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Earth Day Canceled

NYC, 22.04.2005 16:01

(from the Open Newswire): I've got a title glut over here: "Earth Day canceled due to lack of interest" has a nice ring to it; "Earth Day canceled on account of rain" is a bit more subtle, but both potential titles indicate the sort of mentality that has brought us to our present state. And what state is that? Unless you've got yur' head buried deeply up yur' butt you already know the answer. If you actually need more guidance checkout the recently released Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, but frankly: haven't we been talking about the state of the Earth for decades now?

The 25th Anniversary of Food Not Bombs

Baltimore, 22.04.2005 14:21

The Food Not Bombs movement is unique in many ways. It’s rare for political movements to cross so many national boundaries and cultures. It’s unusual for a grassroots progressive movement to survive 25 years and still be entirely grassroots. Also, from the beginning, Food Not Bombs was multi-issue and encouraged the public and activists to see that all social injustices are connected. And, while it might seem strange today, Food Not Bombs was at the forefront of focusing on building the kind of society they wanted instead of trying to overthrow the current system. These activists believed they did not need to attack the oppressors to be in conflict with the state, but by simply doing what they believed was just, the authorities would attack and try to stop them.

Domestic Violence in Immigrant Communities

Baltimore, 22.04.2005 14:21

This is the second in the Baltimore IMC series on sexual assault. In this installment, the authors, two Baltimore-based sociologists, present a cross-cultural look at domestic violence. As they write "Domestic violence knows no borders."

The National Lawyers’ Guild: “Law for the People”

Baltimore, 22.04.2005 14:21

This article profiles the history, achievements, and future goals of the National Lawyers' Guild, with a focus on the Maryland chapter.

Labor’s Role in Baltimore’s History Fondly Recalled

Baltimore, 22.04.2005 14:21

The struggles of working class people and their contributions to Baltimore were examined via a bus tour of sites with historical relevance. On April 17, 2005, two buses left the Progressive Action Ctr., and visited areas that sparked stories about the Port and its longshoremen; Bethlehem Steel, the “Great Railroad Strike of 1877,” Mill Towns, the rebirth of neighborhoods and the battle to protect communities from powerful institutions. [The bus tour was organized by the Contemporary Museum and the Progressive Action Center in conjunction with the Museum's "Headquarters Workshop: Interventions in Social Space" held at the PAC April 16 & 17.]

Uncle Sam's Overlooked Film Fest

Urbana-Champaign, 22.04.2005 14:01

The local anti-war anti-racism group AWARE handed out "spoof" film festival fliers to moviegoers at the Ebert Overlooked film festival. Our flier was titled "Uncle Sam's Overlooked Film Festival"...

China lidera censura na net

Portugal, 22.04.2005 11:00

China lidera censura na net

immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 22.04.2005 10:00

Papers per a tot*s, esclaus per a cap

actes de protesta i solidaritat :: Pròximes iniciatives de suport als sense papers -- Dates i hores confuses de les accions en suport als immigrants ---- 22Abr : video forum "SI NOS DEJAN" sobre immigració fet per immigrants ---- 20Abr : 21, Cercavila a Gràcia -- Exitas de la segona mani-cercavila dels immigrants a Gracia -- Terrassa en suport als i a les Immigrants -- Caravana de coches, motos i bicicletas amb solidaritat amb els immigrants sense papers -- xerrada a Corbera de Llobregat en solidaritat amb els immigrants en lluita ---- 19Abr : Cercavila i taula informativa al Raval -- tancada d'universitaris a la upf -- Reunió del col·lectiu de suport als immigrants ---- 16Abr : Concentració en solidaritat ---- 15Abr : Acte a Sant Boi en solidaritat ---- 13Abr : Quinze dones se sumen als tancaments a Barcelona -- Segona reunió per organitzar la solidaritat ::

media :: video : Conseqüències de la vaga de fam -- Declaracions de Rana Brar, de la ARSC. Idioma: punjabi -- ARSC: tancaments. Entrevista Ibrar Bukhari(2) ---- audio : Entrevista Rashid portaveu del grup de suport als tancaments de Terrassa ::

24Abr_12h :: bcn : Manifestació Plaça Universitat
22Abr_19h :: terrassa : Manifestació Plaça Vella

