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Second to Nun

NYC, 26.05.2005 21:01

(from the latest issue of the Indypendent): What happened to political hip-hop? Those of us old enough to assign meaning to the words “Native Tongues” grew up during an era when spitting meaningful lyrics didn’t mean you were flushing commercial viability down the toilet.

Uh, so things have changed a little. The major labels may have Dead Prez, but for the most part it has fallen to underground MCs like Baltimore’s Son of Nun to carry the torch lit by the socially conscious artists of the ‘80s.

&quot;The Pipeline Is An Experiment And We Are The Guinea Pigs&quot;

Ireland, 26.05.2005 20:20

- Vincent McGrath: Retired Schoolteacher Who Lives Right Beside The Proposed Route Of Pipeline News of Soldarity Gathering in Rossport, Shell's release of QRA, who Dempsey hired to "review" the pipeline development and other bits and pieces. Today (24th May) the ‘Quantified Risk Assessment’ (Q.R.A.) of Shell’s Rossport pipeline has finally been released. This was sought by campaigners through Dail Questions (from Deputies Ferris, Higgins, and Cowley) and Freedom of Information Act requests (including one by local T.D. Michael Ring). However this is only a new version of the Q.R.A. Versions A,B,C,D and E will not be released, nor will the research documentation which forms the basis of the Q.R.A. Earlier, in Shell’s case to bring injunctions against Rossport residents and owners of the land upon which their pipeline will go, the President of the High Court described it as “inconceivable” that the Q.R.A.s would not be before the court. This was in reference to the earlier versions. Meanwhile a review into the safety of the project, commissioned by Minister Noel Dempsey in the middle of March this year, has been revealed to have been carried out by a company, British Pipeline Agency LTD, established in 1969 as a joint venture between British Petroleum and Shell. So effectively Dempsey’s “review” was another tax payer subsidy to Shell! In related news the Irish Times of Friday May 20th reports that the High Court judge Fidelma Macken has been nominated to the Supreme Court. Macken’s decision on the application for a judicial review of Shell’s development made by Martin Harrington will be made and announced by the middle of June. While on the ground Shell have re-started, they say, transiting removed peat from the refinery site at Ballinaboy to the bog storage place at Srahmore. This process had been halted due to accidents, the trucks started to roll again on Tuesday the 17th. The final plans are being laid for the June Bank Holiday Weekend’s Solidarity Gathering in Rossport, north-west Mayo. There are three core components to the Gathering. On Sunday June 5th at 2pm there will be a solidarity rally at the pier in Rossport. This will include speakers from other communities who are campaigning against planning atrocities. Another facet is live music, including punk, metal and traditional, with Dublin based punks Puget Sound headlining on Saturday night. Feel free to bring ye’r instruments and get stuck in. The focus of activities during the day on Saturday is education. This will include being shown the route of the pipeline and told about what has happened with it to date. Full details, and travel information Related Links: Shell’s Rossport Pipeline: Detailed Analysis. Photos of Shell to Sea public meeting in Galway. Photos of Good Friday Silent March in Rossport, Co.Mayo. Shell undertake unauthorised construction at Rossport. Shell in Glengad: A Photo Story Shell in Rossport: A Photo Story Contact the media spokespeople for more information: Maura Harrington at 087 9591474 Vincent McGrath at 087 7557244 or 097 88026 Mícheál O'Suighin at 097 88961

Teachers, Firefighters, State Workers Rally Against Arnold

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2005 19:00

Approximately 10,000 teachers, nurses, firefighters and labor unions rallied against Governor Schwarzenegger, and his broken promises to public services. Representatives from the so-called "special interests" groups spoke and told their powerful stories and demanded that Arnold keep his promises to California. An airplane flew the message "California is not for sale!" Various anti-war organizations like ANSWER and Code Pink were out in force, as were people drawing attention to the Minutemen. Pictures here.

