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Arroyo Regime Watch

Manila, 06.10.2005 03:39

The Arroyo Government Continues to Stretch its Reflex in Suppressing Dissent

MPL Floripa enche a prefeitura de ov

Brasil, 06.10.2005 03:07


Critical Mass is Thirteen

San Francisco Bay Area, 06.10.2005 01:07

It's been 13 years since the first “Commute Clot” brought together about 50 bicyclists at “PeeWee” Herman Plaza at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco. Within a few short months it had gained the moniker “Critical Mass” and the excitement and euphoria and sheer novelty of an “organized coincidence” that fills the streets with bicycles instead of cars was rapidly reproducing itself across the planet.

Now there are websites galore documenting Critical Masses in towns everywhere, from Australia to Italy, Chile to Canada. Of the more than 400 places where Critical Mass rides have taken place, hundreds continue to ride every month. In May 2005 an “Interplanetary Critical Mass” was held in Rome, Italy, drawing several thousand riders from around Italy and the world. On Earth Day this past April, 10,000 riders staged a “Critical Mass” in Budapest, Hungary. Hundreds of rides occupy the streets of US cities on the last Friday of each month, from big cities like Chicago and Los Angeles, to the smaller burgs in the hinterlands like Cincinnati, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Portland, Oregon. And of course thousands are still riding after all these years at the birthplace here in San Francisco.

Read more I Photos I Video I Bicycle Film Festival

Washington Mutual Funds Vivisection @ HLS

Portland, 06.10.2005 00:37

America's supposedly hippest Bank has been caught (blood) red-handed investing in Huntingdon Life Sciences, HLS. HLS tests drugs like Vioxx, artificial sweeteners like Splenda, cigarette smoke, pesticides, and food colorings "safe" on animals - while humans die as a result of the ill-effects of these products. Visit for more info...

The 'home of the free checking' was also the home of guilt-free cruelty... until now. The Washington Mutual Group of Funds [High Yield Fund] holds 188,430 shares in Life Sciences Research (LSRI - OTCBB) which is the generically catchy holding company for HLS!

Washington Mutual invests people's hard-earned money in HLS without their disclosing the scope and nature of this business they are financially supporting. In early September SHAC USA Inc sent WaMu formal letters notifying WaMu executives and Fund managers of this possibly tragic oversight. Weeks have gone by with nary a response.

Crece protesta contra Camisea

Peru, 05.10.2005 22:37

Crece protesta contra Gas de Camisea

Bojkot wyborów - zdecyduj nie wybierać

Poland, 05.10.2005 20:38

oficjalna strona akcji bojkotu wyborów prowadzonego przez Federacje Anarchistyczną: oraz mniej oficjalna strona nawołująca do bojkotu:

W czasie wyborów parlamentarnych i poprzedzającej je kampanii w wielu miastach Polski ( Ciechanów, Lublin, Gdańsk, Warmia, Toruń , Białystok, Warszawa,  wywiad) miały miejsce oddolne, spontaniczne akcje, których celem było przedstawienie bojkotu wyborów jako postawy aktywnej niezgody na istniejącą rzeczywistość polityczną. Prawie 60% społeczeństwa "głosowało nogami" i nie wzięło udziału w wyborach. Z drugiej strony zwraca uwagę rekordowa ilość kandydatów w wyścigu po mandat (20 osób na miejsce).

