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Bay Area Demonstrations Demand &quot;Hands Off Assata, Hand Over Posada!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.06.2005 08:00

Two events are being held in the Bay Area as part of an ongoing campaign to allow Assata Shakur to live in exile in Cuba free from U.S. harassment, and to demand that the US government extradite Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela. A demonstration and press conference will be held on Friday, June 3rd at 12 Noon at the Oakland Federal Building, 1301 Clay Street in Downtown Oakland. An Educational Program will be held on Saturday, June 4th, at Oaklandish, 411 2nd St. (Near Jack London Square), in Oakland. Saturday night's event will include clips from the videos "Eyes of the Rainbow" and "Posada's Victims Families Demand Justice."

On May 2nd the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) put a $1 million bounty on the head of Assata Shakur and placed her on the domestic terrorist list under the Patriot Act under her former name, Joanne Chesimard. Assata is a former member of the Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army who was falsely accused of murdering a New Jersey State Trooper on May 2nd, 1973. In 1979 Assata escaped prison and was given political sanctuary in Cuba.

Assata's supporters say that the aim of the FBI's attack on Assata is to eliminate the domestic resistance of the Black Liberation movement, undermine the sovereignty of Cuba and Venezuela, and set the stage for the possible invasion of these two nations. They believe that the FBI escalation at this time is also meant to divert attention from Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Cuban terrorist wanted by Venezuela on charges of blowing up a Cuban airliner, who recently came to the United States seeking political asylum. Read more

The ANSWER Coalition is planning for a June 13th National Day of Action to demand that the US extradite Posada to Venezuela. The protest in San Francisco will be at 12noon at the federal courthouse at 7th and Mission Streets.

Hands Off Assata Website | Hands Off Cuba Campaign | Assata Shakur Speaks


Brasil, 03.06.2005 07:20

Prefeitura dá o primeiro sinal de recuo


Worcester, 03.06.2005 06:02

Worcester’s War Against the Poor


Brasil, 03.06.2005 06:00

MAB ocupa e paralisa atividades da sede do BID


Argentina, 03.06.2005 06:00

La policía chilena detuvo al director de Azkintuwe

New Biscuit Camp Established; More Logging To Begin Soon

Portland, 03.06.2005 05:21

The Siskiyou Summer push is on! Logging companies are gearing up to punch into several Biscuit old-growth sales as we type. Logging is imminent; we need your help! Come join us at our community mobilization & education camp dedicated to protection of our public lands. Located right in the heart of what's at stake, forest defenders, community activists, and all who love wilderness are coming together again to organize. At the camp we will be going on hikes, teaching each other skills in areas such as: direct action, community organizing, climbing, and local ecology. Everyone is invited - come out for the day, a few days, or a week or more to help protect our endangered forests.

For those who have been involved in this movement already, it is important at this point to remember that there is MUCH left to save. We are still waiting for rulings on lawsuits that affect many of the impending timber sales. Stall time right now is really valuable - come help, have fun, and defend our forests!


Another forest defense call-to-action: [ McKenzie river ranger district (just east of Eugene) ]

Holy Cross Military Free

Worcester, 03.06.2005 05:02

Graduating Holy Cross College Seniors Object to ROTC

En Nueva Imperial

santiago, 03.06.2005 04:04

Detenido director del periodico mapuche Azkintuwe

Workers Organize at Labor Ready

DC, 03.06.2005 04:02

Labor Ready is the largest temporary Agency in the US, generating over 234 million dollars in revenue in just the first quater of this year. The work they perform is tough and physically demanding, including construction, lanscaping, and manufacturing. Yet every morning possiblly as many as a million Americans line up before 5am in front of the 834 Labor Ready Offices accross America hoping to be one of the over 600,000 people lucky enough to get a day of minimum wage work. Audio

Azkintuwe en la cárcel

Argentina, 03.06.2005 04:01

La policía chilena detuvo al director de Azkintuwe

Direct Actions

Manila, 03.06.2005 03:34

Eco-activists Stormed the Toxic Pollutant Headquarters in Manila


Colombia, 03.06.2005 03:00

El delito político en Colombia

10-12 Haziran: Jeff 'Free' Luers

Istanbul, 03.06.2005 01:02

10-12 Haziran: Jeff 'Free' Luers'la dayanışma eylemleri

The Summer '05 Issue of the Free Press is here!

