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Tre Arrow's Extradition Hearing: Day One

Portland, 29.06.2005 07:21

Day one of Tre's extradition hearing was full of surprises. First, every supporter, journalist and lawyer who attended was subjected to unprecedented security measures, including two sets of metal detectors and X-rays of all bags and purses. Second, Tre's lawyer, Tim Russell, argued so convincingly against extradition that the government lawyer had to ask for an overnight adjournment so she could attempt to marshal some kind of counter-argument. read more >>

[ Tre Arrow Legal Defense ]

CAFTA Vote Delayed!! Resistance Gets an Extra Day to Shame Ron Wyden

Portland, 29.06.2005 07:21

Today (Tues. 6/28) the Senate Finance Committee decided NOT to vote on CAFTA because they don't have the votes. It seems that Bush and his thugs haven't found the thumb screws to turn on Big Sugar to get them to give in on this one. It is sooooo disempowering to know that this huge industry is holding back CAFTA...while they care nothing for AIDS patients, sweatshop workers or the thousands of US workers who will lose their jobs to outsourcing...but that's Politics right? Fact is, though, that if Ron Wyden would just vote against it, our lives would be a lot easier. read more >>

[ Stop CAFTA ]

Jury finds Scott McCollister not liable for death of Kendra James, but the rest of us know he's GUILTY

Portland, 29.06.2005 07:21

In spite of an unsurprising acquittal by a mostly white jury today, Scott McCollister knows in his dark, toxic heart that he is GUILTY. He shot and killed an unarmed, 90 lb woman to death, on the streets of Portland, after stopping her car because a black person was driving. He lied to a grand jury, and then to this jury. And star-crazed idiots from the suburbs let him off the hook. The rest of us, however, do not. read more >>

Jury finds Scott McCollister not liable for death of Kendra James, but the rest of us know he's GUILTY

Portland, 29.06.2005 07:21

In spite of an unsurprising acquittal by a mostly white jury today, Scott McCollister knows in his dark, toxic heart that he is GUILTY. He shot and killed an unarmed, 90 lb woman to death, on the streets of Portland, after stopping her car because a black person was driving. He lied to a grand jury, and then to this jury. And star-crazed idiots from the suburbs let him off the hook. The rest of us, however, do not. read more >>

previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 ]

see also: [ A Quick Summary of the Kendra James Trial | Background, on pdx indy | Holding Up that BloodStained Banner Video ]

Resolución EZLN

Argentina, 29.06.2005 06:21

Canadian Seafood Boycott &quot;Day of Action&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2005 06:20

A demonstration was held in front of a Red Lobster in San Bruno June 25th in support of a nationwide campaign to end the annual Canadian seal hunt. The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is encouraging Red Lobster to join with many other seafood restaurants and retailers in supporting their Boycott Canadian Seafood campaign until Canada permanently ends its seal slaughter. By the end of this year's slaughter, over 300,000 harp seals in Canada will have been killed. Red Lobster is being targeted because it is the number one seafood chain in the U.S and is a major importer of seafood from Canada. According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Red Lobster is one of the largest consumers of Canadian crabs, and its imports of seafood from Canada extend far beyond crabs. Activists contend that the connection between Canada's commercial seal hunt, Canada's commercial fishing industry, and Red Lobster as a major purchaser of seafood gives Red Lobster and its customers the power to help bring Canada's annual seal slaughter to an end. Read More with Photos

HSUS's Campaign to Boycott Canadian Seafood
Previous Indybay Coverage of Seal Hunt and Related Protests: 1 | 2

Amy Goodman and Peter Buckley interview on TV

Rogue Valley, 29.06.2005 06:04

State Representative Peter Buckley interview of Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman will now be on television throughout Southern Oregon for the very first time.

15.5 minute production title:
Amy Goodman and Peter Buckley
Democracy Now! in the State of Jefferson

Wednesday, June 29 @ 6:00 PM (repeats Wednesday July 6 @ 6:00 PM)
throughout Southern Oregon on Rogue Valley Community Television

Josephine County - channel #15
Jackson County - channel #31
Ashland Fiber Network - channel #95

