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Brasil, 08.06.2005 08:01

Movimento convoca ato decisivo para quinta-feira

Vigils and Protests Held Statewide to Protest Overturning of Raich Decision

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.06.2005 07:30

On June 7th, protests and vigils were held in cities all over California to oppose Monday's Supreme Court decision against medical marijuana. Medical cannabis patients and advocates gathered in front of the Federal court building in Sacramento to urge Congress to pass the Hinchey-Rohrabacher Amendment to the Justice Appropriations bill. The question of states' rights versus having a strong federal government was clearly on protesters' minds. Photos People also gathered in Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, and San Francisco-- in the latter two cities, candlelight vigils were held to honor medical cannabis patients’ struggle for safe access to medicine, and to memorialize the people who will die because of the federal government’s refusal to recognize cannabis as medicine.

Protesters in Sacramento pointed out that the Supreme Court Decision does NOT affect the medical marijuana voters’ initiatives in any way. Legally, patients are in the exact same place they were in before the Ninth Circuit decision, state law can exist in conflict with federal law. Politically, the Justices have now joined patients, doctors, medical associations, 80% of Americans and policy makers in urging Congress and the FDA to reschedule marijuana. They also said that according to the Attorney General of California, state courts can only consider state law when dealing with medical marijuana. Marijuana advocates pointed out that the decision does not say the federal government MUST prosecute patients.

Angel Raich's supporters are encouraging people to attend noontime demonstrations at U.S. representatives' local district offices at noon on Wednesday, June 8th, exactly 50 hours after the announcement of the Court’s decision. A host of medical marijuana groups and activists will come together all over the country to tell Congress to stand up for patients. Demonstrators will be urging the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the Hinchey-Rohrabacher amendment to the Science, State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriations bill, which would bar the DEA from spending any funds to raid, arrest, or prosecute patients using medical marijuana in compliance with state laws. People are also urged to call their representative and urge their support of the Amendment.

Raich Action Website

1,400 Janitors ON STRIKE!!

San Diego, 08.06.2005 07:01

1,800 janitors are in a grinding fight to gain health care in the suburbs, some of the most expensive real estate in the country. Many of these janitors are concentrated in La Jolla and Del Mar where they ironically clean pharmaceutical and biotech offices that make the medicines they can't even afford. The owners, and many times the tenants of these buildings are some of the richest national and multinational corporations on the planet such as Pfizer and Equity Real Estate.

Weekend of Resistance in Solidarity with Jeffrey &quot;Free&quot; Luers

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.06.2005 07:00

June 10-12th is an international Weekend of Resistance with Jeff "Free" Luers. Luers is currently serving his 5th year of a 22 year and 8 month sentence for an action that, supporters say, "...did not hurt or threaten anyone. He burned 3 SUVs to make a statement about increased environmental destruction caused by fuel inefficient vehicles. It is believed and obvious that it is Jeff’s political beliefs that landed him this unjust sentence."

A Political Prisoner Speaking Event will be held on Friday, June 10th at 6:30pm at the New College Cultural Center in San Francisco. This speaking event will focus on the importance of prisoner support and what it means to be a political prisoner in the US. Local former prisoners and prisoner support activists including Luis “Bato” Talamantez, Rita ‘Bo’ Brown, Claude Marks, and Rahula Janowski will speak. A short speech written by Jeff ‘Free’ Luers will be read. On Saturday June 11th a Critical Mass Bike Ride for Luers will gather at 1 PM at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. There will be a film screening on June 10th at 7pm in Modesto. On June 11th there will be a video screening in Sacramento at 3pm at Juliana's Kitchen. Also on June 11th there will be a video screening in Santa Rosa.

June 2005 marks the five-year anniversary of the imprisonment of Luers. Before his action at the car dealership, he was already well-known to law enforcement because of his involvement with national forest protection (starting an occupation of a controversial old-growth timber sale in 1998), anti-police brutality activism, free food programs in a local park, and teaching self-defense to women. He has continued to be active in prison and fight oppression with his words and inspiration.

