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Antimilitarism And the G8

Scotland, 19.06.2005 07:22

The G8 nations are involved in military activity at every level. They declare war and invade countries; they maintain massive military capability both at home and in bases abroad; they fund the military capability of smaller nations around the world; they provide homes (and export licenses) for major arms companies producing most of the military hardware in the world today.

[Anti-military main events at G8 2005: Pre-G8 NVDA training, 18 June | Faslane blockade, 4 July ]

[Anti-military groups at G8 2005:Trident Ploughshares | CND UK | Scottish CND | Voices in the Wilderness UK | Campaign against the Arms Trade | Peace News | Faslane Peace Camp | Friends of the Earth | Justice not Vengeance | People and Planet | Stop the War Coalition]

STOP Wal-Mart from Coming to Your Community!

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.06.2005 07:21

So far, Santa Cruz County has managed to keep out ultra-evil Wal-Mart from its communities. Wal-Mart is now trying to come into Santa Cruz County... by locating themselves just outside of county lines in the small, unicorporated area of Pajaro. Please help fight the corporate monster!

Sometimes a moment comes when what we do, individually and together, MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE in what happens, for better or for worse, in our communities here on the Central Coast. If we respond, we win. If we fail to respond, we lose. A moment like that has arrived NOW.

At 9:30 AM on Monday morning June 20 the Monterey County Board of Supervisors will hear public comment on whether the county should regulate the development of big box superstores-- combining huge discount grocery sales with cheap consumer goods-- like the WalMart superstore proposed for the unincorporated rural area of Pajaro.

Tailer de Grabado en Madera (Print Making Workshop) en Watsonville con el Caldo

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.06.2005 07:21

El 17 de Junio en un centro comunitario de Watsonville, California donde se dan clases de ciencias a los niños Camp Sea Lab. El Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano (de Mexico) fuimos invitadas a dar un taller de xilografia para la comunidad...


On June 17 at a community center in Watsonville, California where there are science classes for children called Camp Sea Lab. El Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano from Mexico City were special guests for a workshop on printmaking for the community.

[ Camp SEA Lab || Colectivo Caldo de Cultivo Urbano desde la Ciudad de Mexico ]

Serious questions raised about &quot;Iraqi Labor Tour&quot;

Portland, 19.06.2005 07:21

Visiting Portland next week -- according to flyers handed out at the recent rally in front of Senator Gordon Smith's offices held as part of the Rural Organizing Projects "March for Truth and Justice" from Salem to Portland -- will be two unnamed "Iraqi labor union leaders," as part of an AFL-CIO sponsored "Iraqi Labor Tour 2005." A calendar item for the event is visible here

Recently, radical labor activists have raised alarms about AFL-CIO's intentions and alliances in connection with Iraq. The AFL has a very sordid history internationally during the Cold War of directly assisting the goals of US imperialism, supporting rightwing regimes, remaining silent at the plight of workers under them, and sabotaging radical labor organizing at home and abroad.

Home Depot Save Our State Anti-immigrant Demonstration

LA, 19.06.2005 07:21

Home Depot Save Our State Anti-immigrant Demo and Counter Demo

Condenaron a Romina Tejerina

Argentina, 19.06.2005 07:21

Sábado 18 de Junio de 2005
La condena a Romina Tejerina o el disciplinamiento patriarcal.

Condenaron a Romina Tejerina

Argentina, 19.06.2005 07:21

Sábado 18 de Junio de 2005
La condena a Romina Tejerina o el disciplinamiento patriarcal.

Sheffield G8 Protests

United Kingdom, 19.06.2005 07:21

Thanks to David Blunkett the G8 Justice and Home Affairs ministers met in Sheffield on the 15th to 17th June 2005. Protests started on the 11th June with a critical mass, demonstration and the Peace in the Park festival.

Protests during the ministers meeting got away with far more than in Derby though there were in several arrests. There is a summury of each days actions, Wednesday 15th June, Thursday 16th June and Friday 17th June. The final day ended with a massive post-protest Insurgents' Party at the Convergence Space, with the Trollyd and Riddimition sound systems and the 2012 Show.

June 17th — Reports: 1 | Photos: 1 | 2 | 3

June 16th — Photos & reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | Videos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

June 15th — Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | Video: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

June 11th — Photos: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Germany1 | 2

Pennsylvanians Rally for Dedicated Mass Transit Funding

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

On February 14, hundreds of Pennsylvanians converged in Harrisburg to protest the cuts and fare hikes in mass transit and to demand dedicated funding. SEPTA faces a $49 million deficit for 2005 with other mass transit agencies facing similar deficits throughout the state. Strong speeches were delivered by Philadelphia's mayor John Street and Pat Eiding, the president of Philadelphia's chapter of the AFL-CIO.

The date the fare hikes and cutbacks are go into effect has been pushed back from February 27 due to a rescheduled hearing in a lawsuit filed against SEPTA in response to their plan of cutbacks and fare hikes and some emergency funding. The judge has an order in place to prevent the implementation of the plan. The state was also able to "flex" money from a one-time unexpected increase oil refinery tax revenues, pushing the impending crisis to June.

