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Argentina, 14.04.2005 05:20

El mundialito de Gildo Insfrán

Meet the Neighbors: What Every Chicagoan Should Know about Bank One's New Daddy

Chicago, 14.04.2005 05:01

Photo by Chris GeovanisYesterday, activists assembled outside of Bank One headquarters downtown to demonstrate their opposition to environmental and human rights abuses being committed with JP Morgan-Chase - Bank One's customer's money. This article includes a summary of their irresponsible financing, both here in Chicago and abroad. Now many Chicagoans have one more thing in common with people in Indonesia fighting to save their endangered rainforests, indigenous people in Equador threatening mass suicide to stop the building of a pipeline and your typical, Joe-Shmoe Iraqi.

When Bank One branches and ATMs began sprouting up on every major intersection in Chicago and right in my very own backyard, little did any of us know what lie ahead. Bank One has recently completed a merger with JP Morgan Chase (JPMC), and together they form the second largest bank in the history of capitalism, with $1.1 trillion in assets. The joint power they wield is facilitating the unbridled exploitation of both the environment and the economically impoverished wherever they and their borrowers operate -- and they and their borrowers get around. Read More

Related Photo Essay: Rainforest Action Network Protests Chase/BankOne Corporate Crimes


Brasil, 14.04.2005 04:20

Movimentos do campo e da cidade ocupam Usina do Funil, no sul da Bahia

Four Upcoming Talks on Christian Zionism by the Rev. Stephen Sizer

Michigan, 14.04.2005 04:01

The Reverend Stephen Sizer, author of Christian Zionism: Road Map to Armageddon, an Anglican priest from Virginia Water, England, chair of the International Bible Society UK, member of the board of Friends of Sabeel--UK, will speak at several locations in Ann Arbor and West Bloomfield on April 18 and 19. Christian Zionism has become an issue of concern to mainstream Christians in the US and elsewhere following the growth of a segment of the evangelical movement which promotes warfare in he Middle East to bring about an Armageddon, the destruction of the whole earth, a fiery death for most of creation and the presumed "rapture" of a chosen group. The public is welcome without charge.


Brasil, 14.04.2005 03:20

Brutalidade policial em Porto Príncipe coloca em teste o mandato das Nações Unidas

Sit In May Turn Into Lockdown at Washinton University in St. Louis

Arkansas, 14.04.2005 03:02

At Washington University, in St. Louis MO, 14 students sat in an admissions buildi to demand a living wage for the food, janitorial, and service workers of the university. That was eigt days ago. Today 50 students are inside the admissions office, located inside Brookings Hall, and an additional 200 are outside rallying for a living wage. As early as tonight, the University will make an attempt to forcibly remove the students fromthe admissions building. However, it has been reported that the 14 students that started this sit in will not move voluntarily until the demands are met. This information comes from Washington University via telephone, and will be updated as necessary on Big Muddy IMC. Visit Big Muddy Indymedia for on-going coverage of the Sit-In in St. Louis.

NY State drops charges against Josh Banno, RNC dragon arrestee

NYC, 14.04.2005 01:30

At 7pm EST, NY State District Attorny Robert Ferrari announced he would drop all charges against Josh Banno who was wrongfully arrested during the RNC. Ferrari called Banno's NLG laywer to say that he planned to drop all charges. Banno was wrongfully arrested in connection to the "green dragon fire" that occurred in front of Madison Square Garden during the 1/2 million person march on August 29. [Early Coverage on AZ IMC: Fuck this courtroom!! || NYC IMC Debate: Who Burned the Dragon?]

One-Day Strike Planned for Thursday at UC Campuses

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2005 23:20

On April 14, the University of California's lowest-paid will hold a statewide 1-day strike. Picket Info for all campuses, including UCSF, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and more. As part of that effort, workers at UC Berkeley who are members of AFSCME Local 3299 will hold a 1-day strike to fight for their rights and for a fair contract. A Student/Community Flying Picket will form at the end of the 12 noon AFSCME rally at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley). It will be a mobile contingent that will reinforce stationary pickets and take other forms of action in solidarity with striking workers. Read more

AFSCME represents service workers, who are many of the lowest paid workers on campus. The union is struggling for a fair contract and for workers' (especially immigrant workers') rights. A recent report issued by the National Economic Development and Law Center found that 46% of UC service workers earned wages to low to support a family. It also found UC workers earning much less than workers at California State University (CSU) and many community colleges. Supporters and the Coalition of University Employees are asking for students, faculty, and other staff to show solidarity with campus workers by not crossing the picket lines on Thursday, April 14th.

Read more on Indybay's Labor News Page

Hey! Wake up! Wellington Indymedia workshops are happening!

Aotearoa, 13.04.2005 23:01

That's right, W((i))ndy presents a series of workshops on independent media making and DIY publishing:

Thursday 21st April / 5th May
7pm - How to post articles and photos to Indymedia
8pm - Writing workshop; Techniques and tips for getting your ideas and concerns across.

Thursday 28th April / 12 May
- Basic HTML coding. Beginners workshop on how to put links in your stories, as well as basic formatting.
8pm - How to get involved with your local Independent Media Collective!

These free workshops will be at Oblong internet cafe, Left Bank, Cuba St, Wellington.

Come to the Food Not Bombs Kick Off Picnic! Sunday -- 4pm Scott Park.

