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PJTTF Hearing Tonight, 6 PM

Portland, 31.03.2005 05:21

The mayor and city council will be holding a public meeting tonight to vote on the proposal recently offered by Commissioner Leonard and Mayor Potter, which would recind city cooperation with the PJTTF unless there

are some significant changes in civilian oversight.
related: A fresh breeze blowing through City Hall; Potter and Leonard's resolution challenging the PJTTF (3/25/05) | JTTF News Conferences and Story | Audio of FBI Press Conference Regarding PJTTF (3/25/05)

Union Bricklayers to Picket Criterion Chemical Plant in Pittsburgh, CA

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.03.2005 05:20

3/30/2005 Union bricklayers representing the northern 46 counties in California will be picketing Recon Refractory Services at the Criterion Catalyst Technologies Plant in Pittsburgh, CA on April 1 at 7:00 am, and again for the week of April 4, 2005, to express their concerns that Recon Refractory Services does not meet safety, area wage, and benefit standards. The Criterion Catalyst Technologies Plant in Pittsburgh is located at 2840 Willow Pass Road off Highway 4 at Bailey Road.
The Bricklayers and Allied Craftsworkers Local #3 of Northern CA have a NLRB Settlement in regards to this contractor. Work being performed at this time by Recon is in violation of the settlement. In light of the recent events at BP oil refinery in Texas City, Texas, Union organizers contend that Recons practices could expose plant personnel and the local community to unnecessary risk. "Fifteen people died and eight more are in critical condition at area hospitals. At least 100 people were injured, officials said. The massive blast shook buildings and broke windows for miles around and sent a huge cloud of black smoke billowing into the sky. Refinery equipment and buildings nearby were leveled, leaving a rubble-filled landscape reminiscent of a war zone at the 1,200-acre complex 35 miles southeast of Houston" According to reports on Labor Net, a spokesperson for the Pipefitters stated the tragedy was caused by the use of non-union personnel who are untrained and unskilled for this type of work.
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Brasil, 31.03.2005 04:00

Movimento realiza semana nacional de luta

Fayetteville's Community Access Television Celebrates 25 years!

Arkansas, 31.03.2005 03:01

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I first made use of Community Access TV, but if I remember correctly, it was around the time that I was involved with a group which was attempting to put an end to the City of Fayetteville’s reckless use of herbicides in public places. That places my first involvement with this wonderful form of media around 1988.

FBI subpoenas the Server

Aotearoa, 31.03.2005 02:21

The FBI has recently sent two subpoenas to the website administrator of the webserver. Recently there have been rumours circulating in anarchist circles the flag's webmaster had been contacted by the FBI, he has released this press release to notify the wider activist community on what has been going on. The Flag server host many of anarchism's most widely viewed websites and the removal of this sever would be a major blow to anarchist organising worldwide.

He has been ordered on two separate occasions to submit IP information of people using certain subdomains hosted on the flag server one of which was the popular Infoshop News. These relate to people claiming responsibility for "propaganda by the deed". The moderator believes at least one of these cases are by people trying to make the flag server "vulnerable to government intrusion".

The FBI in recent years, has gone after a number of radical/revolutionary left wing websites, most notably are the shutting down of the raise the fist website and subsequent jailing of it's webmaster Sherman Austin and also targeting many /a> on the Indymedia network.

@rtivismo (eo)

Barcelona, 31.03.2005 02:00

grafiti-arto: la respondo al la cenzuro

arto sur la strato :: [ [2003 Valencio] ] : ĈU NI PENTRU ION? >> La rezistado-muro [kroniko] --- [ [2004] ] novaj grafitioj en la kvartalo >> La okuloj, kiuj kontrolas vin: Cenzuro al grafiti-arto >> la respondo al la cenzuro

bildoj :: Ĉiutage mi ellitiĝas en la erara flanko de la kapitalismoirisema muŝod-revolucioel la strato-saluton @mikinoj, kiel vi fartas?dediĉita al imc-bcnmeza galerio --- pripensadoj :: La grafitio turniĝas filosofiaArto aŭ neartoIli havas la potencon, ni la noktonAdrenalino kaj aerosoloPeto pri simetriaj estrategioj --- subpremado :: La franca polico fermas la retportalon AERO.FRarestita dum inaŭguro de la ForumoLa urba konsilantaro malmoliĝas kaj plialtigas la sankciojn pro pentrado --- publikaj agoj :: 21RV: Sabate 23.10.04 hiphopa renkontiĝografitiista grupo de la popola asembleo de ZaidiaUrbaj artistoj stampas sur sudajn murojn de la Federala Distrikto siajn ideojn pri zapatismo --- retpaĝoj:: Are you Generic?duncancumminggive em hellinvisible made visiblepublicadcampaignrobots will killstencil revolutionwooster collectivestop warsekosystemdigital ultrasstencil archiveobey giantharingurban mediumcan you art?

