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The FBI v. Political Musicians

DC, 25.09.2005 17:07

Part one of a coming video series.

As Thing Start To Heat Up: Friday's DC Protest Coverage

DC, 25.09.2005 17:07

From the heart of DC, BMIMC reporter Holly Hoxley offers a report of events as the weekend starts heating up. * Earlier tonight, on Friday, September 23 at 6 PM, bikers met at DuPont Circle to join the Global Justice Antiwar Critical Mass bike ride. * From 7 to 9 PM, CODE PINK held a vigil at the Walter Reed Medical Center.

Activists stymie delegates' arrival to IMF, World Bank meetings

DC, 25.09.2005 17:07

Sunday, September 25 -- About 100 people delayed IMF and World Bank delegates from getting to their meetings on time this morning by blocking traffic at intersections surrounding the Renaissance Mayflour Hotel where the delegates were staying.

RoundUp Application to Lakeshore Natural Preserve

Madison, 25.09.2005 16:08

The UW has hired a private contractor to apply Roundup, a mixture of glyphosate, polyathoxlated tallowamine, and water to areas where volunteers have removed "invasive speices" and cleared large portions of land throughout the UW Lakeshore Preserve.

The Sumac Centre needs help !

United Kingdom, 25.09.2005 15:37

The Sumac Centre is an independent community and activist resource centre in Nottingham. It is made up of a community cafe, social club, radical/social library, art exhibition space, Veggies catering campaign, filmnights, talks, meeting spaces and the residents. The centre is used by various local groups, collectives and individuals working towards social change and sustainability. It has hosted many national and international gatherings in the past and hopes to continue to do so. The centre is entirely run by volunteers


At the moment the centre is in need of help. Mainly due to reduced use of the centre/bar/cafe over the summer and mortgage rates increasing. At the moment there is a shortage of volunteers meaning the centre can't be open as much. We would like to continue to support and promote the work of many campaigns and individuals and continue the work we do in our local community...

More Links: Workday October 8th | Sumac Website | Regular Events | More information on volunteering

Week 24/9/2005

Antwerpen, 25.09.2005 14:37

De oproep

Anti-War Demonstration Held in Santa Cruz on September 24

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.09.2005 11:37

On September 24, about 100 people who are "sickened by the killing, torture, and spiraling human and financial costs of the illegal and immoral war in Iraq" held an anti-war demonstration in Santa Cruz. People rallied at the County Court House and marched to the Town Clock.

I got to the rally in time to hear some folk music, take some photos of the Raging Grannies, listen to a guy describe how voting machines don't work, listen to another guy descibe how 911 was an inside job, see Robert passing out flyers about a taser related death inside the Santa Cruz Jail, etc....

Meanwhile, some Santa Cruz activists chose to protest in San Francisco.

A march and related events are taking place in Washington D.C.

see also: Real Reports of Katrina Relief Special: One Hundred Thousand

Universidade Católica envolvida em negócios demasiado católicos

Portugal, 25.09.2005 10:37

Universidade Católica envolvida em negócios demasiado católicos


Perth, 25.09.2005 09:38

Peace Activist Scott Parkin Denies Claims of Violence

Stop Lethal Tasering in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 25.09.2005 06:37

What are sheriff’s deputies doing tasering an unarmed man in jail?

According to Sentinel reports, on September 18th, Santa Cruz Sheriff Robbins’ Deputies tasered* David Anthony Cross inside the Santa Cruz County Jail, alleged to “control” him after he began banging his head on the cell door and “acting irrationally.” The five second “stun” charge of 50,000 volts was applied directly to his shoulder “once or twice” rather than at a distance, according to Lt. Phil Wowak.

In April, Santa Cruz Mayor Mike Rotkin refused to direct the police department to open its records regarding taser use. On September 24th, a Public Records Act request was filed with the City, seeking to determine how widespread police use of tasers is.

Photo Documentary of the Anti-War Protests in Washington DC which Drew Hundreds of Thousands from Around the US

Urbana-Champaign, 25.09.2005 06:08

I was one of the hundred or so who travelled from Chambana to D.C. to say "bring the troops home now!" Here is a photo documentary.

