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Abandon Affluence

Portland, 09.05.2005 18:21

The party is still raging like mad. The drunks and the addicts and the gangs are sending out for more pizza, more booze, and more drugs and they are killing people to do it. Some of us are sobering up and waking up. We are starting to see the damage that has been done and we are whispering to each other, "We have to kick the criminals out".

One hundred years ago the soil of the United States felt a lot different than it does today. The reason for that is that many of the nutrients and much of the organic matter has been washed out to sea. They have been replaced with much less porous chemical fertilizers. The amount of soil, that is, the thickness of it, is a fraction of what it used to be.

We eat these nutrients and we flush them down the toilet. They go out to sea and as a result, the land loses some of its wealth.

We live inside of extremely large and wasteful systems and those systems must be either flushed down the toilet of history or radically changed.

Living in the Shadows: Undocumented Children Strive to Succeed

Boston, 09.05.2005 18:01

As an immigrant, Araceli has a hard time feeling like she belongs. She fled social unrest in Guatemala with her family when she was only five years old, speaks English better than Spanish, but has been forced to live in the fringes of society because she is considered illegal. “I’ve been here for sixteen years. I consider myself an American,” she said. The first time she found out about her status was when she tried to apply for college and was told the benefit of a higher education did not apply to her. One year after graduating from high school with a 3.5 GPA and unable to work legally in this country, she feels uneasy about her future. “Put your self in my shoes. I want an education and a career,” she said.


Barcelona, 09.05.2005 18:00

The time for Free Music

:::Supporting street music:::example of a musician who's better since changing to copyleft music :::"Acció cultural" founded at Cornellá de Llobregat"::: Everything that glitters is not Gold- on Alejandro Sanz :::Please, pirate my songs! Ignacio Escolar. :::Musicians gather at a hackmeeting including a free concert. ::::::Workshop on musical instrument handicraft using recicled materials:::

Companies and culture, keys to the theft: Culture for the people but without the people ::: Spanish government passes it "Antipiracy" plan::: Promusicae & SGAE support measures to eliminate illegal copying on the internet announced by the Government::: World Discography: greed breaks the bank. ::: SGAE lies. ::: Growth in programs which install themselves without warning and spy on users. :::CopyLeft: New attack on the users. :::

+info:: >>>@rtivism

Independent Images from Iraq

Houston, 09.05.2005 17:00

Monday, May 16th - 8 pm @ Rice Cinema

Indymedia UK 5th Birthday

United Kingdom, 09.05.2005 16:30

Mayday 05 marks the 5th anniversary of Indymedia UK. The first IMC to take off outside the US, it launched amidst the media hysteria around the Mayday 2000 protests. Indymedia UK developed into the United Kollectives with the launch of the current mir code based website in 2003, and continues to grow with the launch of Birmingham IMC this Mayday and Nottingham IMC due to launch soon (see also birthday party in london, 15th May).

A big thanks to everyone involved in contributing towards Indymedia! Without reports from the streets, and the voluntary effort of people contributing online and offline to the project, Indymedia would be nothing.

Don't hate the media - BE the media!

Art Show closed by LAPD

LA, 09.05.2005 16:21

Art Show in LA closed by Police

Educación en Córdoba

Argentina, 09.05.2005 16:00

Domingo 8 de mayo de 2005| Córdoba.
Calidad educativa en Córdoba... tan solo una palabra bonita

Website Maintainence

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2005 16:00

INDYBAY will be upgrading our webserver this morning and will be offline for several hours. There might be temporary interuptions in usability over the next several days.
Please, donate now to help with the costs of this website improvement.

Santurce no se Vende

Puerto Rico, 09.05.2005 15:22

Santurce: no nos intimidarán

Deportation to Death

Perth, 09.05.2005 14:02

Iranian Refugee Snatched from Baxter Detention Centre by 15 Guards

The Sale of the Century continues in Dublin 8...

