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4 Bombs Rock London: Scores Dead, Hundreds Hurt

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.07.2005 21:01

1:50pm PST: Casualty figures in the coordinated attacks have risen to 37 dead and over 700 wounded with many of those in critical condition. British authorities are said to be in search of perpetrators. It is still unknown if suicide bombers or placed-explosives are to blame. Conspiracy theories have begun to fly around the internet as to who is responsible, possible motives, and who might stand to gain or lose politically from the attacks.
8:35am PST: In London this morning, three subway bombs and one in a double-decker bus have killed scores of people. At the moment, reports are in that at least 21 have died in one subway attack, 5 in another, and 7 in the third, while it is unknown the number killed in totally destroyed double-decker bus. London's transport system has been shut down. A group calling itself "Secret Organization Group of al Qaida of Jihad Organization in Europe" has claimed responsibility. Tony Blair has said he is returning to London from Gleneagles.

In the Bay Area, D.C., and nationwide transportation officials are on heightened alert. US officials have raised terror alert system to "Code Orange" for domestic mass transit.

Inititial Photo and Video links | Edinburgh Vigil Photos | Terror, Politics, and War | UK Indymedia | Commentary from Indybay Reporter | Timeline of Events

New Orleans Print Edition Formation Meeting:

New Orleans, 07.07.2005 00:02

New Orleans IndyMedia Print Edition Formation Meeting:

HIV Positive Tenncare Enrollees Hold Press Conference at State Capital

Tennessee, 06.07.2005 21:02

Day 16: HIV+ Enrollees Say they will Die if They Lose Their Coverage Kyle McDowell of Liberty, Tennessee has been HIV positive since 1998. He says that if he loses his Tenncare he will not be able to take the medications that keep him healthy, "I have been on Tenncare since 2002. I have been HIV positive since 1998. I started medication last year. I am responding to the medications I am on. The science of people on HIV taking these therapies says that when therapy is stopped, even just a few doses, then their therapies literally stop working for them and some people die. I think it is immoral when you have started treating people for a potentially terminal condition to then withdraw treatment. If I was not able to take my medications any longer I would get sicker and suffer extreme fatigue. It is my fear that I would become very sick because the drugs that Tenncare pays for help to keep my immune system working properly."

G-8: a resposta dos manifestantes

Portugal, 06.07.2005 20:24

G-8: a resposta dos manifestantes

Nueva seccion Resistencia Global

Argentina, 06.07.2005 20:01

Nueva seccion Resistencia Global


Peru, 06.07.2005 19:32

Testeando que se puede stestees


Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21



Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

BOLIVIA : Escuche Radio en vivo por internet

Toma de universidad san marcos

Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

Toma de San Marcos

Campesinos atacados por la policia

Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

ONG Devida, siembra la muerte.

Aquí estamos, somos la dignidad rebelde…

Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

Aquí estamos, somos la dignidad rebelde…


Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21


Atacan y roban a miembro de Indymedia Rosario, Argentina

Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

Atacan y roban a miembro de Indymedia Rosario, Argentina.


Peru, 06.07.2005 19:21

Marcha de apoyo a la Hoja de COCA... 01 julio

Independent Media

Perth, 06.07.2005 19:03

Covering the G8 protests 2005

4th Of July Fireworks A Disappointment

Portland, 06.07.2005 19:02

My family and I showed up several hours early to find the perfect spot to set up. We went down to the eastside esplanade like usual. I had noticed an unusually large crowd gathered by the bourgie condos and marina near the south end of downtown. But I thought nothing of it as it is usually toward the center of downtown where everyone would have plenty of room to watch for free.

