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Communique from Rob Los Ricos: Why Nov 11?

Portland, 09.10.2005 16:38

Let's reclaim Nov 11 as a day of anarchist action. "I want November 11 to be a day when everyone-and anarchists in particular-examines the conditions of their lives and how they compare to the wealthiest 5% of the population."

November 11 is a national holiday?a day to remember the many American lives lost fighting this country's wars. Why November 11? To bury this country's radical past. On November 11, 1887, four anarchist labor organizers, agitators and propagandists were hung in Chicago. Their crime? They suggested workers be allowed an 8 hour workday.

Long before their trial, mainstream newspapers were demanding blood. They wanted the government to kill all union members along with their families. Protests in solidarity with the condemned men were massive and worldwide. When the first 4 were executed, international outrage and the fury of the U.S. workforce compelled the government to pardon three of the remaining prisoners.

Remember that the liberal society created by the bloodshed of the Class War has been obliterated by international trade organizations, corporate power and government collusion with international banking interests. I also ask you to come to grips with the idea that we?everyone not among the wealthiest 5% of the world's population?we are all Iraqis now.

Raise a Ruckus for Rob Los Ricos in PDX Nov 11th & 12th - some ways to help out | Rob 'los ricos' Thaxton-6 years in jail June 18 '05 |

Eugene Set To Vote On External Police Review Boards

Portland, 09.10.2005 16:38

I wrote this more with the town I used to live in on my mind, but it applies to Portland too I think. Page 28 of the Eugene Weekly has a two column two inch bar with an endorsement for voting YES to a proposal to have the city council hire an outside independent civilian review board all the time.

Quite farther along than just about any city I've ever lived in, I'll tell you. They should take a note or two from Eugene - the only city I know named after the first name of a famous environmentalist! Just like when the Portland mayor asked for twinkle fingers as consensus in a Tuesday night meeting to reject Homeland Security presence last year. But you know what? It shouldn't be only in Oregon, and it shouldn't be only in Eugene, lemme tell you.
Here's the Eugene scoop: Adapt it to whatever town YOU'RE sitting in.

People around Boston and Connecticut have been crying out for CivRevBo's since long before I was born. In fact, Angela Davis did a year for inciting a riot once and it's uncertain whether it was her yelling that diapers and milk should be free in all stores, or from her yelling that Massachussetts needs civilian reviewboards. I have it all on hearsay and it's a little before my time, but I'm told that was around 1962!!!

Oct 10: Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People

Portland, 09.10.2005 16:38

What does it mean for the U.S. to celebrate Columbus? Indigenous people have resisted the legacy of Columbus and still resist similar threats today. Together we can transform October 10th, 2005 in to a celebration of the self-governance and continued liberation of Indigenous People, exposing the legacy of Columbus' cruel inhumanity and embracing our histories and memories of resistance.

In celebration of our common histories, we will march from Woodruff Park to Sylvester Park where we will celebrate Indigenous People's Day with our communities.

Meet at Woodruff Park @4:00pm
Leave @ 4:30 heading east on Harrison Ave.
Arrive at Sylvester Park for awesome speakers @ 5:30pm

Indigenous People's Day Broadcast on radioActive sanDiego

Racism and Poverty, Two Struggles with One Goal

Tennessee, 09.10.2005 16:08

Racism and poverty are not only two struggles with one goal but, realities of how I lived in an all black neighborhood facing poverty but was bused to a majority white school to endure racism. There is a segment of the population ran and ruled by a group of people who have power and privilege because of their ethnic group; while another population is allowed to suffer from poverty, inadequate education, and injustices because of their ethnic group.

Opening of the 711th Goose Fair, Nottingham

United Kingdom, 09.10.2005 15:07

The official opening today at noon, with the Sheriff of Nottingham, The Lord Mayor, and assorted dignitaries from the Showman's Guild etc .....

Goose Fair is one of Europe's largest travelling fairs, with more than 150 rides and 450 games and exhibitions to thrill and amuse.