+infoj :: >>>@rtivismoplurkomunikila

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 31.03.2005 02:00

"Fantastaj Semajnoj" kun el Corte Inglés

La entreprenaro, "El Corte Inglés", unu el la plej gravaj transnaciaj kompanioj el Hispanio (ĝi gvidas pli ol 90% de la grandaj hispaniaj magazenoj), kun granda vendo-sumo kaj profitoj (576,05 milionoj da netaj € en 2003) en la tutŝtata merkato, kaŝas malantaŭ sia tiom "bonfara bildo" entreprenan politikon por ekspluati siajn laboristojn kaj ankaŭ aktivan parton de la tutmonda novliberala regado. Aŭ kiel milita entrepreno: Informàtica El Corte Inglés, SA disvolvas komputadajn sistemojn por la armeoj kaj estas membro de "Círculo de Tecnologías para la Defensa y la Seguridad" (Rondo de Teknologioj por Defendo kaj Sekureco).

En la internaciona areo: Ni denuncas ĝian ekspluaton de la marokaj virinoj en la fabrikoj de Atawassoul (Tanĝero). Por scii pli multe: "Modo ĉirkaŭpremanta" + la kampanjo "Puraj vestoj". Ankaŭ internacie ĝi misfamiĝis pro sia financado de "think tanks" (novliberalaj cerbumejoj) en Latin-ameriko.

+infoj:: >>>koruptado

Tinkerbelle, from SF Zoo, Dies at PAWS Sanctuary

San Francisco Bay Area, 31.03.2005 02:00

asdfad asdfadf adfadf

globalisation (en)

Barcelona, 31.03.2005 01:00

mayday 2004Life as a battle field

[18-19Mar] Workshop against employement precariousness at Can Vies

documentation >> Life as a battle field > script + manifest - I - II - III - IV - V - Entire Dossier

+info:: >>>globalisation + + debate

labor (en)

Barcelona, 31.03.2005 01:00

Urgent [22 mar] ::: Action against relocation of companies ::: 9 detenees

From 17h >>> Gathering at Nou Barris police station [C/Aiguablava, Trinitat Nova L-4]
[23 mar 10h] Gathering at the Court in Lluís Companys st.

Media official notices: [I] [II] [III]
:::Last News:::
[15h] freed under-18 detainee. Other detainees to be brought to court tomorrow.

+info ::: >>>labor

Biscuit Protesters Block Street in front of Forest Service

Portland, 31.03.2005 00:21

At about 11:30am today, forest activists erected a giant tri-pod in the middle of 2nd Avenue, in front of the Forest Service building. They blocked traffic and made a ruckus to bring attention to the insane and illegal logging that is commencing down in the Siskiyous.

Thank God there are so many people willing to put their words, their freedom, and their bodies on the line in this great struggle for the last ancient forests in the world. It was awe inspiring to see so many people chanting, singing, and speaking out to save what is left of our planet.

Pax eloquently ministered to the crowd from his perch in the air above 2nd avenue, and the crowd chanted their support from the ground. A corporate "reporter" asked whether he knew he was about to be cut down and arrested, to which he replied that he did. The "reporter" then asked how he felt about it. Pax said, basically, that it sucked to have to be arrested, but that it was a small price to pay. He reminded the reporter -- who will never air the words I think -- that the last forests are falling, and desperate times call for desperate measures. The police moved in, blocking traffic and milling around for awhile, trying to figure out what to do.

related articles: Breaking News Archive from March 30th I Breaking News: Direct Action in front of Forest Service Building downtown I (images: 1 I 2 I 3)

see also: Who's Who in the Battle for the Biscuit I What's What in the Battle for the Biscuit I Battle of the Biscuit Action Page I Rogue Valley IMC

Where Boston's bikers go to retire

Boston, 30.03.2005 23:01

Chris Grealish’s first thoughts of leaving Boston were inspired by bone-crushing accidents. In his three years riding as a courier he received a broken collar bone, a demobilizing blow to the hip, stitches on a gruesomely torn upper lip, lost skin on his hands, legs and arms, and a knee swelled up to the size of a grapefruit. Instead of vacations, Grealish was often forced to take unpaid downtime to heal his wounds. He claims he averaged one accident or serious altercation with a cabdriver every three months. Yet he loved the job. “I had no formal education. I found something that I wanted to do and I was really good at it. Having that taken away was pretty alarming,” says Grealish 42, “It became very apparent that my shelf life was limited.”

