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Channel X: Crime and Prejudice

Urbana-Champaign, 04.10.2005 16:08

Compulsory abortion? No thanks, Bill, I'm pro choice...

Right Wing Moving in on Sesame Street

Urbana-Champaign, 04.10.2005 16:08

Right-wing ideologues are silently taking over our public media. Just when we thought Big Bird was safe, trouble has returned to Sesame Street. In fact, trouble never left. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), the agency that oversees PBS and NPR, is the latest in a long line of institutions to suffer hostile takeovers by right-wing ideologues. Though Republicans’ attempt to de-fund the CPB in June backfired after setting off a public firestorm, the assault from within has run unabated, led by right-wing apparatchik and CPB chair, Kenneth Tomlinson.


Colombia, 04.10.2005 15:07

A la carrera hacia el despeñadero

Toma de viviendas en Villa Lugano

Argentina, 04.10.2005 15:07

Vecinos de Villa Lugano ocupan las viviendas prometidas

Conflicto gremial en diario La Union

Argentina, 04.10.2005 15:07

Conflicto gremial en el diario La Unión

Bay Area to &quot;Welcome Cindy Home With Love&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2005 14:37

On Wednesday, October 5th, many Bay Area anti-war activist groups plan to "Welcome Cindy Home with Love". A benefit, will begin at 7:00pm at the Grand Lake Theater at 3200 Grand Ave in Oakland (Directions). Advance tickets are available.

Cindy Sheehan, who gained national attention for her campout near President Bush's ranch in Crawford Texas, has returned to California. She told the national press and administration representatives that she wanted to meet with Bush to ask him what the noble cause for which her son had been killed was. Following her stay in Crawford, she and other Gold Star Families (families of US soldiers who died in Iraq) embarked on the Bring Them Home Now tour from Crawford to Washington, DC, where Sheehan and others spoke at the September 24th anti-war protest in DC. Camp Casey and its demand for answers moved from Crawford to the front doors of the White House, and to those of Congress and the Senate.
Read More On Indybay's Anti-War Page

Harriet Miers Nominated To US Supreme Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2005 14:37

On October 3rd, 2005, Bush nominated his personal lawyer, Harriet Miers, to the US Surpreme Court. Miers has never served as a judge. Her stances on legal issues are unknown to all except perhaps Bush's inner circle. Cases that will come before the Court will include issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and military recruiters on campuses. With Roberts as Chief Justice and Miers likely to get confirmed, there could be significant changes in the US legal system. There will likely be cases that deal with military tribunals in Guantanamo and the right of the President to declare US citizens enemy combatants, allowing indefinite imprisonment without a trial.
Read More On Indybay's Government Page

Fredericksburg Critical Mass

Richmond, 04.10.2005 13:38

Just a reminder of Fredericksburg's critical mass solidarity bike rides (5:30PM, every first Friday of the month)--RAIN OR SHINE!

No Borders Actions

United Kingdom, 04.10.2005 13:37

Over 500 marched in Bolton on Saturday in solidarity with the Sukula Family, against Section 9 and for an end to all immigration controls.

The Sukula Family is one among many who after the proposed introduction of Section 9 is threatened to be separated and have their children taken into care. Their pledge for asylum was rejected and they do not receive any benefits. Bolton city council still refuses the implementation of Section 9, currently tested in a few northern councils which would oblige them to take the kids of the Sukula Family into care on the grounds that their parents cannot support them. The council argues that this would violate the family-protection act and the cost of it would be higher than continuing paying benefits to the family. The support of the Sukula family and the opposition against Section 9 brought together groups and unions from various northern cities and town. Two Unions decided in a consensus vote of their members to refuse to participate in implementing Section 9. Speakers reminded the crowd of the importance to build local and regional networks of solidarity and resistance aganist the racsist policies of the British and EU governenments.

