, London, Ankara or Tokyo? Who had time to pause and reflect on two years of a war that never should have happened in the first place, that has taken over 100,000 civilian lives, and that has killed over 1500 American soldiers?

Most outrageously, no major media covered the remarkable 4500-person protest in Fayetteville, North Carolina outside Ft. Bragg, which featured large numbers of former military personnel marching against the war, including Camilo Mejia, recently released from 9 months in a military brig for desertion from his army unit (he courageously refused to return to Iraq after doing one tour there, saying it was an illegal, immoral war of aggression).

read more >>Historic anti-war protest in Fayetteville, NC, covered on IMC, ignored by corporate media4800 antiwar activists gathered near Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC on Saturday to commemorate the second anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq with demands to bring the troops home. A half mile march to Rowan Park saw a colorful group of weathered Vietnam vets, Gulf War vets, military families and thousands of antiwar activists joined together for a common cause. Bring the troops home!

As the procession reached the perimeter of the park, the well-manned police forces were waiting at the many checkpoints. What seemed to be an illegally-imposed search mandate was carried out on every participant in the march in order to gain entrance into the public grounds. The police, assisted by the ATF, patted down each peaceful marcher and swiped each inch with a metal detecting wand. They also stirred through all bags and backpacks. As if this was not absurd enough, the officials demanded the peace demonstrators to lift up every mock coffin which passed through the checkpoint as the officers searched for "weapons".


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Interview with an activist about her harrassment by the FBI

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

My friend tabby676 had a run in with the FBI. I've decided to interview her about it. I have to admit at the outset that this whole thing scares me. I can't believe that the government can persecute a person for his or her political beliefs, but this just shows how middle class I really am.

Question 1: On what basis has the FBI contacted you and what do you guess the consequences of the investigation will be?

They claim that they contacted me based upon a comment that I may or may not have made 3 months ago to a person who may or may not have informed them of that conversation. This is clearly B.S. surely were it such an emergency they would not wait 3 months to have me come in, so honestly I do not know what the real basis is.

Question 2: Are you considered an "enemy combatant" and are you concerned about incarceration without due process or representation?

I am not currently but based upon what they were saying it seems they may be trying to go that route.


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Queer evolution theory, deep ecology, biological exuberance, population safety valve

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

The theoretical debate about the origin or cause of homosexuality is between genetics and personal free will. Certain individuals on the Judeo-Christian/Islamic extreme right wing (didn't think i'ld just pick on one dogmatic religion, did'ya?) believe it is a personal choice possibly influenced by some abstract "devil" being that tempts people 2 stray from the "proper" path of breeding, er, heterosexuality. Increasing the population usually results in increase of membership to their respective religion. Remember, these are the same folks who wish to outlaw birth control and abortion worldwide..

Genetics as cause of homosexuality is the standard scientific theory, some people are randomly chosen by their DNA to be attracted towards the same sex. There is no moral/ethical blame possible in this view since people cannot be blamed for their DNA (though someone will try 2 find a way)..

The genetics theory needs to be inclusive of ecology. This takes the focus off the individual (sorry, no blame game here) and widens the lens 2 a species scope. Science is preoccupied with looking at human genetics/DNA as if we exist in a vacuum. Our human evolution is not seperate from any other animal, plant or fungi on Earth today, we're all interconnected..

Please do not allow the fluoridation of my drinking water!

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

After watching this evenings corporate sponsored news drivel, I was amazaed to see that Oregon is now trying to change our water! and it goes before the senate next week!

This is horrible, I happen to KNOW fluoride is poison!!!

Europe and Japan have virtually abolished water fluoridation. Why is it the most advanced and powerful nation on earth continues to dump tons of this toxic industrial waste byproduct into our water supply?

Breaking news: Forest defense camp near Fiddler Timber Sale being evicted

Portland, 23.03.2005 10:02

i just spoke on the phone with an activist in Southern Oregon who told me that the current forest defense camp near the Fiddler timber sale in the Biscuit fire area is being evicted "right now".

This second camp was set up about a week ago because the first camp, right next to the Green Bridge on Eight Dollar road, had been in place for two weeks, which is the legal limit for a campsite on National Forest land. The second camp was on Bureau of Land Management land, about a mile up the road, and outside the closure that the Forest Service declared around the Fiddler units.