Then the fireworks started. They were down right in front of what turned out to be the blues(consumer) festival. This was at the south end of downtown all the way down by the I-5 bridge! For the majority of the crowds gathered there was a large bridge and/or trees in the way of the show. Half of the people just left pissed off.

a comment: Driving through Portland last night it was really hitting me that fireworks sound like gunfire and that men and women in Iraq are beng shot or exploded and are dying every day. The bombs bursting in air" and the flag was still there. I just couldn't join in the "celebration".

another comment: As the fireworks were going off, I became sad because they reminded me of the "Shock and Awe" over Baghdad......I kept visualizing the domed buildings and the palm trees and the bombs going off when the war started. I wondered: Why can't we just be paying for pretty fireworks instead of war. I became sad and we had to leave.....on the way out someone admired my antiwar button and I gave them one plus an anti war brochure.

entire discussion:

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Action Alert-ODOC proposes limitations of phone use in Oregon prisons

Portland, 06.07.2005 19:02

Many of our friends in the Oregon Prison System are very concerned about a proposed rules change about prisoner telephone use. The proposed rules change effects the way prisoners can make calls, who they can call, and how many people they can call; amongst other things. Sources tell us that that this is a reincarnation of a previous unpopular rules change attempt which was soundly defeated by a prisoner telephone strike. We are asking for your help in letting the Oregon Department of Corrections (ODOC) know how we feel about this restriction on Oregon prisoner's lives.

Unfortunately, the deadline for comment is July 18th.

what you can do >>

Live 8, the G8, and the White Man's Burden

Portland, 06.07.2005 19:02

I have been searching mainstream news sites for any sign than someone at the Live 8 concerts might have broken the rules and made a forbidden criticism of Bush, Blair or the Iraq war, and discovered instead the comments section where readers are invited to give their feedback on the Live 8 phenomenon. What I have found is that there is much criticism of Live 8 being expressed by the public, at least as is revealed by this particular forum for public expression, but what shocks me is the way the criticism is focused on what I will call the theme of 'the white man's burden.' read more >>The G8 conference - a simple primerAccording to capitalist economists from places like Harvard and Yale, the ideal unemployment rate for America is somewhere between 4 and 6 percent. If the targeted rate goes below this limit, say, the unemployment rate drops to 3 per cent, and your ideal was 4 percent, then an announcement will come out of the Federal Reserve Board that the economy is, to quote the slang lingo, 'overheating' and that, therefore there are concerns about 'inflation.'

Now you might think that the ideal unemployment rate for any civilized society might be, say, zero percent. To most people, being decent sorts using their ordinary common sense that would seem like a wonderful idea. But it wouldn't seem like a wonderful idea to a capitalist.


related: [ Report of `Carnival for full enjoyment` in Edinburgh on Monday July 4th | War on Poverty Means War on the Poor | Geldof's Live Shame Show ]

for more on the G8 meeting, including protests, visit: UK IMC

Animal rights group spurns OHSU's attempt to silence them, calls for public debate instead

Portland, 06.07.2005 19:02

The animal rights group, In Defense of Animals (IDA) received a certified letter from Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) public relations office, asking the non-profit watchdog group to "cease spreading false and defamatory information." IDA had sent OHSU President Peter Kohler a petition with hundreds of signatures collected during one day of their World Week for Animals in Labs outreach, criticizing OHSU's cruel and fraudulent animal research at their Oregon National Primate Research Center. The following is IDA's response in which they refuse to be silenced and challenge OHSU to a public debate about the whether their research on animals is working. read more >>

[ ]

Activists Put Pressure on G8

Philadelphia, 06.07.2005 19:02

While 3 billion people tuned into the Live 8 concerts, activists have converged on Edinburgh to put pressure on the G8 to make good on its promises to provide African debt relief and take substantive measures to curb global warming. On Saturday, July 2nd, 200,000 marched to Make Poverty History. Sunday July 3rd featured a Make Borders History Tour of Glasgow. Days of action will continue all of this week.

The members of the G8 will begin their annual meeting Thursday morning. This year's summit is focused on fair trade, African debt relief, and global warming. Members have already agreed in principle to a debt relief package to 18 of the world's poorest countries.

