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Protesters To Pelosi: &quot;Not One More Dime for War&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2005 02:07

On Monday September 26th, anti-war activists staged a die-in in front of the San Francisco Federal building to protest Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's support for the funding of the Iraq war. Photos.
While Nancy Pelosi has called the Iraq war a "grotesque mistake," she continues to vote for more funding for the war.

Also on Monday, protesters in Washington DC carried out a similar act of civil disobedience in front of the White House. 384 protestors, including peace activist Cindy Sheehan, were arrested. Many of those arrested were kept handcuffed in vans and buses for up to 12 hours before they were charged and released. Read More


Colombia, 30.09.2005 01:07


Invitation to join big peace blockade in Derby

United Kingdom, 30.09.2005 01:07

A request for activists to join a blockade of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby, where they make the engines for the Trident submarines is going out.

There will be a weekend of events starting on Saturday 22nd October with leafleting and events in Derby. This will be followed on Sunday by training for the blockade on the Monday morning. Trident Ploughshares have asked people who want to join the blockade to come to the training day as details of the following day will be given.

More Info: Derby Peace Pages | Trident Ploughshares | WikiPedia on Rolls Royce

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos Killed by US in His Home in Puerto Rico

San Francisco Bay Area, 30.09.2005 00:37

Filiberto Ojeda Ríos was assassinated in his home in Hormigueros, Puerto Rico by the FBI on September 23rd. Ojeda Ríos was a member of the Macheteros (also known as the Ejercito Popular Boricua or Boricua Popular Army), a militant pro-independence organization in Puerto Rico. He had been labeled a terrorist and sought by US authorities since 1990. In that year he had removed his electronic ankle bracelet while he awaiting trial for his involvement in a 1983 $7 million Wells Fargo truck heist in West Hartford, Connecticut. He had been living clandestinely ever since.

On September 23rd, Filiberto Ojeda Ríos and his wife were alone in their home when they were shot at over 100 times. He was hit in the shoulder on Friday afternoon. Law enforcement waited 20 hours before entering the house, and found him dead. Autopsy reports show that he had bled to death from the wound in his shoulder.

The killing of Ojeda Ríos added insult to injury for Puerto Ricans, who are fighting for indepdendence from the United States. He was killed on the anniversary of the Grito de Lares, which is considered to have been the launching point of Puerto Rican nationalism, and is a national holiday. On September 23rd, 1868 between 600 and 1000 men, mostly Puerto Rican born, revolted for independence from Spain. They managed to take Lares without any resistance. before the Spaniards became aware if the revolt. They set up a provisional government and declared an independent Puerto Rico Republic. The following day they marched to San Sebastián, where the Spanish militia defeated them. 20 of the indepedentistas escaped, 8 died in action, 7 were tried by the War Council. Four months later Spain declared a general amnesty. No one was executed or kept in jail over 4 months, but 80 had died in jail from yellow fever. The majority of the insurgents were Puerto Ricans and represented diverse socio-economic and racial levels. Read more Filiberto Ojeda Ríos had released statements every year on the Grito de Lares. Protests have been held in Puerto Rico and US cities such as New York.

Indymedia Puerto Rico | story About Filiberto Ojeda Ríos | Democracy Now report from 9/29 | Between the Lines interview with Jorge Farinacci | WSWS Article | ProLibertad Freedom Campaign | Article from Movimiento Socialista de Trabajadores | Claridad, Newspaper in PR | Macheteros website

All Quiet on the Southern Front

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.09.2005 23:38

A Report from the Santa Cruz Minute Maids

On Saturday, September 17, Friends of the Border Patrol (FBP)'s plans to begin border activities were preemptively shut down as activists from across the state banded together for a mass disruption. Caravans swept through border regions surrounding Calexico and Jacumba in search of vigilantes, focusing on areas of high border activity and previous Minuteman sightings, but found all to be quiet on the southern front.

At 8:00 am, protesters met prospective trainees for the self-appointed civilian border policing group, Friends of the Border Patrol, at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in San Diego. They banged pots and pans, held banners, obstructed entrances, and called for an end to racist violence. Aspiring border patrollers attempted two citizen’s arrests against protesters. One arrestee, a white male, was released immediately. The second, a Latino, was held inside a cop car for about an hour before being released with a citation for battery. Although this protest had seemed to be merely a prelude to the main event, it turned out to be crucial: Friends of the Border Patrol’s failure to mobilize significant numbers for their planned launch that weekend was blamed in part on intimidation by the morning’s resistance.

