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Black Churches Rise Up Against TN Governor: If Bredesen Pulls Plug on TennCare, They’ll Pull His Plug in Next Election

Tennessee, 10.04.2005 20:03

500 Protestors From Across the State Converge at Capitol They came in wheelchairs; they came with the aid of walkers and canes. They were the elderly, the sick, the disabled, and their pastors, families, friends, and other supporters. The crowd of 500 came to downtown Nashville to tell Governor Bredesen that if he pulls the plug on their healthcare, they’ll pull the plug on his governorship come election year 2006.

Hellboy: a movie review

Portland, 10.04.2005 19:21

Hellboy begins in Scotland during WWII, where American forces are about to lay siege to a Nazi hideout where an experiment is under way to produce a "superweapon" to turn the tide in the war. This effort involves one of Hitler's chief henchmen: a masked figure that is indestructible, and who demonstrates a mastery with swordplay; and Grigori Rasputin, the Russian prophet and advisor to the royal Romanov family, who met a violent death in 1916. (The Rasputin character looks oddly like the Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev).

...The premise of Hellboy at first seems silly and comic-bookish, (it is adapted from a comic book) but in one sense, the story serves as a poignant allegory of the times we find ourselves living in, and how we ended up here.


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Hundreds attend State Senator Ringo's town hall meeting regarding a Walmart in Beaverton

Portland, 10.04.2005 19:21

I'm still processing last night's Town Hall Meeting. The word "wow" keeps running through my head! I can only say that it was an amazing experience. Here are a few quick highlights of the extraordinary evening:

  • I would estimate attendance at 350-400--a fantastic turnout.
  • We had 50 signs and some cool buttons made up as our first fundraiser. We sold every single item and raised a whopping $1,272.00! With commitments from several businesses, we have now raised nearly $6,500.00.
  • Sen. Ringo reviewed his proposed legislation and had some excellent comments on how to frame the Wal-Mart discussion. Many people asked questions after his presentation, many of which focused on the Wal-Mart issue. Sen. Ringo showed us, in word and deed, that he is backing our efforts and attempting to give us a stronger say in our community's land use planning process. We are very lucky to have such a strong advocate in Salem.

[ Save Cedar Mill ]

Iraq War Veterans Tour in Georgia April 8 -13

Atlanta, 10.04.2005 18:00

The Iraq War Veterans Tour will come through Georgia A[ril 8-13. The tour will include a series of public events featuring Michael Hoffman, co founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War, local members of Military Families Speak Out and Veterans for Peace. All programs are to be be free and open to the public. See also Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

Letty Scott's fight for the truth - Inspirational

darwin, 10.04.2005 15:21

Autopsy reveals truth about Scott's death

Canada's Hidden Role in Haiti

Maritimes, 10.04.2005 15:20

Haitian-Canadian Journalist and Activist to Speak in Halifax about Canada’s Hidden Role in Haiti

Anti-terrorism laws in Australia

Melbourne, 10.04.2005 13:32

Jack Thomas to face trial under anti-terrorism laws

Special Issue of The Project for April 14th Strike at UC

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.04.2005 10:01

The Project Collective has put together a little primer on the upcoming strike by service (represented by the AFSCME union) and clerical (the CUE union) workers on April 14th. We hope this paper helps to clarify the issues faced by the workers and the ways in which these issues are connected to student concerns.

As members of the UCSC community, we are concerned and upset when some among us are denied the means to achieve reasonable living standards, and continually treated with disrespect by their high-profile employer. The mistreatment of CUE and AFSCME workers is an offense to the values we hold as a community: gender and racial justice, and wages that enable everyone to live with dignity. Supporting service and clerical workers in their fight for fair contracts is a crucial part of realizing these values.

Moreover, we recognize that the same skewed budget priorities resulting in poverty wages for campus clerical and service workers are also responsible for our diminished funding opportunities. Graduate students, campus workers, undergraduates, and faculty all have a common concern: UC’s undemocratic budgetary process and the gross mal-distribution that results. Behind the crass injunction to ‘fuck the regents’ is stealth analytic accuracy.