+info:: >>>immigració

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 22.04.2005 10:00

Papeles para tod@s, esclav@s para nadie

actos de protesta y solidaridad :: Proximas iniciativas de apoyo a los sin papeles -- Fechas y horas confusas en las acciones de apoyo a l*s inmigrantes ---- 22Abr : video forum "SI NOS DEJAN" sobre inmigración hecho por inmigrantes ---- 20Abr : 21, Pasacalles en Gràcia -- Exitazo de la segunda mani-pasacalles de inmigrantes en Gracia -- Terrassa en apoyo a l*s inmigrantes -- Caravana de coches, motos y bicicletas en solidaridad con los inmigrantes sin papeles -- charla en Corbera de Llobregat en solidaridad con l*s inmigrantes en lucha ---- 19Abr : Pasacalles y mesa informativa en el Raval -- encierro de universitari*s en la upf -- Reunión del colectivo de apoyo a los immigrantes ---- 16Abr : Concentración en solidaridad ---- 15Abr : Acto en Sant Boi en solidaridad ---- 13Abr : Quince mujeres se suman a los encierros en Barcelona -- Segunda reunión para organizar la solidaridad ::

media :: video : Consecuencias de la huelga de hambre -- Declaraciones de Rana Brar, de la ARSC. Idioma: punjabi -- ARSC: encierros. Entrevista Ibrar Bukhari(2) ---- audio : Entrevista Rashid portavoz del grupo de apoyo de los encerrados de Terrassa ::

24Abr_12h :: bcn : Manifestación Plaça Universitat
22Abr_19h :: terrassa : Manifestación Plaça Vella

+info:: >>>immigración

Racism and Ugliness at Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home

Portland, 22.04.2005 09:01

This published piece is the full version of a letter written by a local mortician's apprentice regarding the events that took place at Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home on Fremont St in Portland, OR. The letter was registered with Oregon's Mortuary and Cemetery Board. The events are shocking and true and I hope will let readers understand the type of horror and racism that has gone on their by their General Manager, Mr. Mike Orcutt. A formal investigation is under way as is notices to Portland's African - American Community and other local care centers.

On or about January 16, I was working with Mr. Orcutt in the embalming room. On the embalming table was an African- American woman who had died of breast cancer and whose breasts and lateral torso area was horribly disfigured as a result of the cancer. Mr. Orcutt, when he saw her (after I had taken her out from her sheets and placed her on the table) commented with a grimace/smile, "Oh, God, looks like that nigger lady needs to be dead."
"Mike," I said, surprised.
"Oh, don't worry, we say nigger around here all the time. Shit, that's what they are."


Portland's Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home Under Fire
This is an additional posting to let readers know that a additional letter and outline has been requested by the Managing Director at the Willamette Weekly. The letter and outline for thearticle isposted here and is copyrighted.


Liquid Natural Gas opponents on The Coast defend themselves against &quot;hillbilly putdowns&quot;

Portland, 22.04.2005 09:01

'Georgia on my mind?' posted an article saying: Blog forums, you know those quirky little places where you get an idea of what makes a specific group of people "tic"? Visiting the one representing the anti-LNG faction of Warrenton, Oregon, residents makes you think maybe the government might have a good idea where to place these storage tanks.

'Stop LNG campaigner' responds: Enough with the Hillbilly putdowns, Georgia. It's often an effective strategy for provocation and division, but it's a new day out, and it's not going to work on this one.

'resser' comments: the folks opposing LNG in Astoria are, in my experience, decent people who don't like the idea of having major energy companies and the Dept. of Homeland Security running their town and their port. It's too bad if anyone has been off-putting, but this LNG opposition seems to be pretty broad-based in the Astoria area. I guess I would say that, if there are harsh perspectives, it's because this development came out of nowhere and was plunked down on top of these little towns, and they've been left to fend off these huge energy companies. I think we could all do them a favor by being realistic about who would benefit from the LNG, and who is going to be taking the risks. Portland (and the rest of Oregon) should be on alert because they are the supposed "market" for some of this LNG, although I suspect it's actually intended for power plants and electricity for California.

read more >>LNG on the Columbia River--New proposal at Bradwood, OregonDo you want it? Do you need it? Who profits? Who pays?

Please attend this public informational meeting about the proposed Bradwood liquified natural gas receiving facility, this one brought to you by an outfit known as Northern Star Natural Gas, which is purportedly out of Houston, Texas. Northern Star now has a telephone with a voice mail located on Durham Road in Tigard.

Con Men from Texas flying into Oregon to make it look like Houston. Come on, people, put up a fight!

details of public meeting >>

[ | previous posts about the LNG issue ]

Salem Flag Cult Targets Kids

Portland, 22.04.2005 09:01

One might have thought that the great social tyranny of the government in Washington D.C. did not extend too deeply into Oregon's political life. However this is only an illusion. The Oregon House of Representative has passed a bill requiring the recitation of the "Pledge of Allegiance" by students in public schools every day.

These corporate quisling republicans and quibbling liberals, who base their political careers on selling themselves to the highest bidders and addressing the people with meaningless slogans and sound bites, have the nerve to command us as to what, and in what manner, we shall devote our lives.