Ireland, 09.05.2005 14:00

What is happening in Chamber Court and Weaver Court? Dublin City Council continues to sell off its public housing stock... Chamber Court and Weaver Court is a small development of flats owned by Dublin City Council, just off Cork Street in the Coombe area of Dublin's south inner city. There are three blocks altogether, with approximately 60 units occupied at present. The two blocks lying perpendicular and fronting out onto Cork Street are known as Chamber Court, and the single block to the south of Chamber Street is Weaver Court. At present the Dublin 8 area is undergoing large regeneration, similar to that which is happening in Smithfield in Dublin 7, with the construction of large blocks of private apartments, with large price tags to match. The area had been neglected for many years and was considered an undesirable part of town, but is now being capitalised on by private developers for its proximity to the city centre. Dublin City Council appears to be pursuing a policy with Chamber Court that mirrors that of the redevelopment of St. Michael's Estate in Inchicore. In St. Michael's Estate, the Council deliberately left many decent housing units vacant in an attempt to run down the estate, so the remaining familiies would leave and hence the land could be redeveloped under a PPP (Public-Private Partnership) scheme. Rita Fagan, a community activist in St Michael's said "they run the flats down on purpose. The necessary maintenance isn’t done. People find it very hard to live and want to move out." This is part of a wider strategy across the city where the Council is selling off its housing stock, and where possible taking existing public housing and redeveloping it, but with as much private housing squeezed into the space as possible. Looking around Chamber Court and Weaver Court, you can see that many of the units have the steel panels up over the windows and doors, despite the fact that the buildings are in good condition, and the surroundings are well maintained. Residents of the two complexes recently held an awareness-raising day to try and get people involved in the decision making process that will ultimately affect the future of where they live. They are trying to encourage the remaining families to become active in the campaign to ensure that the wishes of the local community are respected. The residents handed out a leaflet which outlined the current situation: "Dublin City Council is now proposing to sell off the Chamber Court site to private developers, and to use the money from the sale to replace Weaver Court with City Council housing (apartments and/or duplexes). In this case, the Weaver Court site would consist entirely of City Council units. On the Chamber Court site, 70% would be private apartments and 30% would be affordable housing. In the meantime the Council is also planning to build 45 apartments and duplexes at the 'Timber Yard' site, between the new Cork Street extension and Brabazon Street. Residents of Chamber and Weaver Court will have 'first option' on homes in the 'Timber Yard' development. We would now like every resident of Chamber and Weaver Court to tell us which of the options [see graphic below] they would like us to try to get the City Council to agree to. We need to know your opinion, otherwise we do not know how to respond to Dublin City Council." At the moment, the residents are getting advice from an independent architect, and are meeting regularly to discuss the situation. At the information day however, some expressed dissatisfaction with the current process of consultation with Dublin City Council, saying that the Council was merely giving an illusion/simulation of residents involvement with the planning stages; in reality it was more a token gesture than anything else - the Council were simply informing the residents of what was going to happen, regardless of their wishes. This tactic was raised by John Bissett of St. Michael's Estate at a meeting of housing activists late last year, ranking under Placation, Consultation, or Informing in the 'Tokenism' range of citizen participation. According to Sherry Arnstein's "Ladder of Citizen Participation", this tokenistic level of consultation "can be a legitimate step toward their [the community's] full participation. But if consulting them is not combined with other modes of participation, this rung of the ladder is still a sham since it offers no assurance that citizen concerns and ideas will be taken into account. The most frequent methods used for consulting people are attitude surveys, neighborhood meetings, and public hearings. When powerholders restrict the input of citizens' ideas solely to this level, participation remains just a window-dressing ritual. People are primarily perceived as statistical abstractions, and participation is measured by how many come to meetings, take brochures home, or answer a questionnaire. What citizens achieve in all this activity is that they have "participated in participation." And what powerholders achieve is the evidence that they have gone through the required motions of involving "those people"." Residents of Chamber and Weaver Court were unhappy with the development of private gated apartments on the site, believing that this would only contribute to existing levels of division between long term residents of the area (many of whom are living in low-density public housing) and new arrivals. They also felt that the continuing privatisation of Council homes and land meant that in the long term there will be no social housing available in the area for those that need it most. Related Links: Ladder of Citizen Participation Interview with Rita Fagan Background information on housing PPPs

