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Munzur Aydınlar Platformu

Istanbul, 21.09.2005 07:08

Aydınlar, Metin Kahraman'a yapılan saldırıyı kınadı

Bring Them Home Now Tour visits Richmond

Richmond, 21.09.2005 06:38

Almost 75 people gathered Monday night for the Bring the Troops Home Now Tour’s Town Hall Meeting at Asbury United Methodist Church. As people who have served in Iraq or relatives of them, every member of the tour told highly personal, often emotional stories of their own or their family’s first-hand experience with the war on Iraq. The message every speaker conveyed was that our troops should come home now, and that all of us who oppose the war on Iraq have a duty to speak out – starting this Saturday, September 24th in Washington D.C. Charlie Anderson, a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, summed this message up as the final speaker of the evening when he said “If we miss out on the 24th, we’ll miss our appointment with history.”

Parliamentary Elections

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2005 05:07

Afghans voted in national assembly and provincial elections Sunday, September 18, for the first time since 1969, with analysts predicting "a fragmented parliament" More
Fragmented Parliament | As Afghans count votes, Karzai queries US tactics | A Mockery Of Democracy | Entrenching Warlord Rule? | Puzzle Of The Stay-Away Voters

OCC Charges Against Police Officers to be Heard on September 21st

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2005 01:37

Cammerin Boyd's family and supporters will hold a press conference on the steps of SF City Hall at 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 21st, just before they go into the Police Commission meeting to hear the OCC's charges brought against officers O'Malley, Sweeney, Paine, and Dimaposoc, who killed or tried to kill Cammerin Boyd. This first hearing of the charges of the Office of Citizen Complaints will take place at 5:30pm in SF City Hall, Room 400. The Campaign for Justice for Cammerin Boyd is asking for people to bring signs, attend the hearing, and participate in the public comment period by demanding disciplinary charges against the officers. Cammerin Boyd's mother, Marylon Boyd, says, "We can make a difference. We must continue the Campaign for accountability." Read more

Tranny Talk Video of Marylon Boyd speaking about her son's case | Past Indybay Coverage of Cammerin Boyd's Case

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

19 Year-Old Shot in the Back by San Francisco Police

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2005 01:07

Tyrell Taylor faces a hearing in court at 9am on Wednesday morning, September 21st. The Free Tyrell Taylor Task Force has organized to make several demands in support of Tyrell. Read more

Tyrell Taylor, an 18 year-old African American young man, was shot in the back five times by San Francisco police on Friday, September 9th. The SF Bayview Precinct newsletter stated: "Bayview Officers were involved in a shooting when a subject attempted to shoot them with a rifle. This is an open investigation involving an officer involved shooting..." No rifle was found at the scene. Read more from the SF Bayview Newspaper

Tyrell Taylor was 14 years old when he was one of 5 youths who were brutalized by the police in Bayview Hunter's Point during the infamous MLK incident. On January 21st, 2002, the police held guns to youths' heads, and while they molested the teenage girls and brutally beat the young men, they threatened to shoot onlookers if they dared to interfere.

Read more on Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

OCC Charges Against Police Officers to be Heard on September 21st

San Francisco Bay Area, 21.09.2005 01:07

The first hearing of the charges of the Office of Citizen Complaints against police officers involved in the killing of Cammerin Boyd has been rescheduled and set for Wednesday, September 21st. A press conference will be held at 5:00pm on the 21st, just before Cammerin Boyd's family and supporters go into the Police Commission meeting to hear the OCC's charges brought against officers O'Malley, Sweeney, Paine, and Dimaposoc, who killed or tried to kill Cammerin Boyd. The Police Commission hearing will start at 5:30pm in SF City Hall, Room 400. The Campaign for Justice for Cammerin Boyd is asking for people to bring signs, attend the hearing, and participate in the public comment period by demanding disciplinary charges against the officers. Cammerin Boyd's mother, Marylon Boyd, says, "We can make a difference. We must continue the Campaign for accountability." Read more

Tranny Talk Video of Marylon Boyd speaking about her son's case | Past Indybay Coverage of Cammerin Boyd's Case

Boise Cascade: Keep Your Word

Portland, 20.09.2005 22:38

Update: Coverage will begin at 1:15pm and go until about 2pm. Tune In

Tune In for coverage tommorow to Portland Indymedia Web Radio

What: Protest Action. Led by the Back 2 The Wall's (B2TW) bus named COOL and flanked by 8' trees, citizen's wearing green ribbons will march in a dirge on Boise Cascade. A 20'x3' banner with "Boise Cascade: Keep Your Word" will be prominently displayed.

