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Action Tuesday to Kick Military Recruiters Out of UCSC!

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.04.2005 22:01

On Tuesday, April 5th, recruiters from the U.S. military will be at the Last Chance Job & Internship Fair at UCSC. However, the tradition of resistance continues - please join us for a march against discrimination and the war machine.

Cesar Chavez March in Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 22:00

In Fresno, a march was held honoring Cesar Chavez, the late labor organizer with the UFW. Similar marches happened elsewhere, and in California a large march happened in the bay area. Pictures here of the march in Fresno.


Colombia, 04.04.2005 21:20

Martes 6 de abril
Vigilia Contra la Guerra

Pontificating About the Pontiff: Readers Discuss The Legacy of Pope Karol Wojtila

NYC, 04.04.2005 20:01

Along with the torrent of media coverage this weekend examining the life of Pope Karol Wojtila (John Paul II), debate about the legacy of the Pope has raged on the NYC IMC Open Newswire. New York City is 42% Catholic and accounts for 7% of the Catholic population in the U.S.

Much of the commentary on Indymedia has been critical. "Karol Wojtila, for 27 years, has made a name for his reactionary choices," states a communique from the Italian FAI. E. Munoz writes that "The defining moment in John Paul's legacy was his unjust and disrespectful treatment of Arch Bishop Oscar Romero" and supporters of "liberation theology." And Vicky argues that "from women’s rights to abortion to contraception to gay rights to pedophilia, this Pope has been a champion of the most conservative, the most reactionary forces in society."

Other readers disagree. "Don't anarchists recognize that people can be good and bad at the same time? The same goes for institutions," writes one. And blogger Juan Cole tires to reclaim the progressive legacy of the Pope John Paul II.

Democracy Now! Coverage

Media e Imigação: cobertura real ou discriminativa?

Portugal, 04.04.2005 20:00

Media e Imigação: cobertura real ou discriminativa?

Baseball's Opening Day-- Workers Organize

DC, 04.04.2005 19:01

The United Workers Association is in continuous negotiations with Baltimore Orioles owner, Peter Angelos to improve working conditions at Camden Yards. Workers were hopeful that Opening Day would be the beginning of a new era for day laborers at Camden Yards. "We are now waiting to see if Angelos will honor his agreement..."

DC Statehood Activists Strike 4 Statehood at RFK Stadium

DC, 04.04.2005 19:01

On April 3rd, 2005 over 20 DC Statehood Activists convened in section 438 at RFK stadium to highlight the resident's of Washington, DC second-class status. After each strike out the activists would hold up the letters that spelled out "STRIKE 4 DC STATEHOOD." When the Nationals were at bat and the pitcher would walk a player, the activists would hold up "BUSH PLAY BALL WITH DC."

REGISTER NOW! NYC Grassroots Media Conference THIS WEEKEND!

NYC, 04.04.2005 18:01

This coming weekend, April 9th and 10th, hundreds of concerned media makers, youth organizers and community members will be converging on the New School in Manhattan to attend over 60 workshops led by more than 100 panelists from NYC organizations. Do-it-yourself (DIY) trainings, discussions and panels, including: The Global Threat to Independent Press, Culture Jam 101, Radiolab, Hip-Hop is Political Everything Is, Video Activism, People Speaking for Themselves: Community Organizations Taking Control of Media, Policy for the People: Threats and Opportunities for Community Media and Internet in NY, How to talk to mainstream media and many more. For a complete schedule scroll to the end of this email and read workshop descriptions on our website at

Workers At UC Berkeley Protest Bad-Faith Negotiations

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 17:00

At noon on April 1st 2005 over one hundred labor activists and students gathered in front of UCB's California Hall to protest the UC Regents' bad-faith negotiations with unionized workers on campus. The protest has an "April Fools" theme with a flyer reading:
UC diverts funds from executive salaries to raise worker wages.... April Fools! UC says it values its work force but while UC has plenty of money for its "priorities," it does not have a dime for unionized workers?! How much longer can UC get away with this bad joke?

For years unionized workers at UC have been suffering stagnant wages. In addition, continuous and drastic work force reduction have resulted in an increased workload for rank and file workers. Workers say that this has led to declining quality of education or services in classrooms, libraries, laboratories, dining facilities and administrative offices.