HPC march September 24th

Maritimes, 25.09.2005 06:07

Hundreds protest Canadian, US involvement in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan

DC protest draws large crowd

Philadelphia, 25.09.2005 05:38

Reports of 100,000 to 500,000 march on the nations capitol. See also The Mother of All Anti-War Rallies and Pics from DC IMC,

Oklahoma Activist Network Workshop (OANW), Oct. 1st

Oklahoma, 25.09.2005 05:07

at the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church Oklahoma Activist Network Workshop (OANW), Oct. 1st @ the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church. From 8:30am to 2pm. We will discuss alliance and vision building for progressives across Oklahoma. Oklahoma Activist Network Workshop (OANW), Oct. 1st @ the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church. From 8:30am to 2pm. We will discuss alliance and vision building for progressives across Oklahoma. Oklahoma Activist Network Workshop (OANW), Oct. 1st @ the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church. From 8:30am to 2pm. We will discuss alliance and vision building for progressives across Oklahoma. Fellow Activists: We, the Oklahoma Activist Network, had to postpone our planned Aug. 13th meeting of the Oklahoma Activist Network Workshop (OANW). However, we now have found a place at the Stillwater Unitarian Universalist Church at 320 South Stallard Street (directions are below) Oct. 1. There was a lot of excitement and networking during our June meeting! Please, email me, if you are planning to come. In this way, I can prepare for bagels, coffee, chairs, etc. We had a great event in June with more than 25 activists around the state in attendance. We created the OAN steering committee and helped raise awareness and money to get the Oklahoma Indy Media some money for a new computer. We hope this workshop will facilitate building bridges through networking for progressives across Oklahoma. It is foreseeable to create a social forum or other events of our discussions. We also have a working agenda below. Goals: 1. Gain an understanding of other Peace, Justice, and Sustainability groups throughout the state, and identify our common ground. 2. Create a means for the whole network to share information effectively. 3. Build a dialogue toward understanding and bridging different visions. 8:30am bagels and coffee or juice 9:00 am Introductions 9:30 am Workshop on activist harassment by law enforcement ( presentation by Rex) 10:30 am 15 minute break and activist chat – get to know each other individually 10:45 am Workshop on Alignment building across difference in Oklahoma 12pm 15 minute break and activist chat – get to know each other individually; bathroom break 12:15 pm Building a vision. Roundtable - representatives of different oppressions, talk about common ground and how to concretely to get there? What is your vision of the future? 1pm Next steps? 2pm End – go somewhere for lunch? Hideaway?  


Colombia, 25.09.2005 04:37

Minga por la Dignidad de los Pueblos Indigenas

Klamath River film night Sunday Sep 25: Free the Klamath, bring down the dams

Portland, 24.09.2005 23:37

Come see "Salmon on the Backs of Buffalo" and other films on the Klamath Salmon and dams including a new video featuring underwater footage of the Klamath Salmon, Sturgeon, Steelhead and Lamprey. Native Speakers will share their environmental justice stories along with how to get involved with the struggle to force Portland-based Pacific Power (a subsidiary of Scottish Power) to take down the Klamath dams that now block hundreds of miles of fish habitat, and how to insure there will never again be a massive fish kill like the one that killed over 60,000 adult salmon in 2002.

Many of us from the Klamath River and other areas in Southern Oregon are coming to Portland on the Oxygen Collective bio-diesel bus because Pacific Power's headquarters is located in Portland. And we hope to drum up support to stop Pacific Power from killing more fish. We want to bring the salmon home to the upper Klamath Basin. Rides are available from Happy Camp, Ashland, and Eugene on the Oxygen Collective bus. There will also be a discussion on future protests in Portland to support the people and the animals of the Klamath River Portland Contact Number: (503) 493-7495 Other contact number 541 951-0126

Hundreds of thousands around the US protest war on September 24th

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2005 23:37

September 24th: Hundreds of thousands of people protested the US war in Iraq and the lack of funding of people's needs such as disaster preparedness today. The protests took place on the same day as Hurricane Rita hit the state of Texas, bringing rains and strong winds to homes, oil rigs, and businesses. Indymedia radio stations came together for the monthly Critical Mass Radio Network broadcast. Radio stations conducted interviews about the protests, the war, and the two recent hurricane/evacuation disasters. They switched back and forth between carrying feeds from such locations as Michigan, Portland, New York, and San Francisco.