Links: Photos of previous years [1] [2] [3] | Goosefair Website | Goose Fringe Festival | Fairground Association of Great Britain | Showman's Guild

Extraordinary Rendition Through Shannon: Protesters Point Finger At A Government In Denial

Ireland, 09.10.2005 13:07

' . . . but that word "currently" was in the answer for a reason. Technically, it's not a lie' . Background To This Story From Indymedia Archives: Amnesty Cite Shannon Complicity In US "Extraordinary Renditions" | Shannon: Hard Truths In Seanad Via Sweden Via Indymedia Ireland | Guantanámo Bay Express uses Shannon Airport | Peace Activists Call For Govt To Come Clean On CIA At Shannon | Activists lodge complaint about Guantanamo Bay Express | CIA Torture Jet Sold In Attempted Cover Up | More On The US 'Secret Commando Unit' That Has In Past Repeatedly Transited Thru Shannon It has been a busy few weeks for Shannon airport news. There have been banner drops, arrests, IAWM demos, John Gormley of the Greens sparring with Minister for Foreign Affairs Dermot Ahern, and the media mostly taking a government line. Today [Saturday, October 9th], a small group of protestors decided to bring the message back to the scene of the crime. "John Gormley had a battle with Ahern this week about these jets, the fact that they are not inspected, and the fact that Denmark has BANNED the CIA from using their airspace, while we allow them at our airport. A Danish official recently sent me a list of CIA flights through Danish Airspace. One of them was from Shannon to Kabul, in Afghanistan. Denmark has forced them to make a detour around their airspace, but they are still welcome at Shannon. Complete Report as Submitted by Tim H. to the Newswire Busy few weeks for Shannon news. Banner drops, arrests, IAWM demos, Gormley sparring with Dermot Ahern, and the media mostly taking a government line. Today a small group of protestors decided to bring the message back to the scene of the crime, rather than the flats at Drumgeely, surrounded by cops. So, a quick synopsis of the news regarding the torture jets. When it was discovered they were using Shannon, the govt went immediately blind to any wrong doing... When the UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights was contacted last month about CIA jets at Shannon, he said he was interested, but he already had a list of countries to look regarding rendition flights and would look at Ireland "in due time". So probably around late 2006, perhaps? better than never. The government spin doctors... being silent for two whole weeks after that decided to write a weasel answer for Dermot Ahern, Minister for Foreign Affairs. When he was asked about it in the Dail he said that his people had contacted the office of Prof Scheinin (the UN guy) and had confirmed that he is not CURRENTLY investigating Ireland. Of course most of the media took that as completely rubbishing earlier reports of UN concern... but that word "currently" was in the answer for a reason. Technically, it's not a lie, but it's not the same as saying... "and he has no plans to ever look at it" John Gormley had a battle with Ahern this week about these jets, the fact that they are not inspected, and the fact that Denmark has BANNED the CIA from using their airspace, while we allow them at our airport. A Danish official recently sent me a list of CIA flights through Danish Airspace. One of them was from Shannon to Kabul, in Afghanistan. Denmark has forced them to make a detour around their airspace, but they are still welcome at Shannon. Due to the government cover up, and the failure of most of the media (but not all... Village magazine did a great front cover and feature for their birthday issue) a small group of activists, decided to use their right to peaceful assembly in a public place where the passengers at Shannon can see that their is still controversy about this issue. This afternoon, 6 people went ot the front of the terminal to unfurl simple banners. We didn't obstruct and passengers, chant repetively, or through megaphones. We just stood in silence. Some passengers, including and American or Canadian (going by accent) gave us warm support. One airport worker, pictured below, got excited and demanded that the airport police do something about us. After a while we were confronted by a very agitated Airport Police Inspector Michael B Hogan. He recognised me straight away and got even more agitated. He said we had no right to be there, and said he would sue me for defaming him on a website. He's referring to this article, which includes a photo of him, and an account of him trying to wrestle the camera from a woman half his size. We explained that we were simply having peaceful protest in a public place, and we were not interfering with passengers, operations, safety or security. "There's no problem here" I said. "No problem" he replied. I guess he was being sarcastic cos he was back 20 seconds later asking why we were still there. We replied that we were having a peaceful assembly. More passengers showed approval of our silent message, "US MILITARY OUT OF SHANNON" and "CIA TORTURERS OUT OF SHANNON". But the airport police, called the cops, and our names were taken, first by an airport police office who refused to identify himself, and then by a garda who did not give his name when asked. Other than that, the Gardai were very professional in their conduct. after a while more we decided we would leave the airport. In a parting shot, APO Inspector Hogan said that he would see me in court and wanted his photo removed from the web. I told him it would be unwise to go to court, as the footage related to the story, if used, would show him assaulting a young woman. (He doesnt get that we're trying to protest the warport, not fight with him personally and that he should be thankful, rather than cocky that the camera woman did not press charges) So, we decided to leave, on foot... and it took us a while, and we were escorted the whole way by the Garda Siochana and Airport Police. Quite a lot of passing traffic beeped or waved in support... and about 4 made rude gestures. At one stage, Det Sgt Houlihan called by for a bit of banter. (He's the detective who handled our criminal complaints about CIA rendition jets, and said that there was no evidence, while at the same time, we know there were no inspections of US aircraft) "Hello Tim, what does C -I -A stand for?" (referring to our banner) "Hello Detective Sgt Mike Houlihan, it stands for Central Intelligence Agency. Did you not know? Is that why you never investigated it?" "Ah, Tim, you know I investigate everything" "I don't know that, detective" - an in joke... his favourite line with me was "I don't know there is anyone on these planes"... while never inspecting any of them. once we reached the exit, we took up postion on a roundabout, next to the site of the peace camp. We stayed for about an hour, getting more and more beeps from cars, and one "get a job" from a guy driving a van... We refrained from replying "I have a job, but I don't have to work Saturdays!!!" also spotted at the airport, A World Airways jet N27*WA (probably N272WA or N277WA, but the setting sun was causing trouble reading the reg). Which is parked in the centre of the airfield, guarded by the Army. Another World Airways jet was at gate 42. We had seen this one land at 15.35 and it took off at 17.23 and flew east. We briefly re-entered the airport for ten minutes to wait at the bus stop fifteen feet past the entrance gantry. Pictures to follow, and perhaps audio, if I can figure out the analog to MP3 conversion... Other Recent Indymedia Ireland Anti-War Activity Coverage: Summary Of Anti-War Activity Feature Banner Drop At Shannon Protest at Shannon, 24th September Some Links To Photo Essays Of Weekly Vigil Held By The PitStop Ploughshares:The Ploughshares are five anti-war activists who went to Shannon and disarmed a US plane bound for Iraq. They are going to trial (again) on October 24th. Rebel Priest Joins Ploughshares Vigil Keep Death Off Our Runways Vigil for Jean Charles de Menezes, killed by UK police on the London underground

