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pobles (es)

Barcelona, 07.09.2005 01:07

todo está por hacer...todo es posible hoy? 11 sept. 2005

11 sept.2005: 11s 2005: Acto Político Comissió Independentista Fossar de les Moreres en Barcelona ::: Convocatoria de la Xarxa contra Tancaments i la Precarietat 11 de Septiembre, por los derechos sociales, laborales y nacionales de Catalunya ::: 11 set bloque negro +++ Para antes y la diada 11 sept. al Baix Llobregat ::: [10 sept]marcha de torchas en Vilafranca ::: 11sept: acto político en Manresa ::: la Diada en el Maresme: Actos y manifiesto ::: 11 set en Lleida ::: diada nacional en Girona ::: acord i berenar a Tarragona +++ manifest comissió 11set ::: manifiesto d'endavant para el 11 de sept + maulets 11 sept ::: /a>

17h manifestación pça urquinaona

temas candentes y pendientes: el estatuto: nos hace falta un estatuto más allà de la península + sobre los derechos históricos: mentiras y derechos + la juventud independentista y el estatuto + el estatuto sin autodeterminación huele mal ::: la lengua: el 3 de septiembre arranca el Correllengua en Rià + y Francia reataca la lengua + sin nombre de dominio catalán en internet ::: la libertad: la Constitución reconoce el derecho a la autodeterminación + Ni promesas, ni reformas:La libertad nos la tenemos que ganar!

+info : >>>culturas

Sindicalistas são detidos durante paralisação em Florianópolis

Brasil, 07.09.2005 00:37


Pro-Choice Groups Argue for Young Women's Safety

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2005 23:37

California's scheduled November 8th "Special Election" will include Proposition 73, an initiative that would require parents of teens to be notified 48 hours before they can have an abortion. If the proposition passes, the safety and health of young women would be put in danger. Parental notification laws force teenagers to choose between talking with parents or having illegal, unsafe abortions. A recent poll showed that 48% of likely voters oppose this measure. A Campus Organizing Meeting to Defeat Prop 73 will be held in the Women's Building in San Francisco at 6:30pm on Thursday, November 8th to make plans to mobilize college students to defeat Prop 73.

The No on 73 Campaign for Teen Safety says, "The real answer to teen pregnancy is prevention and strong, caring families -- not new laws that endanger our daughters. The best way to protect our daughters is to begin talking about responsible, appropriate sexual behavior from the time they are young, fostering an atmosphere that assures them they can come to us." The campaign is organizing phone banking events in cities all over the state. Read more

