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Victoria's Dirty Secret exposed in Bellingham, Washington

Portland, 15.04.2005 20:21

A groups of lively protesters entered the Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham WA yesterday to raise awareness around Victoria Secret's contribution to forest destruction.

"It was a short lived but lively protest at the mall today" says Missy Hope and Bellingham resident who left work to participate. "It is so important that Victoria Secret knows that we are opposed to their role in endangered forest destruction and that we will continue to act out until they commit to using 50% post consumer content in their catalogs." The group was dressed in flashy lingerie when they delivered a letter to the manager stating that "89% of Americans want companies to be socially responsible." Carrying a banner reading "Catalogs = Clearcuts" and singing songs drew not only the attention of in store shoppers and passersby, but also the security guards that quickly escorted the group out of the mall.


[ Victoria's Dirty Secret ]

RFK Protests on National's Opening Day

DC, 15.04.2005 19:02

Thousands, many of them from Virginia and maryland, jammed DC's streets and crowded the subways trying to get to Robert F. Kennedy stadium before President George Bush threw the first pitch for the opening game of the Washington Nationals but not all who came to RFK welcomed the new baseball season including many of the residents who live around the stadium. Selina Musuta of the dc radio coop reports more from RFK stadium. Audio: 1 2

Tax Day Blues

DC, 15.04.2005 19:02

It's Tax Day. Millions of Americans are rushing at the last minute through winding 1040 forms and will mail them in before the stroke of midnight, tonight. For some, the process has gotten speedier through the use of software and free and pay electronic filing services, but the tax law itself has gotten more complicated. Members of the working and middle classes bear higher proportional burdens than the wealthy and super-wealthy. Corporations have gone from contributing over 50% in tax revenues to less than 18% over the decades since World War II.

Inspecting Debt: Africa Pays Over and Over Again

DC, 15.04.2005 19:02

Several dozen people congregated at 15th Street NW today, at the vertex of Pennsylvania and New York avenues and outside the barriers surrounding the U.S. Treasury building. They came under the banner of Jubilee USA, 50 Years Is Enough, the Mobilization for Global Justice, Africa Action, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Religious Working Group on the World Bank and IMF. In unison they demanded debt cancellation at the finance officials from the G-7 nations meeting inside.


Manila, 15.04.2005 17:03

Anti-Debt Activists Held-up World Bank to Stop Economic Intervention in the South

¡Cuba Si, George Bush No! Washingtonians Take Bolton to Task

DC, 15.04.2005 14:02

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS – A crowd of about 40 converged in front of the Cuban Interests Section on 5:00 PM Wednesday to demonstrate against US plans to condemn Cuba for human rights violations at the UN Commission on Human Rights. Representatives from EPICA and the No War on Cuba Movement were present.

NYC Activists Call for End of CAT's Support for Israeli Human Rights Abuses

NYC, 15.04.2005 12:21

(from the Open Newswire): April 14, 2005, New York, NY - In Manhattan yesterday, sixty human rights activists marked the International Day of Action Against Caterpillar by protesting outside of the Manhattan office of Caterpillar Board member Gail Fosler. Chanting and holding large photos of CAT bulldozers demolishing Palestinian homes and of Rachel Corrie who was killed by a CAT bulldozer in Rafah, activists handed out hundreds of flyers to passersby and individuals leaving Fosler's office building at 845 3rd Avenue. Fosler, who was attending the CAT shareholder meeting in Chicago, works as a Senior Vice President for The Conference Board in Manhattan.

Anti-CAFTA Rally at UCSC on April 15th

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.04.2005 10:01

Fight CAFTA through active democratic participation this Friday, April 15th, at 12:00pm in front of the Baytree Bookstore at UCSC.

CAFTA, the Cenral American Free Trade Agreement, is like NAFTA but worse. It extends abuses of human rights and the environment, corporate profiteering, and poverty to the Central American nations of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic.

CAFTA is slated to be voted on in May, but its supporters are still scrambling for votes and corporate lobbiests are swarming DC. They need 20-25 votes and are looking to Democrats in California for support on this issue.

