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A16 '00 - Rob Fish Discusses His Beating Right In From The Streets

DC, 28.03.2005 09:01

Essentially, Rob Fish went from the hospital to the press conference. Here are his words.

Naked PETA protestor draws attention to animal abuse by Rigling Brother's Circus

DC, 28.03.2005 09:01

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organized a demonstration in front of the White House to make its case before the Thursday evening premiere of Ringling Bros.' 55-show stay in Washington D.C.

Haitian Priest Receives Threatening Visits from Unidentified Intruder, Bullets

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2005 09:00

Father Gérard Jean-Juste and his church, Sainte Claire's Catholic Church, which is located in a poor neighborhood of Delmas, Haiti, have been under increasing attack this week. Fr. Jean-Juste is a prominent activist for peace and justice in Haiti, and spent seven weeks as a political prisoner in October and November 2004. Despite his high profile and the history of politically-motivated attacks against him, the United Nations Stabilization Mission to Haiti (MINUSTAH) declined to respond to his call for help after Friday's attack.

Late at night on Thursday, March 24, Fr. Jean-Juste reportedly surprised an intruder by the back door of the Ste. Claire rectory. The man fled, but later that night neighbors caught a man whom they believe was the intruder, and handed him over to the police. On Friday evening, March 25, men dressed in black in one or more pickup trucks arrived outside Ste. Claire's and started shooting wildly, reportedly with automatic weapons. (Photos and Report) The gunshots and Jean-Juste's response were recorded by independent journalist Kevin Pina and played on Pacifica's Flashpoints radio program that day. He denounced the fact that he was attacked on the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero in El Salvador.

People contacted MINUSTAH on Fr. Jean-Juste's behalf, and were told by top officials that MINUSTAH would send people right away. As of late morning on Saturday, MINUSTAH police had not arrived, although Fr. Jean-Juste reported that a MINUSTAH helicopter did fly over his church in the morning. Meanwhile, Haiti Progres reports that two MINUSTAH troops were killed last week- the first two since the ouster of democratically-elected president Jean Bertrand Aristide. Supporters of Fr. Jean-Juste are asking for people to contact MINUSTAH to ask them to investigate the attacks on him and the church. Read more

Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti | Flashpoints, which airs at 5pm PST on KPFA | Haiti Progres | MINUSTAH

International Protests to Call Attention to Thousands of Haitian Political Prisoners

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2005 08:00

It has been a crime for Haitians to express their solidarity with President Aristide since the February 29, 2004 coup, thousands have been summarily executed in punishment. Those who aren't killed are often put in jail just for expressing their support for Lavalas [Aristide¹s party], even for wearing Aristide t-shirts in peaceful demonstrations. Their continued imprisonment underscores what many see as the US government's disregard for Haiti's people and its constitution, and is evidence of the complete dissolution of freedoms of speech, association and press in Haiti. This situation has kept Prime Minister Yvon Neptune, Minister of Interior Jocelerme Privert, and Lavalas activist Annette Auguste, jailed in miserable conditions along with hundreds of grassroots activists, labor organizers, and residents of poor neighborhoods. The plight of the prisoners, which has been dramatized by Prime Minister Neptune and Minister Privert's recent hunger strike, is urgent. Both Neptune and Privert are now in a UN hospital due to complications from their fasting.

On Monday, March 28th at 4:30PM in San Francisco's UN Plaza, the Haiti Action Committee will hold a rally and vigil to call for the restoration of the legitimate government of Haiti, and to protest the continued incarceration of at least a thousand Haitian political prisoners.

In Haiti, on Tuesday, March 29, 2005 Father Gerard Jean-Juste will lead a peaceful march in commemoration of the 18th anniversary of Haiti¹s constitution. Fr. Jean-Juste, who was arrested without charge and released due to international pressure, has been unrelenting in his solidarity for the political prisoners still in Haitian jails. "With this anniversary of the constitution," Fr. Jean-Juste said, "we call on every Haitian and every person in every nation to help us support our constitution..."

Read more

Sacramento: A Capital for Anarchy

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2005 06:20

Anarchists in Sacramento have been organizing to an increasing degree despite increased state repression against them in the wake of various ELF, (Earth Liberation Front), actions. Last month, anarchists organized the first ever, “Anarchist Café”, which brought together speakers, music, poetry, and various activist groups. The event attracted hundreds of people, and featured highlights on issues ranging from animal liberation activists and updates on the status of the Industrial Workers of the World, (IWW), in Stockton CA. Organizers are hoping to repeat the success of the event, by staging another event in April. Anarchist organizers are also busy working in local Food Not Bombs chapters, doing prison solidarity work for political prisoners, promoting the gift economy with a newly started “Really (Really) Free Market”, re-starting Critical Mass, and also organizing an Anarchist Discussion group. More information here.