Urbana-Champaign, 13.04.2005 23:01

It's been a long winter of hibernation, but now we're ready to shake off the snow, get out in the sun, and serve up some tasty food to the hungry masses! To begin the season, we're having a huge community picnic with live music, relaxing, and dancing. WHEN: Sunday, April 17th @ 4pm WHERE: Scott Park, Springfield and Third in Champaign. Food Not Bombs is one of the fastest growing anti-war, anti-poverty revolutionary movements active today with chapters all the world. We share free vegetarian food with anyone who wants it. Food Not Bombs is open to everyone. if you're interested in getting involved email

Portland Tribune gets it wrong: Increasing the flow of traffic and products into Portland will be harmful, not helpful

Portland, 13.04.2005 22:21

A report sponsored by the UN and the World Bank tells us that the Earth is near the breaking point. The cause? Overpopulation and overconsumption. So how do our intrepid leaders in Oregon respond? With business as usual, of course, planning right ahead to increase Oregon's population and consumption! So much for serving on the advent of sustainability. Rise up Cascadians, and say no to more growth as usual.

When it comes to sustainability and business, Portland is a city of divided intentions. On one hand, it is renown for its stated commitment to sustainability. But on the other hand, the individuals, institutions, and special interest groups that dominate our business environment behave at complete odds with sustainable business activity. No greater examples of this exist than in two articles that recently appeared on the Portland Tribune's front page.

NYU Law Students Loudly Condemn Scalia During Ceremony

NYC, 13.04.2005 22:21

The Annual Survey of American Law, a journal at NYU School of Law, invited Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to campus yesterday to be honored and to accept an award. During the award ceremony, a group of about 40 law students opposing Scalia's support for the racist, sexist, and anti-gay conservative agenda protested vigorously, at times interrupting the award ceremony inside the law school. According to the NYU student newspaper, "A planned protest in Washington Square Park followed the Q-and-A, which drew activists from OUTLaw, an organization of LGBT law students, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the NYU Black Allied Law Students Association and the NYC Chapter of the National Organization of Women. The group held signs that read Scalia Go Home To the Dark Ages' and 'Repeal Scalia,' and wore homemade t-shirts reading 'Scalia Not My Chief Justice.'" [Read More || Washington Square News Editorial]

Senate Members Hear CAFTA Testimony

DC, 13.04.2005 22:01

Today, trade is at the top of the agenda for many congressional members. The senate finance committee held their first hearing on Tuesday concerning the Dominican Republic Central American Free Trade Act or DR-CAFTA. Representatives of the textile, food, and sugar industry as well as labor gave testimony. Selina Musuta of the dc radio coop reports from the capitol.


Argentina, 13.04.2005 21:00

Formosa: el mundialito de Gildo Insfrán

One-Day Strike Planned for Thursday at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2005 20:20

On April 14, workers at UC Berkeley who are members of AFSCME Local 3299 will hold a 1-day strike to fight for their rights and for a fair contract. A Student/Community Flying Picket will form at the end of the 12 noon AFSCME rally at Sproul Plaza (UC Berkeley). It will be a mobile contingent that will reinforce stationary pickets and take other forms of action in solidarity with striking workers.Read more

AFSCME represents service workers, who are many of the lowest paid workers on campus. The union is struggling for a fair contract and for workers' (especially immigrant workers') rights. A recent report issued by the National Economic Development and Law Center found that 46% of UC service workers earned wages to low to support a family. It also found UC workers earning much less than workers at California State University (CSU) and many community colleges. Supporters are asking for students, faculty, and other staff to show solidarity with campus workers by not crossing the picket lines on April 14th.

Picket Details: The picket will line up at Sproul Plaza (just inside campus, near the intersection of Bancroft & Telegraph) at 6am on Thursday. There will be a 12 noon rally at Sproul Plaza. At 4pm there will be a rally at International House, 2299 Piedmont Av., Berkeley Picketing will continue until 11:30 pm at many locations. Flyer The Coalition of University Employees is encouraging other workers to not cross the picket line on Thursday.

May 12th: Screening and Speak Out for Abortion Rights

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.04.2005 19:20

The Center for Education and Social Action is inviting pro-choice people to come to New College on May 12th for the West Coast premiere of "I'm Not Sorry," a documentary by Jennifer Baumgardner. The film features women speaking candidly about their experiences with abortion.

This documentary was made as part of the "I'm Not Sorry" campaign, which Jennifer started last year in response to what she sees as the attempt by the right to foist a false consciousness of regret, terror and sadness on women. The movie was made 32 years after abortions in this country became safe and legal. It showcases the voices of the first generation in the US whose reproductive rights were recognized and safeguarded, and who have had abortions. "I'm Not Sorry" dispels the myth that abortions hurt women, and instead gives voice to the truth that far from being simply a negative experience, abortions are seen by most women who have them as a legitimate aspect of their practice of reproductive management.

"I'm Not Sorry" will be screened at 7pm on May 12th, at 766 Valencia (btw 19th and 20th at the New College of California). After the screening, pro-choice women who have had abortions will be given a space to speak up and affirm their abortions publicly and to describe what safe, pain-managed and legal abortions mean to them. Read more

I'm Not Website

Boneyard Arts Festival &amp; Late Night Cabaret -- April 15-16, 2005.

Urbana-Champaign, 13.04.2005 19:01

The Boneyard Arts Festival is this weekend, April 15-16, 2005 in locations throughout Urbana, Champaign, and surrounding communities. In addition, this year there will also be a late-night cabaret on Friday & Saturday night from 9pm to 2am.