Mortes na &quot;porta dos fundos&quot; da Europa

Brasil, 05.10.2005 20:37


Aperta cerco aos camelôs

Brasil, 05.10.2005 20:37


Zen And The Art Of Pedal Cycle Theft

Ireland, 05.10.2005 20:37

An odyssey into the heart of darkness where the stolen bikes go to mark 'Garda bike auction day' Some musings on the eve of the bi-annual bike auction in Kevin Street Garda station. I walked into the shed of my block one afternoon when I was on the late shift and - it wasnt there. For a minute, I racked my brain. Did I leave it in town last night? Is it back in the gaf? Is it somewhere else? No, it wasnt. It was here last night when I came in, locked it, and now its gone. Heart pounding, I found the 'super' and we fast forwarded through the nights CCTV footage. There he was, a fucker in a black leather jacket, white pants, and a Coca-Cola sweatshirt. A decent shot of him too. So who was this guy? The super had no idea, nor the Garda, but I knew who he was. He was my Rollo Tomasi, my voodoo doll, my idée fixée - every dickhead, loser, psycho, paranoiac, backstabber, waster, pest, spoilt richkid, male or female piece of shit I'd ever had the miserable misfortune to encounter in my life to that very point encapsulated in this individual breaking in through the gate, cracking my lock open, and making off with my bike. I wanted to find him. But more than anything, I wanted my bike. So off I went, on a mini adventure of sorts, to see if I could find the bike in the murkier parts of the city. Full Story As Submitted A public auction of bicycles will take place at Kevin Street Garda Station in Dublin at 11am on Thursday 6th October 2005. The Kevin Street Garda bike auction is on tomorrow. About six months ago, I decided to throw caution, and the little voice warning me in my head, to the wind - I went and spent a lot of money on a bike. Now, I dont know how many times I had said to people "You cant buy a decent bike in Dublin, it'll just get lifted somewhere along the line." And yet here I was, in need of a new bike, contemplating spending about 350 euros on a hybrid. It was a bit over a weeks wages, when you say it like that I guess it doesnt sound too much; but you can get a proper working bike for about a third of that, and at the time my finances were flickering back and forth from the red and black, so a huge investment was slightly risky. You know where this is going already dont you. But I said fuck it: the weather is getting better, I'm spending loads of money on the bus to work, I need the exercise to get rid of the belly, and if I have to spend one more hour lodged in traffic with wannabe wiggas smoking incessantly at the back of the top deck, I'll kill them all with a pen and then myself. Within a month I felt like the investment had been worth it. Nice thin tyres, no more waiting at the bus stop, and hang on - how come I'm in work ten or fifteen minutes earlier? I think the buzz of just being on a bike with decent working cogs and gears had me adrenalised; its only when you get a new machine you realise how fucked your old one was. I walked into the shed of my block one afternoon when I was on the late shift and - it wasnt there. For a minute, I racked my brain. Did I leave it in town last night? Is it back in the gaf? Is it somewhere else? No, it wasnt. It was here last night when I came in, locked it, and now its gone. Heart pounding, I found the 'super' and we fast forwarded through the nights CCTV footage. There he was, a fucker in a black leather jacket, white pants, and a Coca-Cola sweatshirt. A decent shot of him too. So who was this guy? The super had no idea, nor the Garda, but I knew who he was. He was my Rollo Tomasi, my voodoo doll, my idée fixée - every dickhead, loser, psycho, paranoiac, backstabber, waster, pest, spoilt richkid, male or female piece of shit I'd ever had the miserable misfortune to encounter in my life to that very point encapsulated in this individual breaking in through the gate, cracking my lock open, and making off with my bike. I wanted to find him. But more than anything, I wanted my bike. So off I went, on a mini adventure of sorts, to see if I could find the bike in the murkier parts of the city. First stop was the bike shops around town. No, we dont buy bikes, all of them said. Unless you have a receipt, and even then its only from people we know. Otherwise, there'd be a queue of people out the door every day with knocked off stuff, looking for drug money. You're better off trying elsewhere. So I got up early in the morning and went down to the Cumberland Street market. I had heard off one or two people that stolen gear ends up here, but I was there for about half an hour and it was a waste of my time. In case you dont know it, the market is a jumble sale which happens every Saturday morning just off Parnell Street. The merchandise is very low quality. Its mostly old clothes, CDs by people you've never heard of, old kitchen utensils, and odds and ends of worn down electrical equipment. I did see a bike for sale, but it was in bits. If my stolen bike had shown up here, it would have stuck out like a sore thumb. The next place I looked was a private house at 296 North Circular Road, Phibsboro, next to St Peters Church. A woman called Eileen sells bikes which are parked in the front, locked up with a heavy chain. She sits in the sitting room and watches TV all day, occasionally glancing outside for customers. I asked