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Kids, Guns and Jackson County Sheriff's Dept.

Rogue Valley, 07.08.2005 16:38

For several years now, our family has enjoyed KTVL Channel 10's Kids Day in Hawthorne Park. Our kids look forward to seeing the hot air balloon and winning prizes. It is one of many Jackson County free events we value. Imagine our surprise to see riot gear at this years "Safe Kids" day.

Majaz: Otra Masacre del presidente Toledo

Peru, 07.08.2005 16:38

Majaz: Otra Masacre del presidente Toledo...


Sydney, 07.08.2005 16:38

New Old Fascism

Free Speech

Sydney, 07.08.2005 16:38

Defending Community Media


DC, 07.08.2005 16:38

Last Saturday, about 40 abortion rights activists held the space in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic in downtown Washington, DC. Pro-life groups such as the Crusade for Life and Bound for Life, who are usually free to harass, intimidate and otherwise shame women who are on their way into the clinic, were forced across the expanse of 16th street. Their message--that Planned Parenthood should be shut down and women forced back into the back alleys--was completely marginalized. Instead, a confident, lively and fun pro-choice demonstration took place outside of the clinic until the last women showed up for their appointments.

Be a Hero--Demand that Johnny Comes Home Again, Before Its Too Late

DC, 07.08.2005 16:38

August 2, 2005 Recently, a young man who has been part of my extended family since he was four years old went into the Marines. I visited with him a couple weeks prior to his reporting date and asked him what he hoped would happen. Like many people his age, he was unclear except for the fact that he knew he would end up in Iraq or Kuwait sooner or later. When asked how he felt about that, he shrugged his shoulders as if to say he hadn't really sorted out his real feelings on the matter.

New Residents Bring New Technologies to DC’s Brightwood

DC, 07.08.2005 16:38

Crime, unemployment, and a lack of city services have long concerned residents living near Kennedy Street in Northwest DC’s Brightwood neighborhood. For years, residents like Anita Porter, who has lived on Longfellow since 1976, would often not get a police response to drug use in their alley or a stream of out-of-state cars in the neighborhood. “I’ve witnessed somebody getting stabbed to death. We called the police, nobody came.”

Blogging for Chickens

DC, 07.08.2005 16:38

A former poultry slaughterer will be blogging for a Maryland chicken sanctuary in the annual blogathon for charity on August 6.

The Day the Bomb Went Off

DC, 07.08.2005 16:38

(Imagine that it happened) Chess players gathered in their familiar surroundings on Dupont Circle on this steamy, humid, summer afternoon in Washington. Rush hour was well under way as cars; busses and taxis weaved around the circle and disappeared in various directions. It was Friday. **************** Hiroshima: Never Again HIBAKISHA STORY Audio: 1 2

Say a BIG Farewell to California Minuteman

San Diego, 07.08.2005 16:38

UPDATE: Carlsbad schools chief cancels racist meeting

Minutemen Are Leaving? Good Riddance!
No Human Is Illegal!
Unite for the Rights of All!

WHAT: March – Protest – Action – Fiesta – In CAMPO against the California Minutemen. Send the Minutemen packing! Stand up against the violence of the border!

ALSO: To help people crossing the desert – DONATE water (gallon or more sealed containers) and food (dry goods, canned goods with pop tops, peanut butter) – DROP OFF AT PRESS CONFERENCE OR CARAVAN DEPARTURE POINT (see events and travel schedules below)

WHEN: This Saturday/Sunday, August 6-7 (see events schedule below)

WHERE: Campo, CA – 60 miles east of San Diego on Route 94, 12 miles off I-8 (see directions below)

Still Hiding the Bush Bulge

Portland, 07.08.2005 16:38

Pasadena residents didn't get to read about the exploits of local celebrity Dr. Robert Nelson, who, besides being a Jet Propulsion Lab photo analyst who helped present those dramatic photos of Saturn's rings and moons, also gave the lie to White House claims that the bulge seen on Bush's back during the presidential debates was "just a wrinkle."

They didn't get to read Nelson's account of how his photo analysis of Bush's jacket--a story that would have increased speculation that the president was wearing a hearing device during the debates--almost made it into the New York Times before being killed by top editor Bill Keller (Extra!, 1-2/05).

They didn't read all this in their local daily, the Pasadena Star-News because senior editors at that paper killed the story on Saturday, April 30, right before publication in the Sunday edition--apparently for political, not journalistic, reasons.

Dictatorship as Economic Advantage: China's Ascent

Portland, 07.08.2005 16:38

[This article published in: Zeit-Fragen Nr.27 7/4/2005 is translated from the German] China is the topic of conversation everywhere. The kingdom of the middle rises to a new superpower with effects all over the world. People in Europe are affected. The German journalist Wolfgang Hirn documents this in his new book. Solutions are sought for dealing with the challenge of a state that throws 900 million people on the world market in a slaveholder manner at the lowest wages as dumping-competition. How do we wrestle against countries for dignified work and economics? Hirn's book is a plea for an economic order that starts from equality and human dignity, exists everywhere in the world and is in force for all people because they are people.

The situation seems to be very serious. The supposed panacea, the wonder-cure often propagated like a prayer-wheel for poverty in the world, boundless growth and universal prosperity, economic liberalism known under the names "free market economy" or "globalization" is put in question not only by the notorious globalization opponents who are becoming ever-stronger worldwide but by an economist, a Nobel Prize winner, "one of the most renowned economists of all time." Paul Samuelson, 90-year old dean of his guild, questions the theory that persisted for 200 years: the theory of free world trade.


