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Maxxam shareholders

Houston, 24.05.2005 16:00

The is more than one evil company in Houston

Speak-Out and Critical Mass A HUGE SUCCESS!

NYC, 24.05.2005 15:31

A lot went on the last Friday of last month. The last Friday of this month, we've got even more going on.

In the works are a Still We Speak rally, Critical Mass, Rev. Billy's After-Party and Benefit for TIME'S UP! and a After-Hours After-After Party. See below for details.

Ahmet Şık anlatıyor

Istanbul, 24.05.2005 14:03

İnsanca yaşam olanakları istediği için işten çıkartılan Ahmet Şık anlatıyor...

Sequani Besieged by Surprise Action

United Kingdom, 24.05.2005 13:30

As the world day for laboratory animals march in Dover was effectively rendered pointless by the police and council in Dover leading to the march being postponed, animal activists from all over the Midlands decided to hold their own unadvertised 'Day of Action for the Animals'.

The Stop Sequani Animal Testing campaign, including activists from West Midlands Animal Action and Save the Newchurch Guinea pigs amongst others held a surprise demo at Sequani animal testing labs in Ledbury followed by Gateway to Hell campaign demos in Worcester.

Full Report

Sell Fur? No, Just Fridges

United Kingdom, 24.05.2005 13:30

After a year-long campaign against their involvement in the fur trade,fashion retailers Selfridges have followed Harvey Nichols and declared that they have stopped selling fur in their stores.

On the 19th May, Selfridges confirmed that they have now stopped selling all real fur. A year long campaign saw the various Selfridges stores including Manchester, Birmingham and London being picketed, a concerted customer complaints campaign, and associated actions.

Victory: Selfridges take on "No Fur" policy | Selfridges Day of Action Rocks Birmingham | Fur Cough | Campaign Against the Fur Trade |

May 24 Protest: Massey Coal Shareholder meeting

NYC, 24.05.2005 12:37

(from the Open Newswire): Our demand is simple "stop mountaintop removal and all forms of surface mining for coal, and invest in clean energy solutions in the coalfields." Coal field residents deserve life! Take action on May 24th in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria at Massey's annual shareholder meeting. Do not let them get away with murder! Make your voice heard!

especulació i okupació (ca)

Barcelona, 24.05.2005 10:00

han desallotjat can calet

concentració avui (24 de maig) a les 19h davant dels jutjats de granollers

Avui a les 5:30h de la matinada ha estat desallotjada la masia de Can Calet a Corró d'Avall (Les Franqueses del Vallès). Diverses desenes d'antiavalots dels mossos d'esquadra han tirat la porta a terra i han escorcollat tota la casa inclosos els 4 ocupants que hi dormien. La masia que portava molt de temps abandonada va ser okupada el mes d'octubre passat, i ràpidament esdevingué un punt de trobada i un referent pels moviments socials de la comarca. Aquesta tarda a les 19h hi ha convocada una concentració de protesta davant dels jutjats de Granollers.

+info:: >>>especulació i okupació

especulación y okupación (es)

Barcelona, 24.05.2005 10:00

han desalojado can calet

concentración hoy (24 de mayo) a las 19h delante de los juzgados de granollers

Hoy a las 5:30h de la madrugada ha sido desalojada la masia de Can Calet en Corró d'Avall (Les Franqueses del Vallès). Varias decenas de antidisturbios de los mossos d'esquadra han tirado la puerta abajo y han registrado toda la casa incluidos los 4 ocupantes que estaban durmiendo dentro. La masia que llevaba mucho tiempo abandonada fue okupada el mes de octubre pasado, y rápidamente se convirtió en un punto de encuentro y un referente para los movimentos sociales de la comarca. Esta tarde a las 19h hay convocada una concentración de protesta delante de los juzgados de granollers.

+info:: >>>especulación y okupación

Media Reform and Media Revolution: A Critique of Free Press and the National Conference on Media Reform

Portland, 24.05.2005 06:21

The dominant evaluation of this year's National Conference on Media Reform is that it was an overwhelming success. In fact--relative to where the movement could and should be--the conference's achievements were underwhelming. Political divisions, a dearth of democracy and a short-sighted agenda threaten the future effectiveness of the movement.