When: Tuesday September 20th @ 12:15 PM till 1 PM

Why: To oppose Boise's Cascade's decision to log old growth in the B&B fire Sale in the Deschutes National Forest. This decision breaks Boise Cascade's widely publicized 2003 promise not to harvest from old growth forests in the United States.

No Compassion at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston

Portland, 20.09.2005 22:38

On Saturday September 17, Vinny and I were on our way to the Reliant Arena, but we got a little lost in the sprawling city of Houston, Texas so we made our way to the George R. Brown Convention Center first. This convention center is next to the new baseball stadium where tens of thousands of people were watching an Astros game. Nobody seemed to care that in the building next to the baseball stadium, more than a thousand people still struggling to survive the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The first thing we saw as we walked up to the George R. Brown Convention Center was a women being turned away from services at the Convention Center. I immediately pulled out my camera and began taking photos, but the police told me that i was not allowed to take photos. They told me that I had to visit the Media Check In area first. [ read more >> ]

AUDIO: Interview from 'Dome City' with Josh from New Orleans

On September 17, I spoke with Josh from New Orleans. He was sitting on a curb outside of Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas. Reliant Arena is a building next to the Astrodome and has been considered a part of 'Dome City.' Our interview begins with Josh explaining that he could get arrestted that night just for talking to me and giving me a recorded interview. (42:22 minutes / 19.4 MB)

Josh discusses the poor treatment of people evacuated to the Superdome in New Orleans and now living at Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas. Josh says that it is safer at Reliant Arena during the day because in the nighttime there is nobody -- meaning media journalists -- around to witness the horrible treatment inside and outside of the arena. [ read more | Download the mp3 | Download the torrent]

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benefit concert Friday

Houston, 20.09.2005 21:37

This Friday: HIMC Benefit Concert Friday

Sondagem confirma descrença no sistema político

Portugal, 20.09.2005 19:37

Sondagem confirma descrença no sistema político

No Borders

Perth, 20.09.2005 16:08

Hundreds Attempt Suicide/Self-harm in Australia's Refugee Prisons

Bristol Vigil Against Dicey (aka DSEi) Dealings

Bristol, 20.09.2005 15:37

Video shows solidarity demo with London protests Video shows solidarity demo with London protests IMC video vol writes: On the 14 September 2005, a solidarity vigil against the DSEi Arms Fair in London took place in Bristol....DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) which is the worlds largest arms fair and is taking place at the Excel centre in east London, 13 - 16 September. There will no doubt be unprecedented security as dubious corporations & regimes (and not so dubious corps & regimes!) sell arms to each other, that may well be ultimately be used to blow each other up - we of course will just be collateral damage. The vigil (was held) at the same time as the historic 'Bristol peace vigill', namely 5pm, opposite the Hippodrome, St Augustines Parade, central Bristol.' Full story. | Video: DSEi solidarity demo in Bristol 14.09.05 | UK Indymedia DESi Links | | |