Refugee Rights/Border Camps

Perth, 28.03.2005 06:02

5 WA people arrested at Baxter for tearing at the fences

Bakersfield Protests Honey-Baked Ham

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.03.2005 06:00

As Easter Sunday approached, a day that also marks the beginning of spring and the rebirth of life in nature, a number of activists used the occasion to remind the public that the holiday is meant to be a celebration of life by demonstrating and distributing infomation against the Easter-related exploitation of animals, from pigs and ducks to rabbits and baby chicks. On Saturday March 26, members of Bakersfield Alliance for Animals protested Honey-Baked Ham sales in the Central Valley. The Bakersfield Alliance for Animals demonstrated outside of the Honey-Baked Ham store on Ming Ave. to discourage people from buying hams for Easter Day. There were eight of them there, holding signs saying such things as "Does your food have a face?" and "Why call some animals pets and others food?" A couple even had gruesome pictures of how pigs are treated in the factory farms that they were raised in. Photos
More Info on Easter and Animals: In Defense of Animals | Viva!USA

Santiago cambia con vos

Argentina, 28.03.2005 05:30

Lunes 28 de Marzo 2005 | SANTIAGO CAMBIA CON VOS:
Bienvenidos al postjuarismo


Argentina, 28.03.2005 05:20

Lunes 28 de Marzo 2005 | SANTIAGO CAMBIA CON VOS:
Bienvenidos al postjuarismo

Long Island Social Center Opens Its Doors!

NYC, 28.03.2005 05:01

The Freespace, a Long Island, New York based social center has opened its doors! After nearly three years of organizing and fundraising the Long Island Free Space (Freespace), the regions first social center, has opened its doors. Freespace will serve as a multi-purpose arts and activism center, hosting: concerts, poetry slams, DIY flea markets, skills shares, workshops, meetings and political forums. The space is already home to an alternative media library, art gallery and recycle-a-bike program. (in June 2004 Indypendent reporter Eric Laursen chronicled the struggle to establish the LI Free Space): "Civil rights attorney Fred Brewington huddled in the hallway outside a Long Island courtroom with friends and supporters of his client, Conor Cash, a local activist charged with being the kingpin of an environmentalist arson ring."

Docentes luchan por salario y educación

Argentina, 28.03.2005 04:00

Lunes 28 de marzo |CON PAROS, CORTES Y MARCHAS
Docentes luchan por salario y educación

Docentes en lucha

Argentina, 28.03.2005 04:00

Lunes 28 de marzo |CON PAROS, CORTES Y MARCHAS
Docentes luchan por salario y educación

Docentes en lucha

Argentina, 28.03.2005 03:30

Lunes 28 de marzo |CON PAROS, CORTES Y MARCHAS
Docentes luchan por salario y educación

Book Lovers From All Over California Join Salinas Locals in a Historic “24-HOUR READ-IN”

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.03.2005 03:01

In an effort to save Salinas, California’s public library system, which is slated to shut down because of budget shortfalls, dozens of authors, community activists, and supporters have organized an Emergency 24-hour “Read-In” outside the Cesar Chavez Public Library in Salinas, from Saturday, April 2 at 1 PM to Sunday, April 3 at 1 PM. Then at 1pm on Sunday we will join festive Cesar Chavez Holiday Celebrations.

“We’re telling people to bring their tents, sleeping bags and favorite books. We’ll be here all day and all night to show our determination to keep our libraries open,” says Efren Barajas of United Farmworkers of America, one of the groups organizing the read-in.

Joining the read-in will be actor Hector Elizondo; poets Gary Soto and Jose Montoya; community leaders Dolores Huerta and Salinas Mayor Anna Caballero; musician Dr. Loco; and writers Maxine Hong Kingston, Riane Eisler, James Houston, Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, Jack Kornfield, Meredith Maran, and Wes “Scoop” Nisker, among others. In addition to the read-a-thon there will also be music, movies, children’s activities, and an overnight camp-out.

