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land speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 19:00

moovy week-end...

week-end:let's stop the caufec + raval: sunday 29th of may vermuth against speculation + Caldes: Friday 27th "Don't Xup the Tap!" antispeculative street-game + Can Calet: Demo sunday 29th + May 28th inauguration of La Quimera in Verdi street 28

24.05 at 5:30 in the morning they evicted the land-house of Can Calet in Corró d'Avall (Les Franqueses del Vallès). several dozens anti-riots units of the mossos d'esquadra threw down the door and searched all the house including the 4 occupants that were sleeping there. The land-house that stood abandonned since a long time, has been squatted last month of october, and soon it became a meeting point and a referent for the social-movements of the county (comarca). This afternoon at 7.00 pm there's a gathering in front of the courts of Granollers.

[25.05 15h] The trial to Kan Titella comes back + emerengency instructions in case they demolish Can Ricart

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land speculation and squatting (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 19:00

The speculative fever destroys our environment

[19.05] Caufec Plan : let's stop the evictment of Can Oliveres {stopped} -- Evictment of Can Calet at 10h -- 8th session Rethink Barcelona Retrieve the city [21-22.05] Let's save Can Zam! Camping [22.05] bikes, Gallecs [03-05.06] Neighbourhood lock-in in Sant Medir

corruption speculative feverGallecs : ilegal luxurious houses -- They've urbanized more the 700 hectares -- The Interpolar highway will destroy Gallecs and the Vallès -- The Generalitat urbanizes 60 hectares -- Gallecs and the manipulation of the TV3 of the Threepartite coalition (PSC-ERC-ICV) -- Gallecs, the struggle goes on -- Watch it with the consellera TURA -- the squattings of Gallecs

the construction fever :: Vallcarca : Gathering 17 -- in struggle against the speculation The forat de la vergonya (the hole of shame): the demolishments continue - the rubbish of the new santa catarina market to the forat -- The neighbours of the Forat manage to save the football camp even though with police presence The Mina : object of desire Sants: Since last week there's an evictment order over la Quinkalla Poblenou: evictment -- demonstration (action on Gran Via) -- Let's Save Can Ricart !! carrer del Clot : 13 police-vans evict buildings València : Evictment of the CSO La Discordia -- Open letter to the queen of the America Cups Rita Barberà Kan Titella : Trial cancelled Menorca: imminent evictment -- New squatting -- The owners of Biniancolla formalize the complaint for presence of squatters the casa l'aire: Imminent evictment

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women (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 19:00

When the women of the yarn take the needle

When mentionning the workers movement only few times there's talk about women, but in sectors like the textile industry the women worker are struggling since many decades. Strikes like the one of Igualada in 1881 or the dialogues of Teresa Claramunt are an example that the struggle of the working women comes from far away in Catalonia. Recently the women working for Zara are once again taking the needle with strenght in order to claim improvements of and denounce the working conditions to which they're obliged in Galicia and in Zaragoza. If this continues that way, this force can get everywhere.
More info: The celebration of March 8th also has to do with textile ::: women workers in struggle for equality at spontex ::: textile, human rights and the women of Marroco :::the role of the women in the workers neighbourhoods :::
related news:massive sackings are being prepared in the textile ::: what to do in front of delocalisation? ::: Clean clothes campaign ::: the textile crisis, delocalisations and celestica ::: economic and textile crisis in Igualada ::: the modelling of being a women in the Franco era

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Sainsburys butt of this weeks joke

United Kingdom, 12.06.2005 18:30

On sunday (12th June), around mid day, eight protesters stripped naked in front of Sainsburys London head office in order to expose Sainsburys for continuing to sell products from animals feed with genetically modified crops.

All this week (13th - 17th), there is an openly publicised week of action outside Sainsbury head office in London. Each morning there will be some form of street theatre or general amusing shenanigans at sainsburys expense in order to make an example out of the companies failure to live up to promises made several years ago about phasing out GM feed animal products.

The Oregon Garden: Trouble in Paradise

Portland, 12.06.2005 18:21

I received my bright pink invitation in the mail again. It comes every year. It's the Oregon Garden, inviting me to renew my membership to the garden. (I received a membership some time back as a gift, but let it lapse after coming face to face with the horror of timber industry propaganda.) This is the letter I wrote back to them on the back of the form, which I will send in the envelope provided.

Yes, I would love to be able to renew my membership. The trouble is, however, that the Oregon Garden has allowed itself to become a tool for the dissemination of dishonest and dangerous propaganda for the timber industry. This is an industry that's destroying the Oregon that I love. The real "Oregon Garden" is (or was) a unique jewel. It is not confined to a tiny plot in Silverton, but lives in the green canopies of the very beautiful, very unique, and very endangered temperate Pacific rainforests of Cascadia. Greedy timber corporations are swallowing those forests whole, and leaving wastelands in their wake. Erosion, decimation, and monoculture are all that is left. Yet the Oregon Garden has inexplicably allowed the timber industry to install a purposefully erroneous exhibit there, claiming that they can "grow" a forest.


[ Other stories posted by Matilda ]

spekulado (eo)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 18:00

Ni enfermiĝas ĉar ni estas priokupataj kaj teditaj

[3an, 4an kaj 5an de junio] Genajbaroj de Sants, Hostafrancs kaj La Bordeta enfermiĝas en la preĝejo Sant Medir

La enfermiĝo: Kial?:protest-manifesto kontraŭ la agado de la publikaj povoj pri la kvartalaj problemoj, kaj samtempe kontraŭ la maniero, kiel ili disvolvas la projektojn por Can Batlló, por la kovraĵo super la relvojoj kaj por la trajnstacio de Sants ::: plena komuniko ::: sekvado de la enfermiĝo

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Colombia, 12.06.2005 16:34

La tragicomedia de don Berna y el doctor Ternura


Brasil, 12.06.2005 16:34

Ação contra os rodeios

Peace Pilgrimage - Anti War

Perth, 12.06.2005 16:24

Walk against Wargames - Day 3 Update from the road

Negócios de Crise!!!