The following is an analysis of a key emerging division within the movement against the corporate strangle hold on media, a friendly criticism of the organizers at Free Press who are currently exerting a major influence over its direction, and finally, a set of concrete prescriptions for future conferences that flow directly from this analysis.


previous: [ Reformist posturing vs. radical action: Report-back from the National Conference on Media Reform in St. Louis ]

Cascadia's unique linguistic legacy

Portland, 24.05.2005 06:21

When I lived in Eastern Europe as well as in southern Asia my accent was always a question that came up. In Eastern Europe this often came up when Europeans needed a tutor in English. They wanted British speakers for passing grammar tests, but wanted "Americans" for conversational English. American accents were en vogue. One friend of mine one evening at a restaruant asked me in a thick sounding British accent "ok what kind of accent do I have American or Brit?" I replied "You have a British accent" in which he responded "Bloody hell!" Another friend from Britain (who loved harassing Americans for their accents) was once in a conversation with me when i pointed out that in a BCC production on the history of English mentioned that the Pacific NorthWest accent was the closing "living" pronounciation to original Shakespearean English. Tim's comeback (with what to me sounded more like an Irish accent) to that was with a huge grin on his face was "that is because your people have not evolved".

But meeting other Europeans back then who had English teachers from Boston and Texas could not figure out my accent. Which was ok with me since I often tried to pass myself off as a Scandinavian or German. Even years ago in Portland friends that were not originally from Cascadia would often say "you are European right? German or some Slav?" I would find it to be a compliment at frist because generally I can not stand most American accents (especially southern, Texan or the nasally urban east). Sorry if I insulted anyone about that.

Mariana Marquez

Argentina, 24.05.2005 06:00

"Ibarra, sos un cadáver político"

cuando el arte ataca

Argentina, 24.05.2005 05:31

Martes 24 de Mayo 2005 | Convocatorias de grupos independientes en Capital Federal
Cuando el Arte Ataca

hijos la plata

Argentina, 24.05.2005 05:01

Sábado 21 de mayo de 2005 |10 años: cumple de HIJOS La Plata
"Nacimos en su lucha, viven en la nuestra"

hijos la plata 10 años

Argentina, 24.05.2005 05:01

Martes 24 de mayo de 2005 |10 años: cumple de HIJOS La Plata
"Nacimos en su lucha, viven en la nuestra"

hijos 10 años

Argentina, 24.05.2005 05:01

Sábado 21 de mayo de 2005 |10 años: cumple de HIJOS La Plata
"Nacimos en su lucha, viven en la nuestra"

Brezilya: MST yürüyüşü

Istanbul, 24.05.2005 04:41

Brezilya: Topraksızlar 210 km'lik yürüyüşün ardından polis şiddetiyle karşılaştı

Human Rights / Border Control

Perth, 24.05.2005 03:23

CORNELIA RAU: "close down the detention centres"

NSTAR Workers (Still) On Strike!!!

Boston, 24.05.2005 02:01

Company decries union ‘scare tactics,’ Solidarity strong among electrical workers despite heavy handed union busting efforts The first week of Utility Workers Union of America local 369’s strike against NSTAR has been fraught with drama, mainly stemming from the deregulated Eastern Massachusetts electrical service provider’s blatant and ominous strong arm tactics. Since Monday, May 18 at 12:01 when their contract expired and 1,900 of NSTAR's 3,000 workers represented by the union walked off the job, NSTAR has consistently maintained that Union officials are lying about the reasons the union went on strike. And the same day the strike began Local 369 was informed that the workers’ health insurance had been cancelled.

Protests in Modesto and Fresno Against Police Brutality

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.05.2005 00:00

5/23/05 Protests were held last Saturday in Modesto and today in Fresno against from police killings and brutality. Today,members from the Fresno Hmong community protested against police violence. Susane Moua, a spokesperson for the group said Fresno Police Department (FPD) officers brutally attacked Neng May Her during a domestic dispute. Her has been charged with obstructing and resisting the officers. His trial is now taking place in the Fresno County courthouse. Moua said that the attack on Her happened in July 2004 when the family’s children got into a conflict. The FPD was called, but instead of bringing peace to the family, the officers "immediately used a loud tone of voice toward the mother and attacked the mother verbally to scare her. The officers physically attacked the father when he arrived to the home." According to Moua, Her suffered from multiple bruises and other injuries from this incident. There were photographs at today’s protest to substantiate these accusations. Security guards harassed the group and made them move the protest after stating that they did not have a permit.

