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Anne Feeney Ashland July 12

Rogue Valley, 05.07.2005 07:23

Anne Feeney Concert
Tuesday, July 12, 7 PM
Bellview Grange
1050 Tolman Creek Rd.
Ashland, Oregon

$10 - $20 sliding scale

Singer/Songwriter Pattrick Dodd in featured opening

Several months ago the Southern Oregon Central Labor Council formed an exploritory committee charged with investigating possibilites of forming a Jobs With Justice chapter here in Southern Oregon. This coincides with Anne Feeney's latest west coast tour and the two seemed a perfect match. We asked Anne about it and she is excited to help out.

Protesten tegen de G8-top in Schotland

West Vlaanderen, 05.07.2005 07:23

Protesten tegen de G8-top in Schotland

İskoçya G8: Faslane ablukası

Istanbul, 05.07.2005 07:23

İskoçya G8 - Faslane ablukası

4th of July Parade

Urbana-Champaign, 05.07.2005 07:22

AWARE takes to the streets with a 4th of July float...........Caring for our community! Lots of community response to this years float but perhaps the irony was lost on a few!

Dances for Kittens: conscience consumerism, youth activism and DIY lifestyle

Santa Cruz, CA, 05.07.2005 07:22

A group of youth activists associated with YCSC and troubled with growing authority by adult "allies" (although we do have good ones like sandino!) and city linked laws and regulations are forming a group that will devote itself to the ideas of protesting corporate monsters in santa cruz (we already hit urban outfitters) DIY stuff, independant lifesyle stuff and for the summer counter military highschool and college recruitment stuff.

We think we will call ourselves dAnces with kittens for the summer. YCSC regulations will not be on us so the meetings for this group will be 5-630 on tuesdays upstairs at resource center for nonviolence all ages welcome but youth Under 26 especially highschool age will be very welcome since thats what all of us so far are (also its imporatant for us cause we never saw this city before the dot come boom and earthquake. after the summer ends the date will move as ycsc will take this time please all members welcome it would be nice to have some college connections also so please attend our meetings. So if you are interested in the future of corporations coming to santa cruz, building a more independant lifestyle and helping block military recruiters, join santa cruz's youth activists and build our future!!!!!!!

American theologians on war and peace: &quot;Confessing Christ in a World of Violence&quot;

Portland, 05.07.2005 07:22

Our world suffers under violence and war.

But Jesus says: "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God" (Matt 5,9). Innocent persons here and abroad are increasingly frightened and endangered by terrorist attacks.

But Jesus says: "Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you" (Matt 5,44). These words that were never easy seem even more difficult today.

However a time comes when silence means betrayal.

How many churches have preached about this since September 11, 2001?


[ Other posts from Marc Batko | Marc Batko translations website ]

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Fireworks Stink!

Portland, 05.07.2005 07:22

They're bright and flashy and fun to watch. But there are many ugly sides to the public fireworks displays. If you had a handful of lead, mercury, chromium and arsenic, you wouldn't set fire to it and snort it up your nose. But that's what happens every year at public fireworks displays. Levels of toxic metals in air particles were found to be 50 times higher after a public display in a study in Washington state. How much of the mysterious fish mutation observed in the Willamette River is due to treating our riverfront like a toxic waste dump set ablaze??! Fireworks endanger human health, especially for fragile individuals, frighten and poison vulnerable animals, and waste precious city resources. Portland's big fireworks display tarnishes our progressive reputation. How can we extinguish this toxic fire? read more >>

previous July 4th fireworks feature: [ Patriotic incendiary devices: Toxic for health, manufactured in sweatshops ]

Minneapolis Protest Demands: End the Occupation of Iraq, Bring the Troops Home Now

Minneapolis/St. Paul, 05.07.2005 07:22

Minneapolis, MN - More than 200 people demonstrated June 30 in downtown Minneapolis at the Hennepin County Government Center plaza, demanding that the U.S. government, “End the war in Iraq, end the occupation and bring the troops home now!” The event was sponsored by the Iraq Peace Action Coalition, an organization made up of Twin Cities area peace and justice groups.

