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Caregivers from California Pacific Medical Center on Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 19:37

Over 800 California Pacific Medical Center caregivers have been walking the picket lines in San Francisco since September 13th. On August 28th, a federal mediator issued a compromise to SEIU-UHW and Sutter CPMC as a settlement of the issues to avoid a strike – a compromise proposal that would establish the same quality of care standards that are currently in place at hospitals across California.
The United Healthcare West Bargaining Team accepted the compromise. Sutter CPMC accepted it as well, but Sutter backtracked and went back on their acceptance. The workers want Sutter CPMC to accept the Federal Mediator’s neutral proposal – accepting standards that hospitals across California already have in place- and end the strike. A variety of political and community activists are standing with the striking caregivers and urging Sutter to “Just Say Yes.” Recent speakers at rallies have included the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dolores Huerta.
Read More On Indybay's Labor Page

Holyoke college students stand up to military recruiters, administration

Boston, 11.10.2005 19:07

On Oct. 6 over 100 students at Holyoke Community College and their allies in Western Massachusetts marched and rallied on campus to protest the ‘banning’ of student Charles Peterson, the U.S. war on Iraq and military recruiting on campus. Calling the protest after its members were brutalized and maced by campus and state cops Sept. 29, the HCC Anti-War Coalition hand delivered its five key demands to the college’s President William Messner.

Venezuela: Kampf dem Latifundium

Germany, 11.10.2005 18:37

In der venezolanischen Hauptstadt Caracas demonstrierten am Samstag tausende Menschen für die Weiterführung des Kampfes gegen den Großgrundbesitz. An der Demonstration nahmen Bauernvereinigungen aus dem ganzen Land Teil, aber auch aus anderen Bereichen der bolivarianischen Bewegung war die Beteiligung groß. Im Zentrum der Forderungen stand die Anwendung des „Ley de Tierras“ (Landgesetz), das die Enteignung von brachliegendem Land erlaubt. So war die Demonstration vor allem auch eine Unterstützung der von der bolivarianischen Regierung geführten Agrarpolitik.

Howard Zinn speaks at Campbell Hall

Santa Barbara, 11.10.2005 18:07

Bestselling author and activist Howard Zinn spoke on truth in a time of war during a sold out lecture at Campbell Hall last Thursday.

What's up Chiapas?

Houston, 11.10.2005 17:07

What is going on in Chiapas?

Indigenous Rights

Perth, 11.10.2005 16:09

SWAN VALLEY NYUNGAH COMMUNITY Native Title Claim to be heard


Peru, 11.10.2005 16:08


Minuteman Attacks Protester - Video

San Diego, 11.10.2005 16:08

Here's a perfectly clear video of the Scottish Rite Center protest where a volunteer with the Minutemen tackles protester. Later, he tells the police that he was assaulted and the police handcuff and detain this protester for an hour. As always, the police defend the violent racists.

While the violence at the border, with over 3,500 murdered by Operation Gatekeeper, 4 shootings, two fatal, in the area of the Minutemen patrols, and perpetual violence from the Border Patrol, continues on a daily basis, the racist vigilantes are contributing to make the situation even more grave for migrant people. The Minutemen have demonstrated again and again that they are violent and their project is a project of violence. Still, they continually lie to the corporate media and to the public about their true intentions, claiming that they are only a "neighborhood watch" when in fact they are a paramilitary group with guns, shooting ranges and violent intentions.

Click Read More for more photos and video.

Another account of anti-minutemen actions in Laguna Beach:

Fears of a Bristol Police State as Sainbury's Five Trial Begins

Bristol, 11.10.2005 15:37

'Prevention of Terrorism Act' or 'Prevention of Freedom Act'? Freedom to Protest? Bristle Editor 4 writes: Recently, on 23 September, swift thinking by Bristol’s No2ID campaign enabled them to catch-out Home Office Minister Andrew Burnham MP...Elsewhere, other campaigners against ID cards were less fortunate. In Newcastle on 8 September 6 campaigners driving to picket the EU Justice Ministers meeting were stopped by police on their way, and held for many hours in order 'to prevent violent disorder'....A feature of these and many other incidents has been the abuse by the state & police (and indeed local authorities such as Bristol) of existing legislation [while our rights such as] The Geneva convention on refugees, the European Convention on Human Rights, even the EU Human Rights Act, are proving to be worthless pieces of paper, as our freedoms of speech, expression, assembly, and even thought are attacked. Full article. Meanwhile, feeling the pressure of the State, the Sainsbury Five begins writes; Avon Magistrates Court, Yate, Bristol, saw the opening day of the trial against 5 protesters who blockaded a Sainsbury's depot to stop the distribution of GM-fed milk back in February. The protesters are charged with Aggravated Trespass, but claim that they were acting to protect the public and their children from the harmful effects of Sainsbury's milk which is from cows fed on GM. Around 30 people came to the court to support the defendents and spell out the message "GM IS IN MILK" with their bodies, as well as perform street theatre with a Damian-Hurst-style-see-through-plastic cow banner. The day progressed well. The prosecution's attempt to lay heavy compensation claims unravelled under examination as it appeared that Sainsbury's figures had been plucked out of thin air. One prosecution withess, a 'National Public Order Tactical Provider' described the protesters at the time of the action as being "Quite pleasant". Full article. | Freedom to Protest? | Trial Starts for Saisbury's GM-Fed Milk Protesters | bristol sainsbury's blockaded (again) | Freedom to Protest Leaflet | Protesters are Criminals...And hardly anyone is contesting the new clampdown |

Despidos arbitrarios en el Gobierno de la Ciudad

Argentina, 11.10.2005 14:37

Despidos arbitrarios en el Gobierno de la Ciudad

Despidos arbitrarios en el Gobierno de la Ciudad

Argentina, 11.10.2005 14:37

Despidos arbitrarios en el Gobierno de la Ciudad

Cartoneros ocupan la sede del Gobierno de la Ciudad

Argentina, 11.10.2005 14:37

Cartoneros ocupan la sede del Gobierno de la Ciudad

Will global warming lead to an 'ice age'

Portland, 11.10.2005 12:38

In order for a true ice age to occur, it is required that temperatures in the summer drop to such low levels that it effectively remains winter all year round. Snow that falls in the winter therefore never does melt, but rather continues to accumulate, and the end result is an 'ice age', and the creation of ice sheets as much as two miles thick, the result of annual accumulation of snow cover over many centuries. A few hundred years ago a not very well understood climate event took place, typically referred to by the misnomer 'the little ice age.' Because this climate event has been misnamed as 'an ice age', this has led to some rampant speculation on the internet that 'global warming causes an ice age.' This is not true. [ read more ]

Signs of rapid arctic warming since 2000

Permanent Arctic Ice Cap in 1979According to statements released by the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, acceleration of melting in the arctic has caused scientists studying the phenomena to revise their estimates of the effect of climate change in the arctic. Previously it was typical to estimate that the arctic would be ice free by the year 2100, but the new data would suggest that the process may be complete by the year 2060. According to NSIDC, "September 2005 will set a new record minimum in the amount of Arctic sea ice cover. It's the least sea ice we've seen in the satellite record, and continues a pattern of extreme low extents of sea ice which we've now seen for the last four years." [ read more ]

Arctic Ice cover at new record low

Permanent Arctic Ice Cap in 2003The permanent, year round Arctic ice cap has been shrinking at an average rate of 9 per cent per decade over the last two and half decades. The first image shows the extent of the ice cap in 1979. The second displays the ice cap in 2003. The animation covers the period from 1979 to 2003. The rate of Arctic ice melt has increased in recent years, achieving new record lows in each of the last four years, and this can be clearly seen towards the very end of the animation. The melt continues to break previous records in everyone of the last four years, and there are indications that the rate of change is now increasing, which is raising concerns that the arctic is now locked into a self reinforcing feedback loop. Ice is bright white, and thus reflective, and bounces heat and light energy back into space, while water absorbs and stores heat energy. As the ice shrinks, the ability of heat to build in the arctic increases, which then increases the rate of melt, which exposes more water surface, storing more heat, and a feedback loop is then created which results in acceleration of the rate of change. [ read more ]

more articles by brent herbert

A Gathering Storm

Portland, 11.10.2005 12:38

While we think about the staggering revelations from the aftermath of the storm that shook this nation to its core, maybe we should think a little deeper, and a little closer to home. Most of us found it horrifying to realize that human beings could be treated like so much waste down in New Orleans, only because they were poor, or because they were black. We did not want to see ourselves in that mirror. But most of us are still blind to the same conditions in our own city. It's time to open our eyes.