The Iraq War Comes Home: Ritter in Bristol

Bristol, 04.10.2005 12:37

Tuesday 4 October 2005, Time: 7.15pm (doors 6.45pm) @ Room 3.31, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Rd. Tuesday 4 October 2005, Time: 7.15pm (doors 6.45pm) @ Room 3.31, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Entry: FREE Bristol is playing host to Card-Carrying Republican, former Marine Intelligence officer, former UN Weapons Inspector and prominent anti-Iraq war critic, Meena writes; He took on the entire political and media establishment of the US virtually single-handed in the run-up the 2003 Iraq war in persistently maintaining that Iraq did not pose a serious WMD threat. The speaker will be addressing how the US and to a lesser extent, the UK has 'shaped' intelligence to fit policy. He will be discussing how this policy of regime change led the Intelligence services to make up a case for war. Ritter will also be giving a first hand account of how the CIA manipulates and sabotages the works of UN departments to achieve the US' hidden foreign policy agenda in the Middle East. After the 1991 Gulf War, Scott Ritter helped lead the UN inspections in Iraq and found himself at the centre of a dangerous game between the Iraqi and US regimes. Operating in a fog of espionage and counter-espionage, Ritter and his team were determined to find out the truth about Iraq's WMD. The CIA was equally determined to stop them. Tuesday 4 October 2005, Time: 7.15pm (doors 6.45pm) @ Room 3.31, Wills Memorial Building, Queens Road, Entry: FREE Full article. | Former UN Weapons Inspector, Scott RITTER speaks in Bristol this Tuesday | International Affairs Society | Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (VIRTUAL Version) | Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (PRINTER Version) | The coup that wasn't ( |

Welfare warfare extends to union members

Melbourne, 04.10.2005 11:38

Centrelink censors union members


Santa Cruz, CA, 04.10.2005 10:38

"We hope you will give it your serious attention, and we look forward to your reply."

On September 27th, the Santa Cruz City Council voted, UNANIMOUSLY, to resubmit a letter to the House Judiciary Committee of the United Sates Congress calling for the investigation and possible impeachment of all the members of the Bush Administration who have had anything to do with the war in Iraq, the "war on terror," and/or the treatment of the prisoners of those wars.

The original letter (.pdf) was sent on September 10th of 2003, but NO ANSWER was ever received! The HJC blew off both the Council and this Community!! In a moment of levity that got many laughs, Council Member Tim Fitzmaurice suggested that, this time, they send the letter "certified, return receipt required" and he would donate the money to do so!

Though the action in 2003 was reported world wide, what was not reported was the fact that in the 10 DAYS! following that vote, the council phone lines were jammed all day with calls from all over the country, from folks thanking and congratulating them for standing up and speaking out!! And that was two years ago!

The new cover letter, explaining why the Council is resubmitting their original letter, is copied below. Clearly, the evidence supporting the original concerns of this community has increased vastly in these last two years!! And in a recent poll taken after the release of the Downing Street Memos in May, over 47% of the people polled said they thought Bush should be impeached if he had lied about the reasons for invading Iraq.

see also: 478 Mayors in CA get appeal to call for the CA National Guard to Come Home Now!!!

Let's Make Media

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.10.2005 10:38

It's that time of year again. Join us and get involved in a local and global media revolution.

After taking the summer off from meetings, Santa Cruz Independent Media Center volunteers will be holding the first meeting of the season this Sunday, October 9th, at 7:00 p.m. at the Resource Center for Nonviolence. The RCNV is located at 515 Broadway off of Ocean in Santa Cruz.

Do you support the idea of a grassroots-based, media for the people? Are you interested in covering stories that often don't get accurately covered by the corporate media -- if at all? Do you have tech skills that you would like to use to support independent media? Whatever your interests, abilities and skills, you can volunteer to support independent media.

At the meeting, you can learn more about indymedia, how to use the site to pubish and how to use various mediums in online publishing. You can also coordinate with other imcistas and get any questions answered that you might have.

World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 04.10.2005 10:38

There were about a dozen people at the demonstration on Mission St. in Santa Cruz on October 2, World Farm Animals Day, to protest KFC. Mission St. is also Highway 1 and there were a lot of people that honked in support of the demonstration. Informational flyers were passed out to passing motorists, as well as customers who were both entering and leaving KFC. This particular demonstration lasted about an hour, and by the time we left, there were only two customers in the restaurant.

At one point, I was standing on the sidewalk and looking inside the KFC when an employee flipped me the bird - you know, gave me the middle finger. I was quite amused by this so I walked up to her and asked her if she wanted to do that again for the camera. She declined and told me she was going to sue me.

But I have to say, the KFC employee of the day award goes to the manager for running after me and kicking me in the upper thigh. It is too bad that Amy, a film student at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, had stopped filming just seconds prior to him kicking me. However, for what it's worth, she recorded a statement saying that she witnessed the manager kick me.