Será o biodiesel a solução?

Portugal, 09.10.2005 11:37

Será o biodiesel a solução?

PPRC counterrecruitment rally this morning

Portland, 09.10.2005 09:37

About 20 people gathered outside the "Armed Forces Career Center" on NE 13th and Broadway in an antirecruitment rally called by PPRC. It was, for some of us, a humorous and at times somewhat surreal experience.

Referendum On Iraqi Constitution October 15th

San Francisco Bay Area, 09.10.2005 07:07

On October 15th, 2005, Iraq is scheduled to hold a referendum on its future Constitution. The Constitution will be approved if a majority of voters nationwide vote "yes" and there are no more than two governorates (of the country's 18) where two-thirds of the voters vote "no". In late September, the parliament decided to change this process by identifying "voter" in two different ways to make it impossible for the Constitution to be rejected. Following concern by UN officials and anger by many Sunnis, the changes were reversed.
Wikipedia: Proposed Iraqi constitution | Iraqi constitution ratification vote, 2005
The International Crisis Group has criticized what it termed "Iraq's rushed constitutional process”, saying it has deepened ethnic and sectarian rifts and is likely to worsen the "insurgency" and hasten the country's violent break-up. While Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and Lebanon's top Shia cleric have endorsed the Constitution, there is widespread opposition among Sunnis, Turkomen, women and supporters of Moqtada Sadr. Clerics and tribal leaders from Iraq's Sunni Arab minority have expressed optimism that they can mobilise their communities to reject the draft constitution. The Iraqi National Dialogue Assembly, which has started to collect signatures for its petition opposing the constitution, has also gained the support of leading Shia tribes in southern and central Iraq.
Attempts to foist a constitution on Iraq look destined to fail | Iraq gears up for charter ballot | Referendum makes a mockery of democracy | Sunnis Urge Charter Block, Mull Civil Disobedience
Many women in Iraq worry that the new Constitution will be a setback for their rights and allow discriminatory laws against women that have not existed in Iraq for decades. In the 1970s, Iraq was probably the most progressive Arab country on women’s issues (although women later lost some ground under Saddam Hussein). The Jan. 30, 2005, elections brought to power the Shia fundamentalist parties that had long sought to overthrow secular rule. They dominated the drafting of the new constitution. Article 2 therefore says that Islamic law is “a fundamental source” of legislation.
The Iraqi constitution's downside for women | Religious Freedom is At Risk in the New Iraq
Riverbend On The Iraqi Constitution: Part 1 | Part 2

