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Arresed for destroying surveillance video-cameras

Athens, 13.10.2005 13:07

On Monday morning, 5 people were arrested in Dafni, for setting 2 surveillance video-cameras in fire. The police sent them to the public prosecutor suggesting 6 accusations, mainly criminal, aiming to the application of the anti-terrorist law (one of the accusations was the establishment of a terrorist group). Though, given the incapability to justify the accusations, the public prosecutor changed them. A lot of solidarity demostrators gathered immediately outside the court. The 5 arrestees, detained in the Athens Police Headquarters, sent a letter describing their arrest.

Update: On Thursday, at 9am, they were brought in front of the inquisitor and were set free. There was a solidarity rally outside the court.

Older feature about CCTV surveillance systems in Athens

Et Tu, Tom? Another Knife in the Back for Homeless People in Portland

Portland, 13.10.2005 12:38

Ever since taking office, Mayor Tom Potter has been walking a delicate and difficult line between the interests of the people of this city and the interests of those who pull the purse strings. Yesterday, alas, he stepped over onto the wrong side of that line. That's when he unveiled a plan that promises to further persecute the poor and homeless people of Portland, at the behest of the forces of gentrification.

Promising to make downtown "safer," Mayor Potter expressed a desire to rid downtown of anyone who might scare shoppers away with their naked and unabashed poverty. Assuring homeless people that, hey, this is nothing personal or anything, he launched an attack on something called "aggressive panhandling," as well as an assualt on "a small but highly visible group who don't [sic] respect Portland's laws or its core value of respect for others." By respect for others, he appears to mean respect for those with a hearty income, rather than those who are presumably beneath our respect. Because, if anything, this proposal only reifies the already ingrained disrespect Portland's business interests show toward those who cannot afford their wares. The mayor went on to outline a 5-step program for the elimination of homeless people from our streets. Oh, that isn't what he called it or anything, but that is what it amounts to. [ read more ]

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LASC introduce two new films from Latin America on opening night of Videoactive Film Festival

Ireland, 13.10.2005 12:37

Friday November 11th, 7pm @ Filmbase, Curved St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. First night of a weekend of films, Q+A sessions, and workshops. For the opening night of the 2nd Videoactive Film Festival, Indymedia and Sustainable Ireland are proud to present two new films from Latin America at 7pm in Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple bar. The Latin American Solidarity Centre in Dublin will introduce the screenings from Bolivia and Argentina. The first is "The War of the Gas", filmed during the national rebellion in October 2003, when a plan to sell off public resources met with popular resistance, mirroring in some aspects the current situation in Ireland with Shell and the Mayo pipeline. The second is "Paso a las Luchadoras (Open The Road to The Women Fighters)" and focuses on how women in South America have taken up the struggle for their liberation by their own hand. A new cycle of conflict developed in Bolivia in September 2003 as worker unions, coca farmers and ordinary citizens united to prevent the sale of the nation’s gas reserves to the United States through a Chilean port. In a country whose economic identity has been strongly shaped by U.S. pressure in the war on drugs and IMF structural adjustments, The Gas War is the most recent case where the Bolivian public has vehemently protested against foreign interests taking priority over the country’s economic well being. "The War of the Gas" documents what happened when the country's army, supplied by the US military, stepped in and attacked the rebellion. "Paso a las luchadoras" was made by the Ojo Obrero Collective in Argentina. The women in the film declare that their oppression is created by the capitalist social system, and manifested by a lack of jobs, the double burden of exploitation that working women face, domestic and institutional violence and in the lack of freedom to govern one’s own body (abortion remains illegal in Argentina). Living their vision every day, they are struggling to create an independent assembly of the working class as the way forward for the fight for working women’s power. Representatives from LASC will introduce these films and give a brief overview about what is happening in Latin America at present. Admission to the films is only €5. All proceeds will go back into the festival. More information about the festival will be published on the site in the following days. Please check back regularly for updates.

