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US Presses For August 15th Iraqi Constitution

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.08.2005 00:37

The US is pressuring Iraq to come up with a Constitution by August 15th. The framers of Iraq's constitution appear likely to enshrine Islam as the main basis of law in the country and many Iraqis fear this will mean a more fundamentalist regime.
Continuing disagreements and a sandstorm that has prevented travel may delay the Consititution beyond August 15th. Kurdish groups are demanding the inclusion of the oil-rich city of Kirkuk in the Kurdistan confederation, the recognition of provinces' right to form confederations to deal with the central government in Baghdad, and lack of formal recognition in the constitution of Islamic canon law. Sunni members of the committee drafting Iraq's new constitution have rejected Kurdish demands for a federal state. There is also disagreement on the division of revenue between the federal government and the regions, on whether Kurdish and Arabic should be official languages, and on what to call the country. Read More
At least two unofficial versions of Iraq's draft constitution have been leaked to the press, raising questions as to the direction the future Iraqi state will take -- particularly with regard to the role of religion, the status of clerics, federalism, and women's rights.
Iraqis fail to solve constitution woes | Constitutional concerns | Constitutional Changes in the Iraqi National Assembly | Sunnis on board

As the Iraqi Constitution is being debated, violence and unrest continues. On August 3rd, fourteen US marines and a civilian interpreter were killed when a roadside bomb engulfed their amphibious assault vehicle. On August 7th, hundreds Iraqis demonstrated in front of the Conferences Palace in Baghdad to protest an arrest warrant warrant and 50,000 US dollar bounty on Shiite Muslim cleric Mahmud al-Hassani. Also on the 7th, around 1000 people took to the streets of Samawa to protest poor public services; they were meet with police gunfire that hit at least eight people. On August 8th, the mayor of Baghdad was ousted when 120 gunmen surrounded his office and installed the city's governor in his place.
Security incidents in Iraq, Aug 7 | West turns blind eye as police put Saddam's torturers back to work | US journalist who exposed Shiite death squads murdered in Basra | Unofficial de-Baathification process targets Sunnis in Basra | Bush's Exit Plan: Fomenting War in Iraq


Brasil, 10.08.2005 00:07

Guaranis exigem demarcação de terra em Santa Catarina

Revolution in the United States: The World Can't Wait

Portland, 09.08.2005 21:37

Last night, Aug. 8th, Larry Everest spoke at Liberty Hall in North Portland. His speech was a call to action for massive protests to "drive out the bush regime" starting on the one-year anniversary of the last presidential election, November 2nd 2005.

His call to action, compiled with the driving organizations (world cant wait, not in our name), seems very similar to the idea of the anti-war "movement" prior to the start of the latest war on iraq. In his speech he referenced the anti-war "movement" a couple of times, and many more times he referenced the 1960's movements and the power they had behind them; he seemed to be drawing on the energies that existed at hose times, and this call to action is a way to reinvigorate that momentum. I am not holding my breath, but I hope it works.

His ultimate goal is revolution in the united states, he is guided by the ideas of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP), and while I dont necessarily agree with all of what they say, I like the fact that he, and other RCP folks are out there seeding the ideas of revolution. I have recorded the full speech, and it is available for download HERE, the speech is prefaced and closed with songs by Anna Roland who is currently on tour and will be playing Liberty Hall this Saturday, August 13th. The question and answer session is separated from the speech, as its own file. The questions are hard to understand, but the answers are not.

related sites: The World Cant Wait | Not in Our Name | Revolutionary Communist Party | Anna Roland |

Minutemen Leave Early; Protesters Celebrate

San Diego, 09.08.2005 19:08

The Minutemen left California as a failure, drawing few people to their project while encountering strong resistance from a broad coalition of opposition.


Past Stories: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Washington case brings &quot;stop and identify&quot; laws into focus

Portland, 09.08.2005 15:37

The Columbian reported on August 5th about a Clark County man whose criminal convictions were thrown out by the state Supreme Court. Byron Brown was a passenger in a car stopped in January 2002, and he was asked for his identification. He was subsequently searched and arrested for having a fraudulent credit card, and later was convicted of 22 felony counts relating to identity theft.

