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Robert McChesney Lecture, Book Signing

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Noted Media Studies and Mass Communication analyst and critic, University of Illinois Professor Robert McChesney, will speak on the politics of mass communication and media activism and sign his new book in a fundraiser for the Public i, UC IMC's monthly newspaper. When? Sunday, May 16th, 3-5 p.m. Where? IMC, 218 W. Main, Urbana

Same Sex Couples Denied Marriage Licenses at Champaign County Clerk's Office

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Four committed same-sex couples applied for and were denied marriage licenses today at the Champaign County Clerk's Office. A faux opposite-sex couple consisting of one gay man and one woman was granted a marriage license. Over a hundred stood in solidarity with the couples to call for equal rights for gay and lesbian partners.

SDaS SchoolHouse Razed

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

409 North Race Street in Urbana had for many years been the home of the School for Designing a Society (SDaS), a local activist project which has seeded and nurtured many, many other projects. The building was demolished this weekend. The School continues...

U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson: Leaving Nearly Every Child (Except the Wealthy) Behind; Shorts Local Schools $1.6 Million in Promised Funding to Improve Education

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Despite his populist rhetoric, U.S. Representative Tim Johnson has been ineffective in ensuring that our local education system benefits from the resources promised from the federal level to meet the requirements of the controversial 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB). On the other hand, Johnson makes sure that the children of the wealthy are well-provisioned with tax cuts for private education.

Dubya's Electoral Dysfunction

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Happy Memorial weekend, yall.

Green Party Candidates Talk

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Last night about 30 supporters gathered to hear 4 Green Party candidates speak at the Illini Union. Presidential hopeful David Cobb, Senate candidate Scott Summers, and local County Board candidates Zach Miller and Ken Urban spoke.

Become the Media with Urbana's Newest Community Radio Station: Radio Free Urbana -- Find Out More Tuesday June 8, 8 PM at the IMC

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Radio Free Urbana, WRFU, is scheduled to go on air as Urbana's newest noncommercial community radio station in June 2005. Learn how to get involved and help get this new independent media resource on the air at WRFU's first public information meeting: Tuesday, June 8, 8 PM at the IMC 218 W. Main St., Downtown Urbana Everyone is invited.

The Legacy of the Reagan Years

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

The Legacy of the Reagan Years reported in the media in recent days is not how many remember his administration.

Channel X: His Own Personal Jesus

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Here's to a great American....

National Summit for Community Wireless Networks -- August 20-22, 2004 -- Urbana, IL.

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

The Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network (CUWiN), Prairienet, and Free Press invite you to join us for a national Community Wireless Networking Summit August 20-22, 2004 in Urbana, IL. "Making the Connection: The 2004 National Summit for Community Wireless Networks" will focus on grassroots action, impacting national regulations and policies, and building a coalition of local groups, researchers, policy leaders, decision-makers, and community activists.

Bloomsday in Champaign

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

The Bloomsday Centennial hits Champaign this weekend

Carle Hospital Lesbian Discrimination Case Finishes First Week

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

Former Carle Foundation Hospital pediatric nurse manager, Lynn Sprout, testified before the Urbana Human Relations Commission that she hid her lesbianism from her employer for 15 years until her same-sex partner of 18 years, Linda Schurvinske, became ill and was dying. Within seven months of coming out as lesbian, Ms. Sprout’s partner died and Ms. Sprout was fired. The five Commissioners on the Urbana Human Relations Commission will decide if any part of Ms. Sprout’s dismissal was due to her lesbianism. If they believe it was, they may force the hospital to give Ms. Sprout her job back with back pay and benefits. (photo of hearing room on first day taken by Ben Grosser)

Illinois Congressmen Throw Coronation Ceremony in Senate Building for Cult Leader, Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

According to an article posted today in Salon, " On March 23, the Dirksen Senate Office Building was the scene of a coronation ceremony for Rev. Sun Myung Moon, owner of the conservative Washington Times newspaper and UPI wire service, who was given a bejeweled crown by Rep. Danny K. Davis, D-Ill." Also present at the ceremony was Illinois own Dennis Hastert, who is currently the Speaker of the House.

