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Visiting Iraqi Trade Unionists Call for Immediate Withdrawal of US Troops

Portland, 23.06.2005 05:21

The Iraqis arrived in Portland this morning, and spoke at a noon luncehon. These brave organizers have an important story to tell, and I encourage everyone to come tonight to hear what they have to say about union organizing, the US occupation, privatization, and their requests for solidarity. It's very powerful stuff, and this is probably the only opportunity to hear directly from Iraqi union organizers.

When asked about the US occupation, they were very clear--they think that the US occupation should end immediately.

Report from Day Three of Kendra James civil trial

Portland, 23.06.2005 05:21

Plaintiff's witness Dr. Brady -- pathologist -- testified about the bullet wound entry & final resting place -- that it entered the backside of Kendra's abdomen, tore through bowels, pancreas, liver, lung, and heart and stopped just below the skin of her "bosom".

He said she had to be down and on her right side and that the gun had to be "some distance away" - meaning not too close to her body. He supported the Plaintiff's theory of where McCollister was - just outside the car rather than inside as he claims. Dr. Brady said that even though she had no pulse, Kendra had enough life in her body that the Emanual Hosp. surgeon worked hard for 40 minutes trying to save her. The staff at the hospital went "the extra 100 yards to save her."


previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2]

Hillwalking as a new protest form against the G8

Scotland, 23.06.2005 00:03

"There is a range of hills in the middle of Scotland called the Ochills,out of which a rapid running river called the Devon flows, tumbling headlong over linns and through chasms in its progress to the low country." - Alexander Somerville, Autobiography of a Working Man 1848.

Over the last months several groups have grown to facilitate protest activities against the G8. One of the extraordinary protest activities is to celebrate the right to roam by hillwalking.

[Silver Hillwalking Group | Hillwalking pictures | Sights of Scotland | Reshape!]

Glasgow Convergence Space Opens

Scotland, 23.06.2005 00:03

Th Convergence Centre in Glasgow opened from Tuesday, 21st of June onwards, to facilitate meeting space, accomodation and projects in Dissent! to the forthcoming G8 summit. It is situated in 30 Dora Street, Dalmarnock, Glasgow, Scotland. The telephone number for this place is (0044)/ (0)141-551-0401 .

Tenants occupation in Glasgow

Scotland, 23.06.2005 00:03

Yesterday,Tuesday the 21st of june, tenants from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee occupied the offices of 'Communities Scotland' to protest the run-down of basic services and the erasure of publicly-funded housing in Scotland. They sent out a message that they are organised and willing to resist New Labour's privatisation agenda for housing in Scotland.

Tenncare Enrollees Continue Occupation of Tennessee Governor's Office for Second Day

Tennessee, 22.06.2005 23:35

Tenncare Enrollees, including many in wheelchairs and with serious medical issues continued their occupation of the Tennessee Governor's office for the second day, demanding an open meeting with the Governor, a halt to the current cuts of 323,000 poor and uninsurable people from the State's health insurance rolls, and a discussion of reforms and alternatives to disenrollment. Monday night was a difficult night for many enrollees who occupied the Governor's office overnight. The enrollees didn't have access to food or water from 4pm to 8am as they were locked in to the State Capitol because they refused to leave. Additionally, there were some who had physical access issues who were not able to use the bathrooms in the State Capital because they are not handicap accessible. Many people had to sleep on the cold marble floor and were kept awake by State Troopers or constant calls from the media.

Struggle to Save Tenncare Continues: Enrollees Occupy Governor's Office for Third Day

Tennessee, 22.06.2005 23:35

Tensions Mounting as Governor Refuses to Meet with Enrollees Day Three of the occupation of Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen's office began with hopes for a meeting with the Governor to present a list of demands including a signed commitment to halt the disenrollment of 323,000 poor and uninsurable Tennesseans from the State's Health Care Program and a signed commitment to resume negotiations with Enrollees before June 30th. The Governor made a brief appearance before the Enrollees, many of whom have spent three days and nights occupying the Governor's Office with little food or water, in wheelchairs and desperately short on medication, about to lose their health insurance. The Governor refused to speak to the assembled crowd of thirty and held a separate press conference in his office absent any Enrollees. The assembled crowd then organized their own press conference and presented their list of demands to the media. Tensions are mounting in the Governor's Office and there has been an increase in the number of State Troopers assembled in the Capital Building and there is now the continuous surveillance of an officer from the TBI who is controlling who is allowed to enter the Governor's reception area. Enrollees say they will stay until the Governor agrees to their demands.