Entrevista a los trabajadores del BAUEN

Argentina, 06.07.2005 19:01

El B.A.U.E.N. en la pelea por la expropiación

Entrevista al BAUEN

Argentina, 06.07.2005 19:01

El B.A.U.E.N. en la pelea por la expropiación

servidor do Indymedia Bristol apreendido

Portugal, 06.07.2005 19:01

servidor do Indymedia Bristol apreendido

pobles (es)

Barcelona, 06.07.2005 10:00

Sáhara Occidental: L*s hij*s se realzan

Actualidad: enfrentamientos en Dajla y brutal repressión ::: Grave situación de los heridos de la última intifada: llamada a la ayuda de medicos sin fronteras ::: Llamada desde el activismo saharaui por los derechos humanos ::: Vida cotidiana en la vila de Dajla ::: Fotos de la manifestación de Dajla el 31 de mayo ::: Dias de reivindicaciones de independencia y turbulencias
Antecedentes y noticias relacionadas: la ONU apoya la autodeterminación del Sáhara ::: Desapariciones forzadas de ciudadanos saharauis ::: Marruecos vende los recursos Saharauis ::: Marruecos sigue presionando para que los saharauis passen hambre ::: Prohibición en la entrada de delegaciones catalanas y españolas :::

+info : >>>cultures + >>>criminalització

Comparing residences of Randy Duke Cunningham

San Diego, 06.07.2005 09:31

WASHINGTON – The FBI has opened an inquiry into Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham's 2003 sale of his Del Mar house to a defense contractor, who later sold it at a $700,000 loss, a Justice Department official said yesterday.

More stories:

pobles (ca)

Barcelona, 06.07.2005 09:00

Sàhara Occidental: L*s fill*s es reaixequen

Actualitat: enfrontaments a Dajla i brutals repressions ::: Greu situació dels ferits de la última intifada: crida a l'ajut de metges sense fronteres ::: Crida des de l'activisme saharaui pels drets humans ::: vida quotidiana a la vila de Dajla ::: fotos de la manifestació de Dajla el 31 de maig ::: Dies de reivindicacions d'independència i turbulències
Antecedents i notícies relacionades: la ONU recolza l'autodeterminació del Sàhara ::: Desaparicions forçades de ciutadans saharauis ::: El Marroc ven els recursos Saharauis ::: El Marroc segueix pressionant perquè els saharauis passin gana ::: Prohibició a l'entrada de delegacions catalanes i espanyoles :::

+info : >>>cultures + >>>criminalització


Colombia, 06.07.2005 08:35

Paramilitarismo y clase política en Sucre

Wednesday 6th: G8 Blockades

United Kingdom, 06.07.2005 07:20

On Wednesday 6th July, the first day of the G8 summit, many groups aim to blockade the G8 leaders [call], while others will demonstrate outside the Gleneagles hotel. More blockading actions and demonstrations are planned in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

[Complete timelines: Stirling/Gleneagles Timeline | March on Gleneagles | Edinburgh Timeline | Glasgow Timeline ]

Update 6:00: About 200 protestors blockade Junction 9 of the M9 motorway. Violent clashes with police.

Update midnight: Beacon ablaze above Gleneagles at Blairdeneon (Ochill Hills).

Vietnam Vet Wayne Olson Arrested in Wausau for Sitting on Tank

Madison, 06.07.2005 03:01

Wayne Olson who served both in the Army Airborne and Marine Corps during the Vietnam War was arrested for disorderly conduct charges after he would no remove himself from on top of the Wausau's Wisconsin Nation Guard decommissioned tank in front of the armory building on 17th Ave. in Wausau, WI.


Colombia, 06.07.2005 02:01

Cumbre G-8: Una fortaleza asediada por protestas

G8 Mobilization Beginning

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.07.2005 01:20

Scotland - People are amassing to protest the G8 Summit taking place this week. On 7/2, over 200,000 people participated in a "Make Poverty History" march and on 7/4, two petrol stations were shut down. People are planning to blockade the G8 summit which begins on Wednesday 7/6. Reports from Scotland 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Bay Area - Anti-G8 actions are planned this week. The convergence includes a 7/6 Informational discussion forum, film screening, and fundraising event at The Kitchen (Potrero @16th); a 7/7 Spokescouncil at Village Market (18th St. & Florida); and a 7/8 march "in protest and action against the G8 & the Capitalist War Machine" (at 16th and Mission BART).

Read More on Indybay's Globalization Page | Scotland Indymedia | Anarchist Action

G8 Reports: Tuesday 5th July

United Kingdom, 05.07.2005 19:20

This morning a banner was hung from a tall crane near Edinburgh central train station saying "No More Brown Wash". The campaigning group WDM have been critical of both Make Poverty History and the Governments G8 spin [audio: mp3 from crane].