In this issue: STRIKE 101: basic facts you should know | CUE: The Coalition of University Employees (i.e. The Clerical Union) | AFSCME: American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (i.e. The Service Worker Union) | University of California: non-profit or corporate money maker? | Statewide Day Of Action April 20th | Map of UCSC Strike Zone for April 14th

Bomspotting XL

Netherlands, 10.04.2005 09:30

Op 16 arpil 2005 is het weer zover, voor het zevende jaar op rij gaan burgerinspecteurs uit heel Europa op zoek naar kernwapens tijdens Bomspotting XL.

Na vier jaar bomspotting in Kleine Brogel, de bomstopping actie van "Get In Shape" en de Bomspotting Small van 2004 is het tijd voor de volgende grootscheepse actie. Wat zeven jaar geleden als klein initiatief van 20 mensen is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot de grootste directe actie van de Europese vredesbeweging met als hoogtepunt de laatste bomspotting in Kleine Brogel waaraan 2000 mensen deelnamen.

Voor Bomspotting XL trekken de honderden burgerinspecteurs dit jaar naar drie verschillende locaties op zoek naar kernkoppen, zoals gebruikelijk in Kleine Brogel, op de site van de laatste grote actie, die van de SHAPE en voor het eerst ook in het NAVO hoofdkwartier zelf.

Ook vanuit Nederland gaan weer een hoop mensen op inspectietocht naar België, De actie werd lekker vroeg aangekondingd en er gaat een bus die op verschillende plaatsen mensen zal oppikken. Voor wie er niet bij kan zijn maar wel op de hoogte wil blijven is er Radio Bomspotting XL.

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UPR: Paro Indefinido

Puerto Rico, 10.04.2005 08:01

UPR: Huelga

UPR: Paro Indefinido

Puerto Rico, 10.04.2005 08:01

UPR: Huelga

Taking It To The Streets

Tennessee, 09.04.2005 21:05

Hundreds of Tennesseans took to the streets on Friday, April 8, to protest TennCare cuts by Governor Bredesen. People started gathering at 15th Ave. Baptist Church at 11:00 AM, and by noon buses from across the state arrived to show the massive, statewide support.

Anti-Sprawlmart Campaign around Portland - Gresham Update

Portland, 09.04.2005 20:22

Over 50 concerned citizens attended this week's City Council meeting to demonstrate opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart. While we had hoped for a larger turnout, we must congratulate those who attended for their continuing efforts on this campaign. Speakers did a wonderful job of presenting our research on the potential economic impacts to our community. While our goal was to address issues not related to land use, the staff allowed our comments to be included as testimony in the permit application records. We submitted a letter to the Council with copies of our research urging them to conduct their own economic impact study. It is very important that we keep pressure on the City Council to take a stand on this issue, and move to protect our community. Wal-Mart isn't in the habit of backing down, but communities across the country are standing up. We urge everyone to express your concerns in writing, and have attached a form letter with concerns that may be addressed by our City Government. read more >>

[ ]

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Privatizing Scammers Steal Cougar Hot Springs

Portland, 09.04.2005 20:22

For years, volunteers kept Cougar Hot Springs safe and clean. Now the privatizing scammers are taking over YOUR hot springs. The fees: $5 per car PLUS $5 per person. Even the national parks don't charge that much. And all going to Hoodoo, a company that has already taken over public campgrounds

We need an organized effort to stop this insanity! What would be most effective, a boycott or organized protests of non paying users? (If we can get past the fee-collecting guards, that is.)

Unless we (we the public) actively work to contain the privatization epidemic, I'm suggesting that things are going to get a lot worse. The RAT was just recently authorized. The plague it carries has barely begun to spread.

(No offense to whores, but) The Portland Mercury is a Corporate Whore

Portland, 09.04.2005 20:22

Last week the 'alternative' paper, Portland Mercury, distributed 40,000 compact discs wrapped in shiny plastic for AOL-Time Warner, one of the largest media companies on the planet.

These CDs are a huge waste of natural resources and will not biodegrade for thousands of years. Unfortunately, Portland's support for the Mercury is degrading much faster. People throughout the city were angered by the mess created by the Mercury's greed; CDs were strewn all over busy streets—and will be for quite a while.

