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Mental Speed Bumps

Rogue Valley, 16.10.2005 00:38

This is a unique opportunity to learn about cutting-edge strategies that improve the quality and life in cities around the world. It is also a chance to begin a process that could result in the transformation of your neighborhood or city into a place of your dreams.

Ashland carpool meet at Evo's parking lot Monday @ 5:45pm Tuesday @ 7:45am

Tre Arrow report

Maritimes, 16.10.2005 00:37

Tre Arrow needs help to avoid extradition to U.S.

Güney Afrika Sosyal Forumu

Istanbul, 15.10.2005 23:38

Güney Afrika Sosyal Forumu başladı

Represión en Mc Donald´s

Argentina, 15.10.2005 23:37

Sábado 15 de octubre 2005 | Buenos Aires
Represión en marcha anti Mc Donald´s

Instantáneas sobre el Encuentro

Argentina, 15.10.2005 23:37

SDSU Activists Protest Military Recruiters

San Diego, 15.10.2005 21:37

The Campus Anti-war Network at San Diego State protested military recruiters on October 13th and refused to back down in the face of police intimidation.

Military recruiters occupied San Diego State University for three days this week. They put on an extravagant display with hummers, war simulation games, a rock climbing wall, and even propelled off of buildings and parachuted out of aircrafts. All of this was an attempt to project an image of the military as a hub of adventure and excitement. Our protest showed up to expose the reality of life in the military: war, discrimination, sexual harassment and unfulfilled promises of opportunity. 10 activists from the Campus Anti-war Network (CAN) and the International Socialist Organization surrounded the recruiters during one of their propelling stunts and demanded that the military leave our campus.

12 de Octubre

santiago, 15.10.2005 17:08


Channel 1 &quot;news&quot; now playing at a school near you

Portland, 15.10.2005 12:37

If theres an ad you dont want to see or hear, you can just turn down the radio or turn off the TV, right? Wrong. Now, at schools around the country, a company known as Channel 1 has somehow been given the right to play a 12 minuite "news" broadcast every day at my school. Each day, I go to my 4th period class known as "study time" or "sustained silent reading", sit down, take out a book, and read for 20 minuites. Then, when that 20 minuites is up, the TV in our class turn on automaticly, and begins an annoyingly loud "news" broadcast. Everyone but me and the others who care for their minds put their books away and stare blankly at the flashing box before us.I once asked one of the girls that watches it "How can you stand this?" and she said "Well its better than reading...". Some sustained silent reading! Anyway, after that goes on for 5 minuites, 1 minuite of ad comes on. These include ads for make-up, video games, and the U.S. Navy. Thats right, the Navy. Mind you, they dont just cone out and say "Join the Navy," they have a picture of some show that will be on tha night, with a box up in the corner "Presented by: US Navy," so as to create a subliminal message that the Navy (or sometimes the Army) is the right choise. I asked my teacher why the heck we had to watch this crap, and he told me the school gets these free TVs for every class if we watch their show every day. [ read more ]

previous articles by Calvin: [ Child labor in the schools? | Corporations In Schools ]

Rally for Fouad Kaady

Portland, 15.10.2005 12:37

The rally for Fouad Kaady is at hand, and I am making another public call for support from our community. The rally will begin at 2p.m in front of the Subway located in downtown Sandy off of Proctor Blvd. We have flyers and large posters ready for all those that want to help inform the citizens there of what has transpired to our much beloved Fouad. It is very difficult for us (his immediate family) to go back to the city whose police officers murdered our precious son and brother, so we need all of our friends, family, and concerned citizens to be there. Standing united we are a much stronger power which is beyond the lethal force these lost souls used against the light that Fouad was and still is to us all. May he be glorified and remembered for who he really was. A grand soul with a grand purpose which was to love unconditionally and to feed all who crossed his path with a precious smile, sincere word, or to share his blessed bread. [ read more ]