San Diego, 03.06.2005 01:01

It's here, the Summer 2005 issue of the Free Press! Click "Read More" below to download the pdf and see it online. Expect to see it in your favorite independent coffee shops in a few days!

One important thing to note is that this is the last issue of the Free Press. That's right, this summer we will be changing the name of the paper! Send your name ideas to sdfp at .

Thank you very much to all of our contributors and supporters, and we're sorry for shortening the amazing articles we had to cut down. You'll notice that the Free Press is now in English and en Español, because we are dedicated to to breaking down the borders that separate us and respecting the cultural diversity of our community.

Comenzó el juicio a Romina Tejerina: ¿Será justicia?

Argentina, 03.06.2005 01:00

Jueves 2de junio 2005| OPRESIÓN E INJUSTICIA
Comenzó el juicio a Romina Tejerina: ¿Será justicia?

Comenzó el juicio a Romina Tejerina. ¿Será justicia?

Argentina, 03.06.2005 01:00

Jueves 2 de Junio de 2005
Comenzó el juicio a Romina Tejerina: ¿Será justicia?


Uruguay, 02.06.2005 22:01

Solidaridad con el pueblo paraguayo

Continúan las Movilizaciones Estudiantiles

santiago, 02.06.2005 20:30


Showdown in Coal Town

DC, 02.06.2005 19:02

For the third time in one week, residents of the Coal River Valley of West Virginia and supporters from across the country met at Massey Energy's coal processing plant behind Marsh Fork Elemntary School to demand that it be shut down and cleaned up. Sixteen of the 150 participants in the Moountain Justice Summer campaign were arrested as they attempted to deliver a list of demands to the site's supervisor. Earlier in the day two campaign participants delivered the demands directly to Massey's head offices in Richmond Virginia.

Leeds Zapatista Solidarity events

United Kingdom, 02.06.2005 19:01

Following the John Ross talk, the following weekend will also see a number of Zapatista solidarity events happening in Leeds.

  • Saturday 4/6: benefit gig, 8pm till late
  • Sunday 5/6: infoday, 1-5pm
  • Sunday 5/6: Chiapas Information afternoon. Videos and talk on the Zapatista struggle, plus how to get involved in solidarity work in Chiapas.

Both events are at the Common Place

Palestinians Stuck Behind The Wall Are Being Forced To Relocate

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.06.2005 18:00

"The Israeli municipality of Jerusalem is preparing to bulldoze an entire Palestinian neighbourhood in the city’s annexed Arab sector, igniting fury from local residents and the Palestinian prime minister. Jerusalem’s municipal architect, Uri Shetrit, said the council was readying to destroy 88 homes, but the date had yet to be decided. House destruction orders hang over 1,000 Palestinians living in Silwan, just outside the walls of the Old City. If the bulldozers are called in, the operation will be one of the largest collective destruction operations of Palestinian houses in the Arab quarter of Jerusalem since it was occupied by Israel in 1967." Israel is also planning to knock down a 20 -year-old mosque in Al-Quds (occupied East Jerusalem), as part of its steady demolition policy in the holy city. While Palestinian homes on one side of the wall are being torn down Israel has announced plans to build 22 more homes in its largest West Bank settlement.
Read More | Mahmoud Abbas And Bush