This is not a trivial matter. It is as if they had passed a proclamation supporting cannibalism, or enacted mandatory inoculation of all children with methamphetamines. It is an evil action.

some of the reasons it is so wrong >>

Refugee Rights

Perth, 22.04.2005 08:32

Perth Detention Centre Protest Vigil - Saturday 23 April

Why Mountain Justice Summer?

Arkansas, 22.04.2005 08:32

Mountain Justice Summer is a call to action and a request for help from the people of the Appalachia mountains for help in saving our mountains, streams, and forest from greedy coal companies. But why are we asking for help? Frankly it's because we are losing. More than 1,000 miles of stream have been buried and destroyed and countless mountains and ridge tops have been blown up–gone for all eternity. Additionally, under the Bush administration laws have been altered to encourage and accelerate the destruction. The price of coal has doubled, and the destruction of our watersheds is accelerating and spreading out like cancer — not slowing down. Our state and federal agencies charged with protecting our environment are dealing out permits to these coal companies like crack dealers on the street corner — the coal is the crack — and the coal companies the addicts that will kill, destroy entire mountain ranges and bury streams in order to get their black fix.

Students and Workers take Action in Defense of Education

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.04.2005 08:31

On April 20, the AIDE (Action In Defense of Education) network held its first statewide action against budget cuts to education. Representing the Santa Cruz chapter of the network, roughly 150 students and union members from UCSC took over the streets in a march to the county buildings in downtown Santa Cruz. There they met and rallied with elementary school and high school students, as well as Santa Cruz and Pajaro school district teachers and parents. Cece Pinheiro, vice president of the Santa Cruz County School Board, came to show support for the cause as well.

The march took over the entire right side of Bay Street, turning left onto the right lane of Mission Street, then down Walnut Street past Santa Cruz High School (where high school students joined the march). The marchers then took over the entire width of Pacific Avenue before turning onto Water Street towards their final destination.

Protestors carried picket signs addressing the issues of budget cuts to public education and teacher and worker pay, while yelling chants such as "Students And Workers United For Justice" and "They Say Cut Back, We Say Fight Back".

Simultaneous marches took place statewide, in the Bay Area (roughly 1,000 people), San Diego (roughly 350 people), and Los Angeles (roughly 800-1,000 people).

Photos: At the County Building || At Ocean and Water Streets

Zine Movie Night!

San Diego, 22.04.2005 08:31

Zine Movie Night! presented by Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go
See films about zines: "$100 & A T-Shirt", "Grrlyshow", and "Letras al Margen". Local zines will be available for sale.
Friday May 6th, 8pm, $3-5, at Voz Alta, 1544 Broadway, Downtown San Diego.

Watch a video about the bookmobile visit to San Diego in 2002, this was a project of SD IMC and Grrrl Zines A-Go-Go:

For full film descriptions, click

Baby Bella

Houston, 22.04.2005 08:30

Houston Zoo is No Place for Elephants

Lynne Stewart and Cynthia McKinney Scheduled to Speak at Attica to Abu-Ghraib

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2005 08:30

The "Attica to Abu Ghraib" Conference will take place on Friday, April 22nd & Saturday, April 23rd, 2005 in Berkeley. Organizers say, "Torture, illegal detention and other human rights abuses have always been weapons used by the US government to crush resistance. Today we see a terrifying escalation in that repression, whether against Iraqis and Afghans half a world away -- or immigrants, prisoners, and political activists here at home. Our strength lies in building on the experiences of those who resist - here in the US, in Latin America, Palestine, the Philippines, the Caribbean, and in countless communities throughout the world."

Congressperson Cynthia McKinney to speak at Attica to Abu-GhraibFriday, April 22nd will be the Opening Night from 6PM - 9PM, at the wheelchair accessible St. Joseph the Worker Church -(1640 Addison St., Berkeley). It will feature Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who has recently returned to office in a ringing vindication of her outspoken opposition to U.S. torture and human rights abuses. Embattled attorney and political prisoner Lynne Stewart was allowed to travel to the Bay Area, so she will be speaking at 7pm. The event will also include spoken word by Rima Chaudry, music by Caminante, and more. A $5 - $100 sliding scale donation is requested at the door.

The Working Conference will take place on Saturday, April 23rd, beginning at 8:30AM at Barrows Hall on the UC Berkeley Campus. The program is divided into three broad areas of focus and analysis. Each of these, organizers say, is a key component of the workings of U.S. empire and provides a focus for linking movements within and outside the U.S. This event is the culmination of work by conference organizers and community organizations who have helped to fundraise to make this weekend possible.