Salinas is one of hundreds of communities throughout the United States whose libraries systems are facing severe cutbacks or elimination. According to the American Library Association, projected and announced library funding cuts have topped $111.2 million in the last 18 months, and almost every single state in the U.S. is facing library funding cuts of up to 50 percent.

Previous Coverage: Salinas Public Libraries will Close in the New Year
Audio: Salinas City Concil Votes to Shutter Libraries

[ Save Salinas Libraries! | CodePink's Actions Page | Governor Schwarzenegger, SAVE OUR LIBRARIES! ]

Neues Verbotsverfahren eingeleitet

Germany, 28.03.2005 02:20

Die sozialistische spanische Regierung hat am Donnerstag das Verbot der baskischen W�hlervereinigung „Aukera Guztiak“ (AG/Alle Optionen) eingeleitet. Die neue Liste soll so von den Regionalwahlen im Baskenland am 17. April ausgeschlossen werden. AG hat gestern Widerspruch beim Obersten Gerichtshof eingereicht. Dessen Sonderkammer, mit dem neuen Parteiengesetz 2002 geschaffen, wird heute ein Urteil f�llen. Die Best�tigung des Verbots wird allseits erwartet. Wieder einmal wird behaupte, die neue baskische Wahloption geh�re zur ETA. Es grenzt schon an Absurdistan, wie das diesmal begr�ndet wird. Nun m�ssen die 32000 Unterst�tzungsunterschriften herhalten, die allesamt durchleuchtet wurden.

Union Struggle Continues at Sunshine Villa

Santa Cruz, CA, 28.03.2005 01:21

On Tuesday, March 22, about thirty people gathered in the rain outside Sunshine Villa in Santa Cruz. The rally was in support of workers who are fighting management at the assisted living facility, for union recognition. Last July, most of Sunshine Villa's fifty workers voted for representation from SEIU Local 415. Read More

This radio story from November 2004, was produced for the Workers Independent News. Download Audio

Atacan a militante de Correpi

Argentina, 28.03.2005 01:20

Domingo 30 de Marzo 2005 | "LA PRÓXIMA VA CON PLOMO", LE ADVIRTIERON
Lomas de Zamora, Bs As: Atacan a militante de la Correpi


Argentina, 28.03.2005 01:20

Impunidad en Formosa

MECha Protest

LA, 28.03.2005 01:00

MECha Protests JROTC, War

Report Back on Palestine Lives Conference

Hamilton, 27.03.2005 21:00

Palestine Lives! -- National Conference in Support of the Palestinian People's Struggle Held at McMaster University in Hamilton - McMaster Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR) - "Palestine Lives!" was the title for the conference held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, on March 12 to combat the disinformation spread about Palestine and to strengthen the Canadian people's solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination. The level of interest in the issue of Palestine was clearly evident among the audience, composed of people from across the country, including representation from the Palestinian and other Arab communities, workers, youth and others. The event was hosted by the McMaster contingent of Solidarity with Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR), a national network of campus-based groups organizing to inform the Canadian polity about the just cause of the Palestinian people. READ MORE...

Honey-Baked Ham Protest in Bakersfield

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.03.2005 21:00

On Saturday March 26, members of Bakersfield Alliance for Animals protested Honey-Baked Ham sales. The Bakersfield Alliance for Animals protested outside of the Honey-Baked Ham store on Ming Ave. to discourage people from buying hams for Easter Day. There were eight of them there, holding signs saying such things as "Does your food have a face?" and "Why call some animals pets and others food?" A couple even had gruesome pictures of how pigs are treated in the factory farms that they were raised in. Photos More info on Easter and animals /news/2005/03/1729738.php


Athens, 27.03.2005 17:00

World South: the dump of the industrially developed countries

Protesto contra a E$$o no Porto

Portugal, 27.03.2005 16:30

Protesto contra a E$$o no Porto

pif conference statement

QC, 27.03.2005 13:01

Our Hope Is in Our Struggle. No to Globalization and Systems of Domination.