No on 73 website | NARAL's Prop 73 Fact Sheet | The text of Proposition 73

European Court Of Human Rights Turns To Restrictive Irish Abortion Law

Ireland, 06.09.2005 23:07

A round-up of recent articles covering the issue of abortion in Ireland. The European Court of Human Rights today held preliminary hearings on the case of an Irish woman claiming her human rights were violated when she was forced to travel to Britain for an abortion. "The woman who has not been identified but is being called 'D' became pregnant with twins. One of these died in the womb and second was found to suffer abnormalities. D decided to have an abortion, but since Irish women are not entitled to have an abortion unless there is a serious threat to their lives, she was forced to travel to Britain. D claims that her inability to obtain an abortion in the Republic of Ireland was a breach of her human rights. The complaint is being made under two articles of the human rights convention: Article 3, that nobody be subjected to torture, in humane or degrading treatment or punishment, and Article 8, the right to respect for private and family life and of no interference by a public authority with the exercise of this right. The case could potentially result in Ireland's constitutional ban on abortion being challenged by a panel of European judges. If the court were to find in favour of D in this case, it could mean the Irish government would be forced to extend the right to abortion to women whose foetuses were found to be abnormal. The case has been brought directly to Strasbourg court, and has never been before the Irish courts, the usual approach before going to Europe. It could take a year or more for a hearing and there is a possibility the case might not be found admissible." Taken from an analysis on D by a member of the Alliance For Choice Some coverage on the topic from the good folk on IMC Ireland: Back street abortions illustrate need for free, safe and legal abortion services in Ireland | Alliance For Choice condemns Bush's 'War on Women'! | Restrictive Abortion Information Legislation Jeopardises Women's Health | Day Of Action Against The Information Act | Pro Life Campaign considering legal action against Midland Health Board | Interview on the legacy of the X-case | Do You Remeber the Last Time? The Abortion Referendum of 2002 | Yes, It was No.. Where The Parties Stand: (taken from the analysis of the D case) Fianna Fáil: No plans to change the legal situation. A spokesman said: "Unless something hugely dramatic happens, there are no plans to put a further referendum to the people." Taoiseach Bertie Ahern will not act on the issue of abortion during the term of the current Government, it was confirmed yesterday. A Government spokesman said it had "no plans on the general issue of abortion" despite Mr Ahern's assurance before the last general election that the matter would be addressed. Speaking after the defeat of the 2002 abortion referendum, the Taoiseach said: "It will be the work of the next government to study and understand the results and implications of this referendum, and to act upon it." Fine Gael: Has no plans to seek a change in the legal situation. Fine Gael, which along with Labour campaigned for a No vote in the last referendum, said yesterday it had no plans to seek a change in the legal position in relation to abortion. This was despite a pledge by former party leader Michael Noonan in 2002 that Fine Gael in government "would legislate to reflect in statute law" the X case decision. Labour: Supports the introduction of legislation allowing for abortion if there is a life-risk to the woman, a foetal abnormality that means the foetus will never be born alive, or a risk of "significant injury" to the physical health of the mother. PDs: A party spokeswoman said it was "against abortion" but had a specific policy document on the matter. She added: "We don't impose a whip on party members, as it is a matter of conscience." Sinn Féin: Supports the introduction of legislation allowing for abortion where a woman's life and mental health is at risk, or in cases of rape and sexual abuse. Greens: Have no policy on abortion, allowing for a free vote among elected representatives. It follows from the launch of a major new campaign by the Irish Family Planning Association for the introduction of legal abortion services in Ireland. Announcing details of the campaign in early August, the IFPA's Chairperson, Catherine Forde said 'this campaign is of unique significance, as it represents the first major initative aimed at moving forward on abortion in this country. Previous campaigns on abortion have always been lead by anti-choice groups seeking further regressive and unworkable responses to abortion." 6217 women who gave addresses in Ireland had an abortion in Britain last year, according to recently released British abortion statistics. This means that at least 17 Irish women go to Britain for an abortion every day. 'This figure doesn't include the increasing number of women who go to the Netherlands, Belgium and France, because of cheaper flights and the lower cost of a termination' said Sian Muldowney, spokesperson for the pro-choice Alliance for Choice in a press release on this site. Reprint of The Press Release from IFPA detailing launch of campaign for "safe and legal" abortion services in Ireland: The Irish Family Planning Association, today (9.08.05), launched a major campaign for the introduction of legal abortion services in Ireland. The 'Safe and Legal in Ireland' campaign will comprise a range of activities, including a legal initiative to challenge the status quo on abortion; a political lobbying campaign and sustained programme of national and international advocacy. Announcing details of the campaign, the IFPA's Chairperson, Catherine Forde said, 'this campaign is of unique significance, as it represents the first major initative aimed at moving forward on abortion in this country. Previous campaigns on abortion have always been lead by anti-choice groups seeking further regressive and unworkable responses to abortion. 