The Angry Octopus collective gathered several hundred of these offensive discs and returned them to the Mercury along with a nice sign to greet the hungover corporate stooges this morning...

Tens Of Thousands Take To The Streets Of Baghdad To Denounce US Occupation

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.04.2005 16:30

4/9/2005: "Tens of thousands of supporters of Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have marched in Baghdad to denounce the US presence in Iraq and call for a speedy trial of Saddam Hussein on the second anniversary of his overthrow." Read More

"Radical Iraqi Shia cleric Moqtada Sadr called for a mass rally to mark the second anniversary of the fall of Baghdad to the US-led coalition. Mr Sadr urged his supporters to gather in Firdos Square, where a statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down on 9 April 2003 as millions watched on TV. ..Sunni clerics from the Association of Muslim Scholars have asked their supporters to join the demonstration." Read More

Mahdi Army still a Factor | U.S., Iraqi Troops Battle Dozens of Insurgents | Prisoners riot at US-run camp in southern Iraq | Iraqi Schools Hit by Intimidation Campaign | Attacks on Abu Ghraib highlight continuing Iraqi armed resistance

Week of Action Against Iraq Pillage

United Kingdom, 09.04.2005 16:20

The first days of April were designated as a 'Week of action against the corporate pillage of Iraq' by a group known as the Corporate Pirates.

The week kicked off with an April Fool's Pro-Pillage party outside the offices of Windrush Communications, organiser of the Iraq Procurement Conferences. Around eighty people turned up in pirate costume to protest against the corporate piracy of Windrush. Reports: [1 | 2] Pictures: [1 | 2 | 3].

During the following days, a wide variety of events unfolded. These included: a training for Non-Violent Direct Action, an open meeting that included speakers from Iraq, candlelit vigil outside the Windrush Offices, an attempt to disrupt the news broadcast announcements of the election with an anti-war message, a creative forum at the Rampart Social Centre, and on Wednesday 6th activists ended the week of action with a protest bading farewell to Windrush Communications.

Read full report and Background information here.


belgrade, 09.04.2005 16:02

Ako imate nesto da kazete

skc akcija

belgrade, 09.04.2005 15:32

Solidarnost - zaboravljena rec


belgrade, 09.04.2005 15:32

Smenjen direktor Zlatko Markoviæ u fabrici lekova Jugoremedija Zrenjanin!


Brasil, 09.04.2005 15:20

Rede Arrastão de Rádios em Goiania

enmigrado (eo)

Barcelona, 09.04.2005 05:00

2an de aprilo internacia agotago kontraŭ la internigejoj

[2an Apr] Unueca manifestacio 18a h Pl. Universitat

Aliaj infoj:: [31.03] Ariadna Pi okupas turisto-buson en Placo Catalunya:::Radio kontraŭ la limoj:::Filmo: No Lager - Nowhere - European Action Day:::Enmigrintoj: la regularo plifortikas la eksludadon:::cartell::: Alkovoj : Valencio - Almeria - Jaén - Andaluzio - Ekstremaduro - Madrido - Eŭropo

+infoj : >>>enmigrado + TTT Eŭropa Tago 2an de aprilo + No Border Network

edukado (eo)

Barcelona, 09.04.2005 05:00

3a Renkontiĝo de gelernantoj el la Kataluna Landaro

Kial renkontiĝo de gelernantoj el la Kataluna Landaro? --- Informoj kaj programo

---la 24an, 25an, 26an kaj 27an de marto 2005---

rilataj novaĵoj: la ministerio volas disigi katalunan kaj valencian en la Oficialaj Lingvo-Lernejoj ::: Monda Junulara kaj Studenta Festivalo ::: kroniko pri la februara eŭropa studenta renkontiĝo ::: Kontraŭmilita Edukado ::: Estas 40 milionoj da analfabetoj en Latinameriko pro novliberalismo::: Striko de valenciaj geestudentoj la 10an de marto ::: CEPC apogas la lukton por la forigo de la religio el lernejaj studprogramoj ::: Peruo: Grava atenco kontraŭ senpaga edukado

+ infoj: >>>Edukado+++Katalunlandara Studenta Kunordiga Komitato+++Alternativa Estel

enmigrado (eo)