See Rich Gardner's photoessay and the Feb. 27th South Street March for Public Transit

International Rally for Mumia Abu-Jamal

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

On Feb.11 2-300 supporters of Mumia Abu-Jamal gathered in Philadelphia. They marched from the Friends Center and circled City Hall before the crowd joined the French delegation in City Hall, who recieved Liberty Bell awards from the City of Philadelphia. Afterwards, supporters returned to the Friends Center (just blocks away from City Hall) and had their own Evidentiary Hearing in response the Judge Pamela Dembe's recent postponement of a Feb.11 hearing for Mumia Abu-Jamal. Abu-Jamal and his lawyers have submitted new testimony in by Yvette Williams and Kenneth Pate, suggesting that testimony presented agaist Abu-Jamal in 1982 was fraudulent.

Temple faculty union wins major victory in contract settlement

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

"At a time when trade unions, especially unions at academic institutions, are under intense pressure from management for givebacks, and when union membership is falling, it's heartening to hear of a victory. And a victory is what has been won at Temple University, the scene of some bitter strikes and labor/management confrontations over the last three decades.

The Temple Association of University Professionals, a unit of the American Federation of Teachers which represents the 1200 faculty and professional workers at Temple University in Philadelphia, just negotiated a new four-year contract with the university administration that gives academic workers 2.75 percent annual pay increases, as well as a pot of money equal to 1 percent of payroll for merit pay increases each year. The hard-won contract also beats back administration efforts to reduce faculty autonomy and governance powers, and actually expands those powers in some areas.

Last fall, things were looking pretty grim at Temple...."

Philadelphia Resists Genetic Engineering

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

In Pennsylvania, 2004 was a year in which the biotech industry used its influence over government to get state and US government to defend industry over the public's health and safety. Ethan Walker, an organizer and founding member of Philly RAGE (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering), writes:

"From June 19 to 22, 2005, a powerful lobbying consortium, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), is holding its annual international convention in downtown Philadelphia. And while more than 10,000 biotech industry leaders gather to plan the expansion of their corporate control over life itself, grassroots activists will once again converge to confront them and expose the truth that the experimental science they call "innovation" really spells "Biodevastation" for human health, food security, local autonomy and biodiversity."

Read the FULL STORY,originally published in Earth First! Journal, Eostar March-April 2005. See also recent Philly articles on the upcoming International Food Not Bombs gathering and 25th Anniversary Celebration, which will be held on June 16 & 17, 2005, in Philadelphia; drug industry deregulation; and labor organizing among human test subjects for those same Pharmaceutical giants. For Indymedia accounts of the Biodevastation convergence of 2004, see Portland Indymedia and IMC Santa Cruz. Finally, read the *Reclaim the Commons!* Philadelphia, June 18-21 *Call to Action!*.

'Mclibrary' Scheme Sabotages Access to Information in Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

photo of Ruth Hyman by Ed Goppelt, 2-12-05 Love Your Library rally"On January 10th Mayor Street laid off 13 branch librarians and designated 20 branches to be "Express" libraries, only open 4 hours per day and staffed with clerks instead of librarians.

More facts: City Council increased the Library's 2004-05 budget by $1 million for staff, but the Mayor did not use this resource for staff. Instead he continues to decrease staff. Determination as to which branches would be designated 'Express' branches was based on circulation levels, which do not take computer usage into consideration. 41% of city households are without home computers. Many of these branches are located in low income neighborhoods struggling with low performing public schools, high rates of illiteracy and high unemployment. Branch libraries are the largest provider of free access to computer and internet service in our communities, among many other essential services. Libraries in the public schools are woefully inadequate - the Association of School Librarians found that the average copyright for books in Philadelphia public schools is 1972 - and many do not have a librarian on staff. They depend on their neighborhood libraries to pick up the slack...."

For more information, see "Mr. Mayor, fund the libraries!" By Ed Goppelt, Ed Goppelt's Photoessay of the February 12th "Love your Library" Rally, the Library Rally Call to Action and the Library Action Fax Bank.

Giuliana Sgrena and reporters in Iraq

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

CNN Editor Eason Jordan caused furor when he was quoted from a forum panel discussion as saying that US soldiers were targeting reporters in Iraq as opposed to reporters simply being collateral damage or caught in a crossfire.  Jordan was promptly fired even though there were actually serious questions about whether journalists were being targeted. 
These questions have resurfaced with the shooting of an Italian reporter who was rescued from kidnappers and was being driven back to what she thought would be safety.  Italy is in an uproar because it's not at all clear that the shooting was due to any kind of error or that US soldiers did not know that she was in the targeted car.  A quick check of the Il Manifesto index of stories by Sgrena shows that she was indeed a serious critic of US actions in Iraq, lending credibility to the accusations that she was deliberately targeted.  For Iraqis to be similarly shot at, however is unfortunately rather routine.

Coalition of Immokalee Workers, Taco Bell Reach Groundbreaking Agreement

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

(From the open newswire:) In a precedent-setting move, fast-food industry leader Taco Bell Corp., a division of Yum! Brands (NYSE: YUM), has agreed to work with the Florida-based farm worker organization, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), to address the wages and working conditions of farmworkers in the Florida tomato industry.