'Since the first Constitutional referendum on abortion in 1983, Ireland has changed: more women living in Ireland access abortion services and more women feel angry and frustrated that they have to travel to Britain and others countries to secure these services. The only thing that has not changed is the lack of courage and leadership demonstrated by successive Governments in dealing with abortion in a realistic and rational way. The IFPA's 'Safe and Legal in Ireland' campaign is all about ending the hypocrisy of exiling women in crisis pregnancy that choose to have an abortion. Last month, UK Ministry for Health statistics showed that 6,217 women who travelled from Ireland had abortions in England in 2004. From the IFPA's own post abortion medical and counselling services, we know that potentially hundreds more women secured abortion services in countries such as the Netherlands, France and Spain last year. This highlights the hypocrisy of our legal ban on abortion, which is among the most restrictive in the world. 'Since its foundation, the IFPA has always challenged the restrictions that have prevented women and men making choices about the spacing of their children and caring for their own health. When we first opened our doors as a service provider and advocacy organisation in 1969, our great challenge was making contraception available. After decades of dealing with women with crisis pregnancy, we have decided to make our campaign for safe and legal abortions services in Ireland a priority. And we are confident that this campaign will have results. 'The campaign components have been endorsed by the Board of the IFPA in our Strategic Plan, and we are very pleased that Ivana Bacik, will be its main spokesperson,' said Catherine Forde. In addition to unveiling the campaign, the IFPA also published its comprehensive policy position on abortion. Within the 13-point policy, the IFPA calls for the removal of Article 40.3.3 from the Constitution and says that abortion is a decision that should be made by a woman in consultation with her medical advisor. The IFPA also says that abortion is not an appropriate method of family planning and it should therefore only act as a solution to a crisis rather than as a means of regulating a woman's fertility. The Safe and Legal in Ireland Campaign Detailing the specific elements of the 'Safe and Legal in Ireland' campaign, Spokesperson, Ivana Bacik, said, 'the campaign components that we are announcing today are ' we hope ' just the start of what will become a very significant movement for legal abortion in Ireland. Over the coming weeks, months and even years, we intend to mobilise people on this issue and secure political commitments in advance of the next general election about moving forward on abortion.' European Court: Legal Initiative As a core activity of the campaign, the IFPA is facilitating a group of three women to challenge the Irish Government's ban on abortion in the European Court of Human Rights. Yesterday (8.08.05) a group of women living in Ireland ' all of whom have had recent experience of a crisis pregnancy ' lodged a complaint to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Their complaint centres around four Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. These include Article 8 with regard to the right of privacy in all family, home and personal interests, and entitlement to no public interference from any public authority in exercising this right; Article 3 which protects individuals from ' inhuman or degrading treatment'; Article 2 which affords protection of the law to safe-guard the life of an individual and Article 14 which affords rights and freedoms without discrimination on any grounds. 'The IFPA has provided these women with the legal research and support to enable them to take this important case to the European Court. It is our assessment that the grounds under which these woman are taking the case are very strong, and we hope that the case will advance quickly through the Court, ultimately making a strong recommendation to the Government to address what, in our view, is a violation of human rights,' said Ms Bacik. The identity of the three women will remain confidential as it proceeds through the European Court of Human Rights. Political Lobbying The IFPA will be seeking a meeting with the leaders of each of the political parties over the coming months to explain the rationale for safe and legal abortion, with a view to securing a commitment to move forward on the issue should they form part of the Government after the next general election. According to Ivana Bacik, 'last month, Minister for State at the Department of Justice, Frank Fahey, appeared before a UN Committee on Discrimination against Women, and stated that this Government has no intention of changing the legal status on abortion. This complacent response will be challenged, as there is a responsibility ' at the very least ' to provide a legal framework for the Supreme Court ruling in the 1992 X Case. 'In the past, those seeking to further restrict Ireland's abortion laws have secured meetings at senior Government level, followed by commitments to tighten the law. Public opinion, most recently in the 2002 referendum, has shown that the Irish people do not want to move backwards. We hope, and expect that in our campaign for safe and legal abortion, people like the Taoiseach, Tánaiste and other party leaders will respond in a rational way.' National and International Advocacy In preparation for the launch of the 'Safe and Legal in Ireland' campaign, the IFPA has been working with other pro-choice organisations to build support for our agenda. 'The response to date has been very positive, and we will now be extending this movement of support to include the wider community, including young politically active people who are anxious to see a realistic response to abortion in Ireland,' said Ivana Bacik. Among some of the international work that is already planned, the IFPA and some Irish women who have had abortions will take part in hearings on abortion in the European Parliament in October. Over the coming weeks, the IFPA will launch its campaign web-site, which will provide details of how the public can get involved, either through becoming a campaign activist or donating money. 'There are many, especially policy makers and politicians, who will not welcome this campaign for safe and legal abortion, because of the many bitter and divisive rows that have gone before on this issue. However, this campaign is unique and different, as it is the first campaign that has been lead outside of a referendum which looks to move forward on abortion,' concluded Ms Bacik.

