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Triunfo en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 29.07.2004 07:05

Miércoles 28 de Julio | ROSARIO
Un triunfo de los trabajadores

Triunfo en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 29.07.2004 06:57

Miércoles 28 de Julio || Rosario
Un triunfo de los trabajadores

De &quot;paro nacional&quot; a &quot;movilización nacional&quot;

Chile, 29.07.2004 04:56

De "paro nacional" a "movilización nacional".

Medea Benjamin Loses Her Innocence At Democratic Snakepit

DC, 29.07.2004 04:37

The Hearst Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.07.2004 04:28

McCarthyism at the San Francisco Chronicle?

The Hearst Corporation

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.07.2004 02:31

McCarthyism at the San Francisco Chronicle?

jul 2004 ibon survey

Qc, 29.07.2004 02:10

IBON Survey Results for July Out

jul 2004 ibon survey

Qc, 29.07.2004 02:09

IBON Survey Results for July Out

jul 2004 ibon survey

Qc, 29.07.2004 02:08

IBON Survey Results for July Out

jul 2004 ibon survey

Qc, 29.07.2004 02:07

IBON Survey Results for July Out

Triunfo en el cordón industrial

Argentina, 29.07.2004 01:55

Miércoles 28 de Julio
Un triunfo de los trabajadores

Cyprus Government Admits Investigation Against Indymedia Initiated by US Intelligence

Urbana-Champaign, 29.07.2004 01:53

Investigation of Cyprus IMC Initiated at Request of CIA * How to help - things you can do * The plain facts: * What the police said * What the US Embassy said * The global context

Report-back from First Disability Pride Parade - Chicago

Michigan, 29.07.2004 01:12

“A community that excludes even one person from its community is no community at all” On July 18, 2004 more than 1,500 people gathered to redefine disability and proudly proclaim their differences. People using wheel chairs, riding in floats, some walking marched in the streets of Chicago on a beautiful breezy day participated in the First Annual Disability Pride Parade in the United States. They claimed their legitimate identity and “came out of the closet.”


Argentina, 28.07.2004 23:52


Portugal a Arder

Portugal, 28.07.2004 23:44

Portugal a Arder

Anti-War Activist Dragged off DNC Floor in Handcuffs

Boston, 28.07.2004 22:29

As Teresa Heinz Kerry gave her prime-time address at the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday night, Medea Benjamin of CODEPINK: Women for Peace attempted to bring an anti-war message onto the convention floor. She unfurled a pink banner that read “End the Occupation of Iraq” a sentiment that is shared by the majority of Americans and vast majority of Democrats and was promptly dragged out of the Fleet Center by the police.


NYC, 28.07.2004 22:11

Blacked-Out Media is seeking video segments about protests, organizing efforts, and issues surrounding the Democratic National Convention and the Republican National Convention.

The producers of Blacked-Out Media are looking for segments that represent the issues that are surrounding the conventions and the reaction in the street. This is an opportunity for local film and media makers to present work to a national audience.

Blacked-Out Media is a 28 minute weekly television series that provides alternative news media and is an experimental showcase for creative video works that reject the homogeneity of mainstream media and culture as a whole. The show is divided into projects that cover a range of themes and tactical forms that as a whole, fit into a documentary news-based structure. Each project is organized by show producers or working groups that take responsibility for curating works that fit in the larger structure.

Blacked-Out Media appears weekly on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network ( at 9:30 PM every Saturday and plays nationally on Free Speech TV every Monday at 6 PM Eastern time. Free Speech TV is available in over 11 million U.S. homes -- airing 24 hours a day on DISH Network Channel 9415 and part-time on 88 community access cable stations in 23 states.

Submissions should be no longer than ten minutes in length and should serve as a socially/politically conscious mini-documentary.

If you are interested in submitting a segment for Blacked-Out Media or volunteering with the NYC Indymedia Video Collective, visit, e-mail, or call 212-684-8112.

Send Segments to:
NYC Indymedia Video
34 E. 29th St.
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016


darwin, 28.07.2004 22:10

No Justice for 'Australians' under an English court system

Protesta anti Starbucks

Puerto Rico, 28.07.2004 21:56

Protesta contra Starbucks inicia jornada anticapitalista


Galiza, 28.07.2004 21:38


Organizing updates and plans for Friday Bush protest and Monday's Kerry protest in GR

Michigan, 28.07.2004 21:30

As previously announced, a meeting took place on Tuesday July 27 to make plans for the upcoming visits by the two major party political candidates for President.