Mel &amp; Floyd, July 1, 2005

Madison, 05.07.2005 07:22

Here it is - another edition of Mel & Floyd, featuring Mel & Mr. Smarty pants. Enjoy!

Click here for the audio.

Local Activists Meet to Discuss Zapatista Red Alert

LA, 05.07.2005 07:22

Local Activists Meet to Discuss Zapatista Red Alert


Argentina, 05.07.2005 07:21

Domingo 3 de julio de 2005 | En el barrio Villa Argüello de Berisso
Se inauguró la Biblioteca “Juanito Laguna”

Faslane Blockaded - All Gates Closed Down

United Kingdom, 05.07.2005 07:21

Faslane, a Royal Navy submarine base on the Clyde, is the largest and deadliest military base in Scotland and home port for all four British Trident nuclear armed submarines. Nuclear weapons are the ultimate expression of militarism - only about 60 miles (90 km) away from Gleneagles.

Among those blockading Faslane is a broad spectrum of protestors, from Parliamentarians and Church leaders to anti-capitalists involved with the Dissent! network.

Updates :
12.55pm : All gates remain blockaded - people in high spirits. Clowns army has a presence there as well as many other groups. 10.30am : All gates remain blockaded
09.30am : Faslane is fully blocked - all entrance gates are blockaded with people locking-on. Numbers estimated at up to 2000. One person scaled the perimiter fence gaining entry to the base, and has been arrested.
09.00am : See Early report

[ Photos: 1 | 2 ]

See full time line

[Faslane G8 Blockade | Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament | Trident Ploughshares | Antimilitarism and the G8 Feature</8> | full time line | Maps: area, base]

Carnival of Full Enjoyment, Edinburgh

United Kingdom, 05.07.2005 07:21

The Carnival for Full Enjoyment travelled around the streets of Edinburgh today, involving a cast of anarchists, clowns, police and local people. The Carnival called upon 'workers, migrants, students, benefit claimers, New Dealers, work refusers, pensioners, dreamers, duckers & divers' to resist the 'daily grind of the institutions that plunge us into overwork, poverty and debt.' It was intended as a celebration of 'our resistance in work, out of work and wherever we live,' and demonstrators said they actively seek the end of this system based on profit, and work towards a global community based on freedom and cooperation.

Full report and Summary

Newswire Reports: Medics :: Police [ 1 | 2 ] :: Princes Street [ 1 | 2 ] :: Carnival for full policing :: Day report on IMC Scotland
Reports and Pictures: Princes Street [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 5 ] :: Financial District 1 | 2 | 3 ] :: Clowns [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] :: Bristo Place [ 1 ] :: IMC IE on the day
Video: Clowns | Police

Caterkiller Week of Action

United Kingdom, 05.07.2005 07:21

The recent week of action against CATerpillar which took place in Nottingham, Derbyshire and Solihull ended with a procession through the streets of Brighton on Saturday 25th June in protest against High Street Stores selling CAT footwear and clothing.