Performance Events this Weekend:

Urbana-Champaign, 04.05.2005 23:01

In conjunction with Crossroads in Cultural Studies, The Art Graduate Student Organization and the Independent Media Center (UIUC Chapter) invite you to a series of events investigating performance as cultural resistance. More information on the presenters follows: Infecting the Sick Society: Cultural Resistance as Virus
Sunday, June 27th, 1 pm, Illini Union 214
a panel discussion with subRosa, Charles Frederick, and Lisa Fay. Reading The Cathedral Project: Poetry and the Aesthetics of Politics
Saturday, June 26th, 7 pm, 218 W. Main St, Urbana
a reading and discussion with community animation artist Charles Frederick. Mapping Biopower
Monday, June 28th, 3 pm, Morrow Plots
a guided walk with feminist art collective subRosa.

Film night to benefit eco-defense prisoner Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.05.2005 22:21

California Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity (C.A.P.S.) Presents:

A film screening to benefit Jeff "Free" Luers, eco-defence prisoner.

A longtime forest defender who was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at a car dealership in Eugene, Oregon, and on attempted arson charges. Jeff set fire to SUVs to call attention to climate change and to protest oil wars and environmental destruction. Despite the fact that this action hurt no one, caused only $40,000 in damages and the cars were later resold, Jeff was sent to prison for a sentence considerably longer than those convicted of murder, kidnapping and rape in Oregon state. Jeff is an anarchist political prisoner and continues to write and agitate for his release while imprisoned at Oregon State Penetentiary. His appeal was filed in January 2002. Legal costs for Jeff’s appeals will be in the tens of thousands of dollars and help is greatly needed. Learn more online at

Friday May 6, 8:00pm, at the Next Door - 1205 Soquel Ave. right next to the Rio Theatre.

Sliding Scale admission. All proceeds collected at the door will go toward Jeff's legal defense.

Democracia na Universidade

Brasil, 04.05.2005 22:00

Confeiteir@s Sem Fronteiras Homenageam Reitor da UNB


Barcelona, 04.05.2005 22:00

Solidaritat amb les detingudxs a Alemanya

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, José Fernández Delgado, Bart Bart De Geeter, anarquistes presos, i Begoña Pombo da Silva estan sent jutjadxs a Aachen, Alemanya. Abans de la seva detenció(28.06.04), José i Gabriel foren presoners de l'Estat espanyol i es fugaren. El primer ha estat 23 anys empresonat a Espanya i el Gabriel ha passat 20 dels seus 36 anys a la presó, 14 sota règim FIES . Han lluitat contra les tortures patides sota el FIES i el tracte rebut a Alemanya fins ara no és molt diferent.Com a protesta el Gabriel està anant a judici en calçotets . Hi ha una crida a un dia internacional d'acció en solidaritat pel 4 de maig.

notícies relacionades: *primeros dias de juicio* ::: cada primer dimarts Concentració de suport a les preses polítiques catalanes[sants] preS.O.S. Acció Directa ::: Cargolada solidària pels presos polítics[Capellades] ::: judicis per tortures contra l'Estat Espanyol ::: morts sota custòdia de l'Estat Espanyol ::: concentració 6 maig per l'absolució del Frankie[Vilanova i la Geltrú] ::: repressió contra els presos i els seus advocats

+info:: >>>criminalització

foto alternativa:!.jpg

criminalización (es)

Barcelona, 04.05.2005 22:00

Solidaridad con detenidxs en Alemania

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, José Fernández Delgado, Bart De Geeter, anarquistas presos, y Begoña Pombo da Silva están siendo juzgadxs ahora en Aachen, Alemania. Antes de su detencion(28.06.2004) José y Gabriel fueron presos del estado español y se fugaron. El primero ha estado 23 años encarcelado y Gabriel ha pasado 20 de sus 36 años en la carcel, 14 de ellos bajo regimen FIES . Han luchado contra las torturas sufridas bajo el FIES. En las carceles de Alemania también hay tortura. En protesta, Gabriel está acudiendo al juicio en calzoncillos . Hay una llamada a un día internacional de acción en solidaridad para el 4 de mayo.