Portugal, 12.06.2005 09:20

Negócios de Crise!!!

Direct Action shuts down wood chip mill

Melbourne, 12.06.2005 08:33

Direct action shuts down wood chip mill


Melbourne, 12.06.2005 07:21

Gas Wars Erupt Again in Bolivia

people and cultures vs power and states

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 06:01

Catalan countries in disobedience

2nd view trial supportive persons Miniwatt>>> [17 may 9:30h] Concentration at Lluís Companys Tribunal
Antirrepressive party for Franki>>> [20 may at COLP La Fera]

supportives with Miniwatt>>> 1st view of the trial held : 28 abril ::: Tokens of support> 500 self-accusation more... ::: Several trade unions and neigbourhood asociations give suport to the youngsters supportive with Miniwatt ::: Press-conference for the trial ::: 1st of May popular lunch in favor of the supportives with Miniwatt
Supportive actions with Franki>>> In the Anoia: train-stopping and posters put up all-over ::: In Gràcia: flag-burning and hanging of banner ::: In Poblenou:Wallpainting ::: In Cornellà: posters put up and away with the spanish flag ::: In Manresa: banners, flyers, paintings.. ::: In Celrà: supportive wallpainting ::: In Sant Andreu: away with spanish flag ::: In Viladecans: political headquartes locked and painted ::: In Vilanova i la Geltrú: chaining and hanging banner in the City Hall Place ::: Simbolic action in Salses ::: Communiqué of support and resistence with Franki of Terrassa ::: In Terrassa: 4 supportives get on the Bòbila Almirall chimney ::: In Sabadell ::: Collecting actions for the day of struggle
Arrest of Uri in Vilanova>>> Uri ::: Concentration of support with uri of Vilanova ::: New arrested in Vilanova

+info : >>>cultures + Immediate acquittal + three of gràcia

corruption (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 06:01

A Falcon takes control of the World Bank

corruption P. Wolfowitz, president of the World Bank: what will change? :: The rise of disaster capitalism :: Macabre banker. Comediatic economy :: THE RULERS OF THE WORLDS. THE BILDERBERG CLUB :: The World Bank proposes a public-private pension system :: The truths that they're not telling us

related topics: International Court of Brussels :: Iran in the fire-line :: Betrayals in the upper spheres: sionists of the Pentagon, AIPAC and Israel::: Douglas Feith: the link of the jewish lobby with the tortures in Irak :: Resistence in the Thirld World and occidental intelectual solidarity:: The manipulators that kill us

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antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 06:01

Past and present fascism, Enough!

[10 may]Vinarós: antifascist concentration in front of the city-hall at 20.30h
[20 may]Castelló: 19.30h antifascist demonstration starting at the Farola

current affairs: Brutal fascist aggression in Vinarós +++ fascist attack has been tried in the Casal Jaume I in Castelló +++ Antifascist assembly of Vinarós set-up +++ Creation of the Antifascist Platform of Castelló ::: attacks on immigrants in Madrid +++ Antifascist call: neither racism nor fascism in Villaverde(Madrid) ::: Fascist attacks to the CNT León ::: police charging against the cue in front of the immigration office in Barcelona ::: nazi paintings in Terrassa ::: fascist groups burn-down the only homosexual bar of Jerusalem /// mobilisations served! fascist concerts stopped
from the past up to nowadays: 29 april, 68 years since the fascist bombing of Guernika ::: news evidence regardig the killing of pasolini ::: The memories of Auschwitz. From the hiding to the commemoration ::: the Bush family and its nazional past ::: 5 may, 60 years of Mauthausen freeing thoughts out of Mauthausen ::: Berlin alerts the nazi return 60 years after the fall of the III Reich ::: the Holy See and fascism: some thoughts::: from the pp to the victims of franquism

+info | >>>antifascism + + imc-laplana

Fascism maintains it's forgetfullness |>> historic memory

30 years after the death of the dictator Franco, he is still present today in our lives. Fascist symbols still endure in our cities. Justice has not been done neither to his victims nor the correction of official history. Whoever forgets his history will repeat it.

---símbols feixistes |>> La Pobla will give a bust of Franco to España 2000 (an ultra nationalist organisation) + Guadalajara removes the statues of Franco and Primo de Rivera (an earlier dictator before the 2nd republic) + the statue of Franco is removed from Madrid + Cheap electoralism: Piqué contradicts Rajoy + a Proposition: that The Valley of the fallen denounces Franco-ism + Soicail movements impulse a campaign for apostasy ---cossos de seguretat |>> The most accused of racist aggression in Catalonia in 2004 + The UPAS train in Cornellà to make it even more shit + case of a taecher attacked by a security guard ---daily impunity |>> Nazi kinheads in the demonstration of March 13 + Xenophobia grows in Sevilla + RCD Espanyol and passivity / complicity against fascism + Death threats against Sebastià Alzamora + the extreme right exists + Explotation of xenophobia ---internacional |>> Aznar's foundation FAES and the extreme right in the USA + Bush: diplomacy and death squads + Latvia and Estonia the "fascists" of the EU

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antifascism (en)

Barcelona, 12.06.2005 06:01

The mourning that resounds

Berga: When tears put out the fire: What happenend on the night of the 28th? ::: Josep Ma Isanta has been killed in Berga during the celebrations of the Patum ::: There also have been other injured and affected persons ::: Berga calls for economic support in order to pay the lawyers ::: Clarifying from Berga

