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through streets broad &amp; narrow: crying five for 50, and ten for a pound. The end of Moore Street?

Ireland, 30.05.2005 22:32

Commentary and photos on proposed changes in the north inner city. Moore Street in Dublin is one of the oldest surviving street trading districts in the city. Recently the City Council announced that it was raising the yearly cost of a trading license by roughly 450%, depending on the size of the trader's stall. Some traders pay around 150 euros a year (rising to 750 euros a year) for a smaller stall, such as the fish traders; whereas the flower sellers at the Henry Street junction, because of their location and the area of space they take up, could see their trading license fees rise to over 1500 euros. All of the traders I spoke to were adamant they would not pay the increase, and a couple said that this measure was just the latest in a long line of attempts to rid the street of the traders by the authorities, short of ordering them off the street which would be far too politically sensitive. Other proposals have been made in the past that would ultimately mean the removal of the traders, such as the idea to have Moore St and Henry St covered with a glass roof (discarded eventually), or the construction of a new hotel and conference centre on the Carlton Cinema site, which would include the demolition of many existing small shops on the east side of the street, and the eventual removal of trading space from the street. Indymedia's coverage of gentrifaction and Moore Street: The Corp's Market Study | Save 16 Moore Street. | Photos Of The Site Of The 1916 Insurgents Last Stand | Sale Of The Century? | Save 16 Moore Street. | Photos Of The Site Of The 1916 Insurgents Last Stand | Communication is the Key | Is this the Death of Moore Street Moore Street and Street Trading On Other Sites: Lar Boland’s photos of ‘The Hill’ Dublin’s grubbiest flea market, evoke echoes of the grim twilight world of Monto’s slum tenements, deprivation, shebeens, and prostitution for Alan Murdoch from the Irish Arts Review. | Street Trading In Belfast | Dublin Street Traders need not become victims of Rip Off Ireland (Sinn Fein Press Release) | The Legal Side of Street Trading: STREET TRADING ACT, 1926 | CASUAL TRADING ACT, 1980 Commentary and photos on proposed changes in the north inner city. Why is Dublin City Council putting the squeeze on the street traders? They are a part of Dublin folklore at this stage, and the street is a shining example of a living city centre, with noise, colour, food and drink from all over the world. Even in the last ten years, the character of the shops on the street has undergone a radical transformation, reflecting the continuing mutli-ethnicity of the north inner city. Shops selling Eastern European, Russian, and African food sit alongside old reliables such as Trader Johns pub and Buckley's butchers. Dublin City Council says the rise is to cover the costs of cleaning the street daily, but the main reason for the squeeze relates to a very important and strategic piece of property that belongs to the Council, which is a big part of their regeneration plans for the inner city, and specifically the "markets" district near Smithfield in Dublin 7. Dublin City Council's Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market Building is located at Mary's Abbey, which is the continuation of Abbey Street west of Capel Street. You can see it on your left as you are on the LUAS on the way out to Tallaght. It is a listed building, and was built in 1892. It is considered an architectural 'jewel' on the northside of the city, with its red and beige brick, arches, pillars and distinctive features. At the moment most of the fruit & veg that comes into the country is collated here by wholesalers, strapped onto pallets, and then delivered by truck to different parts of the country. Night owls passing through the district early in the a.m. are often astounded by the amount of activity, with forklifts, pallet trucks, and even horse & carts shunting and packing all sorts of food. This is repeated daily, and the activity usually dies down mid-morning. The area could be considered a "primary industry" zone, with numerous warehouses surrounding the central core of the Market Building. The Council wants to turn this building into a public food market, similar to the English Market in Cork City. The market would sell upmarket food direct to the public, as happens every weekend in the market in Meeting House Square in Temple Bar. There are no indications as yet of how much it would cost to run a stall at the new market. The plan is to move the current wholesale market out to a greenfields site somewhere on the M50 motorway ring, so that nationwide deliveries would have easier road access. There has been resistance to this move by many of the fruit importers, such as Fyffes, who have large premises close by, as well as other medium-sized businesses. The large fish market building next door to the fruit market is being closed down, and this is earmarked for demolition for the creation of a large public plaza/square, with the nearby public house The Hacienda being turned into a historial interpretative centre for the locality*. None of the other buildings in the area are considered to have any architectural value, many admittedly are fairly ugly warehouses and depots. The departure of the central Fruit Market would probably have the knock-on effect of most of these premises being demolished, bought out by private investors (or quite possibly the City Council) and redeveloped into residential units. The other effect of the removal of the Fruit Markets from this area would mean the demise of the Moore Street traders. They purchase most if not all of their produce in this locality. It is cheap and easily accessible, and these prices are reflected in the prices on the street stalls, which are usually much cheaper than supermarkets. The Moore Street traders are primarily from long-established inner city working class communities, and most quite simply would not have the capital or outlay required to set up in the new gourmet public market. To put this into a bit of perspective. If there are roughly 50 traders on the street (I only counted about 30), and each of them is paying an average increase of 850 euro, this means that Dublin City Council will take in an extra 42,500 euro in license fee revenue. Anti-asylum seeker TD Noel O'Flynn's recent fact finding trip to South America with 2 other Fianna Fail and 1 Fine Gael TDs cost in the region of 14,000 euro. Other TDs have been on similar trips. Perhaps a plebisicite could be held for the citizens of Dublin, deciding whether the money should be designated to pay the increase for the Moore Street traders, or instead fund three fact finding missions for Fianna Fail & Fine Gael TDs. After all it is the taxpayers money (i.e. yours!) that is bankrolling all this. (* this is a joke)