noticias relacionadas: *primeros dias de juicio* ::: cada primer martes de mes concentración de apoyo a las presxs polítcxs catalanxs[sants] ::: preS.O.S. Acción Directa ::: Cargolada solidaria para los presos políticos[Capellades] ::: juicios por torturas contra el Estado Español ::: muertes bajo custodia del Estado ::: concentración 6 mayo para la absolución de Frankie[Vilanova i la Geltrú] ::: repressió contra lxs presxs y sus abogadxs

+info:: >>>criminalización

criminalization (en)

Barcelona, 04.05.2005 22:00

Solidarity with anarchists on trial in Germany

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, José Fernández Delgado, Bart De Geeter, anarchist prisoners, and Begoña Pombo da Silva are on trial in Aachen, Alemania. Before their arrest(28.06.2004) José and Gabriel were prisoners in Spain but had managed to escape. Jose had been in prison for 23 years and Gabriel had spent 20 of his 36 years in prison, 14 of which were under the FIES regime. They have struggled against the tortures recieved in the FIES program. In German prisons there is also torture. In protest,Gabriel refuses to wear more then his underwear to court. May 4th is a international day of action in solidarity.

related news: *first days of trial* ::: every first tuesday per month concentrations suporting political catalan prisoners[sants] ::: preS.O.S. Acción Directa ::: Cargolada solidaria for the political prisonerss[Capellades] ::: trials on torture against spanish state ::: deaths under state custody ::: 6 may concentration for Frankie's acquitance[Vilanova i la Geltrú] ::: repression against prisoners and their lawyers

+info:: >>>criminalization

Arizona Dreams

Arkansas, 04.05.2005 21:01

A team of journalists from Radioactive San Diego and San Diego Indymedia are sent to the Arizona/Sonora border region, where a group of armed volunteers known as the Minutemen Project has decided to camp by the border to stop the flow of undocumented migrants. During their first night in Douglas, Arizona, the San Diego journalists get chased down by the Border Patrol. Crossing the border into Agua Prieta, Sonora, a former coyote relates to them his life story and concludes: “risks are big, but necessity is bigger.” At the border, they meet Jim Gilchrist, the first Minutemen, who reveals he opposes “powerful corporate enterprise,” considers Mexican migrants to be “economic refugees,” and that he babysits his Mexican grandchild every Sunday. Excellent Photos from SD IMC

The Man Under the Abu Graib Hood

San Diego, 04.05.2005 21:01

Ali al-Shalal is a name you've never heard. But you know him: He's the man wearing the black hood and gown, standing on a box, with wires attached to his outstreched arms. And for the record, the wires were live. Now, he's working for justice, and the rights of other Iraqi prisoners of the U.S. military.

So far, he has taken 10 prisoners to Amman where they have met US lawyers who are pressing a class-action suit in a US federal court against [San Diego Based Corporations] Titan and CACI, with the US military named as a co-conspirator.

Photos from a protest at Titan:

Spodden Valley: Developer's Ignore Local Concerns

United Kingdom, 04.05.2005 20:30

'Dear Deputy Prime Minister, The SPODDEN VALLEY was the birthplace of the asbestos industry. Many people have been poorly or DIED from asbestos. A Planning application has been made to put 600+ homes and a CHILDREN'S NURSERY there. Please could you "call-in" the Spodden Valley plans so that SAFE decisions can be made.' Laura Livsey, age 11

Rochdale. In Rochdale’s Spodden Valley a huge quantity of asbestos may lie buried on the land where the world’s largest asbestos factory once processed the killer fibres. There are no plans to clear up this hazard, but there is a lot of interest in digging up the site. Developers Countryside Properties want to build on it. However, their controversial planning application has been put on hold.