We aren't against trade, but we are against unfair trade that legislates benefits for only a few rich corporations to profit off poverty.

See also: UCSC Students Oppose CAFTA! | Sam Farr Opposes CAFTA | Stop CAFTA | | Public Citizen | ALCA CMI::FTAA IMC

Service Workers Stage One Day Strike Against UC

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.04.2005 10:01

A one day strike was staged Thursday, April 14, at the nine University of California campuses, and five medical centers, by service workers demanding better pay, advancement opportunities and a stop to hiring discrimination. Members of other unions, including the IWW, UAW, UPTE, and AFT were out in solidarity to support the stirikers. Santa Cruz Metro bus drivers honored Thursday's picket lines, refusing to bring students onto campus. Scabs were brought in for some jobs, while other workers also crossed the lines citing financial hardship. Contract talks continue next week in Oakland.

Audio from FRSC: UC Strike update 10am || UC Strike update 11am || UCSC Shutdown! afternoon audio updates || UCSC Strike update Final

Photos: AM Strike, East Gate || Workers, Students and Community Shut Down UC Santa Cruz || Bay and High is Not an Entrance to UC Santa Cruz

Paradiso desalojado ilegalmente

Portugal, 15.04.2005 10:00

Paradiso desalojado ilegalmente

Protestos contra a respressão e limitação dos trabalhadores da Tyco

Portugal, 15.04.2005 08:30

Protestos contra a respressão e limitação dos trabalhadores da Tyco

estallo el piñatazo

Argentina, 15.04.2005 06:20

viernes 15 de abril | Participaron más de cuatrocientas personas
Estalló el Piñatazo

The Take

LA, 15.04.2005 06:01

Documentary, The Take: Run Businesses Without Bosses

Escuelas y hospitales

Argentina, 15.04.2005 06:00

Resistencia en las escuelas y hospitales

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 15.04.2005 06:00

En Franki, un jove de Terrassa, condemnat a presó!

La secció segona de l'Audiència Provincial de Barcelona ha ratificat la sentència que condemna a en Franki a 2 anys i 7 mesos de presó pels delictes d'ultratge a espanya, atemptat a l'autoritat i desordres públics. Ara per ara només queda fer un recurs al Tribunal Constitucional que no atura la condemna i suposarà el seu ingrès a presó. 8abril: concentració davant el Palau de Justicia 14Mai: manifestació a Terrassa

16Abr: Acte final del Tomb Antirepressiu: Manifestació 18h, pç universitat (barna) + Concert antirepressiu: CSO Els Toxics (Kornellà)
19-21Abr: Memòria, impunitat, justícia, democràcia. Trobada Internacional

::Altres infos:: acció de suport als 3 de gràcia:: una dona presa lligada al llit durant una operació::els meus fills estan en vaga de fam::tortures a l'estat espanyol i frances::condemnat un home agredit per parlar català a l'estació de Renfe de Badalona::repressió a protesta ecologista a la Renfe de València::detinguts a Madrid en una manifestació per l'okupació::no més morts a la presó::judici antimilitarista a Alacant::judici a les solidaries amb miniwatt::Dessallojament del CSOA Llucalari en Menorca::Autor 'Matanza cofrade' sera jutjat el 29 de septembre:: Mercadona. Amenacenan a membres del sindicat CNT Huelva per via telefonica::

+info:: >>>criminalització i repressió

criminalización y represión (es)

Barcelona, 15.04.2005 06:00

Franki, un joven de Terrassa, condenado a ir a la cárcel!