In Modesto friends and family of Sammy Galvan, who was shot in August 2004 by two Modesto police, protested the death of the young man. Responding to a domestic call, police arrived at the Galvan house and shot him when he made aggressive moves towards them with a knife and they feared for their lives. Witnesses however contend that Sammy made no aggressive moves towards police, and his weapon was a cooking knife. The demonstration was the second in four months, and the family is currently engage in a lawsuit against the Modesto Police department.

Reports and pictures here, here.


Colombia, 23.05.2005 22:21

Congress Recommends Sending Troops to Border

San Diego, 23.05.2005 20:33

From the Washington Post: "The deployment of 36,000 National Guard troops or state militia on the U.S.-Mexico border would stop the illegal flow of foreigners into America, says a congressional report that credits the Minuteman Project with proving that additional manpower could "dramatically reduce if not virtually eliminate" illegal immigration."

Just what we need, more troops, this time operating within our own country. I wonder how far inland from the border these troops will operate? Who will they be attacking? Who benefits from all this? Who profits?

DU Bill passes in LA!

New Orleans, 23.05.2005 16:02

DU Bill passes in LA!

May 25th: Citizen Filibuster to Stop the Right-Wing Power Grab

New Orleans, 23.05.2005 16:02

May 25th: Citizen Filibuster to Stop the Right-Wing Power Grab

UCIMC Video Working Group Statement of Apology

Urbana-Champaign, 23.05.2005 15:03

The UCIMC's Video Group met for an emergency meeting on May 22 in order to draft a statement in response to the problems and controversy that have arisen regarding a statement, about the UCIMC's position in the global Indymedia network, made May 9 at a press conference announcing the UCIMC's purchase of a new building. This is the statement that the volunteers at the emergency Video Group meeting consented to.

Twin Cities Indymedia: Serious Issues

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 23.05.2005 08:01

Twin Cities Indymedia is still experiencing technical problems. The Radicalendar is still functioning.

IRAQUE: Destruição maciça.

Portugal, 23.05.2005 08:00

IRAQUE: Destruição maciça.

State Employee Rally Photo/Video report back

Rogue Valley, 23.05.2005 07:02

MAY 21, 2005


New Radioactivity Found in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Tennessee, 23.05.2005 06:02

Radioactivity from the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Oak Ridge Reservation is contaminating surface and ground water in Oak Ridge, a new study has found. The results of that independent study were presented at a community meeting on May 22. Main concerns are for
• Strontium-90, a bone-seeking, radioactive product of nuclear fission
• Radium-226, a radionuclide used for intense neutron sources

Afrenta del sindicalismo corporativo contra magisterio puertorriqueño

Puerto Rico, 23.05.2005 06:02

Maestros repudian intenciones de AFT de imponer sindicatura

Human Rights Defenders Found Guilty

San Diego, 23.05.2005 04:50

Erik Olson, Kevin Nash, and David Rodriguez-Acevedo were found guilty of targeted residential picketing of the mayor’s house in San Diego. The three men are part of an organization called the Invest-In Project which works to call attention to, and eventually change, human rights abuses. They model their activism on the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement.

First article on this topic - Justice in San Diego:

VBC 5: Cob benches sprouting up along SE Tibbetts

Portland, 23.05.2005 02:21

Biking around after some gardening this afternoon I was riding down SE Tibbetts and stumbled across three different sets of people working on cob benches, as part of the fifth annual Village Building Convergence (VBC). The VBC seeks to empower people to rebuild their urban spaces so as to encourage community. Past projects have included intersection repairs -- wherein the road is painted and street fixtures such as kiosks, benches, and planters are built -- and the the magnificent cob artwork at People's Food Cooperative. This year is bringing more intersection repairs and a set of presentations and events where people can learn more about how to change their city for the positive. The event has been growing each year and attracts people from around the country.