Concern has already been raised about the way large piles of crushed rubble are being disturbed by a JCB digger and driven through Rochdale in open wagons.

Campaigners are now asking that the plans be "called-in" to the ODPM. Meanwhile, in an apparent bid to sabotage the campaign to save Spodden Valley, Countryside Properties have bought up internet domain names that include combinations of the words “save” “spodden” and “valley”.

Reports and links: | How to make brass out of muck | Piles of crushed asbestos | “Fake” websites exposed | Prescott gets the message | Candlelit vigil

Plans for Primate Lab Abandoned in Holland

United Kingdom, 04.05.2005 20:30

Maastricht - The University of Maastricht cancelled the building of a primate vivisection lab because it is too expensive and they are afraid of actions against the primate centre by animal rights activists.

The request to build a new primate centre was initially presented by neuro-psychologist P. de Weerd. He recently received a subsidy of 1.25 million euros for research into the influence of genes and the nervous system and sense perception/learning. One part of this reasearch is taking tissue samples of the brains of Rhesus monkeys.


Indymedia Italië weer onder politievuur

Netherlands, 04.05.2005 20:20

Op dit ogenblik is Indymedia Italië nog in de lucht, dit ondanks een DDOS aanval die begon op 1 mei en de melding van een aantal persagentschappen van de op handen zijnde inbeslagname. Dat belet niet dat Indymedia Italië mogelijks over enkele uren niet meer bereikbaar zal zijn, omwille van een bevel tot inbeslagname, waarmee een internationale rogatoire commissie onderweg is.

Luttele maanden na de inbeslagname van de Ahimsa server zijn we dus terug naar af. Uitgerekend op de dag dat het Hof van Verbreking (hoogste gerechtshof) alle religies op hetzelfde niveau stelt,vraagt Salvatore Vitello (Kalf in het Nederlands), een Romeinse Officier van Justitie, op beschuldiging van smaad aan de Katholieke Kerk en smaad aan de figuur van de Paus met luide stem de sluiting van indymedia Italië.

De reden hiervoor is een fotomontage die de paus voorstelt in Nazi-uniform.De lange clerikaal-nationale golf die ontkentend werd na de dood van Johannes Paulus II en de verkiezing van Benedictus XVI had het Nazi verleden van Ratzinger moeten doen vergeten.

Nu ziet indymedia Italië zich alweer geconfronteerd met de verplicthing om aan de macht onderworpen rechters uit te leggen wat het "subversieve" concept van open publishing is en duidelijk te maken dat ze aan geen enkele vorm van censuur zullen toegeven.