her if she'd had any new bikes in, and after she said no, I told her I was on the lookout for a stolen bike. Later in the week, when I was talking to the owner of a bikeshop on the northside, he gave me some advice. "There's a place where this woman fences off bikes. Now dont mention anything to her about looking for a stolen bike, just tell her you want something really nice, and you're willing to spend a bit of cash on it." I knew exactly who he was talking about. Too late I told him, kicking myself for my stupidity, the cat is already out of the bag with her. "Oh well," he said, "you might have had some luck there. She's the biggest fence on the northside. All of the robbed bikes from Cabra, Phibsborough end up with her. The Garda raided her a couple of years back, found a load of stolen bikes out her back yard." My search also led me to a scrap of derelict ground used as a carpark/valet service, right at the junction of Parnell Street and Capel Street where the road splits in two to form a delta. A handmade sign atop a very nice mountain bike announced there were bikes for sale here. I had a look around, inquiring about prices. Further casual enquiries by a friend about where the bikes came from were met with sudden deathly silence and stony glares - hinting get the fuck out of here right now. The bikes are still for sale there, nailed up onto the wall like hunt kills. Some (s)crap, but some very good models. So no joy at Cumberland Street, Eileens, or the Parnell St lot. At the same time the trail with the video footage was running cold. I had a decent facial .jpeg image of the thief, and on my next day off I was going to visit Reads and run off a thousand or so A4 posters threatening all sorts of medieval torture on him, and promising a heavy financial reward to any snitches out there. These were going to be wheatpasted on every available surface between the two canals. I was going to get my man. I was even dreaming about him at night. I saw his face over and over again. At one point I even tailed someone who I thought looked like him back to his house, and staked it out for a while, looking in his letterbox. Of course I couldnt be sure if it was the right person, my eyes and ears were honed like a Vietcong in the thick of the jungle... everyone on a bike was a potential target. I was also ringing up numbers in Buy and Sell, the trade magazine for second hand gear. I had gone through several numbers asking the voices at the other end what model bike they were selling. On the second or third issue I had bought, wasting my credit and work break times, I rang up a number in Crumlin. The woman on the line was cagey, hesitant, unsure - guilty in my book. But no, she just genuinely didnt know what kind of bike it was, it was her young son that was selling it, he got it for his birthday a couple of years ago. The conversation up to this point had my heart pounding at the possibility of a breakthrough, but as soon as she said this I laughed and admitted to her I wasnt interested in buying, I was only looking for a stolen bike. And then, in the same way a stranger had stepped into my circle of existence and skewed my headspace a week previously, she dropped the tone of her voice and gave me some sage advice, sending me on a different path again. She talked to me for about fifteen minutes as if she knew me all her life. Let it go. It will drive you insane if you devote any more of your time to it. It isnt easy, but if you let it go, then it will be better for you. You cant let yourself be consumed with finding this person. It happens to everyone sometime. You'll get another bike. You'll cycle another road some time. And almost like that, a weight suddenly vanished from my being... they say to err is human, to forgive is devine - but to forget about it and let it go was near transcendental, reincarnating, ecstasy, nirvana, enlightenment. OK maybe a slight exaggeration there but I put the receiver back down on its cradle and for the first time in a while I smiled. I guess I didnt let it go immediately but over the next day or two I let it slide from memory and focused on the future instead. I had another bike up and running, an abandoned frame rescued from scrub ground. I fixed the brake cable, got new pads, cleaned out the cogs and readjusted the derailler screws, got a new back tyre and a new entire front wheel. The journey to work seemed almost as light and easy as those first few brief weeks on my new, expensive, stolen bike. I went to Kevin Street earlier in the week, just to have a look in case it did show up. So maybe I never really ever fully let it go. No sign of it of course, but I wasnt sad. I dont like to say bike theft in Dublin a grim reality of life, but I guess there are always people out there who just dont give a shit about others and the effects their actions have on them, more than you realise... There were a load of bikes there in a separate shed to where the auction takes place. Each one obviously has their own story behind it, as do all the others up for auction tomorrow morning. Earlier this year Michael McDowell promised a new unit to investigate the huge jump in the rate of "theft of a pedal cycle", no sign of anything materialising yet. Maybe when the city starts valuing bikes more and cars less, there'll be a greater collective respect to those out there braving the streets clogged with cars, trucks, buses, taxis and thieves.