Audio: Jen Discusses Resistance to Border Vigilantes

San Diego IMC coverage: Breaking Border Paradigms

Anteprojeto de Lei sobre aborto pode ser votado ainda este ano

Brasil, 29.09.2005 23:07



Colombia, 29.09.2005 22:07

Estudiantes de la Universidad del Valle se toman la iglesia de la Ermita en Cali

Out in Oakland to Celebrate National Coming Out Day on October 9th

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2005 22:07

Out in Oakland will hold a National Coming Out Day March and Rally on Sunday, October 9th, 2005. The march will gather at the park on the corner of Grand Ave. and MacArthur at 1pm and will leave at 2pm. There will be a 3pm rally in front of City Hall, at 14th Street and Broadway. Organizations and individuals are encouraged to bring banners and signs and "Show (that) LGBTIQ spirit thrives in Oakland." Invited speakers at the demonstration include Joyce Pierson, a staff member of NCLR, Stephan Thorne, an SFPD officer and transgender activist, and Carlos Alain Chavez, a youth activist with the Pacific Center for Human Growth. Corporate backers will have booths at the rally in Frank Ogawa Plaza. Read more

Human Rights Campaign says that “Talk About It” will be the theme of this year’s National Coming Out Day, which will be celebrated on October 11, 2005.

Out in Oakland website | Tips for coming out on NCD (and every day)

FREE POT! in San Francisco on September 30th

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2005 21:07

The FREE POT! Patients' Rights Rally in Support of Medical Cannabis will be taking place in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza from 4:20pm to 8:00pm on Friday, September 30th. The event will include speakers and musical artists. More info about the event Free Pot! organizers say that a recent poll demonstrates that San Franciscans expect local authorities to stand up for patients' rights and safe access.

Read more on Indybay's Drug War Page

One Man Still in Jail After September 24th Anti-War March in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2005 21:07

During the anti-war march in San Francisco on Saturday, September 24th, a man was arrested by police and has been held since in SF Sheriff’s custody. He was beaten and arrested on a felony charge of possession of a deadly weapon, which was reportedly a knife that was on him at the time of the arrest. He was held in solitary for five days, and is now being held in general population in the San Bruno jail. He needs help to post bond and the legal team is asking for support for him.

He is scheduled to go to court Friday morning September 30th at 9:00am in courtroom 9 at the San Francisco Courthouse, 850 Bryant Street. People are needed to fill the courtroom, pitch in for his legal fund, and otherwise show solidarity with a protester who has been isolated in jail and needs public support. The legal team said in a statement, "The demonstration is not over with someone still in jail!" Read more about how to contribute bail funds.

Madison Police are Out of Control

Madison, 29.09.2005 20:07

Today Stop the War had a counter-military-recruitment protest at the Kohl Center, during a career fair. We were not interupting or otherwise infringing upon the rights of anyone at the fair, simply holding signs and passing out literature. The Marines, Airforce, and CIA were there. The UW police came and told us to leave. Bill Linville (Stop the War member) asked to see the policy which stated why we couldn't be there. They showed us a copy of the UW administrative code, which we were in full compliance with. He asked what rule we were breaking, and they refused to tell us, at which point the police officer pointed to two random people in the group, and told Bill they would be arrested if we didn't leave.

Luto no movimento GLBT: militante gay assassinado em Manaus

Brasil, 29.09.2005 20:07


Prefeitura recusa emenda do passe livre. MPL volta às ruas

Brasil, 29.09.2005 20:07


Represion a motoqueros en Buenos AIres

Argentina, 29.09.2005 20:07

Reprimen motoqueros en Buenos Aires

Argentina, 29.09.2005 20:07

Represión al sindicato de motoqueros

Argentina, 29.09.2005 20:07

Lopez Family Files Claims Against LAPD

LA, 29.09.2005 18:39

Lopez Family Files Claims Against LAPD

One Man Still in Jail After September 24th Anti-War March in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 29.09.2005 18:38

During the anti-war march in San Francisco on Saturday, September 24th, a man was arrested by police and is still in SF Sheriff’s custody. He was held in solitary for five days, and is now being held in general population in the San Bruno jail.

The man attended the anti-war march with his wife and his sister from Clear Lake. He reportedly moved his sister out of the way of an officer on a bike, and an altercation ensued. He was beaten and arrested on a felony charge of possession of a deadly weapon, which was reportedly a knife that was on him at the time of the arrest. On Thursday, his bail was set at $12,500. He needs to post bond and the legal team is asking for support for him.