Barcelona, 09.04.2005 05:00

la nova sklaveco ekribelas

Alvokoj kaj diskoniga materialo - [7an Apr 19.30h] Manifestacio por la enfermiĝoj en Sants - solidareco kun la enfermiĝoj: ejoj bezonatas - [Placo Sants - ĉiutage] 17-20h inform-tablo + 22a h. kaserol-protesto

[9an Apr 18a h.] AMASIĜO ĈE PL. SANT JAUME

enfermiĝoj : Espai Obert - Santa Coloma - Can Vies - [7an Apr] Stato en L'Opera, ĉi-nokte - [7an Apr] Stato en L'Opera, posttagmeze - [5an Apr] Okupita Socia Centro La Opera - [6an Apr] CCCB: Rezultoj de la hodiaŭa kunveno
amaskomunikiloj : informilejo enmigrado - son-dosieroj manifestacio 2an aprilo - [6an Apr]CCCB vid-dosieroj [1-2-3-4] [5an Apr]Okupita Socia Centro La Opera vid-dosieroj - [2an Apr]fotos Ĉu paperoj por ĉiuj aŭ paperoj por neniu?
politikaj rezultoj : Joan Rangel avertas, ke la striko de la enmigrintoj ne ŝanĝos la postulojn de la regulig-procezo - La kataluna registaro studas alternativon por reguligi la necensitajn enmigrintojn - La kataluna registaro studas faciligi la reguligajn formalaĵojn - Ministro Caldera anonas, ke li analizos alternativojn al la censo por reguligi pli da enmigrintoj
rilataj novaĵoj : La enmigrintojn asertas, ke unu el la gvidantoj de la enfermiĝoj estis arestita - La enmigrintojn anoncas virinan enfermiĝon - Fotoj de la okupita turisma buso - Nova fantoma trairas Eŭropon - Du perloj de la hodiaŭa El Periódico - Ĉi-matene oni vakigis Marichi Wei en la strato Escorial de Gràcia - Solidareco kun la enfermiĝoj de enmigritoj - Ĉirkaŭ 450 enmigrintoj enfermiĝis en preĝejoj kaj aliaj ejoj de Barcelono - Kritikoj al kaj postuloj pri la reguligo-procezo de enmigrintoj - Unuaj bildoj de la enfermiĝo en Valencio

+infoj:: >>>enmigrado

The UN presence in Haiti

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.04.2005 03:30

This week the Oregon-based Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti called attention to The United Nations Security Council mission to Haiti slated for April 13-16, 2005.

The IJDH noted, "the Council's agenda is already full with meetings with: 1) officials of the unconstitutional Interim Government; 2) groups that called for the overthrow of the elected government a year ago; and 3) officials of foreign governments that supported the overthrow, or officials of programs financed by these governments."
"All of these groups have a vested interest in the current illegal regime, and cannot effectively represent the vast majority of Haitians who opposed the February 2004 coup d'etat, and are suffering its consequences ."

The IJDH called on activists to exert pressure "to make sure that the Security Council meets directly with poor women, grassroots groups and victims of human rights violations."
Meanwhile, soldiers with the UN mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) continue to work closely with Haitian police conducting brutal raids on the poorest neighborhoods of Port-au-Prince.

A recent report from Harvard Law Student Advocates for Human Rights which does not question the legitimacy of the UN presence in Haiti nevertheless concludes, "MINUSTAH has provided cover for abuses committed by the HNP during operations in poor, historically tense Port-au-Prince neighborhoods. Rather than advising and instructing the police in best practices, and monitoring their missteps, MINUSTAH has been the midwife of their abuses. In essence, MINUSTAH has provided to the HNP the very implements of repression. The report also attacked the unwillingness to protect civilians from political violence, saying, "the failure to do so when civilians beg for UN assistance is simply incomprehensible."

