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İsrail: Nükleer saldırı

Istanbul, 22.05.2005 06:22

İsrail'in sessiz nükleer saldırısı açığa çıktı

SD IMC Film Night Wed. May 25th 7pm Voz Alta

San Diego, 22.05.2005 05:02

SD IMC Film Night

When: Wednesday May 25th 7pm

Where: Voz Alta Gallery 1544 Broadway San Diego 92101

We are showing TWO Indymedia produced films, one made by our very own San Diego Indymedia!

Remember the Dead, Fight for the Living a film about the Reclaim the
Streets in SD on j20 After the SDCPJ rally and the Ground Zero Players Cacelorazo in downtown San Diego, hundreds of people stepped off the sidewalk at Broadway to begin the Reclaim the Streets party. San Diego Indymedia Production

Mandate? a half-hour documentary by Indymedia Video and the Glass Bead Collective, shows resistance at the January 20th inauguration of George W. Bush. The film shows the issues behind the re-election of Bush and the reaction from protestors to the most expensive inauguration in US history. NYC Indymedia Production

La educación del pueblo se defiende

Argentina, 22.05.2005 03:01

La educación del pueblo se defiende

The public's first glimpse at the new UCIMC

Urbana-Champaign, 22.05.2005 02:02

About 30 community members turned out to tour the UCIMC’s new space in the Urbana Post Office on Saturday. For many, this was a first glimpse at the UCIMC’s new home, as many of the Post Office’s areas were previously off limits to the public.

Protest Schwazenegger in Downtown LA

LA, 21.05.2005 22:31

Rally Against Schwazenegger Special Interest Agenda, May 25, at 4:30 PM

Palestine Awareness Week May 24 – 27

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.05.2005 21:03

Palestine Awareness Week at UCSC features seminal speakers and an evening of Palestinian culture.

The Committee for Justice in Palestine at UCSC invites the public to attend a series of stellar events focusing on the Israeli occupation, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Palestinian culture. The events are free and open to all.

Please come share in the stories of struggle and survival and the celebration of Palestine’s ancient cultural heritage. On Tuesday, May 24, we will hear from Israeli Robi Damelin and Palestinian Nadwa Sarandah from Parents Circle and Bereaved Families Supporting Peace and Tolerance. On Wednesday, May 25 Khalil & Noura Isa will talk about the psychological effects of the occupation and Arab activism in the United States and abroad. Thursday evening will feature professional Debkeh Preformers (traditional Arabic Dance), Music, Food, Art and Dress from the Middle East.

Defenders of Limits on Great Lawn Show Their Numbers

NYC, 21.05.2005 20:37

NEW YORK, May 20 - Over several hours today about one hundred New Yorkers filed into the gymnasium at the Chelsea Recreation Center on West 25th Street to sign their name to a list and get in line for their five minutes of free speech at a public hearing about proposed new Parks Department rules to restrict large gatherings on Central Park's Great Lawn. Photos from Candlelight Vigil in Central Park

Images: Times Square Armed Forces Recruiting Station

NYC, 21.05.2005 19:02

Demonstrators protest military recruiting at the Times Sq Armed Forces Recruiting Station on the day of the Army's "Stand Down." The Army called for a one day halt to recruiting after a rash of complaints of unscrupulous tactics to enlist new soldiers.

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Malcolm X Festival

LA, 21.05.2005 18:21

Malcolm X Festival


LA, 21.05.2005 17:28

Los Angeles 2005: New Leaders, New Hopes


Brasil, 21.05.2005 17:27

Conselho Indigenista Missionário Processa Estado de São Paulo

Pay Day Loan Bill Delayed Again

Portland, 21.05.2005 16:33

The vote on Senate Bill 545 (.pdf) - the Pay Day Loan reform bill, was carried over until Monday, 5/23. Despite the fact that the bill has been delayed for two weeks, it is believed to be for logistical and procedural reasons, not a stalling tactic. Previous delays included sick senators. Today's delay was due to the fact that debate on other items on the Senate agenda ran longer than expected so all unfinished business was simply carried over until Monday.

Call your senator! They need to hear from you! Pay Day Loan lobbyists, who have been a large presence in Salem, have taken advantage of the delay to lobby hard against the bill. YOU MUST CALL YOUR SENATOR AND TELL THEM TO SUPPORT SB 545!!!

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Corporate Media Spin on Police Murders: When are we going to make it Change?