Later in the morning an Anti-Shell demonstration took place outside the Irish Consulate, with people protesting against Shell's plans to turn an area of outstanding natural beauty into an onshore oil refinery. The protest them moved by the streets with yet another over the top police escort [see report | pics]

Meanwhile police FIT teams have been active central Edinburgh stopping and searching people at random, whilst a small prisonners solidarity demonstration has taken place outside the Court.

Dungavel Protests
Around 1000 people are demonstrating at a rally at Dungavel Detention Centre. Earlier some of the coaches were searched by police who took people's names and addresses - some demonstrators were also temporarily surrounded by police. All is calm, but marches are not allowed around the detention centre and there are thousands of police there. Instead the protestors are listening to some moving and powerful speeches from ex-detainees from the centre. The detainees however have been moved out of Dungavel for the period of the G8.
[see Dungavel Detainee Interview (audio mp3) | Borders at the G8 Feature | IMC Migration Section Amnesty Report on Detention Centres (june)]

Timeline of Events | Legal Update

Unconfirmed reports have also come in of people arriving back in London being questioned under anti-terrorism legislation and filmed.

Carnival For Full Enjoyment Contained By Police: Locals Attack Them Later On In The Evening (G8 4/7)

Ireland, 05.07.2005 19:20

Report Back From 4th July Events In Edinburgh Police clamp down on "Carnival for Full Enjoyment". Slight over-reaction in the press - all handbag stuff really, no property damage. Not much debate at debate. Local Scots then take it upon themselves to repel invading English Police Forces into their city. A long day. I overslept slightly and cycled into town just on the dot of midday, as a pink samba band were being followed by a phalanx of riot cops with shields, and mounties (horses also accessorised for the occasion). Today was the "Carnival for Full Enjoyment", and a lot of rumours and whispers had been going around that this was "the one to watch". I generally thought this was police hype, so I didnt add to it in last nights report. Even a non-political friend of mine in Edinburgh was asking me if this was going to be the really violent demo of the week, and how everyone in her workplace was talking about it, and the management in her cafe were wondering if they should board up the windows or not... The pink drummers tried to march one way and were turned back, so headed off West quite quickly, leaving a load of people to run up behind them. This was right on the dot of midday and I thought it was a bit foolish to be marching off so fast, considering a lot of people probably hadnt arrived at the meetup point yet. As it happened, the carnival was split in two, with the other group heading east on Princes St on their own, where they had their own fun and games reportedly. The Clown Army were in some other part of town doing their thing, and were met with huge amounts of Police surrounding them. So a group of around 400, possibly a quarter of which was made up of rubberneckers, hangers-on, mainstream journalists and other assorted non-combatants, marched for approximately 20 minutes before being shepherded away from their intended direction by four mounties blocking the road. The march went on for a bit and then rounded a corner towards an office block. I assumed that this one was of the places marked out on some pre-determined trail, possibly with some links to business. The street was narrow and there was cops at both ends... Did I neglect to mention how many Police there were? There were lots. Hundreds. Thousands possibly. Very in your face, lots of evidence gatherers, with extremely hi-tech equipment, taking pictures of people masked up and being quite physical about it. They followed the march as much as they could with as many people. There were police from everywhere following the demonstration, including from Manchester, Humberside, Merseyside and the London Met.So now we were in Cannon Street. The march had stopped and the band were playing, and... the Police saw their chance to hem the crowd in. Which is what they did. They raised (or whatever the correct verb is) the now infamous 'Section 60' which, not being overly familiar with UK law, is something to do with detaining a crowd that the police feel will be troublesome. There were a couple of exerted attempts to break through the police line, with lots of pushing, and even a silver car starting rolling at one point which really freaked out the cops; but despite wavering and staggering they held their line. They were all very fit, very well trained, and they had so many reinforcements, they were able to replace the line every so often, so others could go and have a piss and some food. The Section 60 is a very, very demoralising and exhausting tactic on demonstrators, and obviously the Police know it. Rubberneckers and journos start asking to leave, and eventually the Police opened up a small gap, allowing one person out every five minutes or so. Each person leaving had to consent to being filmed, searched, questioned and ID'd. People queued up to leave, so the crowd got smaller, and the energy was sucked out of the demo. The Police corralled the group for the guts of four hours, and then moved in. They picked out people and arrested them, with the spotters from earlier indicating who to get. A couple of Irish people who had been masked up were singled out, but none were arrested. According to UK IMC, 3 street medics were arrested; I saw one being grabbed and put into a paddy wagon (maybe they're not called that over here). I was also picked out of the people who the police had lined