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Minutemen Show UP In Fallbrook

San Diego, 07.06.2005 00:35

On June 4, 2005 the minutemen entered the town of Fallbrook early in the morning. There had been no prior warning to their arrival as there was in the previous demonstrations. Their objective; to stop City Bank from allowing their Mexican patrons from using Mexican ID to cash checks or open accounts. They stood on the sidewalk on Main St. next to Denny’s with racist anti-Mexican signs. There were reports that they were intimidating and harassing a disabled Mexican man who was walking down the sidewalk.


Istanbul, 07.06.2005 00:25

Kıbrıs Indymedia'dan seçim sonrası değerlendirme

Follow-up Protest Keeps the Heat on UCSF

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.06.2005 23:30

In Defense of Animals (IDA) and Vigil for Animals co-sponsored a protest at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) to return the spotlight on the University's determination to conduct painful heart experiments on hundreds of dogs. Several advocates brought their dogs to remind people that the animals used in experiments are living beings with feelings and personalities. This event was similar to the Dog March that teh groups held in April, which drew public and media attention to the plight of UCSF's animal victims. Before UCSF's students and staff left for summer break, they held a follow-up dog protest. This time it was at the main campus of UCSF (a different location than original), on May 25, Wednesday, at 10 A.M. A number of activists took the morning off to go with their canine companions. Dr. Katz of In Defense of Animals was there again and the groups received more media attention for the plight of animals at UCSF including broadcast news coverage.

Photos | UCSF Fact Sheet | IDA's
Post-Protest Call to Action

Indybay Coverage of Previous UCSF Demo

DaDa Festival of the Subversive Arts

Big Muddy, 06.06.2005 21:20

The Weekend of June 10th through 12th, the Greylight Theatre Collective, a not-for-profit corporation, will be hosting the first ever Southern Illinois "Burning Man" style event: The Greylight Theatre's DaDa Festival of the Subversive Arts.

Tennessee's Anti-Gay Marriage Referendum Major Concern at Nashville Pride 2005

Tennessee, 06.06.2005 21:02

About 10,000 people attended Nashville Pride 2005 in Centennial Park and while the mood was upbeat, many people were continuing to express concerns regarding the upcoming referendum in 2006 which will allow Tennesseans to decide if marriage should be defined as "between a man and woman" exclusively. While spirits were festive for Pride this year the overarching mood seemed to be concern regarding recent backlash legislation against gays and lesbians in Tennessee. Many groups were present including OutLoud, Tribe, OutandAbout Nashville, the Nashville Gay Men's Chorus, the Tennessee Vals, the National Organization of Women, the East Nashville Greens, the Davidson County Democrats, the Radical Faeries and many Christian Church supportive of GLBT rights and a few public officials supportive of GLBT rights.

Protest Supreme Court Decision

Santa Cruz, CA, 06.06.2005 21:01

Supreme Court Bans Medical Marijuana Everywhere!

Monday, June 6th: Today the Supreme Court ruled against state medical marijuana laws. The decision paves the way for DEA raids on patients and their caregivers. In our own community the Wo/men's Alliance for Medicinal Marijuana faces the possibility of another raid on them and their medicine.

Show your support for WAMM and medical marijuana by coming to the clock tower downtown Tuesday June 7th at 5pm. Please wear black.

"When citizens require protection from their own government and need to cloak in secrecy acts of compassion for the sick and dying, you have found the very definition of tyranny. Acts of tyranny by the government over the people will not be tolerated by the people, not now, not ever. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law."

-- Valerie Corral (WAMM Co-founder)

Read more on Indybay's Drug War News page

Demokratischer Ausnahmezustand im Baskenland

Germany, 06.06.2005 19:30

Auch nach dem Regierungswechsel in Spanien im April 2oo4, bei dem die PSOE die Macht �bernahm, stellt sich die Situation im Baskenland nach wie vor desolat dar: den BaskInnen wird das Selbstbestimmungsrecht verweigt und mit aller H�rte wird gegen die linke Unabh�ngigkeitsbewegung vorgegangen. Immer wieder werden Parteien, Zeitungen und andere Organisationen mit dem Konstrukt verboten, dass alle Organisationen der Unabh�ngigkeitsbewegung der ETA unterstehen. Und auch unter den "Sozialisten" wird gefoltert und Menschen werden aus politischen Gr�nden gefangen genommen. Doch die Unabh�ngigkeitsbewegung l�sst sich nicht kleinkriegen: Bei den Wahlen im April diesen Jahres erzielte die EHAK ein unerwartet gutes Ergebnis und immer wieder fordern zehntausende eine politische L�sung des Konfliktes. Eine �bersicht �ber Artikel zur Situation im Baskenland.