Biodemokrasi 2005

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 06:04

Kamusalı geri almak: Biyotahripten Biyodemokrasiye

Bristol Indymedia: Sunuculara saldırı

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 06:04

Bristol Indymedia sunucuları durduruldu

Lübnan: George Hawi öldürüldü

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 06:04

Lübnan Komünist Partisi'nin kurucu başkanı öldürüldü

Kazım Koyuncu: Fındıklı'da yol çalışması durduruldu

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 06:04

Kazım Koyuncu'nun mücadelesi sürüyor: Fındıklı'da yol çalışması durduruldu

World Tribunal on Iraq: WTI: Preliminary Declaration of the Jury of Conscience

DC, 29.06.2005 06:03

The World Tribunal on Iraq concluded this morning with a press conference announcing the decision of the 'Jury of Conscience'. Here is the preliminary declaration of the jury:

Nike Pulls Major Threat Ad, Issues Apology

DC, 29.06.2005 06:03

Caroline Bermudez reports: On Thursday, we reported that Nike Skateboarding used a classic Minor Threat album cover for its "Major Threat" 2005 East Coast Tour posters without asking permission. Much had been heard from the justifiably angry Dischord Records camp, including former Minor Threat frontman and label co-founder Ian MacKaye, who expressed his outrage towards the sneaker conglomerate. Nike had remained oddly silent until yesterday, when it issued a formal apology to both Dischord and Minor Threat. Apology from Nike

Workers and Laborers Fight Against Unjust Treatment

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.06.2005 06:00

In the early morning hours of Wednesday June 8th, several groups including the Worker Run Legal Clinic for Domestic Workers and Day Laborers and the Coalition for Domestic Worker Rights, joined to support Dominga Lugo's demand that her former employer, Maria Giron of Giron's Housecleaning Services, immediately stop committing illegal and unjust acts against her employees. Dominga Lugo, together with dozens of supportive domestic workers and day laborers, held a press conference and passed out know-your-rights information to Giron's current employees at the business place in Menlo Park to inform the employees about their rights and the public about this abusive employer. La Raza Centro Legal is representing Giron's former employee in an action to recover unpaid wages and penalties totaling thousands of dollars. Dominga also demands that Giron immediately cease similar abuses against the present workers of the company. Photos, Video, & More Info

Child-care providers in RI fight for union rights

Boston, 29.06.2005 03:01

On June 22, Rhode Island governor Donald Carcieri vetoed the Family Childcare Providers Business Opportunity Act of 2005. The act would have allowed the state's 1,300 licensed and hundreds of other unlicensed home-based day care providers, members of the union SEIU 1199, to bargain collectively with the state for wages and benefits.

Third World Resistance

Manila, 29.06.2005 02:22

Zapatistas On Red Alert

İtalya: Autistici/Inventati

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 02:21

İtalya: Gizlilik gizli bir konu değil

Bahoz: Açlık grevinde 40. gün

Istanbul, 29.06.2005 01:32

Yunanistan: Zülküf Murat Bora açlık grevinde 40. günü geride bıraktı

Judge to Hear First Amendment Objections

San Diego, 29.06.2005 01:31

Today, myself, danae and david agranoff went into the grany jury room and refused to answer questions based on our first amendment rights to free association and right to privacy.

We were then sent to see Judge Gonzalez at 4:15pm. The prosecution made the request that the hearings be sealed, so only one witness at a time spoke to the judge. In the courtroom were the two prosecutors, our lawyers, Danae, myself and David, and about 10 FBI agents. Myself, Danae and our lawyers were asked to leave while the judge heard Jeremy Warren's motions.

U.S. Senate Passes Resolution in Support of Mandatory Limits on U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Madison, 28.06.2005 23:01

In passing a "Sense of the Senate" resolution on climate change last week, the U.S. Senate voted in favor of placing mandatory limits on the emission of global warming gases by a vote of 53 to 44. "Climate change is at least in part caused by human activity and must be addressed by a mandatory policy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions", reads the "Sense of the Senate Resolution". "The Congress finds that greenhouse gases accumulating in the atmosphere are causing average temperatures to rise at a rate outside the range of natural variability and are posing a substantial risk of rising sea levels, altered patterns of atmospheric and oceanic circulation, and increased frequency and severity of floods and drought", the resolution states.

Protest at Governor Fundraiser

LA, 28.06.2005 20:25

Protest at Governor Fundraiser

List of G8 Protest Activities so far

Scotland, 28.06.2005 20:02

A summary of all activities and events so far reported on Indymedia Scotland features, newswire and Indymedia UK newswire and features in relation to the G8 summit in Gleneagles, Scotland, with focus on recent timing, date and local location.

S.O.S Terrorismo Estatal

Portugal, 28.06.2005 19:00

S.O.S Terrorismo Estatal

3 day hunger strike in WV

DC, 28.06.2005 17:02

One woman takes on Beaver Coal to protect the cemetery in which her family is burried.

