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indymedia (ca)

Barcelona, 18.04.2005 05:00

Coneix millor (((barcelona.indymedia)))

últims acords d'assamblees ::: Acord sobre acceptació de donacions : nou mecanisme d'agrupació : mesures d'autodefensa
consells per a la utilització ::: Com difondre una convocatòria : Per millorar la qualitat de la galeria media : consells per imatge i vídeo : aprenem a debatre i no a insultar?
col·labora ::: Col·laborem a millorar la columna de la dreta de imc-bcn? És fàcil i podem o imprimint i repartint material de difusió [pòster - diferents logos imc-bcn - fotomuntage - octavetes 1>2>3>4>5>6> - galeria media indymedia] o graffiteant o reportar una errada o donació d hardware (reutilicem) o a tech, traduccions, editorial, vídeo, fotografia, formació, coordinació, moderació, ...Posa't en contacte amb nosaltres: info-barcelona (arroba)

notícies relacionades ::: 13M : multituds on line : a IMC UK la duen a judici : El tripartit vol posar al punt de mira la llibertat d'expressió a Indymedia?

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indymedida (es)

Barcelona, 18.04.2005 05:00

Conoce mejor (((barcelona.indymedia)))

últimos acuerdos de asambleas ::: Acuerdo sobre aceptación de donaciones : nuevo mecanismo de agrupación : medidas de autodefensa
consejos de utilización ::: Como difundir una convocatoria : Para mejorar la calidad de la galeria media : consejos para imagen y video : ¿aprendemos a debatir y no insultar?
colabora ::: ¿Colaboramos en mejorar la columna de la derecha de imc-bcn? Es fácil y podemos o imprimiendo y repartiendo material de difusión [poster - diferents logos imc-bcn - fotomontage - octavillas 1>2>3>4>5>6> - galeria media indymedia] o graffiteando o reportar un error o donación de hardware (reutilicem), o en tech, traducciones, editorial, vídeo, fotografia, formación, coordinación, moderación, ... . Ponte en contacto con nosotr*s en info-barcelona (arroba)

noticias relacionadas ::: 13M : multitudes on line : a IMC UK la llevan a juicio : El tripartito quire poner vigilancia a la libertad de expresión en Indymedia?

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indymedia (es)

Barcelona, 18.04.2005 05:00

Get to know (((barcelona.indymedia))) better

Agreements of the last board meeting ::: Accepting donations : New grouping procedure : Self-defense measures
recommendations for the user ::: How to broadcast calls for meetings and actions : How to improve the quality of 'Galeria Media' : Recommendations for image and video : Learning to discuss without insulting?
help us ::: Let's cooperate to improve imc-bcn's right column? It's easy either printing and distributing diffusion material [poster - different logos imc-bcn - collages - leaflets 1>2>3>4>5>6> - galeria media indymedia], or graffiting, orreporting a error, or o donació d hardware (let's reuse) or helping at 'tech', translations, editorial, video, fotography, training, coordination, moderating, ... Contact us: info-barcelona (arroba)

Related news ::: 13M : crowds on-line : IMC-UK brought to justice : Catalan government to test Indymedia's freedom of speech?

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Metro Police Antagonize Student -- A Story Everyone Should Read

DC, 18.04.2005 04:01

Faşist saldırılar

Istanbul, 18.04.2005 02:01

Faşist saldırılar yayılıyor

Mehmet Barış'ı Seviyor

Istanbul, 18.04.2005 02:01

Vicdani/Total retçi Mehmet Tarhan militarizme direniyor

Tax Day Action Illustrates Where Tax Dollars Go

Portland, 18.04.2005 01:21

Thirty activists from Eugene-Springfield forcefully protested the war in front of the main mail drop-off point for last minute Lane County tax filers. About five thousand cars with eight thousand people passed by our group at an average of 5 mph as we stood lined up for nearly six hours along their path, holding graphic images of the injured casualties of the war: children, men, women, and soldiers, bearing messages like, "Your tax dollars paid for this," or "It's our money, stop the war."