Photos | Previous Coverage Of UC Service Workers | Coalition Of University Employees

San Francisco to Protest Comcast at National Cable Convention

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 17:00

On April 3rd, media workers and labor activists held a rally outside of the National Cable Telecommunications Association Convention in San Francisco.
Photos: 1 | 2 | Flyer | Indybay's Indy/Media Page

Comcast and other giant cable monopolies control more and more of our media. In addition to cable access, Comcast also controls how many of us access the Internet. They use this power to raise rates and invade customers' privacy, to harass and punish employees who speak up for their rights, and to ignore the demands of the communities where they operate. In the Bay Area alone, Comcast holds over 100 cable franchises, most of which function as monopolies. Comcast has sued San Jose and Walnut Creek, has failed to pay the money it owes to Sacramento, and won’t renew contracts that expired years ago in dozens of other cities. Now Comcast is sponsoring a cable industry convention in San Francisco, a city where cable negotiations are just starting.

Radio Free Urbana Training and Program Proposal Meeting, Saturday, April 9 from 2-4pm

Urbana-Champaign, 04.04.2005 15:01

Radio Free Urbana will be going on the air by June 19. It is now time for volunteers who want a show to step forward with their program proposals and for required training. You can do both at a special WRFU meeting on Saturday, April 9 from 2 to 4pm at the IMC, 218 West Main St. in downtown Urbana.

En recuerdo a los Hermanos Vergara Toledo

santiago, 04.04.2005 14:02

Acto Cultural Con la Memoria y los Sueños Vigentes.

The Ehrlich Report

Baltimore, 04.04.2005 13:01

April has been designated as Sexual Assault Awareness month. This report, the first of three commissioned by Baltimore IMC, deals with the basic statistics of sexual assault. It will be followed by articles on domestic violence in immigrant communities and by a first-hand report of working in a battered woman's shelter.

4000km of New Roads Planned as Controversial M74 Approved for Glasgow

United Kingdom, 04.04.2005 12:31

New Department for Transport predictions reveal that the Government are planning over 4000 kilometres of new roads by 2025. The alliance against road building, Road Block, says this is proof that the Government is not serious about tackling traffic growth and climate change (as it claims in the run up to the G8 summit in July). Campaigners say it's clear the government has abandoned previous pledges to implement an integrated transport policy and protect the environment. Currently there are over 200 planned and approved road schemes. Only last week, the Government gave the go-ahead to an additional 12 major road schemes totalling £1.4 billion.

Meanwhile the Scottish Executive has given the green light to the controversial £500 million M74 in east Glasgow. This is particularly significant becasue the M74 approval goes directly against the findings of a Public Inquiry Report published in March 2004. The 188-page report of the public inquiry savaged the scheme, criticising both the plan and much of the transport policy that lay behind it. The report was written by Richard Hickman CBE - one of the Executive’s own most senior and respected planners. The motorway he concluded should not be built as it would have potentially devastating effects on the local and wider economy, the local community, and would be of little actual benefit.

The announcement of the approval going against the public enquiry has drawn a storm of protest - with groups looking at legal challenges and activists gearing up for a massive campaign of direct action to oppose the motorway. Joint Action against the M74 (JAM74) a campaign network opposed to the M74 motorway has launched a beat the bulldozers pledge. Will Jess, Chair of JAM74 said “The Executive and the City Council have condemned Glaswegians to a legacy of air pollution and chromium contamination."

Comparisons are already being drawn with the M77 campaign, which saw thousands of protesters occupying trees in Pollok in 1994 and 1995. The M74 will be a six-lane motorway on concrete stilts cutting into the Glasgow - so not many trees this time, however campaigners point to the M11 protests in London as a model for how house occupations can be used to obstruct road building.

The next JAM74 meetings are 5 + 19 April, 7:30pm, Govanhill Community Centre, Daisy St, Glasgow.
Also see Road Alert Website | Road Rage Links | SchNEWS on New Roads


Brasil, 04.04.2005 09:00


Marcha Indigena Abre Luchas

Puerto Rico, 04.04.2005 08:22

VENEZUELA: Marcha Indígena Contra Explotación del Carbón Abre Nuevas Luchas

2005 Cesar Chavez Parade in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 07:30

4/3/2005: Today was the annual Cesar Chavez Holiday Parade in San Francisco. A similar event takes place every year in celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Cesar Chavez, the late labor activist. The parade was led by local politicians and activists, and it included contingents representing unions and other local organizations. The largest float was an advertisement for Safeway and there were many local radio stations handing out promotional stickers.
br />San Francisco Photos: 1 2 | April 2 in Fresno: 1

2004 Coverage | 2001 Coverage
Read More on Indybay's Immigrant Rights Page

In-depth report from March 18 anti-war event in Eugene

Portland, 04.04.2005 07:21

Civil resisters from the Civil Resistance study group that have been meeting at the Friend's Meeting house in Eugene led 70 people in a successful direct action at the recruitment offices of the four major branches of the military service: Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines.