CleanPower: The Wal-Mart of the Cleaning Services Industry

Madison, 28.06.2005 17:01

Service Employees International Union Local 1 janitors marched on Justice for Janitors Day to demand union rights at CleanPower. Leading the march was Tina Campbell, a CleanPower worker and union organizer murdered last weekend by a man identified as the father of her three-year-old son.


Colombia, 28.06.2005 17:01

Verdugos al descubierto

Bristol Indymedia server seized tonight

North Carolina, 28.06.2005 16:41

Bristol Indymedia server seized tonight


Barcelona, 28.06.2005 15:00

sí, ho sóc. I què?

lesbiana, homosexual, gai, bisexual, transexual, intersexual...i què?

Actes pel 28 juny: dia de l'alliberament gai, lèsbic i de dones i homes transexuals i intersexuals

[2 juliol] Dissabte Manifestació Pça Unviversitat.18.30h

notícies relacionades: Més veus en favor dels drets fonamentals per als i les homosexuals i més silenci del feixisme heterosexual ::: teatre i música per l'alliberament sexual i de gènere ::: l'amor i el sexe no són mercaderies, no deixis que et mercantilitzin ::: contramanifestació del 18juny ::: Acció contra la mani del 18 de juny ::: acte 25 juny acte L'alliberament gai, lèsbic i transsexual. OLOT ::: Agressió homofòbica a Màlaga ::: La Haine entrevista al col.lectiu de Lesbianas, Gais, Transexuals i Bisexuales d'esquerres

més info >>>sexualitats :::

sexualidades (es)

Barcelona, 28.06.2005 15:00

sí, lo soy. ¿Y qué?

lesbiana, homosexual, gay, bisexual, transexual, intersexual...¿y qué?

Actos para el 28 de junio: día de la liberación gay, lésbica y de mujeres y hombres transexuales y intersexuales.

[2 julio] Sábado Manifestación Pza Unviversitat. 18.30h

noticias relacionadas: Más vozes a favor de los derechos fonamentales para los y las homosexuales y más silencio del fascismo heterosexual ::: teatro y música por la liberación sexual y de género ::: Actos comisión unitaria 28 junio ::: el amor y el sexo no son mercancías, no dejes que te mercantilicen ::: contramanifestación del 18 junio ::: Acción contra la mani del 18 de junio ::: acto 25 junio acto La liberación gay, lésbica y transsexual. OLOT ::: Agressión homofóbica a Málaga ::: La Haine entrevista al colectivo de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales de izquierdas

más info >>>sexualidades :::

Anti-War Resistance

Melbourne, 28.06.2005 13:21

Military Exercises, Resisters Arrested & Joh's Ghost Still a Haunting!

Workers Rights

Perth, 28.06.2005 13:03

WA STATEWIDE RALLY against Industrial Relations Reform - June 30

EXCLUSIVE: G8 Carnivalistas reveal it ALL!

Scotland, 28.06.2005 13:03

The "Carnival for Full Enjoyment" will burst onto the streets of Edinburgh's city centre at high noon on Monday 4th July. On Indymedia the carnivalistas reveal what's behind the fiesta cries of "No Wage Slavery, No Benefits Slavery, No Army Slavery, No Debt Slavery". [Press Release | Call for Action | No Deal! Campaign website | New Deal for the Dead | Edinburgh Claimants]

Chief 'Tootie' Montana Dies of a Heart Attack at City Council Meeting

New Orleans, 28.06.2005 13:02

Chief 'Tootie' Montana Dies of a Heart Attack at City Council Meeting

Police Brutality and Harrassment at Rainbow Gathering in West Virginia

DC, 28.06.2005 13:02

Court to be held in "Nature Center" in National Forest for Rainbow Gatherers ticketed for "gathering without a permit" First Video from Cranberry Site | From The news from the site is that there's a lot of harrassment from law enforcement. People are being pushed around and shoved to the ground, a woman (who turned out to be a case of mistaken identity) was tackled and had to have stitches to her leg, video cameras being taken and smashed. There is a court hearing tomorrow for people who were given tickets when they first started arriving last week. Roads were blockaded and tickets were given to people attempting to enter another site where the gathering had originally been located. It is hoped that the media and anyone else who can will be there to witness and show support at the Nature Center in Cranberry Glade in the Monongahela National Forest near Richwood, West Virginia.)