IMC Italia perseguido pelo estado italiano

Portugal, 09.05.2005 10:00

IMC Italia perseguido pelo estado italiano

How to get away with murder

Melbourne, 09.05.2005 08:01

Cyclists sick of hit and run carnage

Prohibition Free Zones on J-Day

Aotearoa, 09.05.2005 06:01

J-Day is celebrated in dozens of cities all around the globe in support of the decriminalisation of cannabis usage. Dope-lover gatherings were held in several towns in New Zealand. Cannabis law reform supporters held a mellow potnik in Motueka. 30 people met in Te Aro Park in Wellington at High Noon to experience a taste of freedom. In Christchurch people declared the Square a 'prohibition free zone'. A 'Weed Week' is keeping Dunedin busy. After J-Day last Saturday, more events are planned this week. A movie screening is going ahead on Tuesday, 10th May, 9pm at 12 Below@Bennu. At a Cannabis Forum on Friday, 6:30pm, Quad 2 Lecture Theatre, Otago Uni., you can prove that you are not braindead and don't miss out on the 'Harvest Party' on Saturday, 8pm, King Georg Hall, St Leonards. On average, every 35 minutes a person is arrested in New Zealand for cannabis offences. Advocates say legalising cannabis will give people more freedom, make consuming cannabis safer and will protect children. J-Day [ 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 ]

Community Organizes for Justice for Man Killed by South San Francisco Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2005 06:00

Julio Ayala, a 26 year-old Salvadoran national, was beaten to death for 15 minutes by thirteen South San Francisco police on April 3rd, 2005. The police came after him a bit after midnight because an SF Airport Inn Manager and the occupant of the room adjacent to Julio's had complained about excessive noise. The official version stands: Julio "stopped breathing" while constrained in a body wrap. Julio Ayala's family was not allowed to view the body due to "lack of suitable facility," was barred from talking to hotel staff, and has not been able to access autopsy, PD, paramedic, or Fire Department reports. Idriss Stelley Foundation, October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, Ella Baker Center, and staff from SF Carecen and Coleman Advocates are launching the Justice4JulioAyala Campaign to support the Ayala family's struggle for justice. A candlelight vigil was held on the 30-Day Anniversary of Julio's death by the SF Airport Inn.

The Ayala family attended the march and rally on the anniversary of the death of Cammerin Boyd in San Francisco last week, and have joined the ranks of families whose loved ones have been killed by Law enforcement in the Bay Area, who are struggling for justice. A press conference and protest will be held on the steps of SSF City Hall on Wednesday May 18th, 2005 at 5pm (Details). This week, there will be a traditional 40-day mass on Thursday, May 12th at 7pm, at St. John of the Shipwreck on 3rd and Jamestown in San Francisco. The next step in the justice campaign will be a special hearing to be scheduled with the San Mateo City Council in June.

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 09.05.2005 04:20

en la barcelona de la paz crece la industria de la guerra

Un barco de guerra de Irac en el puerto de Barcelona :: 08Mai cita a las 12 del mediodía22@ :: 22@ :: 08Mai campaña contra el 22@ en Poblenou, con la 4a. Botifarrada popular contra la especuación -- La industria militar, sector destacado en Distrito 22@ -- 28Abr Paremos el 22@. mani en Poblenou -- manifestación en Poblenou (acción en la Gran Via) -- aprovada moción contra las empresas del 22@ en la UPF -- estan arrasando con el POBLENOU impunemente! Barcelona : Oficina móbil de reclutamiento del Ejercito :: 05Mai Plaça Universitat -- Fugoneta militar en la Plaça Universitat (2) -- Mes d mayo antimilitarista: y en plaça catalunya autocar de reclutamiento???? -- autocar de reclutamiento en barcelona???? -- Por una cultura de la Paz