Sin respuestas para los tobas de Rosario

Argentina, 09.10.2005 04:37

Sin respuestas

Argentina, 09.10.2005 03:37

Monday: Shiite Revolution Slide Show

Rogue Valley, 09.10.2005 02:08

Gathering Storm: Shiite Revolution, Strategic Command, Global Oil
7:00 pm
Monday October 10
Peace House
543 South Mountain Avenue in Ashland


Sydney, 09.10.2005 01:38

Lots of drugs, official reports, more police corruption

Serra constrói rampas antimoradores/as de rua

Brasil, 09.10.2005 00:37


Governo cede à greve de fome e suspende obras da transposição

Brasil, 09.10.2005 00:37


FOUR MONTHS AGO, 42% of the USA wanted to see BUSH IMPEACHED. What's it up to now?

Portland, 08.10.2005 20:37

To date, only one pollster, Zogby International, has inquired about public opinion regarding the impeachment of George Bush. That was four months ago. Zogby found that 42 percent of respondents would favor impeachment if Bush "did not tell the truth about his reasons for going to war with Iraq." Other polls show that something around a majority of Americans are now convinced that Bush and his crew did, indeed, not tell the truth. The implication is clear: if the corporate media would raise the issue of popular opinion on impeachment, they would find evidence for strong public support. But only Zogby raised the issue, and even they refuse to ask the question again unless somebody pays them to do so. This, as Bush's polling numbers continue to fall, indicating that there is probably more support for impeachment now than there was back in June. [ Read More ] [ | Press Silence on Impeachment ]

URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in Louisiana

Portland, 08.10.2005 20:37

For many communities, government aid has been virtually absent and supplies are only coming in from grassroots relief efforts. Though hope and humor persist, the challenge continues to grow. The more populous indian communities in Terrebonne Parish such as Dulac, DuLarge, Grand Caillou, Montegut, Pointe-au-Chien and Isle de Jean Charles escaped extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina but became victims to the storm surge of Hurricane Rita. Another 4000 people were forced from their homes by eight feet of flood waters and a four inch layer of mud.

Despite the compassionate aid that has flowed into the these communities, STORM RELIEF IS STILL AN URGENT NEED. Supplies needed include: 1) Cleaning materials; 2) Sheets, linens, towels and other basic household items; 3) Construction materials; 4) Toiletry items; 5) Baby items; 6) Children's needs; 7) Campers, RVs, trailers and other forms of temporary housing, especially for elders; 8) Gas and gift cards. In addition to supplies, VOLUNTEER WORK TEAMS ARE URGENTLY NEEDED ...

To coordinate work teams across the region and focus undirected relief supplies, please contact Naomi Archer at (828) 230-1404 or by email to Naomi is a non-native organizer who has been working in solidarity with tribal leaders to provide aid to indian communities, primarily through (Common Ground Relief). She is organizing the Four Directions Relief Project to assist in gaining short and long term assistance specifically for these areas. [ Read More ]

From the Newswire

Perth, 08.10.2005 18:39

Dissent Isn't Taken Lightly Down Under

Tschetschenische Flüchtlinge in der EU

Germany, 08.10.2005 18:37

In Russland ist Krieg. Nicht überall, aber in Tschetschenien. Ein grausamer Krieg, der für die Menschen, die dort leben, jeden Tag Tod, Gewalt, Gefängnis, Folter, Vergewaltigung bedeuten kann, und der jeden Tag Angst macht. Der Krieg hat 1994 angefangen und seitdem sind über 400.000 Menschen aus Tschetschenien geflohen. Deutschland, dessen Kanzler auf seine Freundschaft mit Russlands Präsident nichts kommen lässt und ihm gern 'einwandfreie Demokratie' bescheinigt, gibt sich alle Mühe, tschetschenische Flüchtlinge wieder loszuwerden. Was dann aus ihnen wird, schert deutsche DemokratInnen wenig.