I was late for work this morning, as usual. So as I hastened down Couch street, I almost did not want to see the police cruiser pulling to a slow halt nearby, along the 405 onramp. He wasn't stopping for me, but I knew what he was doing. I tried to tell myself it would be all right to just keep walking, to pretend I did not know what was going on. But I did know. I've lived in this city for a long time. And I could not just walk on by.

As the cruiser eased itself to a stop, the door swung lazily open, and a fresh-faced young officer, squeaky clean and impressively professional, stepped out. I watched him wander nonchalantly over to an old man laying on the cold ground, nestled in a thick woolen blanket between the hard retaining wall and a squat bush covered with thorns. Damn, I thought. I'm really gonna be late for work. I shook off the trivial thought, and walked back up the street to stand nearby, just near enough to be an obvious witness, but not so close as to be arrested for interfering. There was nothing else I could do.

Trudell's Message - Coherence and Consciousness

Portland, 11.10.2005 10:38

i was skipping up the front stairs of the EMU - making my way to the ballroom to get myself a front row seat to see John Trudell - when i heard his voice being carried on the current of the wind, captivating a crowd gathered round in the outdoor free speech plaza.

Trudell, along with Wilma Mankiller, were featured speakers at the University of Oregon for this years anti-Columbus, Indigenous Solidarity Day. I was unfamiliar with Native-American Wilma Mankiller, Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, but always make a point of seeing Trudell whenever he makes an appearance in Eugene. The last time was seven years ago, so i was eager to hear what Trudell had to say after such a long hiatus. Always when i hear him speak it is like a shot of reality that lends clarity to my life.

i didn't attend with the intention of taking notes and writing his rant into an article, but he has such a lot of good shit to say that i wanted to pass it on, which was part of his message when someone asked how we can deal with the almighty media. In response he urged us to speak *coherently* and *consciously* to those who are willing to listen, but not to try and make converts of anyone. The "Power of the People" says Trudell, is in our "coherent, conscious thoughts", and our ability to *think*, which will generate the energy that is needed. [ read more ]

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DC demonstrators bio-attack: update

Portland, 11.10.2005 10:37

It would appear now that the Homeland Security alert regarding tularemia is being 'spun.' As the antiwar demonstrators did their thing in DC in late September, biowar sensors at the Capitol registered unusual amounts of tularemia. Now they are suggesting that perhaps the feet of the demonstrators stirred up the bacteria from the soil--but if that were true, why has no other demonstration stirred up a US biowar arsenal bacterium?

Tularemia is perfect for attacking demonstrators. It doesn't spread, so there would be no contagious 'outbreak.' Now that they are dispersed across the nation, their symptoms will (would) appear to be similar to the common cold--muscle aches, mild fever, etc. The symptoms are unlikely to be diagnosed without a larger national awareness, however, and they slowly progress to painful and disfiguring conditions and then death (see my post from last Friday on this subject). Hence the attack could pass completely unnoticed except for the condition of the demonstrators and their grieving families. The only notice might be in a spike of tularemia cases in the following years' CDC reports. [ read more ]

more information: DC demonstrators attacked with tularemia, portland indymedia articles about tularemia, the sunshine project

more articles by theresa mitchell

Poor People's March on October 16th in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 07:07

A Poor People's March and Low-Wage Workers Community Congress will be held on Sunday, October 16th. People will gather at 11:30am at 16th and Mission Streets, and march to the Low-Wage Workers Community Congress at the Horace Mann Middle School on 23rd Street. The march's demands will be "Living Wage Jobs, Universal Health Care, Affordable Housing, Quality Education, and Progressive Taxation of Corporations and the Wealthy." On October 16th, "National Boss Day" will take place even as working people are under assault by Big Business as their wages are being devalued, their health benefits and pensions cut and their right to organize threatened. Poor People's March organizers wonder, "How do we move our legislative agenda to turn the tide? In the words of Jesse Jackson, we turn up the street heat."

Topics to be discussed at the Community Congress will be related to the issues that are impacting the lives of working people and provide training they need for the oncoming political and labor struggles. The Poor People's March and Low-wage Workers Community Congress plans mobilize to turn out working people for the November special election. Sponsors and endorsers for the event are still needed. Read more

Poor People's Marches have been held in other cities, such as New York City during the 2004 RNC, Washington, DC in 2003, San Francisco in 2002, and originally in 1968 in Washington, DC.