Rogue Valley, 22.06.2005 23:35

Our Friends at Labor Beat in Chicago have just made a new video which we will host for cablecasting throughout Southern Oregon on Rogue Valley Community Television. Following it keep your TV tuned for our union sponsored Labor Day Picnic 2004 held in Hawthorne park in Medford. Member-Made-Labor-Media

New Video
"The AFL-CIO: The Workers Must Fix It!"

FRIDAY, 6/24 at 6PM
Josephine County- channel #15
Jackson County - channel #31
Ashland Fiber Network - channel #95

A rank-and-file perspective on the debate over leadership and strategy within the AFL-CIO, on the eve of its 2005 National Convention. Using unique historical footage, the video revisits the birth of the Sweeney regime, its promises to the rank-and-file in the 1995 labor upsurge of the War Zone in Central Illinois, and the betrayal of those promises.

The second half hour long program is "Labor Day 2004 in Hawthorne Park - a New Tradition". The Southern Oregon Central Labor Council sponsored a successful labor day picnic last year when over 300 gathered for the cause of working people.

Resysting Assimilation

Pittsburgh, 22.06.2005 23:34

Resysting Assimilation at Pittsburgh's PrideFest

Radio Free Brattleboro Shut Down By Feds

Santa Cruz, CA, 22.06.2005 23:33

Brattleboro, Vermont - At 6:58 a.m., June 22, 2005, armed with a warrant issued by a Burlington magistrate, United States Marshals entered the studios of Radio Free Brattleboro and seized its broadcasting equipment. The seizure of equipment and shutdown of rfb's local broadcasts under authority of a warrant issued in Burlington comes while an action is still pending before Judge J. Garvan Murtha in the federal court in Brattleboro.

Rfb does not operate in defiance of government but rather from the belief of its members and listeners that community radio is essential to good government and democratic process. Radio free brattleboro has always stressed to the public and to the FCC that it will adhere to FCC guidelines and will serve the public whether licensed or not.

Audio - Rockin' the Boat: : "RFB Busted!"

Audio - Rockin' the Boat archives: "Strategies for Microradio Activists" (May 2004) || "Radio Free Brattleboro Shuts Down" (June, 2003)

[ Radio Free Brattleboro ]

Burned Qur'ans in Roanoke

Richmond, 22.06.2005 23:33

A bag of burned Qur'ans was found left at the local Islamic Center in Blacksburg, VA. To counter this hate, and show your support for diversity and equality...

Police violence at Biodev Actions in Philadelphia

Portland, 22.06.2005 23:33

There has apparently been an incident at Biodev in which a police officer has been taken away in a stretcher and possibly died, and numerous people from the demonstration have been beaten. Details are still sketchy, but it appears that the officer suffered cardiac arrest, and that he has died. read more >>

Philly IMC: [ personal account of arrests and crowd attack ]

[ Biodev website | Biotech Indymedia site ]

Kendra James civil trial - day one brief summary

Portland, 22.06.2005 23:33

First day started with jury selection with the public, including Kendra's mother and family, kept out of the locked court room while 8 jurors were picked. The 8 jurors included 4 White females, 1 Asian female, and 3 White males. Out of approx. 70 people in the jury pool there were only 3 African Americans. The defendant, Officer Scott McCollister, in suit & tie, was present in the courtroom the entire day.

Each side presented their opening statements and then Attorney Grimes called 2 witnesses for the plaintiff - Melanie Carruthers and Officer Rick Bean.


Uruguay, 22.06.2005 23:32

Aquí estamos, somos la dignidad rebelde…


Uruguay, 22.06.2005 23:32

¡El circo del G8 llega a Escocia!