Read more on Attica to Abu-Ghraib's website

Attica to Abu-Ghraib Conference in Berkeley this Weekend

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2005 08:30

The "Attica to Abu Ghraib" Conference will take place on Friday, April 22nd & Saturday, April 23rd in Berkeley. Organizers say, "Today we see a terrifying escalation in repression, whether against Iraqis and Afghans half a world away -- or immigrants, prisoners, and political activists here at home. Our strength lies in building on the experiences of those who resist - here in the US, and in countless communities throughout the world."

Congressperson Cynthia McKinney to speak at Attica to Abu-GhraibFriday, April 22nd will be the Opening Night from 6PM - 9PM, at the wheelchair accessible St. Joseph the Worker Church -(1640 Addison St., Berkeley). It will feature Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. Embattled attorney and political prisoner Lynne Stewart will be speaking at 7pm. The event will also include spoken word by Rima Chaudry, music by Caminante, and more. A sliding scale donation will be requested. The Working Conference will take place on Saturday, April 23rd, beginning at 8:30AM at Barrows Hall on the UC Berkeley Campus. The program is divided into three broad areas of focus and analysis. Each of these, organizers say, is a key component of the workings of U.S. empire and provides a focus for linking movements within and outside the U.S.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

People's Park 36th Anniversary Celebration

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.04.2005 08:30

On Sunday April 24th, Berkeley will celebrate the anniversary of the founding of People's Park. There will, as always, be speakers and performers on stage, donated from Food Not Bombs, speakers such as Ignacio Chapela and an update about the Pepper Spray Trial, music by Hightower, the Brass Liberation Orchestra, and others, MC Wavy Gracy, and, as always, a skate park.

Indybay Coverage of the 2003 People's Park Anniversary Celebration | 2004 Anniversary | People's Park Website