Hanford vitrification plant to cost more

Portland, 30.05.2005 21:21

Estimated construction costs are going up for the Hanford vitrification plant, designed to turn Hanford's liquid underground tank waste into glass logs to protect the Columbia River. This is the usual pattern with Dept. of Energy projects, which are farmed out to corporate contractors. We need to keep an eye on this. Full Story>>

Comment: Understanding vitrification: When we say that there is no safe way to dispose of nuclear waste we are usually ignoring this option. The idea is to turn the waste material into lumps of glass . Glass IS a material with stability over geological time... The idea is you simply bury the lumps somewhere -- but even if uncovered or moved the radiation cannot get far from the lump wherever it ends up.

Response by Lynn Porter: There is no completely safe way to store nuclear waste. The waste in Hanford's underground tanks was left over from producing plutonium for nuclear weapons and is intensely radioactive. The plan is to vitrify it -- turn it into glass logs by melting the waste with glass at high temperatures. The glass would be enclosed in metal cylinders, which would be stored in an underground vault in the middle of Hanford, as far as you can get from the Columbia River, which we are trying to protect. This is not a perfect solution -- no perfect solution exists -- but this waste form will be much more protective of the river than the form it's in now. As for commercial nuclear waste, we should stop producing it.

State legislators propose initiative to provide health care for all

Portland, 30.05.2005 21:21

Frustrated with the lack of progress on expanding access to health care in Oregon, three state legislators today announced that they have filed language with the Secretary of State for a constitutional initiative to require the state to "ensure that every Oregon resident has access to effective and affordable health care as a fundamental right.

The initiative drafted by Rep. Mitch Greenlick (D-Portland) and Senators Alan Bates (D-Ashland) and Ben Westlund (R-Tumalo) would tell the Oregon Legislature to "adopt a plan that incrementally expands health care coverage so that every Oregon resident is able to obtain effective and affordable health care on a regular basis."

The initiative is identical to a joint resolution introduced by the same three legislators as HJR 6.

That bill, if it had passed both houses of the legislature, would have placed the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot in November 2006. But, after HJR 6 failed to get a hearing this week, Greenlick decided to file the bill as an initiative and go through the signature gathering process to get to the November 2006 ballot.