[31 may] 20h Cassolada popular in Berga

related news: Communiqué of the youth associations of Berga ::: Communiqué of the MDT ::: Solidarity of Maulets ::: until when, until it touches me? ::: This is Berga ::: the hand that cares of the youthly fascism: dangerous relations ::: Thoughts of a militant of the left-wing independentist ::: The misfortunated Tura :::

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Klan Rally

Houston, 12.06.2005 02:01

Kaln Members outnumbered by Protesters 10 to 1

My Visit from the FBI and ATF

San Diego, 11.06.2005 22:01

On June 8, 2005 I was visited by agents of the FBI and ATF and questioned about the University Towne Centre fire of July 31, 2003 and the speech by animal-rights and environmental activist Rod Coronado in Hillcrest on August 1, 2003. That appearance has already led to early-morning raids on two other San Diego activists whose videotapes of the event were seized by the FBI, and Coronado's return to Southern California in May 2004 was met by even more intense repression. This time the FBI and ATF seemed interested mostly in obtaining photos of the audience at the Coronado event so they could scan them for "persons of interest" in the UTC arson investigation. (Photos below copyright © 2003 by Mark Gabrish Conlan for Zenger's Newsmagazine.)

dones (ca)

Barcelona, 11.06.2005 16:00

Quan les dones del fil agafen l'agulla

Quan es fa referència al moviment obrer poques vegades es parla de dones, però en els sectors com el tèxtil fa moltes dècades que les dones obreres estan en lluita. Vagues com la d'Igualada el 1881 o els diàlegs de Teresa Claramunt són un exemple de que la lluita de les treballadores ve d'enrera a Catalunya. Recentment les dones treballadores del Zara tornen a agafar amb força l'agulla per reivindicar millores i denunciar les condicions laborals a les que són sotmeses a Galicia i a Saragossa. Seguint així aquesta força pot arribar arreu.
Més info: La celebració del 8 de març també té a veure amb el tèxtil ::: obreres en lluita per la igualtat a spontex ::: el tèxil, els drets humans i les dones del Marroc :::el paper de les dones en els barris obrers :::
notícies relacionades:es preparen acomiadaments massius en el tèxtil ::: què fer davant la deslocalització? ::: Campanya roba neta ::: crisi del tèxtil, deslocalitzacions i celestica ::: crisi tèxtil i econòmica a igualada ::: modelatge del ser dona en el franquisme

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mujeres (es)

Barcelona, 11.06.2005 16:00

Cuando las mujeres del hilo cogen la aguja

Cuando nos referimos al movimiento obrero pocas veces se habla de mujeres, pero en los sectores como el téxtil hace muchas décadas que las mujeres estan en lucha. Huelgas como la de Igualada el 1881 o los diàlogos deTeresa Claramunt son un ejemplo de que la lucha de las trabajadoras viene de lejos en Catalunya. Reccientemente las mujerestrabajadoras del Zara vuelven a coger con fuerza la aguja para reivindicar mejoras y denunciar las condiciones laborals a las que son sometidas en Galicia y en Zaragoza. Siguiendo así esa fuerzapuede llegar a todas partes.
Más info: La celebración del 8 de marzo también tiene que ver con el téxtil ::: obreras en lucha por la igualdad en spontex ::: el téxtil, los derechos humanos y las mujeres de Marruecos :::el papel de las mujeres en los barrios obreros :::
noticias relacionadas:se preparan despidos masivos en el téxtil ::: ¿Qué hacer frente la deslocalización? ::: Campañaa ropa limpia ::: crisis del téxtil, deslocalitzaciones y celestica ::: crisis téxtil y económica en igualada ::: modelage del ser mujer en el franquismo

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Focus in the Philippines

Manila, 11.06.2005 14:22

NEWSBREAK: Another Brink of Revolt in the Philippines

(pl) (en) (fr) Equality Parade - Parada Równości

Poland, 11.06.2005 14:22

Mimo wydanego przez władze Warszawy zakazu, Parada Równości zgodnie z planem właśnie zaczyna się pod Sejmem. Wolontariusze Indymediów będą obserwować rozwój wydarzeń, o których będziemy informować na bieżąco poniżej.

(en) Despite the ban by the major of Warsaw, the Equality Parade is starting in front of the Parliament according to plan. People volunteering for indymedia are observing what is happening and we are informing each other live of what is happening here on this page.

(fr) Malgré l'interdiction par le maire de Varsovie, la Manifestation pour l'Égalité commence devant le Parlement comme prévu. Des bénévoles d'indymedia regardent ce qui se passe et nous nous informons de ce qui se passe ici ci-dessous.

12.10 - pod Sejmem jest obecnie około 600 demonstrantów i napływają kolejni, a także około setki dobrze zorganizowanych i "oflagowanych" członków skrajnej prawicy

(en) At the Sejm (parliament) there are at this moment about 600 demonstrators and more are coming, as well as a few hundred well organised young "wszechpolaków" (greater Poland far right people) with flags and other far right people

(fr) Au Parlement il y a 600 manifestant-e-s environ et d'autres qui viennent, ainsi que quelques centaines de bien organisé-e-s jeunes « wszechpolaków » (de l'extrème droite de la Grande Pologne) avec des drapeaux et d'autres de l'extrème droite.

12:25 - parada została obrzucona jajkami przez prawicowców. Wśród nich, jak podaje nasza wolontariuszka, widać osoby z nazistowskimi symbolami. Aktualnie sytuacja jest spokojna, policja rozdziela paradę od kontrdemonstracji. Przemawia przedstawicielka Bundestagu

(en) Rightists threw eggs at the parade. There are people among them zith nazi symbols. The situation is calm right now, the police have separated the parade from the counter-demonstration. A representative of the Bundestag is talking.