It was Friday night, the absolute last time that people had an opportunity to file their tax forms without penalty. We surmised that their state of mind was not given to favorable feelings toward the federal government at that time. We also had done solid preparation by having three different parties do reconnaissance at the scene beforehand, and by contacting the Springfield Police Captain in charge, Rick Lewis. We were assured of their cooperation, and we reassured them of our cooperation in keeping the scene safe for motorists and pedestrians. We thought this was an especially good idea since we were pretty much all of the pedestrians.

read the full article...
more images: The Posters

Peta and KFC Negotations Break Down

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.04.2005 01:20

Just two months ago, Kentucky Fried Chicken was one of the most protested chain stores targeted by animal rights activists (previous reports: 1 | 2 ). KFC has come under fire because of their policies in regards to slaughtering, housing, and gathering the 800,000 chickens it processed every year. In response to the building public pressure, KFC entered into negotiations with PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and protests were suspended for a period of six weeks. PETA spokespeople recently said that negotiations with KFC have broken down. PETA has called for a "Month of Action Against KFC" and is offering free materials for groups that organize local demonstrations.

Read more of this story on Indybay's Animal Liberation Page

4/18: San Francisco Patient Neighborhood Alliance Town Hall

San Francisco Bay Area, 18.04.2005 01:20

A San Francisco Patient Neighborhood Alliance Town Hall will be held on Monday, April 18th from 6-9pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St., in San Francisco. In light of popular demand for input by both patient and neighborhood groups, San Francisco Americans for Safe Access, Patient Health Defense, and Hempevolution are sponsoring this event. The Town Hall is seen as part of recent efforts to unify San Francisco's medicinal marijuana communities in the dispensary regulation process. Americans for Safe Access is asking that people RSVP if they plan to attend, and that they review the agenda in advance so they will be able to discuss the issues in a productive manner. Town Hall Flyer

Read more about Regulation of Medical Marijuana Dispensaries on Indybay's Drug War News Page

Agresiones en Neuquén

Argentina, 17.04.2005 23:30

Brutal golpiza a esposa de obrero de zanón

Radio Zapote: Threat of Eviction

Tennessee, 17.04.2005 23:01

Radio Zapote, a free radio transmitting from the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) in Mexico City, received word from a school official that they were to be evicted in two weeks.

The news came as a surprise to members of the radio's collective, who, in constant dialogue with the school, were only incidentally informed of the intention of eviction. Tuesday, Thomas Stanford, a professor at the ENAH who has been harassing Radio Zapote for years, arrived in the radio's space with an engineer to take measurements for his furniture, as if the radio was on the way out.

Audio: Interviews and Meetings of Radio Zapote
Photos: Radio Zapote and the meeting

Video hilites of A16.2 rally and march

DC, 17.04.2005 21:01

Citizens of conscience and principle gather at Edward Murrow Park to speak out against ongoing WB/IMF "structural adjustment", to call for economic justice, and mark the dawn of the saliva-slicked Wolfowitz Era. Video RealVideo, 256k, 20:05 Photos: 1 3AM Rally Last Night... | A16 2005 - Pictures and Notes | Protestors confront IMF delegates as they leave meeting 4/15/05 critical mass a sucess | Friday Night Anti-Globalization Critical Mass

4/18: San Francisco Patient Neighborhood Alliance Town Hall

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.04.2005 20:20

A San Francisco Patient Neighborhood Alliance Town Hall will be held on Monday, April 18th from 6-9pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church, 1187 Franklin St., in San Francisco. (Public Transit Trip Planner) In light of popular demand for input by both patient and neighborhood groups, San Francisco Americans for Safe Access, Patient Health Defense, and Hempevolution are sponsoring this event, which is very timely given recent efforts to unify the community in the dispensary regulation process. Americans for Safe Access is asking that people RSVP if they plan to attend, and that they review the agenda in advance so they will be able to discuss the issues in a productive manner. Americans for Safe Access also says that it has info about regulation ordinances in other counties on its website.

Town Hall Flyer | Hemp Evolution website

Professor Ward Churchill Addresses Assembly at Reed College

Portland, 17.04.2005 19:21

On Saturday night, Judy and I saw and heard the currently notorious Ward Churchill speak at Reed College. At first this was supposed to be a big public event that charged admission but the Reed power elite were somewhat frightened off and the evening was turned into a free student -- teachers only event. Judy and I got in via a special "guest list." Churchill became famous because he wrote some harsh and extreme things right after 9/11 that were interesting, challenging but definitely on the insensitive side.

His basic thesis is that the US acts like a global bully, brute killer and exploiter and that it has done this since its founding. America was cruising for a bruising and inevitably on 9/11, its chickens came home to roost. The right wing turned Ward into a super villain and demanded he be fired from his teaching post, he became an official member of its most hated list. Actually Ward's ideas aren't all that original, they are kind of a mix of historian W.A. Williams, Tragedy of American diplomacy and the Weather Underground's Prairie Fire. For him, it was all a matter of bad timing. I wasn't sure how I felt about the guy, till I head him speak.