La sección segunda de la Audiencia Provincial de Barcelona ha ratificado la sentencia que condena a Franki a 2 años y 7 meses de cárcel por los delitos de ultrage a españa, atentado a la autoridad y desordenes públicos. Ahora mismo sólo queda hacer un recurso al Tribunal Constitucional que no para la condena y supondrá su ingreso a la cárcel. 8abril: concentración delante el Palau de Justicia [fotos]14mayo: manifestación a Terrassa

16Abr: Acto final del Tomb Antirepressiu: Manifestación 18h, pç universitat (barna) + Concierto antirepresivo: CSO Els Toxics (Kornellà)
19-21Abr: Memoria, impunidad, justícia, democràcia. Encuentro Internacional

::otras infos:: acción de apoyo a los 3 de gràcia:: una mujer presa atada a la cama durante una operación::mis hijos estan en huelga de hambre::torturas al estado español y frances::condenado un hombre agredido por hablar catalan a la estación de Renfe de Badalona::represión a una protesta ecologista a la Renfe de València::detenidos en Madrid en una manifestación por la okupación::no más muertes en la cárcel::juicio antimilitarista en Alacant::juicio a las solidárias con miniwatt::Desalojo del CSOA Llucalari en Menorca::Autor 'Matanza cofrade' será juzgado el 29 de septiembre:: Mercadona. Amenazan a miembros del sindicato CNT Huelva por vía telefónica::

+info:: >>>criminalitzación y represión

Hospitales y escuelas en lucha

Argentina, 15.04.2005 05:30

Resistencia en las escuelas y hospitales

Purple on the Sidewalk: Campus workers at SOU stage informational picket

Portland, 15.04.2005 03:21

Those people wearing purple during the noon hour Wednesday on Siskiyou Boulivard in front of Southern Oregon University's Churchill Hall were university workers, members of SEIU, the Service Employees International Union. It was a cold brisk day and the 30 or 35 folks who skipped lunch to assemble were not there for their health.

They were out there for their healthcare!

State workers all over Oregon are under attack. The employer is not satisfied with this pay freeze of the last two years, and now in current bargaining wants state workers to start paying towards health care premiums, too!

Black 'Australia' has had enough

darwin, 15.04.2005 03:02

Call to end Genocide

Peta and KFC Negotations Break Down

San Francisco Bay Area, 15.04.2005 01:30

Almost two months ago, Kentucky Fried Chicken was one of the most protested chain stores targeted by animal rights activists. In response to the public pressure, KFC entered into negotiations with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and protests were suspended for a period of six weeks. PETA spokespeople now claim that negotiations with KFC have broken down, and they "still aren't planning to take the recommendations of their own advisors to eliminate the worst abuses of the chickens raised and killed for their restaurants". PETA is now calling for a "Month of Action Against KFC", and is offering free materials for groups that organize local demonstrations. KFC has come under fire because of their policies in regards to slaughtering, housing, and gathering the 800,000 chickens it processed every year. Read More

Summary of Peta/KFC Meeting
PETA's Kentucky Fried Cruelty website

Massive Columbia Student Campaign Urges Reps to Preserve Financial Aid and College Prep Programs

NYC, 15.04.2005 01:21

April 14, 2005--Columbia students will place one thousand phone calls today to ask their congressional representatives to reject cuts in student aid. The student-organized “Make the Call” campaign will convert Columbia into a lobbying center for the day. Organizers will set up cell phone calling stations at seven well-trafficked locations around the New York City campus. Dozens of volunteers will staff the stations, keeping track of numbers and targets as their fellow students call their representatives and senators.

Service, Technical Workers Strike at UCSD

San Diego, 14.04.2005 23:21

AFSCME stike. UPTE, UAW came out to the support rallies. upte's contract says that they are entitled to strike in support, so as to not cross the picket lines. uaw doesn't have a similar clause in their contract, but many TA's are still not working today. Some professors have cancelled their classes today. Some UPTE workers did not go to work as well.

Administration sent out a threatening email saying that the strike is illegal and that UPTE can't strike. Some workers were intimidated by this email and they did go to work. The AFSCME strike is for a 24 hour period. The university tried to find scab worker replacements for the day, but they were having trouble getting people to do that.

Service workers are janitorial, bus drivers, and many others.

Campus spending hundreds of millions of dollars uc wide. but they refuse 5% raise.

About 1000 workers on strike at ucsd. about 300 people at 4pm solidarity rally. Students spoke about how they appreciate the work being done by the service workers and how they feel in solidarity with them. union reps spoke at the rally as well.