[ Other translations from Marc Batko on pdx indymedia | Marc Batko translations website ]

Brave Ice Cubes

Portland, 07.08.2005 16:38

On these hot summer days
I gather peace about me
Handfuls, heart, and head-fulls
Imagining that they are ice cubes
Melting down my back
Phillips, my bedside clock in bright
Green letters is 12:01pm

A bright silver button
Its incised letters read:

The aged once white box fan
Roars away on "H"
Since way before dawn joins the chorus of
The pride of suburban lions in summer


other poems from 'omthunders': [ Streaming | Flow of change ] more...

Two Actions Remember the 60th Anniversary of Hiroshima

Portland, 07.08.2005 16:38

It's hard to belive that it's the 60th aniversery of the destruction of Hiroshima. The United States slaughtered 100,000 japanese civilians in a matter of two days, dropping a second bomb on the city of Nagasaki.

Physicians for Social Responsibility, Vets for Peace, and a bunch of other groups held a nice Memorial program in Terry Schrunk plaza. Speeches were made by clergy, and activists, and Japanese survivors of the attack shared thier experiences. There was also a beautiful choir and talented musicians. A few hundred people were in attendance. We were left with chalk and paper templates for the shadow project- hopefully it takes shape tommorrow.

'gk' reports: I went to the PPRC/Peace and Justice Works earlier action, a rally at Pioneer Square and march to the Japanese-American Historical Plaza at SW Front & Couch. About 30 of us marched in the hot sunny air behind the snappy No War Drum Corps.

read more | add more
realted: portland peace and justice resources | the international shadow project | Aurora Chorus | Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Symbolic Bombs, Authentic Deaths Patriotic Correctness: the cover-ups of Hiroshima and NagasakiThis is a repost of an article originally published to portland indymedia in March 2002, in conjunction with the Hiroshima Flame Interfaith Pilgrimage. [For voluminous coverage of that event in audio, photos, and text, see portland indymedia's special "dharmawalk" page, here.] This article, which is drawn from the book, "Hiroshima in America: Fifty Years of Denial", shows how the media and government have covered up the full story of the U.S. atomic attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, then and since. Lessons from this historic episode are applicable to the current "war on terrorism" even more so now than when the article originally appeared. Read more...


Colombia, 07.08.2005 16:37

¡Los han asesinado, pero siguen viviendo!


Colombia, 07.08.2005 16:37

¿A dónde lleva Bush a Uribe?


Colombia, 07.08.2005 16:37

3 años de la era Uribe Vélez

Bomba Atómica

Colombia, 07.08.2005 16:37

Hiroshima y Nagasaki
60 años después de dos Megamasacres


Colombia, 07.08.2005 16:37

Manifiesto de indígenas del Putumayo

Nottingham Peace rally in response to the London bombings

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

Nottingham Peace rally in response to the London bombings

On Saturday afternoon, scores of people gathered for a peace rally in Nottingham in response to the London bombings. The event in Market Square was arranged by the Nottingham Muslim Action Group.

Organisers said the aim of the rally was to remember the victims of the bombings and promote solidarity between people of all races and faiths. and of course, no-faiths. The event was backed by a range of other faith groups.

After two-minute silence, 56 white balloons were released to represent and remember those that died as a result of the London explosions.

A similar rally was held last weekend in Leicester.

more ....

Squatting :: Some Current Advice

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

Squatting :: Some Current Advice

"Thousand Homeless, it's a crime !
That this house is empty, End of ryhme!"


Despite the introduction of the Criminal Justice Act, Squatting is still legal. Squatting means occupying empty property to live in and is a necessity for many. Squatters have the same basic rights as anyone else, and can not be evicted without the owners carrying out certain civil legal procedings first

Keep the Jericho boatyard!

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

The Jericho Boatyard was officially handed over to British Waterways on Friday, July 29, but has been occupied since then by people who want to keep it as a boatyard and a community space rather than letting it be sold off to Bellway Homes to build yet more luxury flats.

The boatyard is a vital resource for people who live in boats. British Waterways, the body that is supposed to maintain the UK's canals, is selling off bits of land around the country - Jericho is not the only boatyard that is under threat. British Waterways plans to sell the site to Bellway Homes, which is seeking planning permission (not yet granted) to build luxury flats. There is a need for sustainable and affordable living space in Oxford but this would not be provided by the Bellway development.

The Jericho boatyard is also famous for having inspired Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy. A lot of history and culture would be lost by building over it, making Jericho and Oxford a culturally poorer place.

To keep the site it needs to be occupied all the time, so visitors are always welcome! There's food and tea and plenty to do. The site has only been under occupation for a few days so it's an exciting time and people with ideas and enthusiasm are needed to come and contribute. At the moment it's all of our space - let's keep it that way.

For more info on this follow the Oxford Indymedia newswire or go to - or just go to the boatyard!

Reports: 1 | 2 | Video | Website: Save Castle Mill Boatyard

One dead and over 50 injured as police spread chaos at Czech Tekno Festival

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

The annual Czech 'CzechTek' (also known as Technival) is one of the biggest free festivals in Europe. With over 6000 people attending this year, it has met with severe police hostility. Police blocked access to the legally rented festival site and later attacked it, resulting in over 50 injured people. One man has been confirmed dead. Police has stated he was killed in a "normal car accident". The Czech League of Human Rights have called upon Interior Minister František Bublan to immediately resign. A large demonstration against the police brutality, in Prague on Sunday July 31th was attended by over 5000 people and was supported by the former Czech President Vaclav Havel. The demonstration in the capital ended in a streetrave. Solidarity actions have been taking place throughout Europe.

Official Festival Website | Photo's Festival [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] | Photo's Motorway Blockade | Photo's police brutality [1] | Video police brutality [1] [2] | Statement by Czech Prime Minister | Updates on Indymedia Slovensko

Tornado whips up storm of local criticism

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

Thursday 28th July 2005 a tornado ripped through South Birmingham at speeds of up to 130 miles per hour injuring at least 19 people. The tornado peeled off roofs, rolled over cars, tore through walls and ripped up trees [ pics 1 | 2 | 3 ].