Last June, social and environmental activists in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia participated in an "International Day of Action" by organizing non-violent protests and community events to show their support for Luers and their disgust for his cruel sentence. The FBI responded by creating a real 'Green Scare', sending a memo to businesses, corporate media, and government agencies warning of planned "terrorist attacks" by the "Earth Liberation Front" on June 12. Of course, no such "attacks" ever occurred. All of the events were peaceful and public, ranging from concerts and demonstrations, to video showings and dinner parties. Read more

Indynewswire Radio Show about Free | Free Free website | The Jericho Movement

Bolivian president Resigns in Face of Protests

Aotearoa, 08.06.2005 05:21

President Carlos Mesa of Bolivia has resigned as anti-government protests continue. Over 100,000 people, largely indigenous people, students, teachers, miners and farmers, have virtually shut down the country. Protesters and police have clashed in several towns with the army and police over the last few days. In La Paz, the capital, protesters used dynamite sticks to fight the police.

Protesters are opposed to the Mesa’s neoliberal agenda. The protests erupted last month after a law was passed imposing taxes on foreign companies that have invested in Bolivia's gas reserves, which are the second-largest in South America. The protesters said the law did not go far enough and called for the gas industry to be nationalised. They also want constitutional reforms to give greater rights to the country's poor indigenous population.

A New Zealander currently in Bolivia writes:

"a revolutionary situation is brewing in this impoverished Andean country, and with the president resigning last night, things are hotting up here. [...] Those protesting are a mixture of workers, peasents, students, and this group has basically held the country at a standstill for the last 2 weeks. It is hard to say what will happen next, but with the level of militancy and organisation we are seeing here, it is unlikely to end in defeat."

PHOTOS [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] Bolivia IMC More Information: [ ZNet | Guardian | Green Left Weekly ]

SEIU 503 President speaks up for ALL workers

Rogue Valley, 08.06.2005 04:04

On May 21, 2005 a purple mass gathered on the capitol grounds in Salem, Oregon as 5000 State Workers from all four corners of the state came together to send a strong message: WE ARE UNITED FOR FAIRNESS, Stop Shifting Health Care Costs.

earlier report "Service Employees March on State Capitol"

Following the big march and rally OPEU District Four Productions caught up with SEIU 503's President Joe DiNicola and captured a 2.5 minute interview we want you see.


Hip Hop history timeline on Freak Radio! - June 7, 8 and 9

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.06.2005 04:03

The show will kick off on the always epic "Red X Show," on Tuesday, June 7th 6-8 PM. This kick off will start off with hip hop roots in the early seventies spoken word music of Gil Scot Heron and the Last Poets, before bringing us through the early eighties. Finally culminating in the watershed year of 1988.

The Hip Hop Timeline will continue the following evening, Wednesday, June 8th, from 9-midnight, on the critically acclaimed "Self Defense 101" program. This show will take you through Hip Hop's golden age and deep into the nineties.

The final installment in this Timeline will come on Thursday, June 9th, from 11-1 AM, and will take you through some of today's cutting edge Hip Hop, while we will explore Hip Hop's future.

The Timeline is presented by Kid Haiti, DJ Danielsan and Rizzo, and is a Free Radio Santa Cruz exclusive. You can hear the show at 101.1 FM in the Santa Cruz area, or you can stream it here.