Brasil, 22.06.2005 23:32

O circo do G8 aterrissa na Escócia


Brasil, 22.06.2005 23:32

Movimento conquista a suspensão do aumento das tarifas

Dissent! G8 infoshop opens in Edinburgh

United Kingdom, 22.06.2005 23:32

The G8 public Infoshop opened today to satisfy local curiousity and welcome autonomous groups and individual anti-G8 protesters.
The Infoshop is located 10 Albert Place, Leith Walk, in Edinburgh, EH7 5HN. It is about 10 minutes away from the bus and train station.
From now on, the access point will be opened 24 hours a day, the infoshop is also contactable under telephone number (0044)/(0)131-5611356 .
Collective meetings are held at 6 pm daily to update newcomers and to facilitate the running of the Infoshop.

[ Dissent! | Recent update about Practicalities | Protest Activities Overview | Mobilisation Links ]

Nine Ladies - Protest Not Over Yet

United Kingdom, 22.06.2005 23:32

"Our protest site must and will continue to exist in order to protect our beautiful hillside" Nine Ladies Protest Site

Last week the High Court gave its verdict regarding the classification of the quarries at Lees Cross and Endcliffe in the Derbyshire Peaks. The quarries are now (or still) officially dormant. However according to the Nine Ladies protest site this does not mean that victory in the fight to protect the woodland and the stone circle has been secured.

Under the ruling the quarries cannot reopen until the peak park have agreed a set of working conditions for them. Stancliffe Stone still have the permission to quarry from 1952, and the peak park still have the power to revoke the permission, or to impose such restrictions that the re opening of the quarries would be financially unviable. So until there is no possibility that Stancliffe can quarry the protest appears set to continue.

Article from the 9 Ladies Collective — nine ladies no real victory.

Previous stories: Marshalls, Hands off 9 Ladies! | Nine Ladies Possession Court Order Obtained | Nine Ladies Under Threat

On Yer Bike

United Kingdom, 22.06.2005 23:32

On Friday 24th June at 6pm outside Manchester Central Library cyclists shall meet for one of the most spectacular critical masses Manchester has seen. They will be joined by cyclists from all over the world who are cycling from Brighton to Edinburgh to join a week of protests against the g8 summit early in July.

Groups in Manchester have been busily preparing for the summit. Affordable travel from Manchester is being organised by Dosummat, the local contact group for the Dissent network. Dissent have secured a large rural convergence space where camping will be available and Manchester groups mobilising against the G8 will set up a marquee and kitchen.

A Manchester based group of 'Pro-capitalist' jokers are threatening to march in support of G8, whilst the Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination has appeared in Hulme Park as part of its UK tour.

G8 Ministerial meetings have already taken place in Derby and Sheffield [Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] and been the scene of some lively protest and at times fairly over the top policing.

Links: G8 Critical Mass | Mobilising against the G8 | Dosummat @ the g8 | Dissent | G8: Why Are People Protesting? | G8 Summit 2005 - Mobilisations Links and Resources

Governo teme greve de professores!!!

Portugal, 22.06.2005 23:32

Governo teme greve de professores!!!

Chiapas: Zapatista lösen &quot;Roten Alarm&quot; aus

Germany, 22.06.2005 23:31

Das erste Mal seit rund 8 Jahren hat die Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) am 19. Juni 2005 im gesamten Rebellengebiet in Chiapas/Mexiko "Roten Alarm" ausgelöst. Es treten somit ab sofort mehrere "Notfallpunkte" in Kraft. Laut Menschenrechtsaktivisten hängt dies mit Truppenbewegungen der mexikanischen Armee zusammen. Offiziell wurden bislang noch keine Gründe für die Maßnahmen genannt.