Minutemen in Houston

Houston, 05.10.2005 18:08

The Minutemen Emerge in Houston


Houston, 05.10.2005 18:08

Hurricane Rita Heading for Southwest Louisiana and Upper Texas Coast

Houston Writes and Photographs

Houston, 05.10.2005 18:08

Hunkered Down


Houston, 05.10.2005 18:08

Evacution: More dangerous than the hurricane

East TX Report

Houston, 05.10.2005 18:08

Reports from East Texas after Rita

The Continuing Legacy of Abu Ghraib

Boston, 05.10.2005 16:07

Amman, Jordan -- Haj Ali is an Iraqi who was released from Abu Ghraib after five months when it was decided that he was “wrongfully arrested.” In the States many people seem to think that after the Abu Ghraib investigations, everything changed in Iraq, and this ended the mistreatment of prisoners that has often involved abuse at best and torture at worst. In fact these practices still go on, particularly in so-called “private prisons” and “party prisons.” I spoke with Haj Ali last night and he explained some of this to me. Haj Ali, who was prisoner number 151716, was taken to Abu Ghraib on the fifteenth of October 2003. He was kept there for five months until he was put on a truck, taken to the desert and dropped off on the highway. The soldiers told him he was free because he had been “wrongfully arrested.”

war (en)

Barcelona, 05.10.2005 16:07

give birth to peace

Resist ocupation and war has been the challenge that 735 women of 44 countries assumed when they participated in the 13th International Conference of Women in Black, held between the 12th and the 16th of august. What was specially noteworthy was the celebration in Jerusalem. Not only due to the current issue of the israel-palestinian conflict, with the dismantling this summer of the jewish colonies in the Gaza stripe and the construction of the separation wall, but also because it's exactly in this city that, 17 years ago, eight israelian women started the first group of Women in Black. Nowadays it's one of the most active groups in the israelian pacifist movement.

related news: Palestine: women receive a double impact of the war violence ::: The USA and the afghan government keep on whipping the women of Afghanistan ::: The "security" wall impedes education in Jesrusalem ::: Sharon is disposed to keep on building settlements in Cisjordania ::: Antiwar-campaign in the USA, some pictures of the campaign that they conceal

+info :: >>>war and women :: Web of the International Conference of Women in Black :: Declaration of the International Conference of Women in Black