IRMA To Sue Filesharers For Clawing Back Profits From Greedy Exploitative Corporations

Ireland, 13.04.2005 19:00

'The darknets are where it's at I'm told'' sez Wag ''Anyone got directions?" The Irish Recorded Music Association is to start legal action against 17 Irish people whom they accuse of sharing copywrighted music. The Irish Recorded Music Association is to start legal action against 17 Irish people whom they accuse of sharing copywrighted music. IRMA announced the decision today, claiming they 'were forced' into the move and are 'unhappy' about it. They cite figures that the 'Irish Music Industry' is 'losing' €3.8m annually because of illegal downloading. Since 2002 they have seen profits fall from €146m annually to €118m, which is a 19% drop over 3 years. The put this drop in sales down to what they call 'serial filesharers'. IRMA is the trade organisation representing 47 members, including major and independent record companies. IRMA say that file sharing is “effectively stealing the livelihood of the creators of music”. But who is really 'stealing the livelihoods' of musicians? Take an average new CD that costs between €15 and €20. According to Patrick Norager, who runs an Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) net-radio station: “Artists only get 10 percent of (the money from) their sales before they pay managers and absorb breakage fees and other expenses... The fact is unless you can sell 250,000 copies on a major label you will probably get dropped. The way they do it, it’s like they’re selling toasters instead of music.” So the artist (unless they are huge sellers like U2 or Metallica) will only get between somewhere between €1.50 to €2 or less for every CD sold, before additional expenses and record company 'recouperation'. The 'record industry' (the labels, the stores, the middlemen) and taxman get the rest. Steve Albini, a longtime rock producer (perhaps most famous for working on Nirvana's final studio album) lays out a typical example of a new band signing to a major label, from an Indie label. After signing for a £250,000 advance with a 13% cut of record sale profits (-10% of that 13% for 'packaging') - this band will find themselves having made a paltry $4000 each. And the really strange thing is that NONE of this comes from the record royalties - the band actually owes the record industry $14,000 for the album. The small amount of money made actually comes from touring and merchandise. As Dougie Thomspon, former Supertramp bassist, says: "make sure that you book as may shows as you can, as far in advance as possible, for as much money as you can get while the fire is hot." It's surplus value gone mad - imagine a worker who ends up owing their boss money after they've carried out their work they were contracted to do! Articles Of Relevance A Day in the life, a look at the current P2P scene Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig (How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity) Indymedia Blog On Bill Gates recent comments about the 'dotcommunist' pheonemeon Overview of the peer to peer networks Cartoon On Copyright Violation Courtney Love Does The Math At the end of the first album and a five week tour here are the profits made: Record company: $ 710,000 Producer: $ 90,000 Manager: $ 51,000 Studio: $ 52,500 Previous label: $ 50,000 Agent: $ 7,500 Lawyer: $ 12,000 Band member net income each: $ 4,031.25 (for four people) So this band, on their first album and tour have made the meagre amount of four grand each, while they have generated over $3.3 million for the record industry. See Albini's article here: Who's ripping off whom exactly? Some say services such as I-Tunes are more 'artist friendly' than big label CD releases. This is arguable, there's an interesting article about it here: Now, lets look at IRMA's figures. They cite a sales drop of almost €4 on an annual basis. I'm not a maths expert (B in pass Math 1998) - but I can't figure these numbers out. According to IRMA these are cumulitive losses - ie, every year they lose a further 3.8 million to 'downloaders'. So in 2002 they are down 3.8m, in 2003 they are down another 3.8 on top of the 3.8 (in total 11.4m), and in 2004 they are down a further 11.4m - bringing our total to 22.8m. 146 - 22.8 = 123.2 The figure they cite is 118m - where did the other 5 million go? But I guess in relative terms, 5 million is nothing - and I am open to correction from a mathemathician on this question. However, lets look at what IRMA could be leaving out. They cite losses for the 'Irish Music Industry' - I'm guessing this doesn't include people like session players, producers, studio owners etc, they are simply talking, I assume, about 'sales revenue'. What is the Irish Music Industry? Thats a good question. One would expect it to be composed of groups like Whirlygig, Celtic, Spaceboy etc. Well, yes they are represented by IRMA. But so too are such great Irish companies as Warner Music (Ireland), Sony Music (Ireland), Universal Music (Ireland) and EMI (Ireland). Just to take the example of Sony - after looking at their website, I can see only four Irish bands on their label. (There may be more, but that is all that is listed, and one of them is B*Witched). Universal has about four too, at least according to an incomplete artist list on their site. EMI apprently have no Irish bands (again according to the list on their site). Warner's website is horrible (they don't even have an Irish website) but I think they have at least three Irish bands, possibly more. So, this isn't about evil downloaders stealing from -Irish- bands or singers. At least not for the Big Four - who lets face it, own most of the Industry anyway. This is about the sales -in- Ireland of international artists. Using IRMA's own figures, theres been a drop of €28m for the record industry, which when you apply Steve Albini's math (in which artists get 0.48% of what the record industry does), artists themselves have lost only €134,400! Or taking it as just a percentage of what the record company makes (2.25%) a whopping €630,000. Even then, the figures may be misleading. How is revenue calculated? Does the calculation rely simply on sales within Ireland? Do they take into account the fact that many (well I do) people buy their music from much cheaper places like (based in Jersey), (actually based in Buckinghamshire, UK) and Amazon (there is no Are these sales to Irish people calculated into the losses or what? Speaking personally, I can't remember the last time I bought anything other than second hand discs/DVDs in Ireland. Probably at Christmas 2002. Since then I've pretty much ordered everything from Amazon and Play - thats about 25 DVDs and maybe 5 discs. I pretty much buy discs only second hand these days (and that would amount to somewhere in the region of 30 discs in the last 2 years - all second hand). Also, I'd like to know do they figure in pay-per-download sites, such as I-Tunes or in these figures? Then there is the fact that every download is not necessarily a 'lost' sale. People will download things they would never think about buying. Finally, there is the question that the record industry will never address. The majority of absolute shite that passes for music these days. Yeah there are some decent mainstream bands, but they are a vast minority (in my opinion anyway). Just look at the top ten charts: --Singles-- (Is This The Way To) Amarillo Tony Christie feat. Peter Kay Candy Shop 50 Cent Rich Girl Gwen Stefani feat. Eve All About You / You've Got a Friend McFly Let Me Love You Mario Switch Will Smith Get Right Jennifer Lopez Over and Over Nelly feat. Tim McGraw They Jem Falling Stars Sunset Strippers --Albums-- Hot Fuss Killers Language. Sex. Violence. Other? Stereophonics The Massacre 50 Cent Hey Dreamer John Spillane American Idiot Green Day Love. Angel. Music. Baby Gwen Stefani O Damien Rice The Singles Basement Jaxx Lullabies To Paralyze Queens of the Stone Age The Definitive Collection Tony Christie I'd never buy any of those - I did get copies of the Killers and Damien Rice albums off a mate - and despite three or four good songs on each, they're not great. Certainly not worth upwards of €15 (again, thats my personal taste - my mate likes them).

