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CCAP targets Oakland/Berkeley Slumlord

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2005 07:43

On July 15th, about 20 members of the Oakland Community gathered at the office of Ellen E.S. Rodin, a real state lawyer and landlord, to express the community's indignation at the illegal, intimidatory, and unfair actions that she has taken against several of her tenants including illegal lock outs, threats of physical violence, unlawful retentions of security deposits, etc.
Many Oakland drivers expressed their solidarity with the action by honking their car horns and waving at the protesters. Several tenants of the building came down from their offices to ask more information about the case.
Read More And See Photos From This Action

TICs, Condos And Evictions

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2005 07:13

The "Ellis Act" is a state law which says that landlords have the unconditional right to evict tenants to "go out of business." For an Ellis eviction, the landlord must evict all the tenants and for five years following the evictions the apartments can not be re-rented, except at the same rent the evicted tenant was paying. While there are restrictions on ever re-renting the units, there are no such restrictions on converting them to either "tenancies in common" (TICs) or condominiums. The city and state regulate the creation of new condominums and a conversion will be rejected in many cases where the current tenants will be evicted, but no such restrictions exist when the building is converted to a TIC.
A TIC is a method of joint property ownership where all owners own a set percentage of the property and only have rights to their own apartments based off a separate agreement. This is different from condos, where individuals have full ownership rights to their own units and the common ownership is restricted to the other portions of the building. Unlike a condo, members of a TIC share a common mortgage and if one TIC member fails to pay their share, the lender could forclose on the entire building. All members of a TIC are also liable for anything that happens in any appartment in the building, while condo owners are only liable for what happens in their own appartments or common areas.
While TICs are risky, they have provided a loophole whereby developers can buy up apartments, evict the tenants, and resell the building as a TIC. Since buyers of TICs often do not want the risk, they frequently apply to convert the TICs to condos and until recently the evictions that occured in the original sale of the building as a TIC have not been held against the new owners.
Video About TIC Evictions

On May 18th, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors denied a condo conversion at 400 Vallejo Street, based on Section 1386 of the Subdivision Code. This was the first time that this long-ignored section (prohibiting conversions where there have been evictions) was utilized. The decision was very far-reaching, effectively eliminating using Ellis or other means to evict tenants and then create TICs which will then seek to convert to condos. If evictions are used to create the TIC, then that building will have to remain a TIC forever. At the time, over 60% of the 2005 condo lottery winners had evictions.Read More

On July 21st, Judge Charlene Mitchell ruled against a group of real estate speculators who had tried to evict the residents of 424-434 Francisco Street. Mitchell declared that the speculator’s creation of TICs in a building of 5 or more units with the intent of evicting the tenants from their homes and then selling their units individually, without first obtaining a public report form the Department of Real Estate, constituted unfair business practices. On top of being denied their condo conversion, the evictors at 400 Vallejo may also face criminal charges because they falsified their application to DPW, claiming that there were no evictions. Read More

Green Cross Dispensary Closed by City, Faces August 17th Hearing

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.07.2005 06:43

A public hearing was held on July 15th to discuss the status of the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, which is located on 22nd Street near Guerrero. Neighbors of the Green Cross have complained about traffic violations, drug dealing, lingering marijuana odors and the dispensary’s proximity to schools. They also question why dispensary patients don’t look outwardly sick. Neighbors have also complained that “this business does not benefit the neighborhood,” creates “the potential for drug dealing and theft,” and does not “foster a spirit of local community.” Read the history of Noe Valley neighbors' conflict with the Green Cross

The dispensary was closed on June 10th. In preparation for the July 15th hearing, proprietor Kevin Reed went to the Zoning Administrator's office to make copies of documents that had been submitted to the record for the hearing. He found a memo from June 8th that showed that city offices may be acting on petty politics, disregarding their internal policies, and making decisions even before the hearing designed to get input from the neighborhood. It included the statement "We need to revoke the Green Cross' permit." Apparently Supervisor Bevan Dufty had requested that the dispensary's permit be cancelled. Recent statement from the Green Cross

The Zoning Administrator has agreed to continue to receive written comments until Tuesday, July 26th. (Letters related to the appeal process can be submitted to the same office until August 11th). The Green Cross has requested that patients and neighbors write letters to express support for maintaining the permit of The Green Cross. There is also a request that neighbors tell Bevan Dufty and his staff person Amanda Kahn that as their elected official, it was wrong for him to pursue revoking the permit of The Green Cross with the Zoning Administrator. Health care practitioners are also encouraged to write letters of support to the Zoning Administrator. The Green Cross is seeking help in answering the final question that was left at the last hearing: What modifications could be made to ameliorate concerns?

The next public hearing that will discuss the Green Cross is scheduled for August 17th, at 5:00pm in SF City Hall, Room 400.

RIP brother Nate Osborn

DC, 24.07.2005 05:14

the remarkable life of local activist/ bike courier Nate Osborn

Palestine, Colonization, Home and Struggle with Linah H. AlBanna

DC, 24.07.2005 05:14

A discussion of Palestinian history for Organized COUP and FreeMix Radio: The Original Mixtape Radio Show.