He is scheduled to go to court Friday morning September 30th at 9:00am in courtroom 9 at the San Francisco Courthouse, 850 Bryant Street. He could use support in any form. People are needed to fill the courtroom, pitch in for his legal fund, and otherwise show solidarity with someone who has been isolated in jail and needs public support. The legal team said in a statement, "The demonstration is not over with someone still in jail!" Read more about how to contribute bail funds.

Arte callejero

Puerto Rico, 29.09.2005 17:38

Culturas: Un llamado a la clase artística

The UN Peacekeeping Force Slays Innocent People

DC, 29.09.2005 17:08


Uruguay, 29.09.2005 15:08

Reciclar es crear

Dachi Bedea

Colombia, 29.09.2005 14:37

"Nuestra Voz" Minga por la Dignidad de los Pueblos

Forests: Camp established in Weld Valley; logging stopped at Dingo Creek

Melbourne, 29.09.2005 13:38

Forests: Camp established in Weld Valley; logging halted at Dingo Creek

Jerónimo Martins: ilegalidade S.A

Portugal, 29.09.2005 11:07

Jerónimo Martins: ilegalidade S.A


Portland, 29.09.2005 09:37

The little black electric clock was buzzing, I was in a wonderful dream, and we were at peace. When I looked at the clock it said 0600; I had to get up and be about the business of protesting on the Morrison Bridge, Portland, Or. I wanted coffee----give me coffee and all things would seem better. My beloved wife Patty said, "You don't have to get up, it is your day off, and taking one Friday off from your protest will not change the world." During my second cup of coffee, waiting for the bus to come at 0705, I wondered what keeps me going.

What makes a guy who is happy with his life, has a great lady to share his adventure of living for the last 25 years (+)---grandkids that think he is funny and love building things with him; what makes him risk being arrested or run over by some nutty Bush supporter who gets angry over one of his signs.

What makes this guy, who now calls himself the "Lone Vet" because he has decided to stand alone on the bridge from 0730-0830 every Friday with a sign that most people ignore, some cheer, and others who yell commie coward. One word comes to mind, "Fear." [ read more ]

previous: Protest continues on the Morrison Bridge

Two More Oregon Soldiers Die in the War

Portland, 29.09.2005 08:38

As the sad word reaches us about two more deaths half a world away, in a war that should not be, I am feeling conflicted about how to respond to the news. I understand that flags will be flying at half mast tomorrow and the next day, in a symbolic gesture of futility meant to be respectful of the dead. But how much respect can I really offer? Almost none at all.

This probably seems cold to most people, as if I were slandering the dead. But that is not my intention. I, too, am saddened by the news of yet more "collateral damage" in a war that seems like it may never end. I, too, understand that these two human beings surely had other intentions for their lives, than to wind up blowing away with the dusts of Afghanistan. And I, too, wish they had never been asked to go there at all. But I cannot call them heroes. I cannot give them a moment of silence that is not haunted with the dead they took with them. And I cannot give the "brave soldiers" who might survive all this any kind of parade.

Bristol Indymedia Film Night - 'War', 3rd Oct @ Cube Cinema

Bristol, 29.09.2005 08:07

Featuring 'Old Enough to Know Better' & 'Weapons of Mass Deception' Featuring 'Old Enough to Know Better' & 'Weapons of Mass Deception' Monday 3th October @ Cube Cinema £2/3, though nobody turned away for lack of funds. Doors open 7.30pm, films start at 8pm. The theme for this month's Indymedia film night is 'War' and it will be led by the multi-award winning film 'Old Enough to Know Better', which documents the mass school walkouts staged by thousands of school pupils in protest against the Iraq war. It shows the dramatic political awakening of young people and their facing up to an establishment reluctant to let them express their views - culminating in the storming of Edinburgh castle by youth gone wild! The Film was named best documentary at the UK’s First Light Film Awards for short films made by young people. This film will be accompanied by 'Weapons of Mass Deception': There were two wars going on in Iraq - one was fought with armies of soldiers, bombs and a fearsome military force. The other was fought alongside it with cameras, satellites, armies of journalists and propaganda techniques. One war was rationalized as an effort to find and disarm WMDs - Weapons of Mass Destruction; the other was carried out by even more powerful WMDs, Weapons of Mass Deception - the media war. Wards of praise for this film include; "A comprehensive and devastating critique of the TV news networks' complacency and complicity in the war on Iraq... brilliantly argued and scrupulously documented... a must see" Chicago Reader and "More cohesive and devastating than Fahrenheit 911" Boston Phoenix. | Venue: Cube Cinema: Dove St South (off Kings Square), Bristol | | | Pilton Video Project (makers of 'Old Enough to Know Better') |