People are upbeat about the strike having an effect on the negotiations. They want to send a message to the administrators that they're going to do what it takes to get a living wage. People are marching down one of the major streets in UCSD. Energy level is high. There are about 300 people there.

Corporate media presence is very light. Up to 6 officers were seen at campus rally, close to attendees.

tune into for live updates and call in to 619-269-4693 with your own news.

La tierra es nuestra

Argentina, 14.04.2005 23:01

Jueves 14 de Abril de 2005
La tierra es nuestra

La tierra es nuestra

Argentina, 14.04.2005 23:00

Jueves 14 de Abril 2005 | 14 AL 17 JORNADAS DE LUCHA POR LA TIERRA
La tierra es nuestra

Indypendent Reporter Sarah Stuteville Joins Seymour Hersh and Naomi Klein as Winner of 2004 Aronson Award

NYC, 14.04.2005 22:31

Indypendent reporter Sarah Stuteville has won the 2004 James Aronson Award for excellence by an undergraduate student in the practice of journalism. Stuteville, a senior at Hunter College, will be honored April 20 along with other Aronson Award winners—Seymour Hersh, Naomi Klein, Frank Rich and Bill Day.

Note: The Indypendent has a couple more openings for summer interns. If you are interested, please call 212-684-8112 or email Interns have the opportunity to work on all aspects of a radical, biweekly community newspaper. A minimum commitment of 20 hrs. per week is required. || Indy Interns Cover the City

Voices in Wartime

DC, 14.04.2005 20:01

Voices in Wartime may prove to be the most startlingly literate document of war ever created for film. See it this weekend at the E Street Cinema. For ticket information:


Uruguay, 14.04.2005 16:01

Repudio el ataque perpetrado por dos integrantes de la CGU contra un integrante de la FEUU

Counter Recruiting in the Central Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.04.2005 16:00

4/14/2005: Counter recruiting activists handed out fliers, talked to students, and were threatened with arrest at a job fair at Fresno City College. Army recruiters objected to the activists and claimed they were interfering with their job. After complaints were made to the event organizers the counter recruiters were asked to leave. Instead of leaving they were joined by more supporters and continued to hand out fliers and talk to students. Fliers and brochures were distributed throughout the day by FCC students and community supporters

The counter recruiters were told that the community college had rules prohibiting free speech and that if they wanted to hand out fliers they would have to fill out a form and wait at least ten working days. Campus police were more concerned with a littering problem than the First Amendment. Read the story here

Last month the Reedley Peace Center held a vigil for peace and heard a presentation by high school students about their efforts to counter the lies of military recruiters on campus. Additional counter recruiting efforts are being planned in the Central Valley. To find out about upcoming counter recruiting events go to the Peace Fresno web site.

Indigenous Elders challenge Australian government

Melbourne, 14.04.2005 14:01

Indigenous Elders issue High Court challenge

BOOK ‘EM: L.E.S. Collective Gets Reading Into Prisons

NYC, 14.04.2005 13:04

(from the latest Indypendent): On May 9, 2002, Stanley Baker, Jr., 35, incarcerated at the Ellis Unit in Livingston, Texas, wrote a thank-you note. “Dear Sir,” he began. “I would like to thank you for the books you sent me last month. I’m going to be executed May 30th, but I’d like you to know that those books will give me much pleasure in the days remaining to me. Yours truly, Stan Baker.” Cartoon musical notes decorate the stationery on which Baker wrote his thank-you note. His penmanship is neat and controlled, and at the bottom of the note, next to a large, round treble clef, someone has made a note in a different color pen: “Stan Baker was executed May 30th, 2002.”


Colombia, 14.04.2005 12:20

Acción humanitaria al nordeste antioqueño

Triunfo Embera

Colombia, 14.04.2005 12:20

¡Resistir vale la pena!


Colombia, 14.04.2005 12:20



Colombia, 14.04.2005 12:20


Police, Lies, and Video Tape

United Kingdom, 14.04.2005 12:00

While dozens of police are on trial for abuses in Genoa in 2001 (including the raid on the Indymedia Centre which left British independent journalist Mark Covell critically injured), trials have been taking place in New York in relation to over 1,000 people arrested during the Republican National last year. This week (more than four months after NYC IMC first broke the story of perjury by a NYPD Officer, a front page story in the New York Times [which can be read here] reveals the role played by independent video evidence in the dismissal of the false charges brought by police.