Audio (mp3): Corporations in Santa Cruz || Ryan - health, veganism, the campaign to reform KFC... || Amy

[ The Progressive Animal Rights Alliance of Santa Cruz || || World Farm Animals Day ]

A confiscação do espaço público

Portugal, 04.10.2005 10:37

A confiscação do espaço público

conflicto en periodismo

Argentina, 04.10.2005 08:07

Reforma sin consenso

retoj (eo)

Barcelona, 04.10.2005 08:07

La datum-retenado ne estas la solvo. Por la ciferec- kaj civil-rajtoj!

subskribu kaj disvastigu kontraŭ la datumretenado

La reformo de la sistemo pri datumretenado en Eŭropo, kiun oni volas efektivigi pretekstante sekurecon, povas devigi telefon- kaj interret-firmaojn tenadi ĉiujn trafikdatumojn kaj permesi, ke la sekurec-servoj povos aliri ilin. Tio estas neakordigebla kun la sekreteco de komunikoj kaj la intimecrajto, krome atencas kontraŭ la supozo pri senkulpeco kaj egalas al deviga ideologio-deklaro. Pro ĉio ĉi oni lanĉis kampajnon por la defendo de la civilrajtoj en Eŭropo, ĉar la datumretenado ne estas la solvo.

kaj malhelpu la kontroladon!

rilataj novaĵoj: Iberio, avangarde rilate datumretenadon laŭ la rezultoj de la EU-demandaro ::: Denove pri la LSSI [Leĝo pri Servoj de la Inform-Socio]... refoje! ::: LSSI kaj la Manifesto de la 12a de oktobro ::: La hispana ĉefministro kaj lia Socialisma Partio ne plenumas promesojn, ne ĉesigas LSSIn, sed pretigas ĝian efektiviĝon ::: Oni volas malbonigi LSSIn, ni ĉiuj povas esti tuŝataj! ::: ĉe Kriptopolis: José Luis Martín Mas

+infoj:: >>>reto kaj libereco +++ Komputilistoj por socia respondeco

Anti-Racist Medicine

Boston, 04.10.2005 07:07

A review of Tim Wise's recent memoir 'White Like Me, Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son' (Soft Skull Press, 250pp., 2005.)

&quot;The United Nations cannot be reformed&quot;: Chavez tells the people of the US

Portland, 04.10.2005 04:38

President Chavez's recent visit to the United Nations on September 15th caused a major commotion in the United States. First of all, the Bush administration tried to block and delay the visit, so that Chavez's appearance would not coincide with Bush's at the United Nations ... But when Chavez finally spoke at the UN assembly he delivered a very powerful and damning speech. The main thrust of it was that the United Nations did not work and could not be reformed. However, he added that in the meantime three measures should be taken as a matter of urgency: the abolition of the right of veto in the Security Council, the inclusion of countries from the South on the council, and to move the UN outside of the United States since this was the country that had violated the most UN resolutions! ...

President Chavez...repeated his offer to supply cheap heating fuel to the poor communities in the United States so that poor people would not die of cold during the winter. He offered to do this through CITGO, the US subsidiary of the Venezuelan state-owned company PDVSA. [ Read More ]

Harriet Miers Nominated To US Supreme Court

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2005 04:37

On October 3rd, 2005, President Bush nominated his personal lawyer Harriet Miers to the US Surpreme Court. Miers has never served as a judge and her stance on legal issues are unknown to all except perhaps Bush's inner circle. Read More | Harriet Miers' Enron problem

With Roberts as Chief Justice and Miers likely to get confirmed, there could be significant changes in the US legal system. Among the cases coming before the Court in the next session are Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, which deals with abortion rights, Gonzales v. Oregon, which deals with euthenasia, Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights, which deals with military recruiters in schools, and Hudson v. Michigan which deals with deals with police searches. There are also likely to be cases that deal with military tribunals in Guantanamo and the right of the President to declare US citizens enemy combatants, allowing indefinite imprisonment without a trial.
Lists of Upcoming Supreme Court Cases And Issues


Portland, 04.10.2005 03:37

The FBI scares the public by framing the threat as one coming from activists instead of coming from global warming, and earth destructive corporations. It is dangerous to adopt the rhetoric of the FBI, as Kelly Hearn of and other progressives seem to... Eco-activist, Jeff Free Luers is serving a 22 year 8 month sentence (twice the sentence received by the Abu Grahib sadists) for burning 3 SUV's at a deserted dealership in Oregon (not California). He once said, the "REAL eco-terrorists, are the ones terrorizing our eco-systems". The terrorists are arguably companies such as Weyerhauser, Monsanto, Union Carbide and Halliburton, who have had an enormous destructive impact on both the natural world, and on human health. As Utah Philips said, these people "have names and addresses." Forms of dissent which cannot be easily controlled and safely neutralized like marching, voting, lobbying, letter writing, etc. are defined as "terrorism." However, property destruction has been a part of American dissent since the Boston Tea Party. [ Read More ] Why global warming is a non-issue to the public