Repressão em Edinburgo

Portugal, 05.07.2005 07:21

Repressão em Edinburgo

Disability Bill: The Betrayal of People with Disability

Ireland, 05.07.2005 07:20

'This is now a totally flawed and fundamentally inadequate piece of legislation' If you think the disability bill recently passed in the Dail has nothing to do with you, you should think again. If passed into legislation, it represents a major assault on all our constitutional rights. This column has no political allegiance and is concerned with the interests of disabled people and the contribution they can make to the wider community. In that context and for reasons set out below, it is nevertheless necessary to say that Fianna Fail and the PDs deserve a roasting on this issue alone at the next general election. If you think the disability bill recently passed in the Dail has nothing to do with you, you should think again. If passed into legislation, it represents a major assault on all our constitutional rights. This author has no political allegiance and is concerned with the interests of disabled people and the contribution they can make to the wider community. In that context and for reasons set out below, it is nevertheless necessary to say that Fianna Fail and the PDs deserve a roasting on this issue alone at the next general election. For the second time they have introduced legislation that is in opposition to everything the disability lobby has asked for - and so desperately needs - and in doing so they are conducting a unique experiment in tampering with the constitution. If they succeed there can be no doubt that the bill will be used as a precedent for future legislation. The first attempt to introduce disability legislation in 2002 ended in disgrace amid an outcry from disability groups because of its inadequacy. Second time round, we were promised there would not be a repeat of the first fiasco - the views and wishes of people with disability were to be taken on board. A Disability Legislation Consultation Group was set up to include senior representatives from a number of disability bodies and for three years they toiled over the content and guiding principles of the bill. A comprehensive set of recommendations were submitted to the government by the DLCG. But the ‘consultation’ turned out to be a charade. The press release issued by the DLCG in May 2005 states: ‘This is now a totally flawed and fundamentally inadequate piece of legislation. It fails to meet the needs of the disability sector and we are appalled that the Government is determined to ram it through the Oireachtas in the face of opposition from the very people it was originally designed to benefit.’ It’s now clear that the consultation was a strategy for keeping potential opponents on side for as long as possible so that the time for effective protest would be minimised. At the time of writing, the Bill awaits the approval of the President who may refer it to the Supreme Court because of its constitutional implications. Whatever the President decides, the government are on notice: the disability lobby will not forget this. The government has, yet again, turned its back on the disability lobby. We would be wise to look carefully at the promises the opposition parties are now making. At a meeting called by the Limerick Parents & Friends Association of the Mentally Handicapped in Pery’s Hotel, Limerick on Monday June 27th, they gave their responses to the results of the final reading in Dail Eireann which saw the Bill through to the Senate. The history of the Bill was described by the main speakers for the evening who included: Justice Fergus Flood (Retired); Deirdre Carroll, Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for the Mentally Handicapped; Dr Arthur O’ Reilly, expert on international human rights law; Molly Buckley of the Irish Wheelchair Association and Seamus Green, Director of the National Parents and Siblings Alliance. The account of how the Disability Legislation Consultation Group had been misled made angering and depressing listening. Deirdre Carroll outlined the five essential points they had asked Minister Frank Fahey to incorporate into the bill: 1. A clear and unequivocal right to assessment of need – not resource dependent; 2. Services identified in the assessment of need to be provided within a reasonable, agreed timeframe; 3. Clear protection for disability specific resources; 4. Sectoral plans from Government Departments to take account of the wider needs of people with disabilities; 5. A clear statutory duty on Government Departments and public bodies to include people with disabilities in their plans and services - with ongoing monitoring and accountability. None of these conditions has been met. The consensus at the end of the hour was that the time had come to avoid the ‘trust me’ politicians who had used us so badly. Justice Flood argued persuasively for rights-based legislation, as did all the speakers. He saw it as ‘absolutely crucial to a strategy for equality to set out the rights of [disabled] people who must have a right of access to the courts.’ (Minister Frank Fahey turned the Justice’s words on their head the following night in the Dail when he claimed that Justice Flood was recommending an increase in judicial power. In fact, it is the Minister and his colleagues in government who have introduced a Bill designed carefully and deliberately to reserve exclusive power to themselves and to undermine the weak rights that had been established through the courts in recent years – with serious consequences for the constitutional rights of every citizen of Ireland in the process. But that’s this government for you: always accusing their critics of the very thing they are doing themselves.) Dr Arthur O Reilly pointed to a number of grounds for possible legal challenges to the legislation under international treaties to which Ireland is a signatory. Treaties such as the International Covenant ratified in 1989, have formally rejected the use of a resource-based argument - used extensively throughout the disability bill and the Special Education Needs Bill before it - as a rationale for restricting the rights of citizens. This demolishes the governments claim that they are being asked to introduce unique legislation: they are already obliged under a number of treaties to rights-based principles and are, in fact, trying to escape obligations under those treaties, and under our own constitution, with this legislation. Of course, successive governments have ignored or resisted these same obligations for decades. Next it was the turn of the politicians who included Joe Higgins TD for the Socialists, Dan Boyle TD, (Cork West Central) for the Greens, Aengus O’ Snodaigh for Sinn Fein, Kathleen Lynch (Lab, Cork North Central) Finnian McGrath, (Independent, Dublin North Central) and David Stanton (Fine Gael, Cork East). Each was more concerned than the last and the air was filled with impressive soundbites. Perhaps the most apposite was one of Dan Boyle’s who adapted a quote from Michael McDowell by saying this was a situation in which ‘a little inequality was definitely not a good thing’. Ger South, Chairman of the meeting asked the Deputies to say categorically whether or not their parties would agree to rights-based legislation: the Greens, the Independent (in line with half of the 14 Independent TDs in the Dail), Sinn Fein and the Socialist Parties all unequivocally said they were in favour. Kathleen Lynch had to be pressed on the point before she also said that Labour were in favour. Only David Stanton of Fine Gael declined, saying it would be important to ‘see how the new bill played out’. So why have Fine Gael voted against the bill now if they are preparing to work with it if elected? This doesn’t add up. The million-strong disability lobby wants the bill scrapped. Interestingly, the Irish Examiner in reporting the meeting the next day said that both Labour and FG had said they could not give ‘written’ confirmation of support for rights-based legislation. Labour is doing an election deal with Fine Gael and there is doubt about what their joint position actually is. It should be known that, more than the representatives of any other party, Kathleen Lynch and David Stanton have put tremendous effort into seeking amendments to the bill during its progress through the Dail. But their personal contributions seem to be at odds with their parties’ ambiguity about the issue. This needs to be openly resolved well before the election if they want to capitalise on the PR work of Stanton and Lynch. Meanwhile, other parties are clearly in favour of rights-based legislation. Within the Fianna Fail party, countless numbers of TDs say privately to representatives of disability groups that they support their aims – many more than the majority by which this Bill was passed and a lot more than the majority by which the government holds its balance of power (5). When their support was urgently needed, not a single one of them voted against the Bill. The disability lobby must do all it can now to persuade the public at large to break out of traditional voting habits if necessary and to give this issue priority at the next election. In the meantime, we need to be reassured that if we vote for other parties we will not simply be transferring our support to another coalition of ‘trust me’ politicians. A list of TDs who voted to pass the bill will shortly be available from the [proposed - ed] Disability category on the Indymedia Irealnd website or email - telephone 023 36815. Recent Indymedia Ireland Articles On Disability Issues Parent/Teacher Partnership for Children with Special Needs Able Bodies: Parents Are Professionals Interview with Kathy Sinnott (August 2004) Interview with Dan Boyle on Disability Issues Video: June Traffic Signalling System Dublin Demonstration Photo Essay: HONK to Support the Blind Campaign for Audible Crossings