Because police had no reason, and therefore no right to ask Brown for his identification, the convictions have been dropped. Brown was not a suspect in an investigation, or otherwise involved in an investigation, which means there was no reason to ask for his identification.

A 2004 court case in Washington, State of Washington v. James B. Rankin, the state Supreme Court ruled that police can't request identification from vehicle passengers "for investigative purposes, absent an independent basis for making the request."

If this applies to vehicle passengers, surely it applies to anyone else who comes into contact with police, who isn't the subject of an investigation.


Uruguay, 09.08.2005 15:07

El Planeta no es una mercancía

Tornados públicos documentos sobre apreensão dos servidores IMC

Portugal, 09.08.2005 10:07

Tornados públicos documentos sobre apreensão dos servidores IMC

Caracas Youth Festival Starts

United Kingdom, 09.08.2005 07:37

Over 17,000 young international activists have gathered in Caracas for the 16th World Festival of Youth and Students, which begins today (Monday 8th August). Several groups in the UK, including Hands Off Venezuela, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Justice for Colombia and New Generation, as well as various communist groups, have between them sent over 100 delegates. Everyone from Europe is being housed at a newly-completed village, half an hour south of the Venezuelan capital, except for the organisers from the World Federation of Democratic Youth who have been staying at the Hilton Hotel (which is now run as a co-op). The festival is seen as an excellent opportunity to build solidarity with Venezuela's peaceful and democratic revolution.

San Jose Police to Present Limited Taser Reforms to City Council

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.08.2005 07:37

The San Jose Police Department Chief will be providing limited Taser training and tracking recommendations to the city on Tuesday, August 9th at a San Jose City Council meeting. It is expected that the recommendations will be made at the afternoon session at 1:30pm, but there is a possibility that they will be raised in the evening session at 7:00pm.

The Taser recommendations are in response to the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury's report on tasers. The report includes the suggestion of creating a "Force Response Report" in which officers list what happened at the scene of a use of force. This would include details such as events before the officer used force, and what method of assault the suspect used before the officer responded with force.

People who plan to attend the session to speak out against the use of Tasers to Rob Davis and to the City Council should call City Hall at 408-535-3500 to confirm the time. The Coalition for Justice and Accountability's Report Tasers: A Reassessment

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

San Jose Police to Present Limited Taser Reforms to City Council

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.08.2005 07:07

The San Jose Police Department Chief will be providing limited Taser training and tracking recommendations to the city on Tuesday, August 9th at a San Jose City Council meeting. It is expected that the recommendations will be made at the afternoon session at 1:30pm, but there is a possibility that they will be raised in the evening session at 7:00pm. 8/9 City Council Agenda

The Taser recommendations are in response to the Santa Clara County Civil Grand Jury's report on tasers. The report includes the suggestion of creating a "Force Response Report" in which officers list what happened at the scene of a use of force. This would include details such as what happened before the officer used force, and what method of assault the suspect used before the officer responded with force.

People who plan to attend the session to speak out against the use of Tasers to Rob Davis and to the City Council should call City Hall to confirm the time, starting with 408-535-3500. Taser opponents such as the Coalition for Justice and Accountability may attempt to participate in public comment periods and reject the SJPD report in favor of banning Tasers. CJA's Report- Tasers: A Reassessment

Taser Forum to Be Held in San Jose on August 18th

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.08.2005 07:07

The City of San Jose's Human Rights Commission is sponsoring at Taser Forum that will be held on Thursday, August 18th. The forum will take place at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers on the 2nd floor of 801 North First Street in San Jose. A panel of speakers will be present, including Mona Cadena of Amnesty International, Medical Advisor Dr. Howie Michaels, and Chief Robert Davis of the San Jose Police Department. There will be a lengthy public comment period following statements by the panelists. To arrange for an accommodation to participate in this public meeting, please call 408.277.5520 at least 72 hours before the meeting. Flyer

Tech Mandates Force Companies to Build Backdoors into Broadband, VoIP

Portland, 09.08.2005 06:08

Washington, DC - Today [August 5, 2005] the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued a release announcing its new rule expanding the reach of the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). The ruling is a reinterpretation of the scope of CALEA and will force Internet broadband providers and certain voice-over-IP (VoIP) providers to build backdoors into their networks that make it easier for law enforcement to wiretap them. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has argued against this expansion of CALEA in several rounds of comments to the FCC on its proposed rule.