Entrevista TLC

Peru, 04.10.2005 03:08

Entrevista a Raúl Wiener

Keep Space for Peace

United Kingdom, 04.10.2005 03:07

Saturday 8 October 2005 12 noon to 4/5pm

As part of an international week of protest, 'keep space for peace' is called for by the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space (GN). The demonstration will take place at NSA MENWITH HILL, near Harrogate North Yorkshire.
Guest speaker: Bruce Gagnon - Coordinator of GN
Drum Circle with Steve Hill of Daftasadrum

Food by Veggies

Organised by the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB)

London Critical Mass under threat.

United Kingdom, 04.10.2005 03:07

On Friday, those who joined London's monthly Critical Mass ride, found themselves being issued with letters from the Metropolitan Police, threatening arrests at future Critical Mass rides, unless the 'organisers' give notice of the route at least six days in advance, and warning that the police can impose restrictions on the rides once the advance notice has been given.The letter stated that the police are reviewing their 'policy' towards critcal mass

A callout has been issued to make October's London Critical Mass the biggest one yet.

Bay Area to &quot;Welcome Cindy Home With Love&quot;

San Francisco Bay Area, 04.10.2005 01:37

Gold Star Families for Peace, Global Exchange, CODE PINK, Vets for Peace, Iraq Veterans Against the War, the Iraqi American community and many others plan to "Welcome Cindy Home with Love" on Wednesday, October 5th, The event, which is a benefit, will begin at 7:00pm at the Grand Lake Theater at 3200 Grand Ave in Oakland (Directions). Advance tickets are available.

Cindy Sheehan, who gained national attention for her campout near President Bush's ranch in Crawford Texas, has returned to California. She told the national press and administration representatives that she wanted to meet with Bush to ask him what the noble cause for which her son had been killed was. Following her stay in Crawford, she and other Gold Star Families (families of US soldiers who died in Iraq) embarked on the Bring Them Home Now tour from Crawford to Washington, DC, where Sheehan and others spoke at the September 24th anti-war protest in DC. Camp Casey and its demand for answers moved from Crawford to the front doors of the White House, and to those of Congress and the Senate. The Meet with the Mothers website is urging people to meet with their representatives to get their reasons for authorizing the war in Iraq.

Past Indybay Coverage of Camp Casey: 8/10 | 8/16 | 8/20 | 8/28

Mel &amp; Floyd, September 30, 2005

Madison, 03.10.2005 21:07

Mel & Floyd, September 30, 2005

Madison Critical Mass Reclaims the Streets!

Madison, 03.10.2005 21:07

"Welcome to the 21st century you losers." said one disenfranchised motorist as a horde of unruly bicycles took the street.

Avian Flu: Another New Orleans?

Madison, 03.10.2005 21:07

New influenza pandemic looms over world. Like the New Orleans hurricane, environmental, socio-economic and political factors threaten to make it much worse and distribute its effects unequally among the world's population. Unlike many European countries, the United States has until recently done little to prepare for it. Is it time for localities to take preparation into their own hands?

12 de octubre

Colombia, 03.10.2005 17:37

Paro Nacional

Films on the Edge: Radical Film Festival in Bradford

United Kingdom, 03.10.2005 15:07

On October 7-9 the 1in12 Club in Bradford will host the Films on the Edge Festival, featuring: The Fourth World War, Emma Goldman, The Take, The Cockettes, Well Done - Now Sod Off, De Toda La Vida, An Injury To One, Can Dialectics Break Bricks? and Aurora de Esperanza.

There will be talks on What s An Anarchist Peace?, beyondTV, Workers Control and more.
Full listing

Nottingham Critical Mass Bike About in the city

United Kingdom, 03.10.2005 15:07

Nottingham Critical Mass Bike About in the city
Critcal Mass is a regular event. The meeting point is the Savoy cinema on Derby Road in Lenton on the last Friday of every month now at 5.30pm.
It is becoming a more popular event with 60 or so riders this time. More than last event ...