Polizeigewalt gegen Demos in Nepal

Germany, 06.09.2005 22:37

Nepal ist ein Land im Himalaya, wo eine repressive Monarchie herrscht. Die Truppen des Königs liefern sich Gefechte mit maoistischen RebellInnen, die in den letzten Tagen, Monaten und Jahren mehrere Tote forderten. Nur wenige JournalistInnen befinden sich z.Z. in Nepal, da Pressefreiheit dort nicht gewährleistet ist. Das ursprünglich für Nepal geplante globale PGA-Treffen wurde nach NordIndien verlegt und von dort soll eine Delegation, am letzten Tag der Konferenz, im Oktober ( versuchen nach Nepal zu gelangen.
Bei Indymedia ecuador wurde ein Bericht veröffentlich der aus Kathmandu kommt. Hier der Originaltext und nun im Artikel eine Übersetzung.

Weitere Infos bei Monarchistischer Putsch in Nepal? | Nepal: Ausnahmezustand und viele Verhaftungen

El conflicto universitario continúa

Argentina, 06.09.2005 21:37

El conflicto universitario continúa

Republican Party of Virginia hires bigoted Goons

Richmond, 06.09.2005 20:37

The Republican Party of Virginia has contracted CYMA Solutions, Inc. to register voters and solicit anti-gay support.

Fighting the Neo-liberal Empire in Southern Mexico: Sept. 1, 7:30 pm

Richmond, 06.09.2005 20:37

On Thursday September 1 at 7:30 pm in the Flying Brick Library, Richmond Indymedia reporter Jen Lawhorne will share what she saw and heard during her extended stay in Mexico. In the late 90's people around the world were shaken and inspired by the Zapatista rebellion in Chiapas, Mexico. This past year, Jen lived and worked with various groups continuing the struggle in Chiapas and southern Mexico. Come hear her stories about what's going on now with the Zapatistas and other folks. THursday, Sept. 1, 7:30 pm FLYING BRICK LIBRARY 506 S. Pine

Review: &quot;Wobblies! A Graphic History of The IWW.&quot;

Richmond, 06.09.2005 20:37

A review of the new book "Wobblies!" Its a pictoral history of the IWW. The book charts the major events and memorable momments of not only the IWW, but it also chronicles the highlights of early radical union organizing.

Eleven Million in the Shadows: Undocumented People in the U.S. Sept. 8 at the NRC

Richmond, 06.09.2005 20:37

Who they are, what brought them here, how do they get here, what they do here and why are they to blame for the country’s problems?Thursday, Sept .8 7 p.m. at the Neighborhood Resource Center,1519 Williamsburg Rd.

United Mountain Defense Issues Appeal to Save King Mountain

Tennessee, 06.09.2005 19:08

Urges Public to Come to Public Hearing on Sept. 20 United Mountain Defense, a group organized to stop the devastation happening to the forests, creeks, and mountains of Southern Appalachia, has issued an alert regarding Mountainside Coal Company, which needs an NPDES permit to blow the top off of King Mountain. If the Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC) gives the permit to Mountainside Coal, the Office of Surface Mining (OSM) will issue the mining permit and King Mountain (also known as Eagan Mountain) will fall to mountaintop removal. UMD urges the public to not let TDEC give Mountainside Coal what it needs. There will be a public hearing on Sept. 20, 2005 at 7 p.m. at Clairfield Elementary School in Clairfield, TN.