Peter Young Pleads 'Not Guilty'

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2005 19:00

Peter Young was arrested on March 21st in San Jose, CA. He has been "WANTED" since 1998 after being indicted on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by releasing mink from five Midwestern fur farms. The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act makes humane acts like liberating animals from horrible conditions and even attempting to gain access to areas where animals are held an act of terrorism. Prosecutors say Young and accomplice Justin Samuel set out to cripple the fur industry in 1997, freeing more than 7,000 mink from their cages at five farms in Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Bob Anderson, an assistant U.S. attorney, said Young committed "an act of terrorism" by trying to impose his will on others by using violence. He said the crime spree cost farmers $569,000 in lost livestock and other damages. Anderson said the prosecution will send a "message to persons either considering these actions or perpetrating these actions that this is not a legitimate form of free expression." Support for Peter Young is greatly needed at this time! Support page here.

2 Hit by Car, Numerous Arrests at MinuteMen Protest in LA

San Diego, 26.05.2005 18:21

BREAKING NEWS: Reports of arbitrary arrests of peaceful protesters in Garden Grove The protest was peaceful and non-violent until the police rushed the crowd and arrested people for no reason.

Reports: 1 | 2 | MORE UPDATES---ARRESTS

UPDATE: 4 people remain in detention at: ORANGE COUNTY JAIL (in santa ana) awaiting 72 hours until arraignment. The call has been put out for a jail solidarity vigil: Intake/Release Center 550 N. Flower St., Santa Ana (714) 647-4500

Protesters attacked in Garden Grove Breaking news: People protesting the minutemen in Garden Grove were hit by a car driven by what is presumed to be a minutemen or one of their supporters.

Photos: 1 | 2

Report: Minutemen Car Hits 4 Protestors


Brasil, 26.05.2005 18:21

Tupinikim e Guarani celebram a conclusão auto-demarcação de suas terras em Aracruz-ES

Congress Debates and Votes on Iraq Withdrawal

DC, 26.05.2005 18:01

For First Time Congress Votes and Debates Iraqi Withdrawal The House of Representatives voted down a measure, by a 128 to 300 vote, that called on President Bush to devise a plan for a withdrawal from Iraq. It came in the form of an amendment to the $491 billion dollar budget for the Pentagon that was passed on Wednesday night. But the withdrawal amendment marks the first time that Congress has officially voted and debated legislation that deals with a withdrawal.

UC IMC Goes Underground -- Saturday, May 28 starting at 10am!

Urbana-Champaign, 26.05.2005 18:01

Well, the Urbana-Champaign IMC will go _halfway_ underground this Saturday, May 28 beginning at 10am as we move into the basement, errr, the ground floor at the new UC IMC building, 202 S. Broadway, the old downtown post office building.

WZRD Fires Yahale Yadede

Chicago, 26.05.2005 18:01

After working diligently for more than twelve years, Yahale Yadede's freedom of speech will no longer grace WZRD's Sunday night programming.

Some say it started when someone was smoking pot in the vicinity of WZRD's little room in the basement of Northeastern.

Others say that is just an excuse to censor the station. Some believe it started when C. J. Laity called George Bush an anus live on the air during Charlie Newman's Poetry Circus show. Others claim the FCC's closing of the station was all about paperwork. Some think it has to do with the recent formation of a union. And there are those that claim that back door politics has put the very essence of freedom of speech at stake. Read More

Las consecuencias de la Tolerancia Cero en Córdoba.

Argentina, 26.05.2005 16:21

Jueves 26 de mayo de 2005 | Las consecuencias de la Tolerancia Cero en Córdoba..

llatinoamèrica (ca)

Barcelona, 26.05.2005 15:01

Sudamèrica en lluita

Equador: Que es vagin tots!