Independent Media from Houston and New Orleans after the Hurricanes

San Diego, 03.10.2005 13:37

On September 9th, Vinny and I arrived in Houston, Texas along with Blank from Portland, Oregon to provide aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The three of us headed to Houston to help with with independent media, including a low power fm radio station which was being organized for the Astrodome. Upon our arrival in Houston, we learned that the Astrodome emergency radio station was again being blocked from broadcasting information to survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

We went to the Astrodome and spoke with people who were willing to speak with us. We listened to their experiences in the past and at the Astrodome. Please visit the following links for audio, photos and written reports published by Vinny, Blank and I.

Audio: Criticism of Red Cross Relief Efforts at Astrodome || Katrina Survivor Recounts Experiences || Another Katrina Survivor Recounts Experiences || "One Day at a Time" || Katrina Survivors Organize for Better Conditions || Interview from 'Dome City' with Joseph Bijou of New Orleans || Activists Organize to Free Frances Newton

Photos: The Surreal Scene of Dome City || More Scenes from 'Dome City'

Words: The Houston Astrodome: Do You Know What Is Really Happening?

While in Houston, we were asked if we could go down to the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana to help set up an emergency low power fm radio station. We were welcomed into the Algiers community by Malik Rahim and Common Ground, a community-run organization offering temporary assistance and mutual aid to the citizens of New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Words: Algiers New Orleans: Where Common Ground Is Found

Photos: Creativity, Solidarity and Mutual Aid in Algiers, New Orleans || Community Support in Algiers, New Orleans || Common Ground Wellness Center in Algiers, New Orleans || Finding Common Ground in New Orleans

Audio: Interview with Noah, a volunteer medic || Algiers residents starting to return || Leenie Halbert interview || FSRN: Grassroots Groups Offer Assistance in Algiers

We returned to Houston on September 16th. Blank traveled back to Portland and Vinny and I stayed in Houston. We continued trying to find out what was happening with the people at the shelters; human souls that we are referring to as "Katrina survivors."

Audio: Struggles for Katrina Survivors at George R. Brown Convention Center || Interview from 'Dome City' with Josh from New Orleans || Houston Ends Katrina Shelter Operations || Struggling for a Home After Hurricane Katrina

Photos: No Compassion at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston || Scenes from the Reliant Arena || Exit Only at the George R. Brown in Houston || Struggling for a Home After Hurricane Katrina Click on image for a larger version
lookingdown_9-9-05.jpga look down on the floor of the Astrodome in Houston 9/9/05Click on image for a larger version
tim-hall_9-10-05.jpgTim Hall speaks with Vinny inside the Astrodome 9/10/05Click on image for a larger version
reginald_9-12-05.jpgReginald called the lack of response in New Orleans "premeditated murder" 9/12/05barnraising_9-13-05.jpggetting 94.5 FM, The Battle For Algiers, on the air in New Orleans 9/13/05Click on image for a larger version
mosque_9-14-05.jpgMasjib Bilal Mosque in Algiers being used as a wellness center 9/14/05Click on image for a larger version
laundromat_9-15-05.jpgRobert shows us the damage to his laundromat in Mid-City 9/15/05Click on image for a larger version
statepolice_9-17-05.jpgA Texas State Police officer tries to prevent me from taking photos at the George R. Brown 9/17/05Click on image for a larger version
insidearena_9-17-05.jpgthis is a look inside the Reliant Arena 9/17/05Click on image for a larger version
exitonly_9-20-05.jpgExit Only at the George R. Brown in Houston 9/20/05Click on image for a larger version
busservice_9-20-05.jpgpeople get on buses to Ellington Field, Texas to then fly to Fort Chaffee, Arkansas 9/20/05Vinny and I left Houston in the early morning of September 21st as concern about Hurricane Rita was was quickly growing. In many ways, it felt very bad to be back in Santa Cruz, California.

el enemigo común, neo-liberalism, is capitalizing on Hurricane Katrina and will capitalize on Hurricane Rita. It took activists like you and i to respond to Hurricane Katrina with important services such as wellness centers to provide health care, media centers for local and global communications, kitchens and housing to provide food and shelter, etc...

The destruction caused by Katrina, racism and classism will never go away.