Task force takes public comment on civilian oversight of police

Urbana-Champaign, 11.10.2005 05:07

The Mayor's Task Force on Citizen Police Review will meet for the first time this Tuesday October 11 at 7pm in the Urbana City Council Chambers. Public comment at the beginning of that meeting is welcome and encouraged.

Come to the Barnraising of RADIO FREE URBANA - Nov 11-13

Urbana-Champaign, 11.10.2005 05:07

The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) proudly announces the first on-air date of its new low power FM station, WRFU, and the grand opening of its Media & Arts Center in the post office building in downtown Urbana. The UCIMC is collaborating with Prometheus Radio Project, a national grassroots radio organization, the weekend of November 11-13, 2005 to host a radio station barnraising. The barnraising is the ninth such community effort that Prometheus has sponsored in collaboration with up and coming Low Power radio stations, and the first ever in the Midwest! This weekend event will feature the construction of the entire station with the help of hundreds of volunteers from around the country. The end product will be a fully functioning radio station that will go on air November 13th.

Pete Seda on Rogue Valley Access TV

Rogue Valley, 11.10.2005 03:09

Program Title: "Terrorism and National Security"

Wednesday, 10/12/05 at 6PM
Repeats Wednesday, 10/19/05 at 6PM

Josephine County - Channel 15
Jackson County - Channel 31
Ashland Fiber Network - Channel 95

An amazing televison program was recently found in the archives. On October
26, 2001, just six weeks after 9-11 and on the same day the United States
passed the Patriot Act, RVTV cablecast a live call-in television show called
"Terrorism and National Security."

Estudantes de Cuiabá são presos e feridos durante protesto

Brasil, 11.10.2005 03:07


Ex-trabalhadores mutilados da empresa Aracruz Celulose ocupam sede do INSS-ES

Brasil, 11.10.2005 03:07


Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army starts major offensive against enemy

Aotearoa, 11.10.2005 02:37

Revolutionary Clowns took to the streets of Wellington to raise awareness of the upcoming weapons conference being hosted at Te Papa Tongarewa "Our Place" on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 18 and 19. The so-called 'Defence Industry Association' is holding its annual conference where arms dealers will showcase their latest weapons of horror. The conference is an opportunity for NZ manufacturers to better 'market' their products to overseas militaries, such as the US Army, and Israeli Defence Force. For more information about the conference, read the NO WARP! (Weapons and Related Production) campaign page by Peace Movement Aotearoa here. For details of the conference, you can read the programme here. Past delegates to the conference have included representatives from Halliburton, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin. Lockheed Martin proudly proclaims that it "is a global leader in the design, development and production of missiles and missile defence solutions for the United States and its allies around the world. The goal: Defend against attacks by ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and other airborne threats." Peace Action Wellington is actively campaigning against a weapons trade in Aotearoa New Zealand. There is a demonstration against the conference on Tuesday, 18 October at 12:30 meeting at Civic Square. If you are not in Wellington, but would like to express your outrage at the hosting of this conference, you can email, fax or phone the management team at Te Papa. Details are on the Peace Action Website at No public aid for the weapons trade and no arms race at 'our place'!

El agua es nuestra

Argentina, 11.10.2005 01:37

Jueves 6 de Octubre 2005 | Se va “Suez-Aguas Cordobesas”. Recuperemos el agua.
El agua es nuestra

Students, Workers and Community Unite to Support Bus Drivers

Santa Cruz, CA, 11.10.2005 01:08

Students and Workers Take Protest to Sentinel's Door

Friday, Oct. 7, 2005 - Continuing the hard-fought struggle to support local bus drivers on strike, hundreds of students and workers from UC Santa Cruz, as well as many community members, held a brief rally at the base of the UCSC campus before embarking upon a highly visible and chant-filled march to the downtown Metro Center.

Once at the Metro Center, a rally and speak-out was held to discuss the bus drivers' struggle and the great deal of solidarity between various sectors of the community. After many complaints of the Santa Cruz Sentinel's poor coverage of the strike, the community marched over to the Sentinel's offices to greet the origins of their frusteration.

Friday's action, organized by the Student and Worker Coalition for Justice (SWCJ), has been the strongest show of support in the almost two week-old strike.

Photos: Solidarity Rally at Campus || Solidarity March || March from UCSC to the Metro Center || Solidarity Rally at Metro Center || Rally at the Metro Center to Support Bus Drivers || Students and Workers Take Protest to Sentinel's Door || March from the Metro Center to the Sentinel || Community Response to UTU March

Early last week, students and workers descended on Mike Rotkin's office, leading to his denouncement of the Transit Board's decision that led to the strike. A few days later, a College Republican attempt at an anti-worker rally sank amidst overwhelming UTU solidarity.