Pro Asyl: "Fluchtalternative mit Lebensgefahr. Zum Umgang mit tschetschenischen Flüchtlingen" Faltblatt (pdf) | Flüchtlingsorganisationen fordern verbesserten Schutz für tschetschenische Flüchtlinge Presseerklärung, 21.4.05 | ND: Die Odyssee der Tschetschenen

Anti-Lager-Tour: Auftaktdemo (Fotos) | Bericht | Tour-Ende in MV | Lagerleiter Bramsche wird abgeschoben | Demo in Neuburg | Umbruch-Themenseite | no-lager-website

Berlin: Hier geblieben! | Film: "Zwischen Asyl und Abschiebung" | Herne: Schüler gegen Abschiebung | Wesel: Demo gegen Abschiebung

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 7th, 2005

Madison, 08.10.2005 18:08

So you thought you followed the news? Listen to Democracy Now! daily? Well, you're never truly in the political 'know' until you've heard Mel and Mr. Pants' commentary on all things important to man and womyn kind. Kabul Ballot Hyjinks, Presidential Popularity Drops, Terrorist T's, Dean's Hide the Salami, Smoking Chimps and much, much more. Enjoy!

Indigenous People's Day Broadcast on radioActive sanDiego

San Diego, 08.10.2005 17:08

October 10th is Indigenous People's Day. Some people consider it Columbus Day, but as that is widely considered a celebration of 500 years of genocide, many have reclaimed the day as Indigenous People's Day.

In honor of this day, we will be playing audio recordings of the recent Zapatista Encuentros, brought back from Chiapas Mexico by a member of our collective. The Zapatistas are currently planning a new campaign called La Otra Campaña, or The Other Campaign. At a recent Encuentro, called the First Plenary, members of anti-capitalist organizations from all over Mexico and all over the world gathered to talk about La Otra Campaña.

Updates about La Otra Campaña at Chiapas Indymedia | Official EZLN Website | Radio Insurgente, Mondays at Noon and Tuesdays at 7pm on radioActive sanDiego | Read more at Revista Rebeldía | Statue of Columbus toppled in Caracas, Venezuela, 2004

Hoy m�s que nunca es importante acudir a Salamanca

Euskal Herria, 08.10.2005 17:07

Contrados de Saanta Fe reclaman el pase a planta

Argentina, 08.10.2005 15:37

Sábado 8 de Octubre de 2005 | CONTRA LA PRECARIZACION LABORAL
Estatales en negro reclamaron al gobierno provincial el pase a planta

Gebilligter Tod durch EU - Abschiebung

Germany, 08.10.2005 14:37

Ceuta/Melilla: "Eine Nacht in Ceuta" (IMC Madiaq) | Untersuchung der Todesfälle | Der Sturm auf Europa | Polizei erschiesst fünf Einwanderer | 1000 MigrantInnen ohne Wasser in der Sahara | Abschiebungen nach Mauretanien | | Bericht von Ärzte ohne Grenzen english version | Ansturm auf die neue Mauer (telepolis) | Interview von SER Javier Gabaldón, Koordinator von Ärzte ohne Grenzen | Bericht auf indymedia.austria | | | | |

Von Ralf Streck: "Ärzte ohne Grenzen hat nun bestätigt, dass Marokko einfach die Einwanderer in der Wüste abgeladen hat. Es sind mindestens 600. Sie sind zum Teil schwer verletzt, schwangere Frauen, Kinder... ohne Wasser und Nahrung. Gestern Abend hat das Königreich eingeräumt, dass wieder mindestens sechs Menschen getötet wurden, als sie am Donnerstag versuchten nach Melilla zu kommen. Derweil haben die Schnellabschiebungen aus Spanien begonnen, womit man sich angesichts des Vorgehens von Marokko dahinter stellt, Menschen einfach in der Wüste verrecken zu lassen. Denn warum sollte Marokko die Abgeschobenen anders behandeln als übrige Einwanderer."