CALEA, a law passed in the early 1990s, mandated that all telephone providers build tappability into their networks, but expressly ruled out information services like broadband. Under the new ruling from the FCC, this tappability now extends to Internet broadband providers as well.

State legislature failed to pass most health care bills

Portland, 09.08.2005 06:08

When the 2005 Legislature adjourned Sine Die, they left behind countless Oregonians screaming for relief from the high cost of health care. Billed early on as the number one priority of the session, health care bills languished in the Republican-controlled House through the final hours of the 2005 session.

"Every day this session, we shared the faces and stories of Oregonians battling the health care crisis with legislators- those who are uninsured, paying too much for health care or unable to buy the prescription drugs they need," said Maribeth Healey, executive director of Oregonians for Health Security, "Skyrocketing health care costs are the number one concern of Oregonians-from business owners to parents. I can't understand how they can go home without substantially reducing the cost of health care."

17 Year Old Woman Halts Old-Growth Logging in Memory of Joan Norman

Portland, 09.08.2005 06:08

A blockade has been constructed to stop ancient forest logging within the Biscuit timber sale and to honor the late Joan Norman. Atop a platform 50 feet in the air, a 17 year-old woman sits committed to halt felling within this contested old growth reserve timber sale, called Hobson.

In the spirit of 75 year-old late activist Joan Norman, who inspired people all over the world with her courageous acts of commitment to ancient forest protection, the young woman is currently suspended 50 feet in the air. The platform is suspended from a traverse between two trees, with support lines anchored into multiple points in the road. Any interference with the ropes will cause the platform to tip, thus endangering the woman's safety.

"I'm incredibly inspired by Joan," said Leera, the young woman occupying the road blockade. "I know that the protection of the last ancient forests is up to all of us; following in Joan's footsteps, its time for my generation to lead the way."

M.Tarhan Karar Verdi.

Istanbul, 09.08.2005 04:09

Mehmet Tarhan kararını çoktan verdi. Kimsenin askeri olmayacak!

Protesters Gather to Remember Hiroshima and Oppose Nuclear Production in Tennessee

Tennessee, 09.08.2005 02:08

Y-12 Protest Largest In Tennessee History The Oak Ridge Enviromental Peace Alliance hosted a rally at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge, Tennessee on Saturday, August 6th. Amongst the speakers were one of the Hibakusha, or Hiroshima survivors. Over 1000 demonstrators arrived at the protest, making it the largest such rally in recent Tennessee history.

Noticias Destacadas

Argentina, 09.08.2005 02:07


Colombia, 09.08.2005 01:37

Hospitales Abiertos y Públicos = Salud para todas las personas


Colombia, 09.08.2005 01:37

Ni cerrado

Environmentalists Take a Stand Against Mountaintop Mining in Tennessee

Tennessee, 09.08.2005 01:08

Elk Valley, TN – Activists with Mountain Justice Summer gathered at the Zeb Mountain mine on Sunday, August 7, 2005, to protest the mountaintop mining happening at Zeb Mountain. The rally and march is part of the summer-long campaign of Mountain Justice Summer featuring speakers from across Appalachia, music, and colorful theatre.

Putting A Band-Aid On Tenncare

Tennessee, 09.08.2005 01:08

Tennessee's Governor was in the Northeast Tennessee area again on Friday. He came back to discuss Tenncare. Governor Phil Bredesen's trying to save 97,000 medically needy enrollees from losing their benefits. He stresses the importance of making these painful cuts. The Governor once again stressed that Tenncare had just gotten out of control. Throughout the country the average prescription is 10 drugs used per person per year. The Governor says the highest number of these drugs are being used in Northeast Tennessee.