Indymedia Euskal Herria | Euskadi Information | Gara | Euskal Herria Info

Supreme Court Overturns 9th Circuit Decison in Favor of Medical Marijuana

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.06.2005 18:30

The US Supreme Court today ruled against Angel Raich and Diane Monson in their medical marijuana case. This means that the federal government can continue arresting patients who are using medical marijuana legally under state law. However, according to a statement from the Marijuana Policy Project, the decision did not overturn the medical marijuana laws in 10 states that protect patients from arrest by state and local police. The nation's highest court said that it is Congress, not the Court, who would have the jurisdiction to change federal law to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest.

In its majority opinion against Raich and Monson, the Court issued a significant word of warning about the wisdom of current federal laws: "The case is made difficult by respondents' strong arguments that they will suffer irreparable harm because, despite a congressional finding to the contrary, marijuana does have valid therapeutic purposes. The question before us, however, is not whether it is wise to enforce the statute in these circumstances; rather, it is whether Congress' power to regulate interstate markets for medicinal substances encompasses the portions of those markets that are supplied with drugs produced and consumed locally." California NORML says in response, "The DEA and federal law enforcement officials would be well advised to heed this caution before rushing to enforce their bankrupt federal law."

Read more on Indybay's Drug War News Page | Indybay's 12/23/04 coverage of DMV harassment of Diane Monson | Indybay coverage of 11/29/04 Supreme Court appearance | 11/21 coverage | Indybay coverage of 9th circuit decision

Supreme Court Overturns 9th Circuit Decison in Favor of Medical Marijuana

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.06.2005 18:20

The US Supreme Court today ruled against Angel Raich and Diane Monson in their medical marijuana case. This means that the federal government can continue arresting patients who are using medical marijuana legally under state law. However, according to a statement from the Marijuana Policy Project, the decision did not overturn the medical marijuana laws in 10 states that protect patients from arrest by state and local police. The nation's highest court said that it is Congress, not the Court, who would have the jurisdiction to change federal law to protect medical marijuana patients from arrest.

In its majority opinion against Raich and Monson, the Court issued a significant word of warning about the wisdom of current federal laws: "The case is made difficult by respondents' strong arguments that they will suffer irreparable harm because, despite a congressional finding to the contrary, marijuana does have valid therapeutic purposes. The question before us, however, is not whether it is wise to enforce the statute in these circumstances; rather, it is whether Congress' power to regulate interstate markets for medicinal substances encompasses the portions of those markets that are supplied with drugs produced and consumed locally." California NORML says in response, "The DEA and federal law enforcement officials would be well advised to heed this caution before rushing to enforce their bankrupt federal law."

Read the decision | NORML Statement | Angel Raich's website | Indybay's 12/23/04 coverage of DMV harassment of Diane Monson | Indybay coverage of 11/29 court appearance | 11/21 coverage | Indybay coverage of 9th circuit decision


Poland, 06.06.2005 15:02

W Warszawie, w dniach 11, 12 czerwca b.r. odbędzie się kolejna, czwarta edycja Ogólnopolskiej Konferencji Pracowniczej tym razem poświęcona tematowi wyzysku współczesnego świta pracy. Dwa dni wcześniej - w czwartek 10 czerwca w siedzibie związku "Metalowcy" ; (Warszawa ul. Długa 29) o godzinie 10:00 będzie miała miejsce konferencja prasowa z udziałem członków komitetu organizacyjnego i związkowców zaangażowanych w

Global Democracy

Sydney, 06.06.2005 09:21

Tiananmen Square Massacre Remembered In Sydney

Brezilya: Özgür Geçiş Hareketi

Istanbul, 06.06.2005 06:31

Brezilya: Otobüs ücretlerine karşı eylemler şiddetle bastırıldı

Where are you Portland!?

Portland, 06.06.2005 06:21

By now youve got the news. Dirty Dick Cheney is staying the night at the benson hotel.

Of course he slithered into town like a snake, or maybe more like a quart of dirty oil on a rainy street.

even the cops had very little notice- it was pretty obvious.

