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Photos from today's march

DC, 28.09.2005 16:08

Yup, it was a really really big march. Here's photos of some of the folks who came.

Katrina Marches on Washington: S24 video hilites!

DC, 28.09.2005 16:08


World Bank Disrupted, SUV Strikes Protestor

DC, 28.09.2005 16:08

Joe Sacco, while working to prevent delegates from attending the World Bank meeting on Sunday, was nearly killed when a motorist drove at speeds over 45 mph with the protester on the hood of the SUV. Sacco was blocking one of four intersections surrounding the Mayflower Hotel- where many important delegates of the World Bank meetings were staying.

Abused &amp; Dumped in Anacostia: So Much for &quot;Negotiating&quot; with Pigs

DC, 28.09.2005 16:08

Suspenden paro docente en Santa Fé

Argentina, 28.09.2005 15:37

Bay Area Protests to Commemorate First Coup Against Aristide

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2005 14:07

September 30th is the anniversary of the first US-sponsored coup that ousted President Aristide in 1991. An international day of action has been called for September 30th by September Thirtieth Foundation. There will be demonstrations in two Bay Area cities on Friday, September 30th. In San Francisco, there will be a rally and picket at 9:00am at the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate. There will be two protests in San Jose that day- the first will be a lunchtime protest at 11:30am-1 pm at French Consulate, 2nd Street and Santa Clara, and the second will be from 4:30-6pm at the Federal Building at 2nd Street near San Carlos. Thus far there are protests scheduled for 31 other cities around the world.

Read More On Indybay's Haiti Page

Klamath communities demand dam removal

Rogue Valley, 28.09.2005 13:38

Monday at the Lloyd Tower Klamath river residents and supporters joined Native people of the Klamath River to ask Pacific Power to remove thier fish killing dams. The Klamath dams are currently in a process that occurs every 50 years, in dam removal is possible. However after years of negotiations Pacific Power shocked river communities by ignoring fish passage and down river communities in their plans. Now community members are taking their issues straight to the doorsteps of Pacific Power.

Features found on Portland Indymedia:
"Bring The Salmon Home - Un-Dam the Klamath!"

"Klamath community demands for Portland based Pacific Power to remove dams"

Strike at Australian Envelope Over: Is the settlement a sellout?

Melbourne, 28.09.2005 13:38

Strike at Australian Envelope Over: Is the settlement a sellout?

Athens, 28.09.2005 12:07

Από 29 Αυγούστου 200 εργάτριες της βιομηχανίας εσωρούχων Sex Form προχωρούν σε επίσχεση εργασίας απαιτώντας την άμεση πληρωμή των δεδουλευμένων. Με καθημερινή παρουσία έξω από το εργοστάσιο, σε μια προσπάθεια να πείσουν τις απεργοσπάστριες για «κοινό αγώνα», πορείες και συγκεντρώσεις, έξω από το υπουργείο απασχόλησης, εντατικοποιούν τον αγώνα τους.

Στις 26/9 πραγματοποιούν αποκλεισμό του εργοστασίου με αποτέλεσμα τη διακοπή της παραγωγής του εργοστασίου. Την επόμενη 27/9 από τα ξημερώματα εμφανίστηκαν αστυνομικές δυνάμεις στο εργοστασίο εξασφαλίζοντας την είσοδο των απεργοσπαστριών.

Αναλυτικότερα για τις κινητοποιήσεις των εργατριών.


belgrade, 28.09.2005 10:08


Menolak Pencabutan Subsidi BBM : buat Orang Awam

Jakarta, 28.09.2005 09:37

PERTANYAAN YANG SERING DIAJUKAN (FAQ) PEMERINTAH MENGATAKAN, AKIBAT KENAIKAN HARGA MINYAK DUNIA, SUBSIDI BBM YANG MENINGKAT DRASTIS AKAN MENGANCAM DEFISIT ANGGARAN NEGERI KITA. BENARKAH? TIDAK BENAR. Naiknya harga minyak dan gas dunia memang meningkatkan jumlah subsidi BBM. Tapi, juga meningkatkan pendapatan ekspor Indonesia dari sektor minyak dan gas. ...