Day Six Kendra James Civil Trial

Portland, 28.06.2005 13:02

Day six, Monday, June 27, 2005 brought the last witness for the defense; although this one seemed to support the plaintiff's side. The witness, Terrol White, who was the driver of the car Kendra was shot in on May 5, 2003, appeared by videotape. White is in jail in Spokane and so couldn't come in to testify. He supported all the other witnesses who said that all three officers stood by the open car door on the driver's side and walked along with the car when it started to move. He, like everyone else couldn't understand why 3 officers couldn't pull Kendra from the car. He did not see any officers fall or falling, nor did he see any officers being dragged by the car. Prior to and during the time of the shooting of Kendra by Officer McCollister, White was cuffed in the backseat of the patrol car parked just less than a car length from Kendra's car. He said that when the car moved, the officers were able to move with it, and that the car was jerking as if it was a standard-shift car out of gear rather than an automatic shift.

The plaintiff attorneys (for Kendra James' Estate & family) had two rebuttal witnesses; Dr. Brady and Dr. Grimsbo. Dr. Grimsbo, forensic scientist for over 30 years, conducted a test yesterday afternoon at the scene of the shooting (Skidmore overpass in N. Portland) using the actual car. At the specific location of the initial traffic stop, Dr. Grimsbo put the car in drive with the brake released and the driver's door open. Without giving the car any gas, it travelled over 275 feet (its final resting stop on May 5, 2003) at its idle speed, which was calculated to be 3 miles per hour. Grimsbo did this test with Attorney Bottoms for the plaintiff because the defense witness, Gaylan Warren, claimed that according to Mult. County Sheriff's tests, the car could not have travelled to its final resting stop that day at its idle speed. Warren had claimed that the car would have had to accelerate to at least 8 miles per hour. Grimsbo's test was videotaped and it showed him applying the brakes as the car went past its final resting spot and so refutted Warren's claim big time.


previous reports: [ Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 ]

see also: [ A Quick Summary of the Kendra James Trial | Holding Up that BloodStained Banner Video ]

Dario y Maxi presentes

Argentina, 28.06.2005 13:01

Martes 28 de Junio de 2005 |DARIO Y MAXI PRESENTES EN TODO EL PAÍS
La sangre derramada no se perdona, no se olvida, no se negocia

Kurdish hunger striker in critical condition

United Kingdom, 28.06.2005 13:01

Zulkuf Murat Bora, more widely known as Bahoz, has been on hunger strike since 17th of May. He was forced to leave Turkish Kurdistan due to his struggle for the rights and liberty of the Kurdish people. He is now in hospital in a very critical condition. At the moment, Yusuf Temiz, another political asylum seeker, is being kept in detention in Greece. He is under threat of imminent deportation to Turkey, where he faces the death penalty.

The last 6 weeks has seen a wave of activities in solidarity with Bahoz and Temiz. On 5th June a large concert took place in Thessaloniki, while on 21st June 1000 people took to the streets in Thessaloniki. The EU Office for Information and Culture was occupied earlier that morning. Others, including various radio stations and Amnesty had their offices occupied. A symbolic hunger strike took place in Athens on 21st June. Various actions took place in Volos, Patras and Edinburgh.

A recent report by the UN Human Rights Committee on Greece, stated 'Ill-treatment of minorities and foreigners or even killings at the hands of authorities resulted in negligible punishment.'

Video interview with Bahoz (in Greek) | Video of concert + speech Bahoz (in Greek) | Video EU office occupation | Thessaloniki IMC | (1) (2) (3) (4)

Alternative Servers Attacked: &quot;Not a Private Question: A Question of Privacy&quot;

United Kingdom, 28.06.2005 13:01

Italy-based non-profit community webserver autistici have found out that the authorities have copied the keys necessary for the decryption of their webmail a year ago [statement 1 | 2]. Since then, the authorities potentially had access to all the data on the disks. Autistici's provider did not inform them about this. Apparently, this is connected to the same investigation as the one that caused an international law enforcement operation in London last October: A few days before the European Social Forum, Indymedia servers in London were seized, prompting a wave of solidarity statements [report].

Lisboa: O património devastado

Portugal, 28.06.2005 13:01

Lisboa: O património devastado

Critical Mass

Pittsburgh, 28.06.2005 06:02

June 2005: Pittsburgh's largest critical mass ever!

Independent Media Seminar, June 30th

Philadelphia, 28.06.2005 03:01

On Thursday, June 30, the Sustainable Business Network and the Independent Media Center of Philadelphia welcome Juana Ponce de Leon, Director of Grassroots Media Programs for the New York Chapter of the Independent Press Association.