South Central Farmers

LA, 04.05.2005 20:01

Save Los Angeles Urban Gardens in Vernon

Bringing Nature to Man's Domain

Ireland, 04.05.2005 19:30

Dolphin's Barn Community Garden report on community garden It was a cold, wet April evening when a small group of us gathered by the canal in order to open the Dolphin's Barn Community Garden. It had been a dull day, and by the time we made our way into the garden, the full moon was hanging overhead. On the bank of the canal opposite the public library, close to the bridge at Dolphin's Barn, behind the walls of a factory, stood a disused area of grass. This area contained three billboards, 6,000 square metres of grass, and very little else. At the recent Grassroots Gathering workshop it was decided to take over the space to plant trees and vegetables rather than to see it wasted. And so, on April 12th, in co-operation with a week-long 'tree walk', through Dublin city, we made our way down the canal in the rain, armed with hazel trees to plant in our new garden.   Why are we doing this? Well, there are several of us involved, each for our own reasons, but I suppose the idea is centred around the two ideas of environment and community. The project is an attempt to address the lack of green spaces in our city.   We are using the garden to grow food. We intend to engage with the local community. The garden is also a social space, giving us a chance to engage with other like-minded people. Some of us have a vision of an unbroken greenway through Dublin City, encompassing the two canals, the Botanic Gardens, and the Phoenix Park. The idea of the garden is not an original idea: there are community gardens in Cork, and in Belfast , and around the world. This garden fits into a bigger picture of community activists trying to improve the urban experience.   By the end of that first evening my socks were wet through and my trousers were filthy, but we had planted three hazel trees and two willow trees, and the community garden was underway. Now, three weeks later, we have planted another three hazels and some apple trees, and we have cleared a large space of earth, planting four rows of herbs, seeds, vegetables and flowers, including potatoes, garlic, onions, celery, parsley, rosemary, and fuchsia. We also made initial contact with the local community, survived a visit from the Garda , made several useful external contacts (including in the city council), and each of us has made new friends. There are a number of us involved in the project, but the group has no formal structure. I certainly do not speak for the group; this is just a personal account of what I think is going on with the garden. One of the strengths of the project is that it is not reliant on any one person or small group of people.   Each time at the garden there has been a different collection of people, usually including at least one new person, and there is always a different dynamic. We have a loose arrangement to meet at the garden every Thursday evening at 6.30pm, but, of course, anybody can go ahead and garden independently whenever they have a free evening. If you are interested in joining our mailing list just email the following address: Community One of the central ideas behind the garden is the idea of community. In the modern world, the local community has been weakened. Because of longer working hours and commuting times, because of the time we spend watching television, and because people are more likely to rent and move from place to place, people are more likely to become isolated. People do not have the time to engage with their own communities. Similarly, in the activist community, it is easy to find yourself feeling isolated. It is easy to feel that there is a lack of like-minded people out there. This garden is an opportunity for Dublin people to come together in an effort to improve their city. It is a chance for people to show that they can work together, and can organise themselves and achieve something as a community.   Our garden will only be successful if we can get people to become involved and take ownership of the project. One way to do this is to make use of the public library to inform the local community. We have already made some initial contact with the locals. We drafted a letter outlining the basics of what we were doing, and went around to some of the local houses to meet the neighbours of the community garden. We received a mixed response. Some people were supportive, and others had concerns. But the important thing is that we have opened a dialogue with the local residents. A little further down the canal, a garden has already been established by local people three years ago, and is still going strong. This garden is an allotment-style garden, and is fully planted. This shows that there is a will among some of the people in the area for this kind of initiative. It also shows that a project like ours can succeed.   One example during the tree walk showed how initiatives such as this can engage people's enthusiasm. On April 14th, three trees were planted in a homeless centre named Maple House, in honour of a man named Billy Merrigan, who was tragically killed after being struck by a bus. John, Dermo, and Harry, three of Billy's friends, planted two birch trees and an ash tree as a shrine to Billy's memory. The lads recorded a short audio clip of a few words about the late Billy (1922-2005).   The Grassroots Gathering workshop for the community garden was facilitated by Dunk, and last week, Dunk was involved in work on another project: a new garden for Dolphin House flats . This garden was started by Willie Morrogh, from the city council. A small plot of ground has been created, using sods of grass and train sleepers. It is situated on a bare patch of land beside a playground, and will contain plants and vegetables. Willie is also very supportive of the community garden. As well as Willie Morrogh, we made many valuable contacts during the Convergence festival at the Cultivate Centre for Sustainable Living . There is no shortage of interest and support. There has even been talk of starting similar projects around the city, in East Wall and on the Royal Canal. But there is always room for more assistance, so all are welcome to get involved.   Food One of the peculiarities of the modern world is the change in our relationship with our food. Now that we 'eat out' so much, and now that it is so often a 'ready meal' when we do cook for ourselves, it seems that we may be losing our ability to prepare meals from a set of raw materials. And even when we do cook - with vegetables, for example - we have lost much of our connection with them. We do not know their background: how far they have travelled to get to our kitchen, how they are grown, whether they are genetically engineered or modified and whether they are treated with chemical pesticides. We also know very little about who grows them: how well they are paid, and how fairly they are treated. In the community garden we plan to grow our own food and re-establish a link with our food. We will tend our own food and know exactly where it comes from.     Conclusion Other kinds of activism on their own can be frustrating. But the community garden is a form of direct action where you are in full control. There is none of the frustration of a large protest which is ignored by the powers that be, and none of the desperation of trying to change the system. Of course, these actions are also important, but, in addition to taking part in these events, proactive projects like the community garden give a sense of control and purpose which is not a reaction to any external events. We are making use of a space that would otherwise be wasted, and our success is dependent only on ourselves. But the garden is not just for its own sake - the goal is also to link people up and bring together a community with a set of shared goals. The physical nature of the garden means it is a grounding force for abstract ideas. It is a space for like-minded people to come together on a regular basis. And if you like the sound of that, you know where we are.     Related Links: Spud night Gathering on April 22nd incl. Garda Visit Indymedia Night @ Seoidin's incl. Garden Discussion Gathering April 28th