Reflections On 30a

Sydney, 06.09.2005 15:38

Continuing with a radical social movement

Direito a cuidados de saúde negado nas prisões

Portugal, 06.09.2005 15:07

Direito a cuidados de saúde negado nas prisões

Ni la lluvia detiene las ansias de justicia

santiago, 06.09.2005 11:38

Septiembre negro para animales

What We Are Doing About Katrina

Portland, 06.09.2005 11:37

Real Relief for Katrina Victims From its headquarters in southern Tennessee, Plenty International is sending relief supplies, food, water and medicines, to refugees from the hurricane Katrina battered Delta regions in Louisiana. A volunteer from California has flown out to Nashville and purchased a full-size school bus which is being stocked with supplies for the first run which is headed to Alexandria, Louisiana. Story from the front--the hippie bus makes it through military lines Gary McGlaughlin pulled into the Farm Friday night in a full size, diesel school bus. He had flown out to Nashville from Santa Cruz, CA the previous night and earlier in the day bought the bus from a company in southern KY for $1500. On the way down to the Farm he stopped in Nashville and bought another $1500 worth of food and water and dry goods like TP and handiwipes and aspirin and diapers. He rolled in the Gate at around 10PM. He hadn't been back to the Farm in 25 years.
Food not Bombs - Katrina Relief effort People all over America have been calling Food Not Bombs asking what they can do to help the people made homeless by Hurricane Katrina. Food Not Bombs has started organizing buses, vans and truckloads of food, kitchen equipment and clothing to the people fleeing the disaster. It's a real honor that so many people are looking to Food Not Bombs to help. So far we have busloads of material support and volunteers from Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Dayton, Hartford, Tucson, and Saint Petersburg. Volunteers from the west are meeting in Houston and people from the east are meeting in Baton Rouge. The first Food Not Bombs kitchen is outside the Houston Convention Center. The Baton Rouge kitchen will be set up shortly. Please let us know if you can help. Ad-Hoc Hurricane/Flood newspaper in PDX-> help needed! We are putting a newspaper together here in Portland to offer an alternative to the BS being printed in the Oregonian about Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans flood, and the aftermath, and present the opinions of Portland residents, for potential printing as soon as Tuesday. This paper is coming out of the frustation at the government response to this disaster and the biased coverage in the local corporate-owned media. It will be free for distribution as widely as possible.
Letter I sent to my congressional delegates At this time, efforts are underway to rescue those impacted by Hurricane Katrina. Nevertheless, I believe it is incumbent upon the Congress to soon begin hearings on why the emergency response to the event was so abysmal. While many jurisdictions may bear some blame for the aftermath of this national tragedy, FEMA in particular deserves some scrutiny. Open letter to my congressman about hurricane response I write you again after only a few days because not only did I not receive a satisfactory response to my letter of Sep. 2, I was mocked and rebuked by your staff when I called your office to follow up on my faxed letter challenging your lack of initiative on the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. I was told, in an extremely patronizing tone, "I'm sure the Congressman is doing everything he can to help the victims." Well, "Representative", I certainly do not appreciate being patronized to by your staff, when in fact my reason for calling was that you are not, in fact, doing "everything you can" in this effort.
Ways to donate NOW Gulf states area shelters addresses and list of needed items: Also Gleaners of Clackamas County are sending a truck Wednesday: Links to sites with current info- grass roots! Seattle HIP-HOP is RESPONDING!!! Hurricane Katrina benefit 9/11/05! Sunday, September 11th 6pm to 1pm. Consciousness In Progress: 206 Hip-Hop Benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina at The Triple Door (216 Union St).

Related articles: [ Bill Quigley Surfaces--Looting is not the Issue-Poverty Is | Red Cross = Corporate Bureaucracy | local news from new orleans | Before the Shit hits the fan, Cascadians | Don't Give Your Hurricane Donations to the Red Cross | Thoughts on the Hurricane (and outrage) | No Salvation Army Buckets for Katrina | Hurricane Katrina Confronts Imperialism | Craigs list temporary housing board for NOLA evacuees | Portland to take 1,000 New Orleans survivors | Look What the World Says | Rebuild New Orleans? | Blank Panther, Green Party veteran reports from New Orleans | So... What *do* we do about Katrina - post ideas here ]

300 Year Old Trees Logged In Mt Hood National Forest

Portland, 06.09.2005 10:37

'Hilynx,' a 794-acre timber project made into four sales, has been logged hastily this summer before the project's environmental assessment (EA) expires. A month ago, 200 - 300 year old Western Hemlocks and Douglas Firs once lived in the project area. These trees have now become timber.

The timber sale known as 'Hipo' has created much attention in the past couple years, especially Unit #4 that contained a large grove of Western Hemlocks 300 years in age. This pristine, ancient forest has been converted to dirt roads and large slash piles where the grove of Hemlocks once stood. The remaining 'leave trees' (trees designated not to be cut) bark has been scarred from the logging operations making these trees vulnerable to diseases.