Some 50,000 people rallied and marched in San Francisco. An Anti-Capitalist Convergence gathered at 16th and Mission and then marched along the sidewalks to Dolores Park, where it joined the main march. There was a rally at Dolores Park, which turned into a 12pm march and arrived at Jefferson Square Park for a 2pm rally. At the park, the windows of a corporate media van were smashed, and "Fuck the Corporate Media" was written on the van. (Photos: 1 | 2 | 3)

Crowd sizes at protests around the country were larger than expected. 300,000 people surrounded the White House in Washington, DC. 50,000 people protested in Los Angeles. Twice as many people as were expected protested in Salinas, California. The anti-war movement has grown in the last two months as Cindy Sheehan has gotten national corporate media coverage of her attempt to talk with President Bush about why he went to war. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, polls have shown that for the first time since George Bush invaded Iraq in March of 2003, a majority of people in the United States now call for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from that country.

Breaking news reports as heard on Enemy Combatant Radio or reported to Indybay editors

Protest for Peace to be Held at Vandenberg Air Force Base

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2005 22:37

October 1st through 8th is International Keep Space for Peace Week. There will be a Protest for Peace at the Front Gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base on October 8th, 2005 from 1-3 pm. The protest will be in opposition to the deployment of “Star Wars” missle defense and the militarization of space. The front gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base is located at the Intersection of Hwy 1 and Casamila-Lompoc Rd. (six miles north of Lompoc on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, CA). Flyer

Vanguard Peace Legal Defense Fund | Pacific News Bulletin | Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space | Women's International League for Peace and Freedom | Western States Legal Foundation

Piquete Toba

Argentina, 24.09.2005 21:07

Piquete Toba

Argentina, 24.09.2005 20:37

Stephen and Virginia Pearcy's Anti-War Art Attacked Again

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2005 20:37

September 22nd:
Stephen Pearcy Reports: "Another of our 'Bush Lied, I Died' soldier displays was ripped down and stolen yesterday from our Land Park (Sacramento) home. This is the 4th time in the last 8 months that this has happened, and the 2nd time in less than a month." Since February, their home has been attacked in several other ways: Their cars, their guests' cars, and their house have been egged on several occasions; Bush re-election stickers have been affixed to their living room window; their house was fired upon with multiple rounds of paint balls at 2am; US Marine stickers were affixed to several windows on their house; a shovel was stuck in the middle of their front lawn between two orange cones spaced about 7 feet across from one-another (the way a grave site is marked for digging in a cemetery); numerous "hate" letters have arrived in the mail; numerous threats have been left on their answering machine; they have received numerous annoying hang-up calls; garbage has been thrown on their lawn on many occasions (McDonalds bags, beer bottles, etc.); someone subscribed them to about 40 different magazines; police have mysteriously and inexplicably gone to their house while they were at work in Berkeley; and more.

Stephen Pearcy tried to get information about one of the vandals by using Craig's List, but his posts have repeatedly been "flagged" and removed. When he complained to Craig, the Craigslist CEO (Jim Buckmaster) emailed him back and accused him of berating them and said he should use someone else's site. Pearcy has asked supporters to email Craig to encourage him not to allow flaggers to thwart his attempts to identify the right-wing vandals. Craigslist people, however, have continued to allow the flagging. Stephen and Virginia Pearcy had planned to spend vacation time together away from their home by participating in activities such as the anti-war protest in San Francisco, but they have been discouraged by the lack of official support for their battle to get the criminal justice system to help them. He wrote, "We're getting a bit tired and disappointed." Read more

Previous Indybay Article about the Pearcys

Man Dies in Police Custody in Bayview Police Station

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2005 19:07

Bay Area Police Watch reports that a 22 year-old man died early Wednesday morning on September 21st, in the custody of San Francisco police. Craig Holden of San Pablo was pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after midnight at the Bayview Police Station where he was being held.