Labour National Conference Supports SINALTRAINAL Coke Campaign

Ireland, 30.05.2005 21:00

"Roll over Pat Rabbite" Sez Wag "And Tell SIPTU The News" The 2005 Labour Party National Conference has today voted overwhelmingly in favour of the motion brought by the UCD Pat Upton Branch expressing solidarity with the Coca-Cola workers of both Colombia and of the Naas Rd, Dublin. The 2005 Labour Party National Conference has today voted overwhelmingly in favour of the motion brought by the UCD Pat Upton Branch expressing solidarity with the Coca-Cola workers of both Colombia and of the Naas Rd, Dublin. The motion also asserted the Labour Party’s support for the international campaign called by SINALTRAINAL in 2003 in defence of the right to join a trade union. The motion was passed by at least 80% of delegates and was an emergency addition to the agenda following the initial rejection by Standing Orders Committee of the UCD motion on Coke. The UCD Labour delegation met with the SOC on Friday evening and negotiated an acceptable motion, ensuring that this issue received the debate and support that it deserves. Despite an effort from some SIPTU delegates to have the motion referred back to the National Executive and not voted upon at Conference, rousing speeches from both UCD Labour Chair Enda Duffy and outgoing Secretary Paul Dillon ensured that the motion was resoundingly supported. A letter supporting the motion from SINALTRAINAL was also circulated by members of the UCD delegation this morning outlining the reasons why it should be passed. The level of recognition which already existed among conference delegates with regard to the boycott campaign was notable, and is testament to the work done by Coke boycott activists nationwide. Given SIPTU’s influence in the party and the size of their delegation, the approval of this motion is a great victory for the campaign and another step forward in ensuring that awareness about the human rights abuses in Colombia is raised at both a national and international level. RELATED INDYMEDIA IRELAND STORIES Coke Refused Licence in India Coke Workers Repaid For Loyalty To Company Coke A Killer In Colombia?


Brasil, 30.05.2005 20:00

Jornada de manifestações contra o aumento das tarifas em Floripa


Colombia, 30.05.2005 19:01

Asesinan abogada de nativos de isla de Barú y a su hijo

4 Presos Políticos Continúan en Huelga de Hambre

santiago, 30.05.2005 18:02



Colombia, 30.05.2005 18:01

Van a entregar la selva a las transnacionales

Anti WEF in Zwitserland

Netherlands, 30.05.2005 15:22

Zoals elk jaar in januari komen vanaf 26 januari politieke en economische zwaargewichten in het Zwisterse Davos achter gesloten deuren samen voor het Wereld Economisch Forum (WEF), om een zogenaamd "sociaal tintje" te geven aan de kapitalistische globalisering.

Zoals gebruikelijk wordt daartegen ook actie[Fr|De] gevoerd door een anti-WEF Alliantie. Dit jaar begonnen de acties al op vrijdag 21 januari en zijn er nog meer acties gepland tot het eind van het WEF op zaterdag 29 januari.

Ook worden, naar oude gewoonte, heel wat restricties opgelegd aan de acties, zo was de ludieke streetparty in Bern verboden. De politie trad keihard op, zelfs in zo'n mate dat er protest kwam in het parlement. Verder kregen 250 activisten een inreisverbod en zelfs het leger heeft 6500 manschappen paraat.

Naast de verboden demo in Bern waren er ook reeds acties in o.a. Basel, Lugano, Genève, Davos zelf en in Burgdorf was er een spontane steunactie voor wat in Bern gebeurde.

In de loop van volgende week staan nog meer acties gepland, zoals een toegelaten demo in Davos op 29 januari, de uitreiking van de Public Eye Awards op 26 januari en een toneelstuk van Dadavos. Verder zitten er nog meer acties in de pijplijn, die zullen worden aangekondigd op o.a. Indymedia Zwitserland [Fr|De]

[Video Dadavos] [Foto's Bern: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | Davos: 1 | 2 | Burgdorf: 1 | Genève: 1 | Lugano: 1 | 2 ]

[ Autonome gipfelblokkade | Anti WEF Alliantie | Anti WTO Coördinatie | Revolutionnaire Opbouw | Chiapas | Dadavos | Perspektiven nach Davos | Public Eye | Wintimedia | No WEF ]

[Anti WEF posters] [Feature vorig jaar] [Radioverslaggeving ZRA]

Universidades Privadas

santiago, 30.05.2005 14:32

Arcis marcha contra la ley de financiamiento.