Joseph eulogizes: I remember the first time I saw the Hipo Timber Sale back in June 2003. I got up early one rainy Saturday morning to groundtruth the sale. As I hiked through Unit #4 from east to west, the trees got progressively bigger until I arrive at what I called 'Hemlock Grove.' I have never seen Western Hemlocks as large as these trees. The hemlocks had a circumference about 14 feet (over four feet in diameter with an age estimation of 300 years old). I knew I had to let people know about these trees. I rushed to Hood River where Senator Ron Wyden was giving an open house. Arriving at the forum in wet clothes, I informed the Senator that I have witnessed a timber sale of old growth only to receive an answer from him that he already discussed forest issues. Due to his obvious apathy of my concerns, his assistant tried to spin Wyden's response that he does care about the trees. She said she would look into the sale, but never did.

read more

[ Ponderosa Pete visits the Hipo Timber Sale | Remnants of Borg (with appearance by Ponderosa Pete) | past articles about 'Hipo' ]

The Take @ Kebele Social Centre

Bristol, 06.09.2005 09:07

Kebele Social Centre is re-opening & radical video night! Kebele Social Centre is re-opening & radical video night! After a break for the summer, Kebele Social Centre is re-opening cafe night this Sunday4th September, writesLloyd, the Vegan, mostly organic food is served from 6:30 pm. The cafe is run on a donation basis, so no-one goes hungry. Kebele cafe relies on volunteers to cook, and anyone is welcome to come and help out...Come and get involved. Plus...Videonite @ Kebele; A film by Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein on the factory occupation and self-management movement in Argentina. Inspirational! Real Anarchism in practice!! Thursday 8th September 2005, 8pm. Full article | Kebele cafe open again! | Videonite @ Kebele | 'The Take' | ZNet Argentina Watch |

Lei indígena? Não em nosso nome!

Portugal, 06.09.2005 08:07

Lei indígena? Não em nosso nome!

Sacramento Supports Cindy Sheehan

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2005 05:37

A rally in support of Cindy Sheehan drew over 300 people on the corner of Broadway and 16th in Sacramento on Saturday the 27th. This was the largest of the three rallies that were held in support Sheehan. Many of Sheehan’s supporters were holding signs that read, “America Stand with Cindy” and, “We all want answers.” As many protestors know sometimes the number of people is miniscule. But it was evident that from the beginning that Sheehan’s supporters drew an incessant amount of honking and peace signs from cars the entire evening. So even though the drivers weren’t standing on the corners, it was their honking and support that kept the momentum going. This also says that there are way more dissenters of war than just those standing on the corner. Report and pictures here

1,800 Hens Saved From Farm

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.09.2005 05:37

A massive rescue effort by local animal protection groups initially hoping to save 300 hens from an egg farm has freed 1,800 lucky birds. While that’s only a little more than one percent of the 160,000 white leghorn hens who populated the egg factory farm in Santa Clara County, California, it is still a substantial number. Moreover, this may be the first time in California that agribusiness has allowed groups to come onto a factory farm to save as many animals as they can carry while documenting the process. Leading the weeklong liberation that began on August 13 was Animal Place, a farmed-animal sanctuary in Vacaville, about 45 miles northeast of San Francisco. Kim Sturla, Animal Place’s director, worked with other local organizations to coordinate the rescue and find homes for the hens. Sturla says those groups included the Center for Animal Protection and Education (CAPE) of Santa Cruz, East Bay Animal Advocates of Oakland, the Marin Humane Society, Viva!USA of Davis, United Animal Nations of Sacramento, and many others. “This is really the first rescue of its kind,” said Sturla. “We had permission to go in and bring out as many hens as we possibly could. To accomplish this, we had some amazing cooperation among local sanctuaries and humane societies. And now we’re getting tremendous support from the public. Because of this rescue, many people are just learning about the horrors these birds suffer, and they are opening their hearts and homes to them.”


Argentina, 06.09.2005 04:07


Argentina, 06.09.2005 04:07

Volunteers Needed for Philly Katrina Disaster Relief

Philadelphia, 06.09.2005 02:23

The City of Philadelphia's 'Project Brotherly Love' is calling for volunteers to help service the approximate 1,000 families arriving from New Orleans. The first 100 families will begin arrive tomorrow morning. Call 215-235-3408 to get involved.