While he had been in custody, Holden had complained of trouble breathing and was treated at the station by paramedics at around 10:45 p.m., Tuesday. The paramedic crew left at 11 p.m., but was called back to the scene at 11:23 p.m., when police officers reportedly noticed Holden slumped on a bench "in distress". After they tried to revive him for more than 40 minutes, he was pronounced dead at 12:09 a.m. A police spokesperson later said that officers had had to "physically subdue" Holden because he had been resisting arrest, but he was not specific about the type of force that had been used.

At present, autopsy results have not been released and information about the specific circumstances of Holden's death remains vague. Bay Area Police Watch and the Idriss Stelley Foundation both have questions about the circumstances of Holden's death and are calling for an investigation.

Bay Area Police Watch statement | Idriss Stelley Foundation statement


Antwerpen, 24.09.2005 18:38

Partijfinanciering van het Vlaams Blok wordt niet gestopt

Reports from the Anti-War March in D.C.

Urbana-Champaign, 24.09.2005 18:07

Last night, close to 100 people from the Champaign-Urbana area joined members of AWARE for a overnight bus trip to Washington, D.C. where they will meet up with thousands of other Americans to protest the Iraq War. The UCIMC will be providing updates on the march and their activities.

Breaking news from 9/24 Anti-War Demo

San Francisco Bay Area, 24.09.2005 17:07

Greet a true hero from New Orleans, Charmaine Neville, at the Airport on Saturday

Portland, 24.09.2005 15:38

Charmaine Neville is arriving in Portland on Saturday evening to perform at Blues for Katrina on Sunday on the waterfront. Watch this video and you'll be standing there wiht flowers just like me. This is the text from Reggie Houston's email, her former bandmate who now lives in Portland.

ANZ targeted by anti-war activists

Aotearoa, 24.09.2005 12:38

The central Auckland ANZ Bank was closed down today when 200 activists marched to the same bank that they occupied last March. [ Report and photos ] 20 police officers and several security guards stood still as protesters yelled "ANZ, Profits From Murder", "We all live in a terrorist regime" (To the tune of Yellow Submarine), chanting to the theme of starwars and the famed "S C U M, what does it spell? SCUM!" chant. In Wellington, activists handed out fliers on Friday outside the ANZ on Lambotn Quay. [ Report ] Two ANZ branches were occupied in Brisbane on Friday. [ Report ] ANZ is part of an international consortium called the Iraqi Trade Bank, which was set up by the U.S. occupation. The U.S. has abolished all tariffs in Iraq, opening up what was once a protected economy. This has left 70% of Iraqi’s unemployed. Trade Bank bureaucrats tour the world encouraging multinationals to take advantage of Iraq's vunerable economy. Local industries have not been able to compete and most have been forced to shut down.

Minister to Bristolians on ID Cards: &quot;Erm....&quot;

Bristol, 24.09.2005 12:37

Bristol No2ID Group Puts Government on Spot Bristol No2ID Group Puts Government on Spot Lee Salter writes; The Government's big brother road show came to Bristol today, but was met with a small but forceful group of protesters. Andrew Burnham MP was sent with a crew of assistants, PR people and a minder to propagandise for the government. The stall, set up oin The Galleries allowed people to "have a go" at biometrics, and informed the general public about how easy it would make surveill... erm... good things. Shortly after the very junior minister had courted the media, activists from No2ID had unfurled banners and began requesting to speak to the minister. After a short time, one of the activists managed to get to talk to the minister. Reports of the conversation was that it went something like this: So, how much will the project cost? erm So, how much will the project cost? erm Okay, an easier question... Would ID cards have stopped the London bombings in July 2005? erm Okay, have you read your own bill? erm... Full Article. | No2ID Action | NO2ID Late Sept NEWSLETTER (plus local Bristol/SW info) | Oppose ID cards? Your chance TODAY. | |

Retenção de dados é ilegal

Portugal, 24.09.2005 11:37

Retenção de dados é ilegal

Stormen over de States

Netherlands, 24.09.2005 11:37

Nog niet een bekomen van orkaan Katrina, die New Orleans zowat van de kaart veegde, wordt de golf van Mexico geconfronteerd met een nieuwe storm, Rita, die het vooral op Texas gemunt lijkt te hebben.