Gaji 168 Buruh Perempuan PT Didachi Tidak Dibayar

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Sebanyak 168 buruh perempuan PT Didachi Makmur Abadi Tangerang melakukan aksi mogok kerja karena sebagian besar gaji mereka tidak dibayarkan secara penuh. Para buruh perempuan ini ada yang tidak menerima gaji selama 3 bulan, 6 bulan bahkan ada yang mencapai 8 bulan. Setiap bulan para buruh perempuan ini hanya menerima uang seadanya ada yang 50 ribu, 200 ribu tidak sesuai dengan uapa mereka yang dijanjikan yaitu 375 ribu perbulan. Dalam aksinya, mereka tidak mau lagi bekerja dan membuka posko didepan pabrik menuntut agar sisa gajinya dibayarkan. Pihak perusahaan sendiri sudah menjanjikan akan membayar pada tanggal 15 April 2005 mendatang.Namun agar perusahaan menempati janji dan pemilik perusahaan, Mr Park yang berasal dari korea tidak kabur, para buruh sengaja menggelar posko di depan pabrik sejak 1 April 2005 lalu. “Kami akan tetap tinggal di pabrik ini sampai tanggal 15 April dan sampai gaji kami benar-benar di bayar. Agar kami tetap kuat, setiap hari kami bergiliran untuk menjaga posko, 20 orang menjaga siang hari dan 20 orang menjaga malam hari secara bergantian,” ujar Sudila, buruh perusahaan ini yang mengaku gajinya tidak dibayar selama 7 bulan. ...

Sidang Class Action Gugatan Korban Peristiwa 65

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Dilanjutkan 27 April 2005 Sidang pertama gugatan LBH Jakarta kepada 5 Presiden RI tentang kasus para korban peristiwa 65 yang dilangsungkan di Pengadilan Negeri Jakarta Pusat tanggal 13 April 2005 akan dilanjutkan pada tanggal 27 April yad. ...

Perdamaian, Bisnis dan Pertukaran Budaya jadi perhatian KTT Asia Afrika

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

hasil pertemuan awal menlu se-Asia Afrika (indymedia/20/04) - Jakarta Menteri-menteri Luar Negeri Asia Afrika sepakat mengadopsi sejumlah isu penting seputar politik, ekonomi dan soaial budaya dalam pertemuan Senior Official Meeting (SOM) pra konferensi yang berlangsung sehari penuh di Jakarta Convention Center (JHCC), Jakarta. ...

Serangan Baru ke Pabrik Zanon yang dikuasai buruh

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Birokrasi versus Otonomi Pekerja Para pekerja pabrik tersebut, di argentina bersama gerakan sosial lainnya berunjukrasa di depan Lembaga Peradilan Pusat Argentina tanggal 21 April guna mempertahankan pabrik mereka dari tekanan. saat Pemeritah dan pengadilan akan mengambil "keputusan politik dan hukum" mengenai pabrik yang telah dikendalikan pekerja sejak 2001 - kriminalisasi, ancaman mati, dan serangan fisik lain meningkat tertuju pada para pekerja. Sebuah delegasi dari 30 pekerja berdatangan dari jarak 1.200 kilometer untuk menyatakan sikap bahwa mereka akan mempertahankan pabrik apapun resikonya. Diluar gedung peradilan sebuah delegasi pekerja membawa petisi yang ditandatangani ribuan orang dari berbagai belahan dunia dalam mendukung para pekerja Zanon yang memberikan contoh bahwa pekerja dapat dan mampu mengelola (bahkan jauh lebih baik) tanpa majikan atau pemilik. info tambahan: saat ini sekitar 200 pabrik di Argentina telah dikuasai dan dikelola buruh. Beberapa membutuhkan bantuan pengetahuan dan peralatan. Jika anda memiliki pengetahuan tentang manual mesin atau hal lain dan anda ingin membantu pekerja Argentina, silakan klik beberapa link dibawah ini. Links: [ Zanon/FaSinPat Site | Grupo Alavío | Argentina Indymedia | | Zmag: Argentina ] ...


Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Persoalan bisnis militer merupakan sebuah bagian dari persoalan pengelolaan militer yang pelik di Indonesia padahal di negara yang demokratis tidak satu pun institusi militer yang menggarap sektor bisnis publik dan saat ini indonesia telah mengaku sebagai negara yang demokratis. ...

MAYDAY 2005 di Jakarta

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Peringatan Hari Buruh Internasional ( 1 Mei ) Peringatan hari buruh internasional (MayDay) tahun ini memang tidak semeriah peringatan hari buruh internasional tahun-tahun sebelumnya, namun peringatan hari buruh tahun ini tak kalah meriahnya dibandingkan peringatan tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Sebagaimana, pada peringatan 1 mei diseluruh dunia, peringatan 1 mei dijakarta juga diperingati oleh masyarakat kelas pekerja dengan aksi turun kejalan, dengan membawa berbagai atribut aksi yang bertuliskan berbagai tuntutan para buruh terhadap penguasa negeri ini. Selain itu, Para Buruh juga meminta dihentikannya kerjasama ekonomi dengan kelompok Neo Liberalis (IMF, World Bank, WTO, CGI) karena mereka hanya akan menyengsarakan masyarakat dunia ketiga. Info Lainnya [ Sejarah Mayday | MayDay dinegara lain ] ...

