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Popular dissent against the Olympic Corporate Games

Scotland, 23.07.2004 15:33

an article produced at the last dissent! gathering in Bradford Dissent! is a network of groups and individuals taking action against the G8 in Britain in 2005. Our struggle against the globalisation of exploitation and capital means that we are in solidarity with the struggles of all the common people around the globe. Now the focus of the global bosses is the Olympic Games in Athens (Greece).

Klamath Tribes in Scottish Power meeting demanding that the Klamath River dams be removed

Portland, 23.07.2004 14:53

The Road to Boston: Communiqué from my sister.-Day One

Boston, 23.07.2004 12:41

Tonight my sister will leave San Francisco and head for Boston. She will travel with friends to stand and be heard at the National Democratic Convention and the Boston Social Form. Thousands are heading to Boston. It is the right thing to do. My sister will send me communique's here to Portland …to keep me informed. Friends will send pics and video footage. I will post them here for the next few days. If you can go. You should go.

The Return of Dick cheney--Monday the 26th at 4PM at the Airport Embassy Suites

Portland, 23.07.2004 12:30


Fisherfolks Resistance

Manila, 23.07.2004 12:06

NGO hits planned zero tariffs on fishery products in the WTO

Túnel do Marquês - Os enganos continuam!

Portugal, 23.07.2004 09:57

Túnel do Marquês - Os enganos continuam!

Appello FIMI

Italy, 23.07.2004 09:32

FIMI di lucro

Cap Anamur

Italy, 23.07.2004 09:17

Un'estate al mare

Regulate This

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2004 08:26

FCC and Media Monopolists Face Hot Criticism at Monterey Hearing


Brasil, 23.07.2004 08:04

O Conto de Fadas da Globalização

Regulate This

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2004 07:51

FCC and Media Monopolists Face Hot Criticism at Monterey Hearing

Festive Union Square Crowd Turns Away Cops

NYC, 23.07.2004 07:14

When police came to shut down a raging drum circle at Union Square Thursday night, they were in for a surprise. The crowd refused to take orders, instead banding together to drive the cops away and continue their party. Perhaps this is a hint of things to come during the Republican National Convention when police will try to herd people into designated "free speech zones."

Carry Your Gun in Virginia

DC, 23.07.2004 06:18

Virginia gun owners do not need to register with the state or to get a permit to carry their guns openly in a holster in plain sight. As of July 1, a new law in Virginia supercedes ordinances in cities such as Alexandria and Falls Church, where it had been illegal to carry openly within city limits.

The Road to Boston: Communiqué from my sister.-Day One

Portland, 23.07.2004 05:13

News report exposes Saddam statue toppling as &quot;staged event.&quot;

DC, 23.07.2004 05:08

WJLA Channel 7, the local (DC) ABC affiliate, this evening aired a special investigative report on the toppling of the statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad. Basing its coverage on the release of an internal report by the Army, Channel 7's "I-Team" concludes the event was completely staged.

Chelsea Wishes Bush Would Go Away

NYC, 23.07.2004 04:23

“Chelsea, the neighborhood closest to the Republican Convention, is definitely not Bush country,” Steven Wishnia writes in this week’s Indypendent. “On New York’s electoral map, both the Penn South Houses, a nonprofit co-op dominated by elderly working-class Jews, and the Elliott-Chelsea projects across Ninth Avenue, stand out as several shades more Democratic than the rest of lower Manhattan. Below 23rd Street, Eighth Avenue is second only to Christopher Street as the main drag of gay New York. Six weeks before the convention opens at Madison Square Garden, the strongest sentiment in the neighborhood seems to be a wish that it would happen somewhere else.” || Chelsea Is Not Bush Country || Bush Bad for Chelsea Business CORRECTION: Due to an editing error in the latest issue of The Indypendent (#53), references in the P.7 "Chelsea Is Not Bush Country" story to a 12-foot-high fence being built around the Penn South co-op were inserted without attribution. The information came from an email that has been circulating on various list serves and has not been substantiated. The information was inserted without the reporter’s knowledge. The Indypendent apologizes to its readers and the reporter, Steven Wishnia.