Uruguay, 21.04.2005 21:05

Gloria Muñoz Ramírez en Montevideo

Independent Republican Candidates Take A Stand

Ireland, 21.04.2005 20:26

The Growth Of A Republican Socialist Alternative Within The Republican Base From The Newswire: The emergence of a number of independent republican candidates in this years northern council elections has highlighted a growing discontent within the traditional republican base vote which Sinn Fein could previously have taken for granted. Although small in number, the fact that these independent candidates have emerged from within working class republican communities across the entire 6 counties, indicates that a growing number of republicans no longer feel that Sinn Fein articulate or represent their ideological beliefs, whether republican or socialist, and that this dissent exists across the entire occupied area. It also appears that their decision to contest the elections and oppose Sinn Fein's stranglehold within the republican base has been spontaneous and not part of any organised electoral effort by any political grouping. A number of republicans who recently left Sinn Fein on ideological grounds are prominent among those standing for the council seats. Sitting Newry and Mourne councillor Martin Cunningham recently parted company from Sinn Fein in a bitter dispute concerning republican prisoners. Cunningham had highlighted the cases of a number of his neighbours who had been fitted up by the RUC with the active assistance of a British intelligence agent and the planting of forensic evidence by British soldiers. As a result of his support for these men, who were acquitted after their legal team uncovered what had happened within the corrupt policing system, Cunningham found himself on extremely poor terms with the Adams leadership . Martin Cunningham had also raised concerns internally about the direction the party had taken, primarily its acceptance of the GFA and Stormont. Unsurprisingly this marked him as a "dissident" within the party structure, which he then parted company with on less than friendly terms. This has led to his criticism of the Adams leadership as being "stalinist" in its inability to tolerate internal party debate (which is virtually non-existent) . Since then he has gone on to highlight the cases of others who were stitched up as well as lending his voice to calls for the reintroduction of political status for jailed republican activists which was abolished under the GFA . He is also prominent in highlighting the hardships faced by small farmers in his rural South Down constituency. Just recently Cllr. Cunningham found himself on the recieving end of a bitter and personalised smear campaign organised by Sinn Fein following his expression of personal support for the sisters of murdered Belfast man Robert McCartney . Attending a meeting of Newry and Mourne council soon after meeting them in Belfast, he was barracked and loudly heckled by Sinn Fein councillors, his former colleagues. The Sinn Fein councillors branded him an "informer" due to his public support for the sisters. Posters also accusing him of being an informer were distributed throughout the council chamber, posted on walls and distributed on every seat. In an ironic twist it has just recently emerged that the leader of the heckling councillors , Sinn Féin's Conor Murphy, was himself secretly meeting with senior PSNI/RUC figures behind closed doors during that very period. So far none of his colleagues have branded him an informer, despite the fact he was meeting the crown forces in secret . Also standing in Antrim Town are Aine Gribbon and Tish Murray, two former Sinn Fein members and prominent activists within the Rathenraw community, which was the focus of a bitter dispute last year. Antrim Town's local Sinn Fein cumann resigned en masse after accusing the Sinn Fein leadership of being linked to criminality and corruption as well as abandoning the republican position of rejection of British rule in Ireland. The local Rathenraw Tenant's Association, of which both women were prominent members had transformed an area which was once a byword for drugs and anti-social behaviour which families were desperate to leave, into a community / family orientated estate which people actually wanted to move into. The dispute, which originally centred round certain leading provisionals' support for the family of a major drug dealer who had moved into the estate, came to a head when the local Sinn Fein cumann resigned virtually en masse. The leadership response to the mass resignation was to bus in 100's of heavies from Belfast (among them the murderers of Robert McCartney), who then patrolled the area in mobs, harassing and threatening the residents of the nationalist housing estate in a bid to silence them. It was reported at the time, that among those threatened with death by the provisionals was an 8 months pregnant woman and a former political prisoner. Both mothers and those who took a stand with them made clear they would not be intimidated or silenced. They are now standing on a republican platform of allegiance to the principles of Irelands' Declaration of Independence, and in support of their local community which is being victimised and harassed by the PSNI and the local unionist controlled council. Among the issues they are highlighting is the targetting and monitoring of nationalist homes by CCTV cameras that the unionist council have placed there with the PSNI. Perhaps what is most telling about the Antrim situation is that both sitting Sinn Fein councillors, including the high profile Martin Meehan, will not be seeking re-election following the provo leadership's failed attempt to intimidate the republicans of Antrim. Their position has simply become untenable and 2 new "weak" candidates have been put forward instead. In North Antrim well known local activist Bertie Shaw is standing as an independent republican in the loyalist stronghold of Larne. Both he and his family have been the frequent targets of attacks by loyalist death squads as well as harassment by crown forces. In the early 90's his father was murdered by loyalists and both himself and family members have been injured and survived a number of murder bids. Another prominent candidate standing in Armagh City is former blanketman and H Block hungerstriker John Nixon. A commited socialist and former INLA POW, Nixon is widely respected in his local area and articulates a clear left wing viewpoint which has been sadly lacking of late within Sinn Fein. In Co. Tyrone independent republican Paul Gallagher is standing in the nationalist stronghold of Strabane, while in Co. Fermanagh Kevin Barry Nolan also stands on an independent republican ticket . Finally, a hard fought battle is expected in Derry city as local republican Gary Donnelly takes a stand in the cityside ward which encompasses the Creggan and Bogside . Well known locally as a republican activist with a hardline, uncompromising position towards British rule, Mr Donnelly is actively highlighting local job discrimination, pointing to the fact that funding for local community employment is virtually confined to members of Sinn Fein as "jobs for the boys". This is contrary to everything the people of Derry fought for when they demanded their rights. Employment should not be the preserve of a political clique on Derry city council. Donnelly is also utterly opposed to the PSNI and any participation on local DPPs, which Sinn Fein are expected to fully endorse once the elections are over. Perhaps one of the biggest obstacles facing Gary Donnelly is the fact that prior to his decision to run as a candidate many Derry republicans. who would instinctively vote for him him as an alternative to Sinn Fein. have previously refused to register for a vote in order to prevent it being stolen. There has since been a frantic scramble by many in the cityside ward to get themselves registered following his decision to run . However what is most important about these candidates standing is not whether they are successful in being elected, but the fact that they are highlighting republican and socialist issues within the republican base that Sinn Fein are either ignoring completely or to which they are simply paying lip service. They represent the forgotten constituency: the republicans and radicals who have decided that the Sinn Fein leadership has gone down a path which is contrary to their convictions and for whatever reason no longer represents them. It now seems that this constituency is larger and more widespread than many had assumed, simply due to the fact it had been successfully kept out of sight . Whether it continues to grow and to organise itself remains to be seen, but how well these candidates perform will be an interesting diversion from the tug of war within the constitutional nationalist establishment of Sinn Fein and the SDLP . USEFUL RELATED LINKS Slugger O'Toole The Blanket Wikipedia Definition Of Republicanism Wikipedia Definition of Socialism

What I Got Out of &quot;How to Get Anything on Anybody&quot;

Richmond, 21.04.2005 20:04

"If you really want to know all the ways our government, police, and private spy-geeks can monitor your life, dig in...."

This is the first review in a new project for this site. Other reviews in the works include Betsy Leondar-Wright, Class Matters (to be reviewed by Annette Walker of UE Local 160); David Solnit, Globalize Liberation (to be reviewed by Farhang Rouhani of Mary Washington University); and Martha A. Ackelsberg, "Free Women Of Spain: Anarchism And The Struggle For The Emancipation Of Women" (also to be reviewed by Sue Frankel-Streit)

Ecological Rights

Perth, 21.04.2005 18:30

Palmer Block: Jarrah Forest Under Immediate Threat Near Collie

Whistleblower's &quot;Secret&quot; Appeal Hearing Held Today

DC, 21.04.2005 18:02

Washington, D.C. — Outside the U.S. District Court House today Sibel Edmonds and her lawyers shared the details of a hearing on Edmonds' appeal for her case against the government as a consequence of whistleblowing. They made their remarks in the supportive presence of other well-known whistleblowers including Daniel Ellsberg, who disclosed what became known as the Pentagon Papers and Michael German, a former undercover FBI agent. Edmonds was one of many additional staff brought in to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks to boost its translation capacity. She says she found flaws and corruption in the system designed to process this information and was fired for reporting this in 2002. A Department of Justice Inspector General's report backed her claims.