In a dignified, inspired example of classic non-violent struggle, and armed with graphic photo enlargements of the human casualties of the war, American and Iraqi, as well as thoroughly researched material that exposed the lies of our government about the realities of the war and the recruitment process, the resisters confronted the military recruiters and the mainstream media. While acting from a place of deep compassion and respect for the human dignity for those who disagree with us, we achieved three major objectives with startling success; we shut down the recruitment center for the day; we succeeded in injecting into the mainstream media graphic images and powerful verbal messages capable of transforming public opinion about the war; and we established our First Amendment rights to demonstrate at a supposedly "private property" shopping center without interference from law enforcement.

The action was executed after a month of meticulous planning, many meetings, civil disobedience training, copious research and a tremendous amount of hard work and long hours by many of the resisters.

India on Strike!

Portland, 04.04.2005 07:21

Today marks the third day of a three-day strike in India. Called a 'VAT' (value added tax) strike, merchants are protesting the governments plan to increase the taxes of goods. Along with the tax increase there will be mandatory documentation and paperwork of sales. Those in opposition to VAT say that aside from hurting the consumer who will be most affected by the tax, it is also a burdensome and time consuming endeavor for businesses, some of which are operated by merchants without the necessary skills to keep proper documentation.

All shops are closed, but public transport is still up and running. Eateries in some areas remain open, while in other districts, every marketable business is shut down. Some people prepared for the closing of stores in advance, having the essentials on hand, while those who live on a day-to-day basis have been unable to buy their daily ration of food.

The first day of the strike the streets in Bhagsu were near empty, all of the doors of the shops rolled down and padlocked. Even the fruit and street vendors had their goods covered under plastic tarps. Pappu served breakfast at the Gispy King, but closed shortly thereafter, not certain if he would be in violation if he was open for business. He said that the police could wage a hefty fine if shopkeepers did not adhere to the strike. But that night Bhagsu Nag general store opened its doors, flooding the small space with customers in need of sundries.


other stories from peace rebel girl in India: [ Face of Love (27 March 2005) | Namaste from India! (25 March 2005) ]

Rally against Walmart in Bend

Portland, 04.04.2005 07:21

The rally was started off by Michael Funke, who affirmed that the WalMart north of Bend was "not a done deal". He pointed out the victories that had been achieved in Hood River and other places. He pointed out the fact that WalMart no longer takes questions directly from the community because of the problems it encountered in Gresham. He asked; "How often is it you get to fight a big corporation in your own back yard?"

The next speaker was John Schubert, who said that he had tried for many years to create a model community. He said he did not want to see Bend sucked dry and abandoned as he had seen happen in other communities where WalMart had conducted business. He pointed out the diverse group of people in Bend who are opposed to WalMart.


[ ]

More MEALAC Fallout at Columbia University

NYC, 04.04.2005 05:21

Did politically motivated faculty at Columbia University ask undergraduates to spy on MEALAC Professor Joseph Massad? The ad hoc committee invesitgating turmoil at Columbia seems to think so.

Initial reaction to the release of the ad hoc committee report investigating charges of anti-Israeli, in-class intimidation at Columbia University have been predictable. Much of the media coverage of the crisis, meanwhile, has revolved around student response to the ad hoc committee’s dismissal of nearly all the charges against accused MEALAC professors. But buried within committee’s final report is a disturbing incident that has received far less press attention, at least so far.

“Testimony that we received indicated that in February 2002 [MEALAC Professor Joseph] Massad had good reason to believe that a member of the Columbia faculty was monitoring his teaching and approaching his students, requesting them to provide information on his statements in class as part of a campaign against him,” the ad hoc committee report noted. Massad’s March 14 statement to the committee implied that this still-unidentified faculty member might be a professor at Columbia University’s Medical School. A student of Massad’s, who in 2002 circulated a petition to have him fired, later admitted that “people at the medical school and others from outside the university who were behind the idea.” The student did not provide additional details.

[Past Indymedia Coverage of Columbia - MEALAC Controversy 1 || 2 || 3 || 4]

¿A quién prefieres como un santo?

DC, 04.04.2005 05:01



Istanbul, 04.04.2005 04:02

Kanada: Québec öğrenci grevi

Italy: The Death of Pope Karol Wojtila

DC, 04.04.2005 04:02

A communique from the correspondance commission of the Italian Anarchist Federation -- FAI

2005 Cesar Chavez Parade in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 04:00

4/3/2005: Today was the annual Cesar Chavez Holiday Parade in San Francisco. A similar event takes place every year in celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Cesar Chavez, the late labor activist. The parade was led by local politicians and activists, and it included contingents representing unions and other local organizations. The largest float was an advertisement for Safeway and there were many local radio stations handing out promotional stickers.
br />San Francisco Photos: 1 2 | April 2 in Fresno: 1