Welcome to the new Class War

Melbourne, 13.10.2005 12:08

Industrial Relations Changes a War on Workers

Great story / audio file from Common Ground in New Orleans

Portland, 13.10.2005 11:38

this is a really excellent talk given by the founders of common ground in new orleans...

I hope everyone from pdx that has ability will make a time to visit out here sometime.

The project here is truly showing the potential of a grassroots collective to effect major change and there is real hope that this and other progressive projects can be a powerful force in NO against gentrification and for positive changes on so many fronts. [ read more ]

download the mp3's: [ 01_scott_history_1.mp3 | 02_malik_history.mp3 | 03_scott_history_2.mp3 ]

Remembering Matthew

Portland, 13.10.2005 11:38

Seven years ago today, Matthew Shepard died as the result of a hate-motivated beating in the heart of America. Matthew's attack and resulting death brought the fear, discrimination and hatred that homosexuals have to live with every day to light and made the rest of America aware.

Some people could say that we're gaining ground. Within the past several years, we've gained the attention of the mass media (and their sponsors). We've also had a brief affair with marriage. However, when I go back home to the mid-west, I'm still afraid of pick-up trucks. So how far have we really come?

CNN: Defending The Police State

Portland, 13.10.2005 11:38

So here's that paragon of objective reporting, Aaron Brown of CNN, asking the 64 year-old Grandpa who just got the living shit beat out of him by four white cops if he was on 'drugs'when the cops went apeshit. 'Of course not', came the obviously truthful reply. Brown's tack was pre-scripted. Since the event, seen globally, the media mantra has been "Those poor cops, they're just overworked". Poor Grandpa, half is face is a big red scab, and Brown is asking if what the cops say is true, that he 'fell'. Grandpa breaks out into a hearty laugh and Brown's face registers confusion. It's a Black thing, Aaron. You wouldn't understand. Then Brown brings the robotic Anderson Cooper aboard to remind us once again how stressed out the poor cops are. Did I mention the five minutes they allowed the crazy officers'lawyer? He pontificated upon each blow, as CNN conveniently slowed the video clip, and calmly explained how the horrible beating you were seeing was really another thing altogether. An acceptable thing. Shades of Rodney King! Cooper's spin is that of a professional idiot who keeps asking "Is this proper procedure?" Of course it is, for Attilla the Hun. Cooper is also CNN's point guy on 911 coverup pieces. Debunking all '911 Truth" tellers is his forte'. Endless mercurial analysis on these news shows will eventually dilute the impact of this affair. Cooper again- "The cop is kicking him in the head twice as he lies in his own pool of blood- is this normal procedure?" If Cooper can't tell, he's not even a member of the human race. "It's just not the best way to deal with this" he finalizes. [ read more ]

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No Lie Left Untried: Scaring Kids into Uniform

Portland, 13.10.2005 11:38

When it comes to a reputation for selling snake oil, surely the army recruiter has long been right down there in the muck with the used car salesman and the patent medicine huckster. It's common knowledge that the promises made by recruiters about postings and future positions and training are worthless, and that once someone signs on as a recruit, her or his fate is at the whim of the military. That said, recruiters these days, desperate to fill the pipeline to Iraq's slaughterhouse with new bodies, are resorting to an interesting new spiel this days.

Word comes in from students in the Philadelphia area that recruiters at area high schools are warning them to enlist now, when they can pick the type of service they'd like to do, "because there's a draft coming next year and then you'll have no choice."

It's an interesting come-on because the White House and Pentagon keep saying that there are no plans for a draft. [ read more]

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casa conjura

Argentina, 13.10.2005 06:37

High School Exit Exam Causes Difficulties for Youth of Color, Immigrants

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 06:37

Poor News Network describes a disturbing state-wide education policy impacting low-income youth and immigrant youth across California. According to Olivia Araiza, Program Director with Justice Matters Institute, the new high school exit exam imposes a penalty beyond anything mandated by the infamous No Child Left Behind act; it is estimated that the examination will deny diplomas to over 100,000 high school students in 2006, "creating a permanent underclass ... mandated by the state." The Governator recently vetoed AB 1531 and SB 385, which respectively would have allowed school districts to develop alternatives to the mandatory high school exit exam, and allowed students to take the exam in their first language instead of only English. Full story: A State-Mandated Underclass

Sue Coe at Overtones

LA, 13.10.2005 05:37

Sue Coe at Overtones

Fresno Is Number One!