O'Devaney Gardening: Sowing The Seeds Of Regeneration In An Inner City Community

Ireland, 20.09.2005 15:07

Lena Jordan talks about the upcoming plans to redevelop O'Devaney Gardens in Dublin 7 O'Devaney Gardens redevelopment is only beginning. The tenants of the local authority complex are trying to organise themselves, so they can demand what their community needs effectively when the tender is given to a developer. O'Devaney Gardens (ODG) is a local authority housing estate comprised of just under 300 flats, located at the end of the North Circular Road in the west of the inner city. It is a 16-acre site adjacent to the Phoenix Park, close to the Red LUAS line, Heuston Station and within walking distance of the city centre, the 'new' Smithfield and the courts district. At present Dublin City Council (DCC) have put out a tender for redeveloping the entire site. Three private developers are in the running for the awarding of the tender. The plan for development has not been finalised yet, and the tenants of ODG are unsure of what the final outcome of the transformation of their home will look like. I met up with Lena Jordan, who is a community worker in ODG, and who is also involved with Tenants First, a citywide grassroots organisation of tenants from local authority flat complexes facing redevelopment or regeneration. We talked in the community flat in one of the blocks. While looking around before our conversation, I could see the depressingly familiar site of boarded-up units dotted around the complex. Approximately 10% of the housing stock is currently unoccupied, despite a waiting list for people to be housed. There have been no new allocations since the site was earmarked for redevelopment four years ago; a de-tenanting process which has been mirrored in other cases such as St. Michael's Estate and Dolphin House in the south inner city. Lena is a long-term tenant/resident of ODG, and we began by talking about the current social problems facing the people living there. "A few years ago people set up Block Committees to deal with anti social behaviour behaviour. These Committees are currently liaising with DCC and the residents in the regeneration project. The Committees carried out a survey among the residents, finding out what people felt and needed when it came to housing. 43% of the people surveyed said that if they were offered somewhere else, they would take it. We were surprised at the high level of people who wanted out. People were unsure about the future here. They see antisocial behaviour around the estate, and they're not sure a change in housing will address these issues. People are definitely worried. They want what's best for their homes, but they are on the mercy of the developer. "I grew up in ODG. It was a fabulous place ot be growing up in with a very tight community. Housing estates were then built nearby about twenty years ago - Dunard, Drumalee and Montpelier. A huge amount of tenants left, they had the points on the housing list so they all took houses. There was a change in ODG after this. One or two blocks turned into what I would call transition blocks. There was nobody putting down roots in them and you couldnt build a community spirit that had previously always been there in ODG. This makes things very difficult for long term tenants. I think many long term tenants, if given the option of a house, would take it. I've been on a transfer list for 15 years and if I got the offer I would go too." The plans for regeneration have not been finalised yet, but already there are worrying signs of DCC not involving the community in the plans for the site. The ODG Community Forum, a group which had been trying to secure greater resources such as a creche, swimming pool and community centre, found out about the regeneration plans by accident. An architect appointed by DCC showed up at a meeting, where the Forum had been expecting to work out a design for a new community centre. Instead the architect showed them plans for a complete redevelopment of the estate. At this point they realised something was very wrong, and had to quickly begin a process of greater consultation and communication with people, to let them know a redevelopment was imminent. Lena explains: "That plan, which has since vanished, was to erect six new blocks and knock down four existing ones. Four of the new blocks were to be private apartments. ODG wasnt ready for this sort of thing at all in regards of community structures. There wasnt really any proper tenants associations, none of that. There was a group, the CDP - Community Development Project - that had come together to deal with the anti social behaviour around the area. There was just one development worker dealing with the residents who had been trying to address the problems of drinking, stolen cars, etc. The main problem we have here is that we're not highly organised. People need to be able to make an informed decision about what the right choices are for them. That would be a huge issue for me - that we can decide for ourselves as tenants of the council, living and raising childen here, that we have the option of deciding whether we can go for this redevelopement, or reject it." John Bissett from St. Michael's Estate gave a workshop last year about power relations and the spectacle/simulacra of community involvement in regeneration projects when it comes to local authority housing estates. In many cases, because the tenants in council housing are poor, and politically detached and disenfranchised, the authorities can act with relative impunity and ease when it comes to implementing their own wishes above that of the local community. I asked Lena about this, and if people in ODG cared about what was happening. "There is a lot of apathy here. Definitely. It impacts in that people dont put down roots or care about ODG,. It makes life very difficult for those that do want to stay. It brings the whole community down. Its a ripple effect, it goes through the smallest kid right up to the senior citizens. A lot of people dont think this redevelopment is going to happen. I dont think they will believe it until the bulldozers come in. There's been so many promises made in the past around this estate, for example with the community centre we've been fighting for for over 6 years which didnt happen. St Michael's Estate would have been one of the first places to have been marked for redevelopment, and that has been left to rot. The people that are left there, what they have to live in is appalling. Their needs are not being addressed. Promises made to them at the beginning were continuously broken. They were promised so much and then had the rug pulled from under their feet. Its a concern that we would have, that the same could happen here in ODG." In response to the possibility of a large part of the site being given over to high density private apartments, the Block Committees came up with a community charter for ODG. At present there is an agreement between DCC and the ODG Block Committees that the current level of public housing units will be maintained. Another request of the community was that they remain city council tenants. Lena says that if the tenants get what is agreed in the charter, "we will be doing well. If they renege on what's in that charter, it will be very worrying because the idea of it was that there would be a high level of integration between the affordable and social housing units. At the moment DCC are deciding what developer is going to be awarded the tender. We don't know yet what way the property is going to be divvied up. What we are afraid of is that we will be forced into one little small corner of the land, and the private housing would occupy the majority of the rest of the area. If we're talking about regeneration, in relation to the social problems that currently exist, we need a social agenda as well as redevelopment. A partially gated community would be disastrous." The tenants in ODG should know by October what way the land will be divided up between public and private housing. Lena says they will have to review this when it materialised and formulate a response. "When a regeneration board is set up, hopefully we will be able to learn from the mistakes and experiences of other housing estates around the city. As I said earlier we really are on the mercy of the developer. As it is, our community charter is only a piece of paper, and we'll have to try to get them to follow through on the commitments. We will be monitoring it. We really dont know how its going to work out yet."

