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Attacked by group of young kids at 82nd Max Stop

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

After having dinner at a fellow activists house, I left feeling great. Waiting for the Max at 82nd, I was singled out for harrassment by a group of about 12 kids. I was hit 3 times, threatened with lethal weapons, and they tried to steal my bike. What can be done about this, in a non-violent way? I have no interest is fighting a bunch of teenagers, know I'm a bigger man than that.

My month in the high-tech industry

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

In February of this year, I worked for an HP contractor located on the HP campus in east Vancouver/Camas, (hereafter known as "the company"). I was surprised to be offered this product testing job, since I didn't have any experience in the high-tech industry or with product testing. My experience with certain MS applications isn't that great either.

The company called me after I submitted an online application through an employment services website. Before I was called in for an interview, there was a brief phone screening, in which I was asked about my experience, and during which I claimed to be a team player. After that, I was chosen to come in for an interview.

That night an acquaintance of mine asked me if I'd like to smoke some pot. So, being in the good mood that I was, I decided it would be a great idea. The prospect of a new job, and the probable chance of a drug test that would go along with that, was not the first thing on my mind. The thought may have flashed across my mind briefly, but I didn't want to let hypotheticals get in the way of my decision, or let worries dictate to me like a high-school coach.

G8 Sunday 3rd July

United Kingdom, 03.07.2005 19:02

Protests scheduled today include the Make Borders History tour of Glasgow, and in Edinburgh a Stop the War march and rally assembling at 6pm at the corner of Prince's Street/The Mound to march to Calton Hill.

Sunday also sees Edinburgh as the focus of many G8 counter-conference events [see Corporate Dream ... Global Nightmare | Dissent! Programme (running through til thurs 7th) | G8Alternatives Events]

Rossport Resistance Steps Up A Gear

Ireland, 03.07.2005 19:01

Refinery Construction Site Picketed; Fishermen Prepare To Blockade 'Things'; Roadside Vigil A Win . Related Stories: Details of the Solidarity Camp in Rossport + Upcoming Events / Photo Report from Rossport / Cheap Headlines In The Irish Times / New Socialist Party Press Release “What we intend to do on Monday, if they do not open, is picket from 6.30 p.m. to let them know that we will not be backing down. We are choosing that time for people who will be at their jobs during the day. If work resumes at the site we will start picketing at 11 a.m. The purpose of the picket is to persuade employees working at the building of the refinery to halt work, as some have done, and to show that we are not forgetting the five innocent men in Cloverhill prison.”: P.J. Moran, Ballinaboy Resident. “WORK CONTINUES AS NORMAL AT THE COMPANY'S SITES IN MAYO”

G8 - Escocia 2005

Euskal Herria, 03.07.2005 19:01

Making Opting Out an Option

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.07.2005 19:00

Watsonville - On June 29, The Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees voted in favor (4 to 3) to increase student and family awareness of the OPT-OUT choice parents have to deny military recruiters access to private student information. The Board of Trustees finally approved the motion to include the OPT-OUT choice on the mandatory emergency card for all high school students.

Section 9528 of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, requires high school administrations to release student contact information to military recruiters. Students and parents may “Opt-Out” of the information release list, but notification of this option is careless-to-nonexistent. Schools administrators, parents, and students are beginning to find ways to counter this breach of privacy. In Berkeley, there is an OPT-IN policy, and other districts like San Francisco have adopted resolutions regarding the military's new access to students' private information. Santa Cruz IMC Story and Photos

photos and notes: PVUSD Supports Student Privacy

audio: Hidden Clause in No Child Left Behind Act Lets Parents Opt-Out
audio: Pajaro Schools Support Opt Out Option

see also: Being a Military Recruiter Must Suck || All around the U$, Recuiters are Feeling the Heat || 4/20 Watsonville Counter-Recruitment Action || UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus || Berkeley High School Teach-In (March 2005) Report || Video

The Great Rivers Greenway District Public Forum

Saint Louis, 03.07.2005 19:00

To kick off the redesign and renewal of the riverfront, the Hok Planning Group presented its redevelopment plans to the public. The full presentation began at 6, led by William (Bill) D. Burke, Vice President. He spent some time supplying attendants with a history of the riverfront, from the time when the Native Americans were the only human beings in the region to now when the riverfront is primarily a tourist locale and then an event venue.