Police Brutality in Port au Prince puts UN Mandate to the Test

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

On Monday February 28 Haitian National Police opened fire on several thousand unarmed demonstrators in Bel Air, killing five and wounding dozens. Brazilian troops, part of the United Nations MINUSTAH mission in Haiti, witnessed the incident and did not intervene at the time.

This is not the first time that the UN has witnessed extrajudicial executions by the Haitian National Police without intervening. In fact they have been directly involved in training the police so they are not merely casual observers but also shoulder a heavy burden of responsibility for the widespread police violence since the overthrow of the democratically elected government.

most recent reports from Haiti from Sasha Kramer: [ Walking a Tightrope Between Hope and Fear: Northern Haiti One Year after the Coup | Lavalas Officials throughout Northern Haiti Forced into Hiding | Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community | Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success despite Ongoing Repression / Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding (12/21/04) ]

previous reports to portland indymedia about Haiti by Zoe Moskovitz and Sasha Kramer: [ The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21) ]

More info: [ ]

Namaste from India!

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

I stayed in Delhi for a few days before making the long journey north to Dharamsala, home of the Dalai Lama and many exiled Tibetans. A favorite place of mine in India, it felt like home the first that I visited, over four years ago.

I arrived in the early morning hours, in the dark rain with nowhere to go. I had heard that due to the Dalai Lama's teachings there were no rooms available. So, I ended up going a mile or so out from the main area of upper Dharamsala (or McLeod Gang as it's called) to a smaller community called Bhagsunag. I had been to this area before, but only to visit briefly during the day. I figured that I would remain here until a room opened up in McLeod Gang, since that is where I had Indian and Kashmiri friends, and where I wanted to hang out.

Now, more than two weeks later, I remain in Bhagsunag. The McLeod Gang that I once knew and loved has changed. Busy, noisy and growing fetid, the magic of this place is largely gone for me.


[ Other stories by peace rebel girl ]

Small Victories for Critical Mass Lead to Better Biking

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

CM this friday, was actually not bad! for the last two years, it's been a constant barrage of harrasement and brutality by the police. the noticeable exception was january's ride, when the Mayor rode with us (big props to the Mayor for having the political guts to stand up for us). no tickets were issued that ride. we thought it may be the return of the Golden Age of CM. february proved us horribly wrong, with no mayor and a whole bunch of harrasment, tickets, and motorcycle cops.

apparently, due to pressure from a handful of dedicated bikers from Shift to, the police heirarchy has agreed to only have bicycle cops follow the ride. yes, i know this sounds like a hollow victory, after all, we're still being policed. but, compared to the last couple years of beat-downs, this was a vast improvement. i don't think any tickets were given to cyclists, just a few verbal warnings. that's one of the first official CM rides we've had without a slew of tickets in the last two years! and apparently, that's the new protocall for dealing with CM, issue verbal warnings first, then ticket second, and bicycle cops only, no moto-pigs.

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Temporary Restraining Order on Biscuit Logging Denied

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

Regrettably, the Temporary Restraining Order sought by Cascadia Wildland Project (alongside The National Forest Protection Alliance, Native Forest Network, and Klamath Forest Alliance) was not granted on appeal by the 9th Circuit.

This DOES NOT mean that this, nor the other lawsuit filed by the Siskiyou Project (along with American Lands Alliance, Defenders of Wildlife, Pacific Rivers Council, Sierra Club, and The Wilderness Society), will not eventually stop the logging in the Biscuit -- it just means that logging will continue for at least another few weeks until the next round of legal battles.

Updates on this and other legal matters below...


[ Battle of the Biscuit stories ]

Corporate Media is a Disease

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

I already realized that, of course, but it became just so abundantly clear this morning when I listened to ABC Radio News.