Suspenden paro

Argentina, 28.09.2005 08:37

Acatan conciliación

Argentina, 28.09.2005 08:37

Forest Rescue Action

Perth, 28.09.2005 08:08

Palmer Jarrah Forest Action at Ministers Office

Refugee artist project launches at festival day

United Kingdom, 28.09.2005 05:07

Saturday 8th October 11am - 5pm, at Nottingham Playhouse; A festival day celebrating the work of artists in exile across the region and the launch of an East Midlands refugee artist network: Long Journey Home. The day will include theatre, music, song, poetry, film, exhibitions, food, crafts and free workshops.

In '1001 Nights Now', a new play by Northern Stage, leading writers of Middle Eastern origin revisit the story of Sheherazade, exposing with insight, colour and with the lives of people who seek refuge. It's on at Nottingham Playhouse, Friday 30 September - Saturday 15 October, and meet some NNRF supporters in the foyer. Click here for details and check out the weblog to see how rehearsals are going.

Links: Long Journey Home | Nottingham Refugee Forum | Nottingham Playhouse

Ni una muerte más

Argentina, 28.09.2005 04:10

Miércoles 28 de Septiembre 2005 | POR EL DERECHO AL ABORTO
Ni una muerte más

Phila. Student Union 10 Yr Anniversary

Philadelphia, 28.09.2005 03:38

Location: The Enterprise Center 45th and Market Streets
Date: Wednesday, November 16th
Time: 6pm to 9pm

The Philadelphia Student Union will be highlighting the people and organizations that have helped to transform and positively impact this profound organization. There will be a farewell to he beloved founder and former executive director of the Philadelphia Student Union, Eric Braxton. As well, PSU will be introducing its new leadership to the organizing community. In addition, PSU will be introducing its plans to make its work more effective the next generation of youth organizing in the coming decade.

por el derecho al aborto

Argentina, 28.09.2005 03:37

Miércoles 28 de Septiembre de 2005
Ni una muerte más

Porto Riko: Filiberto Ojeda

Istanbul, 28.09.2005 01:38

ABD Porto Riko bağımsızlık liderini suikastle öldürdü

24 Eylül savaşkarşıtı eylemler

Istanbul, 28.09.2005 01:38

İngiltere ve ABD'de yüzb,nler savaşa karşı yürüdü

Oregonian's Misleading Protest Coverage

Portland, 28.09.2005 01:37

Two Protests were held in Washington, DC this week around the issue of war in Iraq. An anti-war contingent organized the largest public rally in recent memory agains the policies of the Bush Administration. They expected 100,000 people, and all estimates I've seen of actual attendance ranged from 100,000-200,000. The next day, a counter demonstration was organized by groups that support war and agree with our current President. Organizers said they expected 10,000-20,000 attendees. The actual turnout according to the Associated Press--"as many as 400."

Despite the massive difference in scale between these two demonstrations, the Oregonian gave more space, and better coverage to the pro-war gathering. They ran two stories, a 10 paragraph piece on the anti-war gathering on page A-10, and a 17 paragraph piece on the pro-war gathering on page A-2. So, the anti-war gathering had at least 250 times as many people, but got 40% less ink, and was buried in the middle of the paper, while the pro-war side gets on the back of the front page--one of the most read areas. [ read more ]

Oregonian biased coverage of anti and pro war demos

To the editor, The Oregonian

On Sept. 25, you gave 30 column inches on A10, including a photo, to an AP story ("Thousands rally in Washington to bring troops home from Iraq") on the Washington demo using the lowest estimate for the turnout. That space included a 3" box noting that "about 100" held signs and candles in a silent protest on downtown Portland bridges. You did not cover the other Portland demo, which drew about 150 on Friday nor the largest of the Oregon Saturday events in Albany where almost 500 particiapted or any of the other local events from Waldport to La Grande.

On Sept 26, you devoted more space (32 column inches) on A2 ("Support for U.S. troops guides rally"--in larger type) including a photo and contact information (missing from your anti war coverage) to an AP report on an event 3000 miles away for which only a tiny group of between 200 and 400 supporters of the war turned out (organizers were looking for 20,000) evidently to denounce the overwhelming success of the anti-war events. Its significance event can only lie in its pathetic failure and suggest a lack of popular support for the war. It was not even noted by the New York Times. [ read more ]

more criticism of corporate media "coverage" of s24: [ Corp Media Mentioned DC S24 - But There Was Much More | Please post photos of Bridge Vigil | Corporate Media coverage of the protests? ]