'Good German' and Shannon Airport 'Police' Inspector Impersonates A Garda Síochana

Ireland, 13.04.2005 19:00

Airport Police Try To Seize Camera Containing Evidence Of Same At Shannon While planespotting OUTSIDE Shannon Warport in broad daylight last Sunday, some planespotters found themselves on the receiving end of a fit of madness from one of the APOs who decided somehow that he had jurisdiction outside his patch. Besides manhandling a young lady and her camera, Airport Police Inspector Mike Hogan tried to pass himself off as a member of An Garda Siochana, which is a criminal offence. While planespotting OUTSIDE Shannon Warport in broad daylight last Sunday, some planespotters found themselves on the receiving end of a fit of madness from one of the APOs who decided somehow that he had jurisdiction outside his patch. Besides manhandling a young lady and her camera, Airport Police Inspector Mike Hogan tried to pass himself off as a member of An Garda Siochana, which is a criminal offence. Following the EYFA Anti-War Conference in Co Clare last week, some of the participating peaceniks held a vigil in Ennis, where they distributed leaflets and food to the fine people of the banner county. We informed the locals that there has been a huge increase in troop movements through Shannon. (95,584 in the first three months of 2005 alone. There has also been more frequent sightings of C-130s and US Navy logistic flights at Ireland's de facto warport.) Over a hundred leaflets were handed out to the public, who also appreciated the free food. Afterwards, 7 of us went to Shannon to check up on our local US military airstrip. As usual we went to the industrial estate bordering the airport, rather than into the airport itself. We weren’t there very long when two members of the airport police turned up. I looked down from my viewing point to see a uniformed Airport Police inspector in a tussle with a lady half his size who was trying to stand her ground and keep her video camera. I strolled down to see what this guy was up to. The Airport Police vehicle had come to a halt in the middle of the road at a corner next to the PIE warehouse. As I approached, I could hear the camera crew telling the tall man-in-black that they were in a public place, and acting within the law. The APO Inspector simply told us to get in our vehicles and clear out.(He took a very macho and aggressive attitude considering that he had no jurisdiction and that we were perfectly entitled to stay watching or filming for as long as we wanted. ) I asked him who he was and he said he was an authorised officer. I could see from his I.D. that he was Airport Police Inspector Michael B Hogan. (I recalled meeting him before where he had taken an equally irrational position) I told him that he had no jurisdiction outside the airport as he was not a Garda. “How do you know I’m not a garda?!” he snapped back at me. “You’re wearing an airport police inspectors uniform” I replied. At that point I warned him that it was a serious offence to impersonate a Garda and that he should not pass himself off as a member of An Garda Siochana. (We have this on tape, and he knew we were taping it, that’s probably why he was engaged in a tug of war with the camerawoman – so the tape would be admissible in evidence should the DPP choose to prosecute this man) Rather than admit that he was not a Garda, this man kept up the pretence. “I am an authorised officer” he said. “Yes, under the Air Transport and Navigation Acts” I replied, “ that gives you jurisdiction inside the airport. We are not IN the airport.” He then tried to persuade me that we were, in fact, inside the airport boundary. After a microsecond of utter disbelief, I had to correct his logic, and pointed out that the map in Aer Rianta’s 2003 injunction clearly marked the aerodrome boundary (being the rather obvious fence in this instance) “I am an authorised officer” he repeated. “Yes, you’ve said that already, but I’ve read the Air Transport Navigation Act. I know what it says” I replied. He made another grab for the video camera, almost knocking over the camera woman and nearly breaking off the side screen. I restrained him and warned him that what he had committed was an assault and that his behaviour was a breach of the peace. At that point he backed off and went towards his car. I told him we weren’t impressed with Airport Policemen trying to bluff that they were cops or had powers that they did not. An airport police jeep came up behind us at this point, and the camera woman looked quite stressed so we made preparations to go. We each went to our own cars, and headed out of the industrial estate, as we did so quite a few cop cars started appearing as well as a Garda transit van (with more than a couple of Gardai inside). A checkpoint was quickly established right in front of us, just 20 yards beyond a roundabout, and, (surprise, surprise) the only two cars pulled over were part of our plane-spotting group. After producing her license, and promising to produce a copy of her insurance policy within ten days, our driver was allowed to proceed. The checkpoint evaporated as quickly as it had been set up. The camera crew, who had parked further away, simply walked past the checkpoint. Even from here I can hear you ask “Where were all these Gardai 5 minutes earlier when Mike Hogan was throwing his weight around?” … good question. Other Recent Indymedia Ireland Features And Articles On Shannon Warport Airport Police move swiftly to suppress evidence. Is there a "torture jet" behind that warplane? Activists Lodge Complaint About Guantanamo Bay Express CIA Torture Jet Sold In Attempted Cover Up

Baseball deal hammered(and lawsuit announced!) at Gay community panel

DC, 13.04.2005 18:01

Last night, Zeigfields (a club at O and Half st SE), along with the Gertrude Stean dems(a mainstream Gay group), hosted a panel discussion on the stadium with a third of the City Council , the club owners, and a huge audience.

Government Official says Kennedy Center President Lied to Congress about Funding

DC, 13.04.2005 18:01

The Kennedy Center has come under intense criticism by a government auditor who accused the Center's president of lying to Congress.