Portland, 21.05.2005 16:33

It hasnt't taken long for the corporate media to sketch in the faint lines of the life that was wasted yesterday in the cold, gray morning on Burnside. He was a drug addict, an ex-con, he was a "transient." What more can be said? Well, plenty. Before we swallow this lurid portrait laid out for us with all the subtleties of a magik marker set, maybe we need to look deeper. A lot deeper.

You know, I have a friend who insists that the poison of the corporate media is so toxic that it's dangerous even to glance at it briefly. He's right, of course. But after an event like the one we all suffered through yesterday, I often have an inexplicable urge to see what they have to say about it. I know it's foolish. I don't know why I do it. I never even have to crack open a paper or wander past a television set. I already know what they will say. They will perform their function. They will side with the police state, they will demonize the dead, they will protect and exonerate the killers. They will blame the victim of state violence, every single time.

And so they did.

read the full article...related stories: Anti Police-Murder Memorial and Rally I Are Police victims of domestic terrorism? I Police Killing On Burnside: Who Was The Victim? I Previous Feature and Links Set


Brasil, 21.05.2005 14:21

Ato final marcado por atividades culturais e provocações policiais

Itália: anarquistas presos

Portugal, 21.05.2005 12:30

Itália: anarquistas presos

Orioles Owner Charged with Dishonorable Conduct

DC, 21.05.2005 08:03

The United Workers Association announces Union Night protest at Camden Yards, Friday June 17th. Peter Angelos, owner of the Orioles, has refused to honor his commitment to ensure clean up workers earn a living wage. This protest is to show this multi-millionaire that just because workers pick up trash at the stadium, they have honor. As you know the United Workers Association is an organization of low wage and day laborers. We are organizing at the biggest day labor site in Baltimore City, Camden Yards, where the Orioles baseball team plays. We have made a heck of a lot of progress in our campaign: workers now have a voice on the job, a true first for day laborers in the U.S.!

Biscuit Fire &quot;Recovery Project&quot; Too Harm as Many as 100 Rare and Imperiled Wildlife Species

Portland, 21.05.2005 05:22

The Center for Biological Diversity, Cascadia Wildlands Project, Siskiyou Project and five other groups issued a report today documenting that the Biscuit Fire "Recovery Project" could harm as many as 100 rare and imperiled wildlife species. Billed as forest restoration, the "Recovery Project" is actually one of the largest timber sales in national forest history, calling for logging of 370 million board feet or enough to fill a continuous chain of logging trucks from Seattle to Los Angeles. Most of this logging will occur in Old-Growth Reserves and roadless areas.

"Logging thousands of ancient trees in the Siskiyous will have immense impacts on rare and imperiled wildlife," states Noah Greenwald, conservation biologist for the Center for Biological Diversity and primary author of the report. "Many of the species potentially impacted by the logging are found nowhere else on earth."

The report identified at-risk species using data from the Oregon Natural Heritage Program on the distribution of Oregon's imperiled species and on the Forest Service's own Environmental Impact Statement, in which the agency concluded individuals or the habitat of many species would be negatively impacted.

Polonya: Indymedia muhabiri

Istanbul, 21.05.2005 04:46

Polonya: Polis bağımsız bir gazeteciyi polise saldırı suçlamasıyla alıkoydu

Food Not Bombs will be serving at Scott Park on Sunday, May 22nd

Urbana-Champaign, 21.05.2005 03:02

Food Not Bombs will be serving free, hot vegetarian food at 4pm in Scott Park (corner of 3rd and Springfield in Champaign).

County Office of Education awards Pro-MinuteMen Film

San Diego, 21.05.2005 01:02

The San Diego county Office of Education conducts an annual award called the iVIE. The iVIE is intended to "increase student achievement through visual literacy". The San Diego county office of education includes the County Board of Education, the County Superintendent of Schools and more.

This year, the SD Coutny Office of Education decided to award a film called "Invasion", a pro minutemen film about why they must arm themselves to defend against migrant people. The student who won accepted his award at the red carpet event, where students of many different cultures and ethincities were in attendance, wore a shirt that said "proud to be a vigilante" and was met with a round of applause.

Why is the San Diego office of education doing so much to promote violence against migrant people?