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 05:37

October 12, 2005: Today the Brookings Institute released an interesting study on poverty, focusing on New Orleans and how the concentration of poverty contributed to the disaster. Fresno was identified as having the highest concentration of poverty in any large U.S. city, 15% higher than second-ranked (pre-hurricane) New Orleans and four times the national average rate of concentrated poverty. The study describes government policies as having contributed to the segregation of the poor, but did not specifically mention Fresno's other distinction, moving many of its homeless residents into -- well if not homes, structures of a sort: tool sheds. Read more

Meanwhile, Poor News Network describes a disturbing state-wide education policy impacting low-income youth and immigrant youth across California. According to Olivia Araiza, Program Director with Justice Matters Institute, the new high school exit exam imposes a penalty beyond anything mandated by the infamous No Child Left Behind act; it is estimated that the examination will deny diplomas to over 100,000 high school students in 2006, "creating a permanent underclass ... mandated by the state." The Governator recently vetoed AB1531 and SB385, which respectively would have allowed school districts to develop alternatives to the mandatory high school exit exam, and allowed students to take the exam in their first language instead of only English. Full story: A State-Mandated Underclass

Wer ist eigentlich ... Banksy?

Germany, 13.10.2005 02:37

Banksy... dieser Name scheint unter Jugendlichen in den ärmeren und proletarischen Vororten von London schon längst Programm zu sein. Er, welcher mit seiner verborgenen Indentität schon beinahe mystifiziert wird, tut gut daran sich europaweit, und darüber hinaus mit waghalsigen Aktionen in Szene zu setzen. Und das kann er.

Liminar de reintegração de posse é expedida

Brasil, 13.10.2005 02:08

Ocupação Chico Mendes

YES, we're open !

United Kingdom, 13.10.2005 02:08

Here an update on some new community initiatives in Nottingham:

Radford - Last night the new community cafe in the Blueprint, Radford, opened its doors for the first time. The fairtrade cafe has been set up by people who put on the famous ethical clubnight Demo, at Blueprint every last Saturday of the month. Trying to create a chilled space for people to meet and hang out, while enjoying organic cake, and eclectic DJ's. Every Tuesday, 509-511 Alfreton Road, Radford.

Links: Blueprint | Demo

Arboretum - Saturday will see the grand opening of the ASBO Community Centre on Burns Street, Radford. The occupied community space is opening its doors on Saturday at 2pm. There will be 'Broad Bean' internet access all afternoon, 'Kranks' Bike maintenance workshop from 3-6pm, 'Free Shop' open from 3pm and the People's Kitchen will be serving food from 5.30pm till 7pm. These events will be running every Saturday, 33-35 Burns Street, 1 Wildman Street, Arboretum.

Links: Download: poster / A5 flyer | Contact ASBO via email | Previous feature article on the project

Photos: Gallery | Tidy Up | Workday

Sneinton - Rumours go that a new collective has also been set up in Sneinton, to start a community cafe/open arts space there. More information to follow... (or contact

Print resources - A call out was issued this week as help is needed to set up a print workshop and resource centre for Nottingham's campaign community. In July 2004 Veggies catering campaign funded the acquisition of the resources of the now defunct Nottingham Community Resource Centre. The intention was to find premises, such as a portable office in the yard of the Sumac Centre, to set up a well equiped print workshop for community use. However a year has rolled by and it has proved impossible to find suitable premises. The situation is now desparate - the equipment must be removed from its temporary storage in two weeks. Are you involved in a project that could make use of printing equipment, in return for making it available to others? Do you have any storage space to offer? If you can help email:

Links: Call out for help | Article Nottingham Alternative News | Veggies catering campaign