Now, I like him. He seems kindly and he has a genuine sense of humor. His speaking style reminds me of another likable guy, Panther cofounder Bobby Seale. Churchill is a fine, even elegant speaker with something vital and important to say. He presents his position logically and factually and then, unlike the cowardly George Bush, he verbally and humorously takes on all comers. The audience of 500 rewarded him, at times, with thunderous applause. Strength to you Ward Churchill and carry on.

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AUDIO: download and listen to the full speech I BACKGROUND: Ward Churchill Under Attack (from

NT Environment Centre faces axe

darwin, 17.04.2005 16:21

ECNT ask for help

World not Bank

Aotearoa, 17.04.2005 07:01

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are meeting in Washington DC this weekend. People are protesting all over the globe against these two undemocratic and capitalist institutions.
The World Bank makes loans to its members to restructure a country's economic system by funding structural adjustment programs (SAP). These SAPs pursue economic liberalisation which results in worse conditions and pay for workers. Opposition to the World Bank and the IMF has been huge in recent years and has led to uprisings in Argentina and anti-capitalist struggles all over the world.
Neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz will become President of the World Bank on 1st June 2005. In his former job as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense, he was a strong supporter of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Wellington Anti-Capitalist Super Friends drew attention to Free Trade. Workers and the environment suffer the most under Free Trade Agreements.

[ Washington DC: Fri., 3AM Sat., Sat. Afternoon | London | Manila | Wellington ]

News from Palestine: Michigan Peace Team's Spring Team 2005 Reports

Michigan, 17.04.2005 05:01

What follows are the first week's reports from the Michigan Peace Team's Spring Team 2005 in Palestine. The reports have been edited to remove information that might identify Palestinian activists, disclose upcoming team activities, etc.


The Future of Social Security

Portland, 17.04.2005 03:22

These are two audio files taken from a presentation given on February 3, 2005, at the First Unitarian Church, by Earl Blumenauer, U.S. Representative from Oregon's 3rd District, and Mark Weisbrot, Co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington D.C. Mark is also co-author of "Social Security: the Phony Crisis" published by University of Chicago Press, 1999.

Earl [Blumenauer began] his power point presentation with a picture of Ida May Fuller, the first U.S. citizen to receive a Social Security check, on January 31, 1940... [and delved] into changes proposed by the Bush administration, and demonstrating how these changes will not help retirees, but actually make things worse. Then Mark Weisbrot [began]... by stating the System is not in trouble. "The truth is, according to the numbers that President Bush is using, the System can pay all the promised benefits for the next 37 years... [and outlined the] "tricks that have been used," [stating that] "... they inflate the health care costs. 'they say, look what's going to happen to Social Security and Medicare in 50 years, and that is indeed as you saw, (in Blumenauer's presentation) explosive, if you put Medicare on there. But Medicare is a separate program, so that has nothing to do with Social Security, and has very little to do with the aging of the population. It has everything to do with the fact that our health care costs are out of control. In the United States we spend nearly twice as much as the other developed countries do on health care and we still leave about 47 million people uninsured. That's the real problem.'" [ Read More ] [ | Future of Social Security - on cable access | More PIMC articles on Social Security ]

An Open Letter to the Campus Community from Lit Grads

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.04.2005 03:01

In her most recent press release, Chancellor Denton states that Tent University is a security threat. "This is not an issue of free speech," she says. "Rather it is a matter of ensuring students' safety and protecting the orderly conduct of our educational mission." As graduate students of literature we understand this to be the language of bureaucratic euphemism, the same form of official rhetoric that has been used in the past to stymie academic debate.

And though we concur that there is a great need for the spirit of openness which Chancellor Denton calls for, we see her invocation of the highly politicized concept of security as an administrative tactic to justify control of public space and limit the exchange of ideas. If the UCSC community is really to foster "open dialogue," then the administration must dispense with policies and positions that pit the leitmotif of public safety against the practice of free speech. There is no liberty where the outcome is already determined; under such a presumptive and authoritarian logic, security always trumps freedom. Read more... Open Letter to the Campus Community from Lit Grads || Tent University Santa Cruz, April 18-22: Claiming UCSC As Our Own

See Also: Clarifying UCSC (an email from UCSC's Division of Student Affairs)

We write to assure you that the University is committed to free speech. As a community and as an institution of higher education, we support civil debate, open dialogue, and alternative educational experiences.