Mayo contra las bases millitares :: reclama les bases: convocatoria global antimilitarista -- 8Mai informacion invitacion a la xx marcha contra la base de rota -- Lo sentimos: buscamos inspectores y inspectoras civiles para la base de la OTAN (14-M) -- Lo sentimos: vuelve la inspección ciudadana a la base de l'OTAN (14-M) -- La base de l'OTAN de Bétera amplia el perímetro de seguredad e incluye una parte del nucleo urbano -- Rota: que se vayan se vayan de aqui

+info :: >>>guerra

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 09.05.2005 04:20

Creix la indústria de la guerra a la Barcelona de la pau

Un vaixell de la guerra d'Iraq al port de Barcelona :: 08Mai cita a les 12 del migdia22@ :: 08Mai campanya contra el 22@ al Poblenou, amb la 4a. Botifarrada popular contra l'especulació -- La indústria militar, sector destacat al Districte 22@ -- 28Abr Aturem el 22@. mani a Poblenou -- manifestació a Poblenou (acció a la Gran Via) -- aprovada moció contra les empreses del 22@ a la UPF -- estan arrassant el POBLENOU impunement! Barcelona : Oficina mòbil de reclutament de l'Exèrcit :: 05Mai Plaça Universitat -- Fugoneta militar a la Plaça Universitat (2) -- Mes d maig antimilitarista: i a plaça catalunya autocar de reclutament???? -- autocar de reclutament a barcelona???? -- Per una cultura de la Pau

Maig contra les bases millitars :: reclama les bases: crida global antimilitarista -- 8Mai informació invitació a la xx marxa contra la base de rota -- Ho sentim: busquem inspectors i inspectores civils per a la base de l'OTAN (14-M) -- Ho sentim: torna la inspecció ciutadana a la base de l'OTAN (14-M) -- La base de l'OTAN de Bétera amplia el perímetre de seguretat i inclou una part del nucli urbà -- Rota: que se'n vagin, se'n vagin d'aquí

+info :: >>>guerra

Back to Zero at Ground Zero?

NYC, 09.05.2005 03:21

After nearly four years, plans to rebuild the World Trade Center site have hit a wall. NYC IMC readers are weighing in with their frustrations and ideas for the future:

"As we approach the fourth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center we have no idea what's going to be built on the still-empty site. Every intended purpose and every proposed design has ended up being compromised or rejected for one reason or another ... Except for the shopping mall." [Read More]

"Re-build the Tower(s) of Babel? No, that would be callous and hubristic. Consecrate a memorial? No, it would inevitably turn the mourners who visited it into spectators; in any event, we already spend too much time contemplating the past and the loss of our innocence ... turn the site into a huge community garden that would be open to the public twenty-four hours a day and year-round." [Read More]

Angelica Workers Call for Safer and Fairer Work Space

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.05.2005 03:00

Angelica Textile Services, a division of Angelica Corporation, is a leading health care linen service provider in the United States, and has come under fire recentally by workers and government agencies. In early May, workers promised to strike if working conditions did not imporve, a real medical plan, and a wage increase. Angelica is also now facing 65 violations handed down by Cal/OSHA. Workers are made to launder various surgical tools, needles and linens, and items that are soaked with blood and feces. View audio and video of Angelica protest here. More info on the struggle here.

3rd Weekly UCSC Weapons Inspection Tour

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.05.2005 00:21

5/6/05: Complete with costumes and characters such as UC President Dynes and "Hans" of SNL fame, the march through Science Hill, organized by Students Against War (SAW)'s Demilitarization working group, highlighted UC's management of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Labs, as well as the large amount of weapons research currently underway on UCSC's campus. Student 'weapons inspectors' stopped outside the new Baskin Engineering building before a die-in outside the Science and Engineering Library. The inspectors also marched silently through the library and passed out information about UCSC's connection to the war machine.