We must use our time now to organize. We must find common ground.

guerra (ca)

Barcelona, 03.10.2005 11:07

parir la pau

Resistir l'ocupació i la guerra va ser el repte que assumiren les 735 dones de 44 països que van participar en la 13a Conferència Internacional de Dones de Negre, celebrada entre el 12 i el 16 d'agost. Especialment significativa fou la seua celebració a Jerusalem. No sols per l'actualitat del conflicte palestino-israelí, amb el desmantellament aquest estiu de les colònies jueves a la franja de Gaza i la construcció del mur de separació, sinó també perquè va ser precisament en aquesta ciutat on vuit dones israelís van crear fa 17 anys el primer grup de Dones de Negre. Avui és un dels grups més actius dins del moviment pacifista israelí.

notícies relacionades: Palestina: les dones reben un doble impacte de la violència de guerra ::: Els EUA i el govern afgà continuen fustigant les dones a l'Afganistan ::: El mur de "seguretat" impedeix l'educació a Jerusalem ::: Sharon disposat a seguir construint assentaments a Cisjordània ::: Campanya antiguerra als EUA, algunes fotos de la campanya que ens amaguen

+info :: >>>guerra i dones :: Web de la Conferència Internacional de Dones de Negre :: Declaració de la Conferència Internacional de Dones de Negre

guerra (es)

Barcelona, 03.10.2005 11:07

parir la paz

Resistir a la ocupación y la guerra fue el reto que asumieron las 735 mujeres de 44 países que participaron en la 13a Conferencia Internacional de Mujeres de Negro, celebrada entre el 12 y el 16 de agosto. Especialmente significativa fue su celebración en Jerusalén. No sólo por la actualidad del conflicto palestino-israelí, con el desmantelamiento este verano de las colonias judías en la franja de Gaza y la construcción del muro de separación, sino también porque fue precisamente en esta ciudad donde ocho mujeres israelíes crearon hace 17 años el primer grupo de Mujeres de Negro. Hoy es uno de los grupos más activos dentro del movimiento pacifista israelí.

noticias relacionadas: Palestina: las mujeres reciben un doble impacto de la violencia de guerra ::: Los EUA y el gobierno afgano continúan fustigando a las mujeres en Afganistan ::: El muro de "seguridad" impide la educación en Jerusalén ::: Sharon dispuesto a seguir construyendo asentamientos en Cisjordania ::: campaña antiguerra en EEUU, algunas fotos de la campaña que nos esconden

+info :: >>>guerra i mujeres :: Web de la Conferencia Internacional de Mujeres de Negro :: Declaración de la Conferencia Internacional de Mujeres de Negro

Governo espanhol mobiliza militares para a fronteira

Portugal, 03.10.2005 10:07

Governo espanhol mobiliza militares para a fronteira

September Critical Mass

Portland, 03.10.2005 09:37

This month's critical mass saw the PPB passionately enforcing lighting requirements with the obsessive linear misguidedness of a teen in lust. As a point of reference for this article I have pasted the OSR that was key in my interactions last night.

The ride started out with what appeared to be a one-to-one ration of bicycle officers to Critical Massers. Though the heavy down poor of rain severely limited the turn out last nights ride and lessened the disposition of the officers assigned to the ride ... for me (Jasun Wurster) this ride again reaffirmed why I feel Portland needs Critical Mass. [ read more ]

gray, wet and rolling

Last month only 3 tickets were handed out. More than I would like, but way better than a year ago. In August, one person who was ticketed seemed upbeat because he was warned by the police. (crossing the middle line and other somewhat petty stuff)

This month all seemed typical. I made it to the start just in time to see the mass rolling out on Burnside. We must have been at NW Park and Davis when I noticed a biker had the hilt of a sword sticking out of his backpack.

I jokingly razed him a little about all the weapons he was carrying. (the blade plus 2 u-locks) Alas, I should have kept my mouth shut. [ read more ]

Mahasiswa Ditangkap

Jakarta, 03.10.2005 08:07

Aksi Penolakan Kenaikan Harga BBM Aksi demonstrasi mahasiswa menolak kenaikan harga BBM terus terjadi sampai hari Sabtu [1/10]. Di Jakarta, puluhan mahasiswa yang tergabung dalam Forum Kota dan beberapa elemen lainnya kembali melakukan aksi di Jl. Diponegoro depan kampus UKI. ...

National Radio Project to Celebrate Independent Media on October 16th

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2005 06:37

On October 16th, the National Radio Project and La Peña Cultural Center present An Evening of Dialogue and Live Music, at 7:30pm at La Peña. Read more

The event will feature Norman Solomon, who is senior advisor of National Radio Project, executive director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, author of “War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death;” C.S. Soong, who is host and producer of the KPFA radio show Against the Grain; and folk singer and cultural activist David Rovics. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Oakland-based National Radio Project, and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.