What the university cannot permit, and what is not at all related to “free speech” is the establishment of a campsite on campus where students and the general public have been invited to bring their own tents and live for a week. We urge you not to confuse these issues. The University and the City of Santa Cruz have very clear policies, regulations and laws regarding camping and we will be obliged to enforce them. Read More

Portland, 17.04.2005 02:20

My power bill was gigantic this month. More than $100. I couldn't believe it. It's just been going up up up, no matter what I try to do to save energy. And I know I'm using less energy than I was using last year. So I called the utility company, and was told, "off the record," that yes, it does have to do with Enron. We're paying extremely high prices for power, in effect, to bail out the industry after the Enron scam.

Apparently, it's legal! Tell me how this works? Why is Kenneth Lay living in a mansion while I bail out an industry that allowed him to suck my hard earned money, which I need to support my family, right out of my pockets? And why are we now sitting in the stands just watching, while industry officials and politicians wrangle over who they will sell our power company to now that Enron is bankrupt? These utilities are no longer theirs to sell. This is OUR energy. We bailed their asses out, that makes them OUR power companies now. No, we don't have to buy anything from those corrupt pigs. And no, they don't get to sell them to anyone else. PGE is not theirs to sell anymore, it's OURS. We paid for it, fair and square. [ Read More ] [

Consulta Addresses the Impact of NeoLiberal Trade Agreements on Tennessee Women

Tennessee, 17.04.2005 01:01

On Friday, April 15th the International Gender and Trade Network hosted a consulta at Vanderbilt University to address the impact of Neoliberal Trade Agreements on Women Globally and on Women in Tennessee specifically. Dr Rosemarie Mincey, who is from Southern Appalachia, addressed the consulta regarding her own personal story of growing up in a poor working class family which was dependent at least in part on income earned from her mother's full time labor in a textile mill.

Critical Mass Poster

Hamilton, 17.04.2005 00:00

Critical Mass is a monthly bike ride that takes place on the last Friday of the month, in cities around the world. It is a peaceful, easy paced community ride through the downtown, open to all. Riders meet at Hess and George Streets in Hess Village at 5:30 p.m., Friday, April 29. Bring a friend and make the mass more massive! Help distribute April critical mass poster. Gord Puller created it. Download the pdf and get the post place in your neighbourhood, work place, favourite hangout ect.

240 or fight! Can and Bottle Redeemers kick off campaign to protest violations of the NYS Bottle Law

NYC, 16.04.2005 22:20

When a handful of canners brought in recyclable containers to an Associated Supermarket on 2nd Avenue, the store refused to accept them—in direct violation of New York State Law. The canners were members of the group Picture the Homeless, which organized a protest of the supermarket for its illegal policy of refusing recyclable containers.

(2 ) EZLN

LA, 16.04.2005 20:31

FESTIVAL: Reclaiming our Culture that our Colonizers Want us to Forget

From bus rider to potential terrorist?

Portland, 16.04.2005 20:23

As has been reported in the local media and pdx indy media a Mr Giusto [Multnomah County Sheriff] has pushed the idea that potental terrorists are using the fareless zone of Stumptown. So how did he come to this conclusion? And what is this country leading to?

Well apparently removing a fareless square would give "code enforcement" officers an increase way to harrass those individuals unwanted by the upper classes and unwanted by those that submit to the corporate complience of society marching to outward police state. Any police officer complying to such silliness should be relabeled as "code enforcement" and put down their badges in shame...

So who are the terrorists riding our buses? Arabs? Muslims? Sikhs (because they wear turbans)? Maybe those teens? Maybe hippies? Maybe the homeless? Maybe the black clad anarchists? Maybe black people? Maybe Mexicans? Since the US has decided that E.L.F. and A.L.F. are terrorists I guess Mr Bernie Giusto would chose them first.


background: [ loss of fareless square? ]

Tax Day signs on Burnside Bridge for war tax resistance

Portland, 16.04.2005 20:23

The local chapter of the War Resisters League and friends held signs to passing drivers, walkers and bicyclists on the Burnside Bridge Friday morning.

Taxpayers in the U.S. are paying over $1 billion dollars a day to the military. This averages out to $10 for each household every day to the I.R.S. for defense.

If the United States military expense in Afghanistan and Iraq were included, the U.S. taxpayers are paying over $1 billion a day more than any other countries' citizens in the world are paying for their military. This includes Russia, China, Germany, India...