Hari Ini Tujuh Tahun Lalu

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Peringatan Tragedi Trisakti 12 Mei 1998 Hari itu, 12 Mei 1998, empat orang mahasiswa Trisakti tewas saat aparat kepolisian dan tentara menembakkan peluru tajam ke arah Kampus Trisakti di Grogol. Tujuh tahun silam Elang Mulya Lesmana (19, luka tembak di dada), Hafidin Royan (21, luka tembak di kepala), Hendriawan Sie (20, luka tembak di leher), dan Hery Hartanto (21, luka tembak di punggung) tewas akibat terjangan timah panas tentara dan polisi. Beberapa hari sebelumnya, 8 Mei 1998, seorang mahasiswa di Yogyakarta, Moses Gatotkaca juga tewas dalam bentrokan dengan aparat ketika aksi unjuk rasa menuntut Presiden Soeharto mundur. ...

Penggerebekan Squat di Kota Blora

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Penggrebekan terjadi pada Jumat 13 Mei sekitar jam 8 pagi, ketika 12 aparat dari POLRES Blora dengan 4 buah Kijang pick up serta satu buah mobil angkutan kota. Polisi mengangkut seluruh 6 penghuni yang kebetulan sedang ada di sana, berikut seluruh barang-barang milik para penghuni yang termasuk pakaian, alat masak, alat musik, dll. Salah satu dari 6 orang yang ditangkap adalah seorang punk dari Purwodadi. Squat, bekas gedung bioskop Mustika di kota Blora, sudah diduduki punk-punk jalanan Blora sekitar 1,5 tahun. Sering juga punk-punk dari luar kota yang berkunjung ke Blora menginap di tempat tersebut. Squat tersebut terletak tidak jauh dari alun-alun kota Blora, berada pada suatu kompleks pertokoan. ...

Mahasiswa Tuntut Suharto Diadili

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Peringatan 7 Tahun Lengsernya Diktator Suharto Ratusan aktivis dan elemen mahasiswa dari berbagai perguruan tinggi di berbagai kota di Indonesia pada tanggal 21 Mei turun ke jalan, memperingati 7 tahun lengsernya Presiden Soeharto, penguasa Orde Baru. ...

Jonday Divonis 5 Bulan Penjara

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Sidang Kasus Pembakaran Foto Presiden dalam Aksi Menolak Kenaikan Harga BBM Pasal karet haatzaai artikelen peninggalan pemerintah kolonial kembali dipakai untuk menghukum aktivis mahasiswa. Pada sidang hari Kamis, 26 Mei 2005, Bay Harkat Firdaus alias Jonday, aktivis Universitas Islam Negeri Syarif Hidayatullah, divonis bersalah karena terbukti menghina Presiden Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) dan Wapres M. Jusuf Kalla (MJK) dan dijatuhi hukuman penjara selama 5 bulan 2 hari.  ...

Pihak Universitas Hasanuddin Menggusur Paksa PK5

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

19 orang ditangkap 11 luka-luka Setelah beberapa kali tertunda, akhirnya Senin 30 Mei 2005, perguruan tinggi terbesar di Indonesia Timur Universitas Hasanuddin menggusur paksa para pedagang kaki lima yang sejak 1992 menggantungkan hidup di daerah Pintu II kampus Tamalanrea. ...

Solidaritas untuk rakyat Bolivia dan IMC Bolivia

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Situasi Perlawanan Rakyat Bolivia Selama seminggu terakhir, di Bolivia, nada suara-suara protes bangsa Indian aymara, para guru desa, petani koka, pekerja tambang, dan kelompok mahasiswa dan kelompok masyarakat lain, telah meningkat terhadap hegemoni neoliberalisme. Konsensus umum diantara gerakan tersebut adalah: segara dibentuknya Dewan Konstitusi, Nasionalisasi industri hidrokarbon, penolakan referendum bagi terbentuknya daerah otonomi yang digulirkan suatu sektor oligarki di dalam negari terhadap pronvinsi kaya gas. Minggu ini dimulai dengan perlawanan masyarakat adat yang kuat untuk mengambilalih sumberdaya alamnya. masyarakat dari provinsi Altiplano tidak hanya memblokade jalan bebas hambatan ke arah Achacachi, Copacabana dan Desaguadero, namun bergerak ke arah El Alto untuk menghimpun sebuah barisan dengan tujuan mengambil alih Plaza Murillo, jantung kekuasaan. Video: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ] Info Lainnya: [ Global Indymedia | Bolivia IMC | Narco News | Educational Radio of Bolivia (ERBOL) - Listen (.pls) ] Other Language: english ...