Police Disrupt Peasant Gathering in Lombok, Indonesia, 37 Peasants Shot and Wounded

Jakarta, 20.09.2005 14:07

Statement by La Via Campesina, International farmers movement On the 18th of September an international delegation of 15 La Via Campesina leaders from India, Bangladesh, Korea, European Union, United States, Brazil, Nicaragua, Mexico, Mozambique, Dominican Republic, Cuba, accompanied by 50 members of FSPI as well as representatives from several international NGOs intended to visit the West Nusa Tenggara Province. The delegation was to complete a mission to verify violations of peasant rights occurring while defending their livelihoods, which were committed by the local government, police, private sector and paramilitary actors. ...

5 Union Officials Arrested

Jakarta, 20.09.2005 13:07

. ...

Romney menaces Muslims, immigrants and international students; Governor calls for wholesale profiling

Boston, 20.09.2005 12:07

Romney, as well as scores of Republicans and Democrats alike, despite their various orientations, are fast scrambling to forestall an independent multinational class-wide movement especially after Katrina nakedly exposed before the whole world the utter uselessness of the capitalist system. On September 14, speaking at the right-wing Heritage Foundation’s national office in Washington D.C., Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney declared, “How many individuals are coming to our state and going to those institutions who have come from terrorist-sponsored states?” referring to international students who attend the 120 colleges and universities in Massachusetts. “Do we know where they are? Are we tracking them?”

Cindy Sheehan visits Boston, other Northeast cities

Boston, 20.09.2005 12:07

In her first stop in the Boston area after her Crawford “Camp Casey” vigil, Cindy Sheehan spoke to a crowd of over 600 Sept. 17 at the Boston University School of Law Auditorium. She received a heroes’ welcome with a standing ovation and thunderous applause. Speakers also included Iraq Veterans Against the War, Military Families Speak Out, Gold Star Families For Peace and Veterans for Peace. Dozens of Somerville 5 and Sept. 24 leaflets were distributed to participants.