Micro-Struggle in Metro Tulsa

Oklahoma, 05.10.2005 15:07

Counter-recruiters on school grounds at Will Rogers High A few concerned citizens captured the attention of high school students during lunch hour, by brandishing a sign reading "JROTC recruiters lie. Don't believe the hype." A few concerned citizens captured the attention of high school students during lunch hour, by brandishing a sign reading "JROTC recruiters lie. Don't believe the hype." A few concerned citizens captured the attention of high school students during lunch hour, by brandishing a sign reading "JROTC recruiters lie. Don't believe the hype." We learned much about noon-hour demonstrating, and first of all, that it can be a great success. Volunteers (it only takes a few!) came out and made signs, and fielded questions from the students, last Friday, Sept 23rd, as part of the national 12-day push for counter-recruitment. As a threesome we were pretty good. Many parents and/or friends of students enrolled at Will Rogers H.S., in Tulsa, were stopping to pick up their kids. We therefore had a chance to talk to them, with their windows rolled down, etc., and hand out our leaflets and forms. Far from feeling badgered, every one of the parents that we spoke to was thankful for the information. Lunch hour seems a pretty relaxed time of day for this kind of demo. Also, while the students were under supervision by armed security guards (yep!) at this H.S., many many of them were curious about our sign: "JROTC recruiters lie. Don't believe the hype." While they were not allowed to cross the street or step off of school grounds, and while we were not allowed to approach them on their sidewalk, they lined up along the curb on their side of the street to listen, ask questions, heckle, etc. The really curious asked us if we would be there after school, as well, when they would be free to talk to us, one-on-one. So after-school demonstrations look promising, as a follow-up to the noon-hour demo, or as a kind of one-two counter-punch. The literature can be distributed even more effectively at that time, as parents wait in the cars to take their kids home, after school is out. The main pamphlet that we were handing out to the kids, as Anti-propaganda for students targeted as potential recruits by Junior ROTC, or the other hardsell recruiters, came compliments of the American Friends Service Committee (Quakers). You can find their pamphlet at We also discovered that this school has JROTC classes every morning, as the first class of the day for many students, and that the JROTC "instructor" (remember, they are not qualified teachers, so this is a misnomer) is a discipline problem himself. We heard one parent recount the abusive behavior, viz. physical assault, by a JROTC instructor against one of the Rogers High students. We have anecdotal evidence that the school is enrolling students in JROTC classes without the students asking for it. How does a student get out, once they're enrolled in these classes? Especially when they discover what a hard-ass the "instructor" can be? We also heard a couple of black female students explain how they've been in JROTC since sixth grade! Talk about socialization to the military way of life at a young age! We were invited by one of the two Assistant Principals, who also seemed sympathetic with the message we are trying to convey, to talk to the Principal. The latter would not see us. Please note that national counter-recruitment organizations have already suggested that speaking to principals is a waste of time, and could be counter-productive, especially if you meet in the privacy of their offices, where there is little public accountability. Should a parent and/or a student want to remove themselves from the military recruiters' contact list, they can first write a letter to that effect to: District Name: Tulsa Superintendent David Sawyer PO Box 470208 Tulsa, OK 74147 Phone: (918) 746-6303 Furthermore, as a second step, since there is a master list that the recruiters work through, kept in D.C., parents and/or the student objecting to this badgering by recruiters also has to send a form to the Pentagon, in Washington D.C. The Pentagon forms (both in English and in Spanish) can be found by following the links, through Look for a Letter to the Editor signed by 20 people, in the Tulsa World sometime soon, about the overbearing presence of military recruiters on school grounds in Tulsa, esp. Army recruiters who failed to make their quota last year, falling 13% behind in 2005. Call that a micro-success for counter-recruitment, nationwide --but I'm sure the fiasco of Iraq has a lot to do with it!!  

Against the War Profiteers

Melbourne, 05.10.2005 14:39

Campaign to force ANZ out of Iraq escalates

The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Our Shopping Bags Does Local