Badan Pembinaan Hukum TNI: Prajurit TNI Aktif Menolak Panggilan Komnas HAM

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Pemanggilan Saksi Pelaku Kasus Penculikan Aktivis Tim Penyelidikan Penghilangan Orang Secara Paksa 1997-1998 Komisi Nasional Hak Asasi Manusia (Komnas HAM), Jumat lalu (3/6) menjadwalkan pemanggilan tiga orang jenderal, yaitu Wiranto, Prabowo dan Sjafrie Sjamsoeddin. Pemanggilan itu bertujuan untuk memperoleh fakta, informasi dan data baru mengenai keberadaan 44 orang yang menghilang begitu saja antara April 1997 sampai Mei 1998. Tim Mawar Kopassus mengakui hanya menculik 9 aktivis yang kemudian dibebaskan. Tim tersebut sudah diadili pengadilan militer. Sementara itu 1 aktivis ditemukan tewas dan 14 aktivis lainnya masih belum ditemukan sampai hari ini. Kasus-kasus itu belum tersentuh. ...

Wiranto Mengakui 14 Aktivis Yang Hilang Sudah Meninggal

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Kasus Penculikan Aktivis 1997-1998 Mantan Panglima TNI Jenderal (Purn) Wiranto mengakui bahwa 14 korban penghilangan paksa pada 1997-1998 yang sampai saat ini tidak diketahui nasibnya, semuanya sudah meninggal. Hal itu diungkapkan oleh ketua tim Ikatan Orang Hilang Indonesia (Ikohi) Mugianto dalam konferensi pers di Jakarta hari ini (14/6). ...

Sirkus G8 datang ke Skotlandia!

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Hanya tinggal dua minggu lagi sebelum Group of Eight (G8) Summit dimulai di Skotlandia, yg saat ini telah memasuki tahap akhir persiapan. G8 (berisikan Perancis, Jerman, Italia, Jepang, Britania Raya, Amerika Serikat, Kanada, dan Rusia) bertemu setiap tahun untuk menyusun kebijakan terhadap issue-issue internasional. Perubahan Iklim, Imigrasi, perdagangan yang adil, pembangunan ekonomi di Afrika, perubahan di Timur Tengah, dan anti perkembang biakan nuklir adalah beberapa diantara materi agenda untuk Summit tahun ini, yang akan diselenggarakan pada 6-8 Juli di Gleneagles Hotel di Skotlandia; Situs Uk Indymedia akan memberikan liputan independen dari aksi-aksi dan peristiwa-peristiwa. ...

Pernyataan EZLN tentang keadaan di Chiapas, Mexico

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

oleh Commandante Marcos "...The reason for this general Red Alert is that the Clandestine Revolutionary Indigenous Committee – General Command of the EZLN has called to consulta their insurgent troops, all their comandantes and comandantas, regional and local responsables and their support bases... ...All zapatistas are now morally free to continue with the EZLN, or not, in the next step which is being consulted upon, if it is approved by the majority..." ...

Server IMC Bristol UK Disita Polisi

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Menjelang G8 Summit Server IMC Bristols disita oleh polisi, Senin, 27 Juni 2005. Seorang relawan Indymedia juga ditangkap ketika penggerebekan itu. Minggu yang lalu, polisi menuntut akses ke server untuk memperoleh rincian IP dari tiap-tiap posting berita. Saluran media alternatif saat ini sedang meminta pendapat dari civil liberties organisations (organisasi-organisasi kebebasan sipil) dan National Union of Journalists (Perserikatan Wartawan Nasional). Sebelum melakukan tuntutan secara hukum untuk mengambil alih kembali server tersebut, Indymedia Bristol menyatakan: "Kita tidak berniat untuk dengan sukarela menyerahkan informasi kepada polisi seperti yang mereka sudah minta". Diharapkan akan segera keluar pernyataan berikutnya dari para relawan Indymedia Bristol. ...

Pesta Rakyat Anti Globalisasi di Skotlandia

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Liputan Aksi Anti-G8 Saat ini 250.000 lebih aktivis telah memenuhi Skotlandia dan melakukan aksi-aksi anti globalisasi dengan membawa issue-issue seputar anti-militerisme, anti perang dan perdagangan senjata, anti kapitalisme, kemiskinan dan penghapusan hutang negara miskin berkembang, penolakan pasar dan perdagangan bebas , lingkungan dan perubahan iklim, serta pengungsi, imigrasi dan perbatasan. Aksi-aksi berjalan secara masif hampir di seluruh kota-kota dan daerah di Skotlandia: Edinburgh, Faslane, Dungavel, dll. Skotlandia benar-benar menjadi ajang 'pesta rakyat' anti globalisasi terbesar. ...


Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

Bakar bendera, diintimidasi preman Menjelang Annual Summit G-8 di Skotlandia, di Makassar dua hari berturut-turut 1-2 Juli 2005 digelar acara untuk menggalang masyarakat menolak globalisasi dan neo-liberalisme yang telah menyebabkan kemiskinan, kelaparan, penggusuran, penindasan dan ketidakadilan global serta kegaduhan massal oleh kapitalisme global. ...