Taco Bell announced today that it will fund a penny per pound "pass-through" with its suppliers of Florida tomatoes, and will undertake joint efforts with the CIW on several fronts to improve working conditions in Florida's tomato fields. For its part, the CIW has agreed to end its three-year boycott of Taco Bell, saying that the agreement "sets a new standard of social responsibility for the fast-food industry."

Privatization: Dead in the Water?

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

President Bush's plan to reform Social Security to include private/personal accounts in order to allegedly solve Social Security's allegedly serious financial problems appears to have lost momentum with voters and politicans of both parties. Public approval of the idea dropped from 38% to 35% in the latest Washington Post poll. This is a setback for a Republican National Committee effort to stitch together local and national groups into a single message machine. The RNC had been happy about the fact that they could run on an issue using all of the tools of a reelection campaign without any campaign finance laws or organizational arms-length seperations to worry about. But even events with pre-selected audiences are going sour as Vice-President Cheney, standing in for Bush, runs into increasingly hostile questioning.

Has worldwide oil production peaked?

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

A government report "The Peaking of World Oil production" sketches out the coming oil shock as oil supplies move past the half-way point and supplies begin to dwindle.  Presently, the world has used up around 930 billion barrels of oil and it's estimated that there are 1.266 trillion barrels left.  World production is currently flat and the last major field (off the shores of Mexico) was discovered in 1976.  As China and India are rapidly growing and expected to use up larger and larger portions of the world's oil supplies, the House of Representatives passed a 1,000+ page energy bill (The Senate will produce it's version in May), but alternative energy sources are getting a fresh and more urgent look. 

Status of War On Terrorism (WOT)

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

The government has been keeping track of worldwide terrorist attacks since 1985. In 2001, with the September 11 attacks, casualties jumped upwards in a single massive spike. 2002 saw a return to normal numbers, but 2003 should have seen a further reduction as the March 19th invasion of Iraq was supposed to have intimidated terrorists all over the world and should have deprived terrorists of a sponsor and/or sanctuary. The Bush Administration claims to have innocently left off the numbers that would have demonstrated a rise in terrorist casualties and incidents for that year. In 2004, as the Iraq War proceeded, casualties again should have dropped (Especially as the Iraq War was deliberately excluded from the count.) but again rose. This time, the Bush Administration has simply scrapped the annual report.

On America's domestic front, right-wing terrorism has been responsible for a number of casualties. Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City, Eric Rudolph who shot abortion doctors, Luis Posada Carriles who has carried out bombings in Latin America are all responsible for loss of life.

Left-wing terrorism has focused on causing property damage. In 2005, the Bush Administration has declared that left-wing terrorism is their main priority.

Black Radical Congress Hosts Voter Empowerment Forum

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

Engaged citizens assembled at the Friends Center on 15th Street on Thursday April 21st for a Voter Empowerment Forum held by the Black Radical Congress. At the meeting, a representative from the League of Women's Voters spoke, as well as Michael Coard, also known as the people's attorney for his show "The Radio Courtroom" on WHAT 1340 AM. The Forum aimed to prepare voters for the upcoming judicial primaries in Philadelphia on May 17th. In these primaries, voters will nominate a candidate for District Attorney and City Controller, as well as Judges for the Court of Common Pleas, the Municipal Court, and Traffic Court.

During the forum, Coard announced the formation of a new organization called "Judging the Judges" which will keep tabs, and offer information on both judicial members and candidates in Philadelphia. (Judging the Judges can be reached at 215-552-8785.) As Coard noted, judges are some of the most powerful politicians in America, and citizens must be well informed and vote intelligently in the coming primary election. Although Coard suggested people do their own research he recommended Joyce Webb Eubanks; Ellen Green-Ceisler; Sharon Williams Losier and Leon Tucker for Common Pleas Court and Nazario Jiminez Jr.; Beverly Muldrow and Karen Y. Simmons who are running for Municipal court. For the District Attorney's race, he was a strong supporter of Seth Williams. Audience members were particularly animated over the discussion of the coming DA's race and there was a consensus that Seth Williams was a much better choice for the black community and city in general because of history of work with the community, his prosecutorial philosophy and his more thoughtful views on the death penalty.

Brewerytown Residents Fight Gentrification

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

On April 22nd , a cold Friday, a small crowd rallied on the corner of Girard and 31st St. to voice their rage against the gentrification of Brewerytown, a community which is beginning to acutely feel the pressures of real estate speculation. The demonstration was organized by the African American Business and Residents Association (AABRA), who have been at the forefront of calling out out and fighting the gentrification process in Brewerytown, along with Philly Action), a group of mostly white activists, some of whom live in the neighborhood and also oppose the gentrification process.

[Read more on the protest]

MayDay March in NYC

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

United for Peace & Justice organized a march on May 1st that combined an anti-war protest with an anti-nuclear protest.  The march took place in New York as did their march on the second anniversary of the Iraq War's beginning.   Amazingly, even with evidence that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair having conspired to start the Iraq War, despite even having 89 Congressmen & women send a letter to the President asking for an answer, the story is just now, on the 12th, beginning to come out in the major media with an LA Times story. 
The conspiracy between the two leaders was revealed on April 24th and was a factor in depressing turnout for the Labour Party on May 6th, but was a subject carefully avoided by the US press.   With British "newspapers dominated by discussion of secret memos, secret trips to the US, and secret deliberations to justify the [Iraq] war over the past 3-4 days.", the US press has remained strangely silent. 