The contents (such as they were) were a detailed update on the Terri Schaivo case, a report on how Martha Stewart dislikes her monitoring legband, an update on the status a few other Hollywood celebrities, a report on the Pope's health, and a report on Prince Rainier's health. The Martha Stewart and Terri Schaivo reports were by far the most detailed, especially the latter.

Ahh, yes, Schaivo. If there's any better example of a non-news item that's being endlessly repeated in order to distract human sheep from thinking about real news, I can't think of one.

Baghdad resident remembers two years ago

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

We've completed two years since the beginning of the war. These last two years have felt like two decades, but I can remember the war itself like it was yesterday.

The sky was lit with flashes of red and white and the ground rocked with explosions on March 21, 2003. The bombing had actually begun on the dawn of the 20th of March, but it got really heavy on the 21st. I remember being caught upstairs when the heavier bombing first began. I was struggling to drag down a heavy cotton mattress from my room for an aunt who was spending a couple of weeks with us and I suddenly heard a faraway 'whiiiiiiiiiiiiiz' that sounded like it might be getting closer.

I began to rush then- pulling and pushing at the heavy mattress; trying to half throw, half haul it down stairs. I got stuck halfway down the staircase and, at that point, the whizzing sound had grown so loud, it felt like it was coming out of my head.

&quot;Face of Love&quot; - a report from a Cascadian in India

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

The expanse of the eastern sky opened up and from the top of the Himalayas a mighty rain fell. All day and all night, for two long days and three nights, with no bursts of sun or hint of cessation. Sometimes it came down so fast and furious that we all shifted our attention to witness this astonishing act of nature, fat rain drops pounding on and bouncing off the pavement. At times the drops were fewer, giving enough of a reprieve so that we can rush to our next destination.

But is this an act of nature or are we witnessing something else? The people who have lived in this place for many years say that this weather is very uncharacteristic, as were the snowfalls that blanketed them on three separate occasions a short while back. They shake their head in disbelief, as they sit and watch and wait and worry. Too much rain sends the tourists scrambling for warmer, drier, sunnier locales; business drops as does the spirits of the men with families to feed.

I have heard from travelers all around the world about the bizarre weather that their country has experienced this year. In my own home, the rain was scant, the dry deserts of California usurping it from us. There, mudslides and flooding claimed lives and homes. Forest fires are assured for Oregon, the rainfall way below average this year.


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Peter Young, animal rights activist and accused mink liberator, arrested

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

Peter Young was arrested on March 21st in San Jose, CA. He has been "WANTED" since 1998 after being indicted on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by releasing mink from a Wisconsin fur farm.

Peter has been able to make a couple of calls out, and received his first visitor today BUT he has now been told that he had forfeited "all his rights" and his phone privileges have been revoked because he refused to take a non-vegan TB test. As a result he is now being held in high security isolation - unable to make phone calls or trade for food. Since being jailed the only thing Peter has been given that he can actually eat is a small amount of lettuce. Peter desperately needs our help so that he can remain in touch with his supporters and start getting food he can eat.


[ ]

&quot;Grandma Joan&quot; Spends 14th Day in Jail

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

Joan Norman, 72, of Cave Junction was arrested on March 14 during a demonstration blocking logging trucks from entering Fiddler Mountain, part of the Biscuit timber sale in the Siskiyou National Forest. This was Joan's second arrest that week. The courts revoked her conditional release due to her "repeat defender" status. There have been 48 arrests since logging began in Old-Growth reserves on March 7th; Joan Norman is the only activist to remain behind bars. Norman will not post bail as a matter of principle.

Supporters are launching a "Joanathon" fund-raiser in her honor: "Joan is sacrificing her freedom, her access to fresh air and sunshine, each day that she is in jail. Her commitment to the defense of the forest is inspiring. I challenge us all to make a donation to the Biscuit Legal Fund in her honor. This money will contribute toward ongoing legal challenges against the Forest Service plan of destruction," said Shelley Elkovich of Ashland.


[ all Battle for the Biscuit stories ]

Econ 101: Opportunities After Economic Collapse

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

In December 2001, the economy of Argentina collapsed resulting in the closure of hundreds of factories and service industries. "The Take", a documentary by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis, covers three examples of over 250 cases in which workers have occupied and ran factories. The film explores many perspectives from that of a former factory owner challenging the expropriation of a facility by workers, court intervention, worker-initiated legislative actions at the local government level, direct actions involving confrontations with riot police, national electoral politics, and the personal stories of peoples lives.