Santa Cruz First Night Parade of Freaks

Santa Cruz, CA, 20.09.2005 10:38

Call out for Santa Cruz DIY New Year's Eve parade and party

After several years of city-sponsored mediocrity, First Night Santa Cruz officially goes belly-up. To hell with city-sponsored anything anyway. Let's do our own parade. A Last Night celebration. A last night of waiting for governments, institutions, or anyone else to entertain us, satisfy us, bring us security, freedom, or joy. We reclaim our streets and usher in the new year with our own celebration.

We're not asking for permits or permission. We're just gonna do it. We'll start at one end of the mall and march down Pacific. Extra bonus points if we can pull off a swell dance party to rollicking live music on the other end. This is your parade, your celebration, and your new year. Interested?

Don't wait to see who else is involved or whether we will really pull this off. Fuck it. Jump in.

[ Last Night Santa Cruz DIY Parade ]

Five battery hens rescued in daylight protest

Aotearoa, 20.09.2005 10:08

The Wellington Animal Rights Network (WARN) said five hens were rescued during a protest at the Kapiti Poultry Farm on Saturday 10th of September. As about fifteen activists arrived for a protest at the battery hen farm, several people discovered a shed door was open and entered the building. Conditions inside the shed were some of the worst witnessed by the activists - dead hens lay throughout the building and in cages, the air was thick with feather dust, cages were so crowded that hens were trapped beneath other hens. Many of the hens were severely debeaked, and their beaks were split. Five hens were rescued and the protest was called off so the hens could be taken to a safe home.

Political Prisoners

Manila, 20.09.2005 09:08

Political Prisoners Fasting for Freedom

Urgent- Organic Standards Under Attack By Congress!

Portland, 20.09.2005 07:38

The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) needs your immediate help to stop Congress and the Bush administration from seriously degrading organic standards. Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 20, acting in haste and near-total secrecy, the U.S. Senate will vote on a "rider" to the 2006 Agriculture Appropriations Bill that will reduce control over organic standards from the National Standards Board and put this control in the hands of federal bureaucrats in the USDA.

Bush Intends to Blame Environmentalists for New Orleans Fiasco

Portland, 20.09.2005 07:38

The Clarion-Ledger, a Mississippi newspaper, reported on Saturday that they are in possession of an internal email, sent by the US "Justice" Department to various US attorney's offices around the nation. Asked the leaked email, "Has your district defended any cases on behalf of the Army Corps of Engineers against claims brought by environmental groups seeking to block or otherwise impede the Corps' work on the levees protecting New Orleans? If so, please describe the case and the outcome of the litigation."

Propuesta alternativa del Barrio San Mateo, Santurce

Puerto Rico, 20.09.2005 03:38

Santurce, una ciudad donde todos cabemos

George Galloway Live on Enemy Combatant Radio

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2005 02:37

On Wednesday September 20th George Galloway, member of the British parlaiment, will be speaking at Mission High School as part of a tour of his new book, Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington.
Galloway defiantly testified in front of congress last spring answering allegations of buisness realtionships with Saddam Hussein. Read More.
Enemy Combatant Radio will be providing a live webstream of this event. Tune in at 6:45pm for the broadcast.

Video of Galloway debating Hitchens in NYC| Galloway tour blog| Tickets for Wed.

OKC &quot;ANTI-WAR FAIR&quot; in Memorial Park 9/24

Oklahoma, 20.09.2005 02:07

"Anti-War FAIR" @ Memorial Park in OKC NW 36 & CLASSEN BLVD. Saturday, September 24, 2005 Noon to 4 PM -- and "after party" all evening. VISIT THE WEBSITE "Anti-War FAIR" @ Memorial Park in OKC NW 36 & CLASSEN BLVD. Saturday, September 24, 2005 Noon to 4 PM -- and "after party" all evening. VISIT THE WEBSITE "Anti-War FAIR" @ Memorial Park in OKC NW 36 & CLASSEN BLVD. Saturday, September 24, 2005 Noon to 4 PM -- and "after party" all evening. VISIT THE WEBSITE This PRESS RELEASE is an update; Internationally re known filmmaker BARBARA TRENT will be a KEYNOTE SPEAKER at the ANTI-WAR FAIR and will participate in a WORKSHOP at OCU with former CIA ANALYST DAVID MACMICHAEL at 5:00 PM in the SCARAB room located in the STUDENT/FACULTY CENTER. BARBARA TRENT'S BIO; CO-FOUNDER and CO-DIRECTOR of the EMPOWERMENT PROJECT a media resource center serving film makers around the world. She is an OSCAR winning film maker whose documentary films and video's are used for organizing social change and media reform. ACTIVIST, PRIMARY SPOKES PERSON, LECTURER and WORKSHOP INSTRUCTER for her organization at festivals, colleges and universities nationally and internationally. FOR MORE INFORMATION or to set up interviews with BARBARA TRENT or DAVID MACMICHAEL please contact Lisa Ghariani @ 405-524-1846 Email > or call The Peace House -- 524-5577 email website  