Approx 20 Nigerians Picked Up For Deportation in Blanch. Tanya Dube In Mountjoy. Protest Planned.

Ireland, 05.07.2005 07:20

'What happened to compassionate leave to stay?' sez Wag 'Oh Yeah. McDowell. That's what happened' RAR (Residents Against Racism) have heard from various asylum seekers whom they are in contact with that Gardai were seen in and out of pubs and homes in Blanchardstown picking up approximately 20 Nigerian asylum seekers last night. Some women were also picked up last week in Galway. The men are now in Coverhill Prison and the women (two at least) are in Mountjoy Women's Prison. ( July 4th 2005) One of the women in Mountjoy is Tanya Dube who was resident for the last 4 years in Galway. This is the same Tanya Dube who after being locked up in the Women's prison in Mountjoy in July 2002 while heavily pregnant, was brought to hospital with a 'guard' of two ban gardai and two female prison officers. She was released after her recovery without any money or train or bus ticket at the time and, after returning to Galway with money provided out of the pocket of a RAR member, was later subsequently brought to Crumlin Hospital with her newborn and gravely ill baby who died after two days. She is now separated from her husband who has already been deported and her teenage son who is still in Galway. The RAR activist I spoke to believes a mass deportation to Nigeria is imminent. RAR are thus calling for an EMERGENCY protest at the GNIB Burgh Quay on Tuesday 5th July at 1.30pm.Whatever happened to compassionate grounds to remain? This woman is the mother of an Irish Citizen who is dead. The other woman that RAR knows about in Mountjoy is Olubukola Adekunle. She has been living in Dublin for four years and is subject to sudden deportation because she missed a "signing on day" in Burgh Quay a couple of weeks ago because she was at the doctors. The doctor neglected to fax the GNIB (as he is supposed to) that she was attending the doctor and thus she is now in jail awaiting immediate deportation for the crime of visiting a doctor. Further Info contact: Rosanna Flynn : 087 6662060 Mark G. : 087 7974622 Background on Tanya Dube:

indymedia (es)