The economic collapse created the opportunity for workers to expropriate factories after owners abandoned them. "The Take" provides evidence that it's not necessary to have a top-heavy executive management structure to run a sophisticated business like those producing garments, ceramics, tractors, ice cream or health care services. It also shows that doing so is extremely challenging both in practical terms and in the personal emotional toll. Such challenges might be mitigated by advanced preparation.

The anticipation of, and preparation for an economic crisis would seem to improve the chances of success during the post-crisis period. This topic will be explored further in a series of articles entitled "Econ 101" to be published on Indymedia sites. Collectively owned businesses are good examples of people taking steps in that direction. Their collective efforts increase their political and economic independence, making them better prepared for potential future economic dislocation in the United States.

The Bio-Diesel Expansion

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

There appears to be a new market for biodiesel. This is beyond cars, trucks, or buses, but now includes aircraft. The USDA has being doing research with biodiesel and believes that an avaition formulation is possible. The ramifications are that while aircraft travel is not a personal need, I much prefer the exhaust of that industry having the impact like french fries smell than what is being burnt now. And if farmers can make a few extra bucks doing it, cool. read more...
more on biodiesel: Bio-Diesel: Salvation or Disaster? I Biodiesel History I Oregon Biodiesel Workshop

Update From the Pizza Time Lockout, in Olympia

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

Olympia Pizza Time franchise owner Richard Kelley locked out all nine striking workers by closing the store on Feb. 21st. The last negotiations between Pizza time workers and Kelley broke down when Kelley insisted he would open the store if workers accepted wages below state law. Pizza time workers refused Kelley's unreasonable condition.

Pizza Time workers took their case to the National Labor Relations Board. A federal investigator interviewed the workers and Kelley. The investigator informed the workers that federal labor law offers no protection from owners who close their own stores. Pizza Time workers are in need of a labor lawyer.

On March 8th Pizza Time workers joined in solidarity with the Global Women's Strike. The Global Women's Strike is a day to recognize the value in work women do, most of which is not paid or is underpaid, and for women around the world to realize the power and autonomy they have when they stand together. Pizza time workers made pizzas and helped feed local women on strike for the day.

related articles: Olympia Pizza Time Workers go On Strike--support needed (2/13/05) I Infor From Free Radio Olympia I Info From Media Island

Bald-faced lies in Portland Tribune's snotty coverage of FBI's PJTTF press conference exposed on portland indymedia

Portland, 30.03.2005 22:01

With "Jordan offers up a 'sparkling' retort", a fluff piece in the current Portland Tribune about one small part of the FBI's PJTTF press conference last week, the reporter responsible has outed herself as superficial, snotty, and a liar. Which is par for the course for the corporate media, but always worth pointing out, especially when there's clear audio/video evidence to prove it.

Even though she targeted an indymedia activist in her story, the Portland Tribune writer apparently didn't pay any attention to the content on the portland indymedia website about the same event. If she had, she might have reconsidered delivering up the piece of schlock that she did. First, the article, "A fresh breeze blowing through City Hall; Potter and Leonard's resolution challenging the PJTTF" takes aim mostly at the corporate media's behavior that day, criticizing local reporters for not digging deeply, asking hard questions or taking the issues seriously. Which she does, splendidly, in her cute little piece. Secondly, the audio of the event was posted to the site as well. Anyone can go listen to it and hear quite clearly that she is LYING. Jordan does not answer the question "matter-of-factly"; he just spouts more rehetoric. Go ahead, read the text or listen to it yourself. It's not that the reporter is merely being charitable or fauning (as they often are around people like Jordan); she's actually creating something out of thin air that's not there in the first place.

i'm not going to call this reporter "stupid". i find it difficult to believe that anyone could interpret Jordan's War-On-Terror-ese non-sequitor as "matter-of-fact". Instead, like many of the others in her industry, the only explanation must be that she personal supports Special Agent Jordan and the draconian methods of the FBI, and is expressing that support through the production of slap-dash, low-quality, trivializing, misleading & mischaracterizing "journalism" like the article in question. That's what makes what she did a LIE, and not merely a "difference in opinion". It wasn't an error, or a lack of intelligence -- it was purposeful.

Corporate media people are just about the lowest form of life on earth.