Rotkin has called for an emergency Transit Board meeting Tuesday.

see also: Metro Rally Turns Out Well Oct 7, 2005

previous coverage: Students and Workers Teach Republicans a Lesson in Solidarity

Leeds Queer Film Festival

United Kingdom, 11.10.2005 01:07

On October 14-16, Queer Mutiny North Invites you to...
the first ever Leeds Queer Film Festival! <<br>...showing a diverse range of films around subjects of queerness, transgender, genderqueer etc. Most if not all the films are made and directed by queer people, known and not so well known.

This is a free event!
+ movie style snacks and refreshments will be availiable for donations.

Click for more info:
festival program | Queer mutiny north

sten timber sale: treesitters still under fire

Portland, 10.10.2005 23:38

Yesterday (Sunday), another attempt was made to murder a treesitter in the Sten timber sale in the McKenzie watershed. The activist reported that "bullets whizzed through the branches over his head." On Friday hired climbers came to the base of the tree and threatened to remove the sitter.

Forest Service Law Enforecement officials have done nothing to protect activists from violence at Sten, despite names being given and official reports being filed at the Willamette National Forest headquarters in Eugene. The same white pickup with toolbox (license # YBK 722), whose driver previously fired both .45 caliber shells and hunting arrows at treesitters, has returned and travels throughout the area with impunity.

Freres Lumber of Mill City is currently decimating the old growth ecosystems of the Sten timber sale. Logging, hauling, and bulldozing continue within 100 meters of the tree "Katrina" which has been occupied for over a month. The treesitter was visited and cheered on last Thursday by a large group of schoolchildren from Eugene.

directions to Sten T.S. | Aug 22 original press release announcing treesit action | Sept 7 audio report | Back To The Wall callout Sept 21 | map | photos

National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

LA, 10.10.2005 23:38

Protesta Contra Reclutadores en la Escuela de Derecho UPR

Puerto Rico, 10.10.2005 23:08

Protesta Contra Reclutadores en la Escuela de Derecho UPR

Tennessee's Immigrants Face Backlash

Tennessee, 10.10.2005 22:09

Tennessee immigrants are facing a backlash on multiple levels, and many of Tennessee's most vulnerable residents are at risk of losing their rights to drive, to seek gainful employment, health care or an education when the next wave of anti-immigrant legislation passes over. This was the message of the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition at a public forum on the growing threat to immigrants in Tennessee. The forum was held Saturday at Vanderbilt University.

Docentes desconocen acuerdo

Argentina, 10.10.2005 22:07

Docentes desconocen acuerdo anunciado por el gobierno

Darfur Freedom Fest in IV

Santa Barbara, 10.10.2005 18:37

Last weekend's concert and tabling in Isla Vista's Anisq'oyo Park raises genocide awareness


LA, 10.10.2005 17:38


Book Review: Poor Workers' Unions

Richmond, 10.10.2005 17:08

real world stories of on the job resistance to exploitation, forcasting a labor movement where every worker is an organizer

Referendum On Iraqi Constitution October 15th

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.10.2005 14:07

On October 15th, 2005, Iraq is scheduled to hold a referendum on its future Constitution.
The International Crisis Group has criticized what it termed "Iraq's rushed constitutional process,” saying it has deepened ethnic and sectarian rifts and is likely to worsen the "insurgency" and hasten the country's violent break-up. There is widespread opposition among Sunnis, Turkomen, women and supporters of Moqtada Sadr. Clerics and tribal leaders from Iraq's Sunni Arab minority have expressed optimism that they can mobilize their communities to reject the draft constitution. The Iraqi National Dialogue Assembly, which has started to collect signatures for its petition opposing the constitution, has also gained the support of leading Shia tribes in southern and central Iraq. Many women in Iraq worry that the new Constitution will be a setback for their rights and allow discriminatory laws against women that have not existed in Iraq for decades.
Read More On Indybay's Iraq Page