Audio PSA: Download the mp3

laboral (ca)

Barcelona, 08.06.2005 03:00

la feina fixa se'n va i ens queda...

es un miracle arribar a fin de mesla precarietat :: sense contractes dignes (treballadores de primera i segona)-(El Govern ignora a la majoria de 'sense papers' )-(Estats Units: La guerra unilateral de classes)-(Esclavisme a la modernitat)-(Subasta de salaris a la baixa per internet...) accidents laborals (Només es contabilitzen 4 de cada 28 crims laborals)-(Ferrol, un crim) deslocalització d'empreses (Sisma SL es declara en fallida per no pagar als seus treballadors)-(Deslocalització(s) i descentralització(s))-("DUTY FREE LABORAL" i nova forma de deslocalització) privatització (Parcs i Jardins : L'esquerra pija, també privatitza)-(El Banc Mundial proposa un sistema públic i privat per les pensions) sindicats pagats per la patronal (Les Federacions del Metall de CCOO Boicotgen la Jornada de Vaga a SAS-Abrera)-(Per quèdesconfio de CCOO i UGT?...míra-ho tu mateix*)-(tancament a MITASA) repressió (cnt: La policia confisca el material de la parada de la Rambla de Canaletes)-( LINPAC de Valls, despotisme patronal)-([Alava] Treballadors jubilats tapiats legalmente)-(Xile: Aguas Andinas, propiedad d'Aigües de Barcelona, reprimeix i despedeix despide)-(El Corte Inglés condemnat una vegada més por vulneració dels drets d'expressió i llibertat sindical)

+info ::: >>>laboral - organitzat i aprèn de la història

laboral (es)

Barcelona, 08.06.2005 03:00

el empleo fijo se va y nos queda...

es un miracle arribar a fin de mesla precariedad :: sin contratos dignos (trabajador*s de primera y segunda)-(El Gobierno ignora a la mayoría de 'sin papeles' )-(Estados Unidos: La guerra unilateral de clases)-(Esclavismo en la modernidad)-(Subasta de salarios a la baja por internet...) accidentes laborales (Sólo se contabilizan 4 de cada 28 crímenes laborales)-(Ferrol, un crimen) deslocalización de empresas (Sisma SL es declara en fallida para no pagar a sus trabajador*s)-(Deslocalización(es) y descentralización(es))-("DUTY FREE LABORAL"y nueva forma de deslocalización) privatización (Parcs i Jardins : La izquierda pija, tambien privatiza)-(El Banco Mundial propone un sistema público y privado para las pensiones) sindicatos pagados por la patronal (Las Federaciónes del Metal de CCOO Boicotean la Jornada de Huelga en SAS-Abrera)-(¿Por qué desconfío de CCOO y UGT?...míralo tu mism@)-(tancament a MITASA) represión (cnt: La policia confisca el material de la parada de la Rambla de Canaletes)-( LINPAC de Valls, despotisme patronal)-([Alava] Trabajadores jubilados tapiados legalmente)-(Chile: Aguas Andinas, propiedad de Aguas de Barcelona, reprime y despide)-(El Corte Inglés condenado una vez más por vulneración de los derechos de expresión y libertad sindical)

+info ::: >>>laboral - organizate y aprende de la historia

speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 08.06.2005 03:00

We're going to lock us self in because we're fed-up and worried

[3rd, 4th and 5th of june] Neighbours of Sants, Hostafrancs and La Bordeta lock themselves in, in the church of Sant Medir

The lock-in: Why?:protest against the action of the public institutions regarding the problems of the neighbourhood and of how the projects of Can Battló, the covering of the rail-tracks and the railway station Sants are developping. Full communiqué :::follow-up of the lock-in

+info:: >>>speculation and squatting


Uruguay, 07.06.2005 23:01

Indymedia Uruguay en tres nuevos idiomas

Famílias desalojadas na Azinhaga dos Besouros

Portugal, 07.06.2005 22:30

Famílias desalojadas na Azinhaga dos Besouros

Environmentalists Tell National Coal Shareholders to Stop Mountaintop Removal

Tennessee, 07.06.2005 21:02

Knoxville, TN – Members of Mountain Justice Summer interrupted the National Coal Corporation’s annual shareholders’ meeting today at the Holiday Inn Select in West Knoxville (304 Cedar Bluff Rd) in order to raise awareness of the corporation’s mountaintop removal mining practices. Environmentalists entered the hotel waving signs and playing drums while handing out information to staff, hotel guests, and shareholders about mountaintop removal and National Coal’s role in the destruction of Tennessee.