Counter Recruiting Victory: NYPD Rescinds Policy Barring 1st Amendment Activity in Front of Schools

NYC, 30.03.2005 22:01

(from the Open Newswire): The New York City Police Department has agreed to rescind a policy by which it was prohibiting all First Amendment activity on public sidewalks in front of schools. The NYCLU brought the case on behalf of the Ya-Ya Network in October 2003 after students working with the group were threatened with arrest outside of schools for handing out literature informing students of their rights to keep personal information from military recruiters and of the risks of relying on promises made by recruiters.

Interrogation Techniques Approved by Lt General Sanchez Included Intimidation by Dogs, Stress Positions, Sensory Deprivation

DC, 30.03.2005 21:01

NEW YORK -- A memo signed by Lieutenant General Ricardo A. Sanchez authorizing 29 interrogation techniques, including 12 which far exceeded limits established by the Army's own Field Manual, was made public for the first time by the ACLU today. "General Sanchez authorized interrogation techniques that were in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions and the Army's own standards," said ACLU attorney Amrit Singh. "He and other high-ranking officials who bear responsibility for the widespread abuse of detainees must be held accountable." General Sanchez Memo: "CJTF-7 Interrogation and Counter-Resistance Policy"

Stumptown Earth First! Shuts Down SW 2nd Ave in front of Portland USFS Headquarters

Rogue Valley, 30.03.2005 20:22

At 11 am, Stumptown Earth First! shutdown SW 2nd Avenue in downtown Portland in front of the USFS Region 6 Headquarters in protest of the Biscuit Logging Project. One protestor currently swings 20 feet in the air on a tripod structure above the roadway while 30 others rally around.

Nonviolent civil disobedience actions, aimed at keeping chainsaws out of the fragile post-burn recovery area, have already resulted in 42 arrests over the past three weeks in the Biscuit logging project. Today Stumptown Earth First! brings the struggle to save the Biscuit and end logging on public lands to the front doors of the USFS regional headquarters in Portland, Oregon.


Argentina, 30.03.2005 20:01

Amenazas al CAI

Argentina, 30.03.2005 20:01

Amenazan a integrante del Consejo Asesor Indígena


Barcelona, 30.03.2005 20:00

aukera guztiak tampoc?

Per impossibilitar que Batasuna es presentés a les eleccions van crear la llei de partits. Novament queda clar que no volen que l'esquerra abertzale pugui tenir veu en cap Parlament. I després... qui més?

actualitat: presentació d'aukera guztiak ::: el suprem l'il.legalitza ++ ::: aukera guztiak recorre al tribunal constitucional
fets relacionats: la investigació i espionatge dels membres de les llistes d'aukera i de milers de ciutadans bascos+++sobre les seves proves:::repressió a l'esquerra abertzale amb pilotes de goma i porres +++ fotos de la mani d'Iruña

antecedents: Des que es va aprovar la llei de partits diverses formacions polítiques de l'esquerra abertzale han estat il.legalitzades: Il.legalització d'HB, EH, Batasuna, Aub i altres:::il.legalització d'HZ per les eleccions al parlament europeu
notícies relacionades:plurinacionalitat, federalisme i autodeterminació:::mai he condemnat ETA::: Elecciones anticipadas en el País Vasco: La jugada mediática maestra del PNV:::bon ús de la llei de partits?

+info : >>>cultures+++ >>>criminalització


Barcelona, 30.03.2005 20:00

¿aukera guztiak tampoco?

Para imposibilitar que Batasuna se presentara a las eleciones crearon la ley de partidos. De nuevo queda claro que no quieren que la izquierda abertzale pueda tener voz en ningún parlamento. Y luego... ¿quién más?

actualidad: presentación de aukera guztiak ::: el supremo la ilegaliza ++ ::: aukera guztiak recurre al tribunal constitucional
hechos relacionados: la investigación y espionage de los miembros de las listas de aukera y de miles de ciudadanos vascos+++sobre sus pruebas:::represión a la izquierda abertzale con pelotas de goma y porras +++ fotos de la mani de Iruña

antecedents: Desde que se aprovó la ley de partidos diversas formaciones políticas de la izquierda abertzale han sido ilegalizadas: ilegalitzación de HB, EH, Batasuna, Aub y otros :::ilegalitzación de HZ para las eleciones al parlamento europeo
noticias relacionadas:plurinacionalidad, federalismo y autodeterminación:::nunca he condenado a ETA::: Elecciones anticipadas en el País Vasco: La jugada mediática maestra del PNV:::buen uso de la ley de partidos?