Mortes na &quot;porta dos fundos&quot; da Europa

Brasil, 08.10.2005 14:07


Mehmet Tarhan

Istanbul, 08.10.2005 13:08

Mehmet Tarhan cezaevinde işkence görüyor


Colombia, 08.10.2005 05:07

Impunidad a sangre y fuego


Colombia, 08.10.2005 05:07

Impunidad a sangre y fuego

Anatel e PF reprimem rádio autorizada pelo Minc

Brasil, 08.10.2005 05:07


MTST - Comunicado de Alerta Geral àTod@S!!!

Brasil, 08.10.2005 05:07


Nashville NoSpray! Protests Metro's Pesticide Bombardment of Residential East Nashville

Tennessee, 08.10.2005 04:13

On Wednesday, October 5th, members of the NoSpray! coalition gathered on Gallatin Road in East Nashville to protest Metro Health's planned spraying of East Nashville and Inglewood neighborhoods that evening. Metro, which claims it is preventing the spread of the West Nile Virus, uses specifically designed aerial spray trucks which shoot pesticides from a fire hose nozel into the air as they drive through residential neighborhoods. Nashville NoSpray! says they will continue to protest until the city stops spraying.

Oct 1st: Migrants and Supporters Protest Against Deportations

United Kingdom, 08.10.2005 03:07

Saturday 1st October was a day of action across the country for the rights of refugees and migrants who face deportation, detention and who are denied welfare rights. Under new rules (Section 9 of the Asylum and Immigration Act) migrants are facing the choice of eviction and having their children taken into care, or returning to a country where danger, death and poverty may await them.

In Bolton, Manchester a demonstration took place against Section 9 and in support of the Sukula family, who were forced to flee from Kinshasa in the Congo after being beaten and victimised. See Sheffield Feature | Sukula family call | Manchester NoBorder

At the same time 800 took part in a march and rally in Glasgow [pic], which came just days after the deportation of the Kosovan Vucaj family who were snatched in a dawn raid by immigration officials. Robina Qureshi, director of PAIH, said: "These are messages from ordinary Scottish people. And our message is clear - no more dawn raids in this city". [ Background: 1 | 2 | 3 | Photoblog ]

In London a protest was held at Communication House [pics] - the "reporting and enforcement centre" of the Immigration and Nationality Department - where refugees have to 'sign on' and where many have been detained before deportation. 

Meanwhile police killed five migrants during a mass breach of the Moroccan / Spanish Border -See reports 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Indymedia Estrecho

More: Indymedia Migration Section | No One Is Illegal | NCADC | Make Borders History
Letter from Yarl's wood detention centre

Legal Update for A20 Arrestees

Pittsburgh, 08.10.2005 02:09

Legal Update for August 20 Counter-Recruitment Arrestees

Comunidades indígenas Tupinikins e Guaranis desocupam a Aracruz Celulose com a chegada do presidente da Fundação Nacional do Indio ao ES

Brasil, 08.10.2005 02:07


Represión policial a docentes en Tierra del Fuego

Argentina, 07.10.2005 23:07

Represión policial a docentes en Tierra del Fuego

Jerónimo Martins: ilegalidade S.A.

Portugal, 07.10.2005 22:37

Jerónimo Martins: ilegalidade S.A.

Minister Calls for Police Accountability in Wake of Settlement to Framed Brutality Victim

Chicago, 07.10.2005 22:08

police brutality [permalink] Local activists charge that Chicago police remain unaccountable to the rule of law, despite the City of Chicago�s announcement on Monday that it will pay $1.75 million to a police brutality victim officers tried to frame for going public about his abuse.

A City Council committee agreed to the settlement with Jeremiah Mearday, who was beaten by two white police officers in 1997. The City eventually fired the two officers who beat the black youth. But two weeks after their firing, police arrested Mearday again, claiming that they found drugs on him and that he assaulted officers. The drug charges were eventually dropped and Mearday was acquitted of assault � lending veracity to the charge that cops planted the drugs and fabricated the assault charge as retaliation for the firing of the two officers that beat Mearday. Monday�s settlement covers civil rights suits for both cases.