I snapped these pics of the sites on Tibbetts so other folks could see how fun cob work is.

photos >>

another story from this year's VBC: [ 7 Corners Bench Foundation Built in Record Time With Community Help ]

Bob Avakian

LA, 23.05.2005 01:21

Radical Book Launch at LA Central Library

NYC protests Sharon rally at Baruch College

NYC, 23.05.2005 00:55

A group of Jewish community human rights activists descended in protest on a highly-touted rally today featuring Israeli PM Ariel Sharon. Crying "Stop the mishegos [craziness], end the occupation!" the activists asked the crowd of executives of major Jewish organizations: "which of you will represent the Jews who want peace?" "This rally doesn't show that American Jews support Sharon's bloody plan to annex the major settlements and shut Palestinians out of Jerusalem forever -- it just shows that there are 1000 American Jews with the means to put on a big show, and say they're speaking for the rest of us," said Malkie Weitz, an Israeli human rights activist based in Palestine. "Jews around the world are desperate to put an end to violence, to stop being oppressors to Palestinians. What big-politics Jewish organization will finally represent us?" See also: Jews Against the Occupation

GABRIELA Network and Allies Across the U.S. Protest War of Terror in the Philippines

Portland, 22.05.2005 22:22

GABRIELA Network, a US-Philippine women's solidarity mass organization est. 1989, leads first nationwide protest against human rights violations and political killings in the Philippines.

GABRIELA Network's nationwide vigil on Friday, May 20th, 2005, was a solemn reminder of the on-going US intervention in the Philippines and its destructive nature for the Philippine nation and its people. It was also a firm condemnation of Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo's complicity. Held in six US cities?Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Portland, San Francisco and Seattle,?the vigil, organized by GABRIELA Network (GABNet), a US-Philippine women's solidarity mass organization, was the first nationally coordinated action in the US to protest the escalating political killings in the Philippines since George W. Bush and company declared the country as the second front in the global "war on terror."

With over two-hundred participants and more than twenty endorsing organizations, the vigil called attention to the intensifying political repression in the Philippines: three-hundred plus political killings and abductions from 2001 to the present; one-hundred cases of human rights violations, affecting 23,252 victims in ninety-one communities from January to March 15, 2005; thirteen journalists killed last year, three in the first quarter of 2005, making the Philippines the most murderous country in the world for the media; murder of eleven women of GABRIELA, a national alliance of more than two-hundred women's organizations in the Philippines, and of its electoral arm GABRIELA Women's Party.

SF Reproductive Rights Coalition Plans for May 23rd Meeting

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.05.2005 22:00

The San Francisco Reproductive Rights Coalition will hold its next meeting on Monday, May 23rd in San Francisco's Women's Building. Bay Area activists will gather to start discussion of next year's Roe v. Wade Day, which is likely to be countered by a 2006 "Walk for Life- West Coast." The Reproductive Rights Coalition aims to continue its work to restore full reproductive rights to women nationwide.

The coalition's additional concerns include Operation Rescue's recent targeting of an abortion provider in North Oakland, and the fact that the group Americans United for Life has successfully gathered enough signatures to place the California Parental Notification Act on the ballot for California's next statewide election. This proposed law puts young women’s right to abortion and privacy in grave danger. More about the meeting

Read more on Indybay's Womyn News Page

Acuerdo en el conflicto pesquero

Argentina, 22.05.2005 21:21

Domingo 21 de Mayo 2005 | TRAS 38 DÍAS DE LUCHA
Acuerdo en el conflicto pesquero

Acuerdo en el conflicto pesquero

Argentina, 22.05.2005 21:21

Domingo 21 de Mayo 2005 | TRAS 38 DÍAS DE LUCHA
Acuerdo en el conflicto pesquero

'Zine Library Opens in Harvard Square

Boston, 22.05.2005 21:01

A new library has opened up right in Harvard Square--The Papercut 'Zine Library. But they don't have any books. Instead, they have 'zines. 'Zines are self-published magazines that address universes of different topics. There are 'zines about being a substitute teacher, how to compost, growing up as an immigrant, animal rights and high school crushes. They're becoming increasingly popular as everyone starts to make their own 'zine. Now there are 'zine libraries all around the country. This radio piece documents the opening of Boston's new 'zine library.