up on the path against the office block, and was searched and questioned before being ordered to leave. After this I went back to the IMC Centre with the intention of getting my video footage up, but I was knackered and had to eat and relax. After a bite to eat and a beer, I headed up to St Johns Church where a group called Docspace were hosting a debate/panel entitled 'media vs. Indymedia'. There wasnt much of a debate however, it was mostly independent media makers on the panel talking about the work they did, and how independent media was great. Of course I fully agreed (of course), but it didnt make for a very lively discussion. There were many issues that could have been raised but the questions were mostly of a "what do you think of Michael Moore" type. I guess it would have been interesting to people who were new to the idea/scene. It gave me a chance to lie down on some nice cushioned pews, which I needed. So I came out of the discussion with the intention of heading back to Muirhouse, and looked east, back up Princes St. A row of yellow jackets in the distance and police lights. This was 8pm. There arent -still- people coralled in from earlier on, are there? I cycled up and it was hard to find out what was happening. There seemed to be no 'centre' of activity, and there were certainly no 'activists' left at this point. I cycled around a long way to get to the other side of the police line, where 4 or 5 people were being detained with plastic handcuffs in front of a boarded up mobile phone shop. They were definitely not pink, black, clown, or any other block. Just ordinary folk. An onlooker said they were being arrested for refusing to move on when ordered by a Police officer, but I cannot confirm that. They were put into vans, with a chorus of boos and hisses from the crowd, chanting to let them go. Next thing a glass bottle hit the line, racking up the tension. The cops were getting nervous, and the crowd were telling them to fuck off (because most of the riot cops were English rather than local Police, it seemed). The cops jumped into the crowd and snatched a teenage girl, provoking more anger and the occasional missile from the crowd. A bagpiper blowing out traditional tunes seemed to be stirring the Scots into a bit of an anti-establishment fervour. It seemed as if this crowd were mostly just turned up after they saw what was happening on the news, and joined in the activities themselves. What happened next was bizarre and unprecedented... (am I allowed use them terms?) A group of about a dozen riot cops were left in a laneway while the others had been taken away in vans. Possibly they were just waiting around for an empty van to come and pick them up. Several people saw them down the lane isolated, and the next thing they were being stoned and bottled by people steaming up the laneway. Bottles were fired at them from close range, a dumpster was pushed straight at the line of shields, and a traffic cone and a bin were thrown at them when they charged their way back to the junction of the street. Four or five of the Clown Army showed up at this point, trying to stop people throwing stuff at the cops, and making faces and generally being silly right in front of the Police. One female clown was nearly hit in the head with the big traffic cone, and their attempts to calm the situation didnt really work at all, so they left the situation fairly quickly. Within a minute a huge amount of Police vans arrived into the area with sirens squealing, pouring out more padded riot units. This sent the crowd scattering. They also brought out the dog unit, forcing people away from the laneway, threatening to use the dogs on people that did not back off. Eventually the Police got all their Officers back into vans, and retreated out of the area rapidly. The crowd cheered and was chanting Anti-G8 slogans as well as "Whose streets? Our streets!" The McDonalds and the Topshop right in the thick of all this survived without a scratch though. After a while people filtered off, it was getting late and dark. I think in this situation just the sight of the Police on the street itself was drawing people toward them and getting their blood up, as soon as they withdrew completely the tension vanished. To sum up: Earlier in the day was very frustrating. Being held for a long period of time destroys any energy you have, and the Police know this. It is likely they will do the exact same thing to demonstrators on Wednesday, wherever the opportunity presents itself. Are there enough people around to maintain blockades properly, or break through Police lines? On the strength of todays numbers involved, possibly not. The sanctioned G8 Alternatives march is being written off by most Direct Actionists as a waste of time, with most predicting the organisers & stewards will toe the line, and when marching near Gleneagles there might be a bit of a raised chant or fence rattling but no more. Whatever happens, the Police are well trained and organised, and this does not bode well for people planning to shut down the summit. Later on was quite inspiring. Seeing locals ram the dumpster into the Police line was surprising, considering the supposedly ultra-militant Black Bloc'ers on Cannon Street had two heavy black ones at their disposal but couldnt get it together to use them or decide what to do next (the Police eventually just walked up to them and took the dumpsters away). It was good to see non-activist people standing up for their right to assemble and getting angry at the Police for arresting people for no serious reason... maybe there's hope yet. Tomorrow is a quiet day action-wise in Edinburgh. I'll try and file a slightly different report tomorrow evening. Until then. All images are lifted from forthcoming film/work in progress.