Homepage über die EZLN | Indymedia Chiapas | Indymedia Mexico | | poonal | La Jornada [es] | Überblick bei PGA | Mögliche Gründe für den roten Alarm der EZLN | Hintergründe | Aerikel bei Telepolis | in der taz | in der Junge Welt | im Standard

americallatina (ca)

Barcelona, 22.06.2005 23:31

EZLN: Alerta Roja General

Comunicat EZLN 19 juny

[20 juny]dos nous comunicats ::: Sobre el comunicat inicial ::: La (impossible) Geometria? del Poder a Mèxic ::: BBVA-Bancomer congela els comptes de recolzament a les comunitats zapatistes +++ Acció de protesta a la seu del BBVA de Barcelona a la Plaça de Catalunya en solidaritat amb Xiapes ::: almenys hi ha 20000 desplaçats a Xiapes ::: més de 10 anys de lluita del EZLN: escolta-ho ::: la contrainsurgència que vol ofegar
notícies relacionades: Crònica de la Primera trobada futbolística per la humanitat i contra el neoliberalisme en solidaritat amb la Rebel.lió Zapatista ::: es clausura el caracol de Barcelona amb el mural de Taniperla ::: em vaig unir al EZLN

+info:: >>>llationamerica + IMC: CHIAPAS

america latina

Barcelona, 22.06.2005 23:31

EZLN:Alerta Roja General

Comunicado EZLN 19 junio

20 junio, dos nuevos comunicados ::: Sobre el comunicado ::: La (impossible) Geometria? del Poder en Mejico ::: BBVA-Bancomer congela las cuentas de apoyo a las comunidades zapatistas +++ Accion de protesta en la sede del BBVA de Barcelona a la Plaça de Catalunya en solidaridad con Chiapas ::: almenos hay 20000 desplazados en Chiapas ::: la contrainsurgencia que quiere ahogar :::
notícias relacionadas: Crònica del primer encuentro futbolistico para la humanidad y contra el neoliberalismo en solidaridad con la Rebelión Zapatista ::: se clausura el caracol de Barcelona con el mural de Taniperla ::: me uni al EZLN

+info:: >>>llationamerica + IMC: CHIAPAS

A Victory in the Case of Sheila Detoy

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2005 23:30

Bay Area Police Watch reports that on June 20th, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge ruled on the side of the people. The judge threw out the argument presented by the Police Officers Union that it was too late to discipline the officers who had been involved in the shooting and killing of Detoy on May 13th, 1998. The charges against Gregory Breslin and his fellow officers will not be dismissed.

This victory is seen as a step towards discipline for the officers who not only committed murder, but then covered it up. Police Watch says, "The fight is not over, now we must demand that the San Francisco Police Commission remove Gregory Breslin from the San Francisco Police Department IMMEDIATELY!!!" Read more

Past Indybay Coverage of the Case of Sheila Detoy

June 22nd: SF Strategizing Meeting to Fight the Minuteman Project

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2005 23:30

On Wednesday June 22nd, at 7:00 PM, there will be a Strategizing Meeting to Fight the Minuteman Project. It will take place at New College, 777 Valencia, Room 4 (between 18th and 19th Streets). The Minutemen are planning to conduct a patrol in California on July 18th. Following the lead of activists in Southern California who support immigrants' rights, people in the Bay Area will come together to attempt to formulate a plan of resistance to counter "those who would divide us with borders and selectively proclaim some human beings as 'illegal.'” Read more

Read More about this meeting and upcoming actions against the Minutemen on Indybay's Immigrant Rights News Page

SF Pride Week is Here

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2005 23:30

San Francisco Pride is the weekend of June 24th-26th. There will be a whole week of events for Transgender Pride this year from June 20th-26th. Some highlights include a Trans March on Friday night June 24th starting at 7pm in Dolores Park (following a Trans March Kickoff Party), and the first-ever Transgender Pavillion and Pride Stage at the Pride Celebration. The Dyke March takes place on Saturday, June 25th. The rally and performances begin at Dolores Park (18th Street and Dolores) at 3:00 pm, and the march leaves at 7:00 pm. The annual SF Pride Celebration will take place on Saturday and Sunday at Civic Center, and there will be a Pride Parade on Sunday. Contingents: LGBT Families | Labor | Polyamory More info about the parade on the SF Pride Website
Info about"Accessibility Seating" tickets for the Grandstand Seating area along the Parade Route