Sharon Gets Hostile Reception in D.C.

Baltimore, 07.06.2005 21:01

Leave it to Israel’s Ariel Sharon to bring everyone together! His appearance in Washington, DC, on May 23, 2005, brought out hundreds of vocal demonstrators. The occasion was the annual conference of AIPAC, which is a part of the alien-based Zionist Cartel juggernaut. Ex-U.S. Sen. Ernest F. Hollings (D-SC) said, “The Iraq War was for Israel.” Are Sharon and the Zionist Cartel scheming a repeat performance for us with Iran and Syria?

Baltimore Street Theater Performances Reinterpret Classic Radical Play

Baltimore, 07.06.2005 21:01

Inspired by Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarrey's radical 19th century play about the inevitable corruption of power, a group of Goucher students decided to update the play to meet today's challenges and to stage a series of street theater performances. Directed by theater major Iris Kirsh, the participants developed their short scenes by reading the play and trying to relate key themes to current events. While not inspiring riots, as did the original Parisian performance of the play, the students tackled issues of gender, the school system, and Bush's foreign policy.

One-Man Truth Squad: Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss!

Baltimore, 07.06.2005 21:01

I’ve seen him at every major Anti-War demonstration in Washington, D.C. going back to the massive protest action of Oct. 26, 2002. His name is Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss. On May 26, 2005, he was in front of the White House sending warm greetings to the new Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, who was meeting with President George W. Bush. Rabbi Weiss is an unrepentant foe of Zionism. He is also a one-man Truth Squad!

Vets, Students Standing Up Against Recruiters

Baltimore, 07.06.2005 21:01

Ryan Donnelly, 20, spent May 21 at Navy Pier in Chicago keeping an eye on military recruiters who were working the crowd the day after a “stand-down” day wherein recruiting was suspended to retrain recruiters in the wake of widespread reports of abuses.

Former Camden Yards Worker Speaks on Angelos Protest

Baltimore, 07.06.2005 21:01

As workers, students, unions, and communities of faith prepare for the United Workers Association's upcoming protest at Camden Yards, Dennis Burns, a former worker at Camden Yards takes time to be interviewed. Dennis is part of the organizing team putting together a protest at Camden Yards for June 17th at 6:30pm. The rally is set to take place at the Eutaw Street entrance.


Brasil, 07.06.2005 20:01

Iniciou segunda semana de protestos

Cancer en Bella Vista

Argentina, 07.06.2005 20:01

Martes 7 de junio de 2005 | El Caso de Bella Vista.
PELIGRO: Zona Contaminada.

Cancer en Bella Vista

Argentina, 07.06.2005 19:30

Martes 7 de junio de 2005 | El Caso de Bella Vista.
PELIGRO: Zona Contaminada.

Peace Pilgrimage

Perth, 07.06.2005 19:22

The Walk Against Wargames Peace Pilgrimage - June 10-18th 2005

United progressive forces send Phelps' bigots packing

Boston, 07.06.2005 19:01

The Massachusetts recruiting tour of the “Rev.” Fred Phelps was soundly defeated by a wide range of progressive forces and community members June 4-6. Phelps, known for leading a vile anti-gay protest at Matthew Shepard’s funeral, didn’t attend any of the events in Massachusetts; instead his daughter Shirley Phelps-Roper led the bigoted tour for the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, the Phelp’s church. The bigots targeted religious institutions and individual schools in Dracut, Lexington and Bedford but were met with rejection by the majority of students, teachers and community members there. Phelps said he chose the state for the recruiting tour because of its recent legalization of same-sex marriage and other pro-LGBT laws. The Phelps tour was made easier by Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s ongoing denunciations of same-sex marriage and other ongoing attacks on the LGBT community.