Després del 20 d'abril i l'ensorrament d'un altre tirà més a Amèrica Llatina, les èlits es reprodueixen i semblen no canviar el rumb dels país desatenent les demandes de les protestes. Els autodenominats "forajidos" reinicien les protestes per reclamar els canvis que els portaren a enderrocar Lucio Gutierrez l'abril passat; Que s'en vagin tots!. L'antic vicepresident del govern guitierrista i actual mandatari del pais, ha trencat el compromís que va fer amb la gent organitzada en Assamblea Popular

No hi ha símptomes de millora en l'Equador + Altra Infàmia més, La mineria en INTAG-Equador + Des d'Equador demanen Solidaritat amb la rebelió + Jornades sobre llatinoamèrica a l'Eixample + Equador Indymedia comunica + desbordada la classe política + Radio La Luna en vivo + Denuncien intents colpistes afavorits pel govern d'Estats Units + Repressió brutal a Equador + Amb la lluita popular + Assassinat videasta i cronista Julio García + Balanç d'una rebel·lió de la classe mitja...

Gutierrez, crònica d'una destitució popular: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

+info:: >>>llationamerica + IMC: ECUADOR

latinoamérica (es)

Barcelona, 26.05.2005 15:01

Sudamérica en lucha

Ecuador: ¡Que se vayan todos!

Despues del 20 de abril y el hundimiento d'un altre tirà més a Amèrica Llatina, les èlits es reprodueixen i semblen no canviar el rumb dels país desatenent les demandes de les protestes. Els autodenominats "forajidos" reinicien les protestes per reclamar els canvis que els portaren a enderrocar Lucio Gutierrez l'abril passat; Que s'en vagin tots!. L'antic vicepresident del govern guitierrista i actual mandatari del pais, ha trencat el compromís que va fer amb la gent organitzada en Assamblea Popular

No hay síntomas de mejora en el Ecuador + Otra Infamia más, La minería en INTAG-Ecuador + Desde Ecuador piden Solidaridad con la rebelion forajida + Jornades sobre llatinoamèrica a l'Eixample + Ecuador Indymedia comunica + desbordada la clase política + Radio La Luna en vivo + Denuncian intentos golpistas auspiciados por el gobierno de Estados Unidos + Represión brutal en Ecuador + Con la lucha popular + Asesinado videasta y cronista Julio García + Balance de una rebelión de la clase media...

Gutierrez, crónica de una destitución popular: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

+info:: >>>lationamerica+IMC: ECUADOR


Brasil, 26.05.2005 14:20

Banco Bilbao Viscaya ataca comunidades zapatistas

Las consecuencias de la Tolerancia Cero en Córdoba.

Argentina, 26.05.2005 14:20

Jueves 26 de mayo de 2005 | Las consecuencias de la Tolerancia Cero en Córdoba..

Tonga: Biggest Protest Ever!

Aotearoa, 26.05.2005 13:02

8000 people took part in a demonstration in Tonga’s capital, Nuku’alofa, according to a National Radio correspondent. The protest was directed against the Tongan monarchy and in particular the crown prince’s involvement with the power company Shoreline.

Environmentalists Vow to Fight Mine

Aotearoa, 26.05.2005 10:21

The Environment Court today announced that they were allowing Solid Energy to continue with its plans for the open-cast Happy Valley coal mine.

The minesite is about 20km Northeast of Westport on the West Coast, and is home to the Great Spotted Kiwi, rare native land snails and a host of other threatened species. The mine will completely obliterate the valley, ripping up 100m of topsoil and destroying the fragile wetland at the valley floor as well as native tussock and shrubland.

As well as having devastating local impacts, the creation of yet another coal mine will have serious global impacts, further contributing to climate change [Article].