Native American Ecological Education Symposium

Rogue Valley, 21.04.2005 17:33

The annual Native American Ecological Education Symposium offers students and community members invaluable information and experience on Native American culture and current issues facing Native American communities. The two-day event will feature lectures, field trips and a keynote address by Winona LaDuke, the Program Director of Honor the Earth and Founding Director of White Earth Land Recovery Project. LaDuke also ran with Ralph Nader on the 1996 and 2000 Green Party Presidential ticket. LaDuke will speak Sunday morning, April 24.

May Day 05 Calendar

LA, 21.04.2005 17:21

Reclaiming May Day, the Real Labor Day, not a BBQ Day

Ecological Rights

Perth, 21.04.2005 17:02

Palmer Block: Jarrah Forest Under Immediate Threat

Weekly Radio Show on WRIR 97.3 LPFM

Richmond, 21.04.2005 16:02

Thursdays from Noon-12:30pm This week on the Richmond Indymedia Center's weekly radio show Muna Hijazi will bring you the highlights from this site as well as two interviews: Zarina Zarif, a local activists and college student and Mike Town, an organizer with the Sierra Club-Appalachian Region. Please tune in at Noon or listen online at


Athens, 21.04.2005 15:00

Οι συγχρονοι ταγματασφαλιτες

Let A Thousand Militias Bloom

NYC, 21.04.2005 14:21

(from the Latest Indypendent): In devising a strategy to defeat Iraq’s insurgents, the Pentagon may be gaining the upper hand but at the cost of pushing Iraq toward civil war. A report by the Wall Street Journal from Feb. 16 revealed that “pop-up militias” are proliferating in Iraq. Not only is the U.S. aware of these illegal militias, but the Pentagon is arming, training and funding them for use them in counter-insurgency operations. [Subscribe to the Indypendent]

13-4 Soziale Bewegungen in Ecuador fordern R�cktritt des Pr�sidenten

Germany, 21.04.2005 14:20

Soziale Bewegungen in Ecuador fordern R�cktritt des Pr�sidenten. �Justiz von Regierung kontrolliert� .

Die politische Krise in Ecuador hat einen neuen H�hepunkt erreicht. Soziale Organisationen fordern den R�cktritt des Pr�sidenten Lucio Guti�rrez von der regierenden nationalistischen �Partei der patriotischen Gesellschaft� (PSP) und halten seit Anfang der Woche �ffentliche Einrichtungen und die Kathedrale der Hauptstadt Quito besetzt.

Essen-Frohnhausen, Geisterstadt

Germany, 21.04.2005 14:20

Am 16.4.05 fanden in Essen ein Nazi-Aufmarsch und zwei Gegendemos statt. Der Nazi-Aufmarsch lief unter dem Motto "Keine Waffen f�r Israel", mit 250 Nazis. Dagegen bildete sich das B�ndnis "Essen stellt sich quer", und organisierte eine der Gegendemos (mit ca.1000 Leuten). Weiterhin fand eine antideutsche/antifaschitische Demonstration statt (300 Leute).

Hier findet ihr zwei Berichte von Leuten (Ronja und Lim). Dabei wird die Stimmung an diesem Tag dargestellt, speziell die Situation an dem Kundgebungsort der Nazis und die Reaktionen der Anwohner.

Weitere Berichte:

"Antifaschistische Aktivit�ten am 16. April in Essen"
"Nazifotos 16.04.2005 Essen"
"EA-Bericht von der Demo in Essen"
"Antifademo in Essen"
"Erste Fotos von der Nazidemo in Essen"

In der gleichen Zeit wie der Nazi-Aufmarsch in Essen geschahen folgende Morde:
Erkl�rung zum Nazi-Mord in Dortmund am Ostermontag
Mord in Schwerte (NRW) - Antifa Spontandemo

Baskische Kommunisten Wahlsieger

Germany, 21.04.2005 14:20

Die Linke hat die Wahlen zum baskischen Regionalparlament gewonnen. Vor allem die linke Unabh�ngigkeitsbewegung zieht gest�rkt ins Parlament der drei Provinzen ein, die im spanischen Staat die „Autonome Baskische Gemeinschaft“ (CAV) bilden. F�r viele spanische Analysten ist unerkl�rlich, wie es f�r die „Kommunistische Partei der Baskischen Territorien“ (EHAK) m�glich war, sofort auf 12,5 % der Stimmen zu kommen und nun mit neun Sitzen im Parlament vertreten zu sein. Unter dem Text ein Interview mit der Parteif�hrerin Nekane Erauskin.