Mehmet Tarhan: Uluslararası destek

Istanbul, 13.10.2005 01:38

Vicdani/Total retçi Tarhan'a uluslararası destek

David Agranoff Released

San Diego, 13.10.2005 01:07

SAN DIEGO -- A federal judge Wednesday morning ordered the release of
an animal rights activist she had jailed after he refused to testify
before a grand jury investigating a massive arson fire two years ago.
David Agranoff is the second activist ordered released within a week
from federal custody in San Diego. He is expected to be discharged
from the Metropolitan Correctional Center in downtown San Diego this


Colombia, 13.10.2005 01:07

¡Protesta Multitudinaria!

Morte à porta da Europa

Portugal, 12.10.2005 23:07

Morte à porta da Europa

Birgün: açıklama

Istanbul, 12.10.2005 20:08

Birgün gazetesinin açıklaması

Relief Campaign for Earthquake Victims in Pakistan

Urbana-Champaign, 12.10.2005 20:08

Pakistani Students at UI and Urbana-Champaign American-Pakistani Community Launches Relief Campaign for Earthquake Victims in Pakistan

Tre Arrow - Please write letters to Canada's Minister of Justice

Portland, 12.10.2005 19:38

Letter writing campaign to appeal U.S. extradition.
Hello to you all, it's Tre. I'm doing well here at Wilkie. My lawyer and I have been working on the submissions to the Minister. This is an intricate part of the appeal process. What is crucial in this stage of the appeal is for you, all my supporters, to write a letter of your own to the minister of justice. I'm asking as many folks as possible to do this in order to show the Canadian government, the US government, the Minister of Justice, and citizens throughout North America and the world that I have tremendous support including overwhelming opposition to my extradition to the United States. It will be harder to extradite me if there is published wide-spread outcry about the injustices and persecution I face.

Once you have sent your letter to the minister, a copy of this letter to my lawyer Tim, and your abbreviated email version to your local newspaper's editor, please send this email to at least two other people who would be willing to do the same. We are aiming for at least 2000 letters to be sent to the minister and local newspapers.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your love, support, and help with this crucial part of my appeal. These letters could be the pivitol factor in achieving my freedom.

Gentrification Sweeps Algiers Streets Rolling in Cop Cars

DC, 12.10.2005 19:08

Midnight, on a nice summer night. The air smells sweet and the breeze is lovely. Millions of stars twinkle in the night. Silence amidth a few street lights and no one walking around that I could see. At the turn of the street, Newton Street to be precise, cops, guns and a couple of black young men handcuffed behind their backs, picked up from their home stoop... This was my first encounter as I laid foot in Algiers, New Orleans this morning, 5 hours after a curfew imposed at gun point.

Jenka's live coverage of arrest of New Orleans volunteer-and Mad Max continues

DC, 12.10.2005 19:08

WSQT is pround to continue our "Mad Max Beyond Superdome" coverage of New Orleans, and also to bring you Jenka's live report of New Orleans pigs arresting a relief volunteer.

Indian Genocide, Buffalo Destruction, &amp; Imperialism in Iraq

DC, 12.10.2005 19:08

Presentation by Jim Macdonald Flemming Center (1426 9th Street NW, Washington, DC) 7-9 PM Wednesday, October 12, 2005

immigration (en)

Barcelona, 12.10.2005 19:07

Another "Disgraceful Wall"

Saturday Oct 15, [5:00PM] Pla de palau, BCN Protest to end the deaths in Ceuta and Melilla, Pla Palau