Rentetan Aksi G8 2005, Gleneagles

Jakarta, 24.07.2005 03:13

dari represi, perlawanan, hingga para badut Di seluruh Skotlandia,  berbagai macam organisasi seperti jaringan 'grassroots' dissent! dan koalisi konservatif besar "make poverty history" telah melakukan protes menentang G8 Summit-2005 yang berlangsung di Gleneagles. Pertimbangan sangat beragam seperti bentukan dalam menyatakan penolakan, dari berbaris  sampai blokade, dari badut sampai pemutaran film, dari yang berdiskusi sampai aksi langsung. ...

State of terror

United Kingdom, 23.07.2005 22:43

Since thursday, authorities have been scouring London in the hunt for at least four bombers who attempted a copycat attack just one fortnight after the first attacks on the capital's transport system which left at least 56 people dead. This time all four bombs failed to explode and there were no injuries.

[ reports 1 | 2 ] [ photos Oval | Warren Street | Route 26 bus video + stills ]

Friday was extremely tense with many people expecting another attack because the bombers but left too much evidence behind for them to believe they would not soon be captured. So-called 'random' stop and searches were introduced on London Transport but many people stayed away from the city.

At around 10am, police shot dead an unarmed man on a train in south london. They had trailed him from a block of flats which they under serveilance and then somehow allowed him to enter the tube despite apparently believing that he was involved in the failed bombings and possibly carrying a bomb. [first reports | more on shooting | train driver threatend ] The news that a 'shoot to kill' policy was in force has raised urgent concerned from Muslims, especially since the man was not one of the four suspects and was found to be unarmed and not carrying a bomb. The police now admit the shooting was a tragedy and that the murdered man was not connected to the bombers.

Transport remained in chaos all Friday and into the weekend. There were many security alerts during the day, one of which involved armed police at the East London Mosque. Police raided several addresses during the Friday and made several arrests. The dragnet extended to Birmingham where one man was arrested under terror laws but later released uncharged.

Meanwhile a statement posted Friday on an Islamic website in the name of, Abu Hafs al Masri Brigade, an al-Qaida-linked group claimed responsibility for both sets of London attacks. The group has threatened "a bloody war" on the capitals of European countries that do not remove their troops from Iraq within a month.

A vigil is being organised for 10am sunday at Stockwell Tube in protest of police slaying

Protesta contra Benetton

santiago, 23.07.2005 22:14

Animalistas Funaron a La Multinacional


Colombia, 23.07.2005 20:43

TeleSUR Incia Transmisiones

Natali Closes Pendulum, Pickets at Badlands Continue

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2005 20:13

Last week, Les Natali closed the Pendulum Bar and laid off its staff. This bar is one of very few bars in San Francisco that have felt like home to many African-American gay men. The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) had just announced that it would place conditions on Natali's license to operate this bar, which he had recently purchased. However, the ABC said it is not going to file further accusations against Natali. On Thursday, July 21st, And Castro for All held a press conference in front of Pendulum, followed by a picket in front of SF Badlands, to protest the closure and demand government follow-up on the charges levied against Natali for his mistreatment of women and people of color at Badlands. Read more

Pickets at Badlands Continue: There will be a rally and picket at Badlands on Saturday, July 23rd, beginning at 9pm. SF Democratic Party Chair Leslie Katz and School Board member Mark Sanchez will be speaking at the rally. More info about the picket

More details about this struggle can be found on the And Castro for All website

State Utility Law

Pittsburgh, 23.07.2005 13:14

New Pennsylvania Utility law linked to deaths

Despejos: CMP violou a lei

Portugal, 23.07.2005 12:43

Despejos: CMP violou a lei

Pastors for Peace Caravan Detained At US Border

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2005 07:13

7/22/2005 130 US citizens crossed the US/Mexico border just before daybreak with almost all of the 140 tons of humanitarian aid en route to Cuba and collected by the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Cuba Caravan. Participants in the 16th Annual Friendship Caravan to Cuba were being held in McAllen Texas at the border between Mexico and Texas by US Homeland Security Officers, and the Commerce Department. Six buses were eventuall allowed to move forward on the journey but one bus with aid and computers was ordered to stay in the US.
Photos From the Border | Audio | Video From Event In Fresno
Read More On Indybay's Americas Page

Local Peace Groups Meet on Depleted Uranium Munitions

DC, 23.07.2005 06:14

Members of local peace groups met to view a German documentary on DU and to plan awareness-raising activities.


Argentina, 23.07.2005 04:43

Viernes 15 de Julio 2005 | MANIOBRA ILEGÍTIMA EN SALTA
Tribunal chileno absuelve a 6 mapuche

La lucha por el Agua

Argentina, 23.07.2005 04:43

Viernes 22 de Julio de 2005 | AGUA.
El Agua es un derecho, no una mercancía para la venta.