March Against War &amp; Empire - June 25 - Palo Alto

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2005 23:30

On Saturday June 25, there will be an Anarchist organized anti-war march in Palo Alto. The march starts at Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto (University Ave. at Emerson 2 Blocks from Palo Alto Caltrain).
Organizers say, "We will march against imperialist war, invasion, and occupation; against Bush and his corporate interests; against empire and against the systemic war machine. This is the new face of the anti-war movement. After a strong peak at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq and a two year ebb, the movement is again building momentum. But the movement is also growing louder, angrier, and more radical. As the occupation drags on with more and more casualties each day, popular outrage is growing, and with it popular support for the movement through which it is expressed." Read More
Anarchist Action | Event Announcements: 1 | 2 | Anarchists talk about demonstration

A Victory in the Case of Sheila Detoy

San Francisco Bay Area, 22.06.2005 23:30

Bay Area Police Watch reports that on June 20th, a San Francisco Superior Court Judge ruled "on the side of the people." The judge threw out the argument presented by the Police Officers Union that it was too late to discipline the officers who had been involved in the shooting and killing of Detoy on May 13th, 1998. The charges against Gregory Breslin and his fellow officers will not be dismissed.

This victory is seen as a step towards discipline for the officers who not only committed murder, but then covered it up. Police Watch says, "The fight is not over, now we must demand that the San Francisco Police Commission remove Gregory Breslin from the San Francisco Police Department IMMEDIATELY!!!" Read more

Past Indybay Coverage of the Case of Sheila Detoy | Read more on Indybay's Police Brutality and Prisons News Page

First Grand Jury Hearing in SF on June 22nd

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.06.2005 23:21

Call for Solidarity with Animal Advocates and Others Subpoenaed

Ten Bay Area residents, who include animal advocates, alternative media members, prisoner rights activists, and members of the greater Bay Area progressive community, have been subpoenaed to a Federal Grand Jury in San Francisco. The first hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, June 22nd. Supporters of the Bay Area residents, as well as all those who seek to defend and keep free speech rights, have been invited to attend on a show of solidarity with those subpoenaed. The hearing will take place at 9am in the Federal Courthouse at 450 Golden Gate Avenue, San Francisco. The date is subject to change, so people who plan to attend are encouraged to check for updates. Animal Liberation supporters believe that the grand jury is an effort to intimidate them. Read More

In addition, as of 6/20, at least eight activists in San Diego have received grand jury subpoenas, and the Activist San Diego house in City Heights was visited by three federal agents. Read More

Listen to Grand Jury Teach-in Audio | Fault Lines story

Read More on Indybay's Animal Liberation News Page

Scuffle Ensues During Protest Outside Convention Center, Officer Dies

Philadelphia, 21.06.2005 22:31

An interview with two demonstrators corroborates the birds-eye view video of NBC 10 which shows police officers breaking through a line of protesters during a mêlée at 13th and Arch Streets earlier today.

Officer Paris Williams had an apparent cardiac arrest while chasing protesters. According to both demonstrators and police, he was not involved in the scuffle.

Eye-witness testimony says a demonstrator poured water on the shoulder of a Civil Affairs Officer. The officer pursued the demonstrator into the crowd. A scuffle ensued in which four demonstrators were arrested and one badly hurt. It is not known at this time what injuries were sustained. The violence marred what was otherwise a peaceful demonstration.

June 25: March Against War, Empire, &amp; Capitalism in Downtown Palo Alto

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.06.2005 22:02

Destroy the War Machine!

Meet 7pm . Saturday . June 25
Lytton Plaza in downtown Palo Alto
University Ave. at Emerson
2 Blocks from Palo Alto Caltrain

Ataque de BP

Argentina, 21.06.2005 20:42

The State of Oregon DHS/Child welfare: A rant

Portland, 21.06.2005 20:02

Why is it that whenever the state intervenes in the care of your children they make you look like the bad guy? They send out these reports to the juvenile court system that state that the parents have said things that really were not said and that they lack certain interests in their own children that actually do exist. Even if those parents strive to participate in their kids' lives by making the regularly scheduled visits and going to their doctors' appointments and what-not, the social workers who draw up these reports still make it look as though said parents are not expressing interests in their children.