Youth and Power in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 30.05.2005 12:02

On May 27, the Fourth Annual Youth and Power event took place at the Veterans Memorial Building in Watsonville. The theme was "Youth Empowerment Through Art, Education, and Music." About three hundred people, mostly teenagers, enjoyed an evening of music, dancing and great food!

A commenter writes, "...this event will never just come and go. It was about planting seeds of consciousness and revolution in the minds of our young people of Watsonville.I think we accomplished that. Events like ours rarely get attention of the local mainstream press, but let the growers put on some drunkfest like the Stawberry Festivel and the press is all over it. No big deal, because our work continues. Thanks Indymedia for covering Youth and Power and thanks to the Watsonville Brown Berets for all the work you do in this community."

Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Vernon Allen Event Takes Turn For The Worse As 3 Yr Old Suspect Drops GUM

Portland, 30.05.2005 08:32

Reportback from the Vernon Allen memorial event at the Waterfront

So me and a couple other people were riding our bikes across the bridge to the Waterfront park to the dead cop memorial and were followed by a gang of about 16 bike cops and 2 patrol cars. When we got there it looked like the event was coming to an end and folks were just standing around talking. There was only about 15 or so people left and a disproportionate amount of cops. The cops seemed bored as hell and were throwing out assinine threats at people they deemed to be old enough to be "leaders" and trying to intimidate and polk fun at the youth. Someone brought out some chalk and the cops flipped their shit. They started to become more aggressive and called for extra backup.

Then, it happened, a 3 yr old girl brandished a PIECE OF GUM folks! Yes, this criminal young girl took that PIECE OF GUM and DROPPED it on the ground of the dead cop memorial. Yes, folks, I know, it's terrible but that's what she did. So naturally the cops called in even more reenforcements. They evacuated the memorial and roped it off with crime scene tape. Then the horse cops rushed to the scene with more cops and patrol cars. Yes it was a very tense and serious situation. A 3 yr old had DROPPED GUM. Then more empassioned, youthful people began to draw chalk outlines of themselves on the ground and wrote the names of people that had been murdered by cops. This distracted the cops long enough for the 3 yr old suspect to make her escape.

Portugal na LISTA NEGRA da Amnistia Internacional

Portugal, 30.05.2005 07:30

Portugal na LISTA NEGRA da Amnistia Internacional

Nine Activists Subpoenaed by Grand Jury in SF, Teach-in to Be Held

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.05.2005 06:20

5/26/2005: Nine local activists have been subpoenaed in the last week to appear before a federal grand jury convened in SF. Federal agents have been increasingly targeting animal rights activists in the Bay Area recently. They arrested 7-year fugitive Peter Young in San Jose, have followed and detained others, raided two homes, and posted a new bulletin for a "wanted" suspect.

In recent decades, the grand jury has been used increasingly to intimidate and harass activists who are pushing for social justice. Pressure on the animal rights, environmental justice, anti-war, and anarchist movements has been escalating. At a recent hearing before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, John E. Lewis, Deputy Assistant Director of the Counterterrorism Division of the FBI, testified that, "Investigating and preventing animal rights extremism and eco-terrorism is one of the FBI's highest domestic terrorism priorities."

An Emergency Grand Jury Teach-in will be held on Tuesday May 31st at 7pm at 3030-B 16th Street near Mission in San Francisco. Speakers will include Mark Vermeulen from the National Lawyers Guild, Claude Marks from Freedom Archives, former grand jury resister Anita Carswell, and local activists with grand jury experience. More info on harassment of animal rights activists

Read more on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

Olympia Workers Association Barbeque June 4

Portland, 30.05.2005 00:01

The Olympia Workers Association's mission is to assist working people in Olympia who want to improve their working conditions. Workers in all different types of employment deal with the same issues - job insecurity, health, safety, and childcare issues, bad pay, and the general lack of respect for wage workers. The Olympia Workers Association believes all people deserve workplace dignity, a living wage, safe working conditions and workplace democracy.