Students Against War (SAW) meets every Friday in Conference Room #C above the Baytree Plaza at 5pm. SAW's demilitarization working group meets every Sunday in Cowell's fireside lounge at 7pm.

Photos: 1 | 2

Audio: Hans; UC Plays Central Role in Thermo-Nuclear Weapons R&D

See also: UCSC's weekly "Weapons Inpsections" Tour a success (4/22/05) || Fiat Pax ||


New Orleans, 08.05.2005 23:21


Cinco De Mayo Protest Condemns Schwarzenegger's Anti-Immigrant Stance

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.05.2005 23:20

Immigrant communities in San Francisco joined labor, teachers, nurses and others in the fight-back against Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. In a May 5th rally at the State Building, Schwarzenegger was denounced for his recent call to close the border and his invitation to the Minutemen, the Arizona border vigilantes who will be going to the California border with Mexico this summer, to come to California. Groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union have also criticized the Governator for his support of the Minutemen.

Photos | Video | Report by Beyond Chron


Colombia, 08.05.2005 20:20

Solemne Vigilia Internacional en Solidaridad con las Comunidades de Paz

Global Issue

Manila, 08.05.2005 18:22

IMC Italy threatened by Italian government

Nader calls bullshit on the Democrats

Portland, 08.05.2005 18:21

Have the Democrats learned anything from 2004?

Howard Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, now wishes President Bush "success" for his war in Iraq.

"Now that we're there, we're there and we can't get out," Dean told an audience of nearly 1,000 at the Minneapolis Convention Center on April 20, 2005. "The president has created an enormous security problem for the United States where none existed before," Dean said. "But I hope the president is incredibly successful with his policy now that he's there."

Two months earlier, Bush's CIA Director, Porter J. Goss, told the Senate that the U.S. occupation has become a potent recruitment tool for more terrorists from Iraq and other countries.

The military/industrialist Senator from New York, Hillary Clinton, the front-runner for her party's 2008 Presidential nomination, continues to support the war in Iraq.

'Mystery' of the missing NW salmon no mystery

Portland, 08.05.2005 18:21

The run up the Columbia this year was expected to be near 226,000 fish. However, fish biologists report that the run is nearer to 26,000. What happened? And, why do scientist always act so surprized when ecological collapse happens?

'Snazmo' writes: Our beloved Northwest native Salmon are on the verge of going extinct--of course with the blessing of the Bush administration. Here are some interesting facts for you to consider:

Fact 1: In 2001, after being forced through dam turbines, young salmon in the Columbia and Snake rivers suffered the deadliest migration to the ocean since they were listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Fact 2: In 2002, at least 34,000 Klamath River Basin salmon and steelhead were killed due to artificailly low river levels; nearly 80 percent of the fish were wild!

...Fact 5: The LARGEST FACTOR in the salmon's decline on the Snake and Columbia Rivers is HYDROPOWER DAMS, which can kill as many as 80-95% OF MIGRATING FISH A YEAR!!! People, THIS IS WHY YOU DONT HAVE ANY SALMON ANYMORE. They (the feds and the wealthy electricity seller interests) are SO GREEDY that they REFUSE to have a water bypass for the salmon to get by any of the dams. Instead, the BARGE baby salmon around the dams! This is an EGREGIOUS OUTRAGE: baby salmon are either ground up in electricity turbins or are trucked /or railed in large water tanks around dams. How depressing and lame is that!?

KATU Exploits Death of Occupation Victim

Portland, 08.05.2005 18:21

KATU News has a well-established history of systematically demonizing and minimizing dissenting views that oppose the mass murder, maiming, torture, poisoning, and ongoing humiliation of an estimated 100,000 plus innocent civilians in Iraq. KATU News instead works routinely to justify the mounting list war crimes that are being committed daily in Iraq by the occupying forces. By propping up the duped participants in the Iraq invasion as heroes, KATU attempts to help Americans feel good about the ongoing slaughter of Iraqis.