Native American Indians protest at Scottish Power for river restoration

Scotland, 28.07.2004 21:15

A broad umbrella group of 26 people from various environmental, academic and economical organisations and members from four native American Indian tribes, travelled to Scotland from Southern Oregon and Northern California to lobby, protest at and negotiate with Scottish Power, the parent company of PacifiCorp, which is responsible for the negative impacts of several dams on the Klamath River, its water quality, salmon population, surrounding environment and neighbouring communities.

Previous reports:
[ pictures of protest at Scottish Power's annual shareholders meeting | call to write protest letters | reply to consumer boycott | Klamath river support delegation in Scotland | U.S. Court Rules in Favor Of Hoopa Valley, Yurok Tribes! | Native Americans, Enviros, and Fishermen Battle Scottish Power | Myth and facts about the Klamath River dams ]

Audio reports:
[ Klamath tribe speaker at Environmental Racism Conference | Environmental Racism Conference, Eugene, January 2004 ]

More information:
[Klamath Restauration Council | Friends of the River | Klamath River Intertribal Fish & Water Commission | Klamath Basin Coalition | Klamath Forest Alliance | Salmon River Restoration Council | Klamath Tribes | Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe | Karuk Tribe | Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen's Associated | Klamath-Salmon Action Network]

[Rogue Valley IMC | Indymedia Scotland]

What you can expect from the NYPD at the RNC

NYC, 28.07.2004 20:57

(from the Open Newswire-- excerpt)"The NYPD tends to view any violation of the law as sufficient pretext for the use of force. This means that individuals wearing masks, standing passively in the street without a permit, or refusing police orders have been subjected to pepper spray, riot formations (with batons and sometimes shields), horse charges, and arrest--even in the absence of any violence or property destruction."

Cheney Protest

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.07.2004 20:57

Peace Bakersfield and UFW Protest Against Cheney Fundraiser

Democratic National Convention - Really Really Democratic Bazaar

San Diego, 28.07.2004 20:14

Activists from San Diego are in Boston this week attending the protests against the Democratic National Convention and the Boston Social Forum, modeled after the World Social Forum. For up to the minute coverage, see

View pictures of the "Free Speech Zone", an area designated for protest, surrounded by razor wire, here:

Click read more to see The Boston Common, a really really Democratic Bazzar taking place, organized by the Bl(a)ck Tea Society,

Revolution or Alienation?

Boston, 28.07.2004 17:38

I was at the bazaar today and I've been involved in anarchist organizing for a while. At some point today I started thinking about how the people who weren't involved in the "scene" perceived us. Vangaurdism is for authoritarians; not anarchists. But I think that we're perceived as vangaurdist sometimes. I feel that we've built some strains of a very interesting subculture and movement that is fun to be a part of and that is doing a lot of good work. But I feel like we need to step back a second and think about how our rhetoric, ascetic and project focus/ implementation relates to what we claim to want. For example, does "smash the state" or "up the punx" or half the rhetoric that we use mean anything to anyone outside our own egos?

Howard Dean Criticizes Demoratic Party's Position on War, to Acclaim by DNC Delegates

Boston, 28.07.2004 17:32

The apparent split between the official stance of the Democratic Party on the Iraq war and the general sentiment of its members provided one undercurrent during a well-received speech by former Vermont Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge on Tuesday afternoon. Dean criticized, “the Democratic party, for not standing up to Bush. They thought the best way to oppose George Bush was to be like George Bush.” A Boston Globe report claimed that some ninety-five percent of Convention delegates oppose the decision to go to war in Iraq.