Support is needed for Grand Jury Trials

The grand jury trial for Fouad Kaady who was shot and murdered by the Sandy and Clackamas Police Departments a little over a month ago will be this Monday and Tuesday October 17th and 18th. The jury will convene at 10:45 a.m on Monday and at 8:30 a.m on Tuesday and will be meeting at the Clackamas County Courthouse located at 807 Main Street in Oregon City. We are need of as many individuals to come and show our power in numbers. We need to show the people responsible in attaining justice that we loved Fouad and we expect those that perpetuated this heinous crime to be held accountable. We have ten posters with Fouad's picture and a few words about what happened to him that need to be held by his friends, family, and citizens. The ruthless killing of our beloved bretheren needs to stop! Fouad could have easily been your son, brother, nephew, cousin, or much beloved friend. The time is at hand to make a change. Please come out and stand in unity with us. [ read more ]

more articles about Fouad Kaady

PSP e GNR : alcóol, droga e raiva mal direccionada

Portugal, 15.10.2005 12:37

PSP e GNR : alcóol, droga e raiva mal direccionada

Military Off UCSC - March &amp; Rally Tuesday!

Santa Cruz, CA, 15.10.2005 09:08

Bring 5 friends and show up at 10am, Baytree Plaza

On Tuesday, multiple branches of the u.s. military will be recruiting at UCSC for the first time this year. In April - the last time the military was here - recruiters were kicked off campus by hundreds of students. On Tuesday, students will be holding a large march and rally to re-affirm that UCSC is a campus opposed to discrimination, opposed to war, and opposed to recruiters' lies.

While our Career Center requires that all groups coming to our job fairs affirm that they are Equal Opportunity Employers, the military is the ONLY institution that is granted an exception. Through the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy, queers are officially banned from any position. This is in addition to the military's official ban on women serving combat positions.

April 5, 2005: UCSC Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus

Mike D, activist detained again

Portland, 15.10.2005 07:37

Mike D (Michael McMullin) was arrested on Friday, Oct. 7 in downtown Portland and remains in custody. He is a local activist and among a group of people who were protesting against J. Crew for selling clothes with fox fur on that day. Multnomah County Courts and they said he is being held on the following charges:

  • 3 counts of assault IV
  • 3 counts of harassment
  • 1 count of offensive physical contact
  • 1 count of trespass II
  • 1 count of disorderly conduct
  • 1 count of criminal mischief
  • Bail has been set for $19,500.
He has been assigned a Public Defender by the name of Alan Norris. I was told by a knowledgeable source that Norris is good at what he does. Mike D has a pretrial conference scheduled for 8AM on November 18th. The courtroom needs to be filled with his friends and supporters. At this point he has not put any individuals on his visitors list. If you are interested in seeing him call the facility at (503) 988 5060 for their list of rules and regulations. Mike D needs and DESERVES our support and thoughts. If you have any additional info or suggestions on how to help him please post them on this site. Please email for details. [ Read More ]

Iraq Vets &amp; CodePink to Protest Sen. Clinton Support for War

LA, 15.10.2005 06:37

Iraq Vets & CodePink to Protest Sen. Clinton Support for War

Leeds Queer Film Festival

United Kingdom, 15.10.2005 01:07

Queer Mutiny North Invites you to...
the first ever Leeds Queer Film Festival and...

The DIY collective will be showing a diverse range of films by queer film makers and around subjects of queerness, transgender, genderqueerness. On the weekend of the 14-16th October. The event is free. Movie style snacks and refreshments will be availiable for donations.

Later in the month they are holding a Dressing up Party with music, performance and a DRESSING UP RO0M! There are still slots for DJ's and performance so get in contact if you wanna play

For more info:
Movie festival program | Dressing Up Party | Queer Mutiny North website


Colombia, 15.10.2005 00:07

La Masacre de Mapiripan


Colombia, 15.10.2005 00:07

Ayuda de Memoria

UK To Extradite Sean Garland to US?