[ War Resisters League ]

Klamath River Old Growth Logging Resumes

Rogue Valley, 16.04.2005 19:22

The Klamath National Forest just began logging the Jack old-growth timber sale on the Scott and Salmon Rivers, which are Klamath River tributaries recently. The Jack sale was held up by watershed and species protections of the Northwest Forest Plan. Now, the Bush Administration has gutted the Forest Plan and 4 foot cedars and pines are falling on the Klamath River. To add insult to injury the Klamath National Forest is lying and saying cutting old growth from around the Russian Wilderness is actually small diameter thinning.

Race Riot

LA, 16.04.2005 18:01

Race Riots at Riverside high school: Exposing the TRUTH Administrators Want to Deny

Merced and Fresno Organize Against Military Recruiting

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.04.2005 17:00

Students For Social Justice at Merced College held an event Friday, featuring anti-war speakers, spoken word artists, and musicians. While the anti war rally was assigned to the amphitheater on the fringe of the campus, the Army was given a prime location in the center of the school, next to the student union. A climbing wall was set up, posters were on display, and recruiters were engaging students as they walked by. One recruiter was heard cajoling a young Chicana student to "take a test" so she could be all she could be. When she said she didn’t have time to take the test the recruiter said he would "track her down." Police showed up on the scene later in the rally, and confirmed with an Indymedia reporter that they had heard a rumor that someone was going to burn a U.S. flag at the event.

In Fresno, activists turned out to pass out flyers, chant, and protest against the military. Turning a Thomas Paine quote, (from a Crimethinc. flier), into a chant, activists yelled, "The patriot protects his country from its government." However, Campus police came out and told the group that they couldn't hand out flyers and protest. The police threatened to cite and or arrest people if they continued handing out flyers, although the group plans to gather again today.

Reports 1, 2

Homeless Rally &amp; Solidarity Sleep-Out

San Diego, 16.04.2005 16:01

Outside of san Diego city Hall, the new coalition Citizens in Support of Homeless People staged a rally and solidarity sleep-out April 15 to protest the harrassment and issuance of tickets to homeless people for whom shelter beds or other services are available and to call for the establishment of a safe camping spot for the homeless on public land.

At 10:00PM, some homeless and their supporters began a sleep out. As of 10:15PM, cops were reportedly approaching in force apparently to arrest those who dared close their eyes on 'public' land.

Desafuero - Mexiko entledigt sich der Linken

Germany, 16.04.2005 14:20

Am 7. April wurde dem Linkspolitiker und B�rgermeister von Mexiko City Andreas Manuel Lopez Obrador per Parlamentsentscheid, getragen von Abgeordneten der rechten Parteien PAN und PRI die politische Immunit�t entzogen.

Er soll nun wegen einer rechtlichen Lapalie aus dem Jahr 2002 vor Gericht gestellt werden. Politologen und Intelektuelle sprechen von einem Angriff auf die Mexikanische Demokratie, der popul�rste Kandidat f�r die kommenden Pr�sidentschaftswahlen soll ausgeschaltet, diskreditiert werden. "Ich beschuldige Pr�sident Vicente Fox Quesada, die Demokratie und den Rechtsstaat in Mexiko besch�digt zu haben" schrie Lopez Obrador den abgeordneten im Mexikanischen Parlament zu.

Am Donnerstag morgen protestierten �ber 300.000 Menschen in Mexiko City gegen das sogenannte "Desafuero". "Vor 100 Jahren hat man in Mexiko seine Gegner einfach umgebracht. Heute werden sie mit juristischen Mitteln beseitigt" sagt ein Politologe zur Angelegenheit.

Indymedia Mexiko | Obradors, Homepage | La Jornada | Wikipedia: Andr�s Manuel L�pez Obrador | Indymedia Chiapas | | Mexiko: Immunitaetsaufhebung und Widerstand

100 Tage Hartz IV

Germany, 16.04.2005 14:20

Am Wochenende waren es genau 100 Tage seit der Einf�hrung von Hartz IV. Die Regierung setzte massiv auf Propaganda und behauptete, der Start sei reibungslos verlaufen... Unterdessen haben zahlreiche Betroffene Widerspruch gegen den ALG II-Bescheid eingelegt oder gegen nicht erfolgte oder zu geringe Zahlungen der Arbeitsagentur. Akten sind spurlos verschwunden, und viele Betroffene klagen �ber Schikanen und entw�rdigende Behandlung auf den �mtern.