2004 Coverage | 2001 Coverage | SF State's Viva Cesar E. Chavez Site | United Farmworkers' "The Story of Cesar Chavez"

Food Not Bombs Move

Houston, 04.04.2005 03:20

Food Not Bombs says Goodbye to the Pierce Elevated

comMUNIty Mutiny Against Transit Fare Hikes in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.04.2005 03:00

On April 2nd 2005, SF Reclaim the Streets and the Coalition for Transit Justice invited the community to come out to Dolores Park for a party to oppose a MUNI fare increase. Hundreds started to gather around noon and around 1:30pm a march left ending up in front of the Castro Theater (near the intersection of Market and Castro). A street party continued on Castro St until around 3:15pm. The party then moved up Market, turning right on 16th to the 16th St. BART station.Finally, around 4:30 the party moved up mission and back to Dolores Park where live bands peformed into the evening.
Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | Archived Breaking News | SF RTS Website | Past Coverage Of MUNI Fare Increase | Past SF RTS Coverage: 2000 | 2001 | 2004

kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 04.04.2005 02:20

Malliberejoj: Ni malfermu la nigran skatolon

[14an-26anMar] Por la grupigo kaj agnosko de la politikaj reprezaliitoj: Katalunaj politikaj gemalliberuloj malsat-strikas!
[19an Mar 20h Pl Sants] Memore al Xosé Tarrío kaj Paco Ortiz: Prelego kaj kontraŭkarcera marŝo al la karcero Model

situacio en la malliberejoj: Prelego [16anMar 19:30 La Torna]: La malsat-striko revenas al palaco Virreina:::Situacio en la hispaniaj malliberejoj (Tokata):::Preventa malliberigo:::Memmortigoj:::Dispelado kaj translokadoj:::Malliberuloj kaj malsanoj:::Altigo de la nombro da internitoj

rilataj novaĵoj: Libereco por Antúnez:::La tim-negoco:::Kontraŭsubpremaj tagoj en L'Hospitalet:::Faligi subpremadon:::La malsat-striko en Virreina: unu jaron poste:::Komenco de nedifinite longa malsat-striko de la kolektivo de eŭskaj malliberuloj:::Senmaskigi torturon: Asocio Memoro kontraŭ la Torturo:::Kriminaligo de la socialaj movadoj: transgenaĵoj

+infoj:: >>>kriminaligo ::: rescat

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 04.04.2005 02:20

ĉu ankaŭ ne aukera guztiak?

Por malebligi, ke Batasuna povu prezenti sin al la elektoj ili kreis la leĝon pri partioj. Denove kristale klaras, ke ili deziras, ke la eŭskisma maldekstro havu voĉon en neniu parlamento. Kaj poste... kiu ankoraŭ?

aktualaĵoj: prezento de aukera guztiak ::: la kazacia kortumo eksterleĝigas ĝin ++ ::: aukera guztiak kazacias al la konstitucia kortumo
rilataj faktoj: esplorado kaj spionado de la membroj de la listoj de aukera kaj de miloj da eŭskaj civitanoj+++pri iliaj pruvoj:::subpremado de la eŭskisma maldekstro per gumkugloj kaj klaboj +++ fotoj de la manifestacio en Iruña

precedencoj: De kiam oni akceptis la parti-leĝon, pluraj politikaj grupiĝoj de la eŭskisma maldekstro estis eksterleĝigitaj: Eksterleĝigo de HB, EH, Batasuna, Aub kaj aliaj:::eksterleĝigo de HZ por la elektoj al la eŭropa parlamento
rilataj novaĵoj: plurnacieco, federaciismo kaj memdispono:::neniam mi kondamnis ETA::: Fruigitaj elektoj en Eŭskio: la amaskomunikila majstromovo de PNV-EAJ:::ĉu bona uzado de la parti-leĝo?

+infoj: >>>kulturoj+++ >>>kriminaligo

Radio Free Nashville Begins Broadcasting

Tennessee, 04.04.2005 01:01

Peagrum, TN: Nashville has a new voice called Radio Free Nashville and today is it's birthday. In a fitting tribute to spring, the rosebuds and dogwoods began their bloom, and with the sun shinig bright, over one hundred low power radio activists hoisted a new 85 foot radio tower up to begin broadcasting community radio in a celebration reminiscent of May Day. On a hill in Peagrum, Tennessee, which is just outside of Nashville city limits the end of a seven year struggle to bring community radio to Nashville was over and a new phase was beginning with the arrival of low power fm radio enthusiasts from around the country for a Prometheus Radio Prject "Barnraising."