Some recent National Radio Project shows: Making Contact's Katrina Uncovers: Activism, Racism and Environmental Justice | Katrina Uncovers: Environment, Health, and Rescue

Low Power Radio Conference to be Held in Davis

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2005 06:07

On October 8th and 9th, KDRT-LPFM will be hosting the Low Power Radio Roundup, an event meant to bring together the many emerging community stations around California and Oregon. In 2000, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) created the low power radio service, as a way for community groups to get access to the airwaves in a time of excessive radio consolidation. Since then, over 80 new radio stations have hit the air in California alone. As these community groups have little prior experience in radio, this conference is meant to provide a space for these stations to network and share skills and experience. The event will include training in radio journalism, internet streaming, and radio theater, as well as cover a variety of station management and legal issues. In addition to inviting low power radio stations, this event will bring together more established community and pirate radio stations from California and Oregon. It is being co-sponsored by the Prometheus Radio Project, KPFA, and the UC Davis Technocultural Studies department. Audio about the low power radio movement and its roots in pirate radio. Read the conference announcement, with a description of workshops and information about registering.

Filiberto Ojeda

Colombia, 03.10.2005 05:07

¡Todo Boricua es machetero!
¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!

UCSF To Pay Huge Fines Rather Than Face Public Hearings

San Francisco Bay Area, 03.10.2005 04:10

University of California San Francisco this past week paid one of the largest fines for Animal Welfare Act violations in history. Last fall the U.S. Department of Agriculture had charged UCSF for 75 counts of animal welfare violations. "The gravity of violations is great," the USDA complaint stated. A UCSF insider recently noted, "Over the years, UCSF has had to cope with a handful of scientists who haven't always had the best attitude toward animals." Vivisectionist Stephen Lisberger was specifically listed in several of the charges. Now, the university has settled all of the violations by paying the fines for creating an atmosphere where employees are afraid to report complaints and several other charges. UCSF settled the case just days before formal hearings were scheduled to begin. By agreeing to the settlement, activists were disappointed that researchers were able to evade public scrutiny of the facts about their treatment of animals in the 600 to 800 experiments conducted at UCSF at any given time. Activists contend that the university seems especially determined to keep their researchers' actions hidden from the public, which pays for their experiments with millions in tax dollars. In Defense of Animals (IDA) began a new round of demonstrations at UCSF last week, focusing on educating the public about what is taking place inside UCSF labs while encouraging insiders to "blow the whistle" on UCSF's animal cruelty. Related Reports: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Police State

Sydney, 03.10.2005 03:38

When Terrorism Outlaws Democracy


Sydney, 03.10.2005 01:38

Call out from Palm Island

Bennett’s racist comments blasted

Philadelphia, 03.10.2005 01:38

Parents in Philadelphia are demanding that the school district cancel a contract with K12, a textbook company that William Bennett runs.

Zanon cumple 4 años

Argentina, 03.10.2005 01:37

Zanón cumple 4 años de ocupación


Portland, 03.10.2005 00:38

One day on the bridge a woman asked me why I call myself the Lone Vet. She also was interested in what I saw for the future of our beloved country. I remember answering that I did not know but there is always hope. For the second time a friend asked me about this most important concept, so I will try to answer the question, "Is there hope?"

Our republic, in my opinion, is based on trust. We elect people to represent us in Washington and we trust them to do honorable work for the betterment of the country. Most of us want to be free from the nuts and bolts of running this country that we call the United States of America, we are busy trying to live our lives. We are in the grips of a criminal administration and are now forced to look at the decisions that were made and the reason for those decisions. We trusted our politicians and the trust was broken almost from the first day Bush took office. I do have hope, and it is you. [ read more ]


edukado (eo)

Barcelona, 02.10.2005 23:07

Denove klasoj; denove studentoj batalas

La eŭropa spaco pri edukado kaj ĝiaj mankoj: La eŭropa spaco pri supera edukado: Ĉu publika universitato aŭ ĉu kapitalisma eŭropo? ::: La procezo de Bolonjo. La reorganizado de la eŭropaj universitatoj ::: La bolonja traktato kaj kion ĝi signifas ::: oni intencas forigi la universitatajn studojn pri homscienco ::: la publika edukado, konstanta degenerado... ::: PMDUP kontraŭ la privatigo de la universitato ::: Protesto: Ne al la bolonja procezo, por la publika universitato ::: Takso pri la 2a eŭropa forumo pri edukado en Norvegio far "Alternativa Estel" ::: Kroniko pri la Tutmonda Festivalo pri la Junularo kaj la Studentoj