More on the march

20th Anniversary of MOVE Bombing Commemorated

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

May 13th, 2005, marks the 20th anniversary of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, PA. On May 13, 1985, the Philadelphia police dropped a firebomb on the home of the MOVE organization, a radical organization that protested police brutality and government policies. Five adults and six children were killed in the bombing, and 61 homes were burned in the resulting fire. Despite two grand jury investigations, and a commission finding that top officials were grossly negligent, no one from the city government was criminally charged. For more information on the bombing, see this story by local journalist Walidah Imarisha, blackamericaweb's coverage, and the MOVE website.

Quran Abuse and Newsweek

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

A lefty blogger quotes a right-winger who wrote him a letter:

On Sunday night "60 Minutes" did its 10th liberal anti-American segment in a row about the war in Iraq. This time it was about how we torture people at Guantanamo (GITMO.) The explosive incident in question, to which there was a direct and credible witness, involved using an American woman to sexually humiliate, in theory, sexually repressed Muslim prisoner.

The fist logical response to this has to be: if it were me or my son I'd thank God loudly and eternally to have such complete wimps as torturers.

The point, which is clear from a careful reading of the few sentences above, but which seems to escape our letter-writer is that the torment was specifically designed to humiliate Muslims.  Such a torment would not work on Americans because American culture is far more sexualized.  Realizing this, the story reported by Newsweek begins to make sense.   Tossing a Qu'ran (or Quran or Koran) onto a toilet would indeed outrage a Muslim and might indeed be a tactic used by interrogators.  That would also be entirely consistent with known torments at Abu Ghraib, forcing Muslims to stand naked, with women's underwear on their heads or piled on top of each other. 

Continued in newswire story

The Deal on the Filibuster

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

Opinion is all over the place. James Dobson, head of Focus on the Family and accused of being the puppetmaster pulling the strings on Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist but better known as the fellow who accused Spongebob Squarepants of being gay, made it clear that he was unhappy.

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is happy. The Republican Manchester Union-Leader isn't happy. DailyKos is happy. Senator Feingold is not happy. Senator McCain is happy. Steve Gilliard says the theocrats are unhappy. Republican Senators Willingly Date-Raped By Democratic Senators. Hugh Hewitt doesn't know whether deal is "a 'terrible' deal, a 'bad' deal, or a very, very marginally 'ok' deal, but it surely is not a good deal." Instapundit isn't really concerned. Liberal Oasis isn't terribly happy and Daily Howler thinks the press has done a lousy job of explaining things to our poor, confused public.

BioDemocracy 2005

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

From June 19 to June 22, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) -- is holding its annual international convention in downtown Philadelphia. In response:Activists in Philadelphia and throughout the East Coast are hard at work mobilizing a diverse smorgasbord of activities to challenge the biotech industry with our own vision of peaceful, sustainable and GE-free grassroots democracy.

The group Food Not Bombs will also be gathering to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Z Magazine did a history piece on them. The official name for the gathering as a whole will be the BioDemocracy Teach-In & Conference and it's main activities will take place from 2-10pm @ Friends Center (15th & Cherry) and will convene the next day from 2-9pm at the same place. On the third day, they'll meet from 11am-10pm @ Ethical Society (19th & Locust). The website Under The Pavement describes the events in more detail. Philadelphia RAGE (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering) is taking the lead in organizing volunteers and proving further information. Indymedia has a BioTech section that will feature more and more articles as the Teach-In gets closer.

City Council Approves Housing Trust Fund

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

City Council approved by a 17-0 vote Bill #050059 on June 9th to create a Housing Trust Fund that would add $15 million a year for neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing production, and home repair.

Over fifty supporters of the trust fund burst into applause in Room 400 at City Hall as the vote results were announced. The vote represents a hard fought victory for the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund Campaign and over 100 organizations who supported this legislation.

The bill requires passage of enabling legislation from the state, which was approved by the House on Monday, June 6th. The PHTC is pushing for a vote from the Senate in the form of SB 684 before the summer recess at the end of June.

[Update from PHTF Campaign | Article on Trust Fund by Rafi Rom | Editorial in Inky ]

Biodemocracy 2005

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) will hold their June 19-22 international corporate convention in downtown Philadelphia. People from across the country are converging to bring attention to BIO's closed-door agenda of medicine for profit, genetically engineered agriculture and bioweapons proliferation.

Saturday, June 18th Highlights:

  • Reclaim the Commons Festival, 10am to 2pm @ Clark Park
  • Health Care in the Black Community, 11am - 5pm @ Malcolm X Park
  • Philadelphia Anti-Vivisection Congress, 12pm - 6:30pm @ the Ethical Society
  • BioDemocracy Teach-In and Conference, 2pm - 9:30pm @ the Friends Center
    • Communities Resisting GMOs , 2pm - 3:45 pm
    • The Health Care Crisis and the Pharmaceutical Industry, 3pm - 5 pm
    • Sustainable agriculture roundtable, 4pm - 6 pm
    • Free dinner shared by Food Not Bombs, 6-7 pm
    • Featured Screening - the Future of Food, sponsored by Media Tank, 7pm - 9:30pm

Click here for full calendar. Check back for updates.