Barcelona, 05.07.2005 07:20

Golpe represivo contra IMC Bristol

Declaración de Imc Bristol

casos represivos recientes contra imc: {En Italia} >>> Comunicado urgente [junio 2005] -- Miles de mails bajo vigilancia -- Censura a Autistici [Ago 2004] -- Imc Italia secuetrada por una foto del Papa {Otros} >>> Acusaciones de "El Pais" a IMC Euskal Herria -- Ataques webs Mayday sur y Imc Estrecho -- Detenido un periodista en Polonia -- Detenidos 4 voluntarios en Brasil -- Cuando el arte ataca [imc argentina] -- [g8 2005] Convergencia de medios alternativos y independientes en Londres -- Daños a IMC Equador -- Audio/Stream May Day
Ayudanos a mejorar la herramienta: A personas y colectivos ususarios de barcelona indymedia >>> Opinad y contestad la enquesta -- Recomendaciones para la correcta validación de la enquesta de barcelona indymedia

+info:: >>>indymedia

indymedia (ca)

Barcelona, 05.07.2005 07:20

Cop repressiu contra IMC Bristol

Declaració d'Imc Bristol

cassos repressius recents contra imc: {A Itàlia} >>> Comunicat urgent [juny 2005] -- Milers de mails sota vigilància -- Censura a Autistici [Ago 2004] -- Imc Itàlia segrestada per una foto del Papa {Altres} >>> Acusacions de "El Pais" a IMC Euskal Herria -- Atacs webs Mayday sur i Imc Estret -- Detingut un periodista a Polònia -- Detinduts 4 voluntaris al Brasil -- Quan l'art ataca [imc argentina] -- [g8 2005] Convergència de mitjans alternatius i independents a Londres -- Danys a IMC Equador -- Audio/Stream May Day
ajuda'ns a millorar l'eina: A persones i col·lectius usuaris de barcelona indymedia >>> Opineu i contesteu l'enquesta -- Recomanacions per a la correcta validació de l'enquesta de barcelona indymedia

+info:: >>>indymedia

HIMC fundraisers

Houston, 05.07.2005 07:20

Help Houston Indymedia pay our rent!

Still Enduring Freedom

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.07.2005 07:20

This independence day, take a moment to reflect upon the freedom and liberty we enjoy. To protect freedom, immigrants are explicitly not welcome in the United States. The "Real ID Act" passed congress which will prevent immigrants from obtaining a state driver's license, a racist gang called "The Minutemen" patrols the borders, and people are mysteriously vanishing á la Homeland Security. Overseas, Bush is protecting our freedom by waging war in Iraq and killing innocent people. In San Francisco, people freely develop asthma thanks to the PG &E power plant in Bayview Hunter's Point. Bay Area women are free to enjoy one of the highest cancer rates in the country. The timber companies are free to destroy ancient forests. Leonard Peltier has the liberty of still being in prison along with more than 2 million other people incarcerated in the United States. Millions of americans are liberated from basic health care, and are independent from job security and soon they will be free from social security too. How will you celebrate your freedom this year? Consider burning the flag because the flag amendment may be passed soon liberating you from your freedom to desecrate the symbol of your freedom.

If It's Good Enough For Paris... Free DC greets the OSCE

DC, 04.07.2005 06:21

A rally and speakers including DC Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and "Shadow Senator" Paul Strauss were on hand to greet and encourage delegates to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly to adopt a proposal on the agenda calling for full Congressional representation for Washington, DC; also starring Secretary of Snake Condoleezza Rice and a special Surprise Mystery Guest, at a quick and casual 07:54.

Over 200,000 take to the streets of Edinburgh to protest against capitalism

Portland, 04.07.2005 06:21

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators today rejected the fact that 2/3 of the world's population live on the poverty line. Early in the morning people came from all over Britain and the world to assemble on the Meadows in Edinburgh. This has been the biggest ever demonstration in Scotland since the Hunger Marches of the 1930s.