But we only had three or four of us to give the republicans being spirited in and out a bad time. Is everybody just burned out or what?

Channel 2 and channel came out but got bored and went home.

I left at about 9:30pm. But I'm going to wake up at 0 dark thirty and be back down there at five.

We need a couple hundred people at least. It looks like they are going to stuff him in a limo in a tent on the north side of the hotel and whisk him up Oak street (I think it's oak)

I cant belive we dont have a few more dedicated folks to make some noise on the street this evening.

we are going to lose our bad reputation here folks!

read more

[ Cheney in Portland? | Pictures of Downtown Portland Cheney Visit | Past Cheney Protests ]

Zapatista: Bilbao Viscaya Bank saldırısı

Istanbul, 06.06.2005 06:01

Zapatista topluluklarına Bilbao Viscaya Bank saldırısı

Teach-In on War Turns to Demand for Truth

DC, 06.06.2005 06:01

A teach-in on ending the Iraq War was held in Washington, D.C., on June 3, organized by Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). It followed, in part, a pattern established by other teach-ins, but also took an exciting new turn.

Un fantasma recorre América

Argentina, 06.06.2005 02:20

Domingo 5 de junio 2005 | SOJA TRANSGÉNICA
Un fantasma recorre América

Un fantasma recorre América

Argentina, 06.06.2005 02:00

@rtivism (en)

Barcelona, 06.06.2005 02:00

activist poetry

  what is poetry for you?
txt :: Complicity -- when -- until when -- Life is a story of papers/roles -- the day that is about to come -- will be a day that will last years -- Christmas -- They -- the booklets once again in the streets -- Poetry while we wait for the new pope
audio :: kaoXX [samples :1-2-3] -- slaves -- Amore -- human seagull
video :: Poetry at the Ateneu del Xino 09/04/2005:[ The papi improvising -- "Now that they say new time" -- My desadventure -- The game of doing verses -- Callao-Occident-Freedom] -- Poetry at Ikastola, Cartographies of the impossibles: [1 -- 2 -- 3 -- 4] -- Buenos Aires
multimedia :: Cyberpoetries

recitals and related news :: The one who controls the means determines our fate... -- Poetry at the Ateneu del Xino, 09/04/2005 -- cyberpoetika in the Pati LLimona -- the FEM ART 05 is starting, with the acts of Ex-Dones and k.oz'n -- Poetry review in network -- hommage to the poet of the people Manuel Maria -- remembering the poet of the people Manuel Maria -- "the publishers, enemy of the poet": Casasses

every second sunday : new programme on the radio about poetry :

+info:: >>>@rtivisme -- cyberpoem

peoples and cultures vs states and power (en)

Barcelona, 06.06.2005 02:00

Normalising new cultural environments

[4th June] Fona: festival of aboriginal electronic music

Fona Festival is a gathering of people. People who likes electronic music. Electronic music made in catalan. Souvenirs of Fona 2004 ::: [20 May] presentation of Fona 2005 at 'la Torna' ::: What is it? - flier
related news: Forum 2004: little ammount of music in catalan ::: Dissonant: video and electronic experimental music at Finestrat ::: Sónar: culture? show?, bussiness? ::: music in Valencian: the push needed ::: musicians' revolt ::: softcatalà: catalan and new technologies ::: discovering 'programari lliure', the alternative in catalan ::: video, documentaries and dvd's in catalan ::: videoactivism ::: what does it mean to you the catalan culture? ::: In catalan, in castilian, who wins? who loses? ::: Indymedia: catalan language and other things ::: for the diffusion of the social use of catalan language

+info : >>>cultures + Fona festival ::: >>>@rtivisme

Distributing Di Ianni Dollars Downtown

Hamilton, 06.06.2005 01:20

#media_3246657;right#A small group distributed Di Ianni dollars last week in the downtown core to raise awareness about the lawsuits being pursued by the City of Hamilton against members of the Federal government and young RHVP opponents.