portland indymedia s24 coverage

Dachi Bedea

Colombia, 28.09.2005 01:37

"Nuestra Voz" Minga por la Dignidad de los Pueblos

Anti-War Protests in Boston and DC: 9/24 Remembered

Boston, 28.09.2005 01:07

On Saturday, September 24th, 2005, dozens of local activists gathered at the Park Street corner of Boston Common to show their solidarity with protesters in Washington, DC. Meanwhile in DC, September 24-26 was filled with scheduled actions and events on national resistance against the war in Iraq and other issues related to US foreign policy. Sponsored by The Committee for Peace and Human Rights, a local group affiliated with United for Justice and Peace that has been hosting Saturday Vigils for the Iraqi People for 6 years, the event in Boston featured guest speakers on a variety of topics including: the Iraq War & Occupation, Women's Rights, BU’s proposed Bio-terror lab, Venezuela, SHARC, and Voting and Elections, among others. Several individuals and organizations collected signatures on petitions about local issues, including Affordable Health Care in the State of Massachusetts, and many people sported buttons, badges and signs showing their dissatisfaction with the Iraqi War and the current warmongering Bush administration.

Dachi Bedea

Colombia, 28.09.2005 00:37

Emisora Virtual Dachi Bedea

Man Dies in Police Custody in Bayview Police Station

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2005 00:37

Bay Area Police Watch reports that a 22 year-old man died early Wednesday morning on September 21st, in the custody of San Francisco police. Craig Holden of San Pablo was pronounced dead by paramedics shortly after midnight at the Bayview Police Station where he was being held.

While he had been in custody, Holden had complained of trouble breathing and was treated at the station by paramedics at around 10:45 p.m., Tuesday. The paramedic crew left at 11 p.m., but was called back to the scene at 11:23 p.m., when police officers reportedly noticed Holden slumped on a bench "in distress". After they tried to revive him for more than 40 minutes, he was pronounced dead at 12:09 a.m. A police spokesperson later said that officers had had to "physically subdue" Holden because he had been resisting arrest, but he was not specific about the type of force that had been used.

Bay Area Police Watch statement | Idriss Stelley Foundation statement | Indybay's Police Page

Witness Globally, Lobby Locally

Portland, 27.09.2005 23:38

On Sept. 26, representatives of Veterans for Peace Chapter 72, Code Pink Portland, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, WILPF, Oregonians Against the War, and OPW visited the Portland offices of Senators Smith and Wyden, and Representatives Blumenauer and Wu. We delivered messages urging the legislators to take action to bring the war to an immediate end, which included: a formal letter from the members of VFP72 (see attached .pdf file), individual letters and petitions, and more than 1,300 post cards to the two senators, 1,000 of which were signed at the Saturday Bridge Vigil. Letters were delivered to Rep. Darlene Hooley's office on Sept. 27.

The interaction with the legislators' staffs was predictably courteous and bland, with the exception of Earl Blumenauer's staff, who were clearly happy to see us and with whom we carried on the only real lobbying dialog of the day.

More Cheers Than Jeers

Portland, 27.09.2005 23:38

On Saturday, September 24th, a group of about 40 citizens gathered at the Chamber of Commerce office in St. Helens. 40 people in this small town, miles outside of the metropolitan area, cared enough to take a stand. They turned out to protest the war in Iraq and ask that our troops be brought home. Compared to the turnout in larger, more cosmopolitan cities 40 may not seem like a lot. In St. Helens, however, there are few activities that draw such a large crowd, and those are more likely to be high school sporting events than political rallies.

On Tuesday, September 26, 2005 a second demonstration was held in South Columbia County. People of all ages and backgrounds gathered together at the Totem Pole in Scappoose to make a statement. The number changed as demonstrators came and left, devoting time as they could. Some stopped in before hurrying home to fix dinner for their families, some arrived directly after work, all demonstrated their commitment to ending the war in Iraq.

Mr Galloway Goes to Washington

Madison, 27.09.2005 23:07

Mr. George Galloway, British Member of Parliment, spoke in Madison on Sept. 18th 2005 on his book tour. Mr Galloway tells us some of his background and reviews his comments on 9-11 recently then describes 'three main reasons' for the Western and British created 'swamp of hatred' that struck on 9-11 and threatens to grow into the entire middle east if we keep troops in this atrocious war on Iraq. 49min. - Wm 31meg, Qt 38meg

Mel and Floyd 09-23-05

Madison, 27.09.2005 23:07

Last Friday's Mel & Floyd from WORT. Sorry about the poor sound quality. The last 5 minutes or so are missing too. I'll try tweaking things this week.