The march through the city streets began in bright sunshine at 12.15pm led by Church leaders, celebrities and charity campaigners. At 3pm the marchers, most of whom were dressed in white, stopped and held hands for a minute's silence, forming a giant white circle round the city centre that represented the white band, the symbol of the Make Poverty History campaign. The marchers flooded the streets of the Scottish capital for five hours.


more, from UK Indymedia: [ G8 Summit Quicklinks | G8 Mobilisation Reports - Friday 1st July | G8 Reports - 2 July | G8 Sunday 3rd July ]

Boycott Gallo Wine

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.07.2005 06:00

7/3/2005: The United Farm Workers union is "inviting people of good will" to join their second boycott of Gallo wine in 32 years. Hundreds of farm workers and supporters kicked off a new international boycott of Gallo wine on June 14. They are in a struggle to convince America's wealthiest wine making family to do the responsible thing by stopping the exploitation of their workers. The Gallos deny the majority of their farm workers benefits and grievance rights. The UFW says the Gallos abuse, cheat and deny these workers benefits, job protections and humane living conditions in the heart of California's fabled wine country. Read the full statement by UFW president Arturo Rodriguez HERE.

Corporate �Graffiti� Bombs the City

Chicago, 04.07.2005 05:01

Axing In Chicago, pretty much anyone has the right to remove graffiti from private property, thanks to a citywide initiative known as Give Graffiti the Brush. So a few weeks ago, a trio of champions used the rule to their advantage and painted over a graffiti-style billboard for Axe, the perfume for boys.

Taking matters into their own hands, Ed Marszewski, Elisa Harkins, and Matt are loved by some and hated by others. It�s only natural that not everyone feels the same about the action. As the trio was putting the final touches on the paint job, a rep from Axe's ad agency, called Critical Massive, showed up, livid. The owner of the building had a litany of complaints as well; many of them even making sense.

In a world where public and private space is shamelessly exploited to sell the latest product or lifestyle, what�s a corporation to do if it wants to be �authentic� and reach new markets? One way is for the corporation to co-opt forms of cultural expression, such as graffiti, and utilize those forms in order to �validate� their product to, in this case, a youth market. The Axe body spray �graffiti,� with its misogynistic messaging, attempted to do this until a group of angry community members took matters into their own hands and �authenticated� the graffiti through the act of painting over it. Because of their actions people will no longer see the ad, but as any real graffiti artist will tell you, those are the breaks. Read more.

Media: Quicktime Movie of Action
Stay Free! Daily's Original Blog Feature: Stay Free! Daily: Axing Corporate Graffiti
Additional Information: Graffiti Artists in the Policy Realm (.pdf file) | Give Graffiti the Thumbs Up | Mayor Daley's Graffiti Blasters Program | Chicago's Draconian Law Banning Spray Paint and Large Markers | Second Follow-Up Chicago Reader Article on the Action | Wikipedia: Undercover Marketing | 'Corporate Graffiti' Targeted in Council Crackdown

Independant Media

Perth, 04.07.2005 04:26

Covering the G8 protests

İskoçya G8: 3 Temmuz

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 23:32

G8 eylem raporu - 3 Temmuz Pazar

CAFTA passes Senate, vote in House expected

New Orleans, 03.07.2005 23:02

CAFTA passes Senate, vote in House expected

Goodbye, Chief Tootie Montana

New Orleans, 03.07.2005 23:02

Goodbye, Chief Tootie Montana

Second Case of Mad Cow Disease Hits the U.S.

Boston, 03.07.2005 23:01

AUDIO: A year and a half after the first case of mad cow disease was discovered in this country, the U.S. government came forward Friday, June 24th, with news of the second case of Mad Cow Disease in the US. According to an initial report, this cow, at least eight years old, was found crippled and covered in manure, apparently suffering from dementia. She was discovered last November. U.S. officials took tissue samples, incinerated her corpse, and declared her free of the disease after initial tests. However, a recent round of tests conducted at a lab in England determined this cow did have the disease. Meanwhile, outbreaks of the bird flu loom on the horizon. While relatively harmless levels of the flu, which is carried by chickens, cycle through U.S. farms on a regular basis, very harmful levels may appear in U.S. chickens soon. Two bird flu pandemics actually claimed the lives of over 100, 000 people in the U.S. during the 20th century. Some researchers are warning that another pandemic is coming again.