The Graduate Employees' Organization Needs Your Vote

Urbana-Champaign, 23.07.2004 03:20

The GEO, IFT/AFT Local 6300, recently concluded negotiations for its first contract after being recognized as the official bargainning agent for graduate employees at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is to every graduate employee's advantage to join the union.


DC, 23.07.2004 02:46

STOP THE GENOCIDE RALLY TODAY. 1,000 person "die-in" in front of the White House! PICTURES!

Family Housing crisis at U of M

Michigan, 22.07.2004 23:55

Traditionally, UM has made a commitment to providing affordable housing to students with families. About 1500 units in five complexes make up what is know as Northwood Family Housing. The past few years, the UM has dropped the affordability part and gone from subsidizing the units to saying that Family Housing should be a revenue generator.

Still, it provides a good option and a close-knit community for students and their families and has been especially valued by international students and parents. This past week, UM informed residents of Family Housing that Northwood I, II, and III are being permanently converted to undergrad dormitories, in response to a higher than expected enrollement rate. Over 800 one- and two-bedroom units are being eliminated from Northwood I, II, and III, leaving only Northwood IV and V, which are much more expensive townhouses.

Organizers have called for a demonstartion tomorrow, July 23, from 12:00-1:00PM. There will be a march from Rackham to the Presidential mansion.


Italy, 22.07.2004 23:12

La guerra è anche qui

Culture Jamming the Army

Melbourne, 22.07.2004 23:00

Activists subvert Defence Force Billboards


Melbourne, 22.07.2004 22:21

Enforced Democracy: the Bolivian referendum

A Cheney Moment at the Lansing Center

Michigan, 22.07.2004 21:15

An article from the Lansing City Pulse on protests outside of Vice President Dick Cheney's visit to Lansing last week. Battle lines were drawn. Something’s happening here. Outside the behemoth Lansing Center, a smallish cluster of anti-Bush, anti-Cheney protesters stood on the south side of Michigan Avenue, signs poised, ready to shout at a moment’s notice. Common among the signs was the sentiment “Outsource Bush,” while more individual expressions of free speech were written like “Keep Your God Off My Bod,” “Halliburton Hero” and “We Are Doomed.” (What the heck did that mean?) A second tier of protesters gathered at the river, having kayaked their way to the Lansing Center. These were Sierra Club folks with a big sign saying so. They were organized, with matching t-shirts reinforcing the message of their big sign and smaller individual signs promoting clean air, clean water.

3/5 of the FCC Commission Hold 'Official' Hearing in Monterey

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.07.2004 19:54

In 1998 Michael Powell, the FCC chairman, gave a speech where he described ‘waiting for the ‘Angels of the public interest’ to show up and express their opinions concerning FCC regulation issues’. He said they didn’t come. Banking again on public apathy Powell later invited us to give feedback on the FCC’s performance. Much to his dismay, 2.3 million people petitioned to protest the FCC’s policies and relaxation of regulations. The ‘Angels of the public interest’ who attended the poorly publicized and oddly located Monterey FCC hearing for the ‘entire western United States’ showed up last night. Powell didn’t. [ Photos! I Coverage of FCC Hearing I Public Comments I Selected Citizen Comments I FRSC news coverage on KSBW I Watsonville To Get All Hawaain LPFM Station? ]

Movie Night: Men with Guns

NYC, 22.07.2004 19:32

Guatemala Accompaniment Project in Aurora (GUAPA) and the Indypendent are proud to present a screening of John Sayles' “Men With Guns,” Monday, July 26th, at 8:00 pm at the Independent Media Center. 34 E. 29th St., 2nd Floor (between Park and Madison; 6 train to 28th St.)

$5 suggested donation; $2 beer, free snacks; proceeds benefit the Indypendent and GUAPA’s human rights accompaniment in the village of Aurora, Guatemala. Come out and support both independent media and human rights. 

Fourth World War showing in Richmond

Richmond, 22.07.2004 18:23

Come and see this amazingly inspirational documentary filmed with footage from struggles all over the world. This Monday July 26 at 8 p.m. at the Pace Center (700 W. Franklin St.), we will view the movie, followed by discussion and information about the upcoming protests during the Republican National Convention in New York City in late August.