Contact the San Diego Office of Education here

iVIE Awards | San Diego County Office of Education | More about the films

Putin do MTK, nie do Oświęcimia

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

27 stycznia będzie miała miejsce wyjątkowa rocznica - 60 lat temu Armia Czerwona wyzwoliła obóz pracy i zagłady w Oświęcimiu. Z tej okazji przyjadą do Polski i odwiedzą Oświęcim liczne osobistości życia publicznego z całego świata, w tym Prezydenci : RP Aleksander Kwaśniewski, Rosji : Władimir Putin oraz Izraela Mosze Kacaw. Mniej więcej w tym samym czasie w kilku miastach Polski (Białystok : sobota 22.01, Kraków : środa 26.01 Gdańsk: czwartek 27.01,) odbędą się protesty przeciw uczestnictwu W. Putina w obchodach jubileuszu. Skąd ten opór?

Łamanie praw człowieka w Krakowie : raport

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32


zdjęcia Kraków 26.01.2005r.[1] [2] [3] - Kraków 27.01.2005r. Gdańsk 27.01.2005r. - plakaty [1] [2] [3]

filmy [1] - [2] - [3] - [4] ,,Prowokacja policyjna!" - [5]

Stan wojenny w Nepalu

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

We wtorek, pierwszego lutego, w Nepalu wprowadzono stan wojenny. Wszystkie środki komunikacji zostały odcięte zaraz po tym, jak król Gyanendra ogłosił odwołanie parlamentu i podstawowych praw konstytucyjnych. Połączenia lotnicze zostały zawieszone, drogi zablokowane, a inne środki transportu są opóźnione. Uzbrojone siły przeciwdemonstracyjne stoją w gotowości. Przywódcy głównych partii politycznych, związków zawodowych i studenckich przetrzymywani są w aresztach domowych lub tymczasowych. Wojska stacjonują w siedzibach wydawnictw każdego dziennika w celu cenzurowania materiałów. Strajk maoistów obserwowany jest na zewnątrz Kathamandu.

FALA PRZEMOCY POLICYJNEJ: TRZECI ATAK - Warszawscy policjanci zaatakowali centrum kulturalne, pobili ciężarną aktywistkę

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Systematyczne represje policyjne miały miejsce przed i po alternatywnym forum ekonomicznym i w czasie protestów przeciw EEF/EFE odbywającym się w dniach 28-30 kwietnia 2004r., jednakże w grudniu 2004r. i styczniu 2005r. rozpoczęła się nowa fala represji policyjnych przeciwko aktywistom praw człowieka w Polsce.

[wa29.mpg] | Częstochowa 11.12.2004 [raport (pl)] [1] | Krakow 26-27.01.2005 [raport (pl)] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] | Warsaw 28.01.2005 [raport (pl) (en)] [1] [2] [1] [2] [3]

english - français - deutsch - español

(en) (fr) (pl) Zamach na demokrację: pikieta 9.30g śr 2 marca @Sejm

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Coup against democracy: picket 09:30 Wed 2 March @Parliament

Coup anti-démocratique : manifestation 09h30 merc 2 mars au Parlement

(english) - (français) - (po polsku) W związku z brakiem postępu w sprawie przywrócenia Funduszu Alimentacyjnego pod Sejmem RP odbędzie się pikieta w środę 2 marca br. o godzinie 9.30. Oświadczenie Wnioskodawców Obywatelskiego Projektu Ustawy Fundusz Alimentacyjny [1] [2]

Marhaba Europe- budujemy sieć oporu przeciw &quot;zderzeniu cywilizacji''

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Grupa działaczy z Bliskiego Wschodu podróżuje po Europie od połowy października 2004 do kwietnia 2005. Informuje o ruchach społecznych,
formujących się w opozycji wobec starych i nowych form opresji i dyskryminacji, od izraelskiej wojskowej okupacji do patriarchatu, od prześladowania mniejszości seksualnych do wojen o ropę. W skład grupy
wchodzą 4 osoby: palestyński uchodźca - pracujący w ISM (Międzynarodowy Ruch Solidarności), izraelski buntownik, przedstawicielka nowych ruchów społecznych w Libanie oraz działaczka z Europy, z dużym doświadczeniem
zdobytym w podróżach po Bliskim Wschodzie.