The Migration tragedy ::: Six more deaths in the southern border ::: 1000 migrants deported to the desert of Mauritania. There are 14 dead already in the desert. Urgent campaign! ::: Public act on the occasion of the serious incidents that are taking place in Ceuta & Melilla: Friday October 7, 5:00 PM, outside the Delegació ::: More than a million illegal migrant people under the carpet. Support the manifest and its content ::: No more deaths in Ceuta & Melilla. No more victims of immigration law ::: Before the Hispano-Moroccan summit: Alliance for death in the border ::: EUPV statement about the happenings in Ceuta & Melilla

related news:::: Manifest about migration to European Union ::: Pictures of the Hispano-Moroccan Counter-Summit Protest ::: Hebe de Bonafini embarrasses Spanish president ::: Demolish every disgraceful wall of the world! ::: "The Western wall" Israel government wants ::: The most disobedient break an immigrants prison wall in Turin (Italy) ::: Going through the walls...escape from Verneda's internment center ::: After May 7, the most of us continue with no papers nor rights

+info:: >>>immigration + imc-estrecho

attack on organic standards

Houston, 12.10.2005 18:37

Sneak Attack in Congress on Organic Standards

Campanha pela libertação dos detidos de Salónica e Barcelona

Portugal, 12.10.2005 16:37

Campanha pela libertação dos detidos de Salónica e Barcelona

migradoj (eo)

Barcelona, 12.10.2005 14:07

Plia "hontomuro"

sabate[15an okt, 17h] ĉe "Pla de palau", Barcelono Manifestacio por la ĉeso de mortoj en Sebto kaj Melilo

La tragedio de la elmigrado ::: Ses pliaj mortoj ĉe la suda limo ::: 1000 enmigrintoj elportitaj en la dezerton de Maŭritanio. Fariĝis jam 14 la mortintoj en la dezerto. Urĝa kampanjo! ::: Publika ago pro la gravaj okazantaĵoj en Ceuta kaj Melilla: vendrede, la 7an de oktobro, je la 17a horo, antaŭ la Registara Delegitaro ::: Pli ol miliono da kaŝitaj eksterleĝuloj. Aliĝu al manifesto kaj ĝia enhavo ::: Ne plu mortoj en Sebto kaj Melilo. Ne plu viktimoj far la leĝo pri enmigrado ::: Antaŭ la pintkunveno hispan-maroka: Alianco kontraŭ la morto ĉe la limo ::: Komunikaĵo de la partio EUPV pri la okazintaĵoj en Ceuta kaj Melilla

rilataj novaĵoj: ::: Manifesto pri la enmigrado en la Eŭropan Union ::: Bildoj de la manifestacio kontraŭ la pintkunveno hispan-maroka ::: Hebe de Bonafini hontigas la ĉarmulon ::: Ni malkostruu ĉiujn hontomurojn en la mondo! ::: La Lamentomuro" kiun volas la israela registaro ::: La plej malobeemaj rompas la muron de malliberejo por enmigrintoj en Turino ::: Transpasante la murojn... forkuro de la internigejo de La Verneda ::: Post la 7a de majo, la vasta plimulto el ni daŭre restas sendokumentaj kaj senrajtaj

+infoj:: >>>enmigrado + imc-markolo

The Corporatisation of Childcare

Melbourne, 12.10.2005 10:37

Childcare Profits at Public Expense

Descaso pode causar mais uma tragédia em Goiânia

Brasil, 12.10.2005 07:07


Prefeitura de São Paulo recua mas ameaça de despejo continua

Brasil, 12.10.2005 07:07


Grand Jury's Hold on San Diego Activists Loosens

San Diego, 12.10.2005 06:37

Danae Kelley, 21, who has spent 74 days in jail since U.S. District Chief Judge Irma Gonzalez ruled she was in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigation, was released Thursday afternoon.

Learn More About What You Can Do:
Copwatch Conference OCTOBER 22ND 2005
Get The Details

Let Your Voice Be Heard:
OCTOBER 21ST 2005 – 4:00-5:30PM

The Dalai Lama Speaks at Rutgers

Philadelphia, 12.10.2005 05:39

After receiving an honorary degree from the university, the Dalai Lama said he appreciated getting the honor "without actually having to work hard and study."

Then the spiritual leader, dressed in red and gold monk's robes with prayer beads around his wrist, spoke to the crowd about the obsolete nature of war and ways to reach compassion and peace.

He started his "Peace, War and Reconciliation" lecture by saying that the topics were familiar to everybody.