What is Great Rivers Greenway's mission? Great Rivers Greenway work for a clean, green, connected St. Louis region. To achieve its mission, the district is developing The River Ring, an interconnected system of greenways, parks and trails.

Links [The Great Rivers Greenway | FAQs about The Great Rivers Greenway | Bike St. Louis]

various anti-gma

QC, 03.07.2005 03:03

Ringtones, Placards and Posters

Millionaires and War

Boston, 03.07.2005 00:02

Was there ever a time when Congressional tax cuts for multi-millionaires were more unseemly? Recently President Bush spoke about the war in Iraq on national TV, asking Americans to be patient and to bear in silence the heavy sacrifice of American soldiers’ lost lives. That number is getting close to 2000.

Saturday report back from Edinburgh MPH demonstration

Ireland, 02.07.2005 23:30

Large but quiet sedate demo. ( Jul 2 2005) A report from the "Make Poverty History" demonstrations in Edinburgh and a few pics lifted from film work in progress. A report from Edinburgh and a few pics lifted from film work in progress. Got into the city this morning early enough, yet there were still loads of people streaming towards the Meadows, a large green space in the south inner city of Edinburgh, hours before the demo was due to begin. I popped into the Indymedia Centre which is open up above the Forest Cafe on Bristo Place, near the University. They have a good setup there - roughly 25 computers running Knoppix, which is a variant of the GNU/Linux operating system. All are networked together and the place is wired for broadband. The radical radio people also have their equipment set up on the upper floor and will be starting to stream audio from this evening. There were thousands of people heading to the Meadows around 9.30am, still a good bit before the scheduled kick off. The usual gauntlet run of flyer-handers, paper sellers, petition urgers etc had to be negotiated on the slope down to the convergence area. A few minutes before the march was due to kick off, a crew of roughly 80 (seemingly comprised of many Irish Dissent! people) poured down the incline, masked up and dressed in black, visibly adrenalised, and shouting obscenities within earshot of many young and old sensitive liberal ears. "Commandante W" as I belief he is referring to himself as was in flying form, obviously in his element! They had been tailed for a while and the spotlight was on them, they disappeared around the corner towards the entrance point and that was the last I saw or heard of them until later in the afternoon...The demo managed to get moving just after the appointed time of 11am. It was being led by a black samba band and some 'dignitaries' types who I did not know, one of them had mayoral chains on, so possibly the Mayor of Edinburgh? Who knows, if Gordon Brown was invited along then its quite possible. The media scrum was incredible. Every photographer, video crew, audio journos were falling over each other to document what was happening. As the march reached the turn of Bath Street, there was a slight commotion straight up ahead and the police radios, which had been silent up until this time, crackled angrily into life and the luminous yellow jackets were running up to the front of the march. The media scrum had moved too, flashing and pointing at the percieved 'trouble' (and yes, I too was admittedly following it...) A group of "pro-capitalists" had assembled in front of the head of the march, and had signs emblazened with slogans such as "Blood For Oil" and "Make Poverty Permanent", and were chanting slogans such as "Free Trade not Fair Trade!" and "Down with equality!" The Police initially did not seem to get the joke, and there appeared to be a bit of scuffles between some of the creative/subversives and stewards trying to clear a path for the march. Eventually they seemed to get the joke, people were only dressing up in suits and chomping on cigars as a pisstake; nevertheless the Police kept an eye on them and escorted them all the way up Princes St. Princes St is one of the main 'high street' shopping malls in the city, many premises were boarded up but bore signs saying 'open for business'. The march came in waves and waves of people. To be honest I was a bit disappointed with a) the crowd, and b) the lack of creativity. Possibly a and b are