Mordechai Vanunu this month on DCTV

DC, 05.06.2005 23:01

On DCTV, the first full-length on-camera interview with Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu to have aired in the US. Includes a statement by Daniel Ellsberg, who released the "Pentagon Papers." Also this month "AIM", an in-depth look at a program designed to examine "Alternatives to Incarcerating Males." DCTV's broadcast schedule is at

Human Rights/Anti War

Perth, 05.06.2005 19:32

Guantanamo Bay: US military Confirm Urinating on the Qur'an


Brasil, 05.06.2005 18:30

Repressão não impede avanço zapatista

seksemoj (eo)

Barcelona, 05.06.2005 18:00

la erupcio de la stranguloj en Barcelono

Fore trans la samseksema viro, blanka, sana kaj konservativa kaj pli proksime al la diverseco, de tio neklasifikebla, nedifinebla kaj nelimigebla. "QUEER" estas tio, kion ni volas, ke estu kaj estigu. Ke ĝi estu tio, kion ni sentas preter la genroj kaj la genraj roloj.

[30an de majo - 5an de junio] renkontiĝo 'Queeruption 2005' en Barcelono

la renkontiĝo: Antaŭprepara asembleo en la okupita domo Montgat ::: Invito al la renkontiĝo ::: al kio ĝi rilatas? kion ni trovos tie? ::: iru al la 'Queeruption' (aŭ ne)
rilataj novaĵoj: 'Queer'-a manifestacio en Barcelono, liberacana tago (GLBT) ::: 'Queer'-a bojkoto al la kapitalisma ekspluatado ::: 'Queer'-a festo en La Perla ::: 'Queer'-a Festo en TDN ::: Popola festo en CASM ::: Malkovru novajn mondojn ĝis nun kovritajn, ĉu vi kuraĝas naskiĝi? ::: Persekutado kontraŭ la samseksemo +++ mensogi pri Kubo? ::: la Popola Partio de Pontons asertis, ke la samseksemuloj estas malsanuloj ::: 17an de majo, monda tago kontraŭ samseksem-malamo ::: dokument-filmo 'rompiendo géneros'?? ::: psycosoma factory.... vidu kaj aŭskultu... +++ 'Queer'-a foto ::: Ĉu identeco aŭ diferenco? La lukto kontraŭ la aliseksem-normeco ::: Varma konsilo por ĝui kaj radikaligi la sekson

+infoj:: >>>seksemoj +++ Queeruption Barcelono

koruptado (eo)

Barcelona, 05.06.2005 18:00

Falko estras la Mondan Bankon

koruptado P. Wolfowitz, prezidanto de la Monda Banko: kio ŝanĝosiĝos?? :: La pinto de la katastrofa kapitalismo :: Tragika bankisto. Komedia ekonomio :: La mastroj de la mondo. La klubo de Bilderberg :: La Monda Banko proponas publikan kaj privatan pensio-sistemon:: La veroj kiujn ili ne diras

rilataj temoj: Internacia Tribunalo en Bruselo :: Irano en la cel-grajno :: Altranga perfido: cionistoj en la Pentagono, AIPAC kaj Israelo::: Douglas Feith: la ligo de la juda premgrupo kun la torturoj en Irako :: Rezistado en la Tria Mondo kaj okcidenta intelekta solidareco :: La manipulantoj kiuj mortigas nin

+infoj:: >>>koruptado

popoloj (eo)

Barcelona, 05.06.2005 18:00

Normaligante novajn kulturajn mediojn

[4an de junio] Muzik-festivalo elektronika kaj aborigena

Festivalo Fona: Fona estas renkontiĝo de homoj. Homoj kiuj ŝatas elektronikan muzikon. Elektronika muziko farata en la kataluna ::: Memorigante pri 'Fona 2004' ::: [20an de majo] prezentado de 'Fona 2005' en La Torna ::: pri kio temas 'Fona 2005'? kion oni trovos tie?
rilataj novaĵoj: 'Fotut 2004' (Fekan 2004an) kaj malabundo de muziko en la kataluna ::: Dissonant (disonanca): video kaj eksperimenta elektronika muziko en Finestrat ::: 'Sónar', kulturo, spektaklo, negoco? ::: muziko en la valencia: la bezonita vigligo ::: la ribelo de la gemuzikistoj ::: softcatalà: la kataluna kaj la novaj teknologioj ::: malkovru la liberan programaron, la alternativon en la kataluna ::: video, dokumentfilmoj kaj DVD-oj en la kataluna ::: video-aktivismo ::: kio estas, laŭ vi, la kataluna kulturo? ::: en la kataluna, en la kastilia, kiu gajnas?... kiu malgajnas? ::: indymedia: la kataluna lingvo kaj aliaj aferoj ::: por la vastigo trasocia de la lingvouzado

+infoj : >>>popoloj + Festivalo Fona ::: >>>@rtivismo

How Portland is not a truly sustainable city

Portland, 05.06.2005 17:21

SustainLane's rankings of San Francisco and Portland as the number one and two sustainable cities leave out the most important indicators of sustainability--population and consumption levels. Without that, sustainability rankings are meaningless. An open letter to SustainLane.