Olympia Workers Association BARBEQUE
Saturday, June 4th at 2 PM

COLABORA CON INDYMEDIA | Alojamiento y ancho de banda

Argentina, 29.05.2005 23:00


Brasil, 29.05.2005 20:01

Direitos Iguais: nem mais, nem menos!

Sacramento Critical Mass Meets Brutal Force

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.05.2005 18:00

Last night's Sacramento Critical Mass ride started out beautifully from Cesar Chavez park at about 5:30 with about 40 riders. The ride headed down a main downtown street, and then zig zagged around the city for about a half hour before the police began to make arrests. In the end, four riders would be arrested, many while waiting for traffic lights, and generally obeying all traffic stops and rules. One rider, according to a report, was grabbed by the arm, his wrist was forcibly twisted into "pain compliance holds," to which the rider responded by repeatedly asking what the officer was doing. The officer stood there, twisting his wrist back and forth, obviously not trying to do anything except cause pain and injury. The situation escalated further when several more officers ran over and tackled the rider to the ground. There were 4-5 officers pinning the rider to the ground, some kicking, others twisting his wrists, and yet another putting on handcuffs. Muffled screams of "YOU ARE HURTING ME," and "PLEASE STOP," could be heard from underneath the pile of officers. Read full report here.

Technopolis: Unraveling the Net of Technological Domination

United Kingdom, 29.05.2005 17:20

Three days of learning, discussion and games to explore new technologies of control and our resistance to them.

Welcome to the Machine!

The machine is all around us, omnipresent and omniscient. It's the camera on the street corner, the chip in your debit card and the number allotted to your child at birth. The machine is without and within. It's in the way we have been trained and domesticated since birth to fit into a mechanical world dictated by capital and the tick, tick, tick of its clock.

Those who want to increase control and domination over our lives have invented increasingly pervasive technologies. From biotech to nanotech, through RFID, gait analysis and new 'non lethal' weapons to aid crowd control: they are all further attempts to quantify and standardise our lives.

We see these 'new technologies of control' as part of a wider project of a new wave of enclosure by capital.

We are calling this gathering in order to discuss and analyse the implications of these new technologies of control, alongside potential responses of resistance that do not merely fall into playing out stock responses, and fulfilling the role of 'loyal opposition'.

[click on "read more" for the gathering's topics and how to find out its location]

Oil-for-Food scandal? Galloway opens door to expose U.S. crimes

Portland, 29.05.2005 15:31

British Member of Parliament George Galloway's stinging anti-war testimony before a U.S. Senate committee in Washington May 17 electrified progressives. Galloway stunned the U.S. media, which are unaccustomed to seeing anyone, and certainly not members of the timid Democratic Party "opposition" to the Bush administration, match the right wing blow for blow.

In 2003, the British Daily Telegraph and the U.S. Christian Science Monitor said documents had been uncovered in Iraq showing that Galloway was being bribed by Saddam Hussein to oppose sanctions by receiving "oil vouchers." Galloway successfully sued the Telegraph over this story, winning a 150,000-pound award and proving that the "documents" were forgeries.

The Christian Science Monitor attempted to avoid the same fate by formally apologizing to Galloway. who sued them anyway and won an undisclosed settlement.

British MP George Galloway interviewed May 26th 2005 from Portland

Let Washington Know We Want Answers to &quot;Downing Street Memo&quot;

Portland, 29.05.2005 15:31

Rep. Conyers and 88 Congressmen have written to Bush asking for an explanation regarding recent disclosures of a "Downing Street Memo" in the London Times. This memo consists of the minutes of a July 2002 meeting between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top advisers. These minutes indicate that the United States and Great Britain agreed to attack Iraq by the summer of 2002, well before the invasion and before the president sought Congressional authority to engage in military action, and that U.S. officials were deliberately manipulating intelligence to justify the war.

Any response from the white house yet? No.

The next step is to get 100,000 signatures from ordinary citizens to bring to the White House.