related. The crowd was announced later on in the meadows as 200,000, no laughing matter but well short of Geldof's million. Maybe they are due on Wednesday. The reason for my lack of enthusiasm for the march was the non-diversity of the participants. It seemed to be mostly people out for the day with their young kids. Not that that's a bad thing - but it just meant that the march was deathly quiet for very long periods, and everyone was holding generic placards thrust into their hands. Distinct, individual creations (which are always, always much better) were thin on the ground. There wasnt much representation from unions or refugees, or not visible at any length. There were no 'blocs'. Certainly a very different demographic from say, the Saturday march in Genoa 2001. Many of the people I spoke to were quite bubbly and happy with the day. They all spoke of how deaths in Africa were terrible and how they should stop. My cynic motormouth almost jumped at the question "well how do you think marching around is going to achieve anything?", but today I kept shtum and tried to soak up some of their optimism, if naive in my eyes. The sun was baking me and I was nearly at the end of the march already (a short enough walk for a march of many thousands, comparable to Parnell Square to Merrion Square), so I strolled back the way I came to check out more people joining in. A good bit back the way, a big pink/radical cheerleader/samba group appeared. Possibly one of the biggest samba groups I have ever seen. The noise was chest-pounding. (Painful) Memories of Genoa came flashing back briefly acid-style, where every idiot with a bongos and a spliff in him would crack the fucking thing out at 1am and continue to hammer out an arhythmic beat for hours until his inner child had been palm-beaten out of him... but this was different. They had class - and practice. It was all in time, the dancers knew their steps, they were working the crowd around them up into a sweaty frenzy. The bass (lambeg?) drums were pounding, and instead of the usual one or two, they numbered maybe fifteen or twenty. I glued along with this for a while before moving towards the back again, mostly to get out of the sun which was now creating a nice Oirish farmers tan for me... Back into the Meadows just before 3pm, and there were still thousands of people queueing up to leave the place and march the route, obviously determined to walk the Queens Highway. There were 3 stages erected, where comedians and musicians were telling bland jokes and playing even blander music. At 3pm, the entire site fell silent for a minute, as the MC said "13 children will die in the next minute" and then started the clock on the screen. At 3:01 there was a huge roar, as if somehow this had made poverty history... the bands started up and played music, and then of course another 13 children died in that minute too, but it was as if somehow the simple act of sitting silent for a brief moment made people happy in their hearts. Sorry to be a cynic about this but I cant help it when you see the likes of Puff Daddy et al supporting this initiative. 20 years ago people probably held a minutes silence for the dead in Ethiopia as well when Michael Buerk's BBC report shocked them into "action", yet all these years later very little has changed... Around this time the small anti-authoritarian/black bloc was being hemmed in by the Police. They had assembled in the Meadows, numbering between 250-300, before 2pm. Like everyone else, they had to wait for an eternity to be squeezed through the bottleneck where people were popped out into the march route. Reportedly they got frustrated and made their own exit via a newly manufactured gap in the fence. This was where the Police surrounded them, and when they tried to escape the policing, the group was split up into smaller fractions. After a standoff, eventually things wound down and people just splintered off home or back towards Bristo Place in groups of 3 or 4. And that was about it really. I hung around the Meadows for a while, just resting my feet and reviewing footage... Its hard to tell if there are going to be enough people around for the Wednesday blockades. There certainly didnt seem to be enough of a 'left' contingent on the march, but maybe today wasnt about that. We'll see what happens. Keep you posted.