"This is not stopping the resistance," the activist declared. "We are going to regroup and keep pushing it."

read more >>The Bush administration strikes again in the Biscuit: Logging of roadless areas now imminenti just got this in my in-box. i know people can get wary about "URGENT ALERTS", but here's why this particular issue is important AND new: The cutting so far in the Biscuit has been in "matrix" sales (set aside for logging anyway, though still defendable), and one (Fiddler) in "late successional reserves" (set aside NOT to be cut), but NONE yet in the roadless areas. So this call-to-action is definitely important. Once again, it's about the Bush administration pushing the envelope, arggh. act now >>

For all pdx indymedia stories about the Biscuit, its ecology, the plans to log it, and the active citizen resistance to save it, see: Battle of the Biscuit.

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UM Grad Employees to Walkout Over TBLG Benefits and Transgender Health Care

Michigan, 23.03.2005 09:02

Ann Arbor--The Graduate Employees' Organization (GEO), the union representing about 1700 graduate student employees at the University of Michigan, will walkout Thursday March 24th over key proposals affecting transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay (TBLG) members.

Detroit March 18 Anti-War Speech by Camilo Mejia

Michigan, 23.03.2005 08:02

People in Detroit commemorated the second anniversary of the Iraq war on Friday March 18. After the march down Woodward and the reading of names of the war dead, war resister Camilo Mejia delivered the keynote address after being introduced by Bishop Thomas Gumbleton

UC Administrators Rolling in Money - the PROJECT March 2005

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.03.2005 08:01

The March 2005 edition of The Project, a student organized newspaper from UCSC, is now available at various cafes and other locations around Santa Cruz and here on Santa Cruz Indymedia. This current issue helps shed light on the fact that UC administrators are rolling in money. A Coalition of University Employees (CUE) fact-finding report discloses the hard numbers of the so-called “budget crisis.” Also in this issue, you will find a guide to DIY pot, an investigation of U$ imperial interest in Iran, some thoughts on cross-species solidarity, reportbacks from the Students Against the War (SAW) teach-in, the 2005 World Social Forum, and much more...

Grito de comunidades excluídas

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:31

Declaración: Por la Unidad Contra la Exclusión de las Comunidades

Balneario de Isla Verde, también a la venta

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:31

Balneario carolinense: Esto es lo que pasa aquí

Balneario de Isla Verde, también a la venta

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:21

Balneario carolinense: Esto es lo que pasa aquí

Balneario de Isla Verde, también a la venta

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:21

Balneario carolinense: Esto es lo que pasa aquí

Grito de comunidades excluídas

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:21

Declaración: Por la Unidad Contra la Exclusión de las Comunidades

Grito de comunidades excluídas

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:21

Declaración: Por la Unidad Contra la Exclusión de las Comunidades

San Francisco to Protest Comcast at National Cable Convention

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.03.2005 07:20

On Sunday, April 3rd, there will be a rally outside of the National Cable Telecommunications Association Convention in San Francisco. The protest will be Sunday, April 3, 2005, at 2:00 p.m., outside of Moscone Center, at the corner of 3rd and Howard Streets, in San Francisco. Flyer

Democratización de los medios

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:02

La lucha por la democratización de los medios de comunicación

Democratización de los medios

Puerto Rico, 23.03.2005 07:02

La lucha por la democratización de los medios de comunicación

UCSC Students Against War Teach-In Draws Hundreds

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.03.2005 06:01

On March 3rd, Students Against War (SAW), a newly formed UCSC organization, held a teach-in about the war in Iraq. SAW is comprised of three different campaigns that work closely together to fight against manifestations of the war-machine on a very local level. At the teach-in each group presented its current projects and through break-out groups, encouraged new students to get involved. Here is an overview of what was brought up at the event.

[ Harbor High’s Students for Peace and Justice Turn Up the Heat on Military Recruiters ]


Brasil, 23.03.2005 06:00


AIDS Denial Film Provokes Controversy

Chicago, 23.03.2005 05:01

CIWVICTORY This Wednesday, the Ad Hoc Coalition of Radical AIDS Activists is joining several other local groups to picket a screening of the film "The Other Side of AIDS", because they say the screener refused to make provisions for a balanced debate on the film's assertions, even though the screening is billed as part of a progressive movie night film series that includes dialogue and debate.