"I have nothing to offer, no new ideas or new views, nothing special. So, you may disappoint after listen to my ... lecture. If you feel boring, then I’m sorry. But at least today this weather--not hot, not cold, quite pleasant, so just a few minutes you spend here OK, not my problem," he said.
The crowd chuckled and applauded often as the Dalai Lama spoke against the death penalty and war and pressed for disarmament.

12th Annual Peace and Unity March in Watsonville

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.10.2005 05:08

Sunday, October 16th, Watsonville Plaza, Rally at 11am March at 1pm

The annual Peace & Unity March began after the brutal murder of Jorge (16) and his little sister Jessica (9) Cortez. Jorge and Jessica were gunned down execution style outside a panaderia in Pajaro one February evening. A few months later, Tony Valdivia (19) was shot to death in a local beach party. Local youth were outraged and decided to do something about it. This march conmemorates all carnales and carnalas who have died of gang, domestic, and international violence in our community.

For 11 consecutive years the Brown Berets have brought the different barrios together in a march which encompasses Watsonville as a whole. We are not only advocating for peace, but also for unity within our barrios.

For more info visit:

DIY Guide to Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz, CA, 12.10.2005 04:12

An Incomplete List of Independent Local Projects

Meaningful projects begin with people who are motivated to put into action their desires for the kind of world in which they want to live. The more we create our own projects that are apart from and in some cases pose a direct challenge to the dominant institutions, the more vital and meaningful our world(s) will be for us. Here is a short list of some of these kinds of projects in Santa Cruz.

[ Anarchist Library || The Bike Church || Food Not Bombs || Free Radio Santa Cruz || Free Skool Santa Cruz || Guerilla Drive-In || Santa Cruz Indymedia ]

Of course there is much more going on around town than this short list encompasses. Keep your eyes and ears open; talk to others (word of mouth is the best way to learn about what's going-on) and look for flyers around town (a great DIY way to spread-the-word). Also, if you discover that there is that vital something not happening here, then do-it-yourself and spread-the-word (collaborate with allies with similar passions). Let's joyfully tear down the world around us and create something wonderful in its place.

Para Aktivis bersiap untuk pertemuan WTO di Hong Kong

Jakarta, 12.10.2005 04:11

Para Menteri-menteri perdagangan, LSM, dan kelompok-kelompok pergerakan sosial semua akan berkumpul di Hong Kong, China, pada Pertemuan tingkat Menteri WTO (World Trade Organization- Organisasi Perdagangan Dunia) ke-6, yang akan berlangsung pada 13-18 Desember. Sebuah jaringan pergerakan sedang mulai bekerja, Hong Kong People's Alliance on the WTO [en | chinese] dan Stop the New Round Coalition (SNRC), serta beberapa kelompok lain menjadi poros aliansi. ...

Dachi Bedea

Colombia, 12.10.2005 02:37

Emisora Virtual Dachi Bedea

Paris: Kağıtsızlar

Istanbul, 12.10.2005 01:38

Paris: Polis kontrolüne karşı direniş sokak isyanına dönüştü

Filipinler: Arroyo karşıtı muhalefet

Istanbul, 12.10.2005 01:38

Filipinlilerin adalet mücadelesi

NAIL campaign hammers on...

United Kingdom, 12.10.2005 01:07

The campaign group NAIL (Nottingham against Inciteration and Landfill) has stepped up it's campaign to stop the Eastcroft incinertor near Sneinton from expanding. Last Saturday over 50 people gathered on the Market Square to voice their opposition to the controversial plan to expand the activities of the waste burning incinerator, which is surrounded by residental areas. The protest was the outcome of a well attended public meeting a few weeks ago. NAIL had previously staged a protest at an exhibition organised by WRG (Waste Recycling Group) who owns the incinerator and has submitted the application for expansion.

Nottinghamshire Indymedia has started working on a short film about the incinerator and specifically about the campaign against the possible expansion. Anyone wanting to do an interview, add facts or just interested, please see the Notts Indymedia Film Documentation.