Merseyside Police to get Tasers

United Kingdom, 20.09.2005 01:37

A Taser is an electronic stun gun. Technically they are classed as a 'less lethal' alternative to a normal firearm, however concern about deaths resulting from their use is growing in the US where they have also been issued to beat officers.

Protesters picket Blue Arrow in Liverpool to support Gate Gourmet workers

United Kingdom, 20.09.2005 01:37

In solidarity with the sacked Gate Gourmet workers, protesters today picketed the Liverpool office of temp agency Blue Arrow and handed out hundreds of flyers with information about the dispute to passers-by.

Clarkson pied at awards ceremony

United Kingdom, 20.09.2005 01:37

TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was pied last Monday after receiving an honorary degree from Brookes University. The pie, and accompanying demo, were in protest at his bigoted and ignorant views on many topics, and there had been a campaign at Brookes against awarding him the degree.

call for protest | photos | links to mainstream reports | brief report

Yarlswood: Another Death in Detention

United Kingdom, 20.09.2005 01:37

Manuel Bravo from Angola, who lived in Leeds, was 'snatched' by immigration officials, along with his son, on the morning of September 14. In the early hours of September 15, Manuel was found hanging in a stairwell at Yarl's Wood Removal Centre. He was due to be deported the next day. Sady Campaign held a vigil in front of Yarl's Wood detention center on Saturday.
See reports from NCADC and on Imc UK: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

An activist reports: "The people detained with him got very upset. Most of them are women, many with children. Everybody was crying. I phoned them at the detention centre and I could hear it; a woman was so upset she could not even talk, just kept sobbing."

Several women from Uganda remain on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood, protesting against their deportation and the conditions in detention (see Legal Action For Women). Custody staff have tried to move hungerstrikers into solitary confinement and many women speak of the ongoing harassment.

Previous reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9. For more info see the full article

Germans Reject Thatcherism, US Puppet Role

Philadelphia, 20.09.2005 00:37

American media reports speak of a loss for Germany’s socialists and of a more pro-business Germany, but the voters of Europe’s biggest state actually stood solidly for a progressive, caring socio-political system and for a foreign policy that doesn’t follow in lockstep behind Washington.

George Galloway Live on Enemy Combatant Radio

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.09.2005 00:07

On Wednesday September 20th George Galloway, member of the British parlaiment, will be speaking at Mission High School as part of a tour of his new book, Mr. Galloway Goes to Washington.
Galloway defiantly testified in front of congress last spring answering allegations of buisness realtionships with Saddam Hussein. Read More.
Enemy Combatant Radio will be providing a live webstream of this event. Tune in at 6:45pm for the broadcast.

Video of Galloway debating Hitchens in NYC| Galloway tour blog| Tickets for Wed.

Book Review: Unconditional Parenting

Richmond, 19.09.2005 22:37

Alfie Kohn's radical parenting book, Unconditional Parenting, challenges traditional parenting methods.

Postcards from the Bring Them Home Now Tour

Richmond, 19.09.2005 22:37

It's a privlege to be working on behalf of Veterans For Peace and to be embedded with the southern leg of the Bring Them Home Now Tour. In the spirit of IndyMedia - I will provide updates as possible over the coming 10 days from the road and stops from Atlanta north to Richmond! [Tom Palumbo lives in Norfolk... which is "local" to us! -ed.]