10th Annual Anarchist Bookfair Includes Speakers, Performers, Books, Browsers

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.03.2005 09:00

3/26/2005: Today was the 10th annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair. Thousands of people from all over the United States and in particular California flocked to the edge of Golden Gate Park to browse indoor tables with books, zines, t-shirts, patches, to listen to speakers, and to hang out outside, where more merchandise was on display. Speakers included writer and professor Ward Churchill, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (author of Red Dirt and Outlaw Woman), Peter Werbe (of Fifth Estate), artist Eric Drooker, and Entartete Künst. Dozens of organizations had reserved tables inside well in advance; these ranged from Indybay to the Long Haul Infoshop to AK Press. The event was a benefit for the Bound Together Anarchist Collective Book Store.

amy goodman

Houston, 27.03.2005 05:00

Um-Embed the Media;Amy Goodman In Houston on Tuesday

Human Rights

Manila, 27.03.2005 03:01

Lenten and Easter Special


Barcelona, 27.03.2005 01:00

l'oblit manté el feixisme |>> memòria històrica

30 anys després de la mort del dictador Franco, encara avui és present en la nostra vida. Encara avui perduren a les nostres ciutats els símbols franquistes. No s'ha fet justícia ni a les seves víctimes, ni s'ha desmentit la història oficial. Qui oblida el seu passat, el repeteix.

---símbols feixistes |>> La Pobla donará el busto de Franco a España 2000 + Guadalajara retira les estàtues de Franco i Primo de Rivera + Retirada l'estàtua de Franco a Madrid + Electoralisme barat: Piqué contradiu a Rajoy + Proposta: El Valle de los Caídos per denunciar el franquisme + Moviments socials impulsen una campanya per l’apostasia ---cossos de seguretat |>> Els més denunciats per agressions racistes a Catalunya el 2004 + Els UPAS s'entrenen a Cornellà per fer-ho cada cop més bèstia + Judici del professor emmanillat per un guàrdia de seguretat ---impunitat quotidiana|>> Naziskinheads en la manifestació del M13 + Creix la xenofòbia a Sevilla + RCD Espanyol i la passivitat/complicitat contra el feixisme + Amenaces de mort contra l'escriptor Sebastià Alzamora + l'extrema dreta existeix + La explotació de la xenofòbia ---internacional |>> La Fundació FAES d'Aznar i l'ultradreta d'EEUU + Bush: diplomàcia i escuadrons de la mort + Letònia i Estònia els feixistes de la UE

+info | >>>antifeixisme +

Chicago Mourns Death of Local Activist

Chicago, 27.03.2005 00:30

SKETCHKen Hunt, more recently known as Sketch, 34, journalist, poet, musician, performer, pagan, anarchist, ESL tutor and native of Aberdeen, WA, died suddenly of injuries in Chicago on March 21, 2005.

A fierce anarchist pacifist and member of the Chicagoland Anarchist Network, Mad Tea Party, Queer & Trans Caucus, and Food Not Bombs, Sketch was also one of the main organizers of last year's anarchist feeder march which crashed pride and ended up clashing with the homophobes. Sketch's very last action in life was to attend a major antiwar rally with friends and comrades.

A celebration of Sketch's life will be held on April 3 at noon, and on April 2 in Aberdeen, and at various times in San Francisco, New York, and Austin. A second memorial and picnic in Chicago, April 9, 12-4p at Waldheim Cementary, near the Haymarket Memorial in honor of Sketch's anarchist beliefs, 863 S. Des Plaines Ave, Forest Park, IL. Full story.


Sydney, 26.03.2005 23:21

Baxter 05 Convergence

Baxter05 - Exposing inhumanity

darwin, 26.03.2005 23:02

Baxter updates

April 2nd Daybreak! Fancy Dinner/Art Auction Fundraiser

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 21:01

Art Auction and Fancy Dinner Fundraiser for Daybreak! newspaper: Saturday, April 2nd 5pm-8pm Walker Church 31st st. and 16th ave. S Minneapolis

Two Arrested at Good Friday Antiwar Demonstration: Duluth

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 21:01

Two Peace Activists were arrested at a Good Friday antiwar demonstration at the Duluth Air National Guard.

Anti-War Activism Returns to the University of Minnesota

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 20:01

Members of new anti war student organization made their presence on campus known today for the first time. Members of AWOL, the Anti-War Organizing League held their rally and march today to protest the ongoing war in Iraq. The rally began at noon with 30-50 people in attendance. After forty five minutes of speeches by a divers group of speakers from a various organizations the group marched first to the walking bridge, and then on to Coffman Union, where demonstrators went inside and marched around for about fifteen minutes.


Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 20:01

A sphagnum peat mining operation is taking place in the Pine Island State Forest. This project is an environmental nightmare that quickly needs to be stopped.

The Emergence of White Supremacy in Indian Country

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 20:01

Deconstructing the Red Lake Reservation murders.