The Reclaim the Commons Free for All

Philadelphia, 18.06.2005 23:21

Free was the theme of the day at the Reclaim the Commons Festival, which was today from 10am until 2pm at Clark Park in West Philadelphia. This opening event for the Biodemocracy 2005 Teach-In and Conference, which is being presented by Philadelphia Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (RAGE) and the Institute for Social Ecology, had something free for everyone

Rebelion en el Penal

Argentina, 18.06.2005 23:00

Sábado 18 de junio de 2005 | La crisis carcelaria en Córdoba.
“Motín” y ¿después?.

Brasil: manifestação de solidariedade com Zumbi dos Palmares

Portugal, 18.06.2005 21:00

Brasil: manifestação de solidariedade com Zumbi dos Palmares

Pakhuis Afrika: Bratra weer blootgesteld aan asbest

Netherlands, 18.06.2005 19:00

Tijdens de ontruiming van pakhuis Afrika werd de BraTra ingezet om door asbesthoudende brandwerende deuren te slijpen. Hierbij werden ze blootlgesteld aan een stofwolk die vol zat met asbestdeeltjes. Voor zover van buiten te zien was hadden ze geen beschermende kledij aan. Het is niet voor het eerst dat politiemensen zonder hun medeweten blootgesteld worden aan dit potentieel dodelijke spul. Blijkbaar hebben de beleidsmakers evenmin scrupules over het blootstellen aan schadelijke stoffen van hun eigen personeel als over het dakloos maken van mensen die voor huisvestig aangewezen zijn op kraken.

In oktober 2003 onstond er een rel met de politievakbonden[ 1 ][ 2 ] toen aan het licht kwam dat meer dan twee jaar eerder, in september 2001, ME werd blootgesteld aan mogelijke asbestose door blootstelling aan wit en blauw asbest bij de ontruming en sloop van de tuinhuisjes in park Frankendael.[ 1 ][ 2 ]

Haast en spoed is zelden goed, dat de veiligheid van de ME hier weer over het hoofd gezien werd voor een spoedontruiming van gebouwen waarbij de gemeente financieel betrokken is, zal wel aan de overhaasting die met dit hele gebeuren ook nu weer gepqqrd ging te wijten zijn. Meer informatie [ 1 | 2 | 3 (pag 31)| 4 | 5 ] Hebtu u nog vragen:

criminalització i repressió (ca)

Barcelona, 18.06.2005 19:00

Els més reaccionaris es mobilitzen per seguir reprimint, però >>> hi ha respostes

Per seguir discriminant per motius sexuals i de gènere: Davant del 'pancartisme' ultraconservador dels Jardinets i la manifestació ultracatòlicoconservadora del 18 de juny >>>> Girem la truita: Sí als casaments entre catòlics! ::: [2 jul] manifestació contra l'homofòbia ::: anàlisi del manifest pel 18 de juny ::: i més enllà del matrimoni: la seva abolició ::: fes un acte d'apostasia
Per mantenir els expol.lis de guerra i el robatori de la memòria col.lectiva: Davant les manifestacions contra la devolució dels papers de Salamanca i les seves amenaces >>> contrastem: com a molt 25.000 manifestants ::: informem: Els experts demanen que tornin la documentació ::: Reivindiquem la dignitat i el retorn íntegre dels documents ::: També a València ::: i també de l'anarquisme
Per mantenir la impossibilitat de la pau: Davant de la sortida de la dreta al carrer en contra del diàleg amb ETA >>>> sentar-se a parlar ::: desobediència civil i noviolència: els "demo" ::: Solidaritat i recolzament ::: informació i grups de treball com el 18/98 ::: promoció de grups de seguiment i treball locals
Per mantenir el poder repressor?

+info | >>>antifeixisme + >>>cultures + >>>sexualitats +

criminalitzación y represión (es)

Barcelona, 18.06.2005 19:00

Los más reaccionarios se movilizan para seguir reprimiendo, pero >>> hay respuestas

Para seguir discriminando per motivos sexuales y de génere: Ante el 'pancartismo' ultraconservador de los Jardinets y la manifestación ultracatolicoconservadora del 18 de junio >>>> Giremos la tortilla: Sí a las bodas entre católicos! ::: [2 jul] manifestación contra la homofobia ::: analisis del manifiesto del 18 de junio ::: y más allá del matrimonio: su abolicion ::: haz un acto de apostasia
Para mantener los expolios de guerra y el robo de la memoria colectiva: Ante las manifestaciones contra la devolución de los papeles de Salamanca y sus amenazas >>> contrastemos: como mucho m 25.000 manifestantes ::: informamos: Els experts demanen que tornin la documentació ::: Reivindiquem la dignitat i el retorno íntegro dels documentos ::: Tambien en Valenncia ::: y tambien del anarquismo
Para mantener la imposibilidad de la paz: Ante la salida de la derecha a la calle en contra del diálogo con ETA >>>> sentarse a hablar ::: desobediencia civil y noviolencia: els "demo" ::: Solidaridad y apoyo ::: información y grupos de trabajo como el 18/98 ::: promoción de grupos de seguimento y trabajo locales
¿Para mantener el poder represor?