(fr) Les droitistes ont jetés des oeufs à la parade. Parmi eux sont des gens avec des symboles nazis. La situation est calme en ce moment, la police a séparé la parade et la contre-manifestation. Actuellement, un représentant du Bundestag est en train de parler.

12.29 - policja prawdopodobnie zaczyna otaczać demonstrantów

(en) 12.29 - Police are probably surrounding the demonstration.

(fr) 12.29 - La police entoure la manifestation, paraît-il.

12.35 - Parada ruszyła. Idzie ul. Matejki w kierunku Alei Ujazdowskich. Demonstranci skandują: "Tolerancja!", "Precz z kaczyzmem", "Demokracja!"

12.50 - demonstranci doszli do ambasady amerykańskiej. Trwają przemowy i skandowanie haseł. Policja blokuje jeden pas ruchu, ale drugi jest odblokowany i Parada może się nim przemieszczać. Sa niepotwierdzone informacje, że część prawicowców wmieszała się w tłum

13.00 - jest ok. 2 000 - 3 000 osób. Policja odblokowała oba pasy ruchu i demonstracja idzie całą szerokością jezdni.

(en) 13.00 - about 2000 - 3000 people. Police have blocked the road and the demonstration is spreading across the road.

(fr) 13.00 - environ 2000 - 3000 gens. La police a bloqué la rue est on s'étend à travers sa largeur.

13.05 - demonstracja dotarła do Placu Trzech Krzyży. Parada przemieszcza się ulicą, prawicowcy chodnikiem. Policja blokuje boczne uliczki

(en) 13.05 - the demo has got to the Place of the Three Crosses. The parade is going along the road, the rightists on the footpath. The police are blocking the sides of the roads.

(fr) 13.05 - la manif arrive à la place des Trois Croix. La parade se fait dans la rue, les droitistes sont sur le trottoir. La police bloque les bords des rue.

13.20 - Parada dotarła na Rondo de Gaulle'a. Demonstranci skandują: "Jarek, Jarek obroń nas, przecież jesteś jednym z nas", "gdyby de Gaulle żył, to by z nami był", "tu jest nasza demokracja"

(en) 13.20 - The parade got to the de Gaulle Roundabout. The demonstrators are calling out "Jarek, Jarek, protect us, you're one of us", "if de Gaulle was still alive, he'd be with us", "here is our democracy"

(fr) 13.20 - La parade arrive au Rondpoint de Gaulle. Les manifestant-e-s crient « Jarek, Jarek, protège-nous, t'es l'un des nôtres », « si de Gaulle vivait toujours, il serait avec nous », « ici c'est notre démocratie »

13.25 - demonstracja wchodzi w Nowy Świat. Jest już ponad 3 000 uczestników

(en) 13.25 - the demo has got to Nowy Świat (street). There are more than 3000 participants.

(fr) 13.25 - la manif est arrivée à la rue Nowy Świat. Il y a plus de 3000 participant-e-s.

13.35 - demonstracja idzie Nowym Światem. Na chodnikach sporadycznie stoją prawicowcy z transparentami. Jak informuje jedna z wolontariuszek, na dachach stoją prawicowcy i rzucają workami z wodą i jajkami w uczestników Parady

(en) 13.35 - the demonstration gets to Nowy Świat. On the pavement, there are sometimes rightists with banners, who throw bags with water, bottles (one indymedia reporter was nearly hit by a bottle) and eggs on the Parade participants.

(fr) 13.35 - la manifestation arrive à Nowy Świat. Sur le trottoir il y a parfois des droitistes avec des bannières, qui jettent de l'eau, des bouteilles (une journaliste d'indymedia a failli de peu en être victime) et des oeufs sur les participant-e-s de la Parade.

13.45 - ok. 30 prawicowców próbowało zablokować przemarsz Parady siadając na ziemi przed jej czołem. Policja zareagowała zdejmując ich z jezdni. Mamy informację, że przy ul. Czackiego prawicowcy próbowali zastosować podobną taktykę, ale zostali usunięci. Jedna z wolontariuszek Indymediów informuje, że co chwile ktoś próbuje atakować paradę, a ona sama omal nie została trafiona w głowę szkalną butelką rzuconą przez przeciwników Parady

13.55 - przeciwnicy Parady cały czas przesuwają się przed jej czołem rzucając różnymi przedmiotami i próbują ją zablokować. Prawicowcy krzyczą "Katolicka Wszechpolska". Kolejna nasza wolontariuszka donosi, że została trafiona jajkiem

(en) 13.55 - opponents to the Parade are still throwing things against the Parade and trying to block it. Rightists are yelling "Catholic Great-Poland". Another indymedia volunteer has been hit, this time by an egg.

(fr) 13.55 - les opposants à la Parade sont toujours en train de jeter des choses et essaient de la bloquer. Les droitistes crient « Grande-Pologne Catholique ». Encore une bénévole d'indymédia vient d'être frappée, cette-fois ci par un oeuf.

14.20 - jeden z prawicowców położył się przed radiowozem policyjnym z przodu manifestacji. Policja interweniowała. Aktualnie, jak donosi jedna z reporterek, zebrało się ok. 200 agresywnych prawicowców, którzy starają się wszelkimi sposobami zablokować przemarsz Część z nich połamało drzewce od transparentów i grozi, że zaatakuje bezpośrednio manifestację. Śpiewają piosenkę o gazowaniu w Auschwitz-Birkenau

(en) 14.20 - one of the rightists threw himself in front a police van from the front of the demo. The police intervened. Right now, about 200 aggressive rightists have gathered and are trying to block the march. Some of them are threatening to use the wooden poster supports to directly attack the demonstrators. The rightists are singing songs about the gassing in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp.