While the availability of cheap video technology has led to an increase in the amount of video being presented as powerful evidence in court. Police in this country have are clearly targetting 'unsympathetic journalists' in an attempt to both stifle any publicity given to protests and avoid public scrutiny of their own actions. In a recent example, a freelance journalist was arrested just minutes after filming an arrest that occured during a protest outside a meeting of G8 environment ministers taking place in London. It was reported afterwards that the police kept the camera and footage but typically, the charges have since been dropped.

If you are interested in media activism, on the 14-15 May in London, Indymedia UK will be hosting an independent media convergence for independent journalists, media activists, techs, and artists from all over Europe to meet each other and plan non-corporate media coverage of the G8 summit taking place in July.



Ameça de despejo do Paradiso Ocupado

Portugal, 14.04.2005 10:20

Ameça de despejo do Paradiso Ocupado


Portugal, 14.04.2005 09:30


Refugee Rights/Border Camps

Perth, 14.04.2005 06:31

Post BX_05 - Public Info/Feedback Evening


Brasil, 14.04.2005 06:20

Manifestação pelo passe-livre reúne 3 mil em Campinas

Tax Dollars for Human Needs Not for War!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.04.2005 06:01

This is literature we'll be passing out to folks paying their taxes at our tax day demonstration on Friday, April 15th at 4:30pm at the Downtown Mpls. postoffice at 3rd Avenue & 1st Street. We hope you can come and/or that you can spread the word as to what you're tax dollars really pay for!

Breaking the Silence: Night of Noise

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.04.2005 06:01

RadFest/Midwest Social Forum 2005: June 3-5 in Williams Bay, WI.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.04.2005 06:01

Registration now open!

Counter Protest the Rally of the Tax Evaders!

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.04.2005 06:01

The governor and Jason Lewis (former KSTP-AM wingnut) are starring at an 8 a.m. Friday rally in the Capitol Rotunda sponsored by the Tax Evaders (Taxpayers League) and the Minneasota Association of Realtors to rally against tax increases.

Presentation on the Victory in the Taco Bell Boycott

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 14.04.2005 06:01

Coffee Hour at the Resource Center of the Americas - Presentation / Video on the Coalition of Immokalee Workers and the Victory in the Taco Bell Boycott

alia mondo eblas (eo)

Barcelona, 14.04.2005 06:00

Kreado de alternativoj

tekstoj kaj spertoj: Urba legomejo en Velluters:::23an de aprilo: Interŝanĝo-foiro en Gràcia:::REpensi Barcelonon - REkuperi la urbon:::Alia formo kompreni la organizadon:::Loĝej-kooperativoj:::Memorganizata laborĉambro de Brescia:::BAH! Sub la asfalto, jen la legomejo:::Colectivo Situaciones:::Partoprenaj metodoj kaj politika agado:::Al liberecana demokratio:::Studenta renkontiĝo de la Kataluna Landaro

projektoj pri komunikado kaj socia kritiko L'Accent:::Contrainfos:::AltreCastelló: kritikaj dosieroj:::Ràdio Bronka larĝa elsendado:::nº3 Jardí de l'anarquia:::Periòdic Diagonal:::Info-Usurpa:::kaos en la red:::Ràdio Contrabanda jam elsendas rete

+infoj:: >>>alia mondo estas ĉi tie

milito (eo)

Barcelona, 14.04.2005 06:00

Proksima Oriento: ĉu kialoj por optimismo?