ALG II-Wahnsinn | Widerspruch gegen ALG II-Bescheide | ALG II Beratungsstellen (bundesweit) | labournet

Burgerinspecteurs op pad voor BomspottingXL

Netherlands, 16.04.2005 09:00

Vandaag, 16 april 2005, trekken weer honderden Europese activisten er op uit om als burgerinspecteurs op zoek te gaan naar kernwapens, Om 9.00 uur vanmorgen is een bus met Nederlandse burgerinspecteurs vertrokken van het Amstelstation en die gaat op verschillende plaatsen nog mensen oppikken. Om 11 ur gaat de actie officieel van start en ze zal ook rechstreeks te volgen zijn via radio bomspottingXL

Audio; [Ascii Nieuwsuur over bomspotting|radio bomspottingXL]



09.10u: De bus is vertrokken.
10.10u: Vanaf briefing in Gent: de procureur (OVJ) zou bevolen hebben alle materiaal dat mensen bij zich hebben zoals telefoons en camera's in beslag te nemen bij aanhouding.
10.45u: De bus is op weg naar Eindhoven waar de laaste burgerinspecteurs opgepikt zullen worden

SC City Council: Start Bringing The Troops Home Now

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.04.2005 08:01

On April 12, the Santa Cruz City Council approved a resolution in support of House Concurrent Resolution 35 - Withdrawal of U.S. Armed Forces From Iraq, introduced by Councilmembers Emily Reilly, Tim Fitzmaurice and Mayor Mike Rotkin. Santa Cruz joins other Cities For Peace, including the majority of townships in New Hampshire, demanding that President Bush "Bring The Troops Home Now."

Rally April 19th and 20th to Kick Recruiters Out of Watsonville High

Santa Cruz, CA, 16.04.2005 08:01

On Tuesday and Wednesday, April 19th and 20th, recruiters from the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy will be at the Watsonville High Senior Day, organized by Watsonville Cabrillo College and Watsonville High. Please join us in informing youth and the public about the truths of war and the military and alternatives to enlistment. Our youth deserve positive jobs, scholarships, and higher education, not psychological warfare and military occupation. PLEASE: YOUR PRESENCE IS CRUCIAL - SUPPORT LOCAL YOUTH!! There is heavy recruitment taking place in Watsonville and we MUST provide youth with positive alternatives for their own self-determination and empowerment. The Youth are our leaders... NOT cannon fodder!

Military Resistance

LA, 16.04.2005 02:31

The National Lawyers Guild, Military Resistance Project

A Small History of Same-Sex Marriage-like Unions in the U.S.

Tennessee, 16.04.2005 01:02

As expected, Tennessee Republicans and Democrats joined forces to pass the anti-gay marriage amendment. The discriminating constitutional amendment is expected to be on the ballot in 2006. To date, all anti-gay marriage ballot initiatives, so fervently endorsed by state legislators, have succeeded at the polls.

Catalyst Radio for 4/15/2005

Michigan, 16.04.2005 00:02

This week Catalyst Radio interviews internationally renowned author and activist Vandana Shiva. In the News Analysis section, the GRIID crew discuss local media coverage of the "Minute Men", the Patriot Act, and the increase of "fluff" stories. Catalyst Radio is a 30 minute weekly radio program of the Community Media Center airing every Friday at 9:30 on WYCE 88.1 FM Current and past episodes of Catalyst Radio can be downloaded and listened to at the audio archives section of the Catalyst Radio website.

Massive Day of Protest at Boston College in Support of Gay Rights

Boston, 16.04.2005 00:01

On Friday, April 15, 2005 over 1,000 students, professors and administrators gathered in support of ending discrimination against members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (GLBT) community at Boston College. As student organizers called for a university strike, hundreds of students opted not to attend classes, with dozens of professors expressing their solidarity by canceling their sections. The official notice of non-discrimination for Boston College does not offer any legal protection from discrimination for members of the GLBT community. In fact the clause is written in a manner to deliberately invoke an exemption from Massachusetts anti-discrimination laws. For over a decade students and faculty have worked to get “sexual orientation” included in the statement, but their requests have repeatedly been rejected by the University.

Klamath River Public Lands Old-growth Logging Resumes

Portland, 15.04.2005 22:21

Trees older than our country are currently being logged again in the Scott and Salmon Watersheds of the Klamath National Forest. Following a two-year lull in which environmentalists had successfully stopped old-growth logging in the Klamath, and in which the Forest Service had begun to focus less-controversial small diameter thinning projects, ancient forests are once again being logged at the 2,640-acre Jack Timber Sale.