Remembering Hiroshima in Northeast Washington D.C.

DC, 08.08.2005 22:07

Friday evening about 30 people gathered outside the Shell Station on Benning Road near Anacostia Avenue. This is the site of a Shell station that serves hydrogen fuel. Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki 60 years later in Lafayette Park

Secret Service Harrassing Man at White House

DC, 08.08.2005 22:07

Currently, four Secret Service (SS) officers are out in front of the White House harrassing an African American male who is, according to the source on the phone, is whistling and acting a little eccentric, but is posing no risk to anyone. That the SS would do this isn't particularly objectionable in itself, but what's interesting is that they are currently asking the man for his ID and Social Security Number.

Follow-Up to Fredericksburg’s First Critical Mass

Richmond, 08.08.2005 21:07

On August 5th, a handful of cyclists gathered in downtown Fredericksburg to celebrate cycling in solidarity with each other. Though we were few in number, our presence was bold, as we chanted slogans like “Bike more! Drive less!” and “Cars kill cities!” We got positive reactions from cheering pedestrians and a few smiling motorists, as we rode through the First Friday celebrations that regularly occur downtown. We ended our route after about an hour outside of the Board of Visitors Office—the site of many living wage rallies for the classified workers of the University of Mary Washington—where we continued to cheer.

Hiroshima Day at the Enola Gay: Protestors Demand Honest Exhibit

Richmond, 08.08.2005 21:07

Protestors at the Smithsonian knelt in front of the Enola Gay (the plane that dropped the Hiroshima bomb) demanding that the exhibit speak to the horrors of nuclear warfare. About 20 members of a Smithsonian tour stood listening to a guide describing the technological abilities of the B-29 in front of them. Kneeling below the plane were another 20 people--gathered to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. This shiny B-29, named the Enola Gay after the pilot's mother, dropped the first war-time nuclear bomb on the icty of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, killing 140,000 people. The protestors, from DC, Northern and Central Virginia, came to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum outside Dulles Airport to remember the vicitms of Hiroshima, and of all wars, and to ask the museum, as they have every year since the Enola Gay has been on display, to include in the exhibit information about the destruction wrought by the nuclear bomb. "What's shown here is the technological magnificance, not the historical signifigance," said Brian Buckley of Little Flower Catholic Worker, Louisa, VA. (Buckley served two months in jail last year after pouring ashes at the exhibit on August 6, 2004.)....

Ein Jahr Proteste gegen Hartz IV

Germany, 08.08.2005 18:37

Plötzlich und unerwartet begannen Ende Juli 2004 in Magdeburg spontane Proteste gegen Hartz IV. Im August waren es auf einmal Hunderttausende (z.B. am 23.8. über 220000 Menschen in über 140 Städten) die gegen Hartz IV protestierten. Trotz der massiven Proteste in Ost und West wurde das Gesetz zum 1.1.2005 eingeführt, am ersten Geltungstag wurde die Aktion Agenturschluß organisiert. Als späten Erfolg der Proteste können die Niederlage der SPD bei der NRW-Wahl und die anstehenden Neuwahlen im September gewertet werden. In einigen Städten demonstrieren Menschen immer noch regelmäßig jeden Montag, z.B. in Berlin, Herne, Jüterbog, Plauen, usw. | ALG II Leitfaden | Gerichtsentscheide zu SGB II und XII | net news global

Weapons Inspectors Visit Lockheed Martin on Hiroshima Rememberance Day

Santa Cruz, CA, 08.08.2005 17:07

On the afternoon of August 5th, the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team visited the gates of Lockheed Martin. Through art and diaglogue, they called on the consciences of employees to consider the implications of their actions. Lockheed Martin plays a part in genocide by supplying the United States and other aggressive nations with the equipment needed to deliver Depleted Uranium munitions and other weapons used against civilian populations. In other words, Lockheed Martin profits off of the misery that war is inflicting on people around the world.