The militant Save Happy Valley Campaign has issued a press release vowing to pursue a campaign of direct action now legal avenues have been exhausted, building on previous actions [Articles [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]]. Rising Tide and Forest and Bird have also sent out press releases condemning the mine's go-ahead.


belgrade, 26.05.2005 09:02

Alternativne ekonomije, alternativna društva


belgrade, 26.05.2005 09:02

Mafijaški skup u Beogradu

Demonstrations Against the Terminator held in Watsonville, Sacramento and LA

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.05.2005 09:01

Action Day for a Better California Rallies Against Governor's Reforms

Pajaro Valley AFT 1936 Committee on Political Education organized a rally at the Plaza in Watsonville on May 25, which included students, teachers and their supporters. The theme of the demonstration was Broken Promises + Broken Schools = Broken Dreams. About 100 people where part of the energenic protest against Arnold and his neglect for youth and education in Watsonville. The rally was part of a statewide day of protest against Governor Schwarzenegger and his so-called "reforms." Photos: 1 | 2

In Sacramento, more than 25,000 people, including teachers, nurses, firefighters and labor unions, rallied against Governor Schwarzenegger and his broken promises to public services. Country Joe sang "I Feel Like I'm Fixing to Die," his famous anti-Viet Nam War song. The crowd enthusiastically sang along in the heat. Representatives from the so-called special interests groups spoke and told their powerful stories and demanded that Arnold keep his promises to California. An airplane flew the message "California is not for sale!" Read more... || Reportback and Photos: (part 1)

In Los Angeles, about three thousand public employees attended a rally, “Action Day For a Better California,” in Downtown LA at Pershing Square. Parents, teachers, registered nurses, firefighters and police officers showed up to display their discontentment about Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's policy agenda shortchanging them and their children." Photos

See also: Indybay's Education page

UC Regents Ignore Massive Resistance, Vote to Build Nukes

Santa Cruz, CA, 26.05.2005 09:01

UC San Francisco, March 25, 2005 - Today witnessed a passionate display of concern and anger at the decision that the University of California will bid with corporate war profiteer, Bechtel, for the nuclear labs at Los Alamos.

In a time when many schools are on break, more than four dozen students, mostly organized by UC Santa Cruz's Students Against War (SAW), woke at 4:30am to attend the UC Regents meeting in San Francisco. With strong words and strong actions, these students did everything in their power to ensure that they would not be silenced and that the interests of the globe would not be ignored. However, the UC Regents voted unanimously to bid with Bechtel and two other suspicious corporations on the management of Los Alamos labs.

The University of California has been responsible for every nuclear weapon in the U.S. stockpile, including those dropped on Japan. This year will be the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.

Once the UC Regents unanimously voted to approve the joint management of Los Alamos with Bechtel and others, students protested again. Like before, the Regents slid out, the cops filed in, and eventually the students found themselves outside the building. Hiroshima.

The action started at 8am when a few previously-registered students spoke during the small public comment section of the meeting. As a sign of unity, when one student spoke, all stood in solidarity. With many students left to speak, the UC Regents ended the public comment period.

Every single person possibly associated with the group was stripped of their fundamental rights of attendance and speech. Individuals registered to speak during the second public comment period were denied their speaking access and entry to the building by the police, due to an assumed association with 'them' (referring to the students). Hiroshima.

Meanwhile, one member of the corporate press decided that weapons of mass destruction and global apocalypse was not as important as game of solitaire.

Photos and Reportback: 1 | 2

Social Issues

Manila, 26.05.2005 08:02

Class Unity in the Philippine Labor Movement

Calls mount for investigation into rights abuses by Haiti's police

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2005 07:30

On April 27, the Haitian police attacked a peaceful demonstration and were caught on camera planting guns in the hands of their victims ( Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ).

Amid mounting evidence that the Haitian police force is spinning out of control, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan recently stated, "There is an urgent demand for justice in Haiti. I appeal to the transitional government to set the example by promptly initiating an investigation into those human rights violations allegedly committed by national police officers." The U.S.-installed government is ignoring this appeal, like so many before it, as it whips up a new hysteria to justify the abuses of the police. Amnesty International commented in a press release dated April 28; "The use of lethal and indiscriminate violence by the police to disperse and repress demonstrators only serves to increase tension in an already violence-torn country."