Na de schandalige manier waarop de hulpverlening na Katrina verliep, beweerden de autoriteiten dit keer beter voorbereid te zijn, maar het liep meteen al mis, de dijken in New Orelans zijn niet behoorlijk gerepareerd en de evacuatie van Houston loopt in het honderd. Er wordt niks gedaan voor de daklozen en wie niet wegkwam moet zichzelf maar zien te redden want mogelijks stomr bestendige publieke gebouwen worden niet opengesteld om te schuilen.

Indymedia Houston en Indymedia New Orleans blijven werken en er zijn regelmatig nieuwsupdates, een aantal IMC's uit "veilige" gebieden in de VS volgen de situatie op de voet. De Vrije zorgt vlot voor samenvattingen en vertalingen in het Nederlands.

Eerdere berichtgeving over Katrina: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ][Common Ground Relief|De Vrije]

Volg de situatie op de voet:
[KPFT Radio]
[Katrina indymedia|Houson IMC|New Orleans IMC|Austin IMC|North Texas IMC|SF Bay IMC|Santa Cruz IMC|Portland IMC]

Gobierno de Estados Unidos asesina líder de la Independencia, Filiberto Ojeda

Puerto Rico, 24.09.2005 09:08

23 de Septiembre


Sydney, 24.09.2005 07:38

Firefighters Nurses and Ambulance Workers Serve It Up To Parliament

Leaving for DC

Urbana-Champaign, 24.09.2005 06:08

Here are some photos from the send-off rally on September 23.

Text of speech at William &amp; Mary Bring the Troops Home Rally

Richmond, 24.09.2005 05:37

"...we are for a movement that really brings together the interest of the Iraqi people and of the American people, and in particular the soldiers. And that really can be summed up in a slogan, one in which we have to say, BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW. And that that slogan brings together, in the best and clearest sentiment, the unanimity of interest that Iraqi people and that people in the United States have."

New detainee abuse revelations on eve of antiwar demonstration

Richmond, 24.09.2005 05:37

The Washington Post, Reuters, and ABC News are carrying a story that first appeared on the Washington Post website in which three soldiers allege abuse of detainees in Afganistan and Iraq. Coming on the eve of a mass mobilization of anti-war demonstrators that will bring bus and car-loads from Richmond, Fredericksburg, Norfolk, and other Virginia localities to Washington, the revelations underscore what is wrong with this war and why the US is losing in Iraq.

Power, Politics, and Social Change: A New Web Site

Santa Cruz, CA, 24.09.2005 04:11

Hoping someone out there might be interested in my new Web site on power, politics, and social change. It includes documents on national and local power structures as well as an updated photo essay on the Bohemian Grove and suggestions on new directions for progressive social change.

Who Rules America: Power, Politics, and Social Change is a Web site with many different aspects, created with the hope that everyone will be able to find something of use to them. It is based on social science research, mostly in sociology, but it can be applied in activism, media endeavors, or teaching.

[ ]

Scott Parkin

Melbourne, 24.09.2005 03:38

ASIO, Government continues smear campaign against peace activist

MPL Floripa entra em sua jornada definitiva

Brasil, 24.09.2005 03:37


September 24th Protest in Portland

Portland, 24.09.2005 02:37

We are standing with millitary families accross the country in down town Portland Saturday September 24th. Any thinking person must understand that our government has gone too far for far too long. We need to start standing in the streets as one voice against this oppression. We must end this war. We must remove our leaders from office. We must remove corporations from our government. And we must stand now to help stop it. 12:00 noon Pioneer square. [ read more ]

Protest in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan: CODEPINK PORTLAND will join with peace activists from all over the Northwest for a candlelight vigil on the bridges of Portland. We stand in solidarity with the national mobilization in Washington, DC and all over the country to demand an end to the war in Iraq. We stand in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, Gold Star Families, Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace, Iraq Veterans For Peace and every single citizen of this country and around the world who is crying for an end to the war and occupation. Please join us on Saturday, September 24th at 7:30 P.M. on the Burnside, Morrison and Hawthorne bridges.[ read more | details ]