Ireland, 14.10.2005 23:37

'Superdollers me arse' sez Wag 'Translate $1M to Irish - two gaffs (before expenses)' The news that the USA has sought the extradition of a central figure in the Workers Party (Seán Garland) due to his alleged involvement in currency fraud in connivance with the government of North Korea has focused attention on a by now little-known faction within Irish politics. Debate on has focused on what the 'proper response' to this news should be. It has emerged that the USA has formally requested extradition of Seán Garland and six others of various nationalities from the UK for the alleged crime of the distribution of forged US $100 bills. It is alleged that these bills (of high quality) were forged by elements of the North Korean administration. Press coverage indicates that Garland is being accused of involvement in laundering less than one million dollars worth of these bills. Seán Garland was remanded on bail last week in the North. He is also an Irish citizen with his principal residence formerly in Navan, now in Kentstown in Meath. He has at various times in the past been closely associated with the Official IRA and Official Sinn Fein and in recent times became President of the Workers Party. News of his threatened extradition to the USA elicited a variety of responses from contributors. The first story published on the newswire included a post that summarised the genesis and development of the Official IRA (known colloquially as the 'Stickies') and their long-running differences and conflicts with the Provisional IRA and the INLA amongst others. Other posts point out that the OIRA (armed wing of the 'stickies') had been markedly unsympathetic in the past to republican political activists facing extradition and the kangaroo 'special criminal courts'. This issue looks set to test Inter-Irish, Irish-English, Irish-American and English-American relationships in unique ways. It may also make a Europe-wide impact as Garland's ideological colleagues have a strong base across the EU as evidenced by one contributor's post from Greece. RELATED RTE And The 'Sticky' Brigade Wikipedia Entry on Garland and his time in the OIRA, OSF and WP Superdollars

Atina: 5 kişi tutuklandı

Istanbul, 14.10.2005 21:38

Yunanistan: Güvenlik kameralarını tahrip ettikleri iddiasıyla 5 kişi tutuklandı

Evento discute movimentos sociais em Nuestra America

Brasil, 14.10.2005 20:07

América Latina e Caribe


Houston, 14.10.2005 20:07

Saturday Oct. 15: Benefit at Helios, Tuesday Oct.18: Brazilian Documentaries

12. Oktober: Tag des indigenen Widerstandes

Germany, 14.10.2005 18:37

Seit nunmehr drei Jahren wird in Venezuela der 12. Oktober als „Tag des indigenen Widerstandes“ begangen. Damit wird der Eroberung der „neuen Welt“ durch die europäischen „Entdecker“ und dem Widerstand der ursprünglichen Bevölkerung des amerikanischen Kontinents gedacht. An diesem Feiertag, der sich nur in Kuba und in Venezuela auf den Widerstand der indigenen Bevölkerung bezieht, fanden im ganzen Land Veranstaltungen statt, um an den Völkermord zu erinnern, der untrennbar mit der Geschichte des amerikanischen Kontinents verbunden ist.


Colombia, 14.10.2005 16:08

El Consejo Comunitario de Uribe: un irrespeto con los pueblos indígenas

Governor Visits Santa Barbara Amid Protests

Santa Barbara, 14.10.2005 16:07

California's Governor Arnold Swartznegger came to visit with his supporters at the Marborg Recycling Center, in a huge recycling and sorting room which had been cleaned up.

A Desalambrar

Colombia, 14.10.2005 15:37

Cauca: en lucha por la Tierra

From an Iraq War Vet in Portland....

Portland, 14.10.2005 13:07

There are times that I wish that I could wish everything away. Other times, I want to stand naked in front of the entire nation to force them to see what they've done to me. I want people to know what war really is.

My skin is broken out right now. There's this rash that crops up
occasionally. Two years ago was the worst. The dermatologist said that I had three different types of rashes covering more than 90% of my body. Nothing ever makes this go away but time. Ice will reduce the swelling. Caladryl will help, so will this prescription hormone ointment, but nothing makes it go away until it is ready to go.