Reportback from a rebellious woman: S24-Seattle

Portland, 27.09.2005 22:38

You are a rebellious woman. I will talk to your husband but not to you. You are a rebellious woman.

On the way up to Seattle we passed the time filling in madlibs packed by the spirit of creation, a mother with fire and love in her heart. Mothers must terrify the pro-Bush "Christian" death worshippers who called me a rebellious woman as I passed their contingent of two by Westlake Center. Females need one seed, then create on their own... life in all its uncomfortable, uncontrollable glory. To have your own power, your own voice, to seize your life as your own insults the death cultists, threatens their existence, gnaws thru the shabby veil of their reality construct and shows them their uselessness, base cowardice and petty, peevish, shoe-licking opportunism. They must silence all but the 3rd tier death-worshipping zombies from which they draw the small amount of spark it takes them to somnambulate and try to spread their filth. And forget the Christ they say they worship. A man if not a god who died for what he believed and shared a compassion which threatened the already parasitic power structure. [ read more ]

S24 - Seattle Pictures: The Good: cheerleaders gave the small anti-imperialist contingent a much-needed boost in ENERGY. if they hadn't been there, it would've been a little drab. i wish i had pictures. The Bad: the arrest of some guy and the docile liberal reaction to it. "oh lets just all get on the sidewalk" this one old hippy guy was like "i say we all get off the street and go listen to some more speeches!" [ read more ]

What I did to get arrested: "And I wonder what that poor guy we saw getting arrested did to deserve it?" Funny you should ask. According to the police report, the reason I was arrested was "pedestrian interference". I have two ideas why they chose me. First, I asked what law I was breaking by standing in the street (they never answered me by the way). Second, I suspect I was recognized by a few of the cops (at the J20 event for example, I managed to piss a cop off enough he had to leave the front line, pointing at me saying, "he's the first to go!" I think I've gotten the attention of a few of them...). [ September 24th Protest in Seattle ]

UC Santa Barbara Disorientation Guide

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.09.2005 18:38

A sister publication to UCSC's DisoGuide is now out! The SBDisoGuide can also be found on the web at

Welcome to college, what will you do? This is a world of war and injustice, pain, hope, and struggle. The richest one percent of humanity controls as much wealth as the bottom 60 percent. There are more than two billion peasants living today. There are countless more whose lives are equally difficult, and they all live in the first world’s long shadow. A global ecological crisis is upon us. Centuries of exploitation have left large swaths of the earth barren and poisoned. A crisis of meaning has overtaken us. We are continually bombarded with messages promoting consumption, wealth, and individual gain as the highest achievements we can aspire toward.

So welcome to college. How did you get here? Ever wonder how many people dream of attending the university but can’t afford it? What will you do with your time and education here? Do you believe that money, appearance, entertainment, and shopping are the be-all-end-all? Or is there more to life? Is there a different meaning? Collectively, most of us came here not entirely of our own choosing. If the future were our own, what would we make of it? Can we change things for the better?

The (Dis)Orientation Guide suggests some possibilities. The future is written partly in the rubble of yesterday’s burned banks. It’s etched in the blazing passions of past hunger strikes, sit-ins and organized uprisings. Part introduction, invitation, and inspiration, this booklet is a resource to connect you with others in your search for meaning and understanding. The goal of the Guide is to challenge all assumptions and to catalyze radical thought about the university, society at large, and our individual lives.

[ UC Santa Barbara Disorientation Guide ]

Santa Cruz Bus Drivers on Strike

Santa Cruz, CA, 27.09.2005 18:38

UTU Local 23, the bus operators for the Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District, are going on strike beginning Tuesday, September 27th.

A State mediated agreement had been reached with the Transit District and was signed by Les White, the District's general Manager, and our Union. Our Union agreed not to go out on strike while we tried to resolve some of the other issues we had with the Transit District. However, on Friday, September 23rd, the Transit Board reneged on this agreement - they voted it down. Instead they chose to once again impose their last, best and final offer.

By vetoing this agreement, the Transit Board has shown no concern for the public or our passengers. The drivers have tried to preserve the public transit system in this county but the Board is making this impossible.