A campaign group was also set up in Mansfield, where there are plans to build a new mixed waste burning unit at the Crown Farm Industrial Estate in the Forest Town area. MAIN (Mansfield Against Incineration) has held several well attended public meetings since early summer. Mansfield MP Alan Meale gave his support to the group. See their website for more information. Both campaign groups are supported by Greenpeace, Notts Friends of the Earth, Nottingham Green Party and CABS (Clean Air for Bakersfield and Sneinton).

Photos: Protest on the Market Square | Previous action against incinerator | NAIL public meeting

Links: View the planning application submitted by WRG | Website Nottingham Against Incineration and Landfill, (NAIL) | Website Mansfield Against Incineration, (MAIN) | Download MAIN Petition | Download MAIN Campaign Update | Previous feature article on Notts Indymedia

Immanuel Wallerstein interview on WORT

Madison, 11.10.2005 23:08

Allen Ruff interviews Immanuel Wallerstein on WORT's "A Public Affair."

WorkWeek Weekly Radio Show October 8th, 2005

Madison, 11.10.2005 23:08

WorkWeek Weekly Radio Show October 8th, 2005 This is WorkWeek, a show providing news and analysis of the current issues effecting organized labor and working people across the globe, produced by the KPFA Labor Collective. On this week’s show you’ll hear from the Liverpool dockworkers, an exclusive interview with both James Hoffa and Andrew Stern, sound’s of the huge September 24th labor anti-war rally and much, much more.

Romney vetoes retro pay for campus unions

Boston, 11.10.2005 23:08

As cost of living expenses, especially housing, skyrocket, Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney has leveled yet another vicious assault on union workers at the states’ 28 public colleges and universities. As cost of living expenses, especially housing, skyrocket, Massachusetts Republican Governor Mitt Romney has leveled yet another vicious assault on union workers at the states’ 28 public colleges and universities. On October 5 Romney vetoed about $42.2 million in retroactive raises for thousands of workers, including union graduate student-workers, many of which live at or below the federal poverty level.

Timber Cutting Continues in Sequoia National Monument!

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 22:07

Despite a recent federal court ruling, timber cutting continues in and near the Sequoia National Monument. On September 9th, Justice Charles Breyer from the US District Court for the northern district of California halted logging on a 2,000 acre commercial logging project called the Saddle fuel reduction sale. However, the ruling left open the fate of the Ice, White, and Frog timber sales, all of which are areas contiguous with or in the immediate proximity of the Saddle project. The focus of Breyer’s ruling was the absence of credible scientific evidence in the Forest Service’s guidelines for these timber sales. Of particular concern was the critical condition of the Pacific fisher population in the southern Sierras. Further decrease in canopy cover and disruption of fisher habitat could likely bring about the extinction of the species (the Bush administration has refused to accept the recommendation of scientists for listing the southern fisher as an endangered species). Sierra Nevada Earth First! activists were in the woods again this past weekend surveying timber sale units in the Frog, White, and Ice sale areas. :Read reports from Earth First! activists here.

Various Anti-Minutemen Groups Set to Mobilize

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 22:07

The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen is mobilizing an action to oppose the Minutemen Project's rally to gather public support for their attempts to harass poor, undocumented border-crossers and to announce their support of a new initiative that would establish a state border police in addition to the existing federal border patrol. This rally will take place in Sacramento on the Capitol steps on October 29th from 10am to 12:30pm. It will feature the founder of the Minutemen Project, Jim Gilchrist, and the legislative sponsors of the California Border Police Initiative, amongst others. Governor Schwarzenegger has also been invited to speak. Read more about the event here.