Book Review: God's Politics

Richmond, 19.09.2005 22:37

Recently I had the chance to read Jim Wallis, God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It (San Francisco: Harper, 2005). This book was in part a response to the re-election of G.W. Bush, and in part a response to the overwhelming sense for religious life to be highlighted and return to public life, specifically the public life of those on the Left.

New Orleans has Class

Richmond, 19.09.2005 22:37

VCU student initiates a discussion of that aftermath of hurricane Katrina and the net result for poor people. Keep the dialogue going and post a comment ...

Secretário de Habitação da Prefeitura de São Paulo é tortado

Brasil, 19.09.2005 22:37


Ecological Collapse and Creeping Fascist Responses

Madison, 19.09.2005 22:07

One of America's primary civil rights - freedom from military rule - is under assault. In the next national catastrophe, President Bush wants the military to play an increased role. One immediate consequence of Hurricane Katrina may be removal of long-standing legal limits for deploying the U.S. military upon American soil.

MP George Galloway Speaks in Madison

Madison, 19.09.2005 22:07

British MP George Galloway of the Respect Party spoke last night at the UW-Madison Union Theatre as part of a national tour sponsored by The New Press, The Center for Economic Research and Social Change, International Socialist Review, and the National Council of Arab Americans.

Breaking Border Paradigms

San Diego, 19.09.2005 21:07

Calexico had many successes Saturday and early Sunday morning. According to the public and most major news sources, the human rights protestors have effectively shut down or delayed the Friends of the Border Patrol (FBP) from inaugurating their fall vigilante watch. Here are some pictures from one of the insipiring parts of the day as we broke down Border paradigms.

Morning confrontation: Account | Photos | Audio

Resistance in Houston | Resistance in NY

Past Stories: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Mexico: the Other Campaign Begins!

Tennessee, 19.09.2005 20:08

The first plenary of the Other Campaign, a 10 year initiative of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation to build a national plan of struggle, came to a close this Sunday afternoon in the community of La Garrucha, Chiapas.

The plenary was organized into six themes dealing with the organization and character of the Other Campaign. Subcomadante Marcos, spokesperson for the EZLN, made it clear that the form of the Other Campaign must be decided by all those who take it up. "The Sixth and the Other Campaign, " he said, "no longer belong just to the EZLN, but to everyone who embraces them". He also announced a proposal for the next stage of the campaign: a tour, to begin in January, of consultations in every region of the republic. Marcos himself will be the primary actor of the Sixth Committee, and, in order to perform the post, will be stepping down as spokesperson for the EZLN.

The meeting was transmitted in internet by indymedia chiapas and a coalition of independent and participatory media gathered for the event. It was relayed in FM in Oaxaca and Mexico City, among other places. In addition, the independent media activists present in the La Garrucha formed a proposal for a national network of independent media.

Present in the Plenary were 91 social organizations from throughout Mexico, 36 political organizations, 129 groups, collectives and NGO's, 26 indigenous organizations, 196 individuals.

audio: 1 | 2
video: 1 | 2
photos: 1 | 2 | 3

Propuesta del Barrio

Puerto Rico, 19.09.2005 18:08

Santurce, una ciudad donde todos cabemos

O aquecimento global será controlável?

Portugal, 19.09.2005 17:37

O aquecimento global será controlável?

