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Colle della strega

Italy, 30.07.2004 15:11

Piano Speculatore

Jobs for the Boys

Melbourne, 30.07.2004 14:46

Donald McGauchie appointed Telstra Chairman

Deep Dish Screening at NYC IMC

NYC, 30.07.2004 14:40

On Monday August 9th, NYC Indymedia Video ( will host a benefit screening of Deep Dish’s latest series, Shocking and Awful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation, at the NYC Independent Media Center, 34 E. 29th St, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10016, at 8:00 PM. Veronica Davidov and Brandon Jourdan from Deep Dish TV will be facilitating a short discussion following the screening. All proceeds will go to benefit Deep Dish TV and the NYC Independent Media Center.

Each Protester Owed $10,000 by Homeland Security

Boston, 30.07.2004 14:39

Dear Tom, We need to do some math. The latest stats put the DNC security tab at $50 million, more than half of the total number spent on the convention. Now that’s a lot of cash to spend on rent-a-cops, K-9 sniffing dogs, and boot wax. So, I have a proposition for you. So far, you have really only outlined two major security threats: (1) Terrorists organizations who have killed thousands of people using airplanes, chemical weapons and other WMD’s; and (2) ‘violent’ protesters whose worst offense seems to be that they ‘throw water balloons filled with urine’. (For the sake of this conversation, we’ll put aside the fact that this oft-repeated urine thing never gets backed up by any hard evidence). In the absence of clear information of how much cash went to which threat, should we just divide it down the middle? Can we assume that $25 million went to protecting us from Al Qaeda, and the other $25 million went to protecting the public from crusty punks peeing into balloons? So what is the proper conclusion from this little math problem? Well, basically, you owe us some serious cash. That’s right. The fact is that the government spent $10,000 on each protester in order to keep us from throwing urine, and we didn’t throw a drop. Therefore, we should be compensated for the full amount.

Law Union of Ontario Urges “Suspicion” of CSIS and RCMP Evidence.

Hamilton, 30.07.2004 13:55

#media_3245994;left# In an opening submission to the Maher Arar inquiry, the Law Union of Ontario has asked that all material offered by CSIS and the RCMP be viewed with “…a healthy dose of suspicion” Maher Arar was deported to and tortured in Syria last year. The present inquiry is examining the roll Canadian officials played in these events. While Law Union representatives question the validity of CSIS’s track record in obtaining evidence, Toronto Lawyer Barbra Jackman fights to even look at evidence against her client Hassan Almrei.

AUDIO FILE: City Council Opposes Trucking Radioactive Waste Thorugh Portland

Portland, 30.07.2004 12:47

arresti a Pisa

Italy, 30.07.2004 10:33

Arresti, colpito Il Silvestre

Community Outraged over Financial and Environmental Disaster

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2004 09:26

Taxpayers and Ratepayers to Pay Price of City's Islais Creek Fiasco

Environment Stories

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2004 05:02

Treesits Defend Wilderness; Klamath Tribes Appeal to CEO and Shareholders as Salmon Disappear

grabriel roser

Argentina, 30.07.2004 04:58

Viernes 30 de Julio | A TRES MESES DE SU DETENCION
La Plata: Movilización por la libertad de Gabriel Roser

Indigenous Tribes Struggle for Environmental Justice

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2004 04:09

Saving the Salmon: Klamath River Tribes Lobby Energy Multinational

Fun In Boston

DC, 30.07.2004 04:02

Our first 60 hours at the DNC, several Independent actions, party crashing- lots of delegate/ congressional interaction- What a small pushy affinitty group can do.

Summer 2004 Environment Wrapup

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.07.2004 03:52

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fraud

Hip-Hop and the African Diaspora (WPFW)

DC, 30.07.2004 03:47

WPFW's Africa Meets Africa hosted a show dedicated to hip-hop and the African diaspora.

Represión a los pueblos, represas a los ríos

Argentina, 30.07.2004 02:56

Viernes 30 de Julio
Represión a los pueblos, represas a los ríos

Represión a los pueblos, represas a los ríos

Argentina, 30.07.2004 02:55

viernes 30 de Julio
Represión a los pueblos, represas a los ríos

noticias destacadas

Argentina, 30.07.2004 02:07

Resistance Flourishes Amid Repression, Censorship at Boston Dem National Convention

Chicago, 30.07.2004 01:05

A smothering police presence, surveillance cameras and hovering police helicopters have dominated downtown life in Boston this week during the Democratic National Convention. That hasn't deterred activists from refusing to march to the cops' tune. And while the corporate press bosses have focused their DNC coverage on the pep rally inside, CIMC volunteer reporter and local trouble-maker Andy Thayer has been taking notes on the streets.