Mainstream media reports initially focused on the damage to Kings Heath's shopping area. An Indymedia report written by local residents shortly after the tornado reveals that some of its worst damage in Balsall Heath was initially overlooked by mainstream media. Birmingham City Council's response to the disaster has been widely criticised and there are concerns that very high levels of people in poorer areas of the city affected by the disaster aren't covered by insurance [ report and videos ].

Insensitive policing | Asbestos litters streets | City Council's damage limitation PR exercise

Radical Summer in Cambridge

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 16:37

Things seem to have slowed down in town, but not for those who want to change the world! Lots of traveller support, free spaces and cycle power activities are taking place over the next month.

Part of the Essex traveller community, Dale Farm, housing 1000 people, is under constant threat of eviction. A public meeting, and training session will be taking place on the weekend of August 13th for those who want to support the traveller community. There is a special need for human rights monitors and people with recording equipment (since an eviction is quite an ugly business, often unseen by most people). The Hoverfield community just got evicted [report, another report].

Meanwhile in Cambridge a group of people have decided to put empty buildings to use, and have opened a Social Centre in Fitzwilliam road [open letter]. A film screening of "The Mark Thomas Comedy Show" will take place there on the Sunday 7th, but much more is promised in the next few weeks.

Finally a Critical Mass, a spontaneous convergence of cyclists, skateboarders and skaters to celebrate life without cars took place in Cambridge. This is to become a regular event, with people meeting the last Friday of every month, 6pm, beneath Elizabeth Way Bridge.

[Looking for a radical holiday? : Earth First! summer gathering 17-21 August 2005]

Há 60 anos, terrorismo de estado ataca à bomba (nuclear)!

Portugal, 07.08.2005 16:37

Há 60 anos, terrorismo de estado ataca à bomba (nuclear)!

Coup d'etat in Mauretanien

Germany, 07.08.2005 16:37

In Mauretanien ist es am Mittwoch (03.08.05) zu einem vermeintlichen coup d`etat durch Teile des Militärs gekommen. Strategisch wichtige Punkte des Landes wurden besetzt. Die Absetzung des Präsidenten Taya über die staatliche Nachrichtenagentur durch die so genannte Gruppe„Militärischer Rat für Gerechtigkeit und Demokratie“wurde sodann verkündet.

No Time For These Small Details In Emergency

Ireland, 07.08.2005 16:37

There is nothing like a knock on the head to wake you up and make you reevaluate the things around you. Sitting here with a bump on my left temple that is as stubborn as ever and refuses to go away . I can only sit back and think about the severity of the health care system here in Ireland. I must admit I'm coming from a completely biased perspective, someone who grew up with a public health care system, but here it is anyways. The night of my accident, I lie in bed disoriented, in pain and confused. I have heard nothing but horror stories about emergency departments, not that this is something specific to Ireland, but none the less it turned me away from taking the leap and heading down to my local A & E. I lie there wondering "what do I do instead?" I know that I've given myself a right shake up but I'm a bit too disorientated to make any clear decisions. I actually phoned emergency to see if it's right thing to go into them. They basically say if it can wait till Monday go to my doctor and get him/her to write me a letter for an x-ray. My mate the nurse says this is a case for liability since you should never push off anything that is related to a head injury. and the thing is I know all this but I'm so banged up I can't seem to make even this simple decision. The nightmare stories paralyze me and I do nothing. Days go by and my pain stays constant and my fear builds up. I talk to a mate who is a nurse and she sends me straight to the clinic down the street . . . actually the third clinic I phoned since the other two couldn't give me appointments for a few days. A few hours and forty five euros later I'm sent to the hospital . . . to emergency where I could and should have been four days earlier. Emergency said go to the doctor, but the doctor says he couldn't send me straight to the x-rays and skip the day in emergency because I would not get the results for days and as a result would not get any medication for days. Only through emergency would I get the tests I need done and get to see a doctor that will tell me the story and write any prescriptions that I might need. The next eight hours were an eye opener - I get to emergency excited that there are very few people there - assuming that I made the right decision about coming during the middle of the day on a week day and not the middle of the night on a weekend. Yet the promise of seeing a nurse with-in 15 minutes drags on to at least 30 minutes and her promise of 1-2 hours after that turns into 3 hours. Not to mention that I called the hospital once again to see what the story was with money. I had a letter from my doctor, but he was sending me to emergency, how much would I have to pay. After what my mate how heard all the 15 minutes of transferring of calls said if you didn't have brain damage before that call you would know, they tell me I will have to pay €40 . . . yet huge signs all over emergency say €55 . . . so I'm at €100 before medication . . . I get my x-ray results relatively quickly and am told that in a door way that I didn't fracture my skull but they want to do a CT scan just in case . . . that’s all the consultation I get 20 seconds in a door way . . . the next 3 1/2 hours start to get interesting. I realize that I have not been offered any pain killers and at the rate they are going all the pharmacies will be closed when I get out and this great plan of my doctors for same day results and prescriptions is just bollox . . . so I start to chat with people. The guy next to me is from Pakistan, he has been here four years, came here alone and has never looked back, he likes it here . . . His story is that the past month he has pains in his legs from the knees up on both sides and a fever . He gets weak walking and has been near collapsing frequently. Half the reason he is here is to figure out what is wrong with him, but the other half is to get a doctors note. You see he works as a security guard and his boss won't give him a day off due to sickness, says he needs a doctor’s note. So here he is on his one day off in the weak spending at least 8 hours in emergency waiting for results of blood tests and a note so he might have a chance to rest and get better. Still with all this he is all smiles with tears behind his eyes demanding that I share his crisps with him. Two women chat around us and sometimes to us about all this "bollox". They are both here for about the same thing, there stomachs are in bits, kidney infections, and a list of unanswered for complaints. Both arms have been brutalized from blood tests. One says how she has never done drugs in her life but between the blood tests and hours of crying leading to blood shot eyes she looks like a right junkie and I would say they are treating her likewise. They both came in three to four hours before me and I left them there. Several times the junkie looking one asks when she will get the results of her urine samples and for a cup of tea but hours pass with neither. At first it seems that only those who are bad enough off to have a bed get sandwiches and tea. It is a slap in the face to the four of us when this elderly woman is told to sit with us is given tea and biscuits. Hours pass and finally it is time for my scan, a steward takes me this time. Which is handy since the last time they told me to follow the blue line which due to years of fading had disappeared about 50 meters along my journey and I had to ask many over worked nurses who seem to only know their specific department the way. I get talking to the steward, at first he is stand-offish, I don't know what it was that opened him up, perhaps that I mentioned that in the book "Hard Work" that the woman’s first job was a hospital steward or the fact that he suddenly realized I was Canadian but he started talking and when I got stewarded back to my seat he was right as rain. He says that his job and his job description are no where near each other, he does so much more. He complains that the government decisions on health expenditure is all wrong, they spend money on all the wrong things, that it is clear that those who make the decisions on money are not on the floor, he figures that he could do a better job. He ponders the public health care system in Canada and can't place why there is nothing like that here. Our time together ends as he is off with someone else. This time this guy who I say sitting just off from us in a wheel chair is dragged off and the one and only chair is left in emergency. When this guy waddles back with his X-rays I notice that they are of his knee . . . you would think that they would want to put as little strain as possible on his knee but comfort didn't seem part of the plan, not enough time for that. I witness people in some undignified moments and this is a Tuesday afternoon I can only imagine a saturday night. This one guy in full view of me with no curtain pulled continuously pukes; he is given a bag eventually. No drip in his arm to hydrate him, actually tea like everyone else which may be comforting but dehydrates you and surprise surprise he pukes after his first sip . . . when he is calling for help many walk by too busy to take notice of this guy with little liquid left in his body. I would have to say the best moment was this old man with his shirt open exposing several suction cups attached to his chest, as his bed is dragged by me I gave him a sympathy smile he gives me a shrug hands turned up as if to say what can you do? . . . The four of us who were told to sit together, moved around due to a police investigation look out for each other. We get each others names and when a nurse is looking for someone but they are outside we let the nurse know so they don’t miss their turn like we had seen happen to so many others who had not organized themselves like us. Its survival of the fittest in there which is not saying much since we are all in emergency. So on my eight hour a doctor finally comes to say I can go home again its 30 seconds in a doorway. No brain damage, take paracetamol every few hours and give this to your doctor who he says I should see tomorrow. No time to talk, my doctor will explain the story to me and the hell is over. I leave after 8 hours to be told take paracetamol for my headache! I open the confidential letter to my doctor to find out the true story. . . I was right I did have a concussion. And the diagnosis now is that I have post concussion syndrome. It takes a call to my bro for him to look on line and tell me what that is and what I should expect and how to get better . . . there is no time for these small details in emergency.

