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Peru, 19.07.2004 00:15



Peru, 19.07.2004 00:12


Radio Broadcast From Bolivia, 18.07.2004 22:50

Live Streaming Of The Referendum In Bolivia:


Indymedia Radio from Baghdad: Every Wednesday and Sunday between 11-12 a.m. (CET) Listen

Enforced Democracy: the Bolivian referendum

Portland, 18.07.2004 22:32

Log Off

United Kingdom, 18.07.2004 22:00

Early last week activists occupied the Australian Consular Offices in Manchester in a protest against old growth logging in Australia. After seeing the destruction caused by logging in areas such as Victoria and Tasmania activists in the UK decided to target the Australian consulate.

Australia is home to some amazing areas of “old growth” rainforest, which have remained relatively unaltered by humans for thousands of years. Now, it is being felled at an alarming rate, even in supposedly “protected” areas.

In Tasmania, 90% of native forest felled is converted into woodchip for the Asian paper industry. Thus, priceless ancient forest is trashed and sold for $15 (less than £6) per tonne to make cardboard. There are huge campaigns against this logging in Australia, involving direct action blockades, tree-sits, marches and rallies, lobbying, and more.

Report and more information


Puerto Rico, 18.07.2004 19:31

VENEZUELA: ��Tiene Venezuela una dictadura con respaldo popular?

Venezuela, Revocatorio

Puerto Rico, 18.07.2004 19:17

VENEZUELA: ��Tiene Venezuela una dictadura con respaldo popular?

The Fight of Our Lives

Arkansas, 18.07.2004 16:32

After weeks of wondering when the local development partnership of Nock and Alexander would begin to make their push for a large TIF District in southeast Fayetteville, area residents have recently learned the the opening volley is to take place this week. On Tuesday, July 20, the Fayetteville City Council will begin considering the developer's proposal; a proposition which carries with it a very real potential for abuse, and which could cause serious gentrification for many low-income families. Unfortunately, this first discussion of the plan will likely take place with very few members of the public present as it is the twentieth item on that night's agenda and will likely be discussed very late in the evening. On Tuesday, July 27, the City of Fayetteville will hold a public meeting on the proposed TIF plan; a plan which incidentally, will make use of taxpayer money from which the developers will ultimately profit; likely, at working people's expense. What we are seeing in Fayetteville is similar to events which are occuring all across the United States; events which are putting more and more wealth into the hands of the rich, at the expense of the poor. What follows is a speech that was delivered by Journalist Bill Moyers at the Inequality Matters Forum which was held at New York University on June 3 of this year. While Moyer's address doesn't concern itself specifically to Fayetteville's proposed TIF District, it does concern itself with decisions taking place in Washington D.C. and in cities and towns across the country, communities just like our own. Simply substitute Fayetteville for Washington D.C. and the dots should be very easy to connect. Here then, is Moyer's address:

right thing

Qc, 18.07.2004 16:18

The Right Thing to Do

right thing

Qc, 18.07.2004 16:17

The Right Thing to Do

right thing

Qc, 18.07.2004 16:16

The Right Thing to Do

Did you know you need a license to 'Drive' your Bicycle?!?(looking for a kick A$$ lawyer)

Portland, 18.07.2004 16:15

Santurce a la venta

Puerto Rico, 18.07.2004 15:49

Resistencia santurcina

Santurce a la venta

Puerto Rico, 18.07.2004 15:49

Resistencia santurcina

Funa en Providencia.

Chile, 18.07.2004 15:01

Funa en Providencia.

Peace protestor assaulted -- Portland police disperse heckling assailants

Portland, 18.07.2004 14:12

Haiti: governo estabelece programa neo-liberal

Portugal, 18.07.2004 13:30

Haiti: governo estabelece programa neo-liberal

Amy Goodman

Pittsburgh, 18.07.2004 13:05

Amy Goodman Visits Pittsburgh

Billionaires Welcome Cheney to Minneapolis

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 18.07.2004 04:33

A group of billioniares held a ball on the mall outside the convention center to show their support for Cheney-Bush and the policies that make millionaires richer at the expense of everyone else.

Cyprus IMCista Investigated by United States Intelligence Services, 18.07.2004 03:16

Last week we learned that the US Central Intelligence Agency directed the US Embassy in Cyprus to instruct the Criminal Investigation Division of the police in Cyprus to investigate an IMCista who is politically active both in the US and in Cyprus. Petros Evdokas has been living in Portland, Oregon, USA recently and is one of the volunteers and journalists for Cyprus Indymedia

The intelligence investigation is based on an article he wrote for Cyprus Indymedia documenting some of the manipulations by US intelligence operations using the United Nations to influence the recent referendum in Cyprus on the "Annan Plan" (the UN's plan to reunite the island in an apartheid-style arrangement). The article has just been republished by IndyMedia due to renewed interest by newspapers and other political organizations. [ read the article ]

We're trying to publicise this and let people know what's going on. The investigators questioned the author's parents and wanted them to state in writing whether he constitutes a "threat to US interests". The implications of this episode go beyond mere harassment of an activist's and journalist's family. This case illustrates the US policy of interference in even the most minute internal affairs of other countries and it shows the degree to which the local authorities jump when the US says to.