Międzynarodowa batalia o Redukcję Szkód

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Amerykański 'car narkotykowy' John Walters jest w tym tygodniu w Europie ,aby 'zwalczyć tak zwaną politykę 'redukcji szkód' ' możemy przeczytać na jego nowym blogu. W tym samym czasie 50 grup z całego świata podpisało list Human Rights Watch podważający wojnę z redukcją szkód i w szczególności atak USA na programy wymiany igieł i strzykawek. Aby dolać oliwy do ognia, zarówno New York Times jak i Washington Post w swoich weekendowych wydaniach ostro skrytykowały politykę narkotykową Busha .

1 maja 2005 na świecie

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Niepewność, to stan w jakim znajduje się obecnie większość ludzi pracy w Europie i na całym świecie. Nie ważne czy chodzi o bezrobotnych, pracowników tymczasowych, wielkich sieci, sezonowych czy uniwersyteckich. Każdy z nich żyje z dnia na dzień. Dlatego w tym roku 1 majowe obchody Święta Pracy (ustanowionego w 1889 roku na pamiątkę brutalnie spacyfikowanego strajku robotników z Chicago) odbyły się w wielu miastach świata.

III Szczyt Rady Europy w Warszawie

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

III Szczyt Rady Europy odbędzie się w Warszawie w dniach 16-17 maja 2005.

Demonstracja przeciwko szczytowi Rady Europy

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

Rozpoczęła się manifestacja przeciwników III Szczytu Rady Europy. W proteście biorą udział uczestnicy Inicjatywy Stop Wojnie, Federacji Anarchistycznej, Czerwonego Kolektywu-Lewicowej Alternatywy, Oddolnej Inicjatywy Chrześcijańskiej, Komitetu Wolny Kaukaz, Zielonych i Nowej Lewicy oraz buddyści.

Relacja będzie na bieżąco aktualizowana w miarę napływu informacji od świadków wydarzeń.

Zdjęcia z demonstracji: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]
Zdjęcia z pikiety solidarnościowej: [1]
Film z klejenia bilbordu przez RAT oraz WGA/FA: [1]
Film z akcji alpinistycznej na ul. Chmielnej: [2]
Film z pogo podczas demonstracji: [3]
Film z zamieszek na pl. Zamkowym: [4]
Film z akcji policji na placu Bankowym: [5]

Policyjne represje po antyszczycie - dziennikarz IMC uwolniony!

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

BARDZO WAŻNA PROŚBA: wszystkie osoby, które mają zdjęcia/ nagrania, na których widać młodego chłopaka w okularach, z kamerą, w pomarańczowej kamizelce z napisem PRESS, filmującego zajścia na placu zamkowym, proszone są o kontakt z redakcją imc lub mail na adres: rita at

Informacje z ostatniej chwili, aktualizowane na bieżąco:

18.05.05. g.12.30.

O godz. 10.00 odbyła się rozprawa dziennikarza indymediów, któremu postawiono zarzut czynnej napaści na funkcjonariusza. Na miejscu zgromadzili się dziennikarze, kolektyw imc-wawa, imc-3miasto, przedstawiciele organizatorów poniedziałkowych protestów oraz solidaryzujący się z zatrzymanym aktywiści. Pojawił się rownież poseł PIS, który zgodził się poręczyć za Grzegorza. Za wyjątkiem pani adwokat, nikogo, także rodziców i dziennikarzy, nie wpuszczono na salę rozpraw. Ok. godz. 12.00 Grzesiek został zwolniony. Sąd uznał, że nie ma koniecznosci zastosowania wobec niego środka zapobiegawczego w postaci aresztu. Do czasu rozprawy, której termin jest jeszcze nieznany, ma przebywać pod dozorem policji. Na rozprawie nie dopuszczono do przedstawienia zgromadzonych dowodów na jego niewinność (zdjęcia, nagrania filmowe). Zarzuty policji opierają się podobno na zeznaniach funkcjonariuszy. Wszystkie nagrania, które posiadamy, zostały przekazane dziennikarzom oraz zostaną wykorzystane przez panią adwokat na kolejnej rozprawie (o ile dojdzie do sformułowania aktu oskarżenia).

(pl) (en) (fr) Police detain, falsely charge Indymedia journalist

Poland, 20.05.2005 23:32

english - po polsku - français

Police detained an independent journalist and charged him with assaulting a police officer!

Policja zatrzymała niezależnego reportera i postawiła mu zarzut napaści na policjanta!

La police a détenu un journaliste indépendant et l'a fait inculper pour violence à agent public!