Dear SustainLane:
While your recent ranking of San Francisco and Portland as the two most sustainable cities in the U.S. provided entertainment, encouragement, and ideas for areas of improvement, I'm afraid that your system is still sorely lacking in terms of measuring sustainability according to its genuine meaning. To understand why I say that, it is necessary to first go back to understanding that "sustainable" means the ability to continue indefinitely into the future. Environmental science says that in order for the human race to continue indefinitely into the future, its population, consumption and technologies must all exist within the carrying capacity of the resources upon which it depends for its continuance. Carrying capacity refers to the biophysical limits of a particular region as well as its social (i.e., quality of life). Therefore, any city that does not dwell within the carrying capacity of its region's resources is unsustainable. Period.

So how must one rank whether Portland (my hometown) or San Francisco are sustainable--i.e., existing within the carrying capacities of their respective bioregions?


[ Other articles by M. Scott Jones ]

June 10-12 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

Portland, 05.06.2005 16:28

June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of the imprisonment of our friend and comrade: Oregon environmental political prisoner, Jeff "Free" Luers. Jeff was sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for burning three Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) at a car dealership in Eugene, Oregon, and on attempted arson charges. Jeff set fire to SUVs to call attention to climate change and to protest oil wars and environmental destruction. Jeff was motivated by compassion and a desire to protect life, not to harm it, despite what some might think of his tactics. Prior to his arrest, Jeff was a popular community activist in Eugene. He was well-known to law enforcement because of his involvement with national forest protection (starting an occupation of a controversial old-growth timber sale in 1998), anti-police brutality activism (documenting rampant police abuse in Eugene), free food programs in a local park and his teaching of self-defense to women. Since his imprisonment, Jeff has continued to be extremely active in prison and fight oppression with his words and inspiration.

On June 12, 2004, social and environmental activists in the US, Canada, England, Scotland, Norway, Finland, Australia, and Russia participated in an "International Day of Action" with Jeff by organizing non-violent protests and community events to show their support for him and their disgust for his cruel sentence. The FBI responded by creating a real 'Green Scare', sending a memo to businesses, corporate media, and government agencies warning of planned "terrorist attacks" by the "Earth Liberation Front" on June 12. Of course, no "terrorist attacks" ever occurred.

Eugene event at Sam Bonds | International Event Schedule |

Permaculture Classes - Soil and Water

Portland, 05.06.2005 15:21

Permaculture classes in NE Portland on June 11 and 12 that can be taken alone or as part of a complete permaculture design course.
Soil in the Permaculture System, Saturday, June 11. Covers the basics of creating and maintaining healthy soil including topics such as: microorganisms, soil testing, composting, building worm bins and use of sheet mulching. Hands on include harvesting worm compost, preparing a garden bed over existing lawn and soil building cover crops.
Water in the Permaculture System, Sunday, June 12. Learn about water related topics such as rainwater collection, conserving water in the soil, grey water systems, and swales. Hands on include use of simple tools to measure the contour of the land for swales and assembly of a 55 gallon rain water barrel.
Instructors - Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia's Garden, Joe and Pam Leitch
<br>9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Cost - $5 fee plus four hours work trade per class or $45 per day.
<a href="mailto:"></a>
<b><a href="">"></a></b>

homepage: homepage:

Very Diverse Demonstrations in May

Portland, 05.06.2005 15:21

A total of 49 separate reports in May, the largest being - an estimated 40,000 marched in New York City to abolish nuclear weapons.