Anti-War “Main Event” in downtown Champaign

Urbana-Champaign, 13.04.2005 18:01

After protesting US imperialism on North Prospect for the past three years, AWARE is trying out a new venue in downtown Champaign this Saturday April 16 from 2-4 pm.

Indigenous sovereignty now!

Perth, 13.04.2005 12:31


Hafta CAFTA? Protest Today in Foley Square

NYC, 13.04.2005 11:21

12:00 April 13 @ Foley Sqaure: Protest DR-CAFTA, Hear Excluded Testimony, Pressure Senator Schumer! Susan Chenelle gives CAFTA background in the latest Indypendent: "When the Guatemalan government ratified the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) on March 10, the wheels of globalization took a big turn forward. With Guatemala becoming the third country, after El Salvador and Honduras, to approve the agreement, the stage is now set for a ratification battle in the U.S. Congress." [Read More] (Photo from Houston IMC)

GAMA Workers Seek Immediate Government Intervention To Secure Information And Access To Accounts

Ireland, 13.04.2005 11:00

They Also Demand Immediate Publication Of Labour Inspectors’ Report A photoessay and account of the GAMA Workers Protest at the Dáil { photos by redjade } © Turkish Workers’ Action Group Press Statement: Tuesday 12th April 2005 At a major protest at the Dáil at lunchtime on Tuesday 12th April, the Turkish workforce of the GAMA construction company, joined and supported by Irish construction and other workers, called upon the Government to intervene immediately to secure the necessary information for the workers in relation to the secret bank accounts that GAMA opened in their names in Finasbank, Holland. A call was made that the Government, through the Dutch Government or directly with Finansbank, ensure that by this weekend each worker has a full statement of his account since it was first opened. This means an account of each transaction and the total funds in each worker’s name. Once they have this information, the workers are then seeking a commitment from the Government that it will oblige Finansbank, Holland to accept instructions from each worker on what they wish to do with their funds. In this way, the issue of information on the secret bank accounts could be resolved within days and the issue of workers’ access to the funds could be resolved within two weeks. The GAMA workers are also calling for the publication of the report by the Labour Inspectorate, which Minister Michéal Martin has now received. GAMA has an injunction prohibiting the report being published and that has been continued until next Monday. This begs the question what GAMA is trying to hide by preventing the publication of the report. GAMA workers have been subjected to a regime of massive exploitation since the firm came to Ireland in 2000. They are obliged to work for more than 80 hours per week on a basic wage rate of €2.20 an hour plus food and lodging in barrack accommodation. It is not just an issue of justice for these workers, but also a question of protecting trade union rates of pay and proper working conditions for all workers. Please note: language problems make it impossible to give a contact person for the TWAG. However, Joe Higgins T.D. or Councillor Mick Murphy will confirm the information in this statement. Joe Higgins, Tel: (01) 618 3038 Cllr. Mick Murphy, Tel: 086 9683814

Northwest Anarchist Federation Conference Report

Portland, 13.04.2005 07:21

The weekend of March 25th, 26th, and 27th the Northwest Anarchist Federation (NAF) held its third conference in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. All three cities that NAF has local in, Portland, Seattle, and Victoria, were represented. Since our last conference NAF has been engaged in the class struggle through out the Northwest. The Victoria Anarchists Collective has continued their organizing in the Canadian Federation of Students, fighting for democracy within the CFS and fighting to keep higher education in British Columbia affordable for working class students. They have also begun laying the groundwork for opening an anarchist info-shop in Victoria, where there is no community space for anarchists. The Seattle Local Union of NAF has continued its work of anti-military recruitment. Seattle NAFers were part of the inspiring events of January 20th, where military recruiters were forcibly kicked out of Seattle Central Community College.

In Portland, the Firebrand Collective has continued the publication of its rank and file workplace agitational newspaper, 'The Firebrand". Firebrand has also been heavily involved in the labor movement in Portland, taking part in strikes, and building a community flying squad. They have also been organizing against the closing of public schools and were instrumental in bringing together different neighborhoods into a coalition, The Neighborhood Schools Alliance. The Burning Rose Collective was voted in as a member collective. They have been distributing class struggle propaganda and tabling at events in Portland.

Rally for Justice for Janitors today: Loud and Lively

Portland, 13.04.2005 07:21

About 100 people showed up for the Justice for Servicemaster janitors today at SW Columbia and Front. Some carried a huge banner with arms extended over their heads. Chanting was loud and lively, as was the drumbeats by the No War Drum Corps! We stopped at several businesses that probably employ Servicemaster janitors.

Upon crossing SW Clay and Front, some of the rallyers stayed in the middle of the crosswalk, chanting & not moving. Traffic stacked up quickly. After a few minutes, a car drove forth slowly, coming within about 2 inches of a gal who was bending backwards. One guy then stood directly in front of that stopped car in the crosswalk. The driver asked him to move several times (I think), but the guy did not budge. The driver then got out of his car and pushed our guy aside. He did not resist. That opened up the traffic which then began to move forth--as did 3 police cars. By then the main group was heading back to the start point.

Heat on Halliburton

Houston, 13.04.2005 07:20

Halliburton Campaign Heats Up

After Nearly 4 Years of Struggle, Living Wage Passes

San Diego, 13.04.2005 06:01

Congratulations! After nearly four years of hard work by the Living Wage Coalition, we won! Today at about 8pm the city council voted 5 to 4, Brian Maienschein, Jim Madaffer, Scott Peters and Mayor Dick Murphy dissenting (no surprise there) to adopt a Living Wage Ordinance for the city of San Diego. Two thousand workers and their families will be lifted out of poverty with passing of Living Wage Ordinance.