According to the activist groups, �The Other Side of AIDS� promotes many conflicting conspiracy theories around the existence of HIV/AIDS, including assertions that AIDS drugs kill people faster than AIDS, that HIV does not cause AIDS -- and that AIDS and HIV do not exist. The groups are also sponsoring their own screening of AIDS-related films this Saturday. Read more.

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Bush Proposes More Cuts to Federally Subsidized Housing

New Hampshire, 23.03.2005 04:02

Nationwide, local and state housing authorities fear the worst, yet are trying to remain optimistic so that they are able to creatively administer dwindling federal funding for subsidized housing.

BlackBox Radio for 3/22/05

Michigan, 23.03.2005 04:01

BlackBox Radio airs every Tuesday at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM.

On this week's show: Reporting on the antiwar demonstration in Detroit, the Route Irish to Sanctuary Project, and Michigan Welfare Rights' Maureen Taylor's keynote speech at the DIY Health Fair, plus local, national, and international news.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (27MB) | lower quality (13.5MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

Calling All Youth Media Makers, Activists and Artists!

NYC, 23.03.2005 04:01

The NYC Grassroots Media Conference is the place to be if you‚re a young community organizer seeking to reach a larger audience with your message, a media maker looking to gain skills and network or someone interested in learning more about NYC media reform activism. It's time to come together again to critique, build and celebrate our local independent media.

Local communities resist US occupation

New Hampshire, 23.03.2005 03:02

On March 19th and 20th, days which mark two years of US occupation of Iraq, local New Hampshire communities gathered, rallied, vigiled, and marched against US occupation.

especulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 23.03.2005 02:00

dessallotjaments amb enderrocs illegals :: la corrupció al alça

sense justicia no hi ha pau

[23.03 16h] Concentra-Acció contra la especulació mafiosa
[24-27.05] Enredos' 05: Trobada d'iniciatives locals
[abril-juliol.05] jornades de debat "Repensar Barcelona - Recuperar la ciutat"

--- Argentona manifestació + Solidaritat amb els detinguts per defensar el centre històric + Els tres en llibertat + Han desallotjat la Masia de Cal Guardià + Okupació de Cal Guardià per evitar l'enderroc imminent del centre històric --- Casa Nostra dessallotjament --- Sant Andreu contra la especulació i amenaces de la Multinacional COATS.s.l. a okupas de la c/Segre + Comunicat i convocatòria --- Mataró Crònica de l'acció: "Si ens treuen les cases, okuparem carrers i places" + Manifest de CJC front el desallotjament del CSOA l´Estella --- Manresa Llibertat amb càrrecs per les detingudes + 6 detingudes en un desallotjament --- Sabadell la policia local de Sabadell fereix a dos joves okupes --- Castelldefells CSA els llumins ha estat enderrocat + a policia" visita" els llumins + Avui la poli ha intentat entra a CSA

Ajuntament: No et demanem res que no sàpigues fer!

+info:: >>>especulació + noticies relacionades

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 23.03.2005 02:00

desalojos con derribos ilegales :: la corrupción al alza

sin justicia no hay paz

[23.03 16h] Concentra-Acción contra la especulación mafiosa
[24-27.05] Enredos' 05: Encuentro de iniciativas locales
[abril-julio.05] jornadas de debate "Repensar Barcelona - Recuperar la ciudad"

--- Argentona manifestación + Solidaridad con los detenidos por defender el centro histórico + Los tres en libertad + Han desalojado la Masia de Cal Guardià + Okupación de Cal Guardià para evitar el derribo inminente del centro histórico --- Casa Nostra desalojo --- Sant Andreu contra la especulación y amenazas de la Multinacional COATS.s.l. a okupas de la c/Segre + Comunicado y convocatoria --- Mataró Crónica de la acción: "Si nos toman las casas, okuparemos calles y plazas" + Manifiesto de CJC delante del desalojo de l´Estella --- Manresa Libertad con cargos a l*s detenid*s + 6 detenid*s en un desalojo ilegal --- Sabadell la policia local de Sabadell hiere a dos jovenes okupas --- Castelldefells CSA els llumins ha estado derribado + la policia" visita" els llumins + Hoy la poli ha intentado entrar al CSA els llumins

Ajuntamiento: No te pedimos nada que no sepas hacer!