Statewide Day of Action in Defense of Education

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2005 13:20

Students all over the state and in all levels of education demonstrated their outrage at the Governor's continued attacks on education funding today during a statewide day of action for education. The protest happened simultaneously in over a dozen campuses. At UC Berkeley, Berkeley, where students, faculty and community members gathered at People's Park to participate in a walk-out, then marched to Sproul Plaza and set up a Freedom School at Sproul Plaza. Photos Four hundred people gathered at Community College of San Francisco for a march and rally. Photos Hundreds rallied and marched in Santa Cruz, and hundreds rallied before a breakaway march at San Diego City College. More info

Read more on Indybay's Student and Education News Page

Australian Indigenous Embassy evicted

Melbourne, 21.04.2005 12:02

Indigenous Elder calls for help after Embassy evicted

Students and Workers March in Solidarity to Santa Cruz Courthouse

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.04.2005 12:02

A loose coalition of students and workers gathered on the steps of the courthouse in Santa Cruz County after a successful march through town. Several causes have united to demand a re-alignment of priorities in government spending. They arrived at the courthouse at 1:30 for a rally.

Photos and Videos

Equatorianos exigem a renúncia do Presidente Lucio Gutiérrez

Portugal, 21.04.2005 10:00

Equatorianos exigem a renúncia do Presidente Lucio Gutiérrez

Ignacio Chapela Announces Lawsuit Against University of California

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2005 07:00

Ignacio Chapela held a press conference on Monday, April 18th to announce his lawsuit related to denial of tenure with the Environmental Science, Policy and Management Department at UC Berkeley. On the steps of Hilgard Hall, where he still holds lab space, Chapela and his lawyer Dan Siegel, who is known for his participation in the UC Berkeley Free Speech movement in the mid 1960s, detailed the three major claims in their lawsuit to be filed this week in Alameda County Superior court. Chapela's claims are: discrimination against a whistleblower since Chapela was retaliated against for calling attention to the transmission of pollen from genetically engineered crops into nearby fields planted with native crops; Fraud, because the university had not disclosed thathe would likely never obtain tenure due to his intellectual convictions and scholarly focus if people in power at the school disagreed with his research agenda; and discrimination on basis of national origin, as he claims that the university has a record of unequally granting tenture to candidates from different background with equivalent publication records and demonstration of permit

Ignacio Chapela has a career history working in agricultural biotech research at the USDA, with Sandoz Pharmaceutical, limited in Basel switzerland, and as a visiting fellow in the Dept. of Plant pathology at Cornell University. Colleagues in his department overwhelmingly recommended tenure for him. His last day teaching at UC Berkeley was December 9th. The court case is expected to last as long as 18 months. Read more

Tenure Justice Website | Pulse of Science, which includes more lawsuit details | Chapela Tenure Case

The Beginning of the End? Notes on David Ray Griffin's 9-11 talk

Portland, 21.04.2005 06:21

I attended a lecture tonight at the UW-Madison campus by Christian theologian David Ray Griffin. This is the author of "The New Pearl Harbor — Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11". His most recent book is "The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions". The title speaks for itself.

The lecture this evening was reported to be the first of its kind — the first time a formal lecture has challenged the official 9/11 story. In addition, it was being recorded for broadcast on C-SPAN! The lecture was entitled "9/11 and the American Empire: How Should Religious People Respond?" He started off with some definitions of "religious people" (apparently Christianity isn't the only religion), and "American Empire" — the conservatives would have you believe America is the world's first "benign" empire, but I think the point is pretty debatable. Then he gets into the heart of the lecture with a discussion of 9/11.

Continuing Work Against Measure 37

Portland, 21.04.2005 06:21

It's been almost 6 months since the passage of Measaure 37. Now is the time to minimize the harm done.

Oregon has a 30-year legacy of using land use planning to protect farmland, neighborhoods, and natural resources from uncontrolled sprawl. It's been good for Oregon's economy, good for our neighborhoods, good for the environment, and has protected Oregon's family farms.

Measure 37 was a call for fair compensation to landowners particularly harmed by land use planning. It was not a vote for unrestrained sprawl on farmland or abandoning environmental protections. And it should not be used as an excuse to eliminate the safeguards that have kept Oregon a great place to live.