Engler paints Pierre Pettigrew

Maritimes, 02.07.2005 23:20

Canaidan Foreign Minister Pierre Pettigrew Splattered With Red Paint At Conference On Haiti

Homeland Security Detains Elderly Couple in Virginia

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2005 20:22

Virginia - On June 22, several uniformed officers from the Department of Homeland Security took an elderly couple away. The officers told the couple's son that they would be back in a few hours; they are still being detained. The couple is in their 70s and in failing health. A family lawyer finally discovered that the couple is being held in the Pamunkey Detention Center north of Richmond, Virginia. The family has not been told the reason for the detainment, and is asking for the safe return of their relatives.
Read their plea for help

G8 Reports - 2 July

United Kingdom, 02.07.2005 18:31

At least 200.000 demonstrators from very different backgrounds, ranging from religous organisations to samba bands and the Infernal Noise Brigade, joined today's Make Poverty History march in Edinburgh. The organisers had called for people to wear white clothes. The march was set up with staggered starting times, but because of the number of people, those who wanted to start marching at 1pm were still waiting to leave an hour later.

Before the start of the official march, residents of Craigmillar, the most deprived area of Edinburgh, joined with anti-G8 protestors camping on a park in their estate. They marched through the estate to show their opposition to poverty here and abroad.

An anti-capitalist block broke away from the main march and was cordoned off by riot cops [1 | . People are being released in small groups, others appear to be held and photographed under a an-activists-guide-to-scots-law/#stop> Section 60 order. There are two possible arrests. [ timeline]

Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 ]

Interview with Patricia Ireland on the Loss of Sanda Day O'Connor at National NOW Conference

Tennessee, 02.07.2005 18:03

"Justice O'Connor and Justice Bater-Ginsberg have told women lawyers and women judges that it makes a difference to have women in the courtroom. They are not ideologically aligned or judicial philosophy aligned but they both have nodded yes and said it makes a difference. I don't know if we want to have a spot, a 'slot' like "ok we get two," because half of nine is not two. I know that Bush for political reasons is going to nominate a minority, a Hispanic man or someone where it will be harder for people on the progressive side to oppose and split some of the traditionally progressive or democratic constituents. So we will see, I think it is going to be a battle royale because I don't think Bush has any intention of being accomodating. Remember his remarks after his election: 'I have the political chips and I am going to play them.'" - Patricia Ireland at the National Organization of Women Conference in Nashville.

Downing Street Memo PSA

DC, 02.07.2005 18:02

A Public Service Announcement by Cindy Sheehan, of Gold Star Families for Peace.


Brasil, 02.07.2005 17:21

Anúncio do aumento das passagens de ônibus provoca protesto e manifestação pelo passe livre, em Belo Horizonte

Interview with a Ed Wiley, Resident of the Coal River Valley in West Virginia

Tennessee, 02.07.2005 17:02

"They'll drill, blast, just keep taking the mountain down until it's all gone. And there's no way they can reclaim it... It's no good, it's poison. It causes a lot of illnesses, it's causing headaches, runny noses, breathing problems and once this stuff gets into the dirt it's no good for nothin'. It couldn't be no good for animals, it's no good for waterways, and it's definitely no good for human beings."

Student Rights

Perth, 02.07.2005 15:22

Police attack students with horses at ECU


Scotland, 02.07.2005 15:22

The Carnival for Full Enjoyment - due to burst onto Edinburgh’s streets on Monday at noon - has denounced Army Recruitment Centres as “lie centres” and alleges the army relies on low wages and unemployment to drive young people into their clutches.

“G8 Campers Welcome in Craigmillar” say the Jack Kane Centre.

Scotland, 02.07.2005 15:22

From the main road, the Jack Kane centre looks like a fort, a squat concrete, angular building. The playground in front of it doesn't soften the image much.But as we round the corner, we are greeted by the sight of a banner reading “The Jack Kane Community Centre says No to Poverty.” And inside, the atmosphere is warm and welcoming.


Scotland, 02.07.2005 15:22

A group by the name of ‘Friends of Zanetti’ completed an action at the Starbucks café in Stockbridge last night, 30/06/05. Stencils of a Zapatista woman with the slogan ‘2% fair trade, 98% exploitation’ were spray-painted over the windows, letters were pasted onto the door and posted through the letterbox, and the locks were glued shut just for good measure. The action was designed to highlight and condemn Starbucks business relationship with ‘Conservation International’, the notorious ‘greenwash’ company responsible for procuring ‘fair trade’ coffee for Starbucks.

G8 Mobilisation Reports - Friday 1st July

Scotland, 02.07.2005 15:22

Preparations for the Make Poverty History march are also under way: the anti-capitalist block meeting point has been anounced, and some happy chalking actions is to be expected.

More spaces are now open: In Edinburgh the Dissent! Infospace, featuring talks and workshops, and the Independant Media Centre, as well as the rural eco-village convergence campsite in Stirling.

The Clown army, had a press conference today morning, displaying some ridicilus tactics and reading a (not so) silly statement (report). Police payed a visit to the Dissent! Info point, but left quickly. Finally the GR organised train arrived in Edinburgh without any problem, and the Dissent! train arrived just before ten pm. There was a small amount of hassle from the police at King's Cross.

About 200 people have occupied Pilrig Park in Edinburgh at about 11pm on Friday, and set up tents to make an autonomous camp site about a mile from the Dissent Infopoint near Leith Walk as a result of Edinburgh Council's repressive accomodation policy.
After negotiations with a Council delegate, in which the removal of the CCTV at the Jack Kane campsite was promised, the protesters left the park.
Additionally, the police circled the tent area and blocked the entrances to the park.
The protesters moved to the Jack Kane Centre, in which a "Dissent!" area had earlier been negotiated, at about 2 am on Saturday morning.

Workers Rights

Sydney, 02.07.2005 15:22

Thousands attend Sydney rally over IR changes

CAFTA Protest, June 30th

DC, 02.07.2005 15:21

Thursday, June 30th activists and community members gathered to show opposition to the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA). The event was sponsored by the STOP-CAFTA Coalition, a coalition formed from many different groups that oppose this new trade agreement.