+info : >>>culturas+++ >>>criminalitzación

Arguments Before the Supreme Court to Shape the Future of Internet Speech

NYC, 30.03.2005 18:03

According to the ACLU, "two cases heard by the Supreme Court yesterday will help determine whether the Internet remains the open forum for free speech that it has always been. One is a case having to do with the legality of file-sharing software (MGM. v. Grokster, 04-480), and the other involves whether the government will regulate monopolistic providers of Internet access (FCC v. Brand X, 04-281)."

Harold Feld sums up yesterday's arguments: "There are advantages to being a member of the Supreme Court Bar. One is, you get to go and hear the arguments from the Supreme Court Bar section. Guess what I did today! While you will get tons of info from other websites, this is probably the only place you will see someone say that Justice Rehnquist now sounds like a bad combination of Darth Vader and the Emperor from "Return of the Jedi." [Read More]

KBR Man Beaten by Coworkers

Houston, 30.03.2005 17:22

Houston Man Beaten by 8 KBR Coworkers; Left for Dead in Baghdad

&quot;Changing Detroit: Past, Present, Future&quot;

Michigan, 30.03.2005 16:08

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs at Wayne State University and International Women's Writing Guild, Southeastern Michigan Region are co- sponsoring a series of symposia and workshops that will be facilitated by Grace Lee Boggs, Shea Howell, and Charles Simmons. Grace Lee Boggs is the 2005 Urban Woman Writer-in-Residence for the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies.

The symposia will open an inter-generational and trans-racial dialogue about Detroit's past, present, and future, with an emphasis on creative means to catalyze change in our city. These symposia will afford a unique opportunity to challenge ourselves to nurture positive change. In addition to presentations by the panelists, there will be ample time for participants to share experiences and ideas in small-group sessions.

Minneapolis: Iraq War Veteran Speaks Out

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 30.03.2005 16:06

Jimmy Massey, an Iraq war veteran, will spend three days in the Twin Cities April 8-10, addressing the media and attending public events.

IMC Movie Night-screening of The Battle of Algiers

NYC, 30.03.2005 13:23

Come see The Battle of Algiers at the IMC office this Thursday 3/31 at 7pm. The IMC office is located at 34 E. 29th Street between Park and Madison Avenues.


Athens, 30.03.2005 09:00

Σημερα, αύριο και κάθε μέρα...

SF Board of Supes Decides to Enact Moratorium on New Marijuana Dispensaries

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.03.2005 09:00

3/29/05: The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 9-0 today in support of a moratorium on the opening of new marijuana dispensaries. After the negative press that marijuana dispensaries have gotten in the last several weeks, some people have seen this outcome as inevitable. Hemp Evolution and Indybay reporter Freeman said, "What was surprising was the large number of medical cannabis supporters who spoke in favor of the moratorium in light of the City's attempt to restrict safe access to medical cannabis, and were all too willing to accept increased regulation by the City. A handful of patients spoke out against the moratorium on the basis that it will limit access and drive patients into the black market."

The resolution, which was sponsored by District 5 Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi, calls for a forty-five day initial moratorium that could be extended, until permanent means can be put in place to limit the proliferation of dispensaries. The media storm around the opening of a new dispensary in the same building as a residential hotel where many recovering addicts live led to the realization that there are over 35 marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco. A Land Use Committee hearing will reportedly be held at City Hall's Room 263 on April 25th at 2 PM to address the regulation of cannabis dispensaries. Read more
br />Earlier in the day, Freeman reported that there was a meeting sponsored by Capt. Dennis O'Leary of the Southern Station of the SFPD. Head Narc, Capt. Tim Hettrich and old friend, Sgt. Marty Halloran [the SFPD dispensary inspector] were there. Representatives from Supervisor Daly's office, the DA's office, the City Attorney's office and the Planning Dept. were also in attendance. All present seemed to be in agreement that there are many issues dispensaries and SOMA residents need to discuss in order to improve area quality of life, while serving the needs of the many patients seeking compassion from MendoHealing and other neighborhood dispensaries. More

4/7: Benefit for Willow Rosenthal’s Medical Needs

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.03.2005 08:00

Friends of Willow and the Transit Workers Solidarity Committee are organizing a benefit for Willow Rosenthal's medical needs. Willow Rosenthal was permanently injured by the Oakland Police when they were dispersing a protest against the war on Iraq on April 7th, 2003. She was one of 60 people who were wounded when the OPD opened fire on nonviolent protesters and workers with wooden bullets, shot-filled sacks, and concussion grenades; and charged people with motorcycles for two hours. The event will take place on Thursday April 7th, 2005, at 7 pm, at Café Van Kleef (21 and over), near Telegraph and 17th. Willow's friends are encouraging people to either spread the word about the benefit, to show up on April 7th, or to donate money to help with Willow's medical expenses.