Tre's Father's Day and Summer Solstice Message

Portland, 21.06.2005 20:02

Despite the brightness during this time of year, the darkness and oppression is growing. The powers that be will do anything and everything to maintain "control" over the illusion of their wealth and power. Their efforts to control the world's resources cause colossal suffering for millions of beings, humyn and nonhumyn. However, the more that each of us takes a stand, seeks justice, and challenges the status quo the more that this light will overcome the darkness and oppression that plagues us. read more >>Tre Arrow's Extradition Hearings
This hearing, which will last up to three days, will begin the process which will eventually decide whether or not Tre will be extradited to the United States. We encourage anyone who is able, to come out to the hearings and show their support.

Vancouver, BC: June 27th, 28th and 29th.


Grand Jury Alert for West Coast

Portland, 21.06.2005 20:02

Ten Bay Area residents, including animal advocates, alternative media members, prisoner rights activists, and members of the greater Bay Area progressive community, have been subpoenaed to a Federal Grand Jury in San Francisco. The first hearing is Wednesday, June 22.

The Grand Jury system, long since abolished in most democratic nations, denies targeted individuals their most fundamental of civil rights and poses a grave threat to the constitutional rights of every American.

Legally, a Grand Jury is a type of common law jury responsible for investigating alleged crimes, examining evidence, and issuing indictments. When targeted against social movements however, Grand juries are a tool of political repression used to frighten activists, create mistrust, drive people out of the movement, and cause others to inform on friends out of fear. Grand Juries are often used as "fishing expeditions" to gather any and all information on a particular social movement.

What The Oregonian does not want its subscribers to know

Portland, 21.06.2005 20:02

The Oregonian promises porch/home deliveries and all included delivery each day for the monthly charge...What the Oregonian doesn't want subscrbers to know is their salesmen and downtown office lie to patrons and make promises they can not keep nor have the right to make!

Delivery people are independent contractors and are hired by the Independent Distributors, not by the Oregonian. His contract says nothing about delivery of the paper to the porch. As long as the paper is delivered to the tube or driveway he meets his obligation. However; my husband is more than happy to help elderly persons with special needs when they show appreciation, or ask personally with a nice note.

With the extremely high cost of gas, there are no additional fees my husband gets paid...Yet the Oregonian has raised their rates several times. The Oregonian gives the false impression that the drivers are well is a lie!!!

Grim Reaper Thanks Oregon Legislature Leaders

Portland, 21.06.2005 20:02

The Grim Reaper joined dozens of Oregonians to testify at the House Special Hearing on Health Care last week. The Grim Reaper told legislators he has been waiting for the House Death Committee to hold a hearing so he can testify in support of the leadership, which refuses to pass bills that would lower health care costs for Oregonians. According to the Reaper, "a guy can only wait so long."

The Grim Reaper testified in support of his friends in the pharmaceutical industry, "If it weren't for their astounding profit margins, more people might receive affordable life-saving medicines, which really slows down my productivity. That's why friends need to stick together. I deeply appreciate that they were willing to testify against extending the Oregon Prescription Drug pool to businesses and more Oregon families. That profit preserving audacity is rarely seen in politics these days, and I believe deserves some recognition. So, let's hear it for Big PhRMA, for standing up to put profits ahead of patients."

Mass. Joint Committee Hears Testimony RE: Bioterror Lab, Many Hopeful Sanity Will Prevail

Boston, 21.06.2005 19:01

State Representative Frank Smitzik was forced to make liberal use of his gavel chairing the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture public hearing on HR 1397 -An Act to Protect Public Health and the Environment from Toxic Biological Agents- earlier this month as an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 fans of the resolution repeatedly burst into applause when they felt their side had scored a good point. Representative Gloria Fox, whose 7th Suffolk district includes the proposed site of labratory, is sponsoring the bill. In her opening comments describing HR 1397, which would provide comprehensive state regulation for BSL4 labs in Massachusetts, Fox acknowledged the large diverse crowd that had come out to show their support, “We have students, scientists, public health experts, and community activists as well as politicians here today,” Fox said. BUMC has been working to open its laboratory in the South End of Boston, on the border of Roxbury for over two years. The NIAID grant funded project would be only the fifth level 4 laboratory operating in the United States. According to a press release from Fox’s office, “presently there are no federal or state laws that regulate high security laboratories.”