Previous Coverage: Santa Cruz Bus Drivers Threaten Strike

37 camponeses feridos pela polícia em Lombok, Indonésia

Portugal, 27.09.2005 17:37

37 camponeses feridos pela polícia em Lombok, Indonésia

Movilización por la libertad de Gabriel Roser

Argentina, 27.09.2005 16:37

Martes 27 de septiembre de 2005 | ESTABLECEN FECHA PARA EL JUICIO ORAL
Movilización por la libertad de Gabriel Roser

Movilización por Darío y Maxi

Argentina, 27.09.2005 16:37

Martes 27 de septiembre de 2005 | UN OPERATIVO IMPIDE EL CORTE DEL PUENTE
Movilización por Darío y Maxi

Acto en repudio a la persecucion de los trabajadore/as de COTO

Argentina, 27.09.2005 15:37

Martes 13 de septiembre de 2005 | PERSECUCIÓN A TRABAJADORES DE COTO
Defendiendo la organización sindical

Motoristas e cobradores/as de Florianópolis entram em greve por tempo indeterminado

Brasil, 27.09.2005 15:07



Sydney, 27.09.2005 14:38

Tassie activists return to Weld Valley

Report and photos of solo AIPAC Protest @ BU

Boston, 27.09.2005 14:08

Inspired by and in solidarity with the demonstration against American Israeli Political Action Committee in DC I turned out in the rain to demonstrate against an AIPAC event at Boston University on Sept 26. Their were 4 Israeli politicians speaking about how great their "democracy" was and I, having spent two summers in occupied refugee camps and 3 weeks in an Israeli jail system full of Palestinian political prisoners on hunger strike, thought I should turn out to keep them honest.

education (en)

Barcelona, 27.09.2005 14:07

returning to the classes; returning to the student struggle

the european education space and its limitations: European Higher Education Space: Public University or Europe of the Capital? ::: Bologna Process. The reconfiguration of European universities ::: The Bologna treaty and what it involves ::: they pretend to eliminate the humanities degree ::: qualifications catalogue or a policy of accomplished facts? ::: public education, a constant degradation... ::: the PMDUP against university privatization ::: Protest: No to the Bologna process, in defense of public university ::: evaluation of the II education european forum in Norway, by Alternativa Estel ::: Chronicle of the World Festival of Youth and Students

[October 7,8 and 9 in Sueca] the CEPC is 5 years old!

[Oct 29 - Nov 1 in Córdoba] Iberic Social Forum for Education

related news: coaches from barcelona for the events of the 5th anniversary of the CEPC ::: Number 3 of l'estaca already published! ::: Joint manifesto of Alternativa Estel and CEPC for September 11 in the Fossar de les Moreres ::: abusive prices for carrying on studying ::: Dacco Project: English-Catalan translation in open code ::: Endogamy in the universities of the Spanish state ::: campaign of Escola valenciana for translating to Valencian the centers names :::Exhibition: Underground student press in the Països Catalans (1971-1976)

waiting for November 17: international student struggle and mobilization journey

+info : >>>education

Terror laws undermining civil liberties

Melbourne, 27.09.2005 13:38

Preventative Detention without charge

PhillyIMC General Meeting

Philadelphia, 27.09.2005 13:38

The next PhillyIMC general meeting will take place on Wednesday, Sept 28 at LAVA - 4134 Lancaster Ave at 7pm. Come one, come all! Click 'read more' for details.

Nova lei do estrangeiro restringe direitos

Brasil, 27.09.2005 13:38


Tales of at Least Two Protests

Ireland, 27.09.2005 08:37

NEWSFLASH: Goldfish Resist Radically Reports of two distinct actions in Ireland over the weekend of 24-25th Sept. 2005. On the one hand is a self-critical report of an RTS-inspired "Take Back the City" and on the other is a report of anti-war activities that took place around Shannon airport. Reports of two distinct actions in Ireland over the weekend of 24-25th Sept. 2005. On the one hand is a self-critical report of an RTS-inspired "Take Back the City" and on the other is a report of anti-war activities that took place around Shannon airport. From the newswire: Post Match analysis of the "Take Back the City" action in Dublin, Sept. 24th 2005. " [It] turned into the one thing we promised it would not be - Just Another Street party. Although fun was had and it was a great laugh when things eventually fell together you would have to have had a fair amount of cider inside you before you could convince yourself that it was the "working example of autonomy" that we had promised. To be honest, as one of the people involved in organising, I feel that we fucked up. From the newswire: A Weekend of Resistance in Limerick and Shannon (or as close as we could get). The weekend of resistance kicked off on Friday night when a public meeting was held in Halla Ide on Thomas St. in Limerick City. "The meeting entitled 'Shannon And The War On Terror: The War Comes Homes' was addressed by Ploughshares defendant and Catholic Worker, Ciaron O'Reilly, alongside planespotter Tim Hourigan from the Mid-West Alliance Against Military Aggression. The next day, Saturday 24th, there was a demonstration against the Government's policies and against Garda and Irish army complicity in the US military use of Shannon airport."