+info | >>>antifascismo + >>>culturas + >>>sexualidades +

Hartz IV Proteste gehen immer noch weiter

Germany, 18.06.2005 18:30

Noch immer protestieren Menschen regelmäßig montags gegen Hartz IV, z.B. in Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt/Main, Herne, Köln, Plauen, Weißenfels, usw. Am gestrigen Dienstag, 14. Juni sprach Oskar Lafontaine auf einer Kundgebung "für soziale Sicherheit" (brrr) in Chemnitz. Laut VeranstalterInnen nahmen 8000 Menschen teil, als er am Karl-Marx-Denkmal rief: "Schluß mit Hartz IV!". Demnächst, am 2. Juli, ist eine Brandenburger Demo in Jüterbog geplant.

BAG-SHI | | Beratungsadressen | ALG II Leitfaden | Widerspruch gegen Hartz IV

Seeing Through OHSU Propaganda: Local activist responds with the facts

Portland, 18.06.2005 18:21

The following reply was sent from OHSU in response to a letter from a citizen concerned about experimentation conducted at their primate center... This letter is a great example of the response you will get from OHSU (or most animal research institutions) if you challenge their use of non-human animals in medical research. The same old unsubstantiated claims and an attempt to make it seem like only animal rights "extremists" oppose animal research. OHSU will buy ads and have their PR person send you a letter and maybe some pamphlets but they certainly wont engage in real debate.

Animal research is a multi-billion dollar industry. To keep the money coming in, they frame the issue as animal rights "extremists" vs. scientific reason. Yet it is OHSU who does not back up their claims with clear evidence, who refuses to debate and who, when confronted with solid arguments, falls back on manipulative emotionalism. Do not be satisfied with clever PR campaigns and slick pamphlets. Demand answers and real accountability.

Let's look at some of the claims made in this letter >>

OHSU's specious science and corporate greed exposed: [ White Coat Welfare ]

Management corporation attempting to compel tenant to remove antiwar signs from window in Tigard

Portland, 18.06.2005 16:26

My wife and I rent an apartment on Bull Mountain Road in Tigard. Since the beginning of the war in Iraq in 2003, we have posted several signs expressing our opposition to the war, in the window of our bedroom, facing our parking area. Today we were told, by a representative of the management corporation that owns the complex, that we "must" remove the signs. We refused, on the grounds that it would infringe upon our moral and constitutional right to free speech. The management representative responded by strongly implying that we would be evicted if we did not comply.

Big Brother is Watching

United Kingdom, 18.06.2005 09:20

While people are busy being hooked on watching yet another Big Brother series on TV the fiction rapidly moves towards reality. The UK already has more CCTV cameras than any other country in the world. Your emails can be read and the history of your websurfing analysed without a court order by six government agencies and the Police. Your land line can be tapped. Your mobile phone acts as a tracking device and vehicles can be tracked across the country through number plate recognition software. The Police now have the power to access your NHS records without having to establish that a criminal act has taken place. The measures taken by the UK government in the name of the "war on terror" have severly damaged civil liberties and human rights.

The slide towards a Big Brother state accelerates further this week. The G8 Justice and Interior Ministers meeting in Sheffield discussed avenues for advancing the the so-called "war on terror", national security and combating international crime and illegal immigration, all of which are likely to have further negative impacts on civil liberties. For the UK goverment part of this strategy is to introduce a national identity scheme making it a legal requirement for its citizens to carry ID cards. Scandal