United Kingdom, 08.08.2005 16:37

Brighton-based arms manufacturer EDO are producing electrical weapons components for the US, UK and Israeli militaries. For over a year, the Smash EDO campaign has been trying to shut them down by direct protest at their premises. Recently, EDO MBM have applied for a High Court injunction to stop all protest at their premises except at designated times. The Smash EDO campaign regards this as a direct attack on freedom of expression and calls for a week-long protest camp.

Coca Cola işçilerinin direnişi 81. gününde

Istanbul, 08.08.2005 16:08

Coca Cola işçilerinin direnişi 81. gününde

Protest to support Aboriginal Tent Embassy

Melbourne, 08.08.2005 13:08

Tent Embassy protestors to march on Parliament House

Cindy Sheehan

Houston, 08.08.2005 07:37

How to Support Cindy Sheehan

Berkeley Free Market Held on First Saturday of Month

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2005 07:07

Berkeley has a new Really, Really Free Market, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month. On Saturday, August 6th, an "Anarchist Masseur" provided free massages next to blankets that held books, clothing, and other assorted items...all for free! Photos The really, really free market is like a flea market, except that everything is free! Anyone can bring stuff and set it out for people to browse and take home.

The first Really, Really Free Market in the Bay Area was held in Union Square in June of 2004, during the week of Reclaim the Commons protest against a biotech industry conference. (Report | Photos) Really, Really Free Markets are now held on the last Saturday of each month in San Francisco's Dolores Park (Read more). San Francisco Really, Really Free Market website

Really, Really Free Markets are held in Berkeley from 12-4pm on the first Saturday of the month, at MLK Park, next to the Farmers' Market, at Martin Luther King Way and Allston Way. People are encouraged to bring their talents such as juggling, poetry, music, bodywork, and art, as well as stuff that is still cool or working, and set it out for people to take...for free! So far, there have been two markets in Berkeley (July and August). A volunteer is needed to publicize the September 3rd Berkeley Free Market and to make sure that it happens, since the usual organizer will be at Burning Man.

Hiroshima anniversary guerrilla gardening arrests

Melbourne, 08.08.2005 06:08

Australian Arrested in Peace Action in England

UPR: Ante un alza abusiva, continúa la lucha combativa

Puerto Rico, 08.08.2005 05:38

Matrícula en la UPR: una crisis recurrente

Bus to SF for S24 anti-war march &amp; rally

Rogue Valley, 08.08.2005 04:38

"please step right up and board our tour bus"

great news! we, the southern oregan answer group has just officially hired a bus out to san francisco for the september 24th global anti-war march and rally. please step right up and board our tour bus that will leave the bi mart parking lot in ashland at 3am on the 24th and leaving san fran between 5 and 6pm. hopeful for some of our ashland activists to put up out of towners if neccessary.

U.S. Energy and Transportation Bills Doom Planet: President Bush to Sign Both Anyway

Madison, 08.08.2005 04:09

President George Bush plans to sign the recently passed national energy bill next week in Albuquerque, New Mexico, setting the table for rapidly increasing global warming throughout the remainder of the century and beyond. The Senate passed the petroleum industry favored energy bill last week by a 74-26 vote, with the House of Representatives passing its version of the bill 275-156. Sen. Pete Domenici, chairman of the Senate's Energy and Natural Resources Committee, announced Tuesday that Bush will sign the bill Monday, August 8th, at the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories. In a news announcement, Domenici said Bush promised him that if the legislation was passed by Congress, he would sign it in Albuquerque. The energy bill grew out of an energy task force led by Vice President Dick Cheney, a former energy company executive with Halliburton Company, who refused to disclosed the substance of those discussions to the American people.