UC Santa Cruz Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.04.2005 03:00

On April 5, about 300 UC Santa Cruz students led by Students Against War (SAW) kicked Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters out of the annual Career Center Job Fair, marking yet another success for the nation-wide counter-military recruitment campaign.
Full Coverage On Santa Cruz Indymedia

Om March 30th, the Associated Students of the University of California at UC Berkeley unanimously passed a resolution denying military recruiters use of facilities and assets. Much of the success of this resolution can be attributed to the November 2004 FAIR v. Rumsfeld ruling by the Third Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. The ruling states that universities may bar military recruiters from their campuses without risking the loss of federal money, which had been a major deterrent in anti-recruitment efforts.
Read More | Past Counter-Recruitment Coverage: 1   2   3   4 | April 9th: Counter-Recruitment Conference

La iglesia del Estado

Argentina, 09.04.2005 00:00

La iglesia del Estado

La Iglesia del Estado

Argentina, 09.04.2005 00:00

Viernes 8 de Abril de 2005
La Iglesia del Estado

Delegation from California to Protest Vigilantes, Hate Messages in Arizona

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.04.2005 23:30

On April 17th and 18th, a California delegation of immigrant rights and human rights activists will be in Douglas, Arizona to respond to the presence of vigilantes on the US/México border, and to their hate messages. This group of 20-40 activists, along with allies in Arizona, will "counter the national media coverage and international attention that the "Minutemen" have received with our message: We will not tolerate vigilanteism against immigrant communities! Immigrant rights are human rights!" Organizers of the delegation include La Raza Centro Legal, St. Peter's Housing Committee, Heads Up Collective, PODER, SF Day Labor Program, Women's Collective, Padres Unidos, and they are asking for people who plan to participate in the delegation to contact them as soon as possible. More info about the delegation's plans

The Minuteman Project is an event planned for the month of April, that has invited up to 1000 critics of U.S. immigration policy to Arizona for the stated purpose of protesting the alleged lack of enforcement at the U.S.- Mexico Border.

Critics of the the Minuteman Project say that it helps to fuel anti-immigrant bias, and interferes with the work of law enforcement and border patrol agencies. The Border Patrol has denounced the MinuteMan project, voicing concern that untrained civilians “could cause more trouble than they prevent.” For example, volunteers have disturbed the footprints agents use to track immigrants and set off carefully placed sensors along the border. Read more The ACLU of Arizona is providing legal observers at the Minuteman Project's site this month.

Border Action Network/Accion Fronteriza | U.S. Customs and Border Protection | Border Security Website | Border Patrol Website | Ongoing US Indymedia Coverage

Police Pepper Spray on Non-Violent Protestors Back in Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.04.2005 22:30

After nearly eight years, two trials, a trip to the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, the “Pepper Spray 8” – forest activists whose eyes were swabbed with pepper spray-soaked q-tips during peaceful protests – are heading back to court for trial number three. “We’re hoping the third time’s the charm,” said plaintiff Spring Lundberg, who was seventeen when members of the Humboldt County Sheriffs Department held her eyelids open while applying pepper spray during a sit-in at Pacific Lumber Company in protest of ancient redwood logging in Headwaters forest.
This civil rights trial will be heard again in federal court on April 13th after two hold-out jurors prevented a verdict in the September 2004 trial. At issue is whether police used excessive force when they forced pepper spray into the eyes of protesters staging a sit-in. The defendants are Humboldt County Sheriffs' Dept., Eureka Police Dept., the former Sheriff and current Sheriff of that county. Read more

Commercialized Progressive Talk Radio Shows Its True Colors

Portland, 08.04.2005 21:21

The progressive radio network, Air America Radio, just celebrated its first tumultuous year. Air America has an impressive line-up. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to my favorite program, Unfiltered. Unfiltered featured a co-creator of The Daily Show, Lizz Winstead, entertainer Chuck D, and activist and Rhodes scholar, Rachel Maddow. The chemistry between Winstead and Maddow often left me giggling along with their infectious laughter. Chuck D. had insights that are hard to find on the talk radio gamut that is dominated by white males.

As readers can tell by my use of the past tense, I can no longer listen to three hours of the most entertaining, progressive radio. The new CEO of Air America thought it best to replace Unfiltered with three hours of -- drum roll please - Jerry Springer. Yes, the same Jerry Springer who's ads for re-runs of his TV show run side-by-side with ads for "Girls Gone Wild".

A (personal) commentary on the funeral of the Pope

Portland, 08.04.2005 21:21

Given the lack of objectivity and the generally maudlin sentimentality surrounding commentaries in the media surrounding the death of this Pope (with a few exceptions here and there) I decided that perhaps I would write a brief commentary on this funeral myself, having watched the whole extended affair, because I need an antidote.