Bristol, 05.10.2005 14:37

Does Every Little Help? The battle for the hearts and minds of our shopping bags goes local! When Walmart, a company with an internal economy larger than all of Ireland is moaning that it isn't big enough to compete with Tesco, you know that its time to consider buying local! The battle for the hearts and minds of our shopping bags goes local, Jane Stevenson writes: The second Southville, Ashton and Bedminster Local Food Week is to be held later this month, from 22nd to 30th October. Highlights this year include South Bristol's first ever local beer festival at the Tobacco Factory, a new sausage created especially for the week by Southville's Mr Sausage, Bob Wherlock, organic baby food available at the Natural Nursery, a Fungus Foray, English Wine tasting, Cookery Classes and a Festival of Food at Windmill Hill City Farm. Full article. Meanwhile, in another food-realted article, Gene Hackman writes: Five people, arrested for peacefully blockading Sainsbury's distribution depot in an attempt to stop the sale of GM fed milk and meat, will be appearing in Avon Magistrates court. The three day trial starts on Monday 10th October in Yate, just outside of Bristol. There will be a half an hour long demo outside the court at 9am on Monday morning to support those on trial and to create a photo opportunity for the press. Full article. | Local Food Week in Southville, Bedminster & Ashton | The Sainsbury's Five on Trial | bristol sainsbury's blockaded (again) | Greenpeace GM Protesters Cleared by Court | What's wrong with supermarkets? ( |

Protest for Peace to be Held at Vandenberg Air Force Base

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.10.2005 13:37

October 1st through 8th is International Keep Space for Peace Week. There will be a Protest for Peace at the Front Gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base on October 8th, 2005 from 1-3 pm. The protest will be in opposition to the deployment of “Star Wars” missle defense and the militarization of space. The front gate of Vandenberg Air Force Base is located at the Intersection of Hwy 1 and Casamila-Lompoc Rd. (six miles north of Lompoc on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, CA).
Read More On Indybay's Anti-War Page

Low Power Radio Conference to be Held in Davis

San Francisco Bay Area, 05.10.2005 13:37

On October 8th and 9th, KDRT-LPFM will be hosting the Low Power Radio Roundup, an event meant to bring together the many emerging community stations around California and Oregon. In 2000, the Federal Communications Commission created the low power radio service, as a way for community groups to get access to the airwaves in a time of excessive radio consolidation. Since then, over 80 new radio stations have hit the air in California alone. This conference will provide a space for these stations to network and share skills and experience. The event will include training in radio journalism, internet streaming, and radio theater, as well as cover a variety of station management and legal issues.
Read More On The Indymedia Page


Colombia, 05.10.2005 13:07

Transmision Consejo Comunitario y Minga por la Dignidad

Solidarity, Not Charity: Philadelphia Independent Journalist Heads to New Orleans

Philadelphia, 05.10.2005 12:37

Independent journalist and hip hop artist Walidah Imarisha embarked today for a week of intensive volunteering in hurricane-torn New Orleans. But this is not your run-of-the-mill mission trip.

Mexico, the Other Campaign Begins!

Aotearoa, 05.10.2005 11:08

The first plenary of the Other Campaign, a 10 year initiative of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation to build a national plan of struggle, came to a close this Sunday afternoon in the community of La Garrucha, Chiapas.

The plenary was organized into six themes dealing with the organization and character of the Other Campaign. Subcomadante Marcos, spokesperson for the EZLN, made it clear that the form of the Other Campaign must be decided by all those who take it up. "The Sixth and the Other Campaign, " he said, "no longer belong just to the EZLN, but to everyone who embraces them".

He also announced a proposal for the next stage of the campaign: a tour, to begin in January, of consultations in every region of the republic. Marcos himself will be the primary actor of the Sixth Committee, and, in order to perform the post, will be stepping down as spokesperson for the EZLN.

The meeting was transmitted in internet by indymedia chiapas and a coalition of independent and participatory media gathered for the event. It was relayed in FM in Oaxaca and Mexico City, among other places. In addition, the independent media activists present in the La Garrucha formed a proposal for a national network of independent media.

Present in the Plenary were 91 social organizations from throughout Mexico, 36 political organizations, 129 groups, collectives and NGO's, 26 indigenous organizations, 196 individuals.

audio: 1 | 2 video: 1 | 2 photos: 1 | 2 | 3

Weapons System Exporter Picketed

Aotearoa, 05.10.2005 11:08

Around thirty-five peace and justice activists picketed the military export company Oscmar’s Auckland offices and warehouse last Thursday(29 September), calling on employees to walk off the job. Oscmar, an American owned corporation, makes weapons training systems for export to some of the most brutal and oppressive armies on earth.