Ouspoken Haitian Priest and Democracy Activist Assaulted by Mob and Arrested for Murder

Portland, 23.07.2005 03:44

On Thursday July 21, 2005, Fr. Gerard Jean-Juste went to St. Pierre's Catholic Church to be one of the priests participating in the funeral of Haitian journalist Jacques Roche. Fr. Jean-Juste is a cousin of the Roche family and members of the Roche family protected him from a mob earlier in his life. He went to express spiritual comfort and reconciliation to the family.

Fr. Jean-Juste went to the funeral expressly to pay his respects to the family and express his open remorse and opposition to any killing of anyone, no matter their political affiliation. When Fr. Jean-Juste walked out, people started yelling at him in the chapel. They called him "assassin" and "criminal" and yelled out to "arrest and kill the rat."

Fr. Jean-Juste has been publicly accused in the last several days of "a plot against the security of the state," smuggling money and guns into the country, and of being behind all the kidnappings. All clearly false charges but widely reported by unfriendly press.

related: Jean-Juste Free, For Now I Father Jean Juste speaking in Berkeley, CA January 2005

past stories: UN "peacekeepers" step up the violence in Haiti I Continuing crisis in Haiti exemplified by plights of imprisoned Prime Minister, Yvon Neptune, and singer So Anne | A Mother's Day Call for Justice in Haiti's Prisons | Police Brutality in Port au Prince puts UN Mandate to the Test (2005.03.25) | Walking a Tightrope Between Hope and Fear: Northern Haiti One Year after the Coup (2005.03.17) | Lavalas Officials throughout Northern Haiti Forced into Hiding (2004.12.24) | Community Schools in Northern Haiti: A plea to the international community (2004.12.23) | Peaceful Demonstration in Cap Haitien a Success despite Ongoing Repression / Beloved Mayor Continues to Serve his Community from Hiding (2004.12.21) | The Politics of Injustice in Haiti: The Cases of Auguste and Chamblain (2004.09.01) | Hard hit Municipalities:The Attempt to Destroy Lavalas and the Consolidation of the Coup (2004.08.21) | The Dismantling of Popular Education Under the new U.S-backed Regime in Haiti (2004.08.21) | Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup (2004.08.21)

More info: [ ]

Guatemala: Leichen im Keller der Polizei

Germany, 23.07.2005 02:43

Einen brisanten Fund machten Mitarbeiter der staatlichen Menschenrechtsbehörde in Guatemala-Stadt. In Gebäuden der Polizei (PNC) entdeckten sie 14 Räume, prall gefüllt mit Dokumenten, die Auftragsmorde und andere gravierende Menschenrechtverletzungen belegen könnten. Ausserdem stiess man auf eine zugemauerte, unterirdische Grube. Hier wird ein Massengrab vermutet.

Guatemalasoli Österreich | AGP | Prensa Libre | Informationsstelle Lateinamerika | Lateinamerika Nachrichten

Drohung neuer Anschläge

Germany, 23.07.2005 02:43

Die Übereinstimmung zwischen den Anschlägen in London und denen am 11. März 2004 in Madrid sind auffällig. Zu beiden Massakern haben sich die Brigaden von Abú Hafs al Masri bekannt in beiden Fällen wurden die gleichen Zünder verwendet (Artikel: Bombe aus der Drogerie - oder vom Balkan?). Die Gruppe stellte nun ein Ultimatum und warnte vor neuen Massakern.
Genau zwei Wochen nach den Anschlägen vom 7.7. ist London am Donnerstag erneut zum Ziel von Anschlägen geworden. Die Abu Hafs al Masri Brigaden haben sich schnell wie immer auch für diese Anschläge die Urheberschaft zugeschrieben. Am Freitag Vormittag haben Polizisten an der U-Bahnstation Stockwell einen Mann erschossen, der im Verdacht stand, ein Selbstmordattentäter zu sein. Die Polzei darf schießen, wenn sie glaubt, dass eine Person einen Sprengsatz zünden will. Allerdings melden Medien der Mann habe schon am Boden gelegen und sei von der Polizei umstellt gewesen. Das wäre dann wohl ne Art Hinrichtung oder so etwas wie Bad Kleinen...
Artikel bei Telepolis: Verdächtige auf Bildern von Überwachungskameras | Indymedia-UK

Pastors for Peace Caravan Detained At US Border

San Francisco Bay Area, 23.07.2005 02:43

7/22/2005 6 buses filled aid and caravan members will move forward on the journey and 1 bus will remain. The remaining bus filled with aid and computers must stay. The US Commerce Department fears the computers will be used to send “terrorist messages.” The caravan members tried explaining the computers are used for “organizing the medical supplies not to send other secret messages”.

7/21/2005 The Pastors for Peace Friend shipment Caravan to Cuba were released, but the struggle is not over. Kathryn Hall and at least two buses are now in Hidalgo, TX, 6 buses and 2 trucks were not released.