John Conyers letter to Common Dreams


Colombia, 29.05.2005 15:20

Mercado Campesino en Chapinero


belgrade, 29.05.2005 13:02

Kampanja protiv privatizacije - PROGLAS


belgrade, 29.05.2005 13:02

Antifašizam na Filozofskom fakultetu

corrupció (ca)

Barcelona, 29.05.2005 13:00

Un falcó pren el control del Banc Mundial

corrupcio P. Wolfowitz, president del Banc Mundial: què canviarà? :: L'auge del capitalisme del desastre :: Banquer macabre. Economia comediàtica :: ELS AMOS DEL MÓN. EL CLUB DE BILDERBERG :: El Banc Mundial proposa un sistema públic i privat per les pensions :: Les veritats que no ens diuen

temes relacionats: Tribunal Internacional de Brussel.les :: L’Iran al punt de mira :: Traició a les altures: sionistes del Pentàgon, AIPAC i Israel::: Douglas Feith: la vinculació del lobby jueu amb les tortures a l'Irak :: Resistència en al Tercer Món i solidaritat intel.lectual occidental:: Els manipuladors que ens maten

+info:: >>>corrupció i poder

corrupción (es)

Barcelona, 29.05.2005 13:00

Un halcón toma control del Banco Mundial

corrupcio P. Wolfowitz, presidente del Banco Mundial: ¿qué cambiará? :: El auge del capitalismo del desastre :: Banquero macabro. Economía comediática :: LOS AMOS DEL MUNDO. EL CLUB DE BILDERBERG :: El Banco Mundial propone un sistema público y privado para las pensiones :: Las verdades que no nos dicen

temas relacionados: Tribunal Internacional de Bruselas :: Iran en el punto de mira :: Traición en las alturas: sionistas del Pentágono, AIPAC e Israel:: Douglas Feith: la vinculación del lobby judío con las torturas en Irak :: Resistencia en el Tercer Mundo y solidaridad intelectual occidental:: Los manipuladores que nos matan

+info:: >>>corrupción y poder

Se impone la invasión transgénica pero avanza la resistencia

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Tod@s somos inmigrantes

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Concentración en apoyo a las radios libres

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Constitución Europea: La gran quimera

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Proceso Político en contra de activistas juveniles

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

8 de marzo

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Jornadas 12-13 marzo: De Euskal Herria a la cumbre del G8 en Escocia

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

19 de marzo: Dia internacional de movilización contra la ocupación de Irak y Palestina

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Nuevo diseño, nueva gente. ¡Colabora!

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 12:00

Ambiente: O assalto ao litoral

Portugal, 29.05.2005 10:00

Ambiente: O assalto ao litoral

Bay Area Continues to Oppose CAFTA

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.05.2005 07:00

Members of the Stop Cafta Coalition held a rally and press conference May 11th, 2005, at 870 Market St., the San Francisco consulate offices for most Central American countries. Photos Presidents from Central America were visiting the U.S. to lobby Congress to vote in favor of CAFTA. Speakers at the rally emphasized how the majority of people in Central America are opposed to CAFTA, despite what their presidents say. The Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA also known as DR-CAFTA) would create a trade and investment bloc that includes Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and the United States.

San Francisco Bay Area groups demonstrated at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's office in the Federal Building in San Francisco May 26th urging Congress not to pass CAFTA. Photos Two days later, May 28th, when President Bush signed the agreement, she stated her opposition: "The countries of Central America have inadequate, poorly-enforced labor and environmental laws that do not follow international standards. As such, enforcement in these areas must be written into CAFTA rather than just asking the countries to police themselves." CAFTA must be ratified by majority vote of both houses before it would go into effect.

Anti-CAFTA activists report that the Republican leadership is pushing to introduce CAFTA in June. They have called May 28: "A Bitter Birthday for Bush's CAFTA Bill." It has been a year since CAFTA was signed, and a nationwide movement against CAFTA has made it so the Administration hasn't been able to get the votes it needs to pass it in Congress. Senate Finance Committee Chairman Charles Grassley (R-IA) has indicated that the Committee is tentatively considering a "mock markup" of CAFTA for June 14, 2005. Anti-CAFTA organizers believe that if the US realizes that there aren't enough votes to pass CAFTA, it may never come up for a vote. However, not all representatives' planned votes are known. The Stop CAFTA Coalition is encouraging people to meet with their senators or representatives during the Memorial Day recess or to hold protests to get their concerns heard. More info on the Stop CAFTA Website and the CISPES website.