6pm at Scribe Video Center (new location!)
4212 Chestnut St. in West Philadelphia

Buenos Aires

santiago, 28.06.2005 02:02


Mel &amp; Floyd Doubleheader: May 17 &amp; May 24, 2005

Madison, 28.06.2005 02:01

What's better than one edition of Mel & Floyd? Two editions of Mel & Floyd. Here they are - better late than never, a dynamic duo of action-packed shows featuring the dynamic duo of Mel & Mr. Smarty Pants. Watch out for the monkeys!

Listen to the May 17th show.

Listen to the May 17th show.

Dial 911 and cops wait 'til it's safe before responding

Portland, 28.06.2005 01:31

So last night....I caught a garage burglar in the act confronted him. He sucker punched me and when I called 911 to report the assault the dispatcher wasted time with useless instructions and questions. I told her that he was in the neighborhood, on foot, and that quickly dispatching could possibly result in a capture. She wanted me to wait in the house so the cops could come find me. Knowing that describing my non-traditional living arrangements is best done over coffee....I told her that I would be at the corner where I could direct the cops in the direction that the guy ran. She equivocated saying that she had to protect police safety. At that point I gave up and handed the phone over to my girlfriend.

Call Wyden today: CAFTA Vote Tuesday!

Portland, 28.06.2005 01:31

Last week about 100 Portlanders gathered to voice their disgust with Sen. Ron Wyden's pro-CAFTA vote in a "mock mark-up" vote earlier in June. (A mock mark-up is a non-binding vote that gives the Senate leadership a chance to see where Senators are at on a given issue.) Protesters want Wyden to change his vote and oppose CAFTA when it counts: on the Senate floor. The lives and livelihoods of millions of Central Americans and US-ers lie in the balance.

Call Ron today and tell him: "Change your vote: NO on CAFTA!" 503.326.7525 (Portland) or call toll free 1-866-340-9281 (for Wyden's DC office)

Clackamas County Commissioners declare war on the homeless: Amend legal code to prohibit people from sleeping or camping in their car

Portland, 28.06.2005 01:31

Clackamas County's 2005 Homeless Count indicates that nearly 7,500 people living in the County are homeless, including 2,500 children, a dramatic increase from all prior counts of the County's homeless. [I]n late May the Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners approved a code amendment to prohibit people from sleeping or camping in their car, trailer or other vehicle on a county roadway or highway in residential, commercial or industrial areas. With this amendment, the Sheriff's Office now has the option to cite people under the county code and issue a $15 citation, which will go into effect 90 days from the adoption date. Now, these 7,500 people are not just homeless, they are likely to be cited for violating Clackamas County code.

Religion &amp; Politics

Sydney, 28.06.2005 01:21

God Under Howard

Artists Illuminate 9-11 Truth More than the Official Commission

Portland, 28.06.2005 00:25

The Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance launched an art contest asking artists to cast light on how 9-11 truth could lead us towards peace and justice. Entires examine issues that the 9-11 Commission has ignored- including- "Who benefited?" and "Who should be held accountable?"

Artists and musicians cast new light on the shadow of 9/11, the unconscious fears of society, the defining event of the century, the excuse for endless war, the theme of an art contest that asks how the truth of 9/11 could lead society towards peace and justice.

The artists, unlike the official Kean/Zelikow Commission, which found no one responsible for the unprecedented failure of the military to protect American civilians on 9/11, points at those who benefited from 9/11 and could be held accountable for the crime. The artists look beyond the "They hate us for our freedoms." explanation of 9/11 and examine more rational, logical, economic, and psychological motivations for the attack.


[ SF911Truth Art Contest Entries ]

Memphis SCLC Joins Tenncare Sit-In

Tennessee, 28.06.2005 00:03

Day Eight: SCLC Calls on Civil Rights Organizations to Join the Struggle Dr. Dwight Montgomery of the The Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Memphis Chapter spoke to Tenncare Enrollees who have occupied the Governor's Office for eight days. He spoke in support of the TennCare protestors engaged in a sit-in protest at the State Capitol. The protestors, many of whom are disabled TennCare recipients, began a sit-in one week ago on Monday, June 20, 2005, in the rotunda of the state capitol building. The SCLC is delivered food and water and other items, such as pillows, needed for the protestors.

Vigil Against Torture -- Where is the Outrage?

DC, 27.06.2005 23:01

Groups and individuals across the globe commemorated the United Nations International Day in Support of Torture Victims and Survivors. Ingrid Drake from the DC Radio Co-op reports how torture survivors and their supporters held a 24-hour vigil across from the White House. Audio

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