Call for Legal

Houston, 20.05.2005 23:20

We need your video

Two Slots Left for Large Gatherings in Central Park

NYC, 20.05.2005 22:21

NEW YORK, May 19 - Under the cobalt skies of a waning spring evening about one hundred New Yorkers heeded the call to a candelight vigil in Central Park in support of our rights to free speech, to peacefully assemble and myriad others under threat these days.

educacion urgente

Argentina, 20.05.2005 21:31

educacion urgente

Argentina, 20.05.2005 21:31

Viernes 20 de mayo de 2005 | toma del ministerio, movilización y congreso de estudiantes
URGENTE: La Escuela de la Calle

Smashing the State, Chuck Turner Style

Boston, 20.05.2005 20:02

The angry anarchists tore through Boston’s business district, their banners flying high, their rambunctious chants demanding that the people take to the streets in protest of two years of war in Iraq. O­n the front lines, linked arm in arm with the anarchists, was good old Chuck - Boston’s notorious city councilor. With a bald head, stylish white goatee, and leather jacket, the African-American politician has represented Boston’s District Seven, encompassing much of Boston’s minority community, since 1999. “I’m still impressed by […] Chuck Turner MARCHING with the unpermitted march, then standing up in between cops and the youth they sought to beat or arrest, and going over to the jail, and staying there until 10:30 PM or so,” said Amatul in an o­nline discussion of the March 20th protest posted o­n the website of the Boston Independent Media Center (Indymedia), a local anti-authoritarian news agency. “I really liked his vibe.”

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 20.05.2005 20:00

abocadors de la gran Barcelona

la gent dels pobles s'organitza i lluita contra el monstre de la metròpoli

[22.05] marxa No a la MAT [27-29Maig] 19a Trobada d'entitats ecologistes i de Plataformes en defensa del territori

La nostra forma de vida a barcelona té un preu... pobles atrapats en el creixement insostenible : Vilafant, la població més assetjada ecològicament ...per les nostres necessitats d'energia... línies d'alta tensió ::Jornada a Barxeta (la Costera) - Barxeta digué NO al Referèndum del dia 20, guanyà el Vot Nul -- Molt Alta Tensió? ...nucleares per poder derrochar energia:: Demanem el tancament de Vandellòs II -- La presidenta del CSN haurà de respondre pel cas Vandellòs II -- L' incident de Vandellòs II podria passar a nivel 2, según CSN -- Escandalosa situació de Vandellós ...l'aire :: Els tresors ebrencs espoliats: ara l’aire -- 16-abril: contra el pla eòlic -- plataforma anti-molinos ...l'aigua :: Taula Rodona: Aigua i territori -- Dia Internacional d'acció pels rius vius l'alimentació, els transgènics s'imposen quan es consumeixen :: Els transgènics, a debat ...destrozando espais naturals per fer... mes autovies :: L'autovia Interpolar destrossarà Gallecs i el Vallès ...segones o terceres vivendes :: 3.000.000 d'habitatges més? -- No a la macro-urbanització de Querol!!! -- En Cala Tamariua se segueix especulant ...transport per a rics :: acte contra l'Ave al Clot -- El TGV al seu pas per Barcelona no té declaració d'impacte Ambiental ...diners :: Tres incendis porvocats al Delta del Llobregat -- Volen excloure Collserola de la xarxa europea d'espais naturals protegits

respostes :: Per una reapropiació d'allò comú -- Autogestió, Cooperació i Agroecologia -- Manifest del Portús -- Enredos' 05 -- Gavina humana

+info:: >>>ecologia + salvem l'empordà

ecologia (es)

Barcelona, 20.05.2005 20:00

basureros de la gran Barcelona

la gente de los pueblos se organiza y lucha frente al monstruo de la metropoli

[22.05] marxa No a la MAT [27-29Maig] 19o Encuentro de grupos ecologistas y de plataformas en defensa del territorio