Oregon Newspaper Industry Censures the News!

Rogue Valley, 22.05.2005 19:23

YESTERDAY 5000 State Workers travelled to Salem from all corners of Oregon and converged in Riverfront Park at noon. From there a huge wave of SEIU purple marched threw the streets of Salem and gathered on the capitol mall. The issue was simple. State workers were standing up for all working people in their fight for fairness. "Healthcare cost shifting" (from employer to employee) was highlighted loud and clear.


Oregon Media Censured This Story!!! How can they get away with not reporting the voices of 5000 workers? It seems criminal, but it actually is their right. Its called Free Speech - In a very strange orwellian twist they actually have the right to NOT report the news...

This frustrated independent journalist sent a letter to the local Ashland Daily Tidings Editor Scot Bolsinger. Scot isn't held accountable for this one, heck his rag hasn't even been published since the HUGE Salem event. But it is hoped that Scot might offer us some insight as to how such a thing could ever take place.


Movimento de trabalhadoras/es Desempregadas/os do DF faz nova ocupação

Brasil, 22.05.2005 18:01


kriminaligo (eo)

Barcelona, 22.05.2005 18:00

Solidareco kun la arestitoj en Germanio

Gabriel Pombo da Silva, José Fernández Delgado, Bart Bart De Geeter, anarkiismaj prizonuloj, kaj Begoña Pombo da Silva estas procesitaj en Aachen, Germanio. Antaŭ ilia aresto (28.06.04), José kaj Gabriel estis prizonuloj de la hispana registaro kaj fuĝis. La unua estis prizonulo dum 23 jaroj en Hispanio kaj Gabriel, 36-jara, pasis 20 jarojn en prizono, 14 sub FIES-kondiĉoj (FIES: specialaj prizon-kondiĉoj por malliberigitoj konsiderataj danĝeraj). Ili batalis kontraŭ la torturoj de FIES kaj la mistraktadoj en Germanio ĝis nun ne estis tre malsamaj. Por protesti, Gabriel aperas kun kalsonetoj en la proceso . Estas alvoko por internacia solidara agado la venontan 4an de majo.

rilataj novaĵoj: unuaj tagoj de la proceso ::: ĉiu unua marto subtena amasiĝo por la katalunaj politik-prizonuloj [Sants] preS.O.S. Acció Directa (Rekta Agado) ::: Solidara helikmanĝado por la politik-prizonuloj [Capellades] ::: Procezoj pro torturoj kontraŭ la hispana registaro ::: mortitaj sub leĝa prizorgado de la Hispana Ŝtato ::: Amasiĝo la 6an de majo por la senkulpigo de Franki [Vilanova i la Geltrú] ::: subpremo kontraŭ la prizonuloj kaj iliaj advokatoj

+infoj:: >>>kriminaligo

kontraŭfaŝismo (eo)

Barcelona, 22.05.2005 18:00

Inta kaj anta faŝismo, sufiĉe!

[10an de majo]Vinarós: Kontraŭfaŝisma amasiĝo antaŭ la urbodomo je la 20.30h
[20an de majo]Castelló: Je la 19.30h kontraŭfaŝisma manifestacio en "La Farola" (Plaça de la Independència)