[ Onward Oregon ]

Ashland City Council proclaims &quot;Independent Media Week&quot;

Portland, 21.04.2005 06:21

This Week the Ashland, Oregon city council proclaimed Independent Media week in Ashland. What's there...Rogue IMC, Low-powered FM community radio, SOU media center...etc


  • An informed citizenry is a cornerstone of democracy.
  • An informed citizenry depends on unrestrained press, which provides greater access to information, more points of view and greater diversity of thought and fact.
  • The trend toward the consolidation of media ownership has resulted in journalistic practices that hinder public awareness by excluding or marginalizing minority and dissenting viewpoints.

Statewide Day of Action in Defense of Education

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2005 06:00

Students all over the state and in all levels of education demonstrated their outrage at the Governor's continued attacks on education funding today during a statewide day of action for education. The protest happened simultaneously in over a dozen campuses, including Long Beach State, City College of San Francisco, University of California Santa Cruz, and others. College campuses across the state responded to a call for a day of action by Action In Defense of Education (AIDE), a statewide network of colleges working to transform the educational system.

Protest organizers said, "Over the past two years, the State has continuously shorthanded education and limited access to those more in need." They demanded that real solutions to the "so-called" budget crises be implemented. Among their demands were full funding of Proposition 98- a state law which guarantees funding to California schools, taxing of the top 1% of wealthy people in California, and no further cuts to the education budget. Read more

In Berkeley, Students, faculty and community members gathered at People's Park to participate in a walk-out. They marched to Sproul Plaza and set up a Freedom School at Sproul Plaza. Photos Four hundred people gathered at Community College of SF for a march and rally. Photos Hundreds rallied and marched in Santa Cruz and hundreds rallied before a breakaway march at San Diego City College.

The next generation of Beat poets gets ready

NYC, 21.04.2005 04:02

(from the Open Newswire): Aspiring writers are getting a crash course in the Manhattan neighborhood once known as Skid Row. They study with some of the best and most controversial poets and artists in a program that seeks to keep a fading genre alive.

Cayó Lucio

Colombia, 21.04.2005 04:01

Ecuador Vive... y Colombia le acompaña

Blocking Franks

LA, 21.04.2005 03:31


International Day in Solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2005 03:30

April 17 is the International Day in Solidarity with Palestinian Political Prisoners. Because most offices in the US are closed on Sundays, groups around the country held demonstrations on April 18. Many of the actions were held at Red Cross offices.

The ICRC is charged by the United Nations to monitor the conditions of prisoners and ensure that international laws governing those conditions are being followed. They are the only international organization which has regular access to Israeli prisons and the only ones who can arrange visits for families of prisoners or deliver clothes and other supplies. Prison activists and lawyers in the Occupied Palestinian Territories charge that the Red Cross is not carrying out frequent visits to central Israeli prisons, and has failed to deliver urgently needed supplies. They also are not aggressively demanding that Israel stop its illegal abuses of prisoners' human rights. In particular, this year's demonstrations highlighted the case of Manal Ghannam and her son, 18-month-old Nour, who are imprisoned in Telmond. Nour has been subjected to tear gas in the prison; he and Manal both have medical conditions which are not being treated by the prison officials, and Nour's relatives have not been allowed to bring any toys for him to play with.

Two dozen activists protested outside the Bay Area Red Cross offices in San Francisco on Monday, April 18, to spotlight the International Committee of the Red Cross's neglect of Palestinian political prisoners. They held up pictures of Palestinian prisoners and their families, and gave out several hundred fliers calling on passersby to contact the ICRC and demand they do their job. Photos | Sumoud

Direct Action Against Military Recruiters at UCB

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.04.2005 03:20

Recently, the Associated Students at the University of California (ASUC) passed a resolution that argued that military recruiters (who refuse to recruit gays and lesbians) violate the University of California's anti-discrimination policy and therefore should not be allowed access to ASUC facilities. Still, military recruiters have announced their intention to show up at the April 21st Career Fair in the MLK student union. A protest is planned for Thursday morning. Students are gathering at 10:30am near the Fountain on Sproul Plaza .
Read More On Indybay's Anti-War Page

NoSpray! Nashville Rebuffed by Metro Health Board

Tennessee, 21.04.2005 03:02

#media_2698;left# In an openly hostile and at times aggressive Metro Health Board Meeting, Board Members criticized and ignored evidence presented by No Spray! Nashville regarding the use of carcinogens in a misguided Mosquito Control Program. The organizer of NoSpray! Nashville, Rachel Sumner, was rebuked by the Metro Health Board Chair for speaking during the meeting and was misrepresented by another board member regarding a private conversation about Nashville's Mosquito Control Program.

Ecuador: Triunfa el QSVT

Argentina, 21.04.2005 03:01

Los forajidos sacaron al presidente

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