The problems of reigning in the abuses of the Haitian police are apparently a source of frustration for some members of the U.N. Civilian Police or CIVPOL. HIP received the following response to an article published May 8 entitled, "U.N. accommodates human rights abuses by police in Haiti." The author asked to remain anonymous fearing reprisal and dismissal, "I read with interest your most recent article "UN Accomodated HR Abuses" with interest. Just want to reinforce your observations as all being accurate. I am one of the U.N. CIVPOL here on the ground in Haiti. As a group we are frustrated by the UN's and CIVPOL's unwillingness to interpret their mandate aggressively. [We] have been pushing them to conduct investigations into all the shootings and other significant Human Rights violations with no success- Unfortunately, I have countless examples. The corruption in the HNP is massive with little interest in addressing the problem. Just keep up the pressure, I don't know what else to do." According to sources close to the mission, a major obstacle to holding the Haitian police accountable is the U.S.-installed interim government and the high command of the HNP. There is also increasing concern over the vetting process for the enrollment of cadets into the police academy with a large number of former members of Haiti's military being inducted into the force .

The purported lack of command authority of the U.N. over the HNP has brought about charges of complicity in the abuses they have committed. Just as the U.N. military forces have been accused of standing by and allowing the HNP to kill unarmed demonstrators, reports have surfaced of CIVPOL members standing by as the HNP tortured and murdered political opponents. These reports do not only concern supporters of Aristide's Lavalas movement, but also members of the former military who challenged the current U.S.-installed regime. According to an anonymous CIVPOL source, "There was a recent a joint operation between CIVPOL and HNP [targeting members of the former military who refused to lay down their arms]. At the end of the first day's operation Ravix [Remissainthes] was only wounded, begging for his life when HNP shot him with CIVPOL present and not intervening or taking any other action. The next day Anthony Jean, alias Grenn Sonnen, was killed in the operation but his second-in-command was only wounded. He was in a separate room where CIVPOL were not present. HNP went into that room and killed this subject as well. While CIVPOL did not directly witness this they were in the next room. Again, no intervention."

Read More | U.N. covers for Haiti's killer cops, threaten American journalist | An Prensip: the subordination of the judiciary in Haiti | Haiti Action

Hung Jury in Riders Retrial, One Cop Exonerated

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2005 07:00

The police corruption retrial of the Oakland "Riders" ended on May 19th in the same way the original proceedings did, with a jury acquitting on some of the charges and stalemated on the bulk of the counts. The jury reported that it was intractably divided on 13 of the 16 felony charges in the case against Clarence "Chuck" Mabanag, Jude Siapno and Matthew Hornung. The jury was evenly split on whether the former OPD officers conspired to subvert justice by lying in reports to cover up beatings and bolster bogus arrests. Mabanag and Siapno have been ordered to return go back before the same judge for a June 2 hearing on whether the DA will seek a third trial on any of the unresolved criminal counts. The judge left in place a gag order barring those involved in the proceedings from speaking about the case outside court.

The first Riders trial took over a year and ended in September 2003 with acquittals on eight criminal counts and a polarized jury deadlocked on the remaining charges. This first retrial started in November of 2004. It is now up to Alameda County District Attorney Thomas Orloff to decide whether to invest in a third Riders police corruption trial after jurors deadlocked on the majority of the charges in the case.

Hornung, Siapno and Mabanag and alleged Riders ringleader Frank Vazquez were charged with conspiring to cover for each other by lying in police reports to justify specious drug arrests or hide unwarranted uses of force. They were fired from the Oakland Police Department and then criminally charged after an investigation triggered by the resignation of a new officer. The city is already talking about getting the officers their jobs back.