7/21/2005 Participants in the 16th Annual Friendship Caravan to Cuba are being held in McAllen Texas at the borders between Mexico and Texas by US Homeland Security Officers, and the Commerce Department. They have been stopped and surrounded and by United States’ Homeland Security Officers, who are preventing them from traveling through Mexico to Cuba. Among those being held is Kathryn Hall, the executive director of the Sacramento Center for Community Health and Well Being.

7/18/2005 The 16th US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan, organized by IFCO/Pastors for Peace, is preparing to launch a new challenge against the US economic blockade of Cuba. 150 participants – from the US as well as from Mexico, Canada, Uganda, nine European countries, and the Caribbean – are currently gathering in McAllen, Texas. Seven large yellow buses, one small bus, and two box trucks, all of them brightly painted, as well as several other smaller vehicles, all of them filled with valuable humanitarian aid, make up the Pastors for Peace caravan, which has stopped in 130 cities in all parts of the US and will soon be on its way through Mexico to Cuba.
As in previous years, the caravan is carrying nearly 150 tons of humanitarian aid for Cuba – hospital equipment such as incubators, EKG and X-ray machines, dental chairs, medical supplies, computers, school supplies, and urgently needed relief aid for the recent victims of Hurricane Dennis.
Read More With Audio

On July 10th, 2005, the Pastors for Peace Caravan stopped in Fresno Announcement | Video.

In 1993, U.S. Treasury officials at the Laredo, Texas, border seized a Friendshipment school bus, claiming Fidel Castro might use it as a military vehicle. Thirteen people on board at the time began a hunger strike that provoked an international mobilization and demonstrations in 20 U.S. cities. The bus was released after the fast and related campaign that lasted 23 days. Walker and four others went without food for over 90 days in 1996 to force the U.S. government to release 420 donated computers destined for Cuba’s health network and educational system. Read More

Tenncare Sit-In Day 32: Enrollees Attempt to Deliver Cost Saving Solutions to Governor

Tennessee, 23.07.2005 01:15

Capital Police Block Fifteen People in Wheelchairs from Entering Governor's Office Nashville, TN: On day thirty two of the sit-in at the Governor's office the State Capital elevator mysteriously shut down when enrollees in wheelchairs tried to enter the Capital to deliver a resolution and list of demands to the Governor. They were presenting a plan to save $45 million dollars in the State Budget which could be used to help save the Tenncare program. The proposal, to allow people who want to leave nursing homes and live independently, would also give these people more freedom and increase their quality of life as well as save the State money, they claim. They were refused entry to the Governor's office by three State Patrol Officers who said that the Governor and Lieutenant Governor were unavailable. Sit-In participants are still being refused access to food and water. The enrollees say they will stay as long as necessary until their demands are met.

A New Phase In Anti-Racism Activism In Ireland

Ireland, 23.07.2005 00:43

Nigerian Campaigners Awaiting Fast Track Deportations To Speak Out Meeting where Nigerian activists describe the reality of life in Nigeria. A group of female Nigerian asylum seekers who are all living in a direct provision hostel on Lower Gardiner Street will next Tuesday hold a joint meeting which they initiated with help from Residents Against Racism in the ATGWU hall in Dublin. In a significant first for this country, the meeting will be addressed exclusively by Nigerians seeking asylum and campaigning for fairer treatment for asylum seekers in Ireland. The speakers include FGM campaigners, womens rights campaigners, anti corruption campaigners and other political activists and they hope to communicate the reality of living in modern Nigeria. RECENT INDYMEDIA IRELAND STORIES ON THIS ISSUE Interview With RAR Activist Just before last Mass Deportation To Nigeria An Illegal Deportation Takes Place Female Asylum Seekers March From Dail To Department Of Justice: Photo Report July 14 2005 Two Nigerian Women Explain Why They Protested Deportation Regime On July 14th 2005 "If the Irish people had even the remotest idea of the nonsense that lies behind a huge amount of these bogus claims, the patience of a lot of people would be tried very hard. I would much prefer to have a system where I could have an interview at the airport, find out the cock-and-bull stories and [put them] on the next flight, but unfortunately the UN Convention requires me to go through due process in respect of all of these claims." Michael McDowell: Rte News 18th May 2005 The time for tip-toeing around the Irish Government is over. I'm afraid we have a 'Bogus Minister of Justice' - he talks about 'Bogus Asylum Seekers' all the time - we must confront him and Bertie Ahern, who after all keeps him in the job. And it verges, in Michael McDowell's case, on incitement to racial hatred. He talks of 'Cock and Bull Stories,' he says if not for the United Nation's Human Rights rules he'd be out at the airport to send them back immediately. [....] We are entering a new phase of Anti-Racism activism in Ireland - it's got to be confrontational. If you play things by the book and keep your head down you are almost certain to be deported. You have got to make noise about it....' Rosanna Flynn 16th June 2005 "The High Court has ruled that the constitutional rights of asylum seekers have been breached by the failure of the Refugee Appeals Tribunal (RAT) to grant their lawyers access to its previous decisions. Mr Justice John McMenamim said the fact the tribunal does not publish its decisions "is unique in the common law jurisdictions".He believed such a position "cannot accord with the principles of natural and constitutional justice, fairness of procedure or equality of arms having regard to the importance and significance of the issues to the applicants which fall to be determined in this quasi judicial process." 7th July 2005 These women, some of whom have publicly protested in the recent past about their treatment at the hands of the Garda National Immigration Bureau and the Department of Justice, have been informed in the very recent past that they must sign on from now on at their hostel daily. They believe that they are being lined up at present for a fast track deportation procedure and believe the whole secretive deportation regime in Ireland is unfairly loaded against female asylum seekers from Nigeria. They intend to use the public meeting to highlight the rampant opression of women in Nigeria and the inhumane practices that take place there as a result of this. They also want to highlight how unsafe and generally insecure everyday life in the country is at present. Some women who will be present are survivors of female genital mutilation. They do not want their daughters to go through the same experience they had to go through. Some of the women's daughters have died because of FGM and they will speak about this as well as generally highlighting the complete absence of women's rights in Nigeria. Recently one of these women told an Indymedia Ireland contributor: "My name is *****. I am a native of Modakeke in Osun state. My experience with my in-laws since 2002 was traumatic and agonising. I was cajoled into bringing my late daughter for circumcision. I could not oppose as a woman my voice was not to be heard and my opinion was insignificant. I have given birth to five children – three boys and two girls. I lost my first daughter ***** when she was five years in 2002 to excessive bleeding. I fled from Nigeria because my wicked in-laws demanded that I bring my only remaining daughter for the same circumcision that killed her sister. We cannot be safe if we are forced back. I cannot afford to lose my daughter – I am existing because of my children."