"The Forest Service is not only ignoring scientist that say old-grwoth logging must stop in the Klamath River to save salmon, but they are cutting old growth next to the Scott and Salmon Rivers and on Russian Wilderness trailheads and are saying they cutting are small trees." said Regina Chichizola with the Klamath Forest Aliance.

Following the massive salmon die-off in the Klamath in 2002 due to reduced river flows and high water temperatures, resistance to Forest Service old-growth logging in critical habitat for salmon has greatly increased.


[ Klamath Forest Alliance ]

Yes, It Make A Difference! Boycott the Starbucks-sponsored &quot;Emerging Student Leaders Conference&quot; at PSU

Portland, 15.04.2005 22:21

Yesterday I discovered that Portland State University is having its 3rd annual "emerging student leaders conference" sponsored by Starbucks at 9:30 am, April 16th at the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom. On the full color, 11x 17 inch, laminated poster, under the list of sponsors, the sponsor name of Starbucks preceded the name of "The Student Affairs Dean of Student office" and the "Student Orientation Programs." Is this the way that PSU is orientating new students? By teaching them to accept 'emerging student leadership' sponsorships from the world's worst multinational corporations?

The conference is ironically titled, from a quote by Malcom Gladwell from his new book: "How Little Things Make A Difference." When you type in "Malcolm Gladwell" and the word "starbucks" into google the first thing that comes up is a review which describes how Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book full of praise for the business practices of Starbucks.

Your actions do make a difference! Boycott the Starbucks emerging Student Leaders conference and attend a different event on the same day that makes a real difference!

Don't be fooled by fascist lies

United Kingdom, 15.04.2005 21:30

The struggle against fascism is one where we must be ever vigilant, and we should of course not expect the fascists to play fairly. They will use every tactic possible, from nail-bombs in Gay pubs to street-attacks upon asylum seekers and on known anti-racists, and from raising their profile and influence through the smokescreen of electoralism to the manipulation of the anti-racist movement from within.

Recently, the fascists have been attempting to use Indymedia to undermine anti-fascist struggle in a variety of ways – Making attacks on Antifa and The 635 Group, often through the pretence of liberalism, and by spreading lies about non-existent actions, giving out a false e-mail address similar to that of The 635 Group as a way of obtaining information on anti-fascists, and most recently by claiming that members of The 635 Group have been arrested for an action in which a child was injured.

A Flight to Hell

United Kingdom, 15.04.2005 21:30

"Since the letter of warrant is hanging on your head you may be killedby this special squad RAB without observing the due process of law."

Zahangir Alam, a father and husband who has lived in Salford for nearly three years with his wife Naima and his sons, Jubaer (10) and his baby Jamiul (18 months), has been deported by immigration authorities from Manchester airport. Alam has been deported in spite of the fact that he has been recently told that his life is under severe threat should he return to his home country.

Alam was a politician in Bangladesh when he had to flee for his life because of his membership of the Freedom Party. The Alam family, who authorities have already attempted to deport, have consistently had poor representation during their asylum process. Their former solicitor has admitted he didn’t know what he was doing and documents have been mistranslated and lost. Alam's wife and young family remain under threat of deportation.

Full story and background

No Borders demo: UK, 2 April 2005. For the first time, a wide coalition of groups participated in a UK-wide, decentralised, but synchronised action day for a radical and uncompromising "no" to immigration controls, following a call for a European day of action for free movement and the right to stay. [Report | Manchester]

A Flight to Hell

United Kingdom, 15.04.2005 21:30

"Since the letter of warrant is hanging on your head you may be killedby this special squad RAB without observing the due process of law."

Zahangir Alam, a father and husband who has lived in Salford for nearly three years with his wife Naima and his sons, Jubaer (10) and his baby Jamiul (18 months), has been deported by immigration authorities from Manchester airport. Alam has been deported in spite of the fact that he has been recently told that his life is under severe threat should he return to his home country.

Alam was a politician in Bangladesh when he had to flee for his life because of his membership of the Freedom Party. The Alam family, who authorities have already attempted to deport, have consistently had poor representation during their asylum process. Their former solicitor has admitted he didn’t know what he was doing and documents have been mistranslated and lost. Alam's wife and young family remain under threat of deportation.