(fr) 14.20 - un des droitistes s'est jeté devant une voiture policière. La police est intervenue. À cet instant, 200 des droitistes aggressifs se recueillent et essaient de bloquer la manifestation. Certains ont enlevés les supports en bois de leurs affiches et menacent de les utiliser pour directement attaquer les manifestant-e-s. Les droitistes chantent des chansons l'usage du gaz dans les camps d'Auschwitz-Birkenau.

14.40 - Czoło Parady dotarło do Pałacu Kultury i Nauki pod którym jest ustawiona scena i ma odbyć się wiec. Na miejscu zebrało się także wiele osób, które nie uczestniczyły w przemarszu. Parada musi przejść pomiędzy blaszanymi halami, ponieważ ul. Marszałkowska jest zablokowana przez policję, która stara się okrążyć prawicowców w tym miejscu. Jak donosi reporterka, jedna osoba została ranna od uderzenia kamieniem w głowę, cały czas rzucane są też jajka

(en) 14.40 - The front of the Parade has got to the Palace of Culture and Science where there's a stage and there should be a rally. There are many people there who were not in the march. The Parade has to go through the halls of a market to get there, because Marszałkowska street is blocked by police, who are trying to surround the rightists there. One person has been wounded by stone thrown to the head, eggs are still being thrown.

(fr) 14.40 - Le devant de la Parade vient d'arriver à la Palace de la Culture et de la Science, où il y a une scène et où devrait avoir lieu un rassemblement. Il y a nombreuses personnes là qui n'étaient pas présentes à la Parade. La Parade devrait passer par les halles d'un marché, car la rue Marszałkowska est bloquée par la police, qui essait d'entourer les droitistes qui y sont. Une personne a été blessée par une pierre jeté à la tête, on jete toujours des oeufs.

14.50 - Wszechpolacy i inni prawicowcy cały czas zachowują się bardzo agresywnie w stosunku do uczestników Parady i atakują ich słownie i fizycznie. Co najmniej dwóch najbardziej agresywnych zatrzymała policja

(en) 14.50 - The rightists are still being aggressive and verbally and physically are attacking the Parade. At least two of the most aggressive ones have been detained by the police.

(fr) 14.50 - Les droitistes sont toujours très aggressifs et verbalement et physiquement attaquent la Parade. Au moins deux des plus aggressifs vient d'être détenus par la police.

15.00 - Mamy informację, że agresywni prawicowcy rzucają kostką brukową w uczestników Parady zza rogu PKiN, a następnie szybko się wycofują. Policja stara się przeciwdziałać, ale jak na razie bezskutecznie

(en) 15.00 - Some of the rightists are throwing cobblestones at Parade participants from the corner of the PKiN? (Palace of Culture and Science), and then they quickly withdraw. The police are trying to stop them, unsuccessfully.

(fr) 15.00 - Certains des droitistes jettent des pavés vers des participant-e-s à partir du coin du PKiN? (Palais de la Culture et de la Science), et se retirent rapidement par la suite. La police essait de les empêcher, sans succès.

15.10 - Sytuacja jest względnie spokojna, prawicowcy stoją pod PKiN i skandują oraz plują w kierunku uczestników Parady. Ubyło ludzi. W tej chwili jest ok. 1 000 osób. Osoby, które rzucały kostkami brukowymi zniknęły

(en) 15.10 - Things are relatively calm, the rightists are standing below the PKiN? and shouting and spitting towards the Parade participants. The number of people has decreased. At the moment there are about 1000 people. The people who threw cobblestones have disappeared.

(fr) 15.10 - Les choses sont relativement calme, les droitistes sont au-dessous le PKiN?, ils crient et crachent vers les participant-e-s de la Parade. On devient moins nombreux, maintenant environ 1000 personnes. Ceux qui ont jeté les pavés ont disparu.

15.30 - pod PKiN mimo zakłóceń, trwa wiec. Na scenie stoją K.Legierski, K. Szczuka, Lipszyc oraz przedstawicielki OŚKI. Wszyscy odśpiewali piosenkę o kaczce-dziwaczce i "Bo fantazja jest od tego, aby bawić się na całego". Za chwilę ma się odbyć puszczanie kaczek. Na początku wiecu na scenę próbował wedrzeć się wszechpolak, ale został usunięty przez policję

(en) 15.30 - in spite of the problems, the rally at the PKiN? is continuing. K.Legierski, K. Szczuka, Lipszyc and representatives of OŚKA are on the stage. They all sang a song about a strange duck (duck = kaczka is similar to Warsaw mayor's name Kaczyński) and "Because fantasy is about playing with everything". At the beginning of the rally, the rightists tried to get on the stage, but the police stopped them.

(fr) 15.30 - malgré les ennuis, le rassemblement au PKiN? continue. K.Legierski, K. Szczuka, Lipszyc et quelques représentantes de l'OŚKA. Tou-te-s ont chanté une chanson concernant un canard cinglé (canard = « kaczka » se ressemble au nom du maire de Varsovie Kaczyński) et « Car la fantaisie, c'est jouer avec tout ». Au début du rassemblement, les droitistes avaient essayé de monter la scène, mais la police les avait empêché.

15.40 - właśnie dotarła do nas informacja, że dwóch z antyfaszystów broniących demonstrantów został zatrzymany przez policję.

15.50 - dwóch zatrzymanych to uczestnicy Federacji Anarchistycznej Praga, którzy pod PKiN trafili wiceprezydenta Warszawy Andrzeja Urbańskiego tortem.