"Jeremiah and his family have suffered enormously," says Rev. Paul Jakes of the Christian Council on Urban Affairs, one of the lead groups in marshalling support for Mearday and his family. "But that suffering continues throughout the city, because violent officers know they will never be held to the same standards of justice that the rest of us must face � while we live under the risk of unprovoked police violence, fabricated evidence, and worse. This is no different than the sort of impunity one finds in the worst sort of dictatorships."

Comment here.

Santa Cruz Billboard Shows Remarkable Candor

Santa Cruz, CA, 07.10.2005 21:08

Santa Cruz, CA, October 7th, 2005: A Red Cross advertisement on Santa Cruz County's only remaining billboard, the "whale billboard" along Highway 17, was modified today by the Billboard Liberation Front who struck in the name of truth-in-advertising.

Where before the billboard exhorted people to give to the Red Cross, the added text reads "'cuz the government ain't doing squat."

This became painfully clear in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. It was revealed that not only had the Bush administration pulled funding for levy repair in New Orleans to fund the war in Iraq, but left National Guard troops unavailable in the wake of the disaster. The largely poor and black sections of the city were left without food, water, or relief. Critics of the government’s response to the disaster, pointed out that government response to the disaster was inadequate at best, and In many cases made a bad situation worse.

Ministério Público tenta barrar passe livre

Brasil, 07.10.2005 21:07


immigració (ca)

Barcelona, 07.10.2005 21:07

Un altre "Mur de la Vergonya"

dissabte[15 oct, 17h] Pla de palau, BCN Manifestació per la fi de les morts a Ceuta i Melilla Pla Palau

La tragèdia de l'emigració ::: Sis morts més a la frontera sud ::: Han deportat 1000 immigrants al desert de Mauritània. Ja són 14 els morts al desert. Campanya urgent! ::: Acte públic en motiu dels greus fets que estan tenint lloc a Ceuta i Melilla: divendres, 7 d’octubre, a les 17 hores, davant de la Delegació ::: Més d'un milió de persones il.legals sota la catifa. Adhereix-te al manifest i als seus continguts ::: Prou morts a Ceuta i Melilla. Prou víctimes de la llei d'Estrangeria ::: Davant la cimera Hispano-Marroquí: Aliança per la Mort a la Frontera ::: Comunicat d'EUPV sobre els esdeveniment de Ceuta i Melilla

notícies relacionades:::: Manifest sobre l'emigració cap a la Unió Europea::: Imatges Manifestació Anticimera Hispano-Marroquí::: Hebe de Bonafini li treu els colors al del talant ::: Enderroquem tots els murs de la vergonya del món! ::: "El mur de les lamentacions" que vol el govern d'Israel ::: Els més desobedients trenquen el mur d'una presó per a immigrants a Turí ::: Traspassant el murs...fuga del centre d'internament de la Verneda::: Després del 7 de maig, la immensa majoria seguim sense papers ni drets

+info:: >>>immigració + imc-estrecho

inmigración (es)

Barcelona, 07.10.2005 21:07

Otro "Muro de la Vergüenza"

BCN Manifestación contra las muertes en Ceuta y Melilla, Sabado 15, 17:00h. Pla Palau

La tragedia de la emigracion ::: Seis muertes más en la frontera sur ::: Hebe de Bonafini le saca los colores al del talante ::: Han deportado a 1000 inmigrantes al desierto de Mauritania. Ya son 14 los muertos en el desierto. Campaña urgente! ::: Acto público con motivo de los graves hechos que están teniendo lugar en Ceuta y Melilla: viernes, 7 de octubre, a las 17 horas, delante de la Delegación ::: Manifiesto sobre la emigración hacia la Unión Europea ::: Imágenes Manifestación Anticumbre Hispano-Marroquí ::: Más de un millón de personas ilegales debajo de la alfombra. Adhiérete al manifiesto y sus contenidos ::: No mas muertes en Ceuta y Melilla. No más victimas de la Ley de Extranjería ::: Ante la cumbre Hispano-Marroquí: Alianza por la Muerte en la Frontera ::: Un mes después del 7 de mayo, la inmensa mayoría seguimos sin papeles ni derechos ::: Comunicado de EUPV sobre los acontecimientos de Ceuta y Melilla