Diyarbakır, Van protestoları

Istanbul, 06.09.2005 02:08

Gemlik olayları Diyarbakır ve Van'da protesto edildi

Özgür Politika kapatıldı

Istanbul, 06.09.2005 02:08

Almanya Özgür Politika'yı kapattı


Colombia, 06.09.2005 02:07

Amnistía Internacional
Los paramilitares en Medellín: ¿desmovilización o legalización?

Dois Sindicalistas detidos pela GNR em plenário da empresa

Portugal, 06.09.2005 02:07

Dois Sindicalistas detidos pela GNR em plenário da empresa

NH teachers paid below national average

New Hampshire, 05.09.2005 20:09

The National Education Association (the teacher's union) released a survey of K-12 teacher salaries by state that found NH teachers paid below the national average.

CAFTA's Passage Not an Exercise in Democracy

New Hampshire, 05.09.2005 20:09

By Arnie Alpert Setting aside support for "free trade" in order to secure votes to pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement, US Trade Representative Rob Portman cobbled together a last-minute deal ensuring that Central American apparel producers would use pockets and linings produced in the United States.  Portman also arranged to delay tariff-free imports of Mexican textiles into Central America, and persuaded Nicaragua to limit imports of textiles from China.

Regional Anti-war Demo. 10/29 - Boston Common.

New Hampshire, 05.09.2005 20:09

Stop the War! Mobilize in Boston October 29th End the Occupation of Iraq! Bring The Troops Home Now! Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has stated that the war can last "five, six, eight, 10, 12 years." Feed Our Communities- Starve the Pentagon! info (at)

Public Access TV Goes Pro

New Hampshire, 05.09.2005 20:09

The perception that public access is cheesy and amateurish is mostly deserved. But in small towns and unassuming studios, a new wave of local producers is taking public access TV by storm. New thinking, new programming concepts and new blood are providing surprising alternatives to the usual town meetings.

Katrina Catastrophe Aggravated by Official Lies, Inaction

New Hampshire, 05.09.2005 20:09

(There's a number of links to mainstream media and lefty liberal blog sources here. For more coverage of the aftermath of hurricane Katrina check out and New Orleans IMC, which have more links to additional coverage outside the mainstream press.)

When even the Union Leader is criticizing Bush, you know something is up.

Referéndum en Salta

Argentina, 05.09.2005 18:37

Movilidad insostenible o inmovilidad sostenible

Argentina, 05.09.2005 18:37

Lunes 5 de Septiembre de 2005
Movilidad insostenible o inmovilidad sostenible

Movilidad insostenible o inmovilidad sostenible

Argentina, 05.09.2005 18:37

Lunes 5 de Septiembre 2005 | EL FIN DEL PETRÓLEO BARATO
Movilidad insostenible o inmovilidad sostenible

Rehnquist Dies: Bush Nominates Roberts To Be New Chief Justice

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.09.2005 18:07

On Saturday September 3rd, Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist died. On September 5th, President Bush said he will nominate federal appeals court Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to be the country's 17th chief justice.
Democracy Now Hour-Long Special on John Roberts

Past Coverage Of The Roberts Nomination: Supreme Court Town Hall Meeting and March | Who is Judge Roberts? | Roberts' Interviews with White House Officials Prior to Gitmo Ruling Raise Questions | Indybay's Government Page

Hurricane Katrina victims arriving in Portland soon

Portland, 05.09.2005 17:37

The Portland Red Cross is working with the support of the City of Portland and other Partners to coordinate short-term emergency shleter for vitims of Hurricane Katrina who will arrive in our area within the next 24-48 hrs.

The site of Washington Monroe High School in Southeast Portland (SE 14th and Stark) will serve as a temporary shelter fo up to 1,000 refugees from the Gulf Coast region. Voulunteers and staff from the Red Cross, FEMA, Portland Public Schools, the Portland Police Bureau and the City of Portland, Office of Emergency Management, have been working to prepare the site since early Saturday morning.

read more >>Agencies, Community leaders prepare Rose City welcome for Katrina SurvivorsAfter a flurry of short-notice meetings on Sunday, the mechanisms and community leaders are in place to ensure a warm reception for our new guests. The initial greeting at Portland airport will take place at a specially-reserved hangar where identification, health screens, and rest and refreshment will be provided by the Red Cross and Portland Emergency Services, headed by Portland Fire Bureau's Mike McGuire in a new position created by Mayor Tom Potter.

