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25th Anniversary of Sandinista Revolution, 22.07.2004 00:10

July 19 marked the 25th anniversary of the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua. Despite fierce US opposition, the Sandinistas ruled Nicaragua from 1979-90, peacefully giving up power when they lost the 1990 election. They are still the major opposition party in Nicaragua. Read an interview with a New York Sandinista and the analysis of Sandinista ambassador Alejandro Bendana

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The North American Congress on Latin America

Historic Victory for the Right to Protest?

NYC, 22.07.2004 00:02

It has been billed as a "historic victory for the right to protest", but what does the recent court ruling halting restrictive NYPD practices actually mean for protesters? Sure, police are barred from using 4-sided pens and generalized searches of protesters, but they can still use horses against protesters, they can still conduct searches of protesters if there is "reasonable cause"--which effectively means whatever the NYPD wants it to mean--and the mask law is still in effect.


Manila, 21.07.2004 21:16

Philippine troops deployed in Iraq, pulls out

Preserves &amp; Produce for People, Not Profit

Portland, 21.07.2004 21:11

Breaking News: It's Official, UFP&amp;J Caves. Anonymous Alternate Call Issued

NYC, 21.07.2004 19:45

(with info from the AP): Despite 75% of New Yorkers believing that United for Peace and Justice should hold its August 29th rally in Central Park, today the organization caved in to city demands to use the West Side highway.

"We need to move on, so we decided to take the high road here," said Leslie Cagan, leader of United for Peace and Justice, at a City Hall news conference.

Meanwhile, an anonymous call has been issued to go to Central Park on the morning of August 29th.

"Come to Central Park on the morning of August 29th, gather in affinity groups at a location of your choosing (see a preliminary menu below), and do your thing from there – a feeder march to the "official" protest, arts in action, a people's park picnic, whatever.

We are aware of the importance of the days of action being planned for August 30 and 31, and of all of us being able to stay in the streets for as long as possible. So we encourage people to play it as safe as possible for the morning, and to keep in mind that any gathering of over 20 people may be grounds for early roundups.
Another A29 is possible. We declare that all of our city will be a free speech zone that day."

Protest Bush - Friday, July 23 in Detroit

Michigan, 21.07.2004 19:42

On Friday, Juy 23, George W. Bush will speak at the Urban League Convention at Cobo Hall. The Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice has called for protests to be held from 9:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. outside of Cobo Hall, which is located on Washington Blvd. at W. Jefferson Ave. Bush is scheduled to speak at 10 a.m.

Corriente Renovadora al acecho

Argentina, 21.07.2004 19:04

21 de Julio 2004
¡ Alerta Santiagueños !: La Corriente Renovadora al acecho del poder

NYS Legislature Votes to Raise the Minimum Wage

Hudson Mohawk, 21.07.2004 19:02

After years of delay, Senator Joseph Bruno agreed today to allow the State Senate to vote on raising the state minimum wage. Legislaators have agreed to raise it to $7.15 over three years. It appears that Governor Pataki will sign the increase.

Eight States Sue to Halt Global Warming

Hudson Mohawk, 21.07.2004 18:57

The states of California, Connecticut, Iowa, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wisconsin, along with the City of New York, filed suit today against the five largest global warming polluters in the United States. It is the first time state and local governments have sued private companies to require reductions in the heat- trapping carbon dioxide emissions that scientists say pose serious threats to our health, economy and environment.

Corriente Renovadora al acecho

Argentina, 21.07.2004 18:38

21 de Julio 2004
¡ Alerta Santiagueños !: La Corriente Renovadora al acecho del poder

New Charges Against eco-activist Billy Cottrell

Portland, 21.07.2004 18:33

RNC Watch Takes a Look at the &quot;Protest Warriors.&quot;

NYC, 21.07.2004 18:22

(Picture Caption: the Founder of "Protest Warriors.")Today, RNCWatch takes a look at the right-wing fringe group, the Protest Warriors. From RNCWatch: "Although the Protest Warriors usually make a big deal about how they have been the victims of leftist "violence," several of their recent bulletin board posts advocate carrying concealed weapons to demonstrations at the RNC. "I would bring pepper spray," writes one. "I will be utilizing my concealed weapons permit," writes another. "We should be prepared for violence," writes a third. These posts are similar to the infamous CraigsList NYC posting of more than a year ago advocating right-wing vigilanteeism at the RNC."