Brief Report from Students for Economic Justice

Protesters gathered today and the San Diego Concourse at Civic Center Plaza to demand a living wage ordinance in this years City Budget. The motley Coalition was comprised of a variety of organizations: San Diego Organizing Project, San Diego Democratic Project, Old Women's Project, NAACP, Environmental Health Coalition, American Friends Service Committee, Service Employees International Union, Interfaith Community for Worker Justice, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, ACORN, International Painters and Allied Trades, American Federation of State and County Municipal workers, Nurses Unite, Justice for Janitors, and United Food and Commercial Workers to name a few. The Living Wage Ordinance includes a wage increase to $10 per hour plus health care or an additional $2 for the health care differential.

Tune into radioActive Radio on Thursday at 6:30PM PST for an interview with the coalition's press contact.

Radio coverage live from the rally - including an update on the hunger strike for a living wage in St. Louis.

For More information Go to: Universal Living | Economic Policy Institute | | San Diego Union-Tribune


Argentina, 13.04.2005 00:00

¿Qué hay de nuevo?

2.4.: Aktionstag gegen Festung Europa

Germany, 12.04.2005 23:20

In 50 St�dten in Europa wurde rund um den 2. April protestiert, gegen Lager f�r Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht, gegen die Internierung von MigrantInnen in verschiedenen Formen von Lagern und gegen Grenzen. Auch an der Grenze zwischen San Diego/Tijuana (USA/Mexiko) fanden Proteste statt. In Frankfurt/Main versammelten sich AktivistInnen zu einer Aktion im Terminal 1 des Frankfurter Flughafens. In Brandenburg trafen sich Menschen bei der Ausl�nderbeh�rde in Senftenberg und im zw�lf Kilometer entfernten Internierungslager in Bahnsdorf (Landkreis Oberspreewald-Lausitz in Brandenburg) und nahmen damit am Aktionstag f�r Bewegungsfreiheit und Bleiberecht teil. | | | aktiv gegen Abschiebung | Mini-Anti-Lager-Tour

Strong Turnout Against UCSF Dog Experiments

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.04.2005 22:20

To protest and draw media attention to UCSF's dog vivisection program, a Dog March was held Sunday, April 10th at the university's Mission Bay Campus in San Francisco. A large turnout of eighty-four activists plus fifty-two dogs protested the experiments that will make use of 750 dogs. "It's great to see so many people and dogs here to draw attention to this cruel and unnecessary invasive animal research," said demonstrator Nora Kramer, who attended the march with her 15-year-old Black Lab mix Spanky. "The dogs used in these experiments deserve as much compassion and protection from cruelty as the companion dogs we live with." The research, which involves placing pacemakers in otherwise healthy dogs, resulting in heart failure for some of them and the eventual euthanasia of all of them, has been denounced by animal rights activists as not only cruel but also scientifically invalid and unnecessary.

Reports & Photos: 1 | 2 · Previous UCSF Protest Coverage
Details of dog experiments and others at UCSF
In Defense of Animals' Vivisection Information website

April Fuelish Day Protest At Peninsula Ford.

San Francisco Bay Area, 12.04.2005 22:20

On April 1, 2005, the Peninsula Raging Grannies, Rainforest Action Network, the Stanford Radical Cheerleaders and others protested at Peninsula Ford against the environmental impact of the low gas mileage of Ford cars and trucks. According to the EPA, Ford has the worst average fuel economy among the top six automakers and has been in sixth place for the past five years.

Photos: 1 | 2 | Video | Indybay's Environment Page

Lost Film Festival in SD Sunday!

San Diego, 12.04.2005 22:01

San Diego Indymedia and Voz Alta will be hosting the Lost Film Festival on Sunday.

This is a last minute announcement for an awesome event. Tell your friends! Its gonna rock!

Sunday, April 17th, 6pm
Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway

LOST FILM FEST is a laugh-a-riot event with equal emphasis on both "laugh" and "riot." Focusing on pranks vs. corporations and government institutions. If George W. Bush makes you puke and you dig pie fights with cops, riot footage, and culture jamming, you'll love the punk rock urgency of the Lost Film Fest and its celebration of media archaeology and illegal art.

Lost Film Fest from West Philadelphia is a traveling multimedia spectacle incorporating live performance and video. It's a truly independent, anti-authoritarian, anti-corporate grassroots DIY media extravaganza hosted by Festival Director Scott Beibin (Bloodlink Records, Evil Twin Booking.) Beibin travels the globe telling stories and spinning movies like a DJ using a video projector, dvd player, and backpack filled with goodies. The roadshow incorporates a sexy, smash-it-up, radical anti-capitalist anti-globalization perspective. Truly "Too Hot for TV" since 1999, the LFF has featured scathing and hilarious social commentary in the form of narrative shorts, documented pranks, hot amateur protest footage, and video re-mixes. Additionally there is an annual weeklong event held in Philly, and guerilla visits to Sundance, SXSW, and Cannes. This jam is about smashing the illusions cast by Hollywood, the Pentagon, and FOX

International Day of Action Against Caterpillar Focuses on Chicago Meeting

Chicago, 12.04.2005 20:22

logoOn April 13, the annual Caterpillar shareholders meeting in Chicago will vote on a groundbreaking resolution that calls on CAT to investigate bulldozer sales to Israel.

Human rights groups charge that Caterpillar equipment has been used by the Israeli Defense Forces to destroy roads, orchards, greenhouses, agricultural land and the homes of over 50,000 Palestinians since 1967. Dozens have died as a result, including Nabila al-Shu�bi, [2] who was seven months pregnant when she was killed with seven other family members in an illegal home demolition. Rachel Corrie, a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement, was murdered on March 16, 2003, in Rafah when she was crushed underneath a Caterpillar bulldozer as she attempted to stop an illegal home demolition. While U.S. taxpayers foot the bill, activists assert, Caterpillar is making a killing in Palestine.