Kampf um Freiräume

Germany, 21.06.2005 18:30

Während Freiräume in Deutschland und anderswo verstärkt unter Druck geraten, gewinnt der Kampf um diese wieder an Dynamik. Die folgende Übersicht wurde von der Kampagne "Freiräume statt Repression" erstellt. Sie hat keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit und wird von Euren Ergänzungen leben.

Aktuelle Berichte zum Thema sind in der Rubrik Freiräume zu finden.
Weiteres Feature: Kampf um Freiräume: Yorck59 in Berlin
Auch aus anderen Ländern wird von Räumungswellen berichtet: Angriffe auf Freiräume in Europa

Krise in Bolivien vertagt

Germany, 21.06.2005 18:30

Nach dem Rücktritt von Präsident Carlos Mesa und der Vereidigung des Übergangspräsidenten Eduardo Rodríguez ist die schwere Krise in Bolivien nur entschärft. Auch mit der Aussetzung der Besetzung von Anlagen der Ölmultis BP und Repsol ist die wichtigste Frage nur aufgeschoben und nicht aufgehoben. Zentraler Inhalt der seit zwei Jahren andauernden Proteste ist der Ausverkauf der Energiereserven. Die Wiederverstaatlichung des privatisierten Energiesektors wird gefordert.

Indymedia Bolivien | Narconews (en) | The Democracy Center [Blog] | Luchas en Bolivia [] | Radio Erbol Livestream (spanisch) | Feature bei Indy Österreich | | Fotos 09.06: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 | Fotos 10.06.: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 | Videos: 1 2 3 4 5

zapatista red alert

Houston, 21.06.2005 18:20

The June 19th Communique: Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos: Red Alert

Update from BioDemocracy 2005 in Philadelphia

Santa Cruz, CA, 21.06.2005 18:02

On Monday, June 20, I spoke with John on the Indynewswire program on Free Radio Santa Cruz. John gave an update from the Philly IMC space about BioDemocracy 2005 which is taking place in Philadelphia.

Audio: Download the mp3 (10:22 minutes / 4.8 MB)

The Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) is holding their international corporate convention in downtown Philadelphia from June 19-22. People from across the country have converged to bring attention to BIO's closed-door agenda of medicine for profit, genetically engineered agriculture and bioweapons proliferation.

Audio Recordings from BioDemocracy Conference

[ Philadelphia IMC || Philly IMC's BioDemocracy 2005 page || Reclaim The Commons || BioDev ]

Iraqi Labor Activist speaks in Madison

Madison, 21.06.2005 18:01

Iraqi Labor Activist Amjad Ali Aljawhry, Representative of the Federation of Councils and Unions of Iraq (FWCUI) and Union of the Unemployed in Iraq (UUI) for North America, spoke at the Labor Temple in Madison, Wisconsin on Monday June 20th. Before his talk, he stopped by WORT Community Radio.

Federal Funding for Non-Commercial Radio/TV in Jeapordy

Madison, 21.06.2005 18:01

On Thursday June 16th, the House Appropriations Committee approved a bill to drastically cut federal support for public radio and television including stations like WORT. The proposed cuts represent about 40% of federal financial support, and could equal a decrease of over $30,000 in WORT's annual budget. This is only one of the challenges facing non-commercial, public broadcasting (see resource list below for more information).