Agallamh le Seosamh O'Ceallaigh

Ireland, 07.08.2005 16:37

Agallamh faoi an teanga, stair, cultúr agus oidhreacht - with English language translation . Is é Seosamh O’Ceallaigh acadúil, údar, staraí áitiúl is cainteoir dúchasach as Fhál Carrach i gContae Dún na nGall. Bhí mé ar chúrsa Gaeilge i Gort an Choirce ar feadh seachtain i Mí Meitheamh. Bhí Seomsamh ag múinteoireacht ar an gcúrsa, agus bhí seans agam caint leis faoi oidhreacht Éireannach agus an teanga Gaeilge. Sliocht gearr ón agallamh: Bhí meas i gcónaí ar an Gaeilge againn. Tá suim iontach agam sa teanga sa cultúr fosta, agus ansin bhí deis agam staidéar a dhéanamh air. Ansin fhuair mé PHD - rinne mé é ar stair áitiúl. Tá níos mó i gceist ná stair áitiúl ach amháin just stair agus pointí agus dátaí. Bhí na daoine beo agus do múnlaigh an timpealleacht iad…do múnlaigh na sagairtí iad…do múnlaigh na tiarnaí talamh iad. Bhí sé sin iontach suimiúl - how they were shaped - múnlaigh - how they were moulded by the landlords and the people and the priests - tá sé iontach suimiúl agus na effects a bhí orthu. 24-6-2005; Óstán Loch Altan; Gort a Choirce; iarthuisceart Dún na nGall. Paul Baynes: Tá mé anseo le Seosamh O’Ceallaigh Seosamh O’ Ceallaigh: As Fál Carragh mise. PB: As Fál Carragh …Just cúpla ceist, mar bhí a lán rudaí suimiúl le rá agat sa ranganna agus tá a lán eolas agat faoi stair áitiúl agus mar sin de. SOC: B’fhéidir go mbeidh an téip seo luachmhar amach anseo. PB: Tá an cóip ceart agam. [Gáire] Ar dtús, cén nasc atá idir an cultúr agus an teanga, meas tú? SOC: Ó, sin ceist iontach mór - is ionann cultúr - a tagann sé ón Laidin ‘cultare’ - agus tá na focail Béarla ‘cultivate’, nó ‘agri-culture’ - is ionann sin agus fás. Áit ar bith caitheann teanga agus an cultúr bheith fite fuaithe - muna bhfuil, ní maireann de anam ag an teanga. Caitheann siad a bheith fite fuaithe agus naisceathe, so tá ceangal láidir idir an cultúr agus an teanga. Tugann an cultúr cothaigh don teanga agus tugann an teanga cothaigh don cultúr. Cothaíonn siad le chéile ag fás, agus cuireann tú i gcás mar shampla tionchar an Críostaíocht - sin pairt ár gcultúr agus ár stair. Seo ré órga na hÉireann. idir an cúigú agus an seachtú aois: na manaí agus Naomh Colmcille agus Bríde agus Naomh Pádraid agus na leithéidí sin. Smaoinú go raibh tionchar acusan ar an teanga cur i gcás laethanta na seachtaine: Dé Luain, Dé Máirt: Dé - God; agus mar shampla Dé hAoine - the fast, Dé Céadaoin - the first fast day. So bíonn tionchar ag aithin ré de na ndaoine ar an teanga, agus sin just léarghas ar sampla amháin. Agus is dóigh go bhfuil tionchar sa lae inniú. Muidne agus an Gaeilge atá again fosta. Tá an teanga i gcónaí ag fás agus ag athrú. Cur i gcás ár gcultúr anois - táimid inniú bheith pc agus na leithéidí sin- politically correct - Bíonn chuid mór tionchar ar sin ar an teanga… Tá níos mó atá i gceist anseo - i bhfad níos mó. PB: Agus faoi an Gaeilge go háirithe, mar shampla, cad atá caillte nuair a d’athraigh logainmneacha ó Gaeilge go Béarla - cad atá caillte againn? [Nóta ón agallóir: Scríobh O‘Ceallaigh san leabhar ‘Aspects of Our Rich Inheritance’ faoi logainmneacha: “Identifying a place name can lead to a discovery about our ancestors. They gave these names because of the nature and use of the land, and what it meant to them“.] SOC: Bhuel - muna dtuigeann duine go bhfuil rud caillte níl sé chun dul ar bith ar cuardú. Agus is léir sin sa cultúr atá muid in sa lae inniú Ta dearmad déanta again ar cuid mhór rudaí, agus má thógann tú na logainmneacha atá againn na easát atá i mBaile Átha Cliath, mar shampla Sycamore Drive, agus Cedar Drive - fochall atá ann agus really táimid ag sodar i ndiadh na Sasanaigh - an bacadh ag dul i ndiadh an budadh - the poor person following the wealthy mar a deirtear. Táimid ag cur suas chóras na Sasanaigh in áit a bhí ár logainmneacha fhéin. Tá an saibhreas millte ar ár logainmneacha. Mar a dúirt mé sa rang, tá thart 70,000 acu. Tugann sé léargas dúinn don cineál stair a bhaineann len ceantar. PB: Tabhair dom cúpla samplaí? SOC: Drumnatinney - Drum na Tine - Hill of Fire - is léir gur rud tábhachtach a bhí ann. Cur i gcás ansin Bealtaine leis an lá dúinn -Baltony… tine go dtí an dia Baal. Go háitiúl - tá Baltony go bhfuil iomrá orainn - na Cille Beaga - Killybegs - the small cells, Doire… PB: Cad é an stair atá ar na cille beaga? SOC: B’fhéidir go raibh manaí ansin - Nílim cinnte ach tá mé ag smaoineamh go raibh manaí ann agus cille beaga thart air. Cur i gcásDoire - Doire Colm Cille - the forest of Colmcille (níos mó eolais faoin logainm Doire) - tá Léim an Mhadaigh - Limavaddy. [Nóta ón agallóir: Sa seanscéal, ag an áit seo Léim an Mhadaigh - (Leap of the Dog), bhí madra chlúiteach a léim thar an abhainn Rua chun rabhadh a thabhairt, mar bhí namhaid éigin ag teacht chun ionsaí a dhéanamh gan choinne.] Tugann sé léargas dúinn ar an stair agus an míniú atá leis. Tá cuid mhór samplaí ann. Shílim go bhfuil athbheochan ann anois ó thaobh na logainmneacha a cur suim i bhfad níos mó daoine ann. Tá sé iontach suimiúl just mar baint stair - iontach suimiúl. An bhfuil sé sin all right? PB: Agus stair - Tá an-suim agat sa stair agus