Full story and background

Graduate students at UMass-Amherst say no contract, no peace

Boston, 15.04.2005 21:01

With support of progressive campus community... Graduate students say no contract, no peace Build largest march and rally in years AMHERST, MA – Facing multi-faceted assaults by the administration and its class allies, students and progressive campus community members realizing the historic importance and national implications of this struggle, responded March 31 with one of the largest mass action in years. Over 600 students-graduate and undergraduate-union allies and campus community members answered the call of the Graduate Employee Organization, UAW Local 2322 for a "March for fair wages, healthcare, benefits and childcare," in response to the administration’s refusal to bargain in good faith.

Rally at Mexican Consulate Demands Justice for the Women of Juarez and Chihuahua

Boston, 15.04.2005 21:01

On April 1st a crowd of about 50 people gathered outside the Mexican Consulate of Boston to demand justice for the women of Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico. As people sang and handed out literature, a large banner stated, “4, 857 DEAD AND MISSING WOMEN, Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico” with a silhouette of a woman with a question mark. The rally took place on the sidewalk outside the Mexican Consulate offices at 20 Park Place in downtown Boston, at noon on Friday.

The Coup in Nepal: An Interview with a Boston Eye-Witness

Boston, 15.04.2005 21:01

In the midst of a civil war, Nepal's king recently staged a coup, suddenly shutting down media coverage and arresting hundreds of people. Sage Radachowsky is a Boston-based ally to the struggle for democracy in Nepal. He was there on February 1st, 2005 when the king took over. Listen to this radio interview to learn more about the conflict between Maoists and the king, hear stories of what life is like there, and learn about the U.S. reaction.

Rights to Immigration of Same-Sex Bi-national Married Couple / Derechos de Inmigración de una Pareja Casada Bi-Nacional del Mismo Sexo

Boston, 15.04.2005 21:01

For many communities who have tried to plant roots in the United States, we live in a time of great uncertainty. Everyday we face more limitations on being able to continue with our work and lives in the US, and everyday people like us have to make decisions on how to leave a large part of ourselves behind in order to be able to survive the best way that we can. We are a bi-national, married, same-sex couple who write to you to share our testimony as a couple living in exile from the United States who desire to reunite with our communities. We are looking for ways to tell our story from the other end of the continent, and we hope that you might sign on to these words as individuals or as organizations in order to support our case. #### Para muchas comunidades que han intentado plantar raíces en los estados unidos, vivimos en un tiempo de mucha incertidumbre. Hoy día enfrentamos más limitaciones para poder continuar con nuestro trabajo y vidas en los estados unidos, y cada día personas como nosotras necesitan tomar decisiones sobre como dejar un gran parte de nosotros mismos atrás para poder sobrevivir de una mejor manera. Somos una pareja casada bi-nacional del mismo sexo que les escribe a ustedes para compartir nuestro testimonio como una pareja viviendo en el exilio de los estados unidos, que desea reunirse con nuestras comunidades. Estamos buscando maneras para contar nuestra historia desde el otro lado del continente, y esperamos que ustedes firmen estas palabras como personas o como organizaciones para apoyar nuestro caso.

Your Risk, Their Gain: Wall Street CEOs Lobby for Social Security Privatization

Boston, 15.04.2005 21:01

Would you be upset if someone spent millions of dollars to put your future retirement funds into a casino, while taking no risks with their own future? Say hello to the Wall Street CEOs whose companies are aggressively lobbying for Social Security privatization. Because of their bloated compensation packages, these CEOs pay Social Security taxes only a few days a year.

Gresham First: &quot;Not Another Wal-Mart&quot; update and Rally

Portland, 15.04.2005 20:21

This week the City of Gresham facilitated a positive and productive meeting between residents and developers to review the scope required for the Wal-Mart traffic study. Fifteen community members met with Kittelson, Pacland and City staff to address traffic concerns including local schools, pedestrians on Springwater Trail, neighborhood short-cuts, Fire Station 73, and the 2-lane bridge south of Safeway. The meeting resulted in an expanded study scope to address those issues. The City has requested a list of "hot-spots" from members, due Friday, to include in the final scoping requirements. Please forward any questions or concerns regarding traffic issues in your area. The City now estimates 3-4 weeks before the traffic study is complete and the review period will begin.

NOT ANOTHER WAL-MART RALLY! Saturday, April 16 from 11am - 1pm. Past street-corner rallies have been very effective at raising public awareness, gathering signatures to our petition, and selling yard signs. This weekend we will target the intersection at 182nd & Powell, and will meet in the Shari's parking lot. We are seeking volunteers to come for at least one hour and help picket the site and wave at traffic. T-shirts are now available and will be offered at a discount to rally participants!


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