Party at the Nuyorican and the Bowery!

NYC, 22.07.2004 18:18

Come and party with the No-RNC Video Collective as we get down with music, poetry, and video screenings at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and the Bowery Poetry Club!

Angelo's homecoming

Qc, 22.07.2004 17:06

Angelo de la Cruz' Release is a People's Victory!

Angelo's homecoming

Qc, 22.07.2004 17:06

Angelo de la Cruz' Release is a People's Victory!


Brisbane, 22.07.2004 17:04


Angelo's homecoming

Qc, 22.07.2004 17:03

Angelo de la Cruz' Release is a People's Victory!

MOMENT Magazine seeking submissions

Michigan, 22.07.2004 16:33

MOMENT is a progressive bi-monthly journal published in Ann Arbor. Moment is seeking submissions for the September/October issue on the topic of "Electoral Politics."

From their call for submissions:
"As we move ever closer to the November 2004 presidential contest, Moment seeks analysis, news, art and reflection on the limits and possibilities of democracy in the United States and abroad. Pieces ranging in focus from the reelection of George W. Bush and the American two-party system to the viability of liberal democracy and its alternatives are welcome."

Moment accepts original articles, art, and poetry. Submissions do not necessarily have to conform to the theme of the issue.

The deadline for the September/October issue is July 30, 5:00 PM. To submit to Moment email momentboard -at-

Don't believe the hype -- Wyden's Wilderness Bill will INCREASE logging on Mt. Hood!

Portland, 22.07.2004 15:54

What Does It Mean To Be An Anarchist Communist?

Tennessee, 22.07.2004 15:51

In setting out to answer the above question, I do not plan to provide a definition... I will assume the reader is already familiar with the basic tenets of the anarchist communist tradition… Rather, I intend to answer the question from the perspective of what being an anarchist communist means personally, how such a political identification affects employment prospects, personal relationships, and activism. (The following essay was composed for the inaugural issue of THE DAWN, an anarchist newspaper published out of Oakland, California.)

Call for Mouse Bloc at August 29th Broadway Shows--&gt;4:30

NYC, 22.07.2004 15:23

(from the Open Newswire): Central Park or West Side Highway--> Who cares? Join the mouse bloc for a 4:30PM convergence at the Broadway shows attended by the RNC delegates.

As the Republican elephant tramples into our city, thousands of mischievous mice will confront them in the streets! On August 29 at 5PM, over 13,000 Republican fatcat delegates will be attending eight Disneyfied Broadway shows in Midtown Manhattan.


Uruguay, 22.07.2004 14:37

Agua para la vida, agua para la gente

Appello FIMI

Italy, 22.07.2004 14:05

FIMI di lucro


Hudson Mohawk, 22.07.2004 13:20

According to a Brennan Center report, The New York State Legislature: An Evaluation and Blueprint for Reform, New York’s legislative process more systematically excludes rank-and-file lawmakers and the public from that process than any other state legislature. From 1997 to 2001, the New York State Senate voted on 7,109 bills; not a single bill was voted down. From 1997 to 1999, the state Assembly voted on 4,365 bills; not a single bill was voted down. “Albany's political majorities run roughshod over the rights of legislative minorities. The legislature's rules are fundamentally unfair and cry out for change," said Blair Horner, NYPIRG's Legislative Director.


Perth, 22.07.2004 11:49

Oceania IMCistas meet in Melbourne

property especulation &amp; squatting

Barcelona, 22.07.2004 10:24

Okupation of the central office of the three political parties members of council by activists in solidarity with Hamsa and "Miles de viviendas"

the action::: "Iniciativa" partie ocupied in protest by the threats of evacuation + greetings from the seat of ERC + New features with respect to the okupación of the seats of the tripartie + Finished the occupation in the ERC seat, the action continues at ¡Iniciativa" seat

Notes::: Official note of CSO "Miles de Viviendas" + Official note of "CSO Hamsa"

more info in >>>speculation and okupación section


Brasil, 22.07.2004 06:27

Ocupação da reitoria da Unicamp e greve das universidades estaduais paulistas


Brasil, 22.07.2004 06:27

Ocupação da reitoria da Unicamp e greve das universidades estaduais paulistas

Farouk Abdel-Muhti, recently freed Palestinian activist, dies of heart attack

NYC, 22.07.2004 05:49

NYC IMC has just learned that Palestinian activist, Farouk Abdel-Muhti, died of a heart attack tonight. He was 56 years old.