Benetton Update

Netherlands, 21.07.2004 18:01

Beneton Update

Appello FIMI

Italy, 21.07.2004 17:34

FIMI di lucro


Uruguay, 21.07.2004 14:52

Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Unethical HIV Research and the Non-profit Industrial Complex

DC, 21.07.2004 14:52

As the International AIDS Conference in Bangkok comes to a close, attendees are demanding improved efforts from governments across the globe. Yet many members of communities most affected by HIV/AIDS say non-profit and non-governmental organizations are harming their communities in the name of stopping the epidemic. At the forefront of the fight are sex workers, demanding the right to lead healthy lives free of infection and state-intervention reports FSRN's Darby Hickey.

Take Action to Defend the Endangered Species Act!

Portland, 21.07.2004 11:50

Saturday Slideshow on global resistance to technology

Portland, 21.07.2004 11:48

O fim prematuro da anunciada Reforma Prisional

Portugal, 21.07.2004 10:47

O fim prematuro da anunciada Reforma Prisional

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 21.07.2004 10:02

Okupación de las sedes del tripartito por activistas de las sedes del tripartito en solidaridad con la Hamsa y Miles de viviendas

Okupada la Sede de Iniciativa en protesta por las amenazas de desalojo::: saludos desde la sede de ERC::: Novedades respecto a la okupación de las sedes del tripartito:::

més info en la sección >>>especulación y okupación

Circuit Court Judge issues permanent injunction to remove the Willamette Electric People's Utility District vote from the November ballot

Portland, 21.07.2004 09:58

especulació i ocupació

Barcelona, 21.07.2004 09:49


Okupada la Seu d'Iniciativa en protesta per les amenaces de desallotjaments::: salutacions des de la seu ERC::: Novedades respecto a la okupación de las sedes del tripartito:::

més info a la secció >>>especulació i okupació

Philippine troops deployed in Iraq, pulled out, 21.07.2004 07:08

At 2 p.m. yesterday, 51 Filipino troops completely pulled out from the U.S. occupied Iraq, following the succesful anti-war campaign in the home front to save the life of Angelo dela Cruz who was held captive by the Iraqi liberation army.

According to the infos gathered by corporate medias, Angelo dela Cruz- a Filipino truck driver hostaged by Iraqi militants was released by his captors shortly after the Filipino troops pull-out. This was confirmed by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo yesterday in a press briefing, announcing that Angelo was already handed over by the Iraqi rebels to the Philippine embassy after she acceded to the rebel’s demand.

The release of Angelo and the pull-out of troops received a warm yet critical welcome from the anti-war movement in the home front against the President’s response to the hostage crisis.

“Our gratitude, however, is not reserved for President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. It was her, after all, who by supporting an illegal war and occupation put Angelo dela Cruz in harm's way. It was her who by holding the people's welfare hostage to her and the United States' interests held the life of Angelo on her hand. No: we cannot thank the President for putting aside the knife that she herself had held so close to Angelo's neck,” Iraqi Solidarity Campaign- a coalition of peace and justice groups said in a statement. [ Read More ]

Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Argentina, 21.07.2004 04:54

Miércoles 21 de Julio
Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Argentina, 21.07.2004 04:53

Miércoles 21 de Julio
Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Secret Haliburton Contract Disclosed

Portland, 21.07.2004 04:09

Mayor Mobilizes for At-Large Urbana Seats to Weaken Progressive Power

Urbana-Champaign, 21.07.2004 04:00

The latest assault on progressives in Urbana is a proposal to change the form of city government by adding to the City Council two members who would be elected at-large, city-wide, rather than from individual districts. A proposal by Council Member Milton Otto to place a question on the November ballot asking the voters to create the new at-large seats will be discussed at the July 26 Council committee meeting.