Brasil, 07.06.2005 18:01

Carlos Mesa renuncia a presidência da Bolívia

Fareless Square: A call to arms!

Portland, 07.06.2005 17:21

hat a lot of you don't seem to appreciate is the fact that Fareless Square is one of the factors that make Portland such a civilized place. People have literally been gunned down by cops in this city elsewhere after being stopped on the pretext of not having paid a fare (thinking now especially of the Mejia Poot case, a particularly hideous travesty). How's THAT for a "public safety issue"?!!! Eliminating Fareless Square based on some cockeyed Police State internal security reasoning, or to further extend the already deathgrip stranglehold of savage capitalism over us all, would do a lot to make Portland a less civilized, less desirable place to live. Just by further extending the hassle of constantly having to reach into one's wallet even to literally move, eliminating Fareless Square would help to further colonize our daily lives with monetary transactions.

Report back on organizing meeting for Portland Free Skool

Portland, 07.06.2005 17:21

Six of us met to discuss how to go about re-starting the Free Skool in Portland...It was awesome! We are creating as we go. There are only six now but we have a mutually agreed upon project. What I observed was that we started a learning group that will incorporate everything we want to learn, and everything we want to teach all rolled up into a every changing, wondering, creating, project.

For now, there will be one learning group that anyone can join. There may be more than one learning group as we go along. Our one project may drop seedlets of ideas and some partipants may want to create a new learning group. For now this is what we will be exploring. Radical Botany, bicycle mechanics, and perceptional drawing. We also hope to explore the concept of Peak Oil and what we might need to know about Plants, bicycles and perception if the economics of the Western World collapses.

It seems like alot...but actually it will be awesome to explore such a variety of ideas that are in many ways related.

G8 Summit Update: 6th June

United Kingdom, 07.06.2005 16:28

With less than one month to go before the G8 Summit, final preparations are underway. Last week planning by the authorities were thrown into disarray by celebrity Bob Geldof's call for one million people to converge in Edinburgh on the first day of the actual Summit. While the media frenzy over the Live8 concerts has overshadowed many of the existing mobilisations around the G8 Summit, at least some of the main issues, if not the politics behind them, are now firmly in the mind of the public. With scores of events planned throughout June it's clear momentum is growing for what will be one of the largest and most concentrated periods of protest in recent history, with a full week of demonstrations and events planned in July when the G8 Summit leaders meet behind their security fences in Scotland.

Evolving Protest Plans

As well as the planned Blockades of the G8 Summit on Wed 6th July, there are now more demonstrations being announced and negotiated. G8Alternatives continues with its plans for a mass demonstration meeting at Gleneagles train station to march past Gleneagles Hotel on the first day of the Summit, despite the initial announcement of security cordons and road closures ruling this route out. Authorities have proposed a rally in Auchterarder village as an alternative but have said this would be limited to 3,500 people - more announcements are expected following a meeting on June 9th. The "Long Walk To Justice", announced at the start of June by Bob Geldof [2 | 3] will potentially see hundreds of thousands of people arriving in Edinburgh for events billed as "part rally, part party" and with a pop concert scheduled for Murrayfield stadium. Meanwhile the Stop the War Coalition has applied and now gained support for two protests in Edinburgh on Sun 3rd and Mon 4th July, despite both Scottish media and the police initialy briefing against the proposed demonstrations.

Accomodation Crisis

Over the past months various groups have been trying to secure mass accomodation for the tens of thousands of people who are expected to participate in the protests. With the lastest moves from Bob Geldof encouraging hundreds of thousands more people to converge on Edinburgh for the start of the Summit, what was already an accommodation crisis has now become a full blown emergency planning issue. Some groups have been trying to find a site to set up a Convergence campsite eco-village to house people, and despite initial set backs are confident a site will be found. Other groups have been in discussions with authorities for larger sites, and while no agreement has yet been reached an announcement is expected soon. Whatever the outcomes it's clear people will come anyway, with many groups encouraging people to bring tents.