An International Day of Action centered around the CAT shareholder meeing -- with protests planned in 40 cities worldwide -- has called been to demand that the Illinois equipment manufacturer halt equipment sales to Israel that enable these human rights violations against Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. In Chicago, the Stop CAT Coalition will gather on the sidewalk outside the April 13th shareholders meeting at Northern Bank, 50 S LaSalle St. at noon.

Related Sites: Stop CAT Coalition | Stop Caterpillar | Palestine Solidarity Group - Chicago | Jewish Voice for Peace | International Solidarity Movement | US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

Related Articles: Drawing Caterpillar Out Of Its Corporate Cocoon: Company Should Examine Its Role in Mideast Violence | Human Rights Watch: "Caterpillar Should Suspend Bulldozer Sales" | Democracy Now!: Family of Rachel Corrie Sues Israeli Government and Caterpillar Inc. Two Years After She Was Crushed by Military Bulldozer | BBC News: US bulldozer firm in Mideast Row | Caterpillar: The Alternative Report - War on Want [PDF format, 715K]

Negroponte Faces Senate Intelligence Committee

DC, 12.04.2005 20:01

While John Bolton was being questioned by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, John Negroponte, a Bush nominee for the position of National Director of Intelligence, faced his own confirmation hearing this time by the Senate Intelligence Committee. The Washington Post revealed on Tuesday that Negroponte, while serving as ambassador to Honduras, armed and financed Nicaraguran Contras to overthrow the Sandinista government. Selina Musuta reports from the hearing.

Better Late Than Never: The Times Catches Up With Post RNC Fallout

NYC, 12.04.2005 16:32

More than four months after NYC Indymedia first broke the story of possible perjury by NYPD Officer Matthew Wohl in the case of RNC arrestee Dennis Kyne, as well as the role played by video activists in the dismissal of many charges stemming from the RNC, the New York Times released a front page story largely confirming many of the allegations.

From a poster on the Open Newswire: "This is major. Page One of today's New York Times, and with the (unusual) use of videotape on the Times website: the D.A.'s office tries to make an innocent ... defendant look guilty."

Other post-RNC articles by the NYC IMC documented a host of unanswered questions regarding city use of Pier 57. Perhaps the Times will one day see it fit to look into these allegations, too.


Brasil, 12.04.2005 16:21

Descaso - Mais uma morte de sem-teto em Goiânia

8 Days of Sitting In at WashU, Take Action: Sit-In for Living Wage, Washington University in St. Louis

Urbana-Champaign, 12.04.2005 15:21

The following is from a student participating in the ongoing sit-in/occupation in the main administrative building of Washington University in St. Louis. The sit-in is in support of campus workers who do not currently receive a living wage. Currently the sit-in has been going on for 8 days (since April 4). Below this message is a list of ways you can take action and a summary of what we've been doing over the past 10 days. Update: Word has just been received that Washington U has announced that the students must vacate the sit-in as of 11:30pm Monday evening. This update is posted as a comment to this article. For up-to-date info, check out the St. Louis IMC Newswire at

Living Wage Activists at Mary Washington University Lock Down in VP's Office

Richmond, 12.04.2005 15:01

On April 11th at 9 am, five students chained themselves together inside the office of Richard Hurley, Mary Washington University’s Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. They came to demand a living wage for University employees, and refused to leave for over two hours, until Mr. Hurley agreed to negotiate with them.... By 11:30, Aaron Samsel, student negiotator for the UMW Living Wage Campaign, and Hurley had reached an agreement on the establishment of a committee. Samsel was allowed to meet alone with the protestors in Hurley’s office. The activists discussed and agreed to the proposal, unlocked and left the office victorious, “lock-down equipment” in hand.... Read the full story!

Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney Urges Reform of Voting Process at Historic Conference

Tennessee, 12.04.2005 14:02

Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney adressed the closing of the National Election Reform Conference Saturday, April 9th in Nashville. Congresswoman McKinney is the first black female elected to Congress from the state of Georgia. Elected in 1992, she served five consecutive terms. In 2002 she was the subject of an intense campaign by the Republicans to run her out of office for questions she asked about Bush Administration knowledge of events surrounding September 11th. After a two year hiatus she returned to the public arena and successfully regained her seat. She addressed the National Conference on Election Reform regarding the historical suppression of the black vote and modern attempts at gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Protests against Canadian commercial seal hunt

Aotearoa, 12.04.2005 14:01

Animal rights activists held protests in Auckland, Wellington [ images ] and Christchurch today against the Canadian commercial seal hunt. 40 activists turned up to a lunchtime protest in Wellington at the Canadian High Commission, chanting and yelling at the Embassy for over an hour. The protests follow after 11 crew members of the Sea Sheperd were attacked by seal hunters with clubs and pick axes and later arrested for tacking pictures of the brutal slaughter. Protests took part all over the globe last month against this death industry. The seal hunt is the largest mass slaughter of marine mammals in the world -it is expected over 319,000 seals will be killed by the end of April. If you went to the protest in Auckland or Christchurch, why not write a report?.

Elite parking only

DC, 12.04.2005 14:01

The RAT Boy does it again. In yet another example of Rat Boy AKA Mr. Tony’s disregard for the non-rich (i.e. Non-white) people of this city he has done it again. Gentrification lives in SE DC. Now citizens in the area can’t park in front of the homes that they are paying too much tax for. Why you ask? Baseball!!

Church Groups Oppose SD Boy Scouts

San Diego, 12.04.2005 14:01

Court filing reflects dispute between Boy Scouts and religious denomination, as Unitarian Universalists oppose Boy Scouts' control of San Diego parklands

Reportback on Blacksburg anti-Cintas actions

Richmond, 12.04.2005 14:01

When Cintas Corp. decided to sponsor Virginia Tech's "Big Event", a community service day for students, they didn't expect to be met by local activists and labor groups using the opportunity to protest Cintas's miserable labor and environmental record. Excerpts from the weekend's actions:

"(Friday) April 8, 2005: Twenty-two activists held a hastily organized rally in downtown Blacksburg to raise awareness of Cintas' anti-equality/anti-worker/anti-environment practices.... Our activities have succeeded in creating a minor controversy around Cintas's involvement in the Big Event...."