Protestors held placards, delivered leaflets to Oscmar employees and shouted at employees telling them to leave their job. Slogans used included, “For peace and justice quit your job!”, “Occupation is a crime! Oscmar out of Palestine!”, “Who profits? Oscmar! Who pays? Palestine!” and “Making Money Training for Murder!”

Oscmar fulfilled their contract to supply the Israeli Defence Force with laser harnesses for military training systems earlier this year by supplying Intellectual property via email to its parent company in the United States. It is believed however that they are continuing to work on this project and to accept contracts from the Israeli Ministry of Defence.

David Wakim

Aotearoa, 05.10.2005 11:08

David Wakim, a much loved Auckland activist and a tireless champion of the rights of the Palestinian people, has died suddenly whilst travelling in Namibia. David was an inspirational man who devoted much of his life to the struggle for peace and social justice. David was a pharamacist 'half-way down Dominion Road' in Auckland by day. Late into the night he was an active member of Pax Christi, the Palestinian Human Rights Committee and a founder of the Council for Christians and Muslims in NZ.

Discontent at Victoria University

Aotearoa, 05.10.2005 11:08

Management of Victoria University, Wellington, this week banned the publication of the student newspaper Salient over an article exposing proposed fee increases of between 5-10%. They sought and obtained a high court injunction prior to its distribution, and followed this up by confiscation of the 6,000 copies due to fears that the injunction would be ignored [Report]. Vice Chancellor Pat Walsh gave his version of events which is available here (along with a translation).

On Wednesday, in a much publicised Student Representative Council meeting, students moved to relocate the meeting to the Vice Chancellor's office. A brief 25 minute occupation ensued before the students voluntarily moved off [Report].

Further protest action is planned for when the fee setting occurs. Reports are also in that issues of Salient are available now, before the high court hearing, suggesting a settlement was reached between university management and Salient.

Ocupação do Iraque imposta pelo terror

Portugal, 05.10.2005 10:37

Ocupação do Iraque imposta pelo terror

Terror off our Coast:

Perth, 05.10.2005 07:08

US Nuclear Weapon of Mass Destruction in Fremantle

Metroviários/as entram em estado de greve em São Paulo

Brasil, 05.10.2005 05:07


CBA: Encuentro Regional de Mujeres

Argentina, 05.10.2005 04:37

Martes 4 de Octubre 2005 | CBA: Encuentro Regional de Mujeres
Preparándose para Mar del Plata...

Champaign City Council Extends Health Insurance and Leave Benefits to City Employees in Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships

Urbana-Champaign, 05.10.2005 04:12

The Champaign City Council by a 9-0 vote tonight passed a bill that extends health insurance coverage and family and bereavement leave to city employees in same-sex domestic partnerships. These benefits do not extend to city employees in opposite-sex domestic partnerships or to unionized city employees. The council passed the bill without comment.


Colombia, 05.10.2005 03:37

Juicio a Nestlé en Berna

¿Inocentes hasta que se demuestre lo contrario?

Argentina, 05.10.2005 03:37

Miércoles 5 de Octubre de 2005 | MUJERES ENJAULADAS
¿Inocentes hasta que se demuestre lo contrario?

¿Inocentes hasta que se demuestre lo contrario?