Thayer's DNC diary includes "A Protest Report Card: Who Was Here...And Who Wasn't"; an analysis of the creepy metamessage behind Democratic Party slogan "Kerry / Edwards: For a Stronger America"; a DNC 'protest balance sheet'; political commentary from residents of Abu Ghraib In Boston and the Radical Cheerleaders; plus lots o' links. Read more.

For more coverage, click here to go to Boston Indymedia. Chicago Indymedia photographer Joeff Davis' convention photos are online at

Fahrenheit 9/11

Melbourne, 30.07.2004 00:25

Bush sweeps stupidity awards


New Hampshire, 30.07.2004 00:02


Maus tratos no Estabelecimento Prisional de Lisboa

Portugal, 29.07.2004 23:57

Maus tratos no Estabelecimento Prisional de Lisboa


Brasil, 29.07.2004 23:30

A esperança virou medo

Tiger and Burro at the Watering Hole

New Hampshire, 29.07.2004 21:40

This event at the Boston Social Forum featured water rights activists, particularly Ruth Herrera from Nicaragua. Her group is engaged in a David and Goliath struggle against global water companies, international financial institutions, and the Nicaraguan government.

The Public Hearing On TIF: Getting Schmoozed Again

Arkansas, 29.07.2004 21:24

Tuesday evening, I attended the much talked about public hearing at Fayetteville’s City Hall concerning the proposed renovation of the old Mountain Inn Hotel and the establishment of a TIF (Tax Incremental Financing) District. For the most part, I have tried to stay away from meetings at City Hall lately. After attending so many of them and having watched a well-intended public throwing its energy to the wind, I concluded some months ago that trying to affect city policy, especially when it comes to its bowing to the desires of the developers is a waste of time.

Critical Mass

NYC, 29.07.2004 21:00

Tomorrow, July 30 is the last Friday of the month. Time for another Critical Mass. Hop on your bikes, skates, scooters, and anything else without a motor and reclaim the streets!

Local Critical Mass organizers Time's Up are also holding an opening party for their bike space on Saturday, RNC planning meetings every Sunday through the end of August and a Bike National Convention just prior to the RNC. ||May's Critical Mass Sparks Controversy|| Past coverage in the Indypendent

::: Civil Liberties / Privacy :::

Brisbane, 29.07.2004 20:47

Interception Law Changes: Will you be under surveillance?

Stop metro from turning into a police state on rails

DC, 29.07.2004 20:20

A lot of us want to see metro succeed, but that's not going to happen by turning metro into some bizzare police state.

The Boston S--storm: Report of DC Anti-War Network’s Trip to the Democratic National Convention in Boston, July 2004

DC, 29.07.2004 20:11

A detailed report with introspection and analysis of DAWN's trip to the Boston Social Forum and the Democratic National Convention 2004.


Uruguay, 29.07.2004 19:35

Segunda batalla ganada por la Campaña por el Agua


South Africa, 29.07.2004 18:42

Launch of Research Report on Johannesburg Water's Imposition of Prepaid Water Meters in Phiri, Soweto

Defend Madison’s Living Wage: Don’t Let the City Contract with Cintas!

Madison, 29.07.2004 18:11

The Board of Estimates, is currently considering a proposal to award a $130,000 contract for providing city uniforms to Cintas Corporation, a company notorious for its sweatshop-like, union-busting facilities across North America and now on record as having broken Madison's Living Wage Ordinance. Let's not let the city of Madison do business with Cintas or any other company that treats its workers with no respect.

Seccion de foto

Argentina, 29.07.2004 17:52

NYTimes, Bloggers, Document NYPD &quot;Surges&quot; in Convention Runup

NYC, 29.07.2004 16:40

Today, the New York Times had a lengthy article today on the 80-vehicle NYPD "surges" that have been charging down city streets in the run-up to the Republican convention. Writes Michael Slackman:

"It goes something like this: On a typical block in, say, Midtown Manhattan, as many as 80 police cars quickly stream in out of nowhere, in neat rows, their lights and sirens going. The drills seem to take place on blocks with restricted parking, and each car executes a fast back-in parking job against the curb."

Way out in front of the Times, a blogger at Cityrag has been documenting the surges for the last month. Read more about 'em and see lots of pictures over there.

Comunique from my sister: Day 4 and 5 - powerful voices some gagged.

Portland, 29.07.2004 16:26


Native American Indians protest at Scottish Power annual shareholder meeting for river restoration

United Kingdom, 29.07.2004 15:59

A broad umbrella group of 26 people from various environmental, academic and economical organisations and members from four native American Indian tribes, travelled to Scotland from Southern Oregon and Northern California to lobby, protest at and negotiate with Scottish Power, the parent company of PacifiCorp, which is responsible for the negative impacts of several dams on the Klamath River, its water quality, salmon population, surrounding environment and neighbouring communities.