Anti-War Float in July 4th Parade

Urbana-Champaign, 02.07.2005 15:21

Last year the Anti-War Anti-Racism Effort (AWARE) took home a third prize trophy from the local July 4th parade. This is the fourth year in a row the group is participating, and this is an open invitation to join in.

Watsonville “Emergency Card” OPT-OUT A Winner

Santa Cruz, CA, 02.07.2005 15:21

The Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees voted in favor (4 to 3) of a proposal to increase student and family awareness of the OPT-OUT choice parents have to deny military recruiters access to private student information.

As a result of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act, a requirement of federal education funding is that high school administrations release student contact, and other information to military recruiters. Students and parents may “Opt-Out” of the information release list, but notification of this option is careless-to-nonexistent.

In the predominantly Latino district, where recruiters “descend on students like vultures on road kill,” (as one counter recruitment worker stated) how is family and student notification of Opt-Out best assured?

That the “opt-out choice be included on the [mandatory] emergency card for all high school students including those at alternative high schools” was the motion eventually approved.

A coalition of trustees, parents, students and community organizations wanted greater assurance of opt-out choice notification. Board chair Rhea DeHart bluntly stated, “I have talked to too many people where this important information gets lost in the shuffle.”

audio: Hidden Clause in No Child Left Behind Act Lets Parents Opt-Out
audio: Pajaro Schools Support Opt Out Option

see also: Being a Military Recruiter Must Suck || All around the U$, Recuiters are Feeling the Heat || 4/20 Watsonville Counter-Recruitment Action || UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus

Bush Bombs at Ft. Bragg, We Rock!

Richmond, 02.07.2005 15:21

Military families and veterans from Virginia joined with other veterans and their families in Fayetteville, NC, once again at the forefront of the national resistance to the war in Iraq. As George Bush rattled off a predictable speech to a captive audience Ft. Bragg, the truth was being told once again by those who know the real ground truth – veterans and military families just a few miles away.

Elderly Couple Detained in Virginia -- Action Needed

Richmond, 02.07.2005 15:21

My uncle and aunt, Gokal and Shiela Kapoor, got taken away by Homeland Security last week, and have since been locked away in the Pamunkey Detention Center in Virginia, and I need your help. This is a disaster. Detention is a black hole - it's like talking to a crazy person. Ask the same question 5 times (like, uh, why did you take my aunt and uncle?) and you get 5 different answers (an airport investigation. they are out of status. we're deporting them. we're bringing them back in 2 hours. we have information that they're a high security risk to the US.) In reality, they're elderly folks in their 70s who are so law-abiding they don't even freaking jaywalk. They are struggling with an asylum case that recently got denied (again), and worked at Dulles airport. Those two things together apparently spell baaad news.

New Time Slot for Richmond IMC News on WRIR 97.3 LPFM

Richmond, 02.07.2005 15:21

From now on, the RVA IMC Radio Show on WRIR 97.3 FM can be heard on Tuesdays at 12:30pm. This will become official beginning July 5th. Currently, the content of the Richmond IMC News show is read and explained by hosts Muna Hijazi, Jason Guard and Aaron Samsel (if you wanna give us a hand hosting, please let us know). However, the stories come from YOU. YOU ARE INDYMEDIA. Without your participation in this alternative media movement, we would have very little to talk about on the air. So, thank you for lending your voice to RVA IMC. Tell a friend. Comment on interesting pieces. Rate the articles. However you see fit, participate. If you would like to help with the radio show in any way, please drop us a line at and let us know.

Forest Defense Events and Updates From Across Oregon

Portland, 02.07.2005 15:21

Friday marks the beginning of a week and a half of forest defense activities around Oregon and just outside Portland on Mount Hood National Forest. Today Back to the WALL plans a protest and action in Southern Oregon at the Biscuit Timber Sale. Anticipating the protest, the closure imposed earlier this year in the Illinois Valley has been granted a one month extension by the Forest Service's timber stooges, in a blatent effort to stifle dissent. This 12+ miles closure of a public road accessing the Kalmiopsis wilderness and many other popular recreation areas was put in place following acts of non-violent civil disobedience (1, 2, 3, 4, etc.) and other protests. Calls to the Forest Service supervisors are desperately needed.