Mayday vs. Loyalty Day | Vancouver Activists Block Global Forest and Paper Summit | Activists Lock down to stage at Global Forestry Summit

Big Brother WILL Be Watching You

Ireland, 05.06.2005 14:00

Information on ASBOs and the Criminal Justice Bill . On Saturday 11th June a Parade will take place in Dublin to protest the imminent introduction of a form of anti-social behavior order to Ireland. Rory Hearne who is involved in the campaign against the introduction of ASBOs here submitted this guide to what is at issue to Indymedia Ireland. The controversial Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) and other amendments to the Criminal Justice Bill 2004 are due to go to the Cabinet for approval on June 7th and then through the Dail pretty soon afterwards. The Irish Council for Civil Liberties (ICCL) recently highlighted why we should be concerned: “The ICCL is concerned that in the Criminal Justice Bill 2004, that there is a strong tendency to see solutions to crime in terms of increase of policing powers, creation of new offences…without the necessary evaluation of how powers are used…it is all too easy to advance “quick-fix” populist answers to crime, which lack any evidence base as to their effectiveness and in fact in time will contribute to an unjust system.” ASBOs if introduced here could see a situation whereby normal activity becomes criminalised. Just look at some examples of ASBOS in Britain: A 13 year old was banned from using the word ‘grass’ , a 16 year old was banned from showing his tattoos, a profoundly deaf girl was served an order for spitting in public, an 87 year old was forbidden from being sarcastic to his neighbours, a football fan was banned from playing ball games in the street, a 17 year old was ordered not to enter or leave his home except by a back alley, a 21 year old was banned from wearing a woolly hat, baseball cap or hooded top, and an 18 year old was ordered not to meet with three or more other youths. He was later arrested for breaching this order because he entered a local youth club. (see There are several excellent programmes in Ireland which seek to deal with the underlying causes of anti-social behaviour but all are grossly underfunded and unable to achieve their potential. ASBOs, by seeking to punish and control such behaviour, will only increase the alienation of these young people and immerse them further into the criminal justice scene, for behaviour which in itself will not be criminal. It is a superficial response to a serious problem, a response which, although politically popular, is likely to make the problem worse, not better. The Minister for Justice and the Government should tackle the root causes of Anti-social Behaviour and deal with non-criminal behaviour through non-criminalising methods. They should tackle instead the fact that communities have minimal or no play and recreational facilities for children. Forty six percent of local authorities don’t provide playgrounds. There are twice as many golf courses as playgrounds in Ireland. Ireland has one of the highest rates of child poverty in Ireland. Youth clubs are closing down because of lack of funding. Other worrying aspects of the Criminal Justice Bill include: 1. Section 6 (1) which empowers members of the gardaí to seize anything he/she has reason to believe relates to the commission of an arrestable offence. This extension in powers, particularly its use “in public places”, could be open to abuse. For example the ICCL received several reports that in and around 1 May 2004, the Gardai were stopping individuals and confiscating items ranging from onions to spray paints for banners, and that persons were stopped and searched, sometimes repeatedly, by members of the Garda. The reports were that Garda officers either refused to name what power they were invoking. Such incidents clearly give rise to powers being used in a manner that amounts to a disproportionate interference in an individual’s liberty and property rights, and also have a direct impact on legitimate forms of freedom of _expression and assembly. 2. Section 8 amends section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984 to provide for increased powers of detention for all arrestable offences from 12 hours to 24 hours. 3. Section 11(1) empowers the gardaí to photograph all persons arrested. 4. Section 29 provides that Gardaí will be entitled to issue an ‘on the spot’ fine for a Section 5 Public Order offence (disorderly conduct in a public place). This section allows Garda to be judge and jury without any safeguards for the accused provided. These proposals if introduced would undermine the civil liberties of everyone, but particularly youth (and especially working class youth) and those who take part in public protest. It will require intense public mobilisation and protest to force the Minister for Justice to change his mind on this one. Please support this campaign. Send messages with your opposition to the Minister for Justice, the Taoiseach, the Tanaiste and Brian Lenihan Minister for Children. For further info check out,, Supported by USI, USS, Hotpress, Labour Youth, Sinn Fein, Socialist Workers Party, Green Party, Connolly Youth and more. An infringement on civil rights is an attack on all of us. Remember the words of Pastor Martin Niemöller, a survivor of Nazi concentration camp: First They Came for the Jews First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me. Saturday June 11th Protest/Parade Details

Workers fight Australian Government workplace reforms

Melbourne, 05.06.2005 12:33

Resistance builds to government's IR reforms


Perth, 05.06.2005 05:01

Execute Schapelle Corby: Jakarta Protesters

Continúan las Movilizaciones Estudiantiles

santiago, 05.06.2005 03:03


Universidades Privadas

santiago, 05.06.2005 03:03

Arcis marcha contra la ley de financiamiento.