Treesit Village Defends Mattole Wilderness

Portland, 28.07.2004 16:25

PGA (People's Global Action) conference in Belgrade

Scotland, 28.07.2004 15:19

Several hundred people have gathered for the Peoples Global Action 3rd Conference in Europe in Belgrade, ex-Yugoslavia. The worldwide anti-capitalist network PGA was founded in 1998 in Geneva, inspired by Zapatista ideas and the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas, Mexico in 1994 against the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

programme:July 26 | July 27 | July 28 | July 29
Audio-clip: voices at the PGA conference (low quality)
Video-clips: [recent history of Serbia, explained by anarcho-syndicalist | visit by Jugoremedija | demo in Belgrad ]

Oregon judge requires worker protection in Umatilla

Portland, 28.07.2004 14:22

Third Day of Protests, July 27th

Boston, 28.07.2004 13:43

Tuesday, July 27th saw the continuation of two things that have been continuing all week--the multimedia Eyes Wide Open exhibit portraying the grim realities of the Iraq War and the September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrow’s march with a monument to civilians killed in war. There were also more festive events as well: from noon to 8:00 pm, the Really, Really Democratic Bazaar, a fair in which people gave away goods, services and political information away for free, and, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, a march by the satirical street theater group Billionaires for Bush to the Republican Party Headquarters.

Barbed Wire Over Boston: Strong Police Presence at the Really, Really Democratic Bazaar

Boston, 28.07.2004 13:05

The green grass of the Boston Common, along with the civil liberties of several thousand people were trampled today by squads of police that continually marched, biked and cycled around and through the peaceful displays of the Really, Really Democratic Bazaar. Under the propagandized shield of "combating terrorism" and "preventing violence", the growing security state seeks to protect itself from the exploding numbers of the disenfranchised that will inevitably rise against it. And on the Boston Common, approximately 2500 people of all flavors celebrated "another world is possible" while ignoring the police. Live music on two stages, free haircuts, free massages, free bikes, and free hugs were just several of the ways people expressed their commitment to the creation of community and the living protest to consumptive living.

Biscuit road blockade being extracted!!

Portland, 28.07.2004 12:42


belgrade, 28.07.2004 11:30

Ako zelite da saznate nesto o PGA a niste smeli da pitate

one yr after oakwood

Qc, 28.07.2004 09:51

One Year after Oakwood Exposé on the Mindanao Bombings

one yr after oakwood

Qc, 28.07.2004 09:50

One Year after Oakwood Exposé on the Mindanao Bombings

one yr after oakwood

Qc, 28.07.2004 09:46

One Year after Oakwood Exposé on the Mindanao Bombings


Manila, 28.07.2004 08:17

State of the Nation

gabriel roser

Argentina, 28.07.2004 03:35

Miercoles 28 de Julio. A tres meses de su dentención
Por la libertad de gabriel Roser

War Criminal Dick Cheney to Visit Central Point

Rogue Valley, 28.07.2004 01:34

Vice Resident Dick Cheney will speak to 5,000 hand selected Republicans at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Central Point on Friday, July 30.

Come speak out and let this war criminal know he is not welcome in our peace-loving community. The speech is tentatively scheduled for 4:00 pm. Stay tuned to this site for updated information about protests and actions planned for this event.

A call-out for action at KOBI TV in Medford from 12:00 - 1:00 PM for some "Free Speech - Oregon Style."


Brasil, 28.07.2004 01:03

Após o Referendo Bolivianos enfrentam a PETROBRÁS

Governo corta no Rendimento Social de Inserção

Portugal, 28.07.2004 00:29

Governo corta no Rendimento Social de Inserção

Protesters March On The DNC

New Hampshire, 27.07.2004 23:44

campeggio no ponte

Italy, 27.07.2004 23:27

Uno scempio lungo 3 chilometri

Bali Bombing

Melbourne, 27.07.2004 22:38

How Downer and DFAT failed to act on Intelligence warnings

9/11 Family Group Pushes Peace and a Giant Stone

Boston, 27.07.2004 22:35

While politicians convene in Boston for the Democratic National Convention, family members of 9/11 victims are making a dramatic statement of solidarity with victims of terrorism, violence and war from around the world. They started on July 25 a walk from Boston to New York, pulling a 1400-pound granite memorial honoring the “Unknown Civilians Killed in War.”

Bambini di Satana

Italy, 27.07.2004 22:31

Nessuno dimentichi il vero volto della chiesa

campeggio no ponte

Italy, 27.07.2004 22:26

Uno scempio lungo 3 chilometri

Bambini di Satana

Italy, 27.07.2004 22:15

Nessuno dimentichi il vero volto della chiesa

Tre Arrow Could Be Released - If Conditions Are Met

Portland, 27.07.2004 21:19

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