Brasil, 21.06.2005 17:20

EZLN declara alerta vermelho em todo territorio rebelde

Warships Visit Cork To 'Celebrate Culture'

Ireland, 21.06.2005 17:00

When Cork 2005 Thinks of Culture, Do They Reach For Their Guns? The arrival of the first two of an expected six foreign warships to Cork was marked by pickets mounted by Cork Anti-War Campaign (CAWC) and also by Republican Sinn Féin (RSF). The presence of the warships to 'celebrate' Cork 2005 reflects poorly on the organisers of the Capital of Culture. The protests were there to remind them and the visiting warships that not everyone here in this city is taken in by this hogwash. Protests took place today in Cork at the presence of two floating killing machines in the city, on a so-called 'courtesy visit' to the city to 'celebrate' the Cork 2005 Capital of Culture scam. The warships in question were from Britain and Australia, the HMS Grafton and HMAS Anzac respectively. Pickets were mounted alongside both ships in a good-natured and non-confrontational manner. Protestors from the Cork Anti-War Campaign (joined by the redoubtable Tim Hourigan) picketed the Anzac, while protestors from Republican Sinn Fein picketed the Grafton, which had docked at the Custom House, presumably to frustrate any protestor who wished to get any closer. While the British deathship remained sullen and inactive behind the gates of the Custom House dock and nestled in the 'protective' embrace of An Garda Siochana, its Australian counterpart laid on the glad-handing and soft sell with band music and guided tours for members of the public. Needless to say none of the protestors took up this insincere offer. One supposes that a good look around and a goodie bag to go home with makes global warmongering all right then. The Garda presence around the two ships was very visible, and once again illustrates the subservience of the Irish state to the established state terrorist order. Special Branch were there too, looking all important speaking into their mobile phones and sucking up the overtime. Some Irish army brasshat was spotted coming off the Aussie ship - could he have been receiving his orders for the coming year? While these two obscenities were parked at the city docks this afternoon, Ireland's own mickey-mouse contribution to the global war machine, the LE Eithne, was cruising around in the harbour entertaining an motley crew of what would be represented to us peasants as 'dignitaries'. Perhaps this was one of the 30% of cultural events not accessible to the general public, as stated by Cork 2005 spokespersons in recent press statements? Given this kind of carry-on and sucking-up to international mass murder, this casts a sinister light on what notions the Cork City Council and Cork 2005 have about culture. It looks like that this kind of state terrorism is what they aspire to. As for me, I just feel intimidated, which is what these deathships are here to do. The cynic in me thinks that if ever there is a genuine threat to the shower in power in this land, then these warships will be back, making Ireland safe for Bertie, Harney, McDowell, Willie O'Dea and their likes. They come in peace now, but they may return in the future to kill and subjugate. These won't be the only floating platforms of mass destruction disfiguring the harbour and docks over the coming week. Warships from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Pakistan will join the already arrived affronts to any decent notion of culture, and underline the deepening complicity of Ireland's ruling elites in global war, exploitation and oppression. Protests will be mounted during the week while the flotilla of Death Culture assembles on the Lee. Just because Lord Mayor Sean Martin says that these floating atrocity factories are welcome does not mean that Cork's citizens want to be within range of their weapons systems.

Open Rescue in the Central Valley

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.06.2005 17:00

EBAA, (East Bay Animal Advocates), has a growing reputation among animal protectionists as one of only a handful of organizations in the U.S. currently engaged in open rescues. From its base in Oakland, on the eastern side of San Francisco Bay, EBAA focuses on education, legislation, and rescue work for animals. Christine and her team also use video and still cameras to document the conditions they see, publicizing the images online and sending them to the media. The group has also engaged in "open rescue", in which activists go onto farms and remove sick, dying, and dead animals, and document the conditions of animals on farms. View the article from Satya magazine on open rescue in the Central Valley here.

Zapatistas declare RED ALERT, fear offensive

San Diego, 21.06.2005 16:42

Zapatistas declare RED ALERT!

June 19, 2005

To the People of Mexico:
To the Peoples of the World:

Brothers and Sisters:

As of today, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation has declared, throughout all rebel territory, a



19 DE JUNIO DEL 2005.





Defend Dissent in San Diego

San Diego, 21.06.2005 16:42

Today, 6/21, 12-3pm
Federal Court House
Broadway and Front Street

Show your support for your fellow activists by coming
down to the court house today. Let them know that
this Mc Carthian form of intimidation will not stand!

Dissent should not be criminalized!

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