santiago, 03.07.2005 22:32

Marcha contra el G8

İskoçya G8: 2 Temmuz

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 22:21

G8 eylem raporu - 2 Temmuz Cumartesi

Independent Journalists Cover Live 8

Philadelphia, 03.07.2005 22:01

As 1,000,000+ spectators packed the Parkway, indepedent journalists were on the scene to document the festivities. From leafletting in the crowd, to center-stage photos , to video, to the post-party clean-up, Philly residents covered the historic event. Despite problems with press passes, independent journalists persevered.

Philly Future coverage. Flickr photos.

Zapatista Solidarity Action in Mexico City //Accion Directa Solidaridad en DF

Richmond, 03.07.2005 21:21

Bilingual English/Spanish report from Mexico direct to Richmond: This morning, during an action in the Plaza de la Constitution, a group of Mexican activists extended the Red Alert called by the EZLN on the entire country of Mexico. The group, which calls itself Direct Action Laboratory (DAL), came to the main plaza of Mexico City Thursday morning to paint a red star of the Zapatista flag over the main plaza of the Zocalo. ------------------------------------------------ Durante una acción en la Plaza de la Constitución esta mañana, un grupo de activistas mexicanos llamó a la alerta roja del Ejercito Zapatista de Liberación Nacional una alerta roja para todo el país de México. El grupo, llamado Laboratorio de Acción Directa, llegó al zocalo nacional en la mañana del jueves para pintar una estrella roja de la bandera Zapatista sobre la plancha del Zócalo. Note from one of the authors, RVA IMCista Jen Lawhorne: "This article represents an amazing collaboration of media activists from Mexico, San Diego and Richmond."

Anarchists Plea for Soldiarity with Mountain Justice Summer Counter G8 Protest

Richmond, 03.07.2005 21:21

This is a call for solidarity from anarchists with the nonviolent tactical committments of the coalfield residents organizing Richmond's anti-G8 protest.

July 8 Anti-G8 East Coast Convergence Update #1

Richmond, 03.07.2005 21:21

And now for all the juicy details concerning the events leading up to the Rally Against Massey Energy and the International Day of action against the G8 and the Root Causes of Climate Change in Richmond on July 8 Remember to check our website for updates:

Mountain Justice Summer Update

Tennessee, 03.07.2005 21:02

There is a changing in the consciousness of the people of the Appalachian Mountains afoot, a Pan-Appalachian awareness if you will. Since Mountain Justice Summer began over 24 people have been arrested defending our mountains in nonviolent acts of civil conscious. Mountain Justice Summer has broken across state lines. The people of Appalachia who are fighting for our mountains are beginning to think of themselves as belonging to these majestic mountains first, across state lines, across class lines, across political lines. The realization that we are indeed a mountain people has taken root and momentum that no one believed possible before exceeding even the expectations of the organizers of Mountain Justice Summer.

İskoçya G8: 1 Temmuz

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 21:02

G8 eylem raporu - 1 Temmuz Cuma

Hundreds of Feminists Descend on Tennessee State Capital to Demand Women's Rights

Tennessee, 03.07.2005 20:02

NOW Says "We Will Not Go Back" at Nashville Rally On the day after the announced resignation of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, hundreds of women attending the National Organization of Women Conference in Nashville congregated on the steps of the State Capital to demand a moderate nominee from the Bush Administration. Chanting, 'Ho Ho, Hey Hey, A Moderate's the Only Way!' Women listened to speakers from the Feminist Majority, United Farmworkers, Tennessee NOW, National NOW and others. Women marched across legislative plaza in parade fashion carrying NOW signs and chanting 'Hey Hey, Ho Ho, Extremist Pigs Have Got to Go!' and 'A Woman for Justice, Justice for Women!' The rally, which lasted for about an hour, was organized after the announcement of the resignation of O'Connor and was the largest pro-choice rally in Tennesse in several years.

Avusturya: Sendikal mücadele

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 20:02

Avustralya: İşçiler sendika karşıtı tasarıyı protesto ediyor

San Ysidro Says No to the Minutemen!