noticias relacionadas:::: Manifiesto sobre la emigración hacia la Unión Europea::: Imágenes Manifestación Anticumbre Hispano-Marroquí::: Hebe de Bonafini le saca los colores al del talante ::: Enderroquemos todos los muros de la vergünza del mundo! ::: "El muro de las lamentaciones" que quiere el govierno de Israel ::: Los más desobedientes rompen el muro de una prisión para inmigrantes a Turín ::: Traspasando los muros...fuga del centro de internamiento de la Verneda::: Después del 7 de mayo, la inmensa mayoría seguimos sin papeles ni derechos

+info:: >>>immigración + imc-estrecho

Dane County Has A Food Council

Madison, 07.10.2005 18:08

Tonight the Dane County Board of Supervisors, after about 2 hours of debate, established a Dane County Food Council. We can all be proud that Dane County is now the first in the state of Wisconsin to establish one.


Istanbul, 07.10.2005 15:38

Mavioğlu: "Bir mesaj için iki insanı öldürdüler"

SP: Após despejo famílias armam acampamento

Brasil, 07.10.2005 15:37


Birgün'ün Zaferi

Istanbul, 07.10.2005 15:09

Birgün: Hem patronsuz, hem de sendikasız!

Grand Jury Roadshow coming to Eugene, Portland &amp; Seattle - Do You Know Your Rights?

Portland, 07.10.2005 14:37

As government repression continues, so does the use of racial and political profiling FBI visits, and Federal grand juries to intimidate, imprison and destroy communities and social justice movements. Grand Jury investigations have recently been used to harass and jail people from the Black liberation, animal liberation, and environmental justice groups in San Fransisco and San Diego. FBI intimidation is being used to crush dissent and attack Muslim, Arab, Iranian and South Asian communities, creating fear and racial hysteria.

Do you understand what a federal grand jury is and how it can be used against you? Come learn what you can do to protect yourself, your movement, and your community. Come learn what you can do to protect yourself, your movement, and your community.

Recent Related Articles: Guide to Grand Jury Investigations | Grand Jury FAQ -American Bar Association | May '05 SF Teach In | Aug '04 Activists Subpoenaed to Seattle Grand Jury | Aug '04 Federal Grand Jury Underway in Eugene | 4/20/04 Cop Killer Grand Jury Inquest | cop killer: no indictment | No Cooperation With Grand Juries - Rosebraugh

Resources: [ | Just Cause Law Collective | The National Lawyers Guild | Release Danae Kelly!!]

Unlock the Box on October 8th

San Francisco Bay Area, 07.10.2005 13:37

The Unlock the Box conference is scheduled to take place at Cell Space in San Francisco on October 8th, beginning at 9:30am. Organizers say that it is a product of years of struggle to shut down the Security Housing Units (SHU's) in California prisons. The conference is intended to be a step toward building more unity with groups all over the country and the world who are engaged in the struggle to end SHU's. The goals of Unlock the Box include increasing communication between groups, and coming up with common plans of action.

Past Indybay Coverage of SHUs: Info about Jose Luis in the SHU | August 2004 Protest | June 2004 report | Report from March 2004 | November 2002 report | Report from 11/02 Vigil Against SHU's | Report: 1 | 2 | More about SHUs

Read more about Unlock the Box on Indybay's Police and Prisons News Page

Borders, Vigilantes, Deaths: Audio and Other Updates

San Diego, 07.10.2005 12:37

Here is a compilation of some recent postings to the newswire concerning some of our three favorite topics here in San Diego: Borders, Vigilantes, and Death.

Audio: Llorona Post 9-11 || Minutejerks go North || The Minute KKKlan

Stories: Record number of border deaths || Hundreds charge Spanish Border || Why We Oppose Borders ||

Gaztetxe Eguna 8 Octubre 2005

Euskal Herria, 07.10.2005 11:37

Mid-City Clinic

New Orleans, 07.10.2005 11:07

Free Clinic to Open in Mid-City

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