Lobbying for Immediate End to War, September 26: On Monday, September 26, at 9 am, Veterans for Peace Ch 72, Code Pink, Oregonians Against the War, and various church related peace groups will meet at Pioneer Square then march to Oregon senators' and Portland representatives' offices to lobby for immediate end to the war in Iraq, to bring the troops home now. They will deliver letters with that message (gathered at the candlelight bridge vigil September 24 and other letter-writing campaigns). [ read more ]

other actions: [ Peace rally & march in Eugene Saturday | Global Justice Feeder March /// S24 DC | Estacada Peace Rally, Saturday September 24 | - - - stop war - - - | Eugeneans, Attention! | September 24th 2nd Las Vegas Press Release | Sep. 24, San Francisco: Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Convergence Against the War ]

related articles: [ See You in D.C. | Cindy Sheehan Rips War Party in Baltimore Talk | Download and print protest posters | Cindy Sheehan tells it like it is | S24 CHALK YOUR WALK ]

Manifestação contra a Aracruz Celulose na XVI Feira do Verde em Vitória-ES

Brasil, 24.09.2005 02:07


Don't Eat That Fish!

Madison, 24.09.2005 00:08

She and her family probably had no idea that the young girl and their other children risked serious neurological effects and other health risks from eating the fish, caught in the Fox River near Green Bay, Wisconsin, literally in the shadow of a coal-burning power plant across the water.

EZLN: Öteki Kampanya

Istanbul, 23.09.2005 23:38

Meksika: Öteki Kampanya başlıyor!

ESMAD asesino!

Colombia, 23.09.2005 20:37

Un muerto, varios heridos y detenidos es el saldo de la incursión del ESMAD en la U. del Valle

Poverty is a Condition, Not a Choice

Tennessee, 23.09.2005 19:08

When the alarming notices were given to the city and state officials about the level four occurrence of Katrina, it was still business as usual; however, Mother nature does not discriminate and continued through the gulf by all means necessary. So when “poverty” was being ignored and unexposed, this occurrence had no racial, economic, or cultural barriers for destruction.

Mollala Medical Marijuana Doctor Fined $26,000

Portland, 23.09.2005 18:38

David Pool writes: "At the Hempstalk festival of a couple weeks ago we caught up with Dr. Leveque an Oregon doctor and osteopath who has practiced medicine for over fifty years. The doctor is not currently practicing as a result of having had his license pulled by the state medical board, which also fined him $26,000.

Dr. Leveque was one of the first doctors to help patients suffering from a range of illnesses to use marijuana to alleviate symptoms. Many doctors refused to counsel their patients on the therapeutic uses of the drug, preferring to use pharmaceuticals like Oxycontin and Hydrocodone to treat pain.

indymedia article |

NAB Coming to Philly

Philadelphia, 23.09.2005 18:38

The National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) will be coming to Philadelphia for their national Radio Show Wednesday, September 21st to Friday, September 23rd. The Philadelphia IMC and other progressive activist groups who fight for community media and citizen journalism hope to take this opportunity to raise awareness about the effects of this powerful organization.

Anti-Arroyo Regime Update

Manila, 23.09.2005 18:09

Modern-day Martial Rule: The September 21 Protest Action

Photos Pre-Rita

Houston, 23.09.2005 16:37

Houston in the days before Rita

Welcome back to D.C. Indymedia

DC, 23.09.2005 16:08

Welcome back to D.C. Indymedia. The site has been down from mid-day Friday, September 16 to yesterday evening. We've been performing upgrades to the software that runs the site and adjusting other elements of the technical infrastructure.

Some things you should know:

The Wedding of the Century

DC, 23.09.2005 16:08

While the world waits and watches for princes and princesses to marry, they missed the wedding of the century that happened today in Murrow Park, on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the World Bank. The union performed today potentially has the power to rule the world, if you believe in Empire.

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