Say &quot;No&quot; to the Minutemen this Friday!

San Diego, 04.05.2005 18:01

Unity Rally this Friday, May 6 to say "no" to Minutemen!

1 maja 2005 na świecie

Poland, 04.05.2005 17:21

Niepewność, to stan w jakim znajduje się obecnie większość ludzi pracy w Europie i na całym świecie. Nie ważne czy chodzi o bezrobotnych, pracowników tymczasowych, wielkich sieci, sezonowych czy uniwersyteckich. Każdy z nich żyje z dnia na dzień. Dlatego w tym roku 1 majowe obchody Święta Pracy (ustanowionego w 1889 roku na pamiątkę brutalnie spacyfikowanego strajku robotników z Chicago) odbyły się w wielu miastach świata.

48 Hour Hunger Strike Ends At CSU Fresno

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2005 17:20

4/29/2005: Students at CSU-Fresno are hungry for the truth. Holding a 48 hour fast outside the university president’s office, students demanded an end to undercover police attendance at their events, an apology for the violation of their civil liberties, and a change in the policy that led to this spy caper. The Campus Peace and Civil Liberties Coalition has been given at least 5 different versions of why their were undercover law enforcement officers at an official club function held in November 2004. They are tired of the lies and want the truth.
Read More On The Central Valley Page

San Francisco Human Rights Commission Says Badlands Owner Discriminated

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2005 17:20

And Castro for All has called for a boycott of the bar Badlands, starting the night of April 30th. This week, San Francisco's Human Rights Commission found that Badlands bar owner Les Natali violated civil rights law by discriminating against African Americans in employment and public accommodation. The HRC interviewed nearly sixty people over a ten month period, and found as fact that: Badlands had an inconsistent door policy illegally that requires multiple forms of I.D. from some African Americans; Natali referred to African Americans as “non-Badlands customers” who should be discouraged from patronage; Natali unfairly denied entry to African Americans through the use of a ‘No Bag’ policy that was rarely enforced against white patrons; Natali’s “hiring practices . . . were discriminatory towards African Americans,” in addition to other offenses.
Read More | Indybay's LGBTQI Page

1-Year Anniversary Community Rally and March Remembers Cammerin Boyd

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2005 17:20

May 5th, 2005 is the one-year anniversary of the death of Cammerin Boyd, who was shot and killed by San Francisco police in the Western Addition. The demonstration will gather for a rally starting at 5pm, in Jefferson Square Park, on Laguna between Eddy and Turk Streets. A Press Conference will start at 5:15pm, and a March at 8:05pm The march will go to City Hall, at Polk and McAllister Streets.

After one year and seven more officer involved shootings in San Francisco, noone has been held accountable in the shootings or in the murder of Cammerin Boyd. Boyd, an African American disabled man, was gunned down by undercover officers while his hands were raised in the air surrendering.

Read More On Indybay's Police Page

Repressão contra imigrantes em Cabo Verde

Portugal, 04.05.2005 14:20

Repressão contra imigrantes em Cabo Verde

RGB Rejects Rent Freeze; Proposes 2%-7% Increases

NYC, 04.05.2005 12:20

In front of a crowd of irate tenants, the New York City Rent Guidelines Board voted to suggest rent increases up to 7 percent for rent-stabilized apartments.