The Net Art (Is) Open

Ireland, 02.06.2005 16:30

The Net Art Open is an ongoing uncurated exhibition of net art on Irish new media artsite The exhibition is an open submission state-of-the-art showcase of Irish and International net art with a difference, all work submitted was accepted and rather then a traditional all work being simultaneously presented the Net Art Open is blogged over the period of a year and delivered directly to the audience with RSS syndication. The Net Art Open is an ongoing uncurated exhibition of net art on Irish new media artsite The exhibition is an open submission state-of-the-art showcase of Irish and International net art with a difference. All work submitted is accepted and rather then a traditional 'all work being simultaneously presented' the Net Art Open is blogged over the period of a year and delivered directly to the audience with RSS syndication. Net Art is the newest art movement around, an art movement where the art is delivered directly from the artist to the public without the mediation of the art world. For artists it offers an opportunity to reach a global audience without art world institutional backing, to have that audience experience your work in the intimate space of the web browser and even more importantly to reach an audience who may never set foot in an art gallery. There's no surprise then that in the last few years the net art scene has exploded with artists seizing the opportunity to take greater control over their own work, how that work is seen by their audience, and to escape the strictures placed on them by an art scene increasingly dominated by curators and 'gallerists'. Add to that increased access to computers, software tools ( thanks to the open source movement) and cheaper net access and the result has been a vibrant international net art scene with the physical limitations of gallery based art removed. Most importantly though net art offers the artist access to a much larger audience and a more direct relationship with that audience. The problem, if indeed you can call this a problem, is that there is so much activity that even with the best will in the world it's hard to keep with all the new work being created online. Traditionally this has been done with community sites and mailing lists and these still play an important role in getting access to net art. However, as the net art world develops, curatorial models are becoming more important. While they have a role to play it is important to maintain the spirit that informed early net art and important to realise that curators tend to show only a snapshot of the net art scene that fits with their curatorial vision. The Net Art Open was developed to fill this gap and to create a space which would show net art direct from the artists without any curatorial mediation. Originally conceived by Artie Doyle as part of the project the concept was taken over by in 2004 and given a new format. The Net Art Open's central concept is that it is an open submission exhibition in which every submission (which meets the criteria of being net art) is accepted. In the latest edition the exhibition is rolled out one work at a time in blog format with each entry getting equal prominence. The exhibition is designed to make seeing new work as simple as possible so RSS feeds are published so the audience can incorporate the Net Art Open into their daily routine of checking their blogs and newsfeeds. A javascript feed is also available to facilitate easy integration of the exhibition into other websites. What about quality? Common sense would tell you accept all work quality must suffer but we were pleasantly surprised to find this hasn't been the case. In fact quite the opposite has been the case and the work the Net Art Open has shown from Irish and International artists, well known names and fresh faces is often assumed to be a curated 'best of' show. It's unclear as to why this is, it may be that there are no bad net artists or maybe that they just haven't heard of the net art open yet. Personally one of my favourite aspects of the Net Art Open is that it introduces you to art that, perhaps, you wouldn't choose to see out side of the context of this exhibition, it's format persuades you to go beyond what you know you like and try something new. What better recommendation could any exhibition have? The Net Art Open is ongoing at and you can subscribe there to the XML feed.

Aboriginal Sovereignty

Perth, 02.06.2005 15:22

Reconciliation Talks Marred by Vanstone's Repugnant Ignorance

Another night of OHSU researcher residential fun

Portland, 02.06.2005 14:31

PPD-So I'm sitting there, saliva dripping down my chin, waiting in line to get some more donuts, when the little old lady behind me tells me my radio is calling for me. After I get my donuts I stop to listen and find out what's happened. Apparently the OHSU monkey researcher Judy Cameron was having a graduation party for her daughter and some noisy protesters stopped by the house to say hi and let her daughter's friends know the nature of Judys work. I was really looking forward to those donuts. I managed to scarf down a few on the way to the Cameron residence and had to eat the rest after I investigated the call. When I arrived the protesters had left and were on to another researcher's house but I was able to gather a statement from Judy. Here is a copy of my report >>

Disabled woman on Trimet with small dog accosted by police

Portland, 02.06.2005 14:31

Yesterday a woman with a small dog was dragged off a Trimet bus by a police officer. The woman had a small dog in a carrier. If you were on the bus and saw this happen. Please post what you saw here. Others on the bus were yelling at the officer to let her go. In the incident a bus driver went whacko over a small dog (puppy) sniffing at people around the woman. No one on the bus complained. The bus driver yelled at the woman to get off the bus. The bus driver called the police. The bus riders were telling the police that nothing happened and they still dragged the woman off the bus. The officer held her arms behind her back and very forcefully removed her from the bus. The puppy was crying. Did anyone else see this happen?


Sydney, 02.06.2005 12:26

Protest the Forbes 500


Brasil, 02.06.2005 12:02

Movimento convoca um grande ato para esta quinta-feira, 2 de junho

Galiza: Não ao desfile militar!

Portugal, 02.06.2005 08:22

Galiza: Não ao desfile militar!


Marseille, 02.06.2005 07:00

La Marche Mondiale des Femmes
à Marseille

Democracy, Puerto Rico style

Urbana-Champaign, 02.06.2005 05:21

Yesterday’s Puerto Rican Senate session descended into chaos as losing gubernatorial candidate Pedro Rosselló continued to assert his right to the presidency of that legislative body. In Puerto Rico, shameless political opportunism at the expense of the public good is business as usual.