He was giving a talk in Philadelphia and immediately afterwards rested his head on the table in front of him. “I think we all thought he was just resting,” said Jamal Hannah who was in the audience. But when he fell off his chair, his fiancée, Sharin, dropped her video camera and ran onto the stage in panic. Soon afterwards, he was taken away in an ambulance and died in the hospital a little later.

Farouk Abdel-Muhti was released from jail on April 12, 2004 after being held for two years without charge by U.S. immigration officials. He was frequently held in solitary confinement, subjected to extensive interrogation, and sometimes denied food. His supporters considered him to be a political prisoner.

As a Palestinian who came to the U.S. four decades ago, Abdel-Muhti argued he was "stateless" and had no country to which he could have been deported.

Tomorrow morning, tune into to Democracy Now! to hear more details of Farouk's untimely death and to listen to his last words.

Listen to Democracy Now’s interview with Farouk the day after his release, just over three months ago.

Read Farouk’s statement on “Israeli Massacres and Seige in Rafah."

Teamsters Strike at Coca-Cola, Intl Day of Action against Coke

San Diego, 22.07.2004 05:42

Teamsters in San Diego, California, who produce and distribute Coca-Cola products for Coca-Cola Enterprises went on strike today to protest the company's demand to dramatically increase workers' health care costs."Coke's greed has put nearly 500 San Diego families in jeopardy," said Jack Cipriani, International Vice President and Director of the Teamsters Brewery & Soft Drink Workers' Conference. "It is unconscionable that Coke would turn on the very people who work so hard to make the company the number one selling soft drink brand in the United States. Paying for those health benefits would have cost CCE less than what the company earned in 17 minutes last year."

The World Social Forum declared tomorrow, the 22nd of July, as an International Day of Action against Coca Cola. Organizers are encouraging schools and organizations to stop stocking coke machines and are asking individuals to refrain from buying Coca Cola products. In the US the campaign to boycott ‘Killer Coke’ is spreading across college campuses and communities around the country. The boycott was launched last year by the Colombian food and beverage workers’ union, SINALTRAINAL, to bring attention to the murders of Coca-Cola trade unionists there that they believe were executed by company-hired death squads in a country often described as the world’s most dangerous place for labor activists.

Hey, Massachusetts, It’s 2004: Do You Know Where Your Twelve Electoral Votes Are and How They Got There?

Boston, 22.07.2004 03:35

#media_4778;left# If America can put men on the moon, surely it can devise a presidential election system easier to understand than the theory of relativity or even Dubya’s “answers” at his last press conference. It’s time to close the old Electoral College and start a new institution: winner by direct majority vote.

Violencia en las calles y represión

Puerto Rico, 22.07.2004 03:21

El problema de lo criminal: más allá de las drogas


San Francisco Bay Area, 22.07.2004 03:07

Farm workers march against immigration intimidation, for AgJobs bill

&quot;The Corporation&quot; Documentary Opens Friday July 23

Baltimore, 22.07.2004 03:00

Announcement of "The Corporation" documentary opening at the Charles Theater. Includes commentary on the importance of challenging corporate constitutional "rights" in the spirit of the abolitionist movement that challenged the property right of slave ownership. Also includes a link to a review by DC Indymedia.

Policía bonaerense

Argentina, 22.07.2004 02:00

Torturó, mató, se quedó y no lo pescaron

New Virginia Law To Target Undocumented Immigrants

DC, 22.07.2004 00:18

A new law went into effect on July 1st, which seeks to reduce crime, but at the same time crack down on undocumented immigrants.

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