Argentina, 05.10.2005 02:37

Climate change in NB

Maritimes, 05.10.2005 02:07

Climate Change in New Brunswick

Bulgaristan: Çöp krizi

Istanbul, 05.10.2005 01:08

Bulgaristan: Sofya'da çöp krizi

Budapeşte: Bisiklet eylemi

Istanbul, 05.10.2005 01:08

Budapeşte'de 30.000 kişilik bisiklet eylemi

Mehmet Tarhan'a yönelik baskılar sürüyor

Istanbul, 05.10.2005 00:08

Mehmet Tarhan'a yönelik baskılar sürüyor

Greve de fome de sacerdote incomoda governo e aumenta solidariedade ribeirinha

Brasil, 05.10.2005 00:07


Polícia gaúcha mata sindicalista durante protesto

Brasil, 05.10.2005 00:07


Metin-Kemal Kahraman'ın açıklaması

Istanbul, 04.10.2005 23:38

Metin-Kemal Kahraman'ın açıklaması

Bağcılar'da polis terörü

Istanbul, 04.10.2005 23:38

Bağcılar'da polis terörü

Earth Headed for Global Warming Catastrophe

Madison, 04.10.2005 23:08

A leading worldwide climate research institute in Hamburg, Germany predicted last week that the Earth is heading for a climate catastrophe in the next 100 years, with sea ice in the North Pole region predicted to completely melt in summer and extreme weather events increasing in both frequency and strength. The study is being followed up this week by the release of a report from the UK's Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to the presidency of the European Union, on the impact of climate change on migratory species. The report details and predicts major losses in many of the world's animal populations with continued global warming. The releases come on the heels of another release issued by National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), a part of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which has reported that summer Arctic sea ice fell far below average for the fourth year, with winter ice seeing sharp declines, and spring melts beginning much earlier that even 10 years ago. Meanwhile, the U.S. mainstream media and government continue to abdicate their responsibility to appropriately inform and alert Americans to the growing threat of global warming, as well as the need for timely and responsive change to slow global warming through massive reductions in fuel burning and other greenhouse gas releasing sources.

Por la defensa de sus viviendas

santiago, 04.10.2005 20:08


BlackBox Radio for 4/26/05

Michigan, 04.10.2005 19:43

BlackBox Radio airs today at 6PM on WCBN-FM (88.3FM in Ann Arbor). BlackBox Radio is produced in the studios of WCBN and can be heard every Tuesday from 6:00-6:30PM. It is also be available for download from the MichiganIMC.

On this week's show: Including gender expression and identity in UM's nondiscriminatory policies, the inefficiency of hot water heaters, and Cuba's resistance to the economic blockade. Plus, more local, national, and international news.

BlackBox Radio is an all-volunteer group comprised of students and non-students from the Ann Arbor area. There are opportunities to get involved in many ways, including research, field recording, interviewing, audio editing, and more.

Listen to the show! [high quality (26.8MB) | lower quality (13.4MB)]

To send feedback or learn more, email radio AT

Arte Social en el PG

Argentina, 04.10.2005 19:39

Martes 04 de Octubre 2005 | BUENOS AIRES
Arte Social en el Palais de Glacé

Retirees and union members blow the whistle on GE’s low pension and health care benefits

Boston, 04.10.2005 19:07

Lynn, MA -- General Electric retirees led a rally in front of the Riverworks plant on Sept. 29 calling attention to the company’s skimpy pension benefits that have not kept up with the rising cost of living -- especially skyrocketing health costs. The retirees were joined by current GE employees, Local 201 and other union leaders, and several community supporters.

George Mason U student arrested and brutalized for Anti-recruitment action

DC, 04.10.2005 17:08

GMU student Tariq Khan was brutalized, arrested, and taken to the Fairfax County jail for passing out anti-military-recruitment flyers on George Mason University campus. Early afternoon today, GMU student Tariq Khan was beaten and arrested for doing counter-recruitment work.

Students Rally for Free Speech at GMU

DC, 04.10.2005 17:08

US Army recruitment efforts fell 7,000 recruits short of its 2005 goal, according to reports coming out after the end of the Fiscal year on Friday. It's the greatest shortfall in recruitment since 1979, and the trend which continued from last year looks to go on in 2006. Meanwhile, students protesting military recruitment on college campuses were assaulted in at least three incidents over the past week. Darby Hickey reports from Fairfax Virginia, where a student was arrested for expressing his views at George Mason University.

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