Call Immediately to Support Endangered Species Act, itself facing extinction

Portland, 29.09.2005 05:37

Call your Congressional Rep Today and ask them to oppose Pombo' Bill HR 3824 that will gut the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The ESA is critical to all the the efforts of brave enviros and the best legal obstacle to extinction. Pombo's bill, HR 3824 will be vote on in the House Thursday Sept. 29. Calls are critical. No emails

Eyewitness Report of DC Monday Arrests

Portland, 29.09.2005 05:37

There were nine of us, who came from different parts of Oregon, to participate in the three-day events in DC. We all walked in the massive march on Saturday; on Monday two in our group chose to participate in the civil disobedience action. About 10AM Monday morning, our group walked over to Lafayette Park, which is across the street from the White House. By 12:30 marching groups from Camp Casey and another from the Laity and Clergy group converged onto the park with great cheers from the rest of us. By now, we were about 1,000 strong. [ Read More ]

What it was like: an account of Sept. 24th D.C.

The demonstration in DC was like a convention. One lady my age touched my arm and asked, "Who would have ever thought we would have to do this again?" Then she vanished into the crowd. We all had to show up at this convention to convince ourselves that there were others in a nation of over 280 million people occupying half a continent who have not gone stark raving mad. We were the others who gathered together at Washington DC on the 24th of September, 2005 and at points all over the USA and all over the world. We move to gather again, to get to know each other. These are not "demonstrations," because it is no longer possible to demonstrate the obvious. This was and will be a gathering of strength, of information, of momentum. It was like seeing hope. It was like seeing the future as it will be; green, whether in local sustainable communities or in recovering forests outside the ruins. [ Read More ]

The Threat of High Electric &amp; Natural Gas Bills

Portland, 29.09.2005 05:37

Prices are predicted to soar and there seem to be few alternatives for the low income consumer. When persistance of reports that heating oil and natural gas bills will soar this winter due to the hurricane devastation and other factors, we -- like many other low income and poverty level families -- have been frightened at the prospect of having to pay higher heating prices when we are already stretched to the limit by high rent, food, and other necessary monthly expenses. Since our local energy suppliers are essentially monopolies catering to shareholders, we don't have the luxury of shopping around.

Hurricane Survivors Harrassed by Police in New Orleans

DC, 29.09.2005 05:08

Katrina and Rita's survivors who are refusing to leave New Orleans say now that the police can ride by, they are harrasing them and those who are helping them survive in the aftermath of the hurricanes. I interviewed them by phone and here it is, raw.

Protestors beseige Minutemen-and are harassed by Capitol Police

DC, 29.09.2005 05:08

Today two groups beseiged the Minutemen anti-immigrant event at the Capitol Hill Club(Republican Club) in SE on the Hill. One was ANSWER, and the other was a "mounted cavalry" of biking anarchists.

Meet your IMC Saturday, Oct. 1

Pittsburgh, 29.09.2005 04:11

Meet your IMC Saturday, Oct. 1

Aksi dan Pemogokan Menolak Kenaikan BBM

Jakarta, 29.09.2005 04:10

Akan kepung Istana Ribuan mahasiswa dan masyarakat turun ke jalan Rabu (28/9) kemarin. Mereka bergerak mengepung Istana Negara Jakarta. Mereka menilai kenaikan harga BBM ini hanya menguntungkan koruptor. Pemerintahan Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dan Jusuf Kalla (SBY-JK) hanya menjadi kepanjangan tangan kaum kapitalis global. ...

San Francisco Mime Troupe comes to Santa Cruz on Oct 1st and 2nd

Santa Cruz, CA, 29.09.2005 03:38

The San Francisco Mime Troupe is wrapping up thier season with 2 FREE performances of thier production Doing Good in Santa Cruz Oct 1st and 2nd at San Lorenzo Park. Music at 2:30pm and Show at 3:00.

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for another wild yet thought-provoking ride with the San Francisco Mime Troupe, which will open its new season with a brand new play, Doing Good, inspired by John Perkins’ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. Loaded with history and a global perspective, Doing Good has a backdrop of US foreign policy since WWII. It is an epic work, in step with the Mime Troupe’s raison d’etre, laced with laughter, tragedy, snappy dialogue and live music.

see also: : Political Theatre: San Francisco Mime Troupe in SC Oct 1 & 2 Volunteers needed!