For the past few months, I've been getting boils and blisters on my feet. This week, the current iteration of this, is a weepy rash of blisters in the crook of my left elbow. Sure, this is annoying and embarassing, but that's not the worst of it.

Nationally Lauded Investigative Paper Returns to the Streets

Bristol, 14.10.2005 13:07

THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! Dorothy Hazzard writes: 'The Bristolian' will be back on the streets - well Corn street anyway - on October 26th in a Special Limited edition souvenir award winning issue. Yes Bristol's award winning newspaper - Paul Foot award runner up for investigative and campaigning journalism 2005 - is back on sale on October 26th. If you would like to write for us/ send us some juicy gossip/ have shockingly newsy story ideas/subscribe/advertise/ wish to overthrow society as it is today/ hang out with Ian Hislop and Michael Crick/ gloat at the non-award winning Evening Pisspoor/t stock the Bristolian in your pub/cafe/shop/ then get in touch!Full article. | THE BRISTOLIAN RETURNS! | Bristolian Gets Runner Up Award | And then there were six... | What's afoot at The Bristolian? | |

komunikado (eo)

Barcelona, 14.10.2005 10:07


video: specialaj SCA-Barcelono 2005: unu jaro sen 'l'Hamsa' ::: video manifestacio geja tago 2005 ::: Video pri la agado en la benzinejo Repsol kontraŭ la klima ŝanĝo kaj la G8 ::: video mayday 2005 ::: /a> ::: video Ne al la Eŭropa Constitucio ::: video manifestacio Valencio 30an de aprilo ::: manifestacio junuloj de 'Hospitalet'
videoactivisme a la xarxa: dvactivisme ::: Indymedia ::: new global vision ::: undercurrents ::: akkraak ::: kanalb ::: real2reel ::: videoactivism ::: beyondtv ::: glassbeadcollective ::: telenoika ::: riereta +++ video-kameroj, Can Ricart kaj la okulo de la loĝantaro

Oni serĉas videojn por la venontan eldonon de 'European Newsreal'

Beyondtv 25-26 nov.2005 Swansea.UK: sendu al ni viajn videojn

spertojn pri filmojn: [8 set] Dokument-filmo pri la loĝejo de la festoj de Bellvitge ::: [oktobro] kin-festivalo en valencia lingvo ::: Cal Suís: strata kin-ciklo "lLa Rodríguez Connexshon" ::: la quimera: filmoj kaj reciklado :::
filmoj: la malbona sonĝo de Darwin ::: kino kun socia enhavo ::: Zapata en la montaroj de Chiapas ::: Vídeo pri la kampo de Chinchilla (Albacete)

+infoj:: >>>komunikado +++ newsreal

Ceuta και Melillia,

Athens, 14.10.2005 09:07

Οι πόλεις Melillia και Ceuta, είναι δύο ισπανικοί θύλακες στις βορειο-αφρικανικές ακτές, απομεινάρια της αποικιοκρατίας. Τα σύνορα αποτελούνται από δύο τρίμετρους φράχτες, με ένα μικρό μεταξύ τους κενό. Στα μάτια των προσφύγων, οι φράχτες χωρίζουν την από τον πλούτο.