15.55 - dookoła radiowozu w którym siedzą zatrzymani zebrało się wiele osób, które skandują: "wypuścić ich"


Sydney, 11.06.2005 14:21

Gumilaroi Clans Bracing for NSW Land Showdown


Brasil, 11.06.2005 14:21

Manifestações completam duas semanas

Bush não responde à Amnistia Internacional

Portugal, 11.06.2005 14:20

Bush não responde à Amnistia Internacional

sin lugares

Houston, 11.06.2005 14:20

Comida no bombas se despide de Pierce Elevated


Colombia, 11.06.2005 04:02

Declaración sobre la creación de la Coordinación Colombiana de Medios Alternativos

Bolivien - Neuer Pr�sident &amp; Update

Germany, 11.06.2005 03:00

Seit Wochen demonstrieren Kleinbauern, Indigene und Gewerkschaften in Bolivien f�r eine Verstaatlichung der Rohstoffressourcen des Landes. Nachdem der ehemalige Pr�sident Mesa nach den massiven Protesten zum wiederholten Mal seinen R�cktritt erkl�rt hatte, hat das Land nun einen neuen Pr�sidenten: den Verfassungsrichter Eduardo Rodr�guez, der nun Neuwahlen ausschreiben muss. Die Situation im Land ist explosiv und die Proteste scheinen einen H�hepunkt zu erreichen. Das Fazit: ein Toter, viele Verletzte, ein neuer Pr�sident. Die v�llige Eskalation wurde abgewendet, die Probleme sind weiter ungel�st.

Indymedia Bolivien | Narconews (en) | The Democracy Center [Blog] | Luchas en Bolivia [] | Radio Erbol Livestream (spanisch) | Fotos: 1 2 3 | Videos: 1 2

Oberhausener Wagenpl. &quot;Plan B&quot; droht R�umung

Germany, 11.06.2005 03:00

Die Stadt Oberhausen droht dem Wagenplatz "Plan B" seit Dienstag mit R�umung. Dessen BewohnerInnen wollen bleiben und haben sich darauf vorbereitet. Mittlerweile ist die 48-St�ndige Frist abgelaufen und die Polizei ist laut eigenen Angaben f�r einen Einsatz bereit. Das weitere Vorgehen der Stadt ist derzeit unklar. Die Lage ist gespannt.

Dienstag: Polizeibesuch | R�umungsbescheid | Demonstration (Fotos)
Mittwoch: Aktionsfr�hst�cken | Pressekonferenz | Lagebericht
Donnerstag: Impressionen zu Mitternacht Freitag: Lageberichte [1], [2] | Demo
Internetseite von Plan B


Colombia, 11.06.2005 02:00

Manifiesto Andino de Guayaquil

gma tapes

QC, 11.06.2005 00:25

Election Fraud: GMA Caught on Tape

The Allied Media Conference

Saint Louis, 11.06.2005 00:24

The Allied Media Conference is right around the corner: June 17-19. This is the 7th year that hundreds of zinesters, radio pirates, copwatchers, podcasters, community journalists, hip hop heads, librarians and more will be gathering in Bowling Green, Ohio. If you're building alternative media, you should be there, too.

Rebuilding the Home Rachel Corrie Stood to Safeguard

Santa Cruz, CA, 10.06.2005 23:01

Cindy and Craig Corrie are the parents of Rachel, the young woman from Washington State who was killed in March 2003 while standing to prevent demolition of a home in the Gaza Strip.

Khaled and Samah Nasrallah, members of the extended family living in the home at the time it was destroyed by an Israeli bulldozer, will join the Corries at the event.

  • Sunday, June 12
  • Presentation at 7pm, Reception at 8:45pm
  • Veteran's Memorial Hall, 856 Front St., Santa Cruz
Funds raised will be used to help reconstruct the Nasrallah home in Rafah.

Photos: Grafitti in Rafah, Gaza Strip, in memory of Rachel Corrie

[ Rachel Corrie Memorial Website || Resource Center for Nonviolence ]

Reportback from The Save Oregon's Forests Boycott stUmpqua Bank Picket

Portland, 10.06.2005 23:01

The weather may not have been great and the numbers may have been few, but that didn't stop a handful of activists from picket in front of stUmpqua Bank this morning around 11:30 a.m. today. Two great big banners were revealed as others handed out information about stUmpqua Bank and their dastardly destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. The handout that was given went a little something like this:

stUmpqua bank is run by timber barons who are profiting from the destruction of Oregon's ancient forests. Allyn Ford, president of the board of (st)Umpqua Bank, is the owner of Roseburg Forest Products. Lynn Herbert of Herbert Lumber is also a board member, and the Herbert family are the largest stockholders of stUmpqua Bank.

Both Roseburg Forest Products and Herbert Lumber have long histories of destroying native eco-systems, turning salmon bearing watersheds into muddy rivers and ancient forests into fields of stumps and government-managed tree plantations. Currently Roseburg Forest Products is buying tress from the Biscuit Timber Sale as part of the deceptively named "Fire Recovery Project." This extreme logging plan, the largest in US Forest Service history, is mainly in Old Growth Reserves and Roadless areas. Many of these areas are completely unburned and others are part of a fragile post burn eco-system.

Bolivien - Pr�sident Mesa bietet R�cktritt an

Germany, 10.06.2005 22:30

Obwohl Pr�sident Mesa Neuwahlen vorgeschlagen hatte um die Situation zu beruhigen, trat der gew�nschte Effekt nicht ein. Weder die nun seit 3-4 Wochen f�r eine Verstaatlichung der �lindustrie demonstrierenden Menschen, noch die nach Autonomie strebenden Provinz Santa Cruz akzeptierten diesen Vorschlag als L�sung aus der Krise. Gestern nun hat Mesa, nach massiven Protesten, zum wiederholten Mal seinen R�cktritt erkl�rt; die Situation im Land is nun explosiv.