stair áitiúl - SOC: Sea - tá PB: Ar mhaith leat déan cur síos beag ar…? SOC: Tá seanfhocal - tá cúpla insint ar an seanfhocal seo. …dochloiste... Agus caithfidh mé a rá gur is iomaí rud a fágann athar ag mac mar oidhreacht - there’s a lot of things a father gives a son as an inheritance - b’fhéidir páirt nó airgead nó rud mar seo mar sin - bhí mé cinnte gur rud a tugann m’athair liomsa - tá sé beo anois - thug sé dúinn ná meas agus grá don cultúr don teanga don oidhreacht, agus bhí grá i gconaí ag m‘athair do na rudaí sin fosta. Fhadaigh liom an grá céanna a bheith agam. Bhí mé ar maos sa rud sa bhaile - I was steeped in the stuff at home. Agus ó mo mhathair fosta. PB: Agus seanscéalta… SOC: Agus seanscéalta. Agus hanna mhaith ansin múinteoir scoil a bhíonn Dad agus bhí sé i gconaí ag bailiú scéalta agus bhí tuiscint aige… Chaith sé iomlán den saol a bhí aige anseo - bhí sé ag obair i Carrigart agus ...dochloiste... Ach chónaí sé anseo - bhí siopa aige. Bhí meas i gcónaí ar an Gaeilge againn. Tá suim iontach agam sa teanga sa cultúr fosta, agus ansin bhí deis agam staidéar a dhéanamh air. Ansin fhuair mé PHD - rinne mé é ar stair áitiúl. Tá níos mó i gceist ná stair áitiúl ach amháin just stair agus pointí agus dátaí. Bhí na daoine beo agus do múnlaigh an timpealleacht iad…do múnlaigh na sagairtí iad…do múnlaigh na tiarnaí talamh iad. Bhí sé sin iontach suimiúl - how they were shaped - múnlaigh - how they were moulded by the landlords and the people and the priests - tá sé iontach suimiúl agus na effects a bhí orthu. PB: Ar an ábhar sin, cad é do thuarim faoi stair atá múinte sa scoil? SOC: Ah - Sin ceist. Bhuel, tá sé furásta a bheith diúltach - agus mar a deireann siad - Dúirt Naomh Francis - naomh iontach suimiúl é, agus bhí dearcadh measartha maith aige ar an timpeallacht agus dúirt sé rud amháin suimiúl fosta ná: “a spoon of honey is better than a barrell of vinegar“. So, nuair a cuireann tú ceisteanna ormsa is fearr níos mó mol a thabhairt ná bheith diúltach. Ach maidir leis an chóras oideachais sílim go bhfuil cuid mór rudaí nach bhfuil i gceart. Cur i gcás na leabhair scoile. Sílim nach bhfuil an aird ceart ar ár stair agus ar ár gcultúr. Agus go háirithe an ré luachmhar - an ré órga a bhí againn idir an cúigiú agus an seachtú aois - nach bhfuil an focus ceart… PB: An béim ceart? SOC: Nó an béim ceart a chur ar, just mar shampla ar sin. Níl ach dhá caibidil amháin sna leabhair meanscoile don iarmhúinteoir scoile. Thug mé sin faoi deara agus is mór an trua é sin. Chuir mise an ceist - tá mise ag déanamh an cúrsa seo le na daoine atá ag obair sa Stáit Serbhíse - cé mhéid acu a léigh scéal Naomh Patrick nó an Confession of St. Patrick. PB: Dúirt tú sa rang go raibh ach dó dhéag leathnach. SOC: Sea, dó dhéag leathnach beagáin - is beag duine atá sé léite acu agus cén sort scathán sin ar an Córas Oideachais go dtí nach raibh sin déanta sa scoil? Fiú amháin do mbéadh eagrán páiste déanta den leabhar. Go hanna mhaith ansin na scéalta Naomh Colmcille agus Naomh Brigid. Táimid ag brath ar na múinteoirí scoile le sin a dhéanú. Sílim gur chóir do na daoine atá ag cur amach na leabhair seo - á fiú amháin an Roinn Oideachais - rud a dhéanann siad chun bheith cinnte go bfhuil níos mó meas againn ar ár stair fhéin Tá béim mór ar cultúr arís agus ar na cultúr eile atá ag teacht isteach go dtí an tír seo. Ach tá mise den tuaraim cuireann fáilte roimh sin. Tá meas iontach agam ar cultúr eile agus ar creideamhe eile…na Mulsimí agus na Giúdach agus na Hindus, tá an staidéar déanta agam ar sin fosta. Ach táimid i gcónaí ag smaoineamh ar na daoine eile. Caithfimid smaoineamh faoi dúinn fhéin fosta agus bí cinnte go bhfuil a fhios againne ar ár stair fhéin. Sílim go bhfuil locht ansin agus socraíonn ansin chun sin a roinnt - to share that - agus na daoine tá anseo - nuair tagann siad anseo. To be able to explain to these foreigners that are coming in - seo an cultúr atá againn - this is our culture and this is what it’s about. Níl airgead ar bith ansin agus an t-aon rud, agus b’fhéidir sin an fáth nach bhfuil meas ag daoine ar an stair agus an oidreacht agus an cultúr agus tá sin le feiceáil mar shampla sna Seandálaíocht - The old historical or archaeological sites. PB: Cosúil le Tara SOC: Ah, yeah - tá siad ag milliú áit - níl fhios maith go leor agam ar Tara ach tá sé siumiúl - agus dá mbéadh siad ag déanamh dochar don ceantar sin nár chóir sé dul ar aghaidh ach níl fhios agam an scéal leis an bóthar sin. Caithfidh mé a rá go bhfuil sé iontach deas seo a leathan an bliain seo obair libhse - nílimse ag múineadh sibh nó ag léachtóireacht ach ag obair libh - foghlaimse an cuid is mó - déanaim cuid mó foghlaim a bhíos anseo libhse, agus an am céanna bíonn sibh ag roinnt stuff liomsa. Tá sé le feiceáil go bhfuil suim ag na daoine ar an gcúrsa seo sa Gaeilge ón Stáit Serbhíse. Agus b’fhéidir gur síleann daoine sa Gaeltacht nach bhfuil sé ann - nach bfhuil Gaeilge ann agus nach bhfuil siad - nach bhfuil an rialtas ag déanamh go leor dó. Tá. Tá Gaeilge ann agus tá sé iontach dáiríre faoi sin agus sin ard moladh. PB: Go raibh maith agat, a Sheosaimh - bhí sé ar fheabhas SOC: Beidh sé seo lúchmhar…