Kamerun: Öğrenci grevi

Istanbul, 02.06.2005 04:24

Kamerun: Polis ve paramiliterler grevdeki öğrencileri öldürüyor

Vigil honors May Molina anniversary

Chicago, 02.06.2005 04:23

Vigl for May Molina On May 26, 2005, some 30 community represenatives held a vigil at the 19th Precinct police station at Belmont and Western where, one year earlier, community activist May Molina had died while in police custody.

Molina, active in Chicago's anti-police-brutality movement and a co-founder of Families of the Wrongly Convicted, was held in custody shortly after police raided her home on May 25, 2004, on alleged drug possession charges. Molina, a diabetic with assorted health problems, died when police did not allow Molina access to her medications.

May's son, Michael Ortiz, was also arrested in the raid and held by police, though charges against Michael were ultimately dismissed. In response, Michael is suing the Chicago Police on charges of false arrest. A police "investigation" into May's death is supposed to be finished by the end of June 2005. Read more

Photos from the vigil: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Previous coverage: 1 | 2 | 3

Bolivya: Aymara yerlileri

Istanbul, 02.06.2005 04:00

Bolivya: Binlerce yerliyi dağıtmak için kimyasal gaz ve mermi kullanıldı

Maxxam Shareholders

Houston, 02.06.2005 03:26

Maxxam Confronted at Shareholders meeting

Güney Afrika: Barınma protestoları

Istanbul, 02.06.2005 02:31

Güney Afrika: Cape Town'da barınma protestoları

Traversing the desert in solidarity

San Diego, 02.06.2005 02:31

The Migrant Trail: We Walk for Life event hopes to bring attention to the desolate conditions undocumented migrants face when attempting to cross through the scorching Arizona desert. More than 50 individuals are walking 75 miles from Sasabe, Sonora to Tucson, Az, to show solidarity for the migrants.

This Week with the Blackademics

DC, 02.06.2005 02:01

News, hot music and more!

New Biscuit Camp Established!

Rogue Valley, 02.06.2005 01:21

Call out to all forest lovers!

The Siskiyou Summer push is on! Logging companies are gearing up to punch into several Biscuit old-growth sales as we type. Logging is imminent; we need your help!


Uruguay, 01.06.2005 21:21

Porque nuestros sueños no caben en sus buscadores

Animal Liberation Front Raids Future Primate Facility

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.06.2005 21:01

Quakertown, PA: The Animal Liberation Front (ALF) visited a Pennsylvania plant nursery whose owner is planning to turn it into a breeding facility of non-human primates to be sold to animal experimenters. Owner Michael Hsu admits to tens of thousands of dollars in damages, and has seen his plans withdrawn from Thursday's agenda for the Richland Township Planning Commission as community opposition has grown.

Activists overturned and destroyed about 1,000 peonies, including some rare breeds last Thursday night. They poured paint stripper on two vehicles and spray-painted graffiti on buildings and greenhouses at Peonyland, 475 Church Road, Richland Township. They wrote phrases -- such as ''Fuck with primates, get fucked by us. ALF"; "the ALF is watching"; and "this will just be the start" -- on greenhouses and storage garages at the business owned by the Hsu family. "I can't say right now whether or not we'll continue," Michael Hsu said Friday.

The kennel supposedly would house up to 500 monkeys until they are shipped to medical research laboratories, where they would be subjected to painful experiments before being killed, usually years or decades later.

"Experimentation on animals has been shown to be outdated and unlikely to result in cures for human diseases", states Dr. Jerry Vlasak, a practicing surgeon and former animal experimenter himself. "The so-called scientists who kill animals in labs are frustrated clinicians who cannot or will not practice medicine that helps people. They are wasting millions of scarce health-care dollars on useless research that will never help one of my patients".

Resources: North American Animal Liberation Press Office (NAALPO) || Animal Liberation Front - USA || Animal Liberation.Net || Bite Back || No Compromise || IMC Animal Liberation pages @ Indybay, Portland and United Kollektives

sexualities (en)

Barcelona, 01.06.2005 21:00

The eruption of queers in Barcelona

Much more than the 'homosexual' white, healthy, conservative man and much nearer than the diversity than the unclassifiable idifineable and unlimited. Queer is what we want it to be and it is what we want from it. To be able to move beyond gender and its roles.