Ireland, 18.06.2005 09:20

Workers Rights Violated, Odd Background of Company That May Not Exist Numerous claims of dubious workplace activities and unfair treatment of employees have been made against Global Mobile Vision, a company which doesn't seem to be registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office but who still managed to obtain funding from the IDA for their operations in Clondalkin. Background Links & Info You can read full details of this story on the following websites: June 10th, 2005: Employee 'detained' and staff 'underpaid' at IT company June 10th, 2005: Reprinted Village Magazine article about Employee 'detained' and staff 'underpaid' at IT company June 11th, 2005: Global Mobile Vision: UPDATE Media Coverage & Contact Details for GMV June 11th, 2005: Global Mobile Vision: Update After Ex- Employee Meeting June 12th, 2005: Global Mobile Vision: An 'Official' Response from Alex Fitzgerald June 12th, 2005: Global Mobile Vision: Open letter to Mr. Alex Fitzgerald/GMV management June 14th, 2005: BBC World Confirms Business Connection with GMV June 15th, 2005: Global Mobile Vision: Being Investigated by Irish Government June 16th, 2005: Employees setup blogs to show they’re happy campers More Investigating Blogging at: A Dublin "technology" company with links to Christian religious groups in America has been accused of intimidating staff, of failing to pay salaries, and sexual harrassment. Its work practices are bizarre. Fire escapes are locked. Management deny the allegations. A number of staff members were fired for various reasons. Some staff went without pay for up to 10 weeks. If the ex-staff members did receive P45s a number were duplicated, with different information. Some of these people suspect they were fired for asking two many questions. Global Mobile Vision was incorporated in the UK in August 2004 and has had offices in Nangor road business park in Clondalkin since November 2004. The company is run by David Crownborn, his wife, Esther Crownborn, his brother, Matthew Crownborn and the latter’s wife Deborah King. The company’s main contacts are with American Evangelist groups, staff said. It has recently being involved in contacts in the US with evangelist media organisations about collaborating in business ventures. Up to last Wednesday, Global Mobile Vision employed between approx. 60 staff at its offices in Clondalkin, north Dublin. GMV supposedly develops software for audio and video streaming technologies for 3G phones. Yet, a search of Vodafone, O2, Hutchinson, and other 2G and 3G mobile operators turn up a big zero for any partnerships. A search for "Global Mobile Vision" and other related search terms shows up nothing. Zero. Nil. No inbound, or outbound links anywhere. Very strange for a "high technology company with valuable intellectual property". Its so "high technology" that no one know what they "do". One would be forgiven for classifying this as "snakeoil". Current and former staff said that they did almost no work at the company, they received few orders, no conrete work (other than "go search the Internet for a while"). One ex-staff member said "after one week, I eventually got a computer but it had no software. I had to use my own software - I told them I would use until I got me some official legal software but it never arrived." This was commonplace. John Bates, an employee who is currently suspended from work, was detained last Wednesday 8th June as he tried to leave the office. He was accused by management of stealing IP ('Intellectual Property') from the company. No evidence was given. He was surrounded by a large number of people (including staff from Crimeforce Ireland, a security guard company), and until the Gardaí were called, he was held against his will in the GMV offices. After the Gardaí advised GMV to either a) make an allegation, or b) let Mr. Bates go, Mr. Bates left the offices accompanied by Finian McGrath, TD (Independent) for North Dublin, the Gardaí, and a number of journalists. You can read the full details of Mr. Bates account here and here. Mr. Bates believes the reason he was singled out was becuase he was organizing staff in getting their due pay, and finding out the problems in GMV. As stated in The Village article ''The Global Mobile Vision website lists postal contact details in London and Houston (Texas). But there are not telephone numbers listed for those addresses. A printed brochure gives a phone number in Delaware in the US, at which there is an automated message saying the voicemail service is full. Village has been unable to get through to a London telephone number listed in the same brochure. The company has no office at its official Dublin address, at 41 Lower Baggot St, but collects its mail from the building every week.'' The company states on their headed notepaper that they are registered as company number. This number is not registered with the Company Registry Office for any company. Global Mobile Vision does not look like registered as a company. In fact no company is registered with these details at all. It does appear to be registered in the UK, but not in Ireland. Until last Friday, 11 June, current and former staff were owed approx. €32,000 in pay by the company. The reasons? Problems with the payroll company, problems with the electronic banking, and other such stories. After this matter coming to the public notice (from my blogging, the Village Magazine, and political interest) these people have been paid their due wages. A small victory so far. Staff members passports were taken, and photocopied, apparently for 'security.' They were under constent observation, both by staff and by security cameras. This was not normal. Another serious matter, the allegations of sexual harrassment were raised. Although GMV denied this and said it has ''a strict anti-harassment policy which is clearly stated in the company handbook and reiterated during staff meetings and at staff induction,'' a number of ex-employees, particularly female, said they had been witness to or had been treated like this. One woman, obviously distressed, spoke about male members of the management ''massaging the backs of women'' and ''having to give you your hug when you arrived in the morning.'' A ''hub of female staff'' was spoken about, which surrounded a male member of staff. No one from GMV has answered any questions regarding this matter. The only definate response that has been made by GMV (by Mr. Alexander Fitzgearld, the PR contact for GMV), has been to respond to a blog posting on my own blog. At the meeting, Finian McGrath TD, paid tribute to the ex-employees and the current employees who were in pursuit of the truth with regards to the goings-on at Global Mobile Vision. He said he had met with a number of people who were visibly in fear for their situations. He said he had the upmost respect for them, and that he would follow this to the end. Finian McGrath went to meet a number of representatives of GMV today. We have no word from him as to the outcome of the meeting. GMV are reported to have received a large amount of taxpayer money from the IDA, for each employee they had. What exactly has happened to this money? No one seems to know. From sources I can confirm that GMV have enough money in their accounts to pay the current and former employees. I sent an e-mail to BBC World and Euronews yesterday asking what kind of business relationship, if any, existed between BBC World and GMV. This morning I received an e-mail from a BBC World contact: Hello and thank you for your email. BBC World has an agreement in which Global Mobile Vision supplies the channel to Mobilkom mobile phone subscribers in Austria. This has been in operation for five months and is one of several such contracts that BBC World has with telecoms companies around the globe. We would not comment on any specific allegations about Global Mobile Vision. Thank you for taking the trouble to write to us. With regards Enquiring about this BBC contract, I found out that it was a YBN contract which GMV inherited when they bought YBN. The only other business contact that can be confirmed is with Paula White a Christian religious group in America. Finian McGrath has raised a number of Dáil questions with a number of Minister involved in industry in Ireland. The Village magazine will be running a follow up article in this weeks edition. The story of Global Mobile Vision is not yet over. The government have to answer exactly how much these 'businessmen' received, and exactly what it was they told them to get it. Hopefully now that larger media outlets are taking notice of the story, they will have to stand accountable for what they have done. Watch for Updates and Info at

We are everywhere – Even Aotearoa!