(See also: Genoa G8 retrospective - London, Sat 11th)

Community Mobilizing to stop the spread of Bioweapons

DC, 07.06.2005 14:01

While the US government has signed the international Biological Weapons Convention, it has refused international inspections of its biodefense facilities. The Bush Administration claims it is not producing bioweapons and its research of infectious pathogens, such as smallpox and anthrax, is for defense purposes only. Ingrid Drake from the DC Radio Co-op reports why residents in the community surrounding a Maryland biodefense facility are concerned. Audio

Caoimhe Butterly Debuts New Video 'Visit Palestine'

Ireland, 07.06.2005 13:00

Sponsored by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Committee { photo and Interview by redjade } Some Past Links.... • Nov 27, 2002: 'Courage under fire' • April 20, 2003: One of TIME Magazine (Europe) 'Heroes of the Year' • Jun 8 2003: Caoimhe Butterly Interview - Back from Iraq • Jun 9 2003: Survived Palestine but not O'Connell street • Jun 10 2004: Irish Activist Begins 14-Day Hunger Strike In Appeal To 'Cement Roadstone Holdings' • Jun 19 2004: Floats like a Butterly, Stings like a Bee Also... Photos from the Irish-Palestine Solidarity Committee's 'Show Israeli Apartheid the Red Card' Dublin Protest: 1 2 3 and a feature about it on Indymedia Israel It's hard to keep track of Caoimhe Butterly - Where in the World is she today? London? France? Lebanon? Palestine? or Iraq? She will be in Dublin on the 8th June at the Teacher's Club debuting the new video 'Visit Palestine' by documentary maker Katie Barlow and co-edited by herself. Caoimhe says Visit Palestine is 'quite unorthodox - I'm narrating it, one of the subjects of it and one of the objects of it', she says, laughing, 'It's quite humiliating and uncomfortable for me.' The video starts with the events surrounding the Israeli attack on Jenin Palestinian refugee camp in April 2002 when Caoimhe was shot in the left thigh. 'Visit Palestine' is a mix of interviews with western Human Rights activists in Jenin and children living in Jenin and about the trauma of occupation and the suicide bombings. Caoimhe says she helped with the editing to 'put a human face and narrative on Jenin refugee camp,' Caoimhe will introduce the video and take questions and answers after the showing which is sponsored by the Irish Palestine Solidarity Committee, on the 8th June at the Teacher's Club in Dublin. From June 15th to the 30th, Caoimhe will be taking part in a hunger strike in Geneva Switzerland at the the final meeting of the United Nations Compensation Commission to demand dropping of Iraq's debt and war compensations to Kuwait. She will be with Kathy Kelly of Voices in the Wilderness, and they will joined by others such as Ewa Jasiewicz and Denis Halliday, former UN Assistant Secretary General and others from Voices in The Wilderness and the Catholic Worker Movement. Her effort will be a 'video diary project' that will bring her to Lebanon to connect Irish school children with Palestinian school children in the refugee camps. The project will be with InterPal and she hopes the project will 'create a discourse and examining each other's misconceptions and bring awareness among Irish school children of the lives of refugees and gain understand of the lives of asylum seekers here in Ireland.' Feature Continues At Link Below With An Indymedia Ireland Interview With Caoimhe In an interview she had the following to say about recent events in the US/UK misadventure in Iraq: Question: In Iraq, you say the anti-war movement in the west has to support the resistance. But how do you identify the 'good resistance' from the 'bad resistance'? Caoimhe: Its difficult from abroad, in a comfortable context, to dictate the ways and means of how a people can or should resist an occupation of their country. But it does the anti-war movement a disservice to not have a differentiation of where we put our practical support into. Something like