The board met in front of an angry crowd of about 200 people, almost all of them irate tenants, many carrying signs or wearing stickers that read "Rent Freeze Now." As board chair Marvin Markus intoned the meeting’s legal boilerplate, the crowd was steaming, chanting "Roll back the rents" and "Open your books, you dirty crooks." One person was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after he refused to sit down.

Primero de Mayo en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 04.05.2005 09:21

Primero de Mayo en Puerto Rico

Primero de Mayo en Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, 04.05.2005 09:02

Primero de Mayo en Puerto Rico

An Open Letter to Howard Dean

DC, 04.05.2005 08:01

The Democratic leadership should be pressing for quick withdrawal of all troops from Iraq. That’s what most Democrats want, too. Your performance in the early stages of the primary, and your recent chairmanship of the party, were made possible by many, many progressive and liberal Democrats. It was their hope and expectation that you would prevent the party from repeating its past drift to the Republican-lite center. They hoped that this time the party would not abandon them or its core beliefs again.

1-Year Anniversary Community Rally and March Remembers Cammerin Boyd

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.05.2005 07:30

May 5th, 2005 is the one-year anniversary of the death of Cammerin Boyd, who was shot and killed by San Francisco police in the Western Addition. The demonstration will gather for a rally starting at 5pm, in Jefferson Square Park, on Laguna between Eddy and Turk Streets. A Press Conference will start at 5:15pm, and a March at 8:05pm The march will go to City Hall, at Polk and McAllister Streets.

After one year and seven more officer involved shootings in San Francisco, noone has been held accountable in the shootings or in the murder of Cammerin Boyd. Boyd, an African American disabled man, was gunned down by undercover officers while his hands were raised in the air surrendering. Police accountability was required by the voters when they approved Proposition H in 2003. Family, friends, and the community are outraged at the lack of any real independent investigation and the refusal to prosecute the offending officers. The San Francisco district attorney's office in late April cleared police of criminal wrongdoing in the shooting, saying the 29-year-old fired first at officers and appeared to reach for his gun again before he was killed. The Boyd family and supporters feel that a Federal investigation is necessary and imperative. They are upset that although the police admit that Boyd did not have a gun in his hands when they fatally shot him, the police have still told the public that he was shooting at them.

The City and County of San Francisco's medical examiner stated "one cannot exclude that the hands were raised when the abdominal gunshot wound occurred." Cammerin Boyd's family says, "Such a declaration constitutes clear evidence of criminal conduct by the officer who shot Cammerin Boyd." Reports of witness intimidation and harassment by police of the residents who witnessed the murder, particularly targeting young African American men, still continue a year later after the incident.

Flyer | Cammerin Boyd website | More flyers on the Cammerin Boyd MSN group | Past Indybay Coverage: 6-month anniversary protest | May, 2004 story | More photos

Second Biscuit Defender passes Two-Week Mark in Jail

Portland, 04.05.2005 07:21

Amber Birmingham was arrested April 18th after unlocking from a 1200 lb. cement-filled barrel blocking the road to logging on the Biscuit timber sale at Fiddler Mountain. She stayed locked in while the Forest Service and County Deputies used a small dolly to precariously move the barrel to the side of the road. This was her second arrest, after she participated in the Women's Blockade of the Green Bridge on March 14th, and the court refuses to release her without bail, which is she refuses to pay. She follows in the footsteps of 74-year-old Joan Norman who has never paid bail in her life, and spent 18 pre-trial days in jail for her second arrest in March. read more >>

March of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom was Beautiful

Portland, 04.05.2005 07:20

About 40 people came out for the 90th anniversary celebration of Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). We met at O'Bryant Square in late morning and visited and greeted eachother under bright, warm sunshine. Many of the women wore clothing-types from the long ago era. Gathering many WILPF banners and signs, we marched by police motorcycle escort up to the South Park Blocks at PSU. The giant, awesome peace dove which made an appearance last year at the Hiroshima nuclear bomb ceremony on Waterfront Park, was with us!