DC, 23.07.2005 00:14

Like many areas throughout the US, counter-recruitment efforts in the DC area are a hot issue for activists, parents, and community residents.

Pastors for Peace Barred at US-Mexico Border

Rogue Valley, 22.07.2005 20:45

As of 1:30 pm EDT, The Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is being held up at the US-Mexico border by US Commerce Department officials. Officials are threatening to search every vehicle and every item of humanitarian aid saying that "only licensable goods will be allowed to cross into Mexico."

Pastors for Peace does not accept or apply for a license to deliver humanitarian aid to Cuba.

In Their Own Words

Rogue Valley, 22.07.2005 20:45

In their Own Words: Why the Sisiters of the Siskiyous got arrested in the Wild Siskiyou Action campaign. Our love for the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area has lit another kind of fire. The one in our bellies. Come hang out with us, organize and dance dance dance on Saterday nite in Ashland at the Bellview Grange!

J23-28: AFL-CIO Convention in Chicago

Rogue Valley, 22.07.2005 20:45

This is a report back to Oregon from a Rogue Indy volunteer who is attending the convention in Chicago as a journalist. My plan is to provide some rank & file union-member perspective. I will start by referring you to Chicago's IMC for a great feature which offers detail and spells out the importance of this historic event.

My plan is to blog home back to Oregon with daily reports.

Klamath Tribes return to Scotland

Rogue Valley, 22.07.2005 20:45

Even as hundreds of thousands of fish are dying in the Klamath River, the Klamath Tribes are in Scotland protesting Scottish Power for thier refusal to remove the Klamath dams. The Klamath dams block over 350 miles of salmon habitat and warm water, which adds to Klamath River fish kills. Salmon and Suckers in the Klamath River are very important to tribal health and culture and are facing extinction as hundreds of thousands of fish die many years in the Klamath.

Friendshipment Caravan has made it to Mexico!

Rogue Valley, 22.07.2005 20:45

Many thanks to everyone that made phone calls to the Commerce Dept., Senators,
Congresspeople and friends in support of the Pastors for Peace Caravan that was
being held up at the US-Mexico border. Though tired, our friends are in high

In the early morning hours our intrepid caravanistas repacked all the vehicles and
crossed over the international bridge with the majority of our precious humanitarian
aid in the remaining seven busses!

Paro de camioneros

Puerto Rico, 22.07.2005 20:14

Paro de camioneros

En Valparaiso

santiago, 22.07.2005 19:15


Interview with Wessel Bear Lewis: Fasting to Stop Mountain Top Strip Mining

Tennessee, 22.07.2005 19:14

Wessel Bear Lewis is an environmentalist who has been active in the ecological justice movement for the past four years since leaving the Marine Corps in 2000 and living in Nepal for a year. He is currently engaged in day five of a fast on the steps of the State Capital in Nashville. Wessel says that he will fast until either Governor Bredesen agrees to a meeting between the various parties involved in Mountain Top Strip mining including the environmentalists, ecological justice groups, coal mining companies, workers, scientists and other specialists to have a consensus style discussion about the issues surrounding Mountain Top Strip mining. Until such a meeting happens, he insists that the Governor issue temporary halt to all strip mining going on in the State. Lewis says he will stay at the State Capital fasting until he ends up in the hospital or until the Governor agrees to halt Mountain Top Strip Mining.

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