Indymedia Bolivien | Narconews (en) | The Democracy Center / Blog | pga Infoseite | Radio Erbol Livestream (spanisch)

Update - 10.Juni:
Bolivien hat einen neuen Pr�sidenten +++ soziale Bewegungen m�ssen sich nun entscheiden - mehr Informationen hier...

Rev. James Lawson Urges Tenncare Enrollees to Resist

Tennessee, 10.06.2005 22:02

"The letters going out to Tenncare recipients is an indication of the defeat of this process and not its victory. The game is not over, and the good Governor who was applauded as your Mayor of Nashville previously, thinks he has undergirded his position with a major change that will bring him to national prominence. I think what he has done has caused many of you to join together so that this is the time to create a movement of resistance so that what has happened gets reversed and indeed restores Tenncare to the strength and quality that it had in earlier years and bring it beyond this even to a new movement for universal health care."


Uruguay, 10.06.2005 22:00

Berlín: la casa Yorckstrasse 59 desalojada

Anti War Games protests

Melbourne, 10.06.2005 14:01

War Games: Not in Our Name.

Nueva Edición de El Independiente

NYC, 10.06.2005 08:01

Esta nueva edición de El Independiente está dedicada al tema de inmigración en Estados Unidos, desde entrevistas a trabajadores indocumentados hasta un análisis de los cinco mitos más divulgados sobre los inmigrantes. Incluye además art�culos enfocados en Bolivia, Colombia y otros pa�ses latinoamericanos. En el área cultural, contiene reseñas de un documental en defensa de los derechos humanos y de una muestra de arte boliviano en Nueva York.

This new edition of El Independiente is dedicated to the topic of immigration in the United States, from interviews with undocumented workers to an analysis of the five most common myths about immigrants. It also incudes articles focusing on Bolivia, Colombia, and other Latin American countries. In the culture section, it contains reviews of a documentaty defending human rights and of a show of Bolivian art in New York.


Military Target: Students in Wash Heights

NYC, 10.06.2005 08:01

NEW YORK, June 9 - At two o'clock today, students streamed out George Washington High School in Washington Heights -- six more days until seniors graduate -- with yearbooks in hand, some with tales of calls and visits from military recruiters. In an effort to get the military out of schools, United for Peace and Justice, Educators against the War and UFTers stood outside several different high schools today handing out flyers warning students of the military recruiters who have been out in force because of the fresh crop of eighteen year olds available, terrible recruiting statistics for the last four months in a row and a war they want to feed these kids to.

June is LGBT Pride Month

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2005 08:00

LGBT Pride celebrations will be taking place all over California during the month of June. Humboldt Pride takes place June 10th-12th. The Sacramento Pride Parade & Fair takes place on Saturday, June 11th, 2005, beginning at 10:00am, with the theme Equal Rights - No More - No Less!, and the first pride parade in 22 years. Sac Pride website

The 10th annual Yolo County Gay Pride Day Picnic will be held on Sunday, June 12th, from noon until 4 in Central Park in Davis. More details

On Saturday and Sunday June 11th and 12th, San Jose Pride will be held, with a march on Sunday.

On Thursday, June 16th, Nevada County Equality California is hosting the first of two June movie nights with a screening of "Not in Our Town Northern California" in Grass Valley. Read more

San Francisco Pride is the weekend of June 24th-26th. There will be a whole week of events for Transgender Pride this year from June 20th-26th. Some highlights include a Trans March on Friday night June 24th and the first-ever Transgender Pavillion and Pride State at the Pride Celebration. The Dyke March takes place on Saturday, June 25th. The rally and performances begin at Dolores Park at 3:00 pm, and the march leaves at 7:00 pm. The annual SF Pride Celebration will take place on Saturday and Sunday at Civic Center, and there will be a Pride Parade on Sunday. Info about"Accessibility Seating" tickets for the Grandstand Seating area

Later in the summer: Sistahs Steppin in Pride, an East Bay Dyke March, is being planned for August 27th. There will be a Rainbow Festival in Sacramento from August 30th-September 4th. East Bay Voice reports that there will be an Out in Oakland meeting on June 18th to plan for an October 9th Coming Out Day event.

More California Pride Celebrations

DC Rally on Downing Street Memo planned - Heat turned up on Bush regime

DC, 10.06.2005 06:01

Once again, the duty falls on the shoulders of activists and other concerned citizens to do what the news media is supposed to do

Police make arrest outside of Bush appearance

DC, 10.06.2005 06:01

On June 8th around 1 pm, MPD officers cracked down on a group of liberals that were protesting at 16th and L NW, outside of a Bush gathering.

La Peña Day to be Celebrated on Saturday, June 11th

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2005 06:00

On Saturday, June 11th, La Peña Day will be celebrated in Berkeley with a 30th Anniversary Street Festival. The La Peña Cultural Center is a community space that includes a cafde, music and dance classes, and performances. The festival will be held from 12pm-6pm at the intersection of Prince & Shattuck streets. There will be free live music, food, drink, free kids' activities, including a kids' stage, and arts and community booths. With Pachasiku, Rafael Manriquez, La Peña Afro Cuban Youth Ensemble, La Peña Bomba Class, Jesus Diaz & QBA, La Familia, Youth Movement Records, and DJ José Ruiz. La Peña is creating a community history project- they ask that people visit La Peña's booth at the Street Festival and bring photos or memories from past events to enter into the community history journals.