LASTE: Brutala faŝisma agreso en Vinaròs +++ Provo de faŝisma atako al "Casal Jaume I" en Castelló +++ Kreita kontraŭfaŝisma asembleo en Vinaròs +++ Kreado de la "Plataforma Antifeixista de Castelló" (Kontraŭfaŝisma Platformo de Castelló) ::: Atakoj kontraŭ geenmigrintoj en Madrido +++ Kontraŭfaŝisma alvoko: nek rasismo nek faŝismo en Villaverde (Madrido) ::: Faŝismaj atakoj en CNT-Llión ::: Policaj atakoj kontraŭ la vico de la geenmigrintoj en Barcelono ::: Naziaj murskribaĵoj en Terrassa ::: Faŝismaj grupoj bruligis la solan samseksemulan drinkejon en Jerusalemo /// La mobilizoj donis fruktojn! Haltis la faŝistaj muzik-koncertoj
Kaj ĝis hodiaŭ: 29an de aprilo, 68 jarojn post la bombardo en Gerniko ::: novaj donitaĵoj pri la murdo de Passolini ::: La memuaroj de Auschwitz. De la kaŝo ĝis la soleno ::: La familio de Bush kaj gxia nacia/nazia pasinto ::: Berlino alarmas pri nazia apogeo 60 jarojn post la fino de la "3a Imperio" ::: Vatikano kaj faŝismo: kelkaj pripensoj ::: De la Popola Partio ĝis la viktimoj de la Frankismo

+infoj | >>>kontraŭfaŝismo + + imc-laplana

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 22.05.2005 18:00

Ribelaj Katalunaj Landoj

2a parto de la proceso kontraŭ solidaruloj kun Miniwatt>>> [17an de majo 9:30h] Amasiĝo antaŭ la juĝejoj CXe Lluís Companys
kontraŭsubprema festo por Franki>>> [20an de majo en COLP La Fera]

Gesolidaraj kun Miniwatt>>> 1a parto de la proceso okazinta : 28an de aprilo ::: Apogaj elmontroj > 500 memkulpigoj kaj pli... ::: Diversaj sindikataj kaj najbaraj sektoroj apogas la gejunulojn solidarajn kun Miniwatt ::: Gazetara konferenco pri la proceso ::: 1an de majo popolmarŝo por la gesolidaraj kun Miniwatt
Solidaraj agadoj kun Franki>>> En Anoia: trajno estis haltigita kaj plenigita de afiŝoj ::: En Gràcia: flagbruligo kaj afiŝpendigo ::: En Poblenou: murpentrado ::: En Cornellà: afiŝpendigo kaj NE al la hispana flago ::: En Manresa: afiŝoj, flugfolioj, pentraĵoj kaj flagzonoj ::: En Celrà: solidara muro ::: En Sant Andreu: NE al la hispana flago :::En Viladecans: pentritaj kaj sigelitaj politiksidejoj ::: En Vilanova i la Geltrú: homĉeno kaj afiŝpendigo en Plaça de la Vila ::: Simbola agado en Salses ::: Apoga kaj rezista komuniko kun Franki de Terrassa ::: En Terrassa: 4 solidaruloj en la fumtubo de Bòbila Almirall ::: En Sabadell ::: Resumo de agadoj de la bataltago
Aresto de Uri en Vilanova>>> Uri ::: Apoga amasiĝo pro Uri el Vilanova ::: Nova arestito en Vilanova

+infoj : >>>kulturoj + Tuja Absolvo + La triopo de Gràcia

@rtivisme (ca)

Barcelona, 22.05.2005 18:00


  ¿qué es para ti la poesia?
txt :: Complicidad -- quant -- fins quand -- La vida es una historia de Papeles -- El día que está por llegar -- Serà un dia que durarà anys -- Navidad -- Ellos -- Los cuadernos de nuevo a las calles -- Poesía mientras esperamos al nuevo Papa
audio :: kaoXX [samples :1-2-3] -- Esclaus -- Amore -- Gaviota humana
video :: Poesia a l'Ateneu del Xino 09/04/2005:[ El papi improvisando -- "Ahora que dicen tiempo nuevo" -- La desventura mia -- El juego de hacer versos -- Callao-Occident-Llibertat] -- Poesia al Ikastola, Cartografías de los imposibles: [1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4] -- Buenos Aires
multimedia :: Cyberpoesies

recitales y noticias relacionadas :: Qui controla els mitjans determina el nostre destí... -- Poesia a l'Ateneu del Xino, 09/04/2005 -- cyberpoétika en el Pati LLimona -- Comença el FEM ART 05, amb les actuacions d'Ex-Dones i k.oz'n -- Revista poética en rede -- Homenaxe ó poeta do pobo Manuel Maria -- Lembrando ó poeta do pobo Manuel Maria -- "Las editoriales, enemigo del poeta": Casasses

cada dos diumenges : Nou programa de ràdio sobre poesia :