Amy Goodman

Pittsburgh, 21.07.2004 03:06

Amy Goodman Visits Pittsburgh


Peru, 21.07.2004 02:52

vamos en CARAVANA al Foro Social // Lima-Quito-Tambogrande-Lima

Sherman Austin Is Coming Home!

LA, 21.07.2004 02:52

Los Angeles Activist Webmaster Released From Jail!

Foro SocialPerú

Peru, 21.07.2004 02:48

Hacia el Foro Social Perú
Encuentro grande de Tambogrande 2, 3 y 4 agosto 2004
Convocatoria abierta

Foro SocialPerú

Peru, 21.07.2004 02:48

Hacia el Foro Social Perú
Encuentro grande de Tambogrande 2, 3 y 4 agosto 2004
Convocatoria abierta

Central Arkansas Outfoxes Fox Network

Arkansas, 21.07.2004 01:34

Political watchdog organizations and Common Cause filed a complaint Monday with the Federal Trade Commission regarding Fox News Network’s use of the slogan, “Fair and Balanced,” claiming the network issues partisan spin rather than news. Fifty-Five Central Arkansas residents joined over 25,000 nationwide participants in a simultaneous viewing of "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism," a documentary that details the organizations’ research findings and complaints against Fox News.


Argentina, 21.07.2004 01:27

Martes 20 de Julio
Masacre indígena de Napalpí: 80 años de impunidad


Argentina, 21.07.2004 01:22

Martes 20 de Julio
Masacre indígena de Napalpí: 80 años de impunidad


Argentina, 21.07.2004 01:15

Martes 20 de Julio
Masacre indígena de Napalpí: 80 años de impunidad


Argentina, 21.07.2004 01:06

Martes 20 de Julio
Masacre indígena de Napalpí: 80 años de impunidad


Puerto Rico, 20.07.2004 23:50

Hoy subVERSIONES: 4WW en Nuyorican Café

war (en)

Barcelona, 20.07.2004 22:18

Africa :: forgotten wars

While ma$$ m€dia focus in Middle East, neoliberalism keeps feeding war in Africa. Millions of human being are being silently killed in tens of forgotten conflicts:
:: Liberia :: Congo :: Sahara :: Yemen::

The war companies and their ghost branches change water, oil, coltan and diamonds for weapons and terror . The weapons chaos leads to wars were child soldiers begin killing their own family.

>>>Think about war:: :: Robert Fisk | Noam Chomsky| Naomi Klein| James Petras |
>>>act against war :: Gaza strip | War companies, the other face of 22@ | Foreign Press Foundation | | imc-africa needs your help | Yankee warships out of Palma island | Summer of palestine freedom
Because the world fire moves forward in mother Africa .

+ Middle East :: Iraqi Sovereignty, Alice in Wonderland?| John Negroponte| Cisjordania wall| Human rights violations by IDF soldiers +Caucasus :: don't forget forget to that they suffer | 308.000 deaths

+info:: >>>war>

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 20.07.2004 22:07

África :: Guerras olvidadas

Mientras los ma$$ m€dia se concentran en Oriente Medio, el neoliberalismo continua alimentando la guerra en África. Millones de personas son asesinadas en silencio en decenas de conflictos olvidados:
:: Congo :: Liberia :: Sáhara :: Yemen ::

Las empresas de la guerra y sus sucursales fantasmas cambian agua, petróleo, coltán y diamantes por armas y terror . El descontrol de las armas conduce a guerras donde niños soldados se inician matando a su propia familia.