Read more | Report | Indybay coverage of 2003 acquittal | Indybay coverage from 2002 Jury Selection | Coverage from before beginning of trial

Two People Reportedly Run Over by &quot;Minutemen&quot; Racists

San Francisco Bay Area, 26.05.2005 06:30

5/25/2005: Two people protesting the "Minutemen" in Garden Grove, CA were hit by a car driven by what was presumed by witnesses to be a Minuteman or one of their supporters. Local TV news reports are confirming the attack and reporting that the driver of the car was arrested. No information on the condition of those attacked is available. Photos

Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist, who describes himself as a "conservative and a left-wing wacko," announced that he would address his followers at 7:30 p.m. on May 25th in Garden Grove, in what seems to be an attempt to expand his project to Southern California. In response, some pro-immigrant activists pledged to be there to voice their dissent inside and outside the meeting place at 6:30 p.m.
LA Indymedia | Virtual Sit-In Against Minutemen | Previous coverage


LA, 26.05.2005 06:20

BREAKING NEWS: Reports of arbitrary arrests of peaceful protesters in Garden Grove

Chicagoans Support Animal-Rights Activist Facing Terrorism Charges

Chicago, 26.05.2005 06:01

AnimalRightsMadison, WI � Chicago animal rights activists drove to Madison to lend solidarity to Peter Young, who was arraigned yesterday on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and conspiracy to interrupt interstate commerce. The maximum penalty he faces is 82 years in jail and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

Young was arrested on March 21st in San Jose, CA. He has been �WANTED� since 1998 after being indicted on charges of violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act by freeing more than 7,000 mink from five Midwestern fur farms.

Young�s lawyer, Mr. Chris Kelly, entered the plea of not guilty to the alleged crimes being prosecuted against his client by the United States government represented by Mr. Robert Anderson.

The presiding judge, Judge Theresa M. Owens, stated that Young could be a flight risk and would not grant release from detention. Young is currently being held in Dane County Jail. The defendant was not alone as about 40 people showed up to lend support from across the Midwest packing the courtroom. Read more.

Related Links:

Additional Coverage: AP article posted on Madison IMC

Minuteman Run Over Two Activists

LA, 26.05.2005 05:01

Minuteman Run Over Two Activists

Dignity Village International Tent City Celebration

Portland, 26.05.2005 04:21

Dear Fellow Portland Housing/Homeless Activists:

Homelessness is increasing worldwide. Housing costs are skyrocketing. Governments are more inclined to support tax cuts for the wealthy than help for low income people. Drastic cuts of essential entitlement or safety net programs are looming on the horizon--courtesy of the Bush Administration and U.S. Congress. To truly end homelessness and poverty worldwide, we need to do more than just develop 10 year plans to end homelessness or bureaucracies to study the problem.

This is why the National Coalition for the Homeless, the nation's oldest and largest national homelessness advocacy organization, supports such proactive legislative initiatives as the National Affordable Housing Trust Fund and the Bringing America Home Act. If enacted by Congress, both pieces of legislation would end homelessness in this country. We join you in this international day of solidarity pushing for an end to homelessness and poverty today, not ten years from now.

ecology (en)

Barcelona, 26.05.2005 02:00

Dumps of Big Barcelona

Countryside People organise and fight against the metropolitan monster

[22.05] Parade against the MAT (very high voltage line) [27-29Maig] 19-apr Gathering of ecologist communities and defense of the country.

Our life style in Barcelona has a price... villages trapped in an unsustainable growth: Vilafant, an ecologically besieged village ...because of our energetic needs... high voltage cables ::Jornada at Barxeta (la Costera) - Barxeta sais NO no to the Referendum on the 20th, void vote wins -- Very high voltage? ...nuclear stations to allow for energy waste :: We demand the closure of Vandellòs II -- CSN president will have to give explanations for Vandellòs II incident -- Vandellòs II situation could rise to level 2, CSN sais -- Shameful situation of Vandellós ...air :: Plundered tresors from the Ebro delta: now the air -- 16-apr: against aeolian energy park -- platform against windmills ...water :: Round Table: Water and Territory -- International Day of defense of alife rivers GM Food effects after consumption :: debating on GM food ...destroying natural environements to build... more highways :: Interpolar Highway will destroy Gallecs and El Vallès ...second or third use houses :: 3,000,000 more houses? -- Stop the macro-urbanitsation of Querol!!! -- At Cala Tamariua, speculation goes on. ...transportation for rich people :: Protest against the AVE-train at Clot -- TGV has (reportedly) no environmental impact when crossing Barcelona :: Three human-made forest fires at Llobregat Delta -- Collserola to be excluded from European network of protected natural environments