Friday night in Portland at 7 pm at the Redwing Cafe(1700 S.E. 6th) an Earth First! history event will be held, focusing on the life and work of famed redwoods defender, labor organizer, and COINTELPRO survivor Judi Bari complete with music, speakers and a new film. On Saturday there will be a hike to Bear, an old growth forest on Mount Hood which was just cut this month - the logs have yet to be removed. All this is leading up to the National Earth First! Rendezvous which begins Monday the 4th with a celebration of Cascadian independence from the US.

More Forest Defense Stories >>

Riot-Folk! Musicians Detained by London Police

Portland, 02.07.2005 15:21

So we were detained today at Victoria Station in London by the London Police as we tried to get on our bus. 2 cops stopped us and ran passports, claiming they needed to check our immigration status and make sure we weren't planning trouble in Scotland. They gave the usual story about how they have the right to "keep people safe", as though we we're en route to some gathering of how to rip off poor people (which we are, except that we are protesting it, not participating in it, like a few people I could mention).

As our ID's were checked, we noticed 3 other cops approaching us, one with a large camera. Turns out these are the same bored and underpaid men that stole Evan's notebook yesterday and detained everyone they could leaving the Institute of Autonomy (a pre-Scotland convergence center in London). The cops literally stole the notebook through physical assault from the person who was holding it and used the itinerary inside of it to find us at our bus.

So 2 of us we're cleared but Evan and Mark were questioned about our travels here and Evan had to fill some shit out to try to get his stolen notebook back from the cops. There has been a lot of photographing of us and others and intelligence gathering going on in the last few days and we anticipate more of these fear-tactics as we approach Scotland.

read the full article...

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Radical Botany - this Sunday!

Portland, 02.07.2005 15:21

  • FreeSkool: Radical Botany
  • Sunday - 7:00 PM
  • Laughing Horse Books
  • 3652 SE Division
On Sunday, July 3 a learning group will meet to begin a study of human and plant relationships. By way of plant knowledge we will begin to percieve the radical idea that humans are not separate from plants and in fact what has been lost from the "spirit" of man by industrializing us, can be found in plants. Our healing, our well being and our planet are stored in plants.

We will use three books to look at the language of plants, perception and Pacific Northwest plant communities. We will at first have a class coordinator, then the whole learning group will begin to teach each other using our unique perceptions.

Sometimes we will meet in buildings to discuss the books we are studying. Sometimes we will meet in natural areas so that plants are part of our classroom. Sometimes we will speak, sometimes we will listen, sometimes we will draw, sometimes we will observe.


The Legacy of Maxxam

Portland, 02.07.2005 15:21

Humboldt County, CA - In the home state of Maxxam, INC., the slogan is "don't mess with Texas." When it comes to their dealings in the Redwood country of Northern California, Maxxam's slogan is "he who has the gold rules." Maxxam CEO and billionaire Charles Hurwitz is a man of few words, but speaks loudly through his wicked logging plans.

Bad logging and clear-cuts are pretty "run of the mill" for The Pacific Lumber Company (PL), a once friendly local timber operation turned county scourge after Texas financier Hurwitz and his Maxxam Corporation took the reigns in 1986. But now and again, the Maxxam controlled PL drafts a logging plan so arrogant and destructive that even the most callous cynic shudders at the thought of it.

By all appearances, Maxxam is attempting to extirpate the Marbled Murrelet, a seabird dependent on old-growth forests, while the company itself threatens to go the way of the dinosaur. Specifically, PL (under control of its multi-billion dollar parent company) is threatening bankruptcy due to a log shortage - the cause of which is a high logging rate imposed by Maxxam. Local residents, who've recognized Maxxam's pattern of taking over other companies (like Kaiser Aluminum) and driving them into the dirt, have predicted the PL bankruptcy for years based on breakneck logging that has turned the coveted Redwood forest into a land sliding, muddy mess.

Much of PL's 211,000 acres have already been converted from trees into cash. Now at the end game, Maxxam is targeting the most visible and valuable old-growth redwoods left in PL's holdings, which unfortunately are crucial for the survival of threatened and endangered plants and animals. Maxxam's latest scheme, called "Bonanza", is one such plan.