Iraqi's General Union of Oil Employees (GUOE) have the constituancy and vision and the clean past political record of resistance to the Baathist regime as well an understanding of the internationalist aspect of resistance and struggle - making links to other unions and the issues of imperialism, privatisation and so on. While there is justifiable military resistance which targets the military occupation - which is an internationally recognised legal right - and then there are those who do car bombings, killing civilians - who some are collaborators by joining the Iraqi Police, yet they are also just poor Iraqis who are facing unemployment and poverty. I think these attacks are wrong - it is the occupation itself that should be targeted, not the 'soft targets' that are 'easier'. One has to ask in whose interests do the car bombings serve? Especially when there are attacks on Shia Mosques - these attacks do not serve Iraqi interests and in the end only serve the interests of an occupation whose interest is in creating a permanent state of chaos and instability. And racism, too. Iraq was drawn on ethnic and cultural lines. There is a danger of becoming an armchair analyst in the context of Iraq - who is good? who is bad? etc. The anti-war movement in the West has to make a clear choice - we have to research and make connections with Iraqi civil society and trade unions who are resisting the occupation and support them by putting our money where our mouths are. Something that we haven't done yet as a movement, to date. Of the millions of people on the streets protesting in Europe only a handful have travelled to Iraq - if we are going to encourage the resilience of the Iraqis, we should also be challenging ourselves to match that courage and conviction of our own. While it is a very dangerous time to go to Iraq, if we stop going there with delegations and witnesses it allows whoever is conducting these terror campaigns against ordinary Iraqi people into thinking they can win. Also, without International witnesses, it allows for the occupation forces and their 'stooges' to get away with human rights abuses without any censure. It is not that a handful of international observers can make a big difference in ending the occupation, but we have a role to play. If you read Dahr Jamail's website [an Independent reporter in Iraq with his own weblog], it is getting thousands of hits because people are starving for independent information. Question: Should the anti-war movement be traveling to Iraq right now? Caoimhe: It is incredibly dangerous, but we are human beings alive in this moment in time. Baring witness to this period of history that I think we will look back on with a bit of shame for our comparative inaction. I look at these travels with fear and believing that I have a responsibility as an activist who speaks arabic to go there to witness and be with them. I don't see the potential of long term accompaniment in Iraq, like there is between western activist organisations and the Palestinians. There is not presently that space there and it would put a lot of Iraqis at risk. But I do think that small, short term, about a week long in places in the south which are comparatively 'quiet.' It means so much for the people there because they feel very isolated. And it gives western activists and trade unions credibility when they go back to their communities. Question: What about the elections? Are they seen as legit by Iraqis? Caoimhe: I haven't been there since the elections but from what I hear from friends and others is that it has had no real impact in terms of living conditions, security, unemployment and poverty - the elections were mostly seen as a show. Iraq is country that has had a long bloody past of dictatorship, of war, of invasions - people have to be made aware that Iraqis have been through an incredible amount of suffering, three wars, a dictatorship, sanctions, and now an occupation. You cannot look at the elections in isolation.