"Saturday (April 9, 2005). Five of us met at the university armed with anti-Cintas leaflets that the Teamsters had shipped to us overnight. As we moved through the crowds of students and handed out flyers we told them that although we fully supported the Big Event, we felt they should know that their sponsor is currently being sued by the EEOC for discrimination.... [A]s representatives of Cintas' management were gathering to distribute Big Event t-shirts with the company's logo, it was time to change tactics. We started approaching the Cintas employees, preferably within earshot of the Tech students, with questions such as, 'Can you please tell me more about the EEOC lawsuit against Cintas which cites discrimination against women' or 'Can you comment on the sweatshops that Cintas operates in Honduras?'"

UMW Living Wage Victory

Richmond, 12.04.2005 14:01

Today's lockdown ended in victory after only two hours with the administration agreeing to form a 6 member Living Wage Committee made up of three coalition members, and three administration members. The committee will investigate poverty wage issues at the University of Mary Washington and work together towards a solution. The fight is not over, but this is a huge step. Direct action gets the goods!

Oregon House Transportation Committee may consider driving-only card for undocumented immigrants

Portland, 12.04.2005 14:01

The House Transportation Committee held a second hearing on HB 2611 and HB 2947 last Wednesday, April 6. PCUN President Ramon Ramirez and members of the American Friends Service Committee urged the committee to reject the bills which require a Social Security number to obtain a driver's license, permit, or identification card in Oregon. Additionally, PCUN submitted 15 written testimonies from immigrants who would be affected by this legislation.

The committee may consider amendments similar to the Tennessee and Utah model of issuing a "driving privilege card" to applicants who do not have a Social Security number. Tennessee's "driving privilege card" bears the notation "For driving purposes only. Not valid for identification." PCUN rejects any multi-tiered licensing system because it wastes valuable law enforcement resources, forces DMV officials to act as immigration officers, and exacerbates discrimination and racial profiling against immigrants.

comment >>

[ Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste ]

Tre Arrow interviewed

Portland, 12.04.2005 14:01

This is a great interview. i didn't know Tre that well before he left Portland, but i was (and still am) inspired by him and his example. In this phone interview he talks about life behind bars, the pain of his separation from nature, and his legal case. He unequivocally denies the charges brought against him in the United States; the tactic of burning anything is not something he would ever do, he says. And he explains the bolt-cutters.

In this interview, Tre speaks about his time in Prison and the reasons why in is being held. Recorded April 7th, 2005 at CFRU Radio in Guelph, Ontario by Environment Radio.

listen >>
story+another interview >>Legal Defense fund website updated, more tour dates announced

The Tre Arrow Defense Committee is proud to announce our newly refurbished web site:

There are many new and exciting additions to the web site, including over two dozen pictures of Brother Tre, the latest down-loadable flier, four Free Tre Arrow images, Tre's suggested reading list and web links, and a link to two different rare audio interviews with our imprisoned brother.

Throughout April, Ben Shannon, spokesperson for the Tre Arrow Defense Committee will be traveling throughout B.C. on a speaking tour entitled, "The Media as the Judge: The case of accused 'Eco-Terrorist' Tre Arrow." The Corporate Media plays a consequential role in Tre's case and his life by already indicting, trying and convicting Tre. In refusing to use the words 'accused', 'alleged' or even 'suggested' before calling Tre an 'Eco-Terrorist', they are implying that he has had a trial and been convicted. Tre has never stepped one foot into a court room to face these charges, let alone been convicted of them. Stating that an individual is guilty before their trial is undemocratic and unjust. By playing this game, the Corporate Media has been able to convince society across the continent that Tre is an 'Eco-Terrorist'.


Oh, Pooh! We Slam It Week Accidentally Gets a Poo-Poo-Poo-litzer

Portland, 12.04.2005 14:01

So how did Portland's sleaziest newspaper win a Pooh? It was of course for one little article and is not intended as an overall endorsement of all the other unprofessional practices of the dirty rag. Usually the only "awards" this scandal sheet wins are those from the various trade organizations to which it belongs where the members get together frequently to give themselves awards, and there are so many prizes in so many categories that everybody's bound to get something, such that even amateur small-town papers in rural counties can claim to be "award-winning."

But a Pulitzer for Willamette Week? Obviously the Pooh judges didn't look at the Big Picture. Instead, they saw only one little expose where the paper lucked out, and they overlooked a looooong history of baaad employee relations, several union bustings, dysfunctional alcoholic management, ignorant and obnoxious (bad combination!) "critics," sophomoric nitpicking at The Oregonian when actually any writer that WW gets who's any good ends up moving on to the Big O for twice the pay and far less dysfunctional working conditions, and the sleaze list goes on and on.


related: [ Poem to the Willamette Week regarding Goldschmidt cover (5/14/04) | Willamette Week's Hypocrisy Exposed Again (3/11/05) ]

Pink Triangles and Queer Persecution

Portland, 12.04.2005 14:01

Many people are familiar with the Star of David being used in the Nazi's persecution of the Jewish population during World War II. Jews were forced to wear the Star of David on their sleeve to label them as Jews. There were other symbols used as well. A purple triangle meant Jehovah's Witness. Red triangle were used for political prisoners and green triangles were used for criminals. The pink triangles were used by the Nazi's to label homosexuals.

One can find the pink triangle used in various queer references today, from LGBTQ activist buttons to beer ads. But for those who remember, the pink triangle means so much more. "We who wore the pink triangle were prioritised for medical experiments, and these generally ended in death," said Heinz Heger, holocaust survivor.

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