[7an,8an kaj 9an de oktobro en Sueca] CEPC iĝas 5-jara

[de la 29a oktobro ĝis la 1a novembro en Córdoba Sociala Iberia Forumo pri Edukado

rilataj novaĵoj: Busoj el Barcelono pro la aranĝoj por la 5-jariĝo de CEPC ::: La 3a numero de L'Estaca jam surstrate! ::: Komuna manifesto far Alternativa Estel kaj CEPC pri la 11a septembro en Fossar de les Moreres ::: Grandegaj prezoj por daŭrigi la studadon ::: Projekto Dacco: Tradukado el la angla en la katalunan en malfermita kodo ::: Endogamio en la hispaniaj universitatoj ::: Kampanjo de Escola Valenciana per katalun-lingvigi la nomojn de la lernejoj :::Expozicio: Subtera studenta gazetaro en la Kataluna Landaro (1971-1976)

kaj la 17an de novembro okazos: Agotago kaj internacia studenta mobilizo

+informoj : >>>edukado

Farmers are in Danger of Losing their Farm

LA, 02.10.2005 22:08

Farmers Camping out to Defend the Farm

Assembleia da República aprovou mercantilização da água

Portugal, 02.10.2005 21:37

Assembleia da República aprovou mercantilização da água

In Revolt: Homeless Citizens To Propose A Motion at D.C.C.

Ireland, 02.10.2005 21:37

Street Seen is calling for a picket/lobby of the Dublin City Council Meeting at 6 p.m on Oct 3rd . ‘That this City Council calls on the Government to refrain from selling the former UCD veterinary College, Dublin 4 and instead allocate it to Dublin City Council with a view to alleviating the housing crisis in the city’BACKGROUND LINKS MINISTER RATTLED BY HOMELESS SLEEPOUT "BERTIE, WHERE'S OUR HOUSES?"ANTOINETTE'S TENTNO MORE DEATHS ON OUR STREETSHEEEEREEES TERRY! EMERGENCY PROTEST/MOTION Homeless Lobby/Picket of Dublin City Council Meeeting - Monday OCT 3"We are calling on Dublin City Council to pass an emergency motion as follows on October 3rd‘That this City Council calls on the Government to refrain from selling the former UCD veterinary College, Dublin 4 and instead allocate it to Dublin City Council with a view to allievating the housing crisis in the city’. This is a very simple proposal in finding a solution to the housing crisis and homeless situation in Dublin. Homeless People have been invited by some councillors to attend the meeting. We intend to represent visibly and loudly to those councillors who will be voting on the motion that we want their support. MOST RECENT REPORTS FOLLOW from deaths on the streets, to a protest on the streets, to community organisation, to a sleep out, to a REVOLT brendans view of the struggle 8.07 min brendan works with the city council community forum and has been working at a local grassroots level with the cities homeless eddie and chris, both homeless- whats going on today 14.47mins terry and keno keno (homeless for @ 22 years) grilles senator terry leydon on what the government is doing about the problem 5.17min jon glackin founder of street seen gives the history of the development of this "revolt" 9.15min 2.00pm update from jon glackin 44 seconds tds chatting to the lads, lots of media focusing on it, cut short as jon went over to gerry adams who came over to the lads SF councilor daithi doolan speaks to the lads There will be an emergency Street Seen motion that he and the homeless community wish to pass through the council FG enda kenny and homeless he gives his reasons on how he thinks he can change matters anthony talks with green leader trevor sergeant 3.32 min a proposal to run a homeless candidate in next election?? background: previous imc feature No More Deaths On Our Streets led to the demonstration on Saturday, Sep 17 2005 No More Deaths On Our Streets Well Done & Report on Today's Rally photos of day, part audio recording of speeches and radio interview with Theresa audio: 1-members of the homeless community, politicians, punks, street seen people, social centre people addressed the crowd. 10mins battery ran out - aplogies 2-Theresa has been homeless for over 30 years on Dublins streets, she has seen the changes with the arrival of heroin, the arrival of the celtic tiger, she has seen many friends in her homeless family die 52 mins

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