Students escalate actions to save student unions

Melbourne, 07.06.2005 12:26

Students escalate anti-VSU actions

Galiza:Atentado contra o direito de livre associação!

Portugal, 07.06.2005 12:25

Galiza:Atentado contra o direito de livre associação!


Istanbul, 07.06.2005 09:02

Siyanür sadece toprağı değil medyayı da kirletiyor…


Colombia, 07.06.2005 08:00

Lentejos sin lentejas en Guayaquil

4ta jornada piquetera

Argentina, 07.06.2005 07:01

¿Quién puede vivir con 150 pesos?

4ta Jornada Piquetera

Argentina, 07.06.2005 07:01

¿Quién puede vivir con 150 pesos?

Cheney slinks outta town

Portland, 07.06.2005 04:25

On my way to work this morning, I was barred from walking down Stark Street. Since I only work a block past the barricade, I asked the lone police officer if I could pass. He said I could not. Suddenly, it dawned on me why. "Is this for Cheney?" I asked. He nodded politely. I frowned and began to walk away. At that moment, the shiny black limos and the big stupid SUV thing emerged from the underground parking lot. [ read more ]

[ How did the night vigilance go for the Cheney Watch | Cheney secretly here for Enron owned PGE? | Dick Cheney Leaving Benson Photo | Potter!!! You better NOT give the people of Stumptown the bill for Cheney's private stay! ]

Durham Unity Rally

North Carolina, 07.06.2005 03:00

Will There Be Unity in Durham?

Carlos Mesa renunció como presidente de Bolivia

Argentina, 07.06.2005 02:30

Lunes 6 de Junio 2005 | Tras cuatro semanas contínuas de masivas movilizaciones
Carlos Mesa renunció como presidente de Bolivia


Germany, 07.06.2005 02:30

Heute ist Tag X[2]! Der zweite von insgesamt drei Castor-Transporten rollt heute �ber die Autobahn von Dresden nach Ahaus!

Live-Ticker bei:

Filistin: İntifada raporu

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 02:01

İntifada raporu: Eylül 2000'den bu yana 4032 ölü, 44.666 yaralı

Filistin: İntifada raporu

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 02:01

İntifada raporu: Eylül 2000'den bu yana 4032 ölü, 44.666 yaralı

NW RAGE is being followed! Have you seen this woman?

Portland, 07.06.2005 01:21

On May 21, Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering held a demonstration outside of Smith & Hawken, an upscale gardening store in NW Portland, to protest Monsanto and the Scotts Company's Genetically Engineered Creeping Bentgrass. (Smith & Hawken was recently acquired by Scotts.) When we arrived, we saw a familiar face of a woman who had also been in Corvallis on May 18 for a similar protest of ours at a USDA public forum. At first we thought we had a new supporter, but upon questioning her about why she was there, she admitted that she was, indeed, there to spy on us! We don't really know anything about her, other than her name is Jessica and she does not like to have her picture taken. She was also there with another woman who we didn't get a picture of.

We were pretty surprised by how quickly she admitted to us why she was there. But she did refuse to tell us who paid her to be there. "Monsanto? Scotts?" we asked, but she wouldn't let us in on it.

Minutemen Show Up in Fallbrook, San Diego County

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.06.2005 01:20

On June 4, 2005, the "Minutemen" entered the town of Fallbrook, San Diego County, early in the morning. There had been no prior warning to their arrival as there has been in the previous demonstrations in southern California. Their objective: to stop Citibank and two other banks from allowing their Mexican patrons to use Mexican ID to cash checks or open accounts. They stood on the sidewalk on Main St. next to Denny’s with racist anti-Mexican signs. There were reports that they were intimidating and harassing a disabled Mexican man who was walking down the sidewalk. Full story at San Diego Indymedia


Istanbul, 07.06.2005 01:01

Uruguay ordusu Kongo'da: Cezasız kalan cinsel suçlar

İsrailli vr ile söyleşi

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 01:01

Hepimiz barış istiyoruz öyle değil mi?

2. Militurizm

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 01:01

2. Geleneksel Militurizm Festivali gerçekleştirildi

Filistin: Duvara karşı eylem

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 01:01

Filistin, Bil'in: Şiddetsiz barış eylemi savaş alanına dönüştü

Mehmet Barış'ı Seviyor

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 00:36

Vicdani/Total retçi Mehmet Tarhan militarizme direniyor

İsrail: Nükleer saldırı

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 00:36

İsrail'in sessiz nükleer saldırısı açığa çıktı

Polis duruşmayı izlemeye gelenleri döverek gözaltına aldı.

Istanbul, 07.06.2005 00:36

Mehmet Tarhan askeri cezaevinde ölüm tehdidine karşı açlık grevinde

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