Persiste la lucha docente

Argentina, 10.10.2005 11:37

AMSAFE desconoce acuerdo anunciado por el gobierno

Cerâmica Zanon (Argentina): quatro anos sob controlo operário

Portugal, 10.10.2005 09:37

Cerâmica Zanon (Argentina): quatro anos sob controlo operário

Bristol Students in Solidarity with Murdered Colombian Student

Bristol, 10.10.2005 09:07

Colombia, The Terrorism the Media Ignores Justice for Jhony Silva Oliver Edwards writes: Following the killing by police of twenty one year old Jhony Silva Aranjuren in the University of Valle in Cali, Colombia, on 22nd September, students in the University of Bristol, that were in Cali that day on a human rights delegation, carried a coffin through the Students’ Union and placed it on the steps of the Union building at the freshers fair. Before the event today, doctoral student Geoff Norburn said “we will make certain that this will be done in a conduct appropriate and respectful to Jhony’s family and friends. I am sure that we can ensure, as people in the University of Valle on the day, that others will accord this symbolic action with the recognition it deserves”. At noon, students from the Bristol Students Colombia Solidarity Campaign carried a coffin through the Students’ Union and placed it on the steps outside, to bring this tragic incident to the attention of students at the freshers fair. Carrying roses, two of the students wore T-shirts with the slogan ‘Justice for Jhony Silva’. Others distributed leaflets and talked to passers-by about the significance of this killing within the context of the repression of public university communities in Colombia. Lara Coleman, who leads the ‘Universidad Viva’ campaign in the UK through the Colombia Solidarity Campaign, said “In Colombia, any social criticism is met by fierce reactionary measures ranging from death threats to assassination by military and paramilitary forces”. Full article. | Justice for Jhony Silva | | | Past News: Coca Cola distribution plant in Bristol is being Blockaded |

World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.10.2005 08:07

October 2nd is World Farm Animals Day when people in all 50 states and two dozen countries memorialize the suffering and death of 50 billion cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other sentient animals in the world's factory farms and slaughterhouses every year. The specific date was chosen as it marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate for the humane treatment of animals.

In Santa Cruz, The Progressive Animal Rights Alliance chose to mark the day by demonstrating at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Main Street in an ongoing effort to draw attention to KFC's refusal to implement guidelines developed by its own animal welfare panelists for the treatment of the almost 800,000,000 chickens it processes every year. About a dozen activists handed out informational flyers to passing motorists and customers entering and leaving the fast-food restaurant. One KFC employee showed her displeasure with the demonstration by flipping the bird to the demonstrators and the outlet's manager kicked one activist in front of customers and other witnesses. Full Report with Audio and Photos

PETA's Ongoing Kentucky Fried Cruelty Campaign
Check Indybay's Animal Liberation Calendar for Future Local Events
Previous Indybay Coverage: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

From the Newswire

Perth, 10.10.2005 06:39


Caregivers from California Pacific Medical Center on Strike

San Francisco Bay Area, 10.10.2005 05:37

Over 800 California Pacific Medical Center caregivers have been walking the picket lines in San Francisco since September 13th. On August 28th, a federal mediator issued a compromise to SEIU-UHW and Sutter CPMC as a settlement of the issues to avoid a strike – a compromise proposal that would establish the same quality of care standards that are currently in place at hospitals across California.

The United Healthcare West Bargaining Team accepted the compromise. Sutter CPMC accepted it as well, but Sutter backtracked and went back on their acceptance. The workers want Sutter CPMC to accept the Federal Mediator’s neutral proposal – accepting standards that hospitals across California already have in place- and end the strike. There is an online petition on SEIU-United Healthcare West's website. A variety of political and community activists are standing with the striking caregivers and urging Sutter to “Just Say Yes.” Recent speakers at rallies have included the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Dolores Huerta.

9/23 Striker Diary | 9/17 Striker Diary | 9/15 report | Beyond Chron article | SEIU-UHW's CPMC Page | Sutter Strikers for Patient Care | Sutter Corporate Watch

Santa Monica Critical Mass

LA, 10.10.2005 04:37

SM Critical Mass--The First Friday of Every Month

Third World View: Nepal in Crisis

Madison, 10.10.2005 02:07

This past weekend the 34th annual Conference on South Asia took place on the UW campus in Madison. Over the next two weeks, Third World View will focus on several topics that came up during this conference.

This week we look at the situation in Nepal, where a nearly ten-year-old civil war between the government and Nepal's maoist guerillas has lead to over 12,000 deaths, most attributed to Nepal's military.

Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Urgent Relief Needed for Native American Communities in LA

New Orleans, 09.10.2005 22:08

Urgent Relief Needed for Native American Communities in LA

Richmond Re-Cycles Bike Shop Makes its Debut

Richmond, 09.10.2005 21:08

A new group has sprung up in Virginia's capital. Richmond Re-Cycles is a local communinty-oriented bicycles shop located at 2611 W. Cary St. in Richmond,Va. Our mission is to provide low cost bicycles to the community, while teaching people bicycles maintenance, bicycle riding and bicycle safety.

GMU Student Assaulted and Arrested for Protesting Military Recruiters

Richmond, 09.10.2005 21:08

This past Friday, GMU student Tariq Khan, also a Pakistani-American Student and former Air Force Service, was brutalized, arrested, and taken to the Fairfax County jail for passing out anti-military-recruitment flyers on George Mason University campus.

Citizens Group says WV Governor broke promise on Marsh Fork Elementary

Richmond, 09.10.2005 21:08

A citizens’ group and concerned parents of the children at Marsh Fork Elementary School in the Coal River Valley of West Virginia expressed disappointment in Governor Joe Manchin’s decision to drop his investigation of health concerns at the school. The school has gained attention over the summer as residents protested Massey Energy’s coal operations next door.

Friday's Critical Mass Ride in Fredericksburg

Richmond, 09.10.2005 21:08

The rainy weather was no aid in increasing the participation and recognition of Fredericksburg critical mass, however, since its beginning, these rides have had a low level of involvement, regardless of weather. As such, we are currently thinking up some new advertising tactics to invite more cyclists to participate in the rides--including pretty hardcore flyer distributing and themed rides.

Gulf Coast Communities Still Need Help from Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 09.10.2005 20:07

Local resident Curtis Reliford, a community organizer and founder of "Brothers Teaching Brothers," will be returning to the Gulf Coast region for a second trip to supply much-needed supplies. (See also: "Thank You Santa Cruz!" from Shreveport, Bogalousa and New Orleans, Louisiana). I have begun traveling through the region in advance to see what supplies are needed where. The past few days we have been traveling through Texas to find shelters, mostly serving Hurrican Rita survivors.

Yesterday, we stopped in Winnie, where a community center has been working with the Red Cross to serve the community and displaced Katrina survivors. While the shelter should be closing soon, many of the remaining survivors still do not know where their family is and have nohwere to go.

Today we traveled further East and saw more severe destruction. In Nederland we found Triumph Church, which had its sign blown over but is serving as a major relief center for the surroundign area. We met with Daemon Scapin, the head pastor, who told us that they have been feeding thousands of people each day. The will be shifting their strategy from providing first-response aid (food, water, and medicine) to providing and transporting supplies that will assist residents in cleaning up their homes.

Futher north on I-69, outside of Beaumont, we found hundreds of cars parked at the Church of the Rock where more residents were registering for aid and recieving meals. We met with Robert Benlien, a pastor there who is coordinating supplies. When asked what supplies they need, he replied, "everything." Apparantly, all they have recieved from FEMA is napkins and paper towels. [ Read the full report which was posted from the internet station set up at Church of the Rock. ]
URGENT Relief Needed for Native American Communities in Louisiana The Native American tribes of the Houma, Pointe-au-Chien, and Biloxi Chitimacha of southern Louisiana have faced a monumental struggle in channeling relief efforts to their tribal members devastated by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. For many communities, government aid has been virtually absent and supplies are only coming in from grassroots relief efforts.

Though hope and humor persist, the challenge continues to grow. The more populous indian communities in Terrebonne Parish such as Dulac, DuLarge, Grand Caillou, Montegut, Pointe-au-Chien and Isle de Jean Charles escaped extensive damage from Hurricane Katrina but became victims to the storm surge of Hurricane Rita. Another 4000 people were forced from their homes by eight feet of flood waters and a four inch layer of mud.

The rising tides from Hurricane Rita also breeched recently repaired levees in Plaquemines, St. Bernard and lower Jefferson Parishes, re-flooding communities that were beginning to dry out from the 150 mph winds and storm surge caused by Hurricane Katrina. There is concern, that without immediate assistance in the form of elder care, cleaning, and rebuilding of damaged homes, community members may move away from the area fragmenting traditions and culture. [ Read more about needed Supplies, Volunteer Work Teams and Long Term Financial Assistance ]

Photos from Unity March

Urbana-Champaign, 09.10.2005 18:08

The Second Unity March was held Saturday, Oct. 8

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