En Usono, la debato pri apogo aŭ kontraŭstaro al la milita invado de Irako daŭre temas pri la nombro de mortintoj kaj vunditoj kaj pri la fantomo de Vietnamo. Dume, la nombro de civilaj irakaj viktimoj pligrandiĝas. Tiu ĉi situacio kaj la akuzoj de lastbalota trompado en Irako kaj la kreskanta maltrankvilo pro la planoj ataki Iranon, eble pelas la Blankan Domon interkonsenti kun la rezistantaro. Tamen, okazaĵoj kiel la pafado kontraŭ Giulana Sgrena ne kredigas usonan sintenon. En Palestinio, la nunajn intertraktadoj oni rigardas senentuziasme, dum en Okcidento pliiĝas apogaj aranĝoj al la palestina batalado, kiel la Karavano por Palestino 2005.

Ne al la invado de Irako kaj Palestino MANIFESTACIO LA 19AN DE MARTO 2005!

rimedoj por la sabata manifestacio++flugfolio

Rilataj novaĵoj: Eŭropa Manifestacio en Bruselo, la 19an de marto 2005 ::: Subskriboj de gescienculoj kontraŭ milito :::kontraŭ la militkomerca vojo ::: Oni seninfektigis la Salonon pri Edukado je militisma viruso ::: Kontraŭmilitisma Edukado

+infoj:: >>>milito

Suspected coverup of American Mad Cow cases investigated by Canadian Parliament

Portland, 14.04.2005 05:31

I do not have cable tv, but it would appear, based on the Internet, that American media sources are burying the story. Time to blow the whistle...

The story is being given headline coverage in Canada, since the last public mad cow case in the United States was blamed on what was called 'an immigrant Canadian Mad Cow'. The two suspected cases predate this incident, and the one cow that was reported, while it was born in Alberta, Canada, then due to the Free Trade Agreement, crossed over to the United States as a young calf, and lived its entire adult life on a Washington State dairy farm...

A whistle blower from the USDA has appeared to testify before a Canadian Parliamentary committee, since it would seem that he could not get a hearing before the American Congress or by the American media, so he decided to blow the whistle in Canada.


related: [ previous Mad Cow stories from Brent Herbert | MAd Cow Comin' Home site ]

NYC prosecutors caught altering video in RNC protest case

Portland, 14.04.2005 05:31

Portlanders have already seen this story unfold in their city. The arrest of law-abiding citizens, the police lying in court only to be contradicted by video shot by independent reporters, and the arduous task of holding the city accountable. However, there is one new twist in the prosecution of cases of those arrested during the RNC: the prosecution has been caught altering the police video submitted to the court by removing segments showing the innocence of the arrestee, only to be caught when an unaltered video was submitted by the defense. read more >>

[ pdx indy stories about 2004 RNC in NYC protests ]

Governor Kulongoski to introduce Civil Unions &amp; Anti-Discrimination Bill this week

Portland, 14.04.2005 05:31

A repost of an action alert I got from Basic Rights Oregon...

Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski announced today that he will introduce a bill this week in the Oregon Senate, at the request of Basic Rights Oregon, that would provide legal protections and recognition of committed, same-sex relationships through a civil union and outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation in the State of Oregon. The bill represents the culmination of months of successful lobbying by Basic Rights Oregon and our supporters on the Oregon Basic Fairness Act (HB 2519) introduced in the Oregon House earlier in the session and civil unions. Both pieces of legislation are now combined in the new bill.

NPR reveals Pro-Bush slant in recent stories

Portland, 14.04.2005 05:31

Sometimes NPR isn't so bad, maybe almost pretty good . . . sometimes. But other times, like today, NPR covered two stories with a definite pro-Bush slant, just to make sure that no one would doubt that its reporting is "balanced"! Especially wouldn't want to step on the toes of any of its corporate or "non-profit" foundation supporters!

'Snazmo' comments: NPR is very, very good at fooling well-intentioned liberal types. Oftentimes, after I explain NPR's revolting position on low-wattage community radio the person I explain it to is crestfallen. I mean, they are bummed out! They just can't believe warm and fuzzy NPR is screwing over low wattage radio every chance it gets: "No! Not my NPR! I thought it was telling me the truth!" I then go on to explain how FAIR has nailed you numerous times for slanting your banter more and more to the right, with ever more right wing think-tank pundits or interviewees. Or how you use military psy-ops to help manufacture your "news" on Iraq. Finally, I go on to advise them of better and more accurate news sources.

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