To σεπτέμβριο και τον οκτώβριο, έγιναν μαζικές απόπειρες εισόδου στις δύο περιοχές, από υπο-σαχάριους πρόσφυγες, απεγνωσμένες μάχες με τους πάνοπλους συνοριοφύλακες. Πέτρες και ξύλα ενάντια σε φράκτες, κάμερες, σφαίρες (κανονικές και λαστιχένιες), δακρυγόνα. Ο τελικός απολογισμός, είναι οι καταγεγραμένοι θάνατοι 11 προσφύγων και οι τραυματισμοί δεκάδων, ενώ ο πραγματικός αριθμός νεκρών, πρέπει να ανέρχεται στους 36 . Οι μαροκινές αρχές μιλούν για 11 νεκρούς, δικαιολογόντας (?) τις δολοφονίες ως "απαραίτητες για τη νόμιμη υπεράσπιση των συνοριακών εγκαταστάσεων, από την ασυνήθιστη δύναμη των δαιμονισμένων από την απογνωσή τους, μεταναστών". Η απάντηση της ισπανικής κυβέρνησης, είναι η ανέργεση ψηλότερων φρακτών, ύψους 6 μέτρων, και αξίας 3 εκατομμυρίων ευρώ, καθώς και πιέσεις προς την κατεύθηνση της οικοδόμισης της ευρώπης-φρούριου. Στις 8 οκτωβρίου η μαροκινή αστυνομία εγκατέλειψε 500 πρόσφυγες, που απελάθηκαν από την Ισπανία, σε ένα μακρινό μέρος στην έρημο, στο νότιο τμήμα της χώρας.


LA, 14.10.2005 07:38


Protests planned for Colin Powell’s Visit to So. Cal.

LA, 14.10.2005 07:38

Protests planned for Colin Powell’s Visit to So. Cal.

militarización en LP

Argentina, 14.10.2005 06:37

Presos en la ciudad

15 de Outubro: Stop Frankenstein

Portugal, 14.10.2005 06:07

15 de Outubro: Stop Frankenstein

Death of an Innocent: William Nieves

Philadelphia, 14.10.2005 05:38

In a tragic loss for the abolitionist community, death
penalty opponents around the Commonwealth this week
mourn the death of William Nieves. William, who spent
six years on Pennsylvania’s death row for a crime he
did not commit, died Saturday in Philadelphia. He was

Elections And In-Fighting

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.10.2005 05:37

Palestinian parliamentary elections are scheduled for January 26th, 2006. There are increasing signs that the elections will not be held on schedule. "If the election is put off yet again (the latest postponement was this past July), the current council, elected nearly 10 years ago, will continue to serve. It fails to reflect the considerable political changes that have taken place since then."
Hamas has backed hundreds of candidates in the ongoing municipal elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and has taken nearly a third of the seats. They will likely increase their number of seats in the "[T]he participation or otherwise of Hamas in Palestinian legislative elections presents Abbas and the PA with a real dilemma. On the one hand, the exclusion of Hamas would eviscerate the elections of credibility and democratic substance. Palestinians would view the poll as a big joke. On the other hand, Hamas's participation could result in victory for Islamic candidates and drastically change the Palestinian political panorama." Sharon has warned that Israel will prevent the organisation of the January elections if the PA failed to disarm Hamas and get it to "abandon its anti-Zionist ideology". "We will make every effort not to help the Palestinians. I don't think they can have elections without our help," Sharon was quoted as telling reporters.
New Israeli incitement campaign against Hamas | Under Israeli Fire, Palestinians Vote in Local Polls | US softens opposition to Hamas role | Hamas parliamentary candidates arrested

For the first time since the start of the intifada, more Palestinians have been killed in internal violence since the start of the year than those who have died in clashes with Israel, according to an official report published Thursday. The Israel Defense Forces has advised the government to release additional Palestinian prisoners, in an effort to strengthen Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.
With Israel constantly narrowing the horizons with roadblocks, mass arrests and separation walls, Palestinians this week were closer than ever to a point of implosion. In Gaza, a fortnight of accumulating tension between the PA and Hamas culminated in street clashes between the two sides, resulting in the deaths of three people. Both Hamas and the PA gave contradictory accounts of the Sunday night incident. Hamas accused PA police of having beaten Muhammed Rantisi, son of the late Hamas leader Abdul-Aziz Rantisi who was murdered by Israel over two years ago. The PA had an entirely different version. Interior Ministry spokesman Tawfik