Other Celebratory Programs:
Fri. & Sat. June 10th and 11th ¡Vivan los treinta de La Peña! with CANTINFLAS!, a celebrated bilingual play written and performed by Culture Clash's Herbert Sigüenza. This tribute to comedian & movie actor Mario Moreno captures the fusion of the comic's clever word play.
On Friday, June 17th, the La Peña Community Chorus celebrates La Peña's 30th Anniversary in a concert of retrospection and vision with some of its favorite songs from the last 25 years, as well as the most recent additions to its repertoire of music that celebrates justice, peace, unity and hope.
On Saturday, June 18th, Quetzal will be in concert. The leading Chicano band from LA returns to Berkeley with its high quality songs with upbeat rhythms and powerful lyrics in a mix of Mexican, Cuban, Latin American rhythms, jazz, and rock supercharged by its dynamic vocals. Read more

Student Resistance

Manila, 10.06.2005 05:22

Students Want Higher Education Budget

Bizarre objects in the sky over Portland?

Portland, 10.06.2005 05:21

OK, this is pretty weird. My girlfriend and I were sitting outside in our backyard when I looked up to see this weirdly shaped object tumbling across the sky. It looked angular, reflective (it was reflecting the setting sun) and was moving north to south. We stared at it for a while and then a second object came by, moving faster. It was also reflective, but shaped (I swear I'm not making this up) like a donut. They moved like balloons, but certainly looked larger and more oddly shaped than any balloon I've ever seen. I ran to get my camera and took a few photos, but by that time they were further away and I couldn't make out any detail. Did anyone else see these?

Hollywood Liberals: More Shameless Crap From ABC

Portland, 10.06.2005 05:21

Watching "Primetime Live". Dianne Sawyer and Brad Pitt are in Ethiopia, walking through the sewage filled streets of some horrible shantytown. They're smiling, surrounded by hordes of smiling street urchins who don't know Pitt from a red ant. The movie star blathers on about how all these kids really need is money to save them from more starvation, abuse, war and God knows what else. This is a place where eight year old prostitutes sell for a QUARTER! Never once did anyone mention the recent election fraud of 6 weeks ago. Yesterday the Ethiopian government shot dead 22 protesters and arrested 600 who were peacefully rallying to voice their concerns. The election results still haven't been tabulated. The candidate supported by Tony Blair's government is the one accused of fraud. See the hand of the U.K. at work. ABC even had the gall to run a snippet of Pitt's latest movie in the middle of the show! The whole thing was just like a bad episode of those Sally Struthers ads for Save The Kids or whatever.

Pedalpalooza 2005 kicks off with a bike parade

Portland, 10.06.2005 05:21

Pedalpalooza kicked off it's 2005 bicycle celebration with a bike parade. At its max, the parade had 160 cyclists participating. Most people were costumed and had their bike decked out in fabulous decor provided by the nice people putting on the event.

The bike parade today left NW 10th and Johnson after gathering folks together and having them pimp their rides with everything from tinsel to flags. The parade route was planned by the organizers and apparently permitted as well.

read more >>How can we make cycling more sustainable?on my way to bed tonight, i am thinking about a longer-than-usual bike ride i'll be taking in the morning for a visit to a naturopathic doctor. i find myself grateful that the longer ride does not entail, like a car trip would, concerns about whether there's enough gas in the tank. i'll check the tire pressure before i go, and see if the chains need lube, but that's about it. however, the thought occurs to me now, as it sometimes does, that bicycling instead of driving has still not freed me from consuming petroleum and that a future with much less of it that's more expensive will definitely affect me and other cyclists. how can we make this better? >>

Weekend of Resistance in Solidarity with Jeff &quot;Free&quot; Luers

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2005 05:20

June 10th-12th is an international Weekend of Resistance with Jeff "Free" Luers. Luers is currently serving his 5th year of a 22 year and 8 month sentence for an action that, supporters say, "...did not hurt or threaten anyone. He burned 3 SUVs to make a statement about increased environmental destruction caused by fuel inefficient vehicles. It is believed and obvious that it is Jeff’s political beliefs that landed him this unjust sentence."

A Political Prisoner Speaking Event will be held on Friday, June 10th at 6:30pm at the New College Cultural Center in San Francisco. This speaking event will focus on the importance of prisoner support and what it means to be a political prisoner in the US. Local former prisoners and prisoner support activists including Luis “Bato” Talamantez and Rahula Janowski will speak. A short speech written by Luers will be read. On Saturday June 11th a Critical Mass Bike Ride for Luers will gather at 1PM at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco. There will be a film screening on June 10th at 7pm in Modesto. On June 11th there will be a video screening in Sacramento at 3pm at Juliana's Kitchen. Also on June 11th there will be a video screening in Santa Rosa.

Indynewswire Radio Show about Free | Read more on Indybay's Environment News Page

Society for Disability Studies Conference in SF This Week

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.06.2005 05:20

The Society for Disability Studies is holding its annual conference at San Francisco State University from June 8th through 11th, with the theme Conversations & Connections Across Race, Disability & Identity. The conference coincides with activism by people in the Bay Area and on the East Coast to start a national organization for and by disabled people of color. As part of the conference, there will be a Color of Disability photo exhibit of the two political conventions focusing on people of color with disabilities by Safi wa Nairobi. The following events have a lower entrance fee than the conference:

The photo exhibit Brown Disabled Broken Bodies: A Tour of Police Brutality Cases Against Disabled People of Color will be up on June 10th from 5-7PM. Photos of people such as May Molina, a diabetic woman who died in Chicago police custody when she was denied access to her medication, will be on display.
On Saturday June 11th from 12:30-2:30pm, there will be a panel entitled: Coast to Coast African Americans' Grassroots Incentives. The panelists will be representatives of organizations from the East Coast and California that deal with people of color with disabilities, and especially African Americans.
Also on June 11th, from 7:30-9:30pm, Black AND Disabled Artists Sharing, or BADAS, will perform Black Disabled Art History 101 with a slide show.

Read more on Indybay's Arts and Action Page

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