PSU Students Meet With University President to Cancel Coke-Odwalla Contract

Portland, 05.07.2005 18:02

On June 22, 2005, Portland State students in Portland, Oregon, including newly-elected progressive ASPSU president Erin Devaney, met with the University's president, Dan Bernstine, along with Cathy Dyck, Vice President-Finance, and John Eckman, Auxiliary Services, regarding the University's canceling the Smith student store Coke-Odwalla contract, in support of the Coke Boycott. Eight campus groups, so far, have endorsed the Coke Boycott at PSU. On July 1, 2005, PSU became the 9th, and last, college, to remove Taco Bell from the school's cafeteria, in support of the now successfully-completed Taco Bell Boycott for a living wage for Florida farm workers.

Progressive Student Union ( has been organizing the Coke Boycott at Portland State for over a year. John Eckman, from Auxiliary Services, was the Administration official who negotiated canceling the Taco Bell contract at the school. PSU is Oregon's largest four-year public university, with 25,000 students. Students had requested the meeting with PSU president Dan Bernstine seven times, and finally got to meet with Bernstine for an hour on June 22, 2005.


Estética(s) en Movimiento(s)

Argentina, 05.07.2005 18:01

Martes 5 de Julio 2005 | Buenos Aires|
Estética(s) en Movimiento(s)

Report of `Make Poverty History` march in Edinburgh Saturday July 2nd

Scotland, 05.07.2005 17:03

This is a 2,200 word report of the `Make Poverty History` march in Edinburgh on Saturday July 2nd. 9 labelled photos are attached.

IMC G8 Newsblast - Sat 2nd July - Collected Reports

Scotland, 05.07.2005 17:03

Collected reports from G8 protests and events on Saturday 2nd July 2005


Scotland, 05.07.2005 17:03

Five people were detained under the Terrorist Act at Stanstead airport this morning, Tuesday 5th July, and interrogated about whether they had been involved in yesterday’s Carnival for Full Enjoyment.

Activists climb Edinburgh crane to say &quot;No More Brownwash&quot;

Scotland, 05.07.2005 17:03

At 6am today (Tuesday 5 July) three activists from Brighton & Hove WDM climbed a crane in central Edinburgh to call for the end of Gordon Brown's attempts to co-opt the aims of the Make Poverty History campaign and twist them to the UK government's own advantage. Pictures and more at:


Uruguay, 05.07.2005 15:01

Por el respeto a la diversidad sexual


Brasil, 05.07.2005 14:31

EZLN anuncia sua nova estratégia

İskoçya G8: Karnaval

Istanbul, 05.07.2005 14:21

Edinburgh, Dolu Dolu Eğlence Karnavalı

Resistance is Fertile

Melbourne, 05.07.2005 13:02

Grassroots Indymedia Coverage of G8 Actions

Iraq War Memorial Returns to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, 05.07.2005 11:01

Over the Fourth of July weekend the American Friends Service Committee sponsored the second “Eyes Wide Open” exhibition at the Visitor’s Center in Historic Philadelphia. This traveling exhibit displays a pair of boots for each American soldier whom has been killed in the Iraq war.