Uruguay, 02.07.2005 15:21

El software libre es legal


Colombia, 02.07.2005 15:21

Cartagena se moviliza contra la corrupción


Brasil, 02.07.2005 15:21

Polícia britânica apreende servidor do CMI-Bristol


Brasil, 02.07.2005 15:21

Ato contra a reintegração de posse da ocupação Prestes Maia

G8 Mobilisation Reports - Friday 1st July

United Kingdom, 02.07.2005 15:21

The Clown army, had a press conference today morning, displaying some ridicilus tactics and reading a (not so) silly statement (report). Police payed a visit to the Dissent! Info point, but left quickly. Finally the GR organised train arrived in Edinburgh without any problem, and the Dissent! train arrived just before ten pm. There was a small amount of hassle from the police at King's Cross.

Preparations for the Make Poverty History march are also under way: the anti-capitalist block meeting point has been anounced, and some happy chalking actions is to be expected.

More spaces are now open: In Edinburgh the Dissent! Infospace, featuring talks and workshops, and the Independant Media Centre, as well as the rural eco-village convergence campsite in Stirling. Edinburgh Council spokesman agrees to remove CCTV at G8 Campsite after 150 people set up a camping site at Pilrig Park.

Governo estuda a criação de centros de detenção para imigrantes

Portugal, 02.07.2005 15:20

Governo estuda a criação de centros de detenção para imigrantes

Espanha aprova lei que permite a homossexuais casar e adoptar

Portugal, 02.07.2005 15:20

Espanha aprova lei que permite a homossexuais casar e adoptar

G8 geeft No-Global beweging een nieuw elan

Netherlands, 02.07.2005 15:20

Van 6 tot 8 juli 2005 wordt in het Schotse Gleneagles een G8 top gehouden. Het gaat om een topontmoeting van de leiders en policy makers van de 7 grootste industrielanden en Rusland die sedert 1975 jaarlijks "informeel" (lees: zonder enig mandaat of democratische controle) samenkomen om hun greep op het reilen en zeilen in de wereld te versterken. Thema's van de top zijn onder meer economische ontwikkeling, milieu, buitenlands beleid en veiligheid/justitie in het kader van hun "wereldleiderschap".

Deze G8 toppen zijn traditionneel ook het signaal voor protest tegen de kapitalistische globalisering waarvan de G8 een van de belangrijkste symbolen is. Sedert de top van Genua waar tot 300.000 mensen de straat op gingen, en de bloedige repressie tot een climax kwam met het doodschieten van Carlo Guiliani, worden de toppen op min of meer afgelegen plekken gehouden. Toch gingen de protesten gewoon door in grotere steden in de buurt, Calgary in 2002, Evian in 2003 en Atlanta vorig jaar.

Vanaf zaterdag 2 juli trekt het "circus" (quote Tony Blair), waarop weer vele tienduizenden mensen verwacht worden, dus weer op gang met een grote, doch enigzins controversiële openingsdemo, dit keer in het Schotse Edinburg.Er volgt nog een hele week van protesten. Ook vanuit Nederland zijn er groepen mensen naar het hoge noorden van de UK getrokken voor wat de grootste mobilisatie die de beweging ooit zag moet worden, dit werd hen echter niet makkelijk gemaakt.

De corporate media lijken weer niet goed te weten wat ze ermee moeten aanvangen, dus de aanwezigheid van media-activisten die het geheel vanuit hun eigen visie verslaan is cruciaal. Luister naar de Radical radio Coalition die van 1 tot en met 9 juli voor verslaggeving via de radio zal zorgen, Voor Nederlandstalig nieuws is er deze website en Global info. Voor breaking news en actieverslagen in het Engels is er de special pagina van Indymedia UK en Indymedia Schotland.

[Tijdlijn 2 juli]

Actuele links: [DISSENT!|Squat net Schotland|Stop G8 België|Globalinfo|Indymedia UK|Indymedia Schotland]

Historiek: [2001|2002|2003|2004]