The Corporation Reviewed

DC, 18.07.2004 03:15

Already announced and chattered about somewhat on this site and elsewhere in activist communities, the documentary film The Corporation opened last night at the E Street Cinema here in Washington. My first and last impression of the film was positive. I found it more informative and more useful than that other "progressive" "documentary" (excuse all the quotes, but it is pretty subjective, in many ways, even if you did like it) that came out, Fahrenheit 9-11. It felt like a nice recap of a good chunk of my bookshelf as it built over the past 6 years.

Police, Fire &amp; Teachers Unions Go to Court Over Their Right to Protest the GOP

NYC, 18.07.2004 03:14

Lawyers from the city's police, fire and teachers unions will be in Manhattan Federal Court this morning to seek legal action against the NYPD's decision to prevent them from assembling en masse during the runup to the Republican National Convention.

Independent media

darwin, 17.07.2004 23:31

Darwin indymedia goes global

Weekend of Activism, Resistance, and Networking in Hampton Roads

Richmond, 17.07.2004 23:26

Hampton Roads Food Not Bombs and the Unite-Resist-Reclaim Collective invites everyone to come on down for a weekend of resistance, activism, & networking. We have a rally in front of the Norfolk Health dept planned,a speaker tour from West Virginia to talk on mountain top removal, coal mining, and the destruction of the Appalachia, as well as a movie screening of "Pickaxe" and workshops

Channel X: The Great Veep Debate

Urbana-Champaign, 17.07.2004 22:15


Why Local Activists are Turning their Attention to Lockheed Martin in Bonny Doon

Santa Cruz, CA, 17.07.2004 19:35

A newly-formed coalition in Santa Cruz is turning its attention to Lockheed Martin, which has a 4000 acre facility in Bonny Doon. Lockheed Martin (L-M) is the world's largest weapons contractor. It invents and develops high-tech war-fighting weapons, markets them to the Pentagon and to Congress, and sells them around the world on the open market. It pollutes the earth, both in the production of weapons and in their use in war. It has been convicted and fined for criminal violations of US law. And yet it has much more say about our government's policies than do ordinary citizens. Lockheed Martin buys access to our government representatives, largely with money it has made from selling weapons to our government, weapons that are both subsidized and paid for with our tax dollars. Profiteering from War. Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team For More Information on Lockheed Martin: [ Direct Action To Stop The War I Arms Trade Resource Center I Counter Punch I Open Secrets I Corporate Swine I Corp Watch I War Profiteer Cards ]

Klamath tribes converge for wild salmon

Portland, 17.07.2004 15:19

Klamath Tribes Demand Salmon Protection

Rogue Valley, 17.07.2004 15:09

Klamath tribes spoke truth to power at an anti-Endangered Species Act (ESA) rally and hearing today, July 17, 2004, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The Klamath River issue has been the most contentious Western water struggle of the last ten years with rallying from right-wingers and massive fish kills of native salmon shaking the communities of Southern Oregon and Northern California.

Bad science, Bad Journalism -- The HIV retrovirus: Discovery or invention?

Portland, 17.07.2004 13:42

Cyprus IMCista Investigated by United States Intelligence Services

Portland, 17.07.2004 13:25

Ecuador IMC activist assassinated

DC, 17.07.2004 09:08

23 year old Lenin Cali Najera, national leader of the youth of Pachakutik and founding member of Indymedia Guayaquil (Ecuador) was assassinated on the night of June 29th. more info at IMC Ecuador

Police brutality against peace movement in Japan is mounting, 17.07.2004 08:30

TOKYO, Japan ��� Three anti-war activists affiliated to World Peace Now (WPN) were brutally harrassed by Japanese police officers by detaining them for a week and later released, after the July 4th "VOTEforPEACE" parade rally that was held in Shibuya district.

According to reports, during the peaceful parade organised by WPN urging the japanese government to withdraw its SDF in Iraq, police officers started to violently provoke the protesters by pushing their back and forced them to walk faster. ���Then the police force suddenly got a full nelson on two participants and arrested them, without warning,��� Nanashi Solidarity Collective added.

After the incident, some of the WPN contingent immediately held an indignation rally infront the Shibuya Police Station to demand the release of their comrades. But the activists were only assaulted again by the police and grabbed one more innocent detainee. [ Read More ]

Links: World Peace Now (WPN) | "VOTEforPEACE" | later released | Nanashi Solidarity Collective | Read More

Clyde Lion

San Francisco Bay Area, 17.07.2004 08:27

Ringling Brothers Lion Dies of Heatstroke and Dehydration

New Coalition meets Saturday July 24

San Diego, 17.07.2004 07:47

Save Section 8 Coalition meets Saturday July 24
A new coalition is forming to save section 8 and help low income families keep subsidies. The strategy of action will be discussed as the first meeting towards this goal is scheduled for Saturday at Claire de Lune.