+info:: >>>especulación + noticias relacionadas

Chattanoogans Gather to Send the Message, &quot;End the War, NOW!&quot;

Tennessee, 23.03.2005 00:02

Saturday, March 19th, was a very significant day for protesters around the world. Many Chattanoogans came out to tell the world that they do not agree with the destruction and killing of our brothers and sisters in Iraq and around the world. The main message, “End the War, NOW!” The March and rally were coordinated by United for Democracy and Justice, a coalition of peace activists in and around the Chattanooga area. March 19th was an overcast day in Chattanooga, but that didn't stop protesters from telling the world that they do not support the useless killing and destruction in Iraq. Concerned citizens joined together at Coolidge Park to march and rally for their brothers and sisters.

Rotkin's Council To Cut Back Public Comment

Santa Cruz, CA, 23.03.2005 00:01

On Tuesday March 22nd, Mayor Mike Rotkin introduces a radical measure to severely limit public comment on most of the agenda items that come up at City Council. Robert Norse sent the following critical letter to Mayor Rotkin and the City Council, urging them to defeat item #18. Call 420-5020 or e-mail to register your opposition.

BLM Evicts Biscuit Campers

Rogue Valley, 22.03.2005 23:02

First the Forest Service closed the Green Bridge camp and issued an unconstitutional blanket closure of Fiddler Mountain, extending miles beyond the logging units, and now, at this very moment, the Bureau of Land Management is evicting the new Biscuit base camp.

Activists call for Boycott of Lark Creek Inn Restaurant in Marin County

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 23:00

The Lark Creek Inn Restaurant in Larkspur (Marin County), has not returned our calls for a meeting to discuss the end of the sale of foie gras at their restaurant with local activists, launching a boycott against their store. Activists have hand delivered letters, packages of facts and video tape footage of the cruel process of producing foie gras to the restaurant. The Animal Rights Committee are now officially calling for a boycott of The Lark Creek Inn Restaurant until they stop buying and selling foie gras. Foie Gras is a product of ducks being force fed nearly four pounds of corn mush a day through metal pipes shoved down the birds’ throats until their livers explode and they die. The three daily force-feedings frequently choke, injure or kill the birds by gouging open their throats with the metal pipe. By the end of the force-feeding process, ducks are physically debilitated with livers five to ten times normal size and many are unable to stand or walk. Report here.

Protests Against Recent Deportations From Ireland To Take Place In Seven Cities

Ireland, 22.03.2005 22:20

Dublin, Belfast, Derry, London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Amsterdam Residents Against Racism have called a demonstration for Wednesday 23rd March at 12.30 to protest at the governments continued policy of deporting children. Press Release From Residents Against Racism In Conjunction With Palmerstown Community School Stop The Deportation Of Children Demonstration 23/3/05 @ 12.30 Outside The Dáil Residents Against Racism have called a demonstration for Wednesday 23rd March at 12.30 to protest at the governments continued policy of deporting children. Spokesperson Rosanna Flynn said: "Speaking in December the Justice Minister Michael McDowell stated that he recognised the moral force of allowing those asylum seekers who have children here in school for a lengthy period of time to stay. In March of this year his response has been to deport those very people. Many of these children and their families had integrated very well into their local communities, which is meant to be taken into account when casting judgement on their cases. A picture quickly emerges of a Justice minister who says one thing and does the exact opposite. On the recent mass deportation there were several mothers who had been separated from their children, these children now remain in Ireland parentless. Also on the last deportation at least one of the passengers was sedated and a needle attached to them with a drip for the duration of the deportation. There was also a teenage boy due to sit his leaving cert deported leading to protests from his classmates in Palmerstown Community School. These cases are only the tip of the iceberg as there were many deported who we had no contact from before or after their deportations, many of these could have similar stories to tell". Rosanna continued by saying "Many of the children who were deported could face the brutal practice of Female Genital Mutilation, a procedure which many young girls die from. Their education will be very different from that which they have been recieving for the last several years in Ireland, that is if they are lucky enough to get an education at all in Nigeria. The Irish government have a moral obligation to protect those who are most vulnerable, instead we have a system with no transparency or justice led by a Minster who lies. Residents Against Racism are calling on the government to stop deporting children, furthermore we are calling for an independent inquiry into the last deportation and for those people to be brought back" Protests are also being held in Belfast, Derry, Liverpool, Glasgow, London and Amsterdam. For further details call: Rosanna Flynn 087 6662060 Mark Grehan 087 7974622 Jon Glackin 0774 327 5533 Original Indymedia Ireland Report On The Deportations