&quot;Vergiss' die Sicherheit im Netz....&quot; - Schurkenjäger

Germany, 02.07.2005 15:20

In Italien gewährte ein Provider der Webpolizei Zugang ohne Benachrichtigung der Betroffenen zu sämtlichen Informationen, die sich auf dem Server von befanden. Kontext, die gleichen Ermittlungen, die von Bologna aughehend, im Herbst zur Beschlagnahme des Servers auf dem Indymedia Italien zusammen mit anderen IMCs gehostet war. Italien ist wieder ganz vorn in Sachen Amtsmissbrauch und Missachtung der Rechte.
Vorwand: die Überwachung der Mailbox von ABC Italien, Zusammenhang: die derzeit auf Hochtouren laufende Jagd auf Anarchisten, die sich bei näherem Hinsehen deutlich als eine generelle Verfolgung von AktivistInnen der sozialen Bewegungen erweist. Es handelt sich im konkreten Fall um die gleichen Ermittlungen, die 2004 unter Vorwänden die illegale Beschlagnahme des Servers, der Indymedia Italien beherbergte, erlaubte. Siehe dazu die Features zur: Beschlagnahme von Festplatten von IMC-Server, zur Briefbomben-Inszenierung, zum Prozeß gegen Sud Ribelle oder zu anderen bedenklichen Brückenschlägen...

Dimensionen und Hintergründe | Kommentar aus Cosenza | Erklärungen von Autistici/Inventati: [1] (vom vormittag) und [2] (vom abend) | (falscher) Schurkenjägeralarm in Schottland | Patriot act all' italiana | Artikel bei Wikinews | Autistici/Inventati

Statement Issued By The Five Jailed Mayo Men And Their Families

Ireland, 02.07.2005 15:20

Statement Was Issued On The 30th June Issued today 30th June The imprisoned five and their families request the developers, authorities, and the state, to accommodate the following: Stop the illegal development in Rossport. Cease all current operations in Erris, both onshore and offshore, including the refinery in Bellanoboy, and pipeline works in Aughoose, Rossport and Glengad. Withdraw all threat of imprisonment and financial ruin over the people of North Mayo, and renegotiate the original gas deal, for the Irish people. STATEMENT ENDS Recent Related Indymedia Ireland Stories/Reports Labour Issue Statement Condemning Pipeline / Galway: Rock Solid Support For The Rossport 5 / Corrib Gas - Four Courts - Friday, 1st July / Dail Debate On The Rossport 5 / Audio of Shell To Sea Press Conference: Thurs 30th June: Kildare St. Dublin / Shell v People of Rossport / Report From Rossport / Solidarity at Shell AGM London / Ogra SF Shut Down A Statoil In Dublin In Solidarity

EuskalInfo e Indymedia Bristol allanadas

Euskal Herria, 02.07.2005 15:20

Youth Media Salon at NMEC 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.07.2005 15:20

On June 25, 2005, A youth media salon was presented as part of the National Media Education Conference in San Francisco. The salon represented some of the most active media producers, teachers, filmmakers, and training programs in the Bay Area and beyond. Panelists included representatives from the Bay Area Video Coalition, Youth Outlook, Just Think, Conscious Youth Media Crew, and more.
Listen to audio and read a report by Luxomedia.

Grand Opening KSKQ Studio

Rogue Valley, 01.07.2005 03:03

KSKQ 94.9 LPFM is a new community radio station in the Rogue Valley. Everyone is invited to the Grand Opening celebration of the KSKQ studio on June 1, 5-9pm.  This will be part of the First Friday events in Ashland.  Make radio happen!  Come and be part of our celebration.


Colombia, 01.07.2005 02:01

Represión contra indymedia en Inglaterra

Indymedia Bristol Server Seized

United Kingdom, 01.07.2005 01:30

On Monday, June 27th, Indymedia Bristol's server was seized by the police. An Indymedia volunteer was arrested during the raid on suspicion of incitement to criminal damage. He is now on bail. See Indymedia Bristol Statement (28th June 05)

Bristol Indymedia say: "We are outraged at the actions of the police. They have completely disabled the entire Bristol Indymedia news service. By their actions they have undermined the principle of open publishing and free access to the media, thereby removing people's opportunity to read and report their own news. This situation has serious implications for anyone providing a news service on the Internet. We do not intend to let this stop us from continuing the project."

Full Feature | IMC Bristol statements [1 | 2] | Imc Bristol Solidarity Page | Autistici Server Surveillance | Mainstream Media Coverage

Se Agrava su Estado de Salud

santiago, 01.07.2005 01:02


Police Cordon off &quot;Courthouse&quot; to Keep Protestors at a Distance

DC, 01.07.2005 00:01

Law Enforcement officers roped off the Cranberry Glades Nature Center, which was serving as an impromtu "courthouse". The yellow police tape kept protesters away and ticket holders were summoned via bullhorns to appear before the judge.

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