One recent example is a story entitled 'Emotional photo shows local soldier carrying dying child'. While completely ignoring the daily butchering of Iraqi children by US troops, KATU exploits the death of a little girl in a naked effort to justify the ongoing unjustifiable, criminal occupation of Iraq.

Animal Rights

Perth, 08.05.2005 18:02

WA Animal Activist Guilty of Burglary

Anti War

Perth, 08.05.2005 18:02

Emergency Action: Don't Let Douglas Wood Die FRIDAY MAY 6

Legal Rights

Perth, 08.05.2005 18:02

Centrelink Legal Action Over Activist Website

Independent Media

Perth, 08.05.2005 18:02

IMC Italy threatened by Italian government

U.S. Militarism on the Mall - protest against while outreaching for alternatives

DC, 08.05.2005 18:01

A report by on DC Anti-War Network's (DAWN)'s action at the Department of Defense's military display on the National Mall. At these displays, young children actually played with unloaded military weapons. Also, a brief report from DAWN's and MGJ's action honoring the successful hunger strike by students in Georgetown fighting for a living wage for school workers.

Die EU-Verfassung: ein �berblick

Germany, 08.05.2005 10:20

Am 29.05. wird in Frankreich �ber den Vertrag �ber eine Verfassung f�r Europa abgestimmt, ein "Nein" ist m�glich. Viele B�rgerinitiativen haben sich entwickelt, das ganze Land diskutiert �ber die Verfassung. Und hier? Nichts.
Dabei ist diese Verfassung das "wichtigste Buch Europas" (taz), denn "die (EU-)Verfassung und das von den Organen der Union ... gesetzte Recht haben Vorrang vor dem Recht der Mitgliedstaaten." (Artikel I-6)

Wikipedia | | | AG Friedensforschung an der Uni Kassel | LabourNet Germany |

ESTÃO A OLHAR PARA NÓS: Campanha Internacional Contra a Vigilância

Portugal, 08.05.2005 10:00

ESTÃO A OLHAR PARA NÓS: Campanha Internacional Contra a Vigilância

Educación en Córdoba

Argentina, 08.05.2005 05:20

Domingo 8 de mayo de 2005| Córdoba.
Calidad educativa en Córdoba... tan solo una palabra bonita

Indymedia Italia amenazada por el gobierno italiano

Argentina, 08.05.2005 04:01

Viernes 06 de Mayo 2005 | Nuevo ataque a los medios independientes
Indymedia Italia amenazada por el gobierno italiano

Juicio a Nam Qom

Argentina, 08.05.2005 03:00

Sábado 7 de Mayo 2005 | ACUSADOS SIN DERECHOS
El increíble juicio a la comunidad toba Nam Qom

Juicio a Nam Qom

Argentina, 08.05.2005 02:20

Sábado 7 de Mayo 2005 | ACUSADOS SIN DERECHOS
El increíble juicio a la comunidad toba Nam Qom

Peregrinación Trujillo Valle

Colombia, 08.05.2005 02:00

Mayo 29 de 2005, Gran peregrinación a Trujillo Valle

Poppycock and the SAT

NYC, 08.05.2005 01:31

(from the Open Newswire): "I feel dirty. "No, I haven’t been working in a sewer --- though I may as well have been. Neither have I been part of a kiddy-porn ring; however, I have been a party to child abuse. What terrible thing did I do? I just got finished proctoring the new Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). A five hour behemoth of an exam, the test is designed to figure out whether students are ready to enter American colleges. The quality of the exam is questionable. Its effects on children are overbearing and abusive."

Sisters of the Siskiyou: S.O.S. Act II

Rogue Valley, 08.05.2005 00:31

With dignity and honor, twenty-two women were arrested last March 14 blocking loggers' access to Fiddler Mountain. We captured America's imagination for a moment, but alas, logging still persists!! So gals, dust it off and come on down for some serious forest fun...and resist the destruction to our last public wild places by the Bush Forest Service.


Colombia, 08.05.2005 00:00

¿Qué está pasando en la "ciudad bonita"?