I do not have cable, because I don't watch television, and last night all three of our over the air channels carried live coverage of the funeral of the Pope, so you had a choice of three different feeds. One feed, on the channel that typically just pipes up an American feed, usually from Fox, featured coverage of the funeral, with no commentary that I heard, the idea being I would suppose that it was thus supposed to be just like being there, and if you were there, you would not have any talking heads narrating the funeral. That feed seemed quite dignified, and really atypical for media coverage of big events. I switched over to our national public broadcaster, the CBC, where I stayed for the rest of the evening, and was subjected to several hours of commentary on the funeral, much as you would get commentary on a golf tournament, or something like that, from one of our most famous die hard catholic conservative broadcasters who was brought on board by the CBC to provide the 'color commentary' for the Pope's funeral.

Somehow getting the real die hard catholic conservative point of view concerning that funeral, and that pope, seemed strangely appropriate, so I resisted the urge to change channels and instead decided to soak it all in. It was unbearable, to tell the truth...


Good News for Rough &amp; Ready Creek!

Portland, 08.04.2005 21:21

'm happy to report very positive developments in the twelve-year fight to protect Rough & Ready Creek from the infamous NICORE Mine. We've just learned that the BLM has filed a formal contest/challenge to all 161 mining claims (4,360 plus acres) held by Walter B. Freeman in the Rough & Ready Creek Watershed, arguing that none of the claims are valid under the law.

In 1992 Mr. Freeman filed an application to purchase the Rough & Ready Creek claims for $2.50 per acre - using a provision of 1872 Mining Law. The same year he filed a plan to develop a nickel-laterite mine and process ore on Rough & Ready Creek. The final proposal involved not only mining and processing but giant ore trucks driving through Rough & Ready Creek or its tributaries at 17 different locations.

Undisturbed, Rough & Ready Creek's waters approach the clarity of distilled water. With the West Fork Illinois, it has the highest concentration of rare plants in Oregon. The mining claims in question include the Rough & Ready Creek Area of Critical Environmental Concern, the Rough & Ready Creek Botanical Area, the Inventoried South Kalmiopsis Roadless Area and many miles of stream eligible to be added to the National Wild & Scenic River System.

Backdoor Draft Upheld by 9th Circuit

Rogue Valley, 08.04.2005 20:02

The military's Stop Loss Policy was upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals yesterday in the case Santiago v. Rumsfeld. Emiliano Santiago signed up for the Oregon Army National Guard when he was 18 years old and a junior in High School. His enlistment contract had an expiration date of early summer 2004. Two weeks before this date, his unit was put on "alert." In October, the military notified that Santiago was "activated" and that he would be deployed to Afghanistan with his unit due to Stop Loss policy, despite the fact his enlistment had expired months ago.

The Military Law Task Force of the National Lawyers' Guild began to mount challenges to Stop Loss around the country, the first case being filed in August 2004 in Northern California (Doe v. Rumsfeld). Portland National Lawyers'Guild attorney Steven Goldberg took Santiago's case on pro bono with the help of two other attorneys from Los Angeles. In December 2004, District Court Judge Panner denied Santiago's injunction and he appealed.

Catalyst Radio for 4/8/2005

Michigan, 08.04.2005 19:01

This week Catalyst Radio interviews Amy Piddington from the Kent County Sexual Assault Prevention Action Team. In the News Analysis section, the GRIID crew discuss local media coverage of the Pope's death, Paul Wolfowitz, the government study on Iraqi WMD's, and McDonald's marketing schemes.

Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of the Community Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

Rally April 12! Stop the second-class treatment of Detroit!

Michigan, 08.04.2005 19:01

No Service Cuts! No Job Cuts! Demand a Decent Contract!

Mayor Kilpatrick is saying Detroit must "right-size" by cutting city services and city jobs. He will be more specific on April 12, when he presents his 2005-06 budget to City Council. But we can stand up for Detroit's future!

The AFSCME City of Detroit Presidents are calling on all city workers, city residents and supporters of public services to rally on April 12 at 4:00 p.m. at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Center (Woodward entrance) [map].