Democrats and Unions Rally for Social Security

DC, 04.04.2005 01:01

Democratic heavily union-based demonstration in downtown DC on Thursday staged outside the offices of Charles Schwab Company to protest Schwab's pushing Bush to privatize Social Security.

San Diego, Tijuana Rise Up Against the Border

San Diego, 04.04.2005 00:00

What better place than Tombstone, Arizona, where gun-toting actors dressed like sheriffs and outlaws keep the nostalgia of the Wild West alive, to be the focal point of yet another vigilante convergence. The Minuteman Project, as it is called, is being organized by two of southern Arizona's most notorious and outspoken border vigilantes: Chris Simcox and Jim Gilchrist. Their plan is to place "observers" every quarter mile along a 20-mile stretch of border from Douglas to the San Pedro River during the month of April.

However, their actions will not go unopposed. Legal observers are being trained to watch over and document the Minutemen. Counter protests, vigils and other border activities are also planned to take place throughout April. ( April Unity Events )

On April 2nd, 2005, numerous organizations including the Border Angels, FIST ( Fight Imperialism, Stand Together), the Brown Berets, Code Pink, and the ORGANIC collective held a march and a rally at the US/Mexico border in San Diego and Tijuana, the site of the construction of the Triple Border Fence. This rally was against HR 418, against the Triple Border Fence and against the Minutemen vigilantes in Arizona. Between 50 and 75 people were in attendance for the 1.5 mile march, followed by a rally on both sides of the fence.

As the MinuteMen project in Arizona takes the media spotlight, Congress is quietly trying to roll back 30 years of environmental regulations and create a buffer zone of martial law along the borders of the US.

The Minutemen's rhetoric is rooted in racism and a twisted interpretation of history and economics. They blame the migrants for everything, then blame the government for not shutting them out, all the while overlooking the impacts of U.S. free trade policies that are forcing people off their land all over Latin America, leaving few options but to come to the country that caused all the problems in the first place.

Indymedia Arizona Coverage:

Minuteman Project invades Southern Arizona, highlights complexity of border crisis

Legal Observers to Keep Eye on Minute Man Project

Minutemen Most Likely Exaggerators

Crimes Against Humanity

In related news, anti-racist activists in Texas have been busy shutting down "immigrant hunts" organized by the "Young Conservatives of Texas", in which the fascist youth play at what their allies in Arizona are doing for real:

Austin IMC: Hundreds Protest Racist Immigrant Hunt

North Texas IMC: The Young Conservatives and the Racist Games They Play...

Info about Hr418: hr 418 | Google news about the MinuteMen Minutemen News | MSNBC story with picture of counter-minutemen protesters Minutemen vs. Protesters

UK Noborder Demos Join Europeans for Free Movement and Right to Stay

United Kingdom, 03.04.2005 23:30

UK, 2 April 2005. A wide coalition of groups in the UK participated in a European day of action for free movement and the right to stay.

This was the first UK-wide, decentralised, but synchronised action day for a radical and uncompromising "no" to immigration controls: People in Birmingham [pic], London, Manchester [call|pics], Glasgow, Nottingham [call|occupation|pics 1|2], Oxford and Canterbury were out in the streets simultaneously and made clear that they don't think what the Tories think.

For the first time, people with very different political cultures had mobilised together: the National Coalition of Anti-deportation Campaigns and the campaigns against detention centers along with committees to defend asylum seekers, migrant and refugee support and community groups, black and asian groups, direct action groups, trade unions, noborder activists and people from social centres.

In Europe, demos and actions were announced in 41 cities and 11 countries. They included the occupation of a detention centre in Barcelona and also the occupation of the IOM-offices in Paris. The day of action, first agreed at the European Social Forum in London last year, is seen as a contribution to the European landscape of rebellion against migration management. Activists regard it as closely connected to the Euromayday initiatives, thereby linking issues of migration and work.

Check the audio reports for background interviews, the no one is illegal manifesto for a radical position against immigration controls from the UK; and for updates from Europe.

Extra Extra read all about it! World Bank and IMF Abolish Themselves!

DC, 03.04.2005 19:32

Today in front of the World Bank and IMF MGJ newsies called out "extra extra read all about it! World Bank and IMF abolish themsleves" while dressed like newsies distributing the Global Gazette "all the news the G-6 billion can use".