Minnesota Critical Mass March Ride Report

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26.03.2005 20:01

Over 50 bicycle riders turn out for March 2005 ride.

Venezuela-Cuba Alliance

darwin, 26.03.2005 18:23

Venezuela-Cuba Alliance puts social reform first

&quot;No to the San Nicolas dam!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.03.2005 18:20

On March 14th families from San Gaspar de los Reyes in Jalisco, Mexico, who now live in the Bay Area, converged on the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco to protest the construction of a dam in their home town.

Detroit Activist Maureen Taylor announces her candidacy for City Council

Michigan, 26.03.2005 16:02

On Monday, March 28th, at 2:00 PM, longtime Detroit activist and advocate for the poor, Maureen D. Taylor, will turn in nominating petitions for a place on the November ballot in her race for a seat on Detroit's city council. Maureen and a group of her supporters will appear at the City Clerk's office in the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building in downtown Detroit. They will turn in the required number of signatures to officially launch her grassroots campaign.

Arrests continue at NYC Critical Mass

NYC, 26.03.2005 12:01

After a festive beginning with a marching band, and Rev Billy reciting the First Amendment, riders pulled out of Union Sq and were immediately arrested. The first 3 arrests occurred on the NE corner of 17th St. and Broadway. Police stretched the orange nets at Broadway and 17th, 5th and 17th, 6th and 17th, trapping riders in the two blocks.


MGJ A16 Update #5

DC, 26.03.2005 06:01

Caution a Better World is Under Construction! Protest the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and IMF April 15-17, 2005 Washington DC –

Keeping Starbucks off campus

DC, 26.03.2005 06:01

Banner dropping our dissent! Since October of 2004, students at American University have been fighting to keep Starbucks off their campus by brigning in Pura Vida instead. Pura Vida is a company which takes all its profits and puts them back into the communities where coffee is grown for schools and hospitals etc. They are also, fair trade certified, organic, and shade grown.

UDC Law Student Protest JAG Recruitment

DC, 26.03.2005 06:01


Teach-In on Iraq

DC, 26.03.2005 06:01

It's safe to say that more useful information was conveyed to those hungry for it Thursday night in the Jack Morton Auditorium at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., than has been conveyed in the entire oeuvre of CNN's Crossfire, which is filmed in the same location.

Catalyst Radio for 3/25/2005

Michigan, 26.03.2005 05:01

This week Catalyst Radio inteviews Thea Lee, the AFL-CIO Assistant Director of Trade. She was in town recently to speak on the Central America Free Trade Agreement. In the News Analysis section, the GRIID crew discuss local media coverage of the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, the ten commandments statue, and local coverage of International Women's Day

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of theCommunity Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

Live Broadcast Tonight!

NYC, 26.03.2005 01:03

Live Tonight the coordinated broadcast of grassroots audio stations from around the country. Theme is the Anniversary of the War and the Occupation of Iraq. Click Here for the Run Down
Listen To the Broadcast **Click Here** Going Now and till 2 AM or so

Tune in to the Critical Mass Radio Network

San Francisco Bay Area, 25.03.2005 23:20

On the last Friday of the month, the Critical Mass Radio Network airs a coordinated broadcast by member stations — Free Radio Dallas, Free Radio Santa Cruz, RadioActive San Diego, ASC New York City, Enemy Combatant Radio, Kill Radio Los Angeles, Indymedia Portland, and Radio Volta Philadelphia.

Judge postpones RNC contempt hearing

NYC, 25.03.2005 20:02

Monday’s March 28th Contempt Hearing Postponed -- Settlement discussions begun

In a pretrial conference held on Wednesday March 23rd, Judge John Cataldo strongly indicated that the City should consider offering a settlement to the RNC plaintiffs who were held in violation of his September 2nd release orders. Judge Cataldo’s court attorney began mediating between the parties. To facilitate the exchange, settlement discussions are being kept confidential at this time.

Soft-drink Giant Benefits from Contributions to the Bush Administration

Boston, 25.03.2005 18:31

Contributions from Coca-Cola and its enterprises to federal candidates and parties rose as much as 31% between 1998 and 2004, with the greatest concentration of funds during the 2000 election, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Seventy-one percent of those contributions, or $2,483,283, went to the Republican Party and GOP candidates. Relationships between the soft-drink giant and Bush’s chums have indeed gone sweeter since many issues affecting Coca-Cola’s assets are at stake: soda consumption in schools, environmental standards, bottled water labeling, and human rights concerns overseas.

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