Answers :: Regaining what belonged to the community -- Selfmanagement, cooperation and Agroecology -- Portús Manifest -- Enredos' 05 -- Human Seagull

+info:: >>>ecology + salvem l'empordà

The Indypendent Issue #70: Riding out the Storm

NYC, 26.05.2005 01:21

The latest issue of the Indypendent is online and on the streets, with a focus on how Critical Mass is faring after 9 months of police repression.
Critical Condition || Still We Ride || Notes from the Underground Press || 2200 Call for Media Upheaval || Media: Go Where People Are || Washington Sq. Showdown || The Folk Song Riot of 1961 || Pot Gains in Albany || SRO Disappearance Continues || Residential Hotel Turns Hostel on Tenants || Imperial Commander-in-Chief || Bush's Botched Crusade || Nuclear Myths || African Organic Techno || Whodunit? || Second to Nun || Where to Find the Indypendent || Download Full PDF

The Minutemen Documentary

Houston, 25.05.2005 20:22

We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen

SOU's Student Government Kicks Military Recruiters Out of the Student Union

Rogue Valley, 25.05.2005 20:02

Southern Oregon University's Student Government (ASSOU) passed a resolution last night banning military recruiters from the Student Union. The US Military's discrimination against homosexuality, the so-called "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, is in direct conflict with SOU's anti-dicrimination policy. The resolution was carried 8 votes to 2.

Steve Ryan, student senator and sponsor of the resolution said of its passage, "SOU's Student Government is taking a proactive role in protecting students from discrimination. Clearly the military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' policy conflicts with the Universities anti-discrimination policy. We saw the contradiction and wanted to find a solution."

FOR THE SAKE OF THE KIDS: West Virginia Residents Confront Massey Energy

DC, 25.05.2005 19:01

While Massey Energy stockholders met at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, parents, grandparents, and other residents of Coal River Valley, West Virginia rallied to oppose Massey's operations adjacent to Marsh Fork Elementary School. Two grandmothers and a third resident of the valley attempted to deliver a list of demands. The residents were met by the plant's head of security who refused to allow them to present their demands. When the residents again attempted to present their demands, they were arrested in a moving and dramatic act of civil conscience.

&quot;Nationalization or death!&quot; Uprising in Bolivia

Boston, 25.05.2005 19:01

((i)) La Paz (25/05/2005 11:08) * After holding an emergency meeting, the FEJUVE (Federación de Juntas Vecinales de El Alto) has descended from the mountains to the Altiplano of Bolivia and the capital city of La Paz to "take over the National Congress.” In addition, they ratified a citywide strike as it entered its third day with no end in sight. * Meanwhile a group of Army officials disassociated themselves with Carlos Mesa and called to the military to be united with the mobilizations. * It is uncertain what will happen next. It is clear however that the road blockades at Copacabana, Desaguadero, Achacachi and Oruro with strong concentrations in the localities of Pallcoco, Batallas, Huarina, Warisata y Escoma (towns around La Paz, the capital) will be lasting. The protestors manning the blockades are members of the inidigenous Aymara community that have once again left their towns and villages to make their presence felt and voice heard in front of a deaf state. They are confronting the state’s partiality to the transnational companies and the state’s forgetfulness of the national majorities.


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Libération des Bonaventure


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Les Diables Bleus sur la Brèche


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

«On peut pas pousser
les murs!»


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Procès politique contre des activistes des groupes de jeunesse du Pays Basque


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Lycéen-ne-s en lutte!