Frances Newton

Houston, 08.08.2005 03:37

September 14, 2005: Execution of Frances Newton

Seminar Held In Berkeley On The Mental Health And Prison System

San Francisco Bay Area, 08.08.2005 03:37

On August 6th a seminar on the mental health and prison systems was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Berkeley. The seminar dealt with racism and police discrimination against those who have received mental health care. It also deal with abuses within the mental health care system. Speakers included Peter Maiden, Mesha Monge-Irizarry and Andrew Phelps. Peter Maiden is an investigative journalist and photographer with Indybay, who's whose recent work has focused on law enforcement abuse of the mentally ill. Mesha Monge-Irizarry is the creator of the Idriss Stelley Foundation and mother of Idriss Stelley, a young man with a psychiatric diagnosis who was killed by SF Police. Andrew Phelps talked about the police and the mental health system's abuse of Jose Rangel.
The seminar is part of the Mindfreedom San Francisco Bay Area free summer seminar series "Critical Perspectives on Psychiatry" which has thre more seminars every other weekend later this summer.
Audio From This Event | Mind Freedom

Food Not Bombs in the Philippines

Manila, 08.08.2005 02:08

Southern Activists Celebrated the 25th Food Not Bombs With Intense Love

Oxford Primate Lab Victory and What It Means for the Anti-vivisection Movement

Portland, 08.08.2005 01:38

Across the Atlantic, on the Oxford University campus in England, surrounded by a high plywood barrier topped with barbed wire, looms a cement skeleton of a primate research lab. Unique is that this lab that will never be completed, at least not if the enormous crowd of 1000 angry activists rallying outside the fence on July 23rd have any say in it...

What I came home with was a sense that this landmark victory in Oxford must have implications for the anti-vivisection movement in the United States. What our European counterparts in the scientific community have accomplished is to bring the scientific question to the forefront. Experts on both sides of the fence are having public discussions about the efficacy of animal research on the BBC and in other mainstream media sources. The public in the UK is becoming educated about the fraudulent nature of using animals as a model for human disease, and the public is responding.

The biggest fear for the vivisection industry in the United States is that this exact scientific discussion is coming their way... In Defense of Animals is publicly challenging OHSU and the ASP in a public way:

The Protecting Primates Rally & March
WHEN: Saturday, August 20
Rally begins at 12 Noon
WHERE: Begin- N. Park Blocks; between W Burnside, NW Couch, NW 8th & NW Park (at the elephant statue) | SPEAK's Oxford campaign

Police Use Drug Free Zones to Justify Offensive Searches of Women

Portland, 08.08.2005 01:37

Last Friday, August 5, 2005 at about 6 PM, I witnessed a stop and pat down of a woman and her boyfriend by three PPB officers. I was in a parking lot between SW 10th and 11th on Salmon street when I noticed three officers and two police cars surrounding a young couple at the edge of the parking lot. I decided at that point to watch carefully what was taking place (and I advise others to do the same when the police are making a stop in your vicinity). One of the officers was speaking with the couple while the other two were in the car donning blue plastic gloves. I knew that the use of the gloves was a precursor to a search. I did not see the what prompted the stop and the search but I noticed that the couple did not at all seem threatening to the police.

I then watched as the two police that were in the car get out and one of them walked over to the young woman who I estimate was about twenty five years old. She raised her arms up to her sides on command of the officer. The officer proceeded to pat her down. He felt her buttocks, he slid his hand over her frontal private parts, he put his hand in both of her front and back pockets and he slid his hand slowly down the inside of her thighs. He did not touch her breasts. He went through her pocket book. He did not find anything of interest. After this ordeal was over, the woman collapsed on her boyfriend's shoulder bawling histerically. She was noticeably traumatized after being felt up in public by this officer.

Fresno City Council Elections in 2006

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.08.2005 23:37

8/7/2005: Community activists in Fresno who are concerned about air pollution, getting an independent police auditor that will hold local police accountable, making medical marijuana available for those who need it, paying a living wage to city workers, and seeing the homeless treated with dignity and respect are starting to pay attention to the 2006 Fresno City Council elections. What role, if any, will the progressive community play in these elections? Is there a strategy for progressives to win political power and take this city back from the right-wing Republicans who currently dominate the political landscape, or will it be business as usual? Find out by reading the story HERE

Kentsel Dönüşüm Projesi'nde &quot;Son Durak&quot;

Istanbul, 07.08.2005 23:08

Kentsel Dönüşüm Projesi'nde "Son Durak"

Reações a Telesul

Brasil, 07.08.2005 22:37

Governos dos EUA e Colombia aprovam medidas contra a rede de TV Telesul

Nottinghamshire (Notts) Indymedia born in cyberspace !