Vanunu Indicted: Indymedia Ireland Cited On Charge Sheet

Ireland, 03.04.2005 19:30

"I am proud of what I did and I will continue to speak against all kinds of nuclear weapons." (Large parts of this story are adopted from an e-mail recieved by Indymedia Ireland which was sent by members of the UK Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu and for a Nuclear-Free Middle East and the US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu) Mordechai Vanunu has recently been charged with 22 violations of the restriction orders placed on him when he left prison in Israel in April last year. Most relate to his contact with foreign individuals, primarily journalists, including Indymedia Ireland's interview with Vanunu from September 2004. These charges are not only an attack on Mordechai's human rights but also on the rights of journalists, on freedom of speech, and on the Israeli public's right to know what their government is doing, especially in a country that calls itself a democracy. If Mordechai is found guilty of these offences he could be imprisoned for another three years. In a recent press release sent out by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), in which they called for all charges against Vanunu to be withdrawn, Aidan White, IFJ General Secretary said, "Israel is creating a new crime - of talking to journalists. It is shocking betrayal of democratic principles in what is a vindictive campaign of bullying and intimidation against a man who has served his time." The violations are listed in a court document, which you can access here. Indymedia Ireland is named in that document at section #20. Mordechai remains defiant in his right to speak of the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons. As he said to the world's media when he left prison last April: "I am proud of what I did and I will continue to speak against all kinds of nuclear weapons." Related Links US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu UK Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu Archive Of Indymedia Ireland's Coverage of Vanunu's Story (Large parts of this story are adopted from an e-mail recieved by Indymedia Ireland which was sent by members of the UK Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu and for a Nuclear-Free Middle East and the US Campaign to Free Mordechai Vanunu)

Harassment Law Used Against Anti-War Campaigners

United Kingdom, 03.04.2005 17:30

On 25th March, Smash Edo, Bombs out of Brighton and 14 individuals were issued with intended injunctions under the 1997 Harassment Act, to be heard in the High Court on April 14th.

The law was first introduced to protect people from stalkers but was then used against anti-vivisection groups.. This is the first time it has been used against an anti-war or anti-arms trade group.

“SmashEdo” aims to shut down EDO MBM using awareness-raising and Non-Violent Direct Action tactics.”

Londoners Demonstrate for Freedom of Movement and the Right to Stay

United Kingdom, 03.04.2005 17:30

Following the European call for action on April 2nd, a wide coalition of anti-racist groups joined up for a local demo from Clarkenwell to Haggerston Park. About 1000 people marched through Hackney in bright sunlight, led by the Rhythms of Resistance Samba band, greeted by locals and swapping agitprop.
A letter was delivered to Communication House, one of the immigration holding prisons, where people must report regularly and are often detained for immediate deportation completely unprepared.
[Guido's Picture Report| Pics 1| 2|report]

The demo in London was part of the first UK-wide, decentralised, but synchronised action day for a radical and uncompromising "no" to immigration controls: People in Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Nottingham, Oxford and Canterbury were out in the streets simultaneously and made clear that they don't think what the Tories think. For the first time, people with very different political cultures had mobilised together: the national coalition of anti-deportation campaigns and the campaigns against detention centers along with committees to defend asylum seekers, direct action groups, trade unions, political and community migrant groups, noborder activists.

In Europe, demos and actions were announced in 41 cities and 11 countries. Check the audio reports for background interviews.


Sydney, 03.04.2005 17:21

Convergance at Baxter Refugee Prison

MI High Court Protects Immigrant Workers

Michigan, 03.04.2005 17:01

Mayra Cabrera and Norma Portillo were building cleaners in Mendon, Michigan, who in typical fashion were not paid for work they had done.

But in less typical fashion, they took their case to court. At the trial level, the judge, at the request of the employer, ordered the workers to reveal their social security numbers. That was information the employer should already have had, so the only purpose was to intimidate the workers, a typical tactic by both employers and some courts to chill immigrant workers from defending their rights.

But in a decision by the Michigan Court of Appeals, the state judges declared that social security information "is clearly not relevant in determining liability for unpaid wages" and should already be in the possession of the employer. The judges declared that the employer requested the information "for the improper purpose of intimidating plaintiffs to withdraw their lawsuit and forego their legal rights."

For immigrant workers, the minimum wage and other worker protections are useless if going to court risks getting them deported. So kudos to the Michigan Court of Appeals.

Legal Victory for Mayor Donna Frye

San Diego, 03.04.2005 17:01

A federal appeals court rejected an appeal from one of the lawsuits that was filed against our write-in campaign.

According to an article in The San Diego Union-Tribune, "The case was brought by three voters who contended in federal court that by allowing Councilwoman Donna Frye to run as a write-in candidate, the city clerk violated their equal protection rights under the federal and state constitutions, as well as the city charter.


Colombia, 03.04.2005 16:20

Qhien Vendrá ahora?