Brasil, 08.05.2005 00:00

109 Km de marcha já cumpridos

Hawaii'de üniversite işgali

Istanbul, 07.05.2005 22:02

Italya IMC

Istanbul, 07.05.2005 21:01

İtalya Indymedia İtalyan hükümetinin tehdidi altında


Colombia, 07.05.2005 18:20

El régimen ataca a los jóvenes en todo el país

Leeds Day of Dissent @ the Common Place

United Kingdom, 07.05.2005 17:30

This July, the G8 — the heads of state of the world’s most powerful countries — will be meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland. Whilst Blair’s government talks of tackling climate change, it’s imposing a huge new road-building programme, and massive airport expansions. While G8 leaders talk of relieving poverty in the global south, they uphold a financial system that creates global famine, military repression and social and environmental breakdown.

Here in Leeds many of us have joined dozens of other grassroots autonomous groups to create the Dissent! anti-capitalist network. One of the projects of this network has been The Common Place social centre, another is on Saturday 14 May when we’re holding an open day to galvanise radical resistance to the G8 Summit here in Leeds. It’s a chance to meet people, learn skills, share information, plan,
party, and get inspired about protests around the Summit.

Click on "read more" to view the full events timetable & to download the flier.

GAMA: Company Forced To Pay ALL Workers Proper Union Rates

Ireland, 07.05.2005 16:30

Workers call On Company To Resolve Outstanding Issues GAMA workers call on company to make realistic proposals to resolve outstanding issues of overtime and fixed wage workers Issue of funds hidden in Finansbank Holland largely resolved for Turkish workers still in Ireland GAMA has committed to paying the proper trade union rates for operatives and trades At a meeting of the Committee of GAMA employees currently on work stoppage, it was decided to call on GAMA management to come forward with a realistic proposal to resolve the outstanding issues, which include major unpaid overtime and the plight of a category of GAMA employees known as fixed rate workers. The fixed rate employees include such workers as surveyors and drivers. The typical wage would be in the region of €800 per month, but that involved working the same 80-hour plus week as other workers. GAMA today made a concession and paid a back amount of money to the fixed rate workers equivalent to 42% of their previous wage. This is totally inadequate however as it would mean only an extra €332 for a worker on the €800 a month rate. This would mean that a fixed rate worker here for say, three years would get around €10,000, but a construction operative here for the same time would have had up to €30,000 in Finansbank, Holland. The GAMA workers on strike today said they would be prepared to call a mass meeting of all workers in dispute, if the company made a realistic offer to the fixed rate workers and also a substantial offer in regard to the outstanding overtime for all workers. The Committee consider it a major achievement that virtually all their wages that were hidden in Finansbank, Holland have now been transferred to their personal accounts. It is also a major achievement that GAMA is now committing itself to paying trade union rates of pay to all its workers. The Committee realise that these concessions were won in the wake of the workers hard fight and are determined to continue the fight for justice until GAMA come forward with just and realistic proposals. RECENT RELATED STORIES ON INDYMEDIA IRELAND GAMA Workers Picket Dublin Sites To A Standstill Workers To Fight Vindictive Sackings By Gama Management High Court Grants GAMA Injunction Joe Higgins' Challenge To Irish Trade Unions

Túnel do Marquês: Plataforma ambientalista exige paragem da obra

Portugal, 07.05.2005 11:00

Túnel do Marquês: Plataforma ambientalista exige paragem da obra

The Slaughtering of Wild Horses

Portland, 07.05.2005 08:21

I first got wind of this from a Cascadia Wildlands Project (CWP) email, and felt it was something people should know about. For anyone who is familiar with the herds of wild Mustangs in the Steens Mtns., this may be close to your heart. The following correspondence is from a woman by the name of Camilla who has taken on the daunting task of resisting this sickening hypocrisy. I've taken the liberty (with Camilla's permission) of posting her response to my inquiries, and the articles she sent...

If you have the time and energy, please get involved with the campaign to reverse the Burns Amendment. All the pertinent info is contained below.

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