[30th of May-5th of June] Queeruption gathering 2005 in Barcelona

The gathering: Preparatory Assembly in the squat 'Montgat' ::: Invitation to the Gathering ::: Whats it about? What we will we find there? ::: Go to Queeruption (or not)
related news: Queer protest in Barcelona's liberation dayGLBT ::: queer boycott of capitalist exploitation ::: Queer party at the Perla ::: Queer party at TDN ::: vila party in the CASM ::: Discover our, so far hidden you dare to be born? ::: Persecution of homosexuality/a> +++ Lying about Cuba? ::: The PP minister of Pontons that calls gay people 'damaged' ::: 17th of May; worldwide day against homophobia ::: Documentry 'Breaking Gender' ::: psycosoma and listen... +++ queer photos ::: Identity or difference? The struggle against hetero normativity ::: Hot advice about enjoying and radicalising sex

+info:: >>>sexualitats +++ queeruption barcelona

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 01.06.2005 20:01

Normalitzant nous àmbits culturals

[4 juny] Festival de música electrònica aborigen

El festival Fona: El Fona és una trobada de gent. Gent a qui li agrada la música electrònica. Electrònica que es fa en català. ::: Recordant el Fona 2004 ::: [20 maig]presentació del fona 2005 a la Torna ::: de què va el Fona 2005? què hi trobarem?
notícies relacionades: Fotut 2004 i escassetat de música en català ::: Dissonant: video i electrònica experimental a Finestrat ::: Sónar, cultura, escpectacle, negoci? ::: música en valencià: l'empenta que calia ::: la rebel.lió dels músics ::: softcatalà: el català i les noves tecnologies ::: descobreix el programari lliure, l'alternativa en català ::: video , documentals i dvd's en català ::: bulet videoactivista ::: què és per tu la cultura catalana? ::: en català, en castellà, qui hi guanya? qui hi perd? ::: indymedia: la llengua catalana i altres coses ::: per l'extensió de l'ús social de la llengua

+info : >>>cultures + festival fona ::: >>>@rtivisme

pueblos (es)

Barcelona, 01.06.2005 20:01

Normalizando nuevos ámbitos culturales

[4 junio] Festival de música electrónica aborígen

El festival Fona: El Fona es un encuentro de gente. Gente a quien le gusta la música electrónica. Electrónica que se hace en catalán. ::: Recordando el Fona 2004 ::: [20 mayo]presentación del fona 2005 en la Torna ::: de qué va el Fona 2005? qué encontraremos?
notícias relacionades: Fotut 2004 y escasez de música en català ::: Dissonant: video y electrònica experimental en Finestrat ::: Sónar, cultura, escpectáculo, negocio? ::: música en valencià: el empuje que hacía falta ::: la rebelión de los músicos ::: softcatalà: el català y las nuevas tecnologias ::: descubre la programación libre, la alternativa en catalá ::: video , documentales y dvd's en català ::: bulet videoactivista ::: qué es para ti la cultura catalana? ::: en català, en castellano, quién gana? quíen pierde? ::: indymedia: la lengua catalana y otras cosas ::: por la extensión del uso social de la lengua

+info : >>>culturas + festival fona ::: >>>@rtivismo

Referendum over de EU Grondwet

Netherlands, 01.06.2005 18:30

Vandaag trok stemgerechtigd Nederland naar de stembus voor een referendum over de wel erg omstreden EU Grondwet.

Na het Franse NON lijkt de wijzer ook in Nederland nu helemaal naar het Neen - kamp te zijn doorgeslaan.

Dit ondanks het feit dat zowat het hele parlementaire politieke spectrum een "ja" steunt en alles in het werk werd gesteld om het Neen kamp stokken in de wielen te steken. Tot en met het aanhouding van iemand die JA-politici herinnerde aan hun belofte om met het publiek in discussie te gaan.

Om 21.00 u worden de eerste resultaten verwacht.

May Bark Hike To Bearknoll Timber Sale

Portland, 01.06.2005 18:21

The May monthly Bark Field Trip was to the Bear Knoll timber sale, where 16 people hiked in an almost continuous rain in order to compare Forest Service documents and maps to what they found on the ground in that location. This is called Groundtruthing.