Colombia, 03.04.2005 16:20


Students in Solidarity Dance to Oppose Sweatshops

Pittsburgh, 03.04.2005 16:02

Students in Solidarity Dance to Oppose Sweatshops

fòrum 2004 (ca)

Barcelona, 03.04.2005 16:00

Un desvergonyit Fòrum presenta uns comptes falsejats

(L'Ajuntament pagava factures del Fòrum per evitar el dèficit)-(El Fòrum té superàvit al no tornar els 208 milions que van deixar-li)-(El Fòrum de Barcelona deixa pèrdues per 400 mil euros)-(Aquests són els diners que el sr. Clos ha malgastat per cada barcelonès en el Fòrum)-(FÒRUM2004: els comptes clars)

fòrum universal de les cultures-( Fòrum-fracàs - A la societat civil mexicana. Al poble de Monterrey, des de Barcelona (Catalunya) diversitat cultural-( el 22@ destrueix el nostre patrimoni històric: enderroquen Can Gili Vell - Fòrum 2004: pensament únic amb pell alternativa - comunicat des de D-form davant l'actitud del govern català desenvolupament sostenible-( La precarietat del 22@! - La construcció del futur zoo marí de Barcelona incompleix la LLei de Costes - Guia de la Barcelona insostenible condicions de la pau-( Indra, una de les empreses patrocinadores del Fòrum, gestionarà ara les loteries de la Generalitat de Catalunya - Avions de guerra sobre Barcelona

+info:: >>>fòrum2004

fórum 2004 (es)

Barcelona, 03.04.2005 16:00

Un desvergonzado Fórum presenta unas cuentas falseadas

(El Ayuntamiento pagaba facturas del Fórum para evitar el déficit)-(El Fòrum tiene superavit al no devolver los 208 millones que le dejaron)-(Deja el Fórum de Barcelona pérdidas por 400 mil euros)-(Este es el dinero que el sr. Clos ha malgastado por cada barcelonés en el Forum)-(FORUM2004: las cuentas claras)

fórum universal de las culturas-( Forum-fracaso - A la sociedad civil mexicana. Al pueblo de Monterrey, desde Barcelona (Catalunya) diversitat cultural-( el 22@ destruye nuestro patrimonio histórico: derruyen Can Gili Vell - Forum 2004: pensamiento único con piel de alternativa - comunicado desdee D-form delante de la actitud del gobierno catalán desarrollo sostenible-( La precariedad del 22@! - La construcción del futuro zoo marino de Barcelona incumple la Ley de Costas - Guia de la Barcelona insostenible condicions de la pau-( Indra, una de las empreses patrocinadoras del Fòrum, gestionará ahora las loterias de la Generalitat de Catalunya - Aviones de guerra sobre Barcelona

+info:: >>>fòrum2004

forumo 2004 (eo)

Barcelona, 03.04.2005 16:00

Senhonta Forumo prezentas falisigitan spezaron

(La Urba Konsilataron pagadis fakturojn de la Forumo por eviti deficiton )-(La Forumo havas bilancan pluson, ĉar ĝi ne redonis la prunteprenitajn 208 milionojn)-(La Forumo de Barcelono postlasas 400 000-eŭran perdon)-(Jen la mono de ĉiu barcelonano, kiun s-ro Clos malŝaparis en la Forumo)-(FORUMO2004: klarajn kalkulojn)

Universala forumo de la kulturoj-( Forum-fiasko - Al la meksika civitanaro. A la popolo de Monterrey el Barcelono (Katalunio) kultura diverseco-( 22@ detruas nian historian heredaĵon: oni malkonstruas Can Gili Vell - Forumo 2004: unika pensado sub alternativa haŭto - Komunikaĵo el D-form fronte al la sinteno de la kataluna registaro daŭrigebla disvolvo-( La malfirmeco de 22@! - La konstruado de la estonta mar-zoo de Barcelono kontraŭas la marbordo-leĝon - Gvidilo de la nedaŭrigebla Barcelono packondiĉoj-( Indra, unu el la patronaj entreprenoj de la Forumo, ekadministros la loteriojn de la kataluna registaro - Milit-avioj super Barcelono

+infoj:: >>>forumo2004

An Evening Spent With Cop Watch In San Jose

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.04.2005 15:20

Cop Watch keeps an eye on police in San Jose, where on Friday nights the popular downtown area is saturated with patrol cars. The patrol cars park in the middle of Santa Clara street surveilling citizens and stopping them for mostly minor infractions. This practice bothers many young and Latino drivers, who feel they are being profiled. Led by an activist called Quetza, the Cop Watch crew spent a couple of hours out on the street April 1 and into the early morning of April 2. Indybay reporter Peter Maiden, who has been covering police issues in San Jose for the last five months, came along to document their efforts.
Read More | Indybay's Police State Page

Campus Antiwar Network at NYU kicks CIA off campus!