Services Axed, Prisons Grow. Diane Linn, Say it Ain't So.

Portland, 04.05.2005 07:20

Bear with me, I know few words inspire more boredom than "budget." But this is important. The Multnomah County budget is just about to break out of the secret box in which it's been fomenting since the commissioners learned that they were facing yet another gigantic funding shortfall. Although it's not slated to go public until Thursday, word about its substance has been eeking out bit by bit. And if you care about the people of this city, you're not going to like it. Despite the reputedly progressive leanings of Diane Linn and at least 3 of the four other commissioners, it looks like children, old people, people with disabilities, and people who are poor are about to get the shaft, while the Sheriff's department smiles.

*Wednesday* Grand Jury Symposium - Portland, OR

Portland, 04.05.2005 05:21

Wednesday May 4 at 6 pm in the Jefferson High School Auditorium (5210 N. Kerby Ave.), representatives of the Metropolitan Public Defender's Office, the District Attorney's Office, and the Multnomah County District Court will participate in a symposium on the Grand Jury System.

They will discuss (and answer audience questions about) why we have grand juries, how they work, and whether the grand jury system should be changed. The symposium is part of Community Law Week, an event sponsored by the Young Lawyers Section of the Multnomah County Bar Association.

For more information about other Community Law Week events, please visit

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 04.05.2005 05:20

Rescheduled Radical Mental Health Workshop

Richmond, 04.05.2005 03:01

The following workshop has been rescheduled: There are ways to take charge of our own sanity. There are other maps than the ones we are handed by families, schools, telivisions, and doctors. Two members of the Icarus project will bring a workshop called "Walking the Edge of Insanity: Navigating the WOrld of Mental Health as a Radical in the Twenty-First Century" to Richmond. The workshop will be on Saturday, May7th at 4:30 pm in the Paper Street infoshop, which is located at 2506 W. Cary St.


Colombia, 04.05.2005 03:00



Colombia, 04.05.2005 03:00

Medios de Comunicación Alternativos

Abajo la TV, televisión de barrio, delirio imaginativo!

Argentina, 04.05.2005 02:30

Sábado 30 de Abril 2005 | Transmisión de television en el Bajo Flores
Abajo la TV, televisión de barrio, delirio imaginativo!

Tent University Santa Cruz: What Went Right, What Went Wrong?

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.05.2005 02:21

The past three weeks have been very eventful at UCSC: counter-recruitment efforts, an amazing strike (we won that shit – when is the party?), April 18th at Tent University, The state-wide student walk-out… Something is in the air. It is important for us to keep up the momentum, but also to reflect and learn from our own successes and mishaps. In this contribution to the ongoing conversations, I’d like to focus on the controversies and questions surrounding Tent University. I want to unpack the crucial criticisms that have been raised around this initiative, while also acknowledging the hard work and perseverance of Tent U’s organizers. Most importantly, I want to emphasize how this undoubtedly problematic event has still managed to open a space of possibility for student orgs and ‘the movement’ these orgs may potentially become and power. In sum I think student activists need to simultaneously engage in critical conversations about Tent U, while capitalizing on the moment it has provided – however awkwardly so.

Abajo la TV, televisión de barrio, delirio imaginativo!

Argentina, 04.05.2005 01:30

Abajo la TV, televisión de barrio, delirio imaginativo! Transmisión de television en el barrio del Bajo Flores

Hate Crime Alleged on Tufts Campus

Boston, 04.05.2005 01:01

Riyadh Mohammed, 20, an Economics Major in his Junior year at Tufts University, alleges that he was attacked by three fraternity brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon in front of their frat house early Saturday morning. He claims he was beaten unconscious, and subjected to a chain of racist epithets. Police confirm that he was severely beaten. Never one to hold back his opinions, president of the Arab Students Association at the school, and one who friends say, “puts the fact that he is an Arab out there,” Mohammed is proud of who he is.

LIbertad de Expresión

Colombia, 04.05.2005 01:00

Día mundial de la Libertad de Expresión

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