The Battle Against the Bin Tax

Ireland, 07.08.2005 16:37

The Role of Socialists in the Working Class Movement bin tax debate piece One of the most significant struggles to affect working class people in Ireland in recent years took place in the autumn of 2003. This battle was between the anti-bin tax campaigns and the combined power of the four councils covering the whole of Dublin, the Fianna Fail/PD coalition government and the Irish state. The battle against the bin tax exploded in September 2003 and was a dominant national issue for the rest of the year. This peak of the ongoing campaign against the bin tax saw households across Dublin refusing to pay the charges, thousands of people taking to the streets, dozens of blockades of bin trucks and 22 people imprisoned. It also saw considerable disagreements emerge amongst different elements within the campaigns. The most visible of these disagreements was over the issue of blockading bin trucks in other areas of Dublin when the struggle in Fingal was underway. The Fingal Campaign and many activists in the rest of Dublin believed that it was necessary to escalate direct action across the entire city. Some others, particularly some forces within the City Council campaign, felt that doing so would be rash. The Socialist Party, which has played a very prominent role in the anti-bin tax campaigns, has produced a lengthy document outlining what it sees as the key elements of these disagreements. This is not a straightforward historical account of the struggle. It attempts to record the main developments in the battle against the bin tax, deal with the role of socialists in the campaign and to draw lessons for future campaigns. “The differences of approach that emerged relate directly to what is the best way to build campaigns and conduct struggles. They also relate to the role that socialists should play in the rebuilding of the working class movement, which everybody agrees will be a vital issue in the years ahead. The issues re-surfaced again in the build up to the local elections in June 2004 and have continued on the bin tax and around the debates on how and when to establish a new left party for working class people. The differences are current and very relevant and undoubtedly will come up again and therefore need to be clarified.” RELATED LINKS 30,000 Word Socialist Party Document Dermot Connolly On These Issues Irish Socialist Network On The Campaign Socialist Party Anti-Bin Tax Archive Workers Solidarity Movement Anti-Bin Tax Articles SWP Bin Tax Archive Indymedia Ireland Bin Tax Campaigns Archive