Stop the Prison Industrial Complex

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.06.2005 20:22

6/4/05 Protests took place throughout California against the ever expanding prison industrial complex. A reverse ribbon cutting was held in Fresno to protest the opening of the Delano II prison. In Delano, Dolores Huerta spoke to the press outside the gates of the new prison. Despite massive budget shortfalls and poll after poll showing that Californians want cuts to prison spending and favor rehabilitation over more prisons, California will open its 33rd state prison on June 1: the $750 million boondoggle, Delano II. At the same time, we are closing schools, hospitals and libraries. Come protest the opening of the Delano II and the closing of public institution that truly build safe communities.

Pointes rouges et noires

Marseille, 04.06.2005 19:00


Nace un nuevo buscador

santiago, 04.06.2005 17:22


especulació (ca)

Barcelona, 04.06.2005 15:00

Ens tanquem perquè estem farts i amoïnats

[3, 4 i 5 de juny] Veïns de Sants, Hostafrancs i La Bordeta es tenquen a l’església de Sant Medir

La tancada: Per què?:manifest de protesta per l'actuació dels poders públics als problemes del barri i de com es desenvolupen els projectes de Can Batlló, el Calaix sobre les vies i l'Estació de Sants [comunicat sencer] ::: [seguiment de la tancada]

+info:: >>>especulació i okupació

especulación (es)

Barcelona, 04.06.2005 15:00

Nos encerramos porqué estamos hartos y preocupados

[3, 4 y 5 de junio] Vecinos de Sants, Hostafrancs y La Bordeta se encierran en la iglesia de Sant Medir

El encierro: ¿Porqué?:manifiesto de protesta por la actuación de los poderes públicos en los problemas del barrio y de como se desarrollan los proyectos de Can Batlló, el Calaix encima de las vias y la Estación de Sants, [comunicat sencer] ::: [seguimiento del encierro]

+info:: >>>especulación y okupación


Brasil, 04.06.2005 14:20

Movimento permanece mobilizado até que as passagens sejam reduzidas

Audio from Mike Ruppert presentation on Peak Oil

Portland, 04.06.2005 13:21

Last night at the Northwest Neighborhood Cultural Center, Mike Ruppert gave a lively presentation to a packed audience about peak oil, global domination and the "inevitable" crash of the American economy. The presentation went on for approximately 3 hrs and ended with a 30 minute Q&A session after a brief intermission. The last few minutes of the presentation is missing (sorry) because I ran out of tape.

Listen to last night's talk with Mike Ruppert here!

Bolívia: manifestações paralisam La Paz

Portugal, 04.06.2005 13:20

Bolívia: manifestações paralisam La Paz

First Annual Green Hero Awards Banquet

Rogue Valley, 04.06.2005 05:02

Taking Time Out to Celebrate and Give Thanks

Dear Jackson County Greens & Friends,

We are all so busy fighting the good fight and working hard to build a better community and a better world, that it's difficult to take the needed time to relax, celebrate, and honor those who have provided inspiration and served as role models in the process. This coming Sunday (June 5), we have a rare opportunity, in conjunction with a local observance of World Environment Day, to pay tribute to a number of our peers, and in doing so, help inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Barrios Unidos presenta exposicon grafica 100% Chilango

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.06.2005 21:01

Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano desde la Ciudad de Mexico

El Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano es un grupo de mujeres artistas formado por Adriana García, Susana Bautista, y Gabriela Santos. El colectivo se formo en 2001 en la escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas en la Universidad Autónoma de México.

El arte de Adriana, Susana y Gabriela se expondra en Barrios Unidos de Santa Cruz durante el mes de junio. Las exposicion grafica contiene la experencia de la vida de mujeres urbanas. Barrios Unidos se encuentra en 1817 Soquel Ave.

Los eventos seran en espanol e ingles.

Audio: Entrevista con el Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano desde la Ciudad de Mexico


The Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano is a women's grassroots artistic collaboration comprised of Adriana García, Susana Bautista, and Gabriela Santos. The collective was formed in 2001 at La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City.

The art of Adriana, Susana and Gabriela will be displayed at Santa Cruz Barrios Unidos through the month of June. These exhibits feature printmaking techniques that convey the experience of women in urban life. Barrios Unidos is located at 1817 Soquel Ave.