+info:: >>>@rtivisme -- cyberpoem

@rtivismo (es)

Barcelona, 22.05.2005 18:00


  ¿qué es para ti la poesia?
txt :: Complicidad -- quant -- fins quand -- La vida es una historia de Papeles -- El día que está por llegar -- Serà un dia que durarà anys -- Navidad -- Ellos -- Los cuadernos de nuevo a las calles -- Poesía mientras esperamos al nuevo Papa
audio :: kaoXX [samples :1-2-3] -- Esclaus -- Amore -- Gaviota humana
video :: Poesia el Ateneu del Xino 09/04/2005:[ El papi improvisando -- Ahora que dicen tiempo nuevo -- La desventura mia - Claudio Millan -- El juego de hacer versos -- Callao-Occident-Llibertat] -- Poesia al Ikastola, Cartografías de los imposibles: [1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4] -- Buenos Aires - J.L.Borges
multimedia :: Cyberpoesias

recitales y noticias relacionadas :: Quien controla los ma$media determina nuestro destino... -- Poesia a l'Ateneu del Xino, 09/04/2005 -- cyberpoétika en el Pati LLimona -- Empieza el FEM ART 05, con las actuaciones de Ex-Dones i k.oz'n -- Revista poética en red -- Homenajee al poeta del pueblo Manuel Maria -- Lembrando el poeta del pueblo Manuel Maria -- "Las editoriales, enemigo del poeta": Casasses

cada dos domingos : Nuevo programa de radio sobre poesía :

+info:: >>>@rtivismo -- cyberpoem


Perth, 22.05.2005 15:23

WA NUCLEAR CREEP: Mining Industry Boss Urges Yellowcake Mining Rethink

When will AIPAC be made to register as an agent of a foreign power?

DC, 22.05.2005 14:01

Franklin was not the original object of FBI surveillance. They were watching AIPAC meetings with Israeli embassy officials, on suspicion of systematic espionage. They were surprised when Pentagon employee Franklin showed up in the videotapes.

Assata Shakur: The Government's Terrorist is Our Community's Heroine

DC, 22.05.2005 14:01

Earlier this month the federal government issued a statement in which they labeled Joanne Chesimard, known to most in the Black community as Assata Shakur, as a domestic terrorist. In so doing, they also increased the bounty on her head from $150,000 to an unprecedented $1,000,000. Viewed through the lens of U.S. law enforcement, Shakur is an escaped cop-killer. Viewed through the lens of many Black people, including me, she is a wrongly convicted woman and a hero of epic proportions.


belgrade, 22.05.2005 13:33

Krv i èast (Blood & Honour) – 10 godina u Srbiji

Indymedia and the Media Reform Movement: Reflections from the National Conference on Media Reform 2005

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.05.2005 07:03

"Why is it media reform? it should be media revolution!" I stepped into the 2005 national conference for media reform with very few personal expectations. i am new to indymedia, just getting back into photojournalism and really need to study up on what's going on within the field... so i asked my fellow san diego indymistas what they might like for me to ask - and set out to see what i could find. happily - it did not take very long... [ read more at san diego imc... ]

This conference was about reformist politics, academic speech, and money. Reformers are generally people that recognize that a problem exists, and use their dollars and sense to rectify that problem. These people exist everywhere. In this incantation the people had recognized that the media may not be telling the truth all of the time and in some cases may also be working or the governement or the corporations that own them in an attempt to trick the people into thinking a certain way or beleiving a certain set of lies... [ read more at portland imc... ]

For me, the NCMR really threw into relief the gulf between the perspective of IMC and the media justice groups versus a media "reform" agenda. Below are some of the reasons I was deeply troubled by the vision of media change articulated by free press and most of the people I heard speak on panels. [ read more from nyc imc ]

I am here in St. Louis, MO attending the National Conference for Media Reform where many of the nation's most prominent left-leaning journalists and media scholars have gathered. Well, that is, many of the nation's white left-leaning journalists and media scholars. [ read more at dc imc... ]

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