Watching the Minutemen

Houston, 07.08.2005 16:37

Monitoring Activities of the Minutemen

DA Drops Felony Charges Against Maribel Cuevas

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2005 16:37

In light of grassroots community organizing, pressure on local police, and people making connections between the Maribel Cuevas case and larger issues of police brutality, the Fresno Police have dropped the felony assult charges against 11-year old Maribel Cuevas. A message on the Free Maribel website states, "Her attorneys report that Maribel and her family are hugely relieved that the Fresno police department's felony assault charges against Maribel were dropped on August 3, 2005. The family looks forward to recuperating for the rest of the summer before school starts up again for Maribel. The Cuevas family and their attorneys are very grateful for the international and national support that everyone has provided! Thank you all!" More Info

Read More On Indybay's Central Valley Page

Forever in Our Hearts Justice Fest 2005

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2005 16:37

The "Forever in Our Hearts" Justice Fest 2005 was held at Saint James Park in downtown in San Jose on Saturday, August 6th, from 2pm to 9pm (Flyers). The event featured rock bands in the afternoon, funk bands in the evening, and exhibits such as the Stolen Lives Wall. The event was organized in memory of Eric Kleemeyer, who was killed by Santa Clara police in January. The F.B.I. and U.S. Attorney General are currently looking into the case to see if the case warrants further investigation. Read Eric Kleemeyer's story

Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

Ceres Community Fights Against Police Abuse

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2005 16:37

In the aftermath of the Andres Raya shootings of two police officers, (which left one dead, and one in critical condition), Ceres police raided homes, harassed people that knew Raya, (friends/family), got automatic weapons and started doing patrols and stops of young latinos in baggy clothes, and generally made life a living hell for many people living in the poor latino areas of Ceres, according to a large group of people now coming forward. The complait claims filed seek $10,000 in damages, and are filled all by people in the poor areas of Ceres that were affected by the gang sweeps. The compliants deal with threats against people by police, illegal searches, illegal stops, home raids without warrants, and more. Read more here.

Jerome White-Bey and the MPLU

Saint Louis, 07.08.2005 16:37

Jerome White-Bey, President of the Missouri Prisoner’s Labor Union (MPLU), needs your help. Jerome wishes to file a lawsuit against the Missouri Department of Corrections (MoDOC) for violations of various constitutional rights.

Confluence Article [The Road to Prison: the Life of Jerome White-Bey]

Cops Visit Guerilla Drive-In

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.08.2005 16:11

A Harrowing Tale of Authoritarian Intervention

The benefit was a roaring success. Something like 50 to 75 people came out to support Dances With Kittens and GDI on an "off" Friday. The movie was unexpectedly great. The new amp worked well. Everyone had a blast. Someone inquired about helping us financially to get a bulb or speakers (Was it you? Talk to us!)

Now dealing with the cops is old hat for us. We've been kicked out of the Harvey West area and from under the Soquel Bridge. But we've been at the Westside railroad tracks site for two years now with no problem.

Just as the movie finished, a Santa Cruz Police officer came to tell us they'd received a noise complaint. He said that he was being "nice" and could easily ticket us for "amplified sound without a permit" and "noise after 10pm."

[ Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In ]

FRSC: Interview with Kristen Ess of Palestine News Network

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.08.2005 16:11

Phone Interview with Kristen Ess, Editor of PNN in Occupied Palestine on reciving License from P.A., The Gaza Pullout, Westbank Apartied Wall Construction/Destruction.

Audio: Direct mp3 Download of interview with Kristen Ess

The Palestine News Network, as the first operational independent Palestinian news agency, received the first official license in the West Bank from the PA Ministry of Information this week. PA Minister of Information, Nabil Sha'ath commented, "The license for PNN comes within the framework of democracy and freedom of the press."

After four years of operations, PNN is published in Arabic, English, Hebrew, and French, with Spanish and German soon to come in order to ensure that the international community receives unbiased, accurate, nd up-to-the minute news from the ground.

Kisten Ess Produces Daily Audio reports available here and is Looking for more stations to air Daily/Weekly Programs.

Free Radio Santa Cruz 101fm - Airs PNN Daily reports at 7:50am weekdays and week in review Fridays and Saturdays at 11am

Last Chance to Keep Madison Metro Transit System Affordable Tonight (Wednesday)

Madison, 07.08.2005 16:10

The future of Madison Metro Bus Service is at stake tonight, according to members of the Madison Area Bus Advocacy Alliance (MABAA). Either bus fares will be increased, or there will be drastic service cuts in Metro Routes all over the city. The Transit and Parking Commission should not have been put in the position of making this choice, say MABAA members. A TPC decision to reject the fare increases would force the issue back to the Common Council where it belongs, says the author.

John Nichols on Bombing in Egypt

Madison, 07.08.2005 16:10

Given the recent bombing in Egypt, is it accurate to say that al-Qaeda is waging a war on the West? Capital Times editor John Nichols believes the organization has other plans. In this edition of Wisconsin Public Radio's Here On Earth host Jean Feraca speaks with John Nichols about the rationale behind al-Qaeda's activities.