Uruguay, 08.04.2005 17:30

Herencias de un país desmantelado

Anti-Cintas Rally in Blacksburg, VA

Richmond, 08.04.2005 16:01

Blacksburg, VA April 5, 2005 -- Local groups are protesting Cintas Corporation, a notoriously anti-labor and anti-environment company, that is sponsoring a student event at Virginia Tech. The rally will take place in front of the Blacksburg Post Office on Main Street on Friday, April 8, 2005 from 5:30-6:30 pm.

ONU indica que há maior sofrimento no Iraque actual

Portugal, 08.04.2005 10:30

ONU indica que há maior sofrimento no Iraque actual

Antidote #12 :: The End of Suburbia

Aotearoa, 08.04.2005 08:01

Auckland Indymedia Presents: Antidote #12.
The END of SUBURBIA, Oil Depletion and the Collapse of The American Dream

Sunday 17 April 7.30pm at The Classic, 321 Queen St, Auckland $5

"Cheap oil is the party that we have been enjoying the past 150 years and that party is coming to an end. Within our lifetimes were going to see the end of the age of oil, and the result of that will be the end of the American way of life"

Suburbia, and all it promises, has become the American Dream. But as we enter the 21st century, serious questions are beginning to emerge about the sustainability of this way of life. With brutal honesty and a touch of irony, The End of Suburbia explores the American Way of Life and its prospects as the planet approaches a critical era, as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. World Oil Peak and the inevitable decline of fossil fuels are upon us now, some scientists and policy makers argue in this documentary. The consequences of inaction in the face of this global crisis are enormous.

Got Oil?

Peak oil is the point in time when extraction of oil from the earth reaches its highest point and then begins to decline. Most oil experts estimate this peak will occur between 2005 and 2015.

  • Oil is used for transportation, electricity, heating, cooling, pesticides, plastics, pharmaceuticals, asphalt, concrete and steel.
  • On average an American consumes 3 gallons of oil per day (1.8 gallons of which are imported).
  • In the US, 10 calories of fossil-fuel energy go into every 1 calorie of food.
  • Oil extraction will be physically unable to meet global demand
  • Alternative energy sources like nuclear and natural gas will fall far short of compensating for expected shortages of oil.
  • The first step in preparing for an energy-reduced future is to educate yourself.


Brasil, 08.04.2005 07:00

Anatel e Polícia Federal tentam mais uma vez silenciar a livre comunicação

April 13th, 2005 Day of Silence

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.04.2005 07:00

April 7, 2005: Today, as police officers and media cameras looked on, the student leader of Rancho Cotate High School's controversial Conservative Club led an off-campus protest Wednesday against gay rights. Tim Bueler, 18, president of the club and the related High School Conservative Clubs of America, joined about a dozen protesters in a lunchtime demonstration across the street from the Rohnert Park school. Bueler, who last year drew nationwide attention after starting the Conservative Club and claiming liberal bias in the classroom, called the demonstration "a day to stand up for God's truth." He said it was organized to protest a planned event Friday by the school's Gay-Straight Alliance Club. Senior Christina Morey, president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, said Wednesday's anti-gay demonstration is proof that efforts to promote tolerance of alternative lifestyles are needed. Read more

The Eagle Forum of Sacramento and others are sponsoring a so-called Day of “Truth” in Sacramento on April 14th, the day after the Day of Silence. They’ve chosen to rail against what they perceive is the discrimination against their right to discriminate against gay youth. The Day of “Truth,” according to the Alliance Defense Fund, “was established to counter the promotion of the homosexual agenda and expresses an opposing viewpoint from a Christian perspective.” Once they’ve incorrectly framed what the Day of Silence is all about, they elaborate on their familiar litany of “truths:” blaming the health crisis of HIV/AIDS on LGBT people, biblical injunctions against homosexuality, and opposition to gay and lesbian couples right to marriage equality. Read more In contrast, the Day of Silence is a student-led day of action where those who support making anti-LGBT bias unacceptable in schools take a day-long vow of silence to recognize and protest the discrimination and harassment, or silencing, experienced by LGBT students and their allies.