San Diego, 03.07.2005 19:21

Saturday protesters gathered in the streets of San Ysidro to raise their voices against the minutemen and groups like the minutemen. Protesters shouted in support of the rights of all people. These people came to the streets to let everyone - from bystanders, to Schwarzenegger - know that our state and county won't be taken over by a vigilante group.

Tenncare Enrollee's Sit-In Enters Week Three

Tennessee, 03.07.2005 19:04

Nashville, TN: The Tenncare Enrollees are continuing to occupy the State Capital, demanding a public meeting with the Governor. They have been locked into the State Capital since Friday night and will be there through the fourth of July holiday and into the next day before supporters are able to come in to visit them and bring them fresh supplies, most notably blankets, which they do not have access to again this weekend. The Tenncare Enrollees are demanding a meeting with the Governor, and they say they will not leave until he meets with them and agrees to their demands, which include an immediate stop to all termination of health insurance letters and an open meeting with the public to discuss Tenncare reforms. Monday, July 4th will mark the fourteenth day of the occupation of the State Capital by Tenncare Enrollees, many of whom say they will die if they lose their health insurance.

Protesten tegen de G8-top in Schotland

West Vlaanderen, 03.07.2005 19:04

Protesten tegen de G8-top in Schotland

Kadıköy: Polis terörü

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 19:04

Kadıköy: Polis terörüne suçüstü

İstanbul: 2 Temmuz

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 19:04

İstanbul: Sivas anıldı, katliamlar lanetlendi

Meksika: EZLN ile dayanışma eylemi

Istanbul, 03.07.2005 19:04

Mexico City: EZLN ile dayanışma eylemi

Animal Activists Rock Neighborhoods... Again

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

Thngs are heating up--on both sides--as local animal activists encounter growing resistance to their use of free speech, and also some appreciation. The first stop was Judy Cameron's house at 3326 SW Marquan Hill Road, Portland. With garage doors and window open, and lights on, no one greeted the activist who politely knocked on the door to ask Judy to stop hurting animal except for one cat, who seemed to look to her owner to open the door. After a short speech to educate neighbors about why they were there, activists chanted their message--"vivisection has to go."

Call your State Senator about Fluoride

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

There are several state bills trying to force cities in Oregon over 10,000 to fluoridate their water. This is simply wrong. not just because fluoridation is wrong, but because it is not the state's role to tell Portland what to put in its drinking water. The original bill was actually proposed by Representative Bob Jenson of Pendleton. So some Republican yahoo in Pendleton thinks he knows what's best for the people of the city of Portland. It really doesn't matter if you're pro/con fluoridation, this is repugnant. Portlanders alone should decide what's in our water and what's best for our people. Feel free to tell this yahoo what you think of a Pendleton Representative trying to tell Portlanders what to do with our water

Eberhard's Dairy goes rBGH-Free

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

Eberhard's Dairy, a highly-respected and well-known fixture in Central Oregon since 1951, will announce in the near future that as of June 1, it had obtained signed affadavits from all of its suppliers that they do not use recombinant bovine growth hormone.

I had met with the company president and owner, Bob Eberhard, in May 2004, to give him our Power Point presentation. We had a good discussion then and I appreciated that he invited me in to give him our information, even though he was allowing rBGH to be used (that doesn't happen with every dairy!). Over the past year, a number of our volunteers in central Oregon had contacted Eberhard to ask them to go rBGH-free. Our thanks to everyone who took the time to express their opinions to Eberhard's.

Upstanding citizen arrested for photographing police after they handcuff several inviduals in Salem neighborhood

Portland, 03.07.2005 19:03

Upstanding citizen in Salem (30+ years in same neighborhood) went down the street when multiple police showed up. Citizen stands across street taking one-to two pictures. Told to stop, or be arrested. Citizen stopped, put camera in pocket and asked to speak with supervisor who showed up momentarily. Sgt. (supervisor) agrees that citizen can take pictures. Citizen takes camera out of pocket for 1-2 more shots.

Citizen later "detained" while Sgt. investigated "interception of communications" law violation, based (assumed) on Cpl.'s statement who 5-minutes earlier asked if camera recorded video.

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