Aotearoa, 18.06.2005 06:01

People will gather in Scotland in a few weeks to protest against the G8 meeting held in Gleneagles. Some people might say that the so-called anti-globalisation movement is somewhat dead. It seems that this is only true for ‘the west’ (and only to some extent). Our sisters and brothers in the developing world are fighting against neo-liberalism, capitalism and environmental destruction like mad. It’s time for solidarity, it’s time for global action! Auckland: Carnival against Capitalism, 9th July, 2pm, Corner of Karangahape Road and Symonds Street Wellington: Lots of Events including films, demonstration, teach-in… check out for details


Brasil, 18.06.2005 05:20

Tarifas poderão ser reduzidas, mas com dinheiro público

call Sheila

Houston, 18.06.2005 05:20

CAFTA Action Alert!; contact Sheila Jackson Lee


Scotland, 18.06.2005 05:02

A broad network of Activist groups today announced that they are to set up an Eco-Village to coincide with the G8 summit at Gleneagles. 5000 people will gather outside Stirling to build the camp as an example of sustainable ways of living and non-hierarchical methods of organizing in direct response to the G8s poverty making, undemocratic and ecologically devastating policies.

History of underground music in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz, CA, 18.06.2005 03:01

WikiSCUM is a project to develop a Web-based encyclopedia of historic and contemporary underground music in Santa Cruz County, California.

Santa Cruz County has 28 years of punk history to its name. i've been doing my best to compile that history - but there's no way i can do it alone. so i've created a site that allows anyone to add information they know. It is called WikiSCUM. Wiki is the name of the software; SCUM stand for Santa Cruz Underground Music. check it out:

East LA Institution Dedicated to Chicano Art, Closed

LA, 18.06.2005 03:01

East LA Institution Dedicated to Chicano Art, Closed

GG Police pursue phony criminal charge against woman hit by Minuteman supporter

LA, 18.06.2005 01:23

Garden Grove Police pursue phony criminal charge against woman hit by Minuteman supporter

Threats to Public Broadcasting and Community Radio Funding: WILL and WEFT would suffer

Urbana-Champaign, 18.06.2005 00:03

Threats to totally eliminate funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) would gut the services of many public and community radio stations, low-power FM stations and public TV stations including WILL AM-FM-TV and WEFT, 90.1 FM in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Funding of the CPB amounts to less than $1.20 per taxpayer per year. A vote in the US House of Representatives will take place next week. Read what you can do to save public broadcasting and community radio.

Afrika ontruimd: &quot;Samenwerking geprobeerd, Knuppel regeerd&quot;

Netherlands, 17.06.2005 23:20

Meer dan twee jaar gelden, werd het Pakhuis Afrika op de Oostelijke Handelskade in Amsterdam gekraakt: een oude pakhuis, nu eigendom van Heymans, die het wil verbouwen tot dure kantoorruimte. Op 17 juni, om 18 uur werd er met de ontruiming begonnen. Om 21:30 was het pand ingenommen, en de 9 aanwezige bewoners gearresteerd. Geen 24 uur van tevoren hoorden de bewoners en gebruikers van de pand dat de brandweer plots besloten had dat het pand levensgevaarlijk was, ook een kort geding kon daar niks meer aan veranderen. Er werden zo'n 20 mensen gearresteerd. [Fotos 1, 2 | timeline verslag | audio statement namens de Afrika | Heb je nog footage? | Sfeerbeeld in Ravage ]

Protest Against KTLA Lack of Coverage of Downing St. Memo Hearings

LA, 17.06.2005 23:01

100 Protest KTLA's Inadequate Coverage of the Downing St. Memo Hearings

Threats to Public Broadcasting and Community Radio Funding: WILL and WEFT would suffer

Urbana-Champaign, 17.06.2005 22:01

Threats to totally eliminate funding of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) would gut the services of many public and community radio stations, low-power FM stations and public TV stations including WILL AM-FM-TV and WEFT, 90.1 FM in Champaign-Urbana, IL. Funding of the CPB amounts to less than $1.20 per taxpayer per year. A vote in the US House of Representatives will take place next week. Read what you can do to save public broadcasting and community radio.

Community Organizing and Lesbian’s Lawsuit Cause Change in Policy at Carle Foundation Hospital

Urbana-Champaign, 17.06.2005 22:01

Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, IL announced on Tuesday that it will now offer some benefits to its employees in same-sex domestic partnerships. The change in policy comes after a three-year legal battle by former pediatric nurse manager, Lynn Sprout, who was fired after coming out while caring for her dying same-sex partner of 18 years. Numerous demonstrations outside the hospital in support of Ms. Sprout and news coverage of these demonstrations during Ms. Sprout’s legal battle put public pressure on the hospital to change its policies. Ms. Sprout, whose complaint of discrimination was upheld by the Urbana Human Relations Commission last November, ended her legal case in April, 2005 when she settled with the hospital in a confidential agreement.

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