United Kingdom, 07.08.2005 22:37

After Birmingham, Notts Indymedia is now IMC UK's new baby. With the website live, there's nothing stopping the new and enthusiastic collective, itching to get the project going. For years it was felt that Nottinghamshire could really do with a open, independent and community oriëntated media space. Well, now it has finally arrived.

Notts Indymedia produced a short film about the G8 Justice Ministers meeting in Sheffield, back in July. It can be downloaded here. There are plans to open a media centre in the city and various other film projects are in the pipeline.

Cindy Sheehan: &quot;The Secret Service is Trying to Intimidate Us&quot;

DC, 07.08.2005 22:07

by jonschwarz on Sat, 2005-08-06 22:48. Cindy Sheehan called After Downing Street moments ago at 10 p.m. ET to report that the Secret Service is trying to intimidate her and members of Gold Star Families for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Veterans for Peace into leaving their protest near President Bush's Crawford, Texas ranch.

Hate Crime Dropped - News Gazette Silent and Community Unaware

Urbana-Champaign, 07.08.2005 20:07

Last April, two young Champaign residents forcibly entered a home in West Urbana and allegedly hit the resident with a bat while yelling at him about his sexual orientation. The residents were Richard Rockwell, 22, and Christine Marshall, 21, and the location of the crime was the 500 block of West Elm Street, according to court records. Last Friday criminal charges of a hate crime and home invasion were dismissed in return for their guilty plea of trespassing. Last Saturday the News-Gazette ran a tiny three inch article at the bottom of the third page with the headline 2 RECEIVE PROBATION IN TRESPASSING CASE. It is signed by the News Gazette rather than a staff writer meaning they didn't assign a writer in investigate. Why did they highlight this a "trespassing case" and not a hate crime case? I was unable to find any article about this crime in the News-Gazette in April. Why did such a serious crime not warrant a story?

Wife of Keizer Activist, and Akha Activist, Denied US Visa

Portland, 07.08.2005 17:37

Matthew McDaniel was deported from Thailand for filing a complaint about murders during the US funded drug war of Akha mountain people. The US Government cooperated in the deportation. His family was left behind, a wife and four children. He worked in Thailand to protect the human rights of the Akha for more than 13 years and opposed the US Drug War, Human Rights abuses by the Thai government, and the ruthless destruction of Akha culture by US funded missionaries.

The US Immigration Service, after being criticized in a Keizer Times, Oregon story for delaying the spousal visa for the Akha mother of four American children, (she is also an Akha Activist), came out and said that there wasn't enough proof of marriage. The Keizer Times article criticized USINS for the delays, saying that it was in retaliation for the Activists opposition to the US Drug War in Thailand.

US Immigration is claiming they are not retaliating against anyone.

read more | add comment
related: The Akha Heritage Foundation | Looking for contacts in Activism Portland area re: Akha Situation In Thailand (11.08.04) | Akha and Indymedia Activist, from Salem, Arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | American human rights activist from Oregon arrested in Thailand (20.04.04) | Thailand. Salem, Oregon anti-drug-war activist detained. Akha hill tribe defender. (18.04.04)

Manila Indymedia

Manila, 07.08.2005 16:39

Manila Indymedia Videomaker Nominated for MoonRise Environmental FilmFest

New Grassroots Harold Ford Jr. Blog Now Online

Tennessee, 07.08.2005 16:38

Gearing up for the 2006 U.S. Senate race, Chris D. Jackson, Vice Chairman of the Lawrence County Democratic Party, has launched a pro-Ford support blog.

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