Nuestra forma de vida en barcelona tiene un precio... pueblos atrapados en el crecimiento insostenible : Vilafant, la población más asediada ecológicamente ...por nuestras necesidades de energia... lineas de alta tensión ::Jornada en Barxeta (la Costera) - Barxeta dijo NO al Referèndum del dia 20, ganó el Voto Nulo -- Molt Alta Tensió? ...nucleares para poder derrochar energia:: Pedimos el cierre de Vandellòs II -- La presidenta del CSN deberá responder por el caso Vandellòs II -- El incidente de Vandellòs II podría pasar a nivel 2, según CSN -- Escandalosa situación de Vandellós ...el aire :: Los tesoros del Ebro espoliados: ahora el aire -- 16-abril: contra el plan eólico -- plataforma anti-molinos ...el agua :: Mesa Redonda: Agua y territorio -- Día Internacional de acción por los ríos vivos la alimentación, los transgenicos se imponen cuando se consumen :: Los transgénicos, a debate ...destrozando espacios naturales para hacer... más autovias :: La autovia Interpolar destrozará Gallecs y el Vallès ...segundas o terceras viviendas :: 3.000.000 viviendas más? -- No a la macro-urbanitzación de Querol!!! -- En Cala Tamariua se sigue especulando ...transporte para ricos :: acto contra el Ave en el Clot -- El TGV a su paso por Barcelona no tiene declaración de impacto Ambiental ...dinero :: Tres incendios porvocados en el Delta del Llobregat -- Quieren excluir Collserola de la red europea de espacios naturales protegidos

respuestas :: Por una reapropiación del común -- Autogestión, Cooperación y Agroecologia -- Manifiesto del Portús -- Enredos' 05 -- Gaviota humana

+info:: >>>ecologia + salvem l'emporda

property especulation and squats (en)

Barcelona, 20.05.2005 20:00

Speculation fever destroys our environment

[19.05] stop evictions of a farm house under the expropriation project 'Pla Caufec' -- Eviction of Can Calet at 10:00 -- 8th Session 'Rethink Barcelona, Retrieve the City' [22.05] bikes, skates... at Gallecs [03-05.06] Neigbour's sit-in at Sant Medir

corrupció febra especuladoraGallecs : Luxurious, illegal buildings -- 700+ ha. have been urbanised -- Interpolar highway will destroy Gallecs and the Vallès county -- Generalitat to urbanise 60 hectars -- Gallecs and manipulation of Generalitat's TV3 -- Gallecs, the fight goes on -- Watch out Generalitat's minister TURA -- Squattings at Gallecs

building fever :: Vallcarca: Gathering on the 17th -- fighting against speculation El forat de la Vergonya (BCN's Shaming Hole): demolitions go on - Trash from Sta. Caterina's new market at the 'Forat' -- Forat's neighbours save the futbol playground despite police presence. La Mina: desired object Sants: One week under eviction threatening at Quinkalla Poblenou: eviction -- demonstration (protest at Gran Via) -- Save Can Ricart!!. Clot street: 13-police-van eviction València: Eviction of CSO La Discordia -- Open letter to Rita Barberà (Valencia's major) Kan Titella: Suspended trial Menorca: Imminent eviction -- New Okupation -- Biniancolla's proprietaries brings to justice the presence of squaters Casa del Aire (Granada): Imminent eviction

+info:: >>>property especulation and squatting

2nd Annual Against The Wal March, Thursday June 2nd

Arkansas, 20.05.2005 19:03

Wal-Mart Call To Action Fayetteville, AR Thursday June 2nd 5pm Walton Arts Center Parking Lot Friday June 3rd 5:30am Bud Walton Arena Since last summer’s shareholders convention which was met with Arkansas‘ first anti-Walmart Protest, Walmart has made little progress toward changing practices which have upset the whole world. From sweatshop exploitation and environmental destruction, to union busting and corporate welfare Walmart has not made any changes toward being more responsible, except with slick PR campaigns and chump change donations to the United Way. So, the Against The Wal Coalition is once again mobilizing to bring the people’s voice to the Beast of Bentonville’s shareholders. On Thursday June 2nd we will march through downtown Fayetteville during happy hour as shareholders from around the world sip cocktails and slap each other on the back. Then join us at 6am in front of the Bud Walton Arena Friday morning for a good-ol’ fashioned picket of the actual convention. Last summer people came from Canada, New York, Oklahoma, and Arizona. Hope to see you in the Ozarks this summer.

Port of Olympia dismantles Mayday Community Garden

Portland, 20.05.2005 17:32

I was walking down State Street on my way to school this morning, when I saw Port of Olympia employees landscaping in the empty lot, which once contained the May Day Community Garden. I asked one of them why the garden had disappeared. He smiled and said it was the orders of the Port, he suggested I call them to complain. He recalled when there was a big garden in that location a few years earlier, according to him it was a place where "all sorts of people, of every age would come and garden."