Portland, 29.05.2005 06:21

Born In Flames is a 3-day conference addressing Sexual Assault from a radical perspective. It will be June 24 to 26 at PSU and have evening events from the 23 to 25 at Liberty Hall. for more info.

Purity Revolution

Tennessee, 29.05.2005 06:02

On Saturday, May 28th about 150 people gathered in front of the "Musica" statue on the roundabout at the bottom of Music Row to protest the "sexual permissiveness" of American Culture and the subsequent "Holocaust of the Unborn." Wearing blindfolds over their eyes, and red duct tape on their mouths, the protesters sat down with their backs turned to the "Musica" statue, by artist Alan Lequire. Musica is a thirty foot plus bronze statue with several nudes in various states of dance which was placed at the center of the Music Row roundabout last year and has been the subject of controversy. The group, which calls themselves the "Pure Life Revolution" insisted they were not protesters or opposed to art, but rather were rather praying for purity in Nashville and speaking out for the unborn.

Refugee Rights/Border Camps

Perth, 29.05.2005 04:32

Australia�s Christmas Island Gift � A $300 Million Refugee Prison

City to Pay AIDS Group in Settlement

NYC, 29.05.2005 04:03

The city has agreed to pay almost $5 million to settle a lawsuit brought by Housing Works, an advocacy and housing organization for people with AIDS that claimed it had lost government contracts as punishment for disparaging former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, his aides and their policies. [Housing Works Website]

San Francisco Gives Condoleeza Rice a Hearty Unwelcome

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.05.2005 04:01

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in San Francisco on Friday, May 27th, 2005 to speak at a Commonwealth Club event at Davies Symphony Hall. A spirited crowd of hundreds was there to protest her visit with a loud demonstration to "SAY NO! to war and occupation in Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Afghanistan and everywhere."

Speeches were given by ANSWER activists, Code Pink: Women for Peace, Global Exchange, and the Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane, as well as representatives of many communities including organized labor, Bayview-Hunters Point residents, and LGBTI's/Queers. Several people from the ANSWER Coalition and from Code Pink went into Davies Hall to voice their opposition to Rice's appearance and were arrested by police. Photos: 1 | 2 | Report

Read more on Indybay's Anti-War News Page

Tartagal / Paichil

Argentina, 29.05.2005 03:24

Fuerte reclamo de comunidades indígenas de Tartagal

CBA: Lanzamiento de la Campaña por el Derecho al Aborto

Argentina, 29.05.2005 03:24

Sábado 28 de mayo de 2005 | Campaña Nacional por el Derecho al Aborto.
Córdoba: Las mujeres toman la palabra

San Francisco Gives Condoleeza Rice a Hearty Unwelcome

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.05.2005 01:01

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was in San Francisco on Friday, May 27th, 2005 to speak at a Commonwealth Club event at Davies Symphony Hall. A spirited crowd of hundreds was there to protest her visit with a loud demonstration to "SAY NO! to war and occupation in Iraq, Palestine, Haiti, Afghanistan and everywhere." International ANSWER demanded a stop to the U.S. threats and intervention against Cuba, Venezuela, Korea, Philippines, Syria, Iran and other countries. They also came out to protest the war at home and say, "Hands off Social Security!"

Speeches were given by ANSWER activists, Code Pink: Women for Peace, Global Exchange, and the Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane, as well as representatives of many communities including organized labor, Bayview-Hunters Point residents, and LGBTI/Queers. Several people from the ANSWER Coalition and from Code Pink went into Davies Hall to voice their opposition to Rice's appearance and were arrested by police.

Photos: 1 | 2 | Report

Nouveau look, nouvelle équipe, Participe !

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 00:20

Brigadistak, joan eta etorriko elkartasuna.

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 00:20

Brigadistas, solidaridad de ida y vuelta

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 00:20

Kongreso por la okupación en Kukutza

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 00:20

Okupazioaren inguruko kongresua Kukutzan

Euskal Herria, 29.05.2005 00:20

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