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 05.07.2005 11:00

The most reactionary mobilize themselves in order to keep on repressing, but>>> there are answers

In order to keep on discriminating for sexal and gender motives: In front of the ultraconservative 'pancartism' of the Jardinets and theultracatholicconservative demonstration of the 18th of june >>>> Let's turn the pancake: Yes to the weddings between catholics! ::: [july 2nd] demonstration against homofoby ::: analysis of the manifest for the 18th of june ::: and beyond the marriage: it's abolition ::: do an act of apostasy
In order to keep the war expoliation and the robbery of collective memory: In front of the demonstrations against the return of the papers of Salamanca and of their threats >>> we contrast: at most 25.000 demonstrators ::: we inform: The experts demand the return of the documentation ::: We claim the dignity and the integral return of the documents ::: Also in València ::: and also of the anarchism
In order to maintain the impossibility of peace: In front of the rightwingers taking the street against the dialogue with ETA >>>> sit down to talk ::: civil disobedience and nonviolence: the "demo" ::: Solidariy and support ::: information and working groups like the 18/98 ::: promotion of follow-up and local working groups
In order to maintain the repressive power ?

+info | >>>antifascism + >>>cultures + >>>sexualities +

criminalization and repression (en)

Barcelona, 05.07.2005 11:00

Repression in Italy [25/06] Repression to our solidarity here

the desmesurate repression in Italy and here: the last repressive wave ::: the airs of italy are already arriving ::: Letter of Francesco Gioia ::: Respression in the demonstration of june 25th and 7 arrested ::: Situation of the detainees in Barcelona on june 25th ::: The solidarity between anarchists are not only written words

Support actions: [27th of june]11h, in front of the Lluis Companys court, supportive gathering with the detainees ::: [28th of june]19h. Wad-Ras Women Prison: supportive gathering detainees without cautionAction on Arago street :::

[30th of june] 19h. In front of Model Prison Supportive gathering for the detainees

+info: >>>criminalisation

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 05.07.2005 11:00

Collective inteligence faces privatization of what we share

shring knowledge ::
Copyleft Gathering: June 24, 25 & 26 at San Sebastian - Inter-hacklabs Kopyleft Workshop :: Territorialising Copyleft networks
Fadaiat : Come to Fadaiat!! 17-26 junio de 2005 - [fadaiat-akhbar] Fadaiat streams/life -- fadaiat2005 :: Tanger
Other Groups : ozone hackmedialab -- Hacklab in the street , June16 from 18:00 at Mataró -- May28 Inauguration of La Quimera at Verdi 28 -- II Hacktivist Night: Selfmanaged Wireless Networks -- Caneluntu workshop chronicle ::: kaoXX ::: La Bugslab II Congreś Programari Lliure (Castelló de la Plana) (free software) -- II Jornades Reutilitza (recycling gathering)) -- poliforma -- Linux Gathering // Eastern Europe -- Make social technology out of your digital scrap -- Get to know the 'programari lliure' (free programming)). The Alternative in catalan -- Wireless internet moving on!! Gràcia and Old Town (Ciutat Vella), first connected quartiers -- Manifest for liberation of culture -- Civil Society moves to 'Programari Lliure'

+info:: >>>Networks and Freedom

Report from the recently logged Bear timber sale

Portland, 05.07.2005 08:27

i visited the Bear II timber sale in early autumn, so when i heard that it had been felled, i decided that i needed to see how much was left. here are my observations:

several days ago i traveled to witness the further disruption of a part of cascadia currently known as the mt hood national forest; specifically the Bear II timber sale. i should note that i do not support any commercial harvesting of timber on "public" lands except in the case of overgrown plantations with poor diversity. when i first visited some of the units of Bear II in autumn, i was surprised how the USFS had left the thin slices of native and old-growth forests among devastating clearcuts. like most logged landscapes, it seemed ridiculous. however, once i had entered the remaining stands, i could see the unravaged diversity and was relieved that there were still native forests left. they are so important.


pre-logging photo report (6/4/03): [ The Bear & Cub timber sales: Old growth islands surrounded by clearcuts & tree farms ]

En Argentina

santiago, 05.07.2005 07:24

Rechazan extradicción de Comandante Salvador

BREAKING NEWS: Indymedia Resistance

Manila, 05.07.2005 07:24

Manila Indymedia Volunteer Arrested by Police for Covering Protest Rally at US Embassy

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