The Mayday garden was planted this year as part of Olympia's annual May Day celebration. I have been watching it grow over the last few weeks, it has been kept up by volunteers who have been bringing it water, making sure it stays clean and just enjoying it. On the street across form the now defunct garden, was parked a semi carrying a load of tree's; killed and ready for export.

On the Occasion of Malcolm X's 80th Birthday

NYC, 20.05.2005 16:02

NEW YORK, May 19 - There were plans for its destruction, but tonight a memorial and educational center launched in the Audubon Ballroom in Washington Heights, where Malcolm X was assassinated forty years ago. Also see: FIST Salutes Malcom X

RAGE Fights the Spread of Biotechnology all Across the NW

Portland, 20.05.2005 15:21

  • Who: NWRAGE
  • What: Protest against GE Bentgrass
  • When: 11a.m. - 3 p.m. Sat., May 21
  • Where: Smith & Hawken, 26 NW 23rd Place
  • Why: To tell Scotts to clean up their genetically engineered bentgrass contamination in Oregon
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a protest on May 18 at a USDA public forum in Corvallis to take comments on the approval of genetically engineered creeping bentgrass.

The GE grass has been developed by Monsanto and Scotts to resist Monsanto's herbicide RoundUp, and would be used on golf courses around the country if approved. It has already contaminated the area around a test site near Madras, Oregon, including the Crooked River National Grassland and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation.

Join us for another protest, this time against Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in Northwest Portland. Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts, and they need to know that we want them to clean up their mess

find out more about corvallis!

indymedia video

Argentina, 20.05.2005 15:21

Crime ambiental no Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais

Portugal, 20.05.2005 09:21

Crime ambiental no Parque Natural Sintra-Cascais

Πορεία και επεισόδια στην Αθήνα

Thessaloniki, 20.05.2005 08:53

αντιφασιστική πορεία

UC Students to Rise Up to Oppose UC-Bechtel Collaboration

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.05.2005 07:20

On May 11th, the University of California (UC) announced an unprecedented partnership with Bechtel Corporation, BWXT Technlogies, and Washing International Inc. to jointly bid for the management of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. Not only does this arrangement poise the UC to continue to manage potential Armageddon during a dangerous new phase of US nuclear development, but it establishes an alarming new frontier in UC-corporate connections.

Students from across the UC system will converge at the UC Regents meeting at UC San Francisco Laurel Heights on Wednesday, May 25th to speak out in opposition of the bid. After a planned meeting at 9 a.m. outside of the Laurel Heights building, the students will command the floor during the Regents' public comment period at 10 a.m. At roughly 11:20, they will conduct a rally outside the conference building. They are inviting people to join them in opposing the nuclearization and corporatization of the UC, or if they are not able to attend, to make announcements explaining the UC-Bechtel proposed partnership and the UC bid for the labs in classes. Organizers say, "It’s time to get UC out of the nuclear weapons business."

The UC has managed LANL since its inception over 60 years ago. However, after repeated security and financial mismanagement scandals, the US Department of Energy opened the management contract of LANL for competitive bid in 2003. UC’s contract to manage LANL expires on September 30. The Department of Energy (DoE) is expected to select the winner of the bidding competition over the summer. Read more | More about Los Alamos

UC Nuclear Free | Waging Peace | TriValley Cares Website

imc, reform and the media revolution that was

San Diego, 20.05.2005 06:02

"Why is it media reform? it should be media revolution!" I stepped into the 2005 national conference for media reform with very few personal expectations. i am new to indymedia, just getting back into photojournalism and really need to study up on what's going on within the field... so i asked my fellow san diego indymistas what they might like for me to ask - and set out to see what i could find. happily - it did not take very long...

Puerto Rican legislature paralyzed by losing gubernatorial candidate’s quest for power

Urbana-Champaign, 20.05.2005 05:22

Pedro Rosselló, defeated New Progressive Party (NPP) candidate for Puerto Rican Governor in the November 2004 elections, has brought Puerto Rican Senate business nearly to a standstill in his unrelenting quest for the presidency of that legislative body. The Puerto Rican people rejected Rosselló as governor in the 2004 election, Rosselló was not elected to the Puerto Rican Senate and Rosselló does not have the support of his fellow Senators to be Senate President. However, in Puerto Rican politics, these are just minor inconveniences.

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