All events will be in Spanish and English.

Audio: Interview with Caldo de Cultivo Urbano Art Collective from Mexico City

Bay Area Events Say &quot;Hands Off Assata, Hand Over Posada!&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.06.2005 21:00

Two events are being held in the Bay Area this week as part of an ongoing campaign to allow Assata Shakur to live in exile in Cuba free from U.S. harassment, and to demand that the US government extradite Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela. A demonstration/press conference was held on Friday, June 3rd at 12 Noon at the Oakland Federal Building. An Educational Program will be held on Saturday, June 4th, at Oaklandish, 411 2nd St. (Near Jack London Square), in Oakland. Saturday night's event will include clips from the films "Eyes of the Rainbow" and "Posada's Victims Families Demand Justice." Read more

The ANSWER Coalition is planning for a June 13th National Day of Action to demand that the US extradite Posada to Venezuela. The protest in San Francisco will be at 12noon at the federal courthouse at 7th and Mission Streets.

Read more about Assata Shakur and Luis Posada Carriles on Indybay's Americas News Page

Vigil to Be Held for Latino Man Who Was Killed by San Jose Police Last Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.06.2005 21:00

The Barrio Defense Committee (BDC) has called for a vigil to protest the May 27th police killing of Samuel Martinez, who was a 34 year-old father of two children. Martinez was tasered, shot, and killed by a San Jose police officer early last Friday morning in the 2000 block of Countrywalk Circle in North San Jose. The BDC says, "We make a call for a Vigil because too many people have been killed by the San Jose Police unnecessarily.... too many people from the Mexican community have been killed by the San Jose Police... We make a call for this Vigil because people cannot be killed over reasons that can be dealt with verbally without force or violence." The vigil will be held on Saturday, June 4th, 2005 at 3:00 p.m., at the corner of Countrywalk Circle and Creekside Drive in North San Jose. More info about police killings of Samuel Martinez and other Latinos in San Jose

Read more on Indybay's Police State News Page

An Eventful Spring Bank Holiday in London

United Kingdom, 03.06.2005 18:20

Friday 27 was one of the hottest days in May for decades, and the start of a busy Bank Holiday in London. The same as in every last Friday of the month, several hundred cyclists gathered at the South Bank for the evening’s Critical Mass that has now entered its 12 years of monthly cycle rides through central London. [Report and photos 1 | 2 | 3 and videos 1 | 2 | 3]

On the same evening the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination, together with the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army and the Church of the Immaculate Consumption arrived in the East End for the London's date of their UK wide G8 touring show. This included a two day intensive Clown Army training to prepare for this summer’s G8 Mobilisations in Scotland, as well as a show, films and free food [Report and Photos 1 | 2 | 3]

Saturday 28 also saw the London date of the 2012 Show; "a seven year trip that aims to create a creative space for change before it is too late”. In the event, this was an all nighter with music, poetry, performance, visuals and info stalls.

On Monday Bank holiday the annual Kingston Green Fair took place; a one day festival organised by local environmental activists that began in 1987 [Report and Photos 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 and videos]. The event offered a broad programme of music as well as art and info stalls, cafes, community groups spaces and more, all powered by renewable sources.

This is a Nonviolent Forest - Hood River Tree Sit, Rally to Protect Roadless Area

Portland, 03.06.2005 17:21

Tree Sit by local activist leading up to Rally, Friday June 3, 2005 @ 7pm on Oak Street in Downtown Hood River during First Friday arts/entertainment gathering.

Local activist, Lorax, has erected a platform in a large tree on the Hood River County Library property in downtown Hood River. Word is there will be a rally Friday June 3rd to support Lorax in his effort to bring attention to President Bush's plan to open up much of our last wild and protected roadless areas to logging and other resource extraction. These lands were previously set aside as protected lands.

The Rally occurs at 7PM on Oak Street [& 5th] in downtown Hood River. Also occurring on Oak street is the Downtown Hood River Business Association sponsored First Friday local art/entertainment gathering. Listen for information about the Lorax's protest and the rally on Radio Tierra 95.1 FM Hood River. Call Lorax to voice your support end encouragement (541) 490-2106.

G8: Convergência de medias alternativos e independentes

Portugal, 03.06.2005 11:00

G8: Convergência de medias alternativos e independentes

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