The hike was led by Gradey Proctor, a volunteer hike leader who has led a few hikes to various timber sales in this area. He led off the hike with an explanation of what Bark is and what it does. In the audio file, Gradey defines bark as "the monitors of Mt. Hood National Forest. So basically what that means is that anytime a timber sale is proposed, we send out volunteers that go out and check over the areas, gather facts and see what we feel is going on one the ground. And then we'll take that information and accrue it."

listen: [ RealAudio | MP3 ]

photos+story >>

Other forest news: [ Klamath Forest news... | Tillamook Insider - Action Needed ]


Brasil, 01.06.2005 17:31

Começa o Processo das Assembléias Populares

Sixteen Arrested at Mountain Justice Summer

Tennessee, 01.06.2005 16:02

Sixteen people were arrested and are currently in custody for their participation in a peaceful protest in Sundial, West Virginia. Residents of the Coal River Valley are fighting for the lives of their children, whose Elementary School is under attack from the mountaintop removal mining operations of Massey Energy. Coal dust from a coal prep plant only 150 feet from the school enters through air intake vents, causing asthma and other respiratory problems, and coating everything with a toxic black powder.

UN World Environment Days June 1 - 5

Santa Cruz, CA, 01.06.2005 11:01

This week UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and mayors from all over the world will converge in the Bay Area for World Environment Days. The focus of the event is environmental justice in the context of cities-as-standards-setters. Organizers of the event hope to get support for the San Francisco Urban Environmental Accords, the goal of which is to create a grassroots movement through the public's access to mayors who are already responsible for many urban environmental issues. Local environmental and social activists are planning many actions to coincide with the event.

Peace Talks Interview with Alli Starr of Voices Rising || Green Cities, Brown Folks || Community Sponsored Events || Grassroots Community Actions

AUDIO: &quot;Voices from Africa&quot; Conference - G8 - Migrants - Aid, Trade, Debt - HIV

United Kingdom, 01.06.2005 09:30

In the wake of the Governments much hyped "Commission for Africa" came a reply - a conference not so much "for" Africa, as from Africans.

There were excellent presentations and speeches by the usual suspects - Patrick Harvie, Tommy Sheridan, Aamer Anwar, representatives from Oxfam and G8 alternatives - but the most succesful aspect to the conference, what made it really striking, was the African speakers.

The conference was held at Caledonian University - Glasgow - 23rd April 2005.

&quot;This NON is a setback for neo-liberal politics throughout the EU&quot;

Ireland, 01.06.2005 08:21

French NON is first step to Europe of social and environmental priorities The decisive NON to the EU Constitution in the French referendum is the first step towards a new direction for Europe. Campaign Against the EU Constitution Press StatementThe decisive NON to the EU Constitution in the French referendum is the first step towards a new direction for Europe. The ordinary people of France have voted NON to the privatisation of public services, to the profit motive of the market dominating all aspects of life, and to further centralisation of decision-making in the hands of the EU elite. They have rejected a European Constitution that enshrines competition above solidarity - a Constitution that makes people in work compete for their jobs and wages against the unemployed and makes the poor compete against the very poor for scarce resources. The French NON is a demand for a different Europe to the free-market politics of the EU Constitution - which would set in stone the same neo-liberal policies being imposed by the French government, and supported by many other European governments and the European Commission. This NON is a setback for neo-liberal politics throughout the EU. It is the first step towards an alternative direction for Europe, where the needs of ordinary people come first. The leaders of other European countries and the European Commission must accept the French vote. There must be no campaign for a re-run of the French referendum and no anti-democratic back-room deals. The EU Constitution cannot now come into force and must be abandoned. There should now begin a Europe-wide discussion on an alternative direction for Europe, with the NON campaign in France as its starting point. It should be public, open and inclusive - involving all parts of society and not based only upon the views of 'experts' or elected representatives. The NON campaign in France has brought together a wide range of people - including public sector workers, the French radical Left, environmentalists, and those who seek an alternative to the global rule of the market - in a united movement against the politics of the EU Constitution. The movement in France is mirrored in other European countries, including Ireland. We look forward to the French movement continuing to campaign against neo-liberalism and militarism - and likewise the movement in other countries. For it is this movement that can begin to provide an alternative to the failed politics of the right and to the failed leaders of the traditional social-democratic parties. Related Indymedia Ireland Stories Non Merci, M. Chirac Letter from Paris Two False Statements on EU Constitution in Irish Times Irish Times Letters Section Debate on Constitution

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