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Collège Versailles : des élèves sacrifiés, des parents méprisés


Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Caravane pour la Palestine - Caravane du droit 2005

Regards croisés entre Beyrouth et Marseille

Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

Regards croisés entre Beyrouth et Marseille

EuroMayDay à Marseille

Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

EuroMayDay 2005 à Marseille

Marche Mondiale des Femmes

Marseille, 25.05.2005 18:00

La Marche Mondiale des Femmes
à Marseille

Charges of Racism and More in SIUC History Department

Big Muddy, 25.05.2005 18:00

Letter to the Editor originally published in the Daily Egyptian on 4/11/05 Originally posted on the "Other Press" section of on 4/13/05. History department article inaccurate Dear Editor: We, the undersigned History faculty members, want to take responsibility for explaining to the University community an incident that took place in our department last week, and express our disgust with the article that was distributed in a core curriculum American history course. The article, "Remembering the Zebra Killings," by James Lubinskas, was downloaded from a site containing links to racially charged and anti-Semitic Web sites. The professor abridged it in a way that disguised its full context and photocopied it for his teaching assistants to distribute.

Crisis in Academia? A case at SIU

Big Muddy, 25.05.2005 18:00


The magnitude of the story A drama has been unfolding in the SIU History Department over the past several weeks, which seems to have reached unprecedented magnitude and touched a lot of the important questions regarding polar opposites present nowadays in American academia: liberal vs. conservative, and the representation of conservative ideas at the university; black vs. white, and the presence of covert racism; male vs. female, and the still prevalent sexism; the position of minorities in academia in general; academic integrity vs. academic mobbing vs. academic freedom vs. freedom of speech; students vs. TAs vs. professors, their roles and the relationships among them; the role of education vs. traditional academic practices; etc. The scope of the issues is overwhelming and all concerned parties seem to be in a losing position.

The Real Story (about the History Dept. Events)

Big Muddy, 25.05.2005 18:00

For the past two weeks, a media campaign portraying Professor Jonathan Bean as a victim has been rapidly escalating to the national level. It is amazing how quickly people are willing to rush to judgment before they know any facts. Contrary to popular representations, Professor Bean was not criticized, and certainly not punished, for having improper or insensitive views about the civil rights movement, nor for teaching those views to his students. Rather, he was accused of acting unprofessionally and unethically when he downloaded an Internet article whose “facts” were highly unreliable, and then not only failed to tell his students about this, but suppressed the unreliability by deleting key references – including the fact that this is linked to a “European-American” web-site (whose articles, for example, talk about “Jewish influence” and “bias” against white people), and also contained some information about the author that would have revealed that (a) he is not an historian, and (b) his view of the zebra killings is biased.

Birds as Environmental Barometers

Big Muddy, 25.05.2005 18:00

Look up barometer in the dictionary and one of the definitions is 'something that indicates change.' Birds are barometers for change in our environment. Well-known ornithologist (scientist specializing in the study of birds) Dr. Jeff Hoover has conducted research in the Cache River Wetlands for over a decade and will share his knowledge with the public at Shawnee Audubon' Society's upcoming Annual Meeting.

EnviroPower Pushes Ahead With Dirty Coal Plant: Sierra Club Files Suit to Require Cleaner Alternative

Big Muddy, 25.05.2005 18:00

Chicago: Today Sierra Club filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois to stop EnviroPower from constructing a huge coal-fired power plant in Franklin County, Illinois. Sierra Club is seeking a court order requiring EnviroPower to obtain a new air permit and install modern pollution controls on its proposed power plant.

Indymedia activists organize for policy change

Saint Louis, 25.05.2005 18:00

From the 10th anniversary edition of The Confluence: At the heart of the movement to transform our media are many organizations with roots in Indymedia, the global, decentralized network of alternative media that began with the Seattle WTO protests in 1999. Some of these organizations spun off from particular Independent Media Centers while others hired individuals with IMC experience. But all share Indymedia’s ethics of grassroots organizing and direct participation in the decisions that affect our media.

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