Two Protesters Killed as &quot;Free Trade&quot; Trumps Freedom

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.03.2005 22:20

On Monday, March 14th in Guatemala, a national strike was called by various social and popular organizations that are opposed to the ratification of new trade accords with the United States. During protests in Colotenango, Huehuetenango on Tuesday, March 15th, a group of campesinos and teachers were violently repressed by the military. At least two protesters were killed and over 10 were seriously injured. Reports confirm that one of the protesters, Juan Lopez, was killed by a bullet to the head.


Brasil, 22.03.2005 20:02

Milhares se manifestam contra os dois anos de ocupação

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 22.03.2005 20:00

Oriente Medio: motivos para el optimismo?

En los EEUU, el pulso entre apoyo y rechazo a la invasión del Iraq continua centrandose en el número de bajas y en el fantasma de Vietnam. Mientras tanto, el número de víctimas civiles iraquis continúa siendo superior. Esta situación, junto con las acusaciones de manipulación de las recientes elecciones iraquis y la creciente inquietud sobre los planes para atacar al Iran, pueden estar empujando a la Casa Blanca a negociar con la insurgencia. No obstante, acontecimientos como ahora el tiroteo de Giulana Sgrena no dan indicios de timidez por parte de los EEUU. En Palestina, las actuales negociaciones se ven con excepticismo, mientras en occidente se multiplican actos de apoyo a su causa, como la Caravana por Palestina 2005.

No a la ocupación de Iraq y Palestina MANIFESTACIÓN 19 Marzo 2005!

material para la mani del sábado++octavilla

Notícies relacionadas:EuroManifestacion en Brussels, 19 Març 2005 :::Signatures de cientific*s contra la guerra :::contra la ruta del comercio de guerra ::: Desifectado el Salón de l'Ensenyament del virus antimilitarista ::: Educación Antimilitarista

+info:: >>>guerra

Catalyst Radio for 3/18/2005

Michigan, 22.03.2005 18:06

This week Catalyst Radio interviews Rev. David May, the director of the Racial Justice Institute, which hosts the annual Summit on Racism. In the News Analysis section, the GRIID crew discuss local media coverage of The bankruptcy "reform" legislation, Dan Rather departing CBS News, the Freedom of Information Act and military recruiting.

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of theCommunity Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

Divestment still alive, growing

Michigan, 22.03.2005 18:06

Many of you may have read the reports on the defeat of the divestment resolution by the Michigan Student's Assembly in Ann Arbor Tuesday night.

I am writing to report that Tuesday night was a huge success for the divestment movement and the struggle for justice in Palestine and the entire world. None of us in the movement were expecting the resolution to pass in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is home to the largest concentration of Jewish students of any university in the region, estimated at a hefty 6,000 of a total 35,000 students.

The community is generally staunchly pro-Israel. It has been very successful in promoting political empowerment and its influence runs deep in the university.

Protestors gather at the Capitol to speak against the war

Michigan, 22.03.2005 17:03

LANSING- About 250 people braved the sleeting rain and freezing temperatures on Saturday to gather at the State Capitol to take action against the war. Five tents on the Capitol lawn gave protestors opportunities to write letters and sign petitions on issues ranging from torture to anti-military recruitment in the schools.

Adam Shapiro, of the International Solidarity Movement and co-producer of the film "About Baghdad", spoke on the Capitol steps about his eye witness account of the war in Iraq.

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