>>>Piensa la guerra:: Robert Fisk | Noam Chomsky | Naomi Klein | James Petras

>>>Actúa contra la guerra :: Franja de Gaza | Las empresas de la guerra, la otra cara del 22@ | Foreign Press Foundation | | Indymedia Africa necesita tú ayuda | Barcos yankis en el puerto de Palma | Verano de la libertad palestina

Porqué en madre África avanza el incendio del mundo...

+ Oriente Próximo :: Irak, nuevo país de las maravillas | John Negroponte| El muro en Cisjordania| Violaciones de derechos humanos por parte del IDF +Caucaso :: no olvidemos a los que sufren | 308.000 muertos

+info:: >>>guerra

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 20.07.2004 21:56

Àfrica :: Guerres oblidades

Mentre els ma$$ m€dia es concentren a l'Orient Mitjà, el neoliberalisme continua alimentant la guerra a Àfrica. Milions de persones són assessinades en silenci a desenes de conflictes oblidats :

:: Congo :: Libèria :: Sàhara :: Iemen ::

Les empreses de la guerra i les seves sucursals fantasmes canvien aigua, petroli , coltan i diamants per armes i terror . El descontrol de les armes condueix a guerres on nens soldats s'inicien matant la seva pròpia família.

>>>Pensa la guerra:: Robert Fisk | Noam Chomsky | Naomi Klein | James Petras

>>>Actua contra la guerra :: Franja de Gaza | Les empreses de la guerra, l'altra cara del 22@ | Foreign Press Foundation | | Indymedia Àfrica necessita ajut | Vaixells iankis al porto de Palma | Estiu de la llibertat palestina

Porquè a mare Àfrica avança l'incendi del món...

+ Pròxim Orient :: Irak, nou país de les meravelles | John Negroponte| El mur a Cisjordània| Violacions de drets humans per part del IDF +Caucas :: no oblidem els qui pateixen | 308.000 morts

+info:: >>>guerra


Peru, 20.07.2004 20:50

A 3 años del asesinato de Carlo Giuliani.

UFP&amp;J Backing Down on the Central Park? IMC Readers Debate Next Move

NYC, 20.07.2004 16:44

An article in todays New York Times gives the indication that UFP&J organizers are preparing to aquiesce to the city's demands and hold their rally on the West Side Highway. " Organizers say that they are now considering acquiescing to a Bloomberg administration proposal to rally along the West Side Highway from Chambers Street as far north as 34th Street. 'We are prepared to figure out how to make the West Side Highway work but we can't say yes until we have more conversations with them to make sure it will work,' Ms. Cagan told the Times [Full Article]

Some IMC readers are working to prepare protesters for the heat and humity of the West Side Highway. Other, however, are asserting that the Central park rally will go ahead no matter what.

" We should just announce the route we are taking and the rally point," writes one. " Another reader writes "UFPJ-there must be no giving in on this one. If you give in, you will lose tons of us. Are you prepared for people to go to central park anyway and abandon the highway march? You must fight and fight hard. Enough hand wringing bullshit. call the damm protest and do it no matter what."

Debate the Next Step Here


Houston, 20.07.2004 15:41

Houston ((( i )))ndymedia summer film series

The Miami Model

Houston, 20.07.2004 15:25

Saturday, August 14th: 7:30 pm


Houston, 20.07.2004 15:22

Saturday, August 7th: 7:30 pm

Every Mother's Son

Houston, 20.07.2004 15:21

Tuesday, August 3rd: 7:30 pm (tentative)

Carry Your Gun in Virginia

DC, 20.07.2004 15:17

In Virginia, the right to openly wear a firearm in public, is guaranteed by a new law which went into effect July 1.

Virginian Anti-Crime Law Targeting Immigrants

DC, 20.07.2004 15:16

A new law went into effect on July 1st, which seeks to reduce crime, but at the same time crack down on undocumented immigrants.


Peru, 20.07.2004 14:58

En la UNI : Rector Reelegido y Universitarios Detenidos.

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