"It is a great testament to the strength and resiliency of our community leaders and foundations that multiple short-notice meetings and actions could be carried out over Labor Day weekend," said one participant.


[ More re. Katrina on pdx indy ]

how to help

Houston, 05.09.2005 17:37

How to Help Katrina Victims

Boston street rally demands money for hurricane victims not war

Boston, 05.09.2005 16:07

Dozens came out to an emergency demonstration Sept. 3 called by the Troops Out Now Coalition (TONC)—Boston under the slogan “Money for the victims of the hurricane – Not for War!” The depth and breadth of those protesting government negligence and in unity and solidarity with the hurricane victims is widespread...

Champaign-Urbana Residents Send Truck Load of Food to Rural Mississippi After Meeting Residents Who've Come Here For Help

Urbana-Champaign, 05.09.2005 15:07

There are no television cameras there to show Hurricane Katrina’s destruction. And no federal aid has come yet either. But the residents of rural Laurel, Mississippi, a town of 20,000, will soon receive a semi truck from Champaign carrying thousands of pounds of canned goods, water, diapers and infant formula. A small but willing group of ordinary folks from central Illinois and central Mississippi, who met for the first time this weekend, made it all happen.

Censurando os mortos

Portugal, 05.09.2005 11:37

Censurando os mortos

Perth Indymedia Report from Palestine

Perth, 05.09.2005 08:08

Report from WA Peace Activist in Palestine

Semira Adamu 2005

Antwerpen, 05.09.2005 07:07

Herdenking Semira Adamu 2005

Gemlik Yürüyüşü

Istanbul, 05.09.2005 06:38

Engellenen Gemlik Yürüyüşü'nden dönen eylemcilere faşist saldırı

Frances Newton Faces September 14th Execution Date in Texas

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.09.2005 06:07

The state of Texas is scheduled to execute Frances Newton on September 14th. She was convicted of the 1988 murder of her husband and two children, allegedly to collect a $100,00 life insurance policy. Newton would be the first African American woman executed by that state since the Civil War. Her December 1st, 2004 execution date had been put on hold last fall for additional testing of evidence. Human Rights Watch letter on Newton's behalf The ACLU of Texas has written a letter asking that she be given clemency. Supporters say the courts should grant Frances Newton another trial based on new evidence.

In a recent interview, Assistant DA Roe Wilson contradicted a key piece of evidence that led to Newton's conviction- there seems to have been a second gun that was never tested in a crime lab. Texas leads the nation in the number of executions performed since the moratorium on capital punishment was lifted in 1974. In Harris County, where Frances Newton is from, the police crime lab is notorious for botching capital cases. Newton's original state-appointed attorney was Ron Mock, who has lost so many capital cases that he is known as "death row Mock." He has never won an acquittal in a capital case. Mock is the attorney who is notorious for having fallen asleep in court while defending the late Shaka Sankofa (formerly Gary Graham). Read more

The International Action Center is asking for people to write letters to Texas Governor Rick Perry, Attorney General Greg Abbott, President Bush, Congressional leaders and Senators and Representatives from Texas and the Texas State Legislature, the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, and other authorities, to demand that Frances' execution be stopped. Read more | Texas Moratorium Network | Amnesty International statement

400 NO people coming to DC - what are we doing?

DC, 05.09.2005 03:08

Can people please post what is happening with respect to the 400 people coming to DC Armory? Like when they are expected, what people are doing, etc. Thanks

Batman: Devlet terörü

Istanbul, 05.09.2005 02:38

Batman'da devlet terörü

Encuentro Enternasyonal antikapitalist blok

Istanbul, 05.09.2005 01:38

Encuentro Enternasyonal antikapitalist blok oluşturdu

Nepal'de polis şiddeti

Istanbul, 05.09.2005 01:38

Nepal’de gösterilere karşı polis şiddeti

Gazze &quot;Çekilmesi&quot;

Istanbul, 05.09.2005 01:38

Askeri işgal için bir sis perdesi: Gazze "Çekilmesi"

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