 Download an MP3 of the program
 Listen to the show in RealAudio

Saint John Bicycle Network

Maritimes, 07.08.2005 16:09

Saint John Bicycle Network seeks to invigorate sustainable transportation initiatives

Pay the Meter

Maritimes, 07.08.2005 16:09

Local Haligonians occupy parking spaces, draw stares


Uruguay, 07.08.2005 16:09

¡Italia no es solo pizza y spaghetti!

Voices with Vision - 2005-08-04-Dr Hoover pt1 DC Education Nagazaki Remembered

DC, 04.08.2005 20:14

The United States needs to invest in LIFE!! says Linda Leeks, of Empower DC, as we commemorate the work of Dr Mary Hoover and Washington DC’s Peace Groups Commemorate Hiroshima and Nagazaki's nuclear bombing's 60th anniversary, just after the Senate passes S 397 which if passed by the House and signed by the President would releive firearms manufacturers and dealers from liability... Audio

August 6th: Words and Scenes from Scotland and San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2005 20:13

On Saturday August 6th, there will be a video screening and reportback from the G8 Protests in Scotland and San Francisco.

The event will take place in the AK Press Warehouse. The doors will open at 7pm and videos will start at 7:30pm. AK Press will have an open house during the event. Donations will be requested to support Indybay and the local legal support collective. Organizers plan to show videos from UK Indymedia of the black bloc in Scotland, police bloopers, and more.
Footage from the San Francisco demonstration will also be shown.
Read More

Indybay Coverage Of G8 Protests: Scotland | San Francisco | Midwest and East Coast

Protests in Livermore, and Nationwide, to Demand Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.08.2005 20:13

August 6th and 9th will be National Days of Action to mark the 60th anniversaries of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. On August 6th at 6:30pm there will be a vigil at the Aquatic Park in Berkeley.

A protest will be held in Livermore on Saturday, August 6th to act to abolish nuclear weapons and war, protest new, earth-penetrating nuclear weapons at Livermore Lab, and celebrate visions of a just and nuclear-free world. People will gather at 5pm at William Payne Park, at 5800 Patterson Pass Rd. (BART shuttles provided by the Peace and Freedom Party).
Protest organizers say that the development of nuclear weapons in the Bay Area puts communities at risk. The Bay Area's Livermore Lab acts as the "brain" of the U.S. nuclear weapons complex, as its scientists are developing new and modified nuclear weapons and spurring the U.S. to spend billions of dollars upgrading the U.S. arsenal. This year's Seeds of Change theme "reminds us that our actions now are laying the foundation for the peace of the future."

Read More On Indybay's Anti-War Page

Commonwealth Magazine's Weak Take on Bad Jobs

Boston, 04.08.2005 19:13

A long article on the perils of contingent jobs in the latest issue of Commonwealth magazine (see link below)— the monthly of MassInc, a local centrist think-tank —might have been a credible effort in the mid-1990's when much about the contingent economy was new to most observers. But after years of research by analysts, including Mass Global Action's predecessor organization, the Campaign on Contingent Work (, it's pretty weak to spend thousands of words rehashing a problem that's been flogged to death already, and then take only the most tepid stab at proposing any solutions. In this case, the hero of the narrative is one Sara Horowitz of Working Today ( in New York City. What's particularly galling about author Michael Jonas' choice of Horowitz is that her main innovation as an erstwhile "labor leader" has been to peddle a health plan for well-paid Big Apple contract workers, play footsie with a variety of corporations to flog "portable benefits" and tax breaks for contingent workers instead of national health insurance, and push the idea of "guilds" over unions as the forward-into-the-past solution for contingent workers' workplace woes.

Hiroshima: Never Again -- Commemorative of the 60th Anniversay of the Bombing of Hiroshima

Richmond, 04.08.2005 17:14

Sixty years ago, the US military dropped the first atomic bomb to be used in combat on Hiroshima, Japan. The plane that dropped the first nuclear bomb, the Enola Gay, is on exhibit at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy National Air and Space Museum (near Dulles Airport). Sadako Sazaki was a child who contracted leukemia from exposure to the bomb's radiation. Practicing the tradition of folding 1,000 cranes to be granted a wish she sought to be cured of her illness but died before completing the task. Her friends and thousands of sympathizers continued folding cranes as a wish to stop the production and use of nuclear weapons. The peace crane has become an international symbol of peace and resistance to warmaking. On Saturday, August 6, 10:30-11:30 am, join us at the Enola Gay in presenting peace cranes to NASM as a sign of hope that we will learn from our past and demand an end to nuclear weapons. We will gather inside the museum at the exhibit at 10:30 for an hour of remembrance. We act in solidarity with the people gathered at nuclear weapons research, production and testing sites all over the world.

Forest Rescue Action

Perth, 04.08.2005 15:44

Lies and logging won't stop salinity - Palmer Forest Rescue Action

Durchsuchung bei Labournet vor einem Monat

Germany, 04.08.2005 14:43

Mit einem fadenscheinigen Vorwand wurde vor etwa einem Monat, am 5. Juli 2005, in Bochum eine Hausdurchsuchung bei Labournet durchgeführt.
Es wurden sämtliche Computer (Laptops, Server, Ersatzgeräte), viele CD-ROMs, Disketten und Teile des archivierten Schriftverkehrs beschlagnahmt. Ein Skandal: Bis heute wartet Labournet vergeblich auf die Herausgabe der beschlagnahmten Dokumente.

mehr Infos über die Beschlagnahme bei Labournet | Solierklärungen | Pressespiegel

Radio abierta

Argentina, 04.08.2005 14:13

Miércoles 3 de Agosto de 2005 | Radio abierta.
Para que escuchen las luchas

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