Por Romina Tejerina, por anticonceptivos y por refugios para mujeres golpeadas

Argentina, 17.07.2004 06:02

Viernes 16 de Julio
Por Romina Tejerina, por anticonceptivos y por refugios para mujeres golpeadas

legislatura porte��a

Argentina, 17.07.2004 05:18

Viernes 16 de Julio
Jornada de lucha contra el C��digo Contravencional y el carnaval de Ibarra y Macri

banner no ponte

Italy, 17.07.2004 03:10

Advice needed on dealing with homeless folks in crisis

Portland, 17.07.2004 02:32

Animals Against Corporate Globalization in Grand Rapids

Michigan, 17.07.2004 02:05

As the citizens of Grand Rapids Michigan gathered downtown to enjoy a warm summer evening of live blues and street vendor hot dogs, they were unexpectedly confronted with barnyard animals declaiming the negative aspects of international "free trade" agreements. Wandering through the crowd of concertgoers were the "NAFTA Bunny" and the "CAFTA Chicken". This free trade agreement themed chicken and bunny duo passed out "pinkslips" highlighting the connection between job losses in West Michigan and NAFTA, CAFTA, and the FTAA. Almost 500 people were "pinkslipped" by the animal-activists and the animal’s presence was greeted with a combination of surprise, curiosity, and delight.

To see the photo gallery of these two lovable critters against unfair trade treaties, click here.

Plans for Cheney Welcoming Committee

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 17.07.2004 01:23

Plans posted about the Cheney visit, collected from newswire. From the Anti-War Committee: Protest Dick Cheney: War Profiteer Saturday, 7/17 @ 8am @ Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave S, downtown Mpls. The Anti-War Committee invites all community members to join us in protesting outside a campaign speech by Vice President Dick Cheney. Bridge Protest Is anyone interested in protesting on a bridge over looking 35.. maybe 42 or 38th sT? Getting Inside State Republican office closed at 7:PM; article includes hints and tips on how to get inside Click on Read the Full Article below for more!

pablo el indio

Argentina, 16.07.2004 23:03

<a href="">PACIFIC NORTHWEST U.S.A.</a>, 16.07.2004 21:53

With the first auction of the Biscuit Sales (the largest logging project in the modern history of the Forest Service) set for Friday July 16th, it is Now or Never for Oregon's Wild Siskiyous! The sales are not subject to legal action due to "emergency status determination." The "emergency" is that the trees might rot and be worth less money if the process is slowed by public participation and legal action. Protests at the first five Biscuit Auctions on Friday are followed by a camp out at one of the auctioned sales. Events from slideshows to action camps are staking up to culminate August 27th - 30th with the Cascadia EF! Summer Rendevous, also in the Biscuit. On July 30th, A "Summer Celebration of Life" brings together musicians, artists, and activists in a benefit for the Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund; Tre is wanted by US authorities for an alleged arson, and is seeking refugee status in Canada. From July 31st - August 2nd, the Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Rising EcoDefense will be hosting an Action Camp at the Straw Devil timber sale near Eugene, Oregon. Throughout the next month there will be a hike and camp-out at Medicine Lake, a site sacred to local indigenous groups and threatened by Calpine and Halliburton's development through Bush's energy policy. Mark your calendars now to sing and dance with us as we prepare to defend the Siskiyous and all of Cascadia.

Pdx Indymedia Forest Page | O2 Collective (Siskiyou area) | Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense |

Purging Poison from the Gay Marriage Debate

Urbana-Champaign, 16.07.2004 21:44

Since the early 1990s, queer folks have been organizing for the legal right to marry our same-sex partners. Our courage, our spirit, our basic human rights and our movement are being ignored in the debate over gay marriage.

Sherman Austin Released to Halfway House

NYC, 16.07.2004 21:42

Political prisoner Sherman Austin, webmaster of, was released from prison and left Arizona Monday morning to return to Los Angeles, California. Austin made headlines last year after being one of the first activists to be targeted by the USA PATRIOT Act.


Italy, 16.07.2004 20:39



San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2004 20:23

Protest Against Disappearances & State Terror

adc condemns deportation

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2004 20:20

Justice Department Escalates Discriminatory Policies

Ashcroft Begins Roundup

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2004 20:16

Hundreds of Muslim Immigrants Rounded Up in California

INS in SF Confronted by Protestors

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2004 20:15

Demonstrations Continue Outside INS Offices

A25 INS Protest and Press Conference on ECR

San Francisco Bay Area, 16.07.2004 20:15

4/25 Protest Against Special Registration: No Human Is Illegal

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