Musical performers at the event will include Andrea Pritchett, Shelley Doty & Friends, and Henri Ducharme with TaraLinda playing New French music and beyond. There will also be a spoken word performance and a screening of “Shots on the Docks” the documentary depicting the events at the Oakland Docks. "Shots on the Docks" was made by Steve Zeltzer of the Labor Video Project. Speakers will include Jack Heyman, an ILWU activist who was arrested by police on April 7th, 2003 and who fought and won bogus charges against him; and Antonia Juhasz, who is a writer about corporate globalization and how it relates to the war on Iraq and is also an antiwar educator and organizer. A member of the Campaign for Community Safety and Police Accountability will also speak.

Read more about April 7th and Willow's Injury

Klamath River Tribes, Fishermen Rally To Remove Dams

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.03.2005 07:20

In an unprecedented show of unity, hundreds of members of the Yurok, Hoopa Valley, Karuk and Klamath tribes rallied in support of the removal of dams on the Klamath in front of the State Capitol on March 14. After marching from Riverfront Park in Sacramento, the group, including many attired in traditional tribal dress, converged on the capitol and urged Governor Schwarzenegger to serve as “Conan the Riparian” by increasing state efforts to restore the Klamath River’s beleaguered salmon populations. The salmon runs are now blocked by six dams owned by PacifiCorp, a subsidiary of Scottish Power based in Glasgow, Scotland. Historically, the Klamath produced up to 1.1 million adult fish annually, including chinook, coho, pink and chum salmon, as well as abundant steelhead. According to Tucker, the Klamath River fall run chinook salmon productivity is now less than 8 percent of its historical abundance. Coho salmon, once the “workhorse” of the West Coast fishing industry, are less than one percent, while chum and pink salmon are extinct. Full report here.

Howard U Maintenance Workers Demand Higher Wages

DC, 30.03.2005 07:01

Chants calling for fair wages resonated throughout the Yard on Thursday as Howard University maintenance workers gathered around the flagpole and on the sidewalk in front of the Administration Building in protest of the proposed across the board wage increases.

Protestors March on Richmond Braves Promo Party.

Richmond, 30.03.2005 07:01

The Defenders for Freedom and Justice and other concerned citizens marched on Farmer's Market this evening, where the Richmond Braves were throwing a party to win support for their proposal to build a new stadium in Shockoe Bottom.

¿Celulosa Sustentable?

Argentina, 30.03.2005 07:00

¿Celulosa Sustentable?

¿Celulosa Sustentable?

Argentina, 30.03.2005 06:30

Martes 29 de Marzo de 2005
¿Celulosa Sustentable?

Higher Grounds Trading Company building support for Fair Trade coffee

Michigan, 30.03.2005 05:01

Higher Grounds Trading Company, based out of Leland, is trying to create a ground-swell movement to get local Michigan cafes to carry and buy Fair Trade Coffee.

The most current attempt is at the Horizon bookstore in Traverse City, where they are "testing" consumer willingness to buy Fair Trade coffee.


Argentina, 30.03.2005 04:31

Miércoles 30 de Marzo 2005 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Bochornosa primera sesión ordinaria


Argentina, 30.03.2005 04:30

Miércoles 30 de Marzo 2005 | SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO
Bochornosa primera sesión ordinaria

Albion students organize teach-in on peace and justice for April 9

Michigan, 30.03.2005 04:01

ALBION, MI – Albion College Peace Action will hold a teach-in for peace and justice activists all day on Saturday, April 9, 2005, at Albion College to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous University of Michigan Teach-In against the Vietnam War.

The “Michigan Teach-In on Peace and Justice”—organized by Albion College students—was conceived initially in protest against the Bush administration’s war in Iraq. Student organizers, noting the lack of genuine debate in much of the mainstream media, say they also hope to foster debate and activism on peace and justice issues at the grassroots level in Michigan.

Social Issues

Manila, 30.03.2005 02:05

Teachers Protest and Water

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