Συλλήψεις για κάμερες

Athens, 11.10.2005 21:37

Χθές τα ξημερώματα συνελήφθησαν στη Δάφνη 5 άτομα κατηγορούμενοι για τον εμπρησμό 2 καμερών παρακολούθησης. Η αστυνομία τους παρέπεμψε στον εισαγγελέα με 6, κατά βάση κακουργηματικά, αδικήματα, θέλωντας να τους δικάσει με τον τρομονόμο (μεταξύ των κατηγοριών η σύσταση εγκληματικής οργάνωσης) αλλά ο εισαγγελέας υποβίβασε σημαντικά τις κατηγορίες. Την Πέμπτη στις 9 το πρωί θα απολογηθούν ενώπιον του ανακριτή.

Παλιότερο κεντρικο για τις κάμερες

Tookie Williams Faces Execution in 2006 if Clemency Not Granted

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 20:37

Stanley "Tookie' Williams was convicted in 1981 of murdering four people during two robberies, and sentenced to San Quentin State Prison's death row. Although he was a founder of the Crips gang in Los Angeles, he has said that he regrets his gang involvement. He also has said that he is innocent of the crimes for which he was convicted. No physical evidence pointed to Williams as a killer. He has been nominated for multiple Nobel Peace Prizes as a result of his writing of childrens' books.

Today the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Stanley "Tookie" Williams' appeal to investigate the racism and discrimination at the heart of the case, as well as Tookie's innocence issues. One issue highlighted the fact that the prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed all of the Black jurors from the jury, leaving an all-white jury to deliberate the case. During the trial, this prosecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Williams to a Bengal tiger in a zoo, and stating that a black community - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger. The California State Supreme Court had twice censured this prosecutor for discriminatory behavior. The all-white jurors may not have been the defendant's "peers," since Williams is African-American and the jurors may not have understood the challenges that people of color living in an oppressed neighborhood experience.

The Supreme Court's refusal to investigate racism in this case establishes as "case law" for the nation the right for prosecutors to exclude jurors on the basis of race and to denigrate minority defendants in front of all-white juries. Supporters of Williams feel that this ruling is a frontal attack on the civil rights of all Americans. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals posited in 2002 that Tookie's prison writings, in which he renounces his former life as a gangster, could be grounds for the California governor to grant him clemency. Williams could be given an execution date as soon as January 2006. Clemency Petition

Campaign to End the Death Penalty is sponsoring a "Voices from Death Row" speaking tour. It includes Tookie's friend and advocate, Barbara Becnel, and there are events in San Francisco and Berkeley on October 11th, and in Los Angeles on October 29th. Read more

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Poor People's March on October 16th in San Francisco

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 19:37

A Poor People's March and Low-Wage Workers Community Congress will be held in San Francisco on Sunday, October 16th. People will gather at 11:30am at 16th and Mission Streets and march to the Congress at the Horace Mann Middle School on 23rd Street, demanding "Living Wage Jobs, Universal Health Care, Affordable Housing, Quality Education, and Progressive Taxation of Corporations and the Wealthy." The Community Congress will discuss issues that are impacting the lives of working people and provide training for upcoming political and labor struggles. The March and Congress hopes to mobilize and turn out working people for the statewide special election in November. Sponsors and endorsers for the event are still needed.
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World Farm Animals Day at KFC in Santa Cruz

San Francisco Bay Area, 11.10.2005 19:37

October 2nd was World Farm Animals Day. Established in 1983, it is now a day when people in all 50 states and two dozen countries memorialize the suffering and death of 50 billion cows, pigs, turkeys, chickens, and other sentient animals in the world's factory farms and slaughterhouses every year. The specific date was chosen as it marks the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, an outspoken advocate for the humane treatment of animals.

In Santa Cruz, The Progressive Animal Rights Alliance chose to mark the day by demonstrating at the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Mission Street in an ongoing effort to draw attention to KFC's refusal to implement guidelines developed by its own animal welfare panelists for the treatment of the almost 800,000,000 chickens it processes every year. About a dozen activists handed out informational flyers to passing motorists and customers entering and leaving the fast-food restaurant. One KFC employee showed her displeasure with the demonstration by flipping the bird to the demonstrators and the outlet's manager kicked one activist in front of customers and another witness.
Full Report with Audio and Photos | Indybay's Animal Liberation Page

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