NYC, 03.04.2005 14:21

A planned CIA recruiting event at New York University (NYU) was cancelled after the Campus Antiwar Network (CAN) called a protest demanding the CIA abandon its recruiting program at NYU.

Counter-Recruiter provides background on the CIA at NYU. "The CIA is involved in a little-known marketing program at NYU and the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA). The Agency is funding a program where business students develop a marketing plan to help improve the CIA's success in on-campus recruiting. On this pilot project, the CIA is also working with the private marketing company EdVenture Partners which has previously worked with the National Security Agency and State Department." [Read More]

EU-weiter Aktionstag in Br�ssel

Germany, 03.04.2005 14:20

Zwischen 60.000 und 100.000 Menschen aus ganz Europa beteiligten sich heute allein in Br�ssel am europ�ischen Aktionstag gegen Neoliberalismus, Rassismus und Krieg. Auch in anderen EU-Staaten gingen viele Menschen auf die Stra�e. Anlass ist ein morgen beginnender EU-Gipfel in Br�ssel, der Halbzeitbilanz des so genannten Lissabon-Prozesses ziehen soll. Hartz IV, die 48-Stundenwoche sind genauso Teil der Agenda 2010, wie auch Studiengeb�hren und Privatisierung von �ffentlichen G�tern. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Kritik an der Bolkestein-Richtlinie. Mit diesem neoliberalen Projekt soll EU-weit die schrankenlose Liberalisierung von Dienstleistungen durchgesetzt werden. Damit Konzerne aus den Rechtssystemen immer das g�nstigste aussuchen k�nnen, soll die Niederlassungsfreiheit gleich mit liberalisiert werden.
Aufgerufen hatten unter anderem der europ�ische Gewerkschaftsbund, die Sozialforen, Jugendorganisationen, sowie die Friedensbewegung.

Gleichzeitig wurde anl��lich des Jahrestages des Kriegsbeginns gegen den Irak am 20. M�rz 2003 protestiert. In den USA sind in mehr als 725 St�dten und Gemeinden, in allen 50 Bundesstaaten, Aktionen angek�ndigt; ebenso in �gypten, Bangaldesch, Brasilien, Japan, S�dafrika und vielen weiteren L�ndern. In London demonstrierten weit �ber 100.000 Menschen, ebensoviele in Rom. Zig Tausende auch in anderen St�dten Europas.

Mobilisierungsseite des Sozialforums | Mobilisierungsseite von attac | ND-Artikel | �berblick bei | Hintergrundartikel
Aktuelle Berichte: | 1. Kurzbericht bei | Fotos + Bericht vom Aktionstag | Fotos aus London: 1 | 2 | 3 | Fotos aus Rom

amaskomunikiloj (eo)

Barcelona, 03.04.2005 14:00

ama$komunikiloj |>> defendu vian cerbon

||Televida rubprogramo ŝtelas por si la montaron Collserola>> La "farmo de la famuloj" eldomigas la ŝafojn el Collserola kunveno: 3an de aprilo en Can Masdeu je la 17 ||la katolika eklezio kiel televida viv-spektaklo>> Pasko: ĉu sankta semajno???????? - Streĉa atendado antaŭ la papa kadukeco ||manipulado pri la atencoj de la 11a de marto>> La laboristoj de Telemadrid 'precizigas' la raporton 'Kvar tagoj, kiuj ŝanĝis Hispanion’ - Telemadrid elsendas subliminajn bildojn de ETA en sia polemika raporto pri la 11aM - 11aM(ensogoj postaj) - Videoforumo "La ribelo de la poŝtelefonoj" - 13-M Konektitaj Amasoj - Ĉio moviĝanta: La armita vidpunkto - 11aM Informa ekzemplo ||ni ne forgesas josé couso>> Komenciĝas la rondvojaĝo "José Couso: Rompi senpunecon" tra Usono> - Intervjuo al Javier Couso kaj Pilar Hermoso - La kameraiston de Tele5 José Couso oni konsideros viktimo de terorismo - Kolegoj de José a Tele5 - Omaĝ-kantoj al José Couso - JoseCouso.Info ||aliaj temoj>> FeSP malaprobas, ke ĵurnalisto devas samopinii kun la linio de la ĉefartikoloj de sia infomilo - La historia rememorado en la transiro de la diktatoreco al demokratio. Interpreno pri la malĉeesto de la amaskomunikiloj - Ni deziras publikajn spacojn por civitana propagando - Inkluziva lingvo: Kritika paĝo pri la lingvo de eksludo kaj premado - La vero pri la financo de Raportistoj sen Limoj - Raportistoj sen Limoj: NRO je la servo de CIA - Dom-okupado kaj amaskomunikiloj - Aktivecoj por anstataŭigi la TV

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