Bay Area Protests to Commemorate First Coup Against Aristide

San Francisco Bay Area, 27.09.2005 06:37

September 30th is the anniversary of the first US-sponsored coup that ousted President Aristide in 1991. An international day of action has been called for September 30th by the Fondasyon Trant Septanm (September Thirtieth Foundation). People of the world who love justice and freedom are encouraged to adopt the organization's idea of having a demonstration on the 30th, denouncing the dictatorship and the US/UN repression in Haiti, putting in place an International Coalition to work for the return of democracy in Haiti, demanding the return of the President elected by the people, and establishing a fund, administered by the September 30th Foundation, to support the victims of the repression in Haiti.

There will be demonstrations in two Bay Area cities on Friday, September 30th. In San Francisco, there will be a rally and picket at 9:00am at the Federal Building at 450 Golden Gate. There will be two protests in San Jose that day- the first will be a lunchtime protest at 11:30am-1 pm at French Consulate, 2nd Street and Santa Clara, and the second will be from 4:30-6pm at the Federal Building at 2nd Street near San Carlos. Thus far there are protests scheduled for 31 other cities around the world.

Community-labor coalition kicks off campaign for more power in elections

Boston, 27.09.2005 06:07

Over two-dozen local community and labor organizations have kicked off a grassroots effort to reinvigorate democracy in the Bay State by giving citizens more choices and a stronger voice at the polls. Rallying behind the slogan, “Vote Your Values,” the groups are conducting an initiative drive to repeal the state’s ban on cross-endorsement voting. Cross endorsement gives voters an opportunity to express support for the platform or values of a minor or third party without "spoiling" or wasting their vote on a candidate who has no chance of winning. Allowing candidates to run for office with the support of more than one political party gives voters more ability to hold elected officials accountable. Politicians can count the votes they receive on the minor party’s ballot line and recognize the significance of that party’s issues or platform in their election’s outcome.

Polonya: Andrew Smosarski

Istanbul, 27.09.2005 04:11

Polonya: 2000'de hemşire eylemine katılan eylemciye baskı sürüyor

Prison System

Sydney, 27.09.2005 02:38

New rules in Goulburn prison

SouthCoast Perspective on the DSEi Action

United Kingdom, 27.09.2005 02:07

The South Coast had a contingent present at the recent succesful blockades of
the DSEi Arms Fair held at the ExCel centre in East London. A critical mass
bike ride left the Bank of England shortly after 9 oclock and held up
traffic throughout East London for 2 hours before managing to clog up one of
the main roundabouts and routes to the ExCel centre.

Simultaneous Anti-War Protests in UK and US

United Kingdom, 27.09.2005 02:07

On Saturday 24th September tens of thousands of people took part in an anti-war demonstration in London [pics and report]. Organised by Stop the War Coalition, CND and MAB, the "March for Justice and Liberties" called for troops to pull out of Iraq as well as protesting against the ongoing erosion of civil liberties. Two feeder marches set off from East and South London, joining the main march at Parliament Square and taking two hours to reach Hyde Park for a rally. Organisers said up to 100,000 people had taken part, while police claimed only 10,000 people attended (see numbers controversy 1 | 2).

London Multimedia Reports: [March Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 ] [Rally Pictures 1 | 2 ] [Placards and Banner Pictures 1 | 2 | 3 ] [Audio Interviews + Rally Speeches 1 | 2 ] [Video Reports 1 | 2 | 3 ]
See also Cambridge Peace Procession and USAF Croughton Peace Picnic

America Protest Reports: Meanwhile in the US hundreds of thousands marched against the iraq war and US military spending priorities in what activists say was a important illustration of the changing mood in America. Organisers said over 300,000 people joined the march on Washington, though again there was disagreement over the numbers [report]. Up to 50,000 people marched in San Francisco, and 15,000 in Los Angeles, while smaller protests were held in many other towns and cities across the US. See United for Peace and Justice | September Action

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