On Wednesday, April 13 at 6:30 pm, the Sacramento Regional GSA, the Lambda Community Center, GLSEN Greater Sacramento, Sacramento Stonewall Democrats, and the GSA Network are sponsoring a Candlelight vigil / March to the Capitol on the Day of Silence. They are inviting people to join them at the Lambda Community Center, 1927 L St. in midtown Sacramento, and walk with to the Capitol.

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, announced today that it would launch a public education campaign entitled Teach Respect on April 13, 2005. The launch of the campaign will coincide with the culmination of the Day of Silence. | Day of Silence


Brasil, 08.04.2005 06:20

Mostra pública de vídeos encerra semana nacional de atividades

Full Calendar of Events for the Mobilization Against the World Bank and IMF April 11th - 17th A Better World is Under Construction!

DC, 08.04.2005 06:01

This is full calendar, and we mean full! Wow, lots of events are planed and most likely more will be added. Updates can be found at

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 08.04.2005 06:00

la nova esclavitud es rebela

Convocatòries i material de difusió - [7Abr 19.30h]Manifestació en suport a les tancades a Sants - solidaritat amb els tancaments : es necesiten espais - [Pza de Sants Tots els dias] 17-20h taula informativa + 22h cacerolada

tancaments : vaga de fam a can vies - [7Abr]Situació a L'Opera, aquesta nit - [7Abr]Situació a L'Opera, tarda - [5Abr]CSO La Opera - [6Abr]CCCB: Resultats trovada de avui
media : galeria media immigració - audios manifestació 2 abril - [6Abr]CCCB videos [1-2-3-4] [5Abr]CSO La Opera videos - [2Abr]fotos Papers per a tots o papers per ningú?
noticies relacionades : Joan Rangel adverteix que la vaga dels immigrants no canviarà els requisits del procés de regularització - Un nou fantasma recorre Europa - Dos perles de El Periódico d'avui - Aquest matí han desallotjat Marichi Wei al carrer Escorial de Gràcia - Solidaritat amb els tancaments d'immigrants - Uns 450 inmigrants tancats a parròquias i locals de Barcelona - Crítica i demandes sobre el procés de regularització d'immigrants - primeres imatges del tancament en valència

+info:: >>>immigració

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 08.04.2005 06:00

la nueva esclavitud se rebela

Convocatorias y material de difusión - [7Abr 19.30h]Manifestación apoyo a l*s encerrad*s en Sants - solidaridad con los encierros : se necesitan espacios - [Pza de Sants Todos los días] 17-20h mesa informativa + 22h cacerolada

encierros : huelga de hambre en can vies - [7Abr]Situación en L'Opera, esta noche - [7Abr]Situación en L'Opera, tarde - [5Abr]CSO La Opera - [6Abr]CCCB: Resultados encuentro de hoy
media : galeria media immigració - audios manifestación 2 abril - [6Abr]CCCB videos [1-2-3-4] [5Abr]CSO La Opera videos - [2Abr] fotos Papeles para tod*s o para nadie?
noticias relacionadas : Joan Rangel advierte que la huelga de l*s inmigrantes no canviará los requisitos del proceso de regulación - Un nuevo fantasma recorre Europa - Dos perlas de El Periódico de hoy - Esta mañana han desalojado Marichi Wei en la calle Escorial de Gràcia - Solidaridad con los encierros de inmigrantes - Unos 450 inmigrantes encerrados en parroquias y locales de Barcelona - Crítica y peticiones sobre el proceso de regularización de inmigrantes - primeras imágenes del encierro en valencia

+info:: >>>inmigración

Se realizó encuentro intersindical

Argentina, 08.04.2005 05:00

Se organiza el activismo obrero antiburocrático

comenzó plan de lucha piquetero

Argentina, 08.04.2005 05:00

Viernes 8 de Abril 2005 | PLAN DE LUCHA UNIFICADO
Cortes de ruta por todas partes

comenzò plan de lucha piquetero

Argentina, 08.04.2005 04:30

Viernes 8 de Abril 2005 | PLAN DE LUCHA UNIFICADO
Cortes de ruta p das partes

Encuentro sindical nacional

Argentina, 08.04.2005 04:20

Se organiza el activismo obrero antiburocrático

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