Middle Tennessee Expecting an Additional 750-1000 Katrina Evacuees

Tennessee, 19.09.2005 17:08

Tennessee is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. Issues normally associated with internally displaced persons in countries like Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Haiti, Pakistan and Palestine are now issues that Tennesseans and all Southerners must face. The combination of a failed National Domestic Policy and a devastating natural disaster have forced many displaced persons out of Louisiana in the South's largest mass exodus since the end of the Civil War. Tennesseans are reaching out, though, opening their hearts and homes to the displaced peoples of Lousiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

corruption (en)

Barcelona, 19.09.2005 17:07

About the numbers: We Demand transparency

2 + 2 sum 4, if they sum 3 or 5 there's something wrong, if they not even come to light something serious must be hidden behind...

what happens with the fòrum 2004 where the numbers don't fit?
what happens with the feria d'abril (April festival) where the numbers wobble?
what happens with the growing militar expense?
what happens with electoral campaigns where the numbers divert?
what happens with the balance of payments where the numbers don't fit?
related news:
and what will be done with green zone benefits? ::: 55'5% of the families can't make ends meet ::: Disarm your taxes ::: Vilafranca del Penedès reports the publicity campaigns' big expense :::More research and Development resources (R&D) assigned to military research than to basic research ::: The precarity on països catalans grows ::: The feria d'abril and its andalusian electoral utilization ::: The electoral results where everyone wins

+info:: >>>corruption and power +++

net and freedom (en)

Barcelona, 19.09.2005 17:07

Data retentionis no solution. For cyber and civil rights!

Sign and spread against data retention

The data retention system reform on Europe that wants to be done under security pseudodiscurses can compel telephone and internet companies to store all traffic data and allow the law enforcement agencies to access them. This is incompatible with communication secrets and the right to privacy, and also attempts against innocence assumption and equals a compulsory ideology declaration. For all this a campaign has been started to defend the civil liberties in Europe, because data retention is no solution.

And make the surveillance difficult!

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women (en)

Barcelona, 19.09.2005 16:07

When the Roses of Fire bloomed

The 2nd of may of 1936, the first edition of the magazine MUJERES LIBRES went to the streets. Where the essential ideas which drove that collective and their actions, were harvested. in Barcelona, M.L. (free women) put in gear the "Casal de la Dona Treballadora" ("the house of the working woman"), between 600 and 800 such women attended, and midwifed the creation of a nursing school and the Louise Michel maternal infant institute. Reclaim their history! How they did & What they made- the Womens' Congress; Free & Libertarian [fotos]

Lucía Sánchez Saornil :: Mercè Comaposada Guillén :: Ampar Poch Gascón :: Soledad Estorach :: Pepita Carpena :: Sara Berenguer :: Pepita Estruch :: María Jiménez :: Pura Pérez :: Suceso Portales :: Azucena Fernández :: Antonia Fontanillas :: Conxa Pérez :: Concha Liaño :: Lola Iturbe :: Carmen Conde :: Pilar Grangel :: Isabel Mesa :: Jurea Cuadrado :: Pura Pérez :: Suceso Portales :: Concha Guillén :: Antonia Fontanillas :: Isabel Mesa Delgado :: Belén Sárraga :: so many that are models for remembrance whence to learn.

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The Battle of the Story

Melbourne, 19.09.2005 15:38

Ruddock challenged over Parkin deportation


Melbourne, 19.09.2005 15:38

Video Networking

Call-In Day Wed 9/21 to Support Political Prisoner Russel Maroon Shoats

Portland, 19.09.2005 15:37

Russell Maroon Shoats is a political prisoner being held in the control unit of SCI Greene, a supermax prison in western Pennyvania. Russell was a founding member of Philadelpia's Black Unity Council which eventually merged with the Black Panther Party. While a member of the Philadelphia Panther chapter Russell was arrested and tried for the murder of a police officer. He received an unfair trial, and without adequate legal representation he received two life sentences. Russell has spent twenty-three of his twenty-seven years in prison in a lock-down sensory deprivation unit.

Jericho Boston is organizing a call-in day to demand that Pennsylvania Department of Corrections provide the appropriate health care for Russell Maroon Shoats.

On Wednesday, September 21, 2005, let's flood their phone lines and demand medical care for our freedom fighter. Contact Doctor Falor at SCI-Greene, as well as Mrs. Manson, another health provider there, and demand Maroon receive the PSA test again: Dr. Falor & Mrs. Manson: 724-852-2902

Scott Parkin detained in Melbourne

Melbourne, 19.09.2005 15:08

Australia threatens deportation of US Peace Activist

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