[Rogue Valley IMC | Indymedia Scotland]

A Grassroots Movement Builds for Single Payer Health Care

Hudson Mohawk, 29.07.2004 15:56

A revitalized grassroots movement is building in support of a single payer health care system, with broad support among faith groups, anti-poverty organizations, greens and progressives. They hope that the big mainstream health care advocacy groups will rejoin the effort. A single payer national health insurance (NHI) program could simultaneously cover all of the uninsured, upgrade coverage for most other Americans and save money. Under NHI, everyone would be covered for care at any hospital, doctor’s office or clinic without copayments or deductibles. Patients would enjoy a free choice of provider, and doctors and nurses would be freed from the massive bureaucracy that encumbers care and wastes money. For-profit ownership of hospitals and other clinical facilities would be proscribed, and private health insurers and most HMOs would be eliminated—saving billions now squandered on profits and executives’ incomes, while upgrading quality. This conference and the Rally of the Uninsured will be held at the time of the Republican Convention in New York City, August 31st/September 1st. CUNY Graduate Center Auditorium, 365 5th Avenue.


Uruguay, 29.07.2004 15:26

Segunda batalla ganada por la Campaña por el Agua

Anarchici in arresto

Italy, 29.07.2004 14:51

A volte ritornano


Italy, 29.07.2004 14:45

La guerra è anche qui

Fourth Day of Protests, July 28th

Boston, 29.07.2004 14:10

The first major protest of the day, with 500 people, was a rally calling on the US government to respect human rights called, “What Have Become?: From Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib?” Another 400-500 people gathered in Blackstone Park to support a local environmental justice group calling for funding for public health, not the bioterror lab being built in their neighborhood. A group of 10 pro-gay marriage activists disrupted a DNC meeting and were removed by the police. In the early evening a street theater action took place against the “Free Speech Zone”, with activist entering it with hands bound and heads hooded, while a group of DNC delegates condemned the “Free Speech Zone”. The police were becoming increasingly aggressive throughout the day, showing up in totally disproportionate numbers to the environmental justice rally, and arresting one activist while he was walking down the street.

Dems Begin Damage Control Over Protest Pits

Boston, 29.07.2004 13:35

On Wednesday afternoon, a "ad hoc" group of Democratic delegates held a press conference in the DNC protest pit with the stated intention to "speak out against the conditions within the protest zone" and "call on the Democratic Party leadership to also make a public statement opposing the zone." But any possibility the event would represent real political movement on the convention floor was sooned dashed as the bright lights and cameras dazzled delegate spokespeople into the usual partisan song and dance blaming the protest pens on Bush and absolving the democrats of any responsibility.

Speakers at Rally for Human Rights Wonder What the US Has Become

Boston, 29.07.2004 13:13

As part of the on-going protests against the Democratic National Convention, on Wednesday, July 28, there was a rally of 500 people in Copley Square from noon to 2:00 pm. Sponsored by United for Justice with Peace, the main Boston-area anti-war coalition; Boston Mobilization, a local student activist group; the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); and the Kucinich for President Campaign, the rally was entitled, “What Have We Become?: From Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib.” Speakers decried the US government’s violations of human rights, the Constitution, and international law in its conduct of the war “against” terrorism, citing such examples as the on-going detentions without proper trial in the US military base of Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and the American-run torture chambers in Abu Ghraib, Iraq.

New &quot;Less Lethal&quot; Weapon Deployed in PDX

Portland, 29.07.2004 13:12

Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund Benefit Tomorrow Night!

Portland, 29.07.2004 12:18


Protest Cheney in Yakima (7/30)

Portland, 29.07.2004 11:37

RNC Protests: Another Party for Elite White Kids?

Portland, 29.07.2004 10:58

Burn the Flag, Protest the War.

Aotearoa, 29.07.2004 10:36

Four arrested in flag burning protest at Parliament for the charge of Disordely Behaviour.

We will be appearing in Wellington District Court on Wednesday at 9.00am. Other who wish to protest or burn flags in support are welcome.

The reason why the New Zealand flag was burnt was obscured by the arguments of whether it should be legal or illegal to burn it. Why the legal issue around this has been sorted out, the reason why New Zealanders were so disgusted in their government’s actions and the dishonour they have brought on the country that we burnt a flag in protest have not changed.

Comunique from my sister: Day 4 and 5 - powerful voices some gagged.

Portland, 29.07.2004 10:12

delay Investigation

Houston, 29.07.2004 08:18

Call for a Delay Investigation

Four Arrests at Indi Blockade

Rogue Valley, 29.07.2004 08:14

Curry County Sheriff's Deputies and US Forest Service law enforcement made four arrests at the Indi timber sale blockade Wednesday. All four were charged with interferring with agricultural operations, a misdemeanor, and are being held in Curry County Jail in Gold Beach. Arraignment is scheduled for 9:00 am Thursday.

After using a backhoe to remove slash piles along the road, law enforcement officers used a cherry picker to remove the sitter from her platform.

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