Don't Eat That Fish!

Chicago, 29.09.2005 03:37

From the Newswire: "[...] a recent study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found that coal-burning power plants in the US are [...] the major source of domestic mercury contamination. The study found that 16 of the top 25 sources of mercury in the Great Lakes are coal-burning power plants, some of them from Nevada and Texas but most in Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan."
"Meanwhile mercury isn�t the only concern raised by coal-burning plants. Numerous studies have now linked them to respiratory problems including asthma and emphysema. A 2001 study by the Harvard School of Public Health blamed two coal-burning plants in Chicago, the Fisk and Crawford plants run by the company Midwest Generation, for causing an estimated 41 premature deaths, 2,800 asthma attacks and 550 emergency room visits per year. Nationally, a study by the group National Campaign Against Dirty Power showed 24,000 lives are cut short by an average of 14 years because of respiratory and heart problems and cancer exacerbated or likely caused by coal-burning power plants. Low-income and minority communities bear the brunt of these health effects, since the plants are normally located in or near lower-income areas. A 2002 study by the National Campaign Against Dirty Power found that 71 percent of African-Americans lived in counties that violated air pollution standards, compared to 58 percent of white Americans. African-Americans were also hospitalized for asthma attacks at three times the rate of white Americans. Reports by that group also found that seven of 10 Latinos in the U.S. are breathing air that violates federal standards, and 71 percent of Latinos live in counties that violate Clean Air Act standards." - Read More -
Additional Resources:
National Campaign Against Dirty Power | PERRO (anti-pollution/ environmental racism group in Chicago) | Illinois PIRG | Clean Wisconsin | American Lung Association

Haiti Book Tour

Maritimes, 29.09.2005 03:07

Activist/Author to tour Maritimes as part of Haiti Solidarity Book Launch

Dinner at Trillium Hollow Couhousing Community

Portland, 29.09.2005 02:37

Many people don't know it but Portland has 2 cohousing communities, Trillium Hollow Cohousing Community and Cascadia Cohousing Community. Cohousing is style of cooperative housing whereby the residents of the community live and engage in intentional community. For more information on cohousing you can check out

Trillium Hollow (TH) is located in Portland's West Hills in the Cedar Mill area 7.5 miles from downtown Portland. TH has 29 family units located on 3.6 acres with an adjacent 11 acres of greenbelt. TH common areas include a year round stream, wetland, organic gardens, greenhouse, 4,500 sf common house, children's play areas, laundry, and much much more.

Terror profiling nets innocents

United Kingdom, 29.09.2005 01:37

If you think that the police's profiling of terror suspects is something that only happens to other people - think again. Software developer, David Mery, in provided an exclusive radio interview about how he was arrested when he drew the attention of police on the London Underground three weeks after the bomb attacks of July 7th and a week after the failed bomb attacks of the 21st July.

Davids 'crime'? - wearing a rucksack along with an 'unseasonal' jacket and checking his phone messages while waiting for his train. Luckly for David the police refrained from following the shoot-to-kill policy that had resulted in the tragic death of Jean Charles De Menezes less than a week earlier. Instead, they closed Southwark tube station and cordoned off the whole area while the bomb squad checked his bag. Eventually, finding nothing but a laptop in his bag, the orginal officers appologised then arrested anyway. His home was searched and his computers confiscated. You could be next.

[ exclusive interview | Davids account 1,2 | profiling | bloggers unite ]

Get radio active

United Kingdom, 29.09.2005 01:37

Below are some highlights of recent audio contibutions to the IMC-UK newswire. Anyone can upload audio recordings, be it speeches, interviews, or their own reports. If you are interested in collaborating on creating and distributing radical radio programming, get involved by joining the IMC UK Radio list.

There are a variety of groups and individuals working within the IMC UK framework to produce radio programs. Indymedia Radio London produce an hour long show broadcast in London by Resonance FM every Wedensday between 1pm and 2pm. In the past they have mobilised to provide streaming coverage from the IMC set up for DSEi2003. Another regular show available online and broadcast on Resonance FM is Slow Small Peasants with audio landscapes on social and ecological justice every Friday 2-3pm. The show evolved out of Diveristy Radio which disseminated the diverse views of participants and others during the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002. They also covered the (COP6) Convention on Biological Diversity.

rampART radio was born when a studio was created at the rampART social centre in September 2004 as part of media production facilities aimed at providing independent media coverage during the London European Social Forum held in October. When the ESF finished the station continued, adding a variety of regular live programs, and putting out daily news and events listings. rampART radio will shortly celebrate it's first birthday but has been considering proposals to de-brand the station and concentrate on building up and strengthening a wider radio network collaboration.

Police State

Sydney, 29.09.2005 00:37

Democrat Will Oppose Anti-Terrorism Laws

Rural Residents Rally to Demand Collaborative Projects

Rogue Valley, 28.09.2005 23:38

BLM To Auction Controversial Public Lands Old Growth

On September 29th, the Medford Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is holding the largest public lands timber auction Southern Oregon has seen in years. Rural residents from the Applegate and Illinois Valleys will be gathering outside the BLM office at 3040 Biddle Road to protest this massive sell off of low elevation native forests. A press conference will begin at 9:00am.

Rural residents are asking the BLM to work collaboratively with citizens and local groups to develop projects that protect remaining old-growth forests while providing local jobs. The BLM has an opportunity to work with our communities to develop light-touch thinning projects that unite communities, instead they are moving forward with controversial timber sales that log large trees and intact forests, said Little Applegate resident Kathy Horner.

Klamath River Residents Protest Dams

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2005 23:07

Klamath River community members staged a protest Tuesday in front of the Headquarters of Pacific Power to demand the removal of dams that residents say generate little electricity when compared with the damage to salmon runs and Klamath River Tribes. Massive fish die-offs and deadly algae blooms in the river are two immediate issues facing the Klamath, and to bring the message home protestors brought a pile of toxic algae and dead fish from the polluted reservoirs.

Residents and tribal members reported the lowest Chinook (or King) Salmon runs in recorded history that impact the local way of life. They demanded Pacific Power remove the dams to bring the salmon home to the upper Klamath watershed, which has not seen salmon in almost a century.

Previous Reports: 1 I 2

Metro Nashville Police Accused in Brutal Death of Patrick Aaron Lee

Tennessee, 28.09.2005 21:08

Unarmed Patrick Lee Allegedly Tasered 18 Times, Beaten and Pepper Sprayed at Concert by Police Shortly before midnight on the evening of Thursday, September 22nd, Metro Nashville Police Officers brutally beat and tased Patrick Aaron Lee, 21. Lee, who was unarmed, was reportedly tased somewhere between twelve and nineteen times. Lee had been attending a concert at the Mercy Lounge. He was also brutally beaten and pepper sprayed by the police reportedly in the parking lot outside of the Mercy Lounge. Lee died the next day at Vanderbilt University medical center in front of his family and friends. Lee was described by his family and friends as a gentle person who had been planning to go to sound engineering school and who never raised his voice against anyone and was willing to drop whatever he was doing to help his friends. His family was devastated by the news of his tragic and untimely death.

México: Começa A Outra Campanha

Brasil, 28.09.2005 21:07


Movimento de Trabalhadores Desempregados faz manifestação nacional nas DRT

Brasil, 28.09.2005 21:07


Bispo baiano inicia greve de fome contra transposição do São Francisco

Brasil, 28.09.2005 21:07


Tragédia anunciada: ônibus em Salvador aumenta para R$ 1,70

Brasil, 28.09.2005 21:07


FREE POT! in San Francisco on September 30th

San Francisco Bay Area, 28.09.2005 19:37

The FREE POT! Patients' Rights Rally in Support of Medical Cannabis will be taking place in San Francisco's Civic Center Plaza from 4:20pm to 8:00pm on Friday, September 30th. The event will include speakers and musical artists. More info about the event

On September 15th, the SF San Francisco Planning Commission recommended Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi's proposal for the regulation of medical marijuana dispensary clinics. In an Evans-McDonough poll of San Francisco residents that was released September 14, 91% of respondents had said that they support medical cannabis for people whose doctors recommend it. Free Pot! organizers say that this demonstrates that San Franciscans of all backgrounds expect local authorities to stand up for patients' rights and safe access. FREE POT! is sponsored by Americans for Safe Access,, the Libertarian Party of San Francisco, and the California Marijuana Party.

Seineldin en santiago

Argentina, 28.09.2005 18:37

Miércoles 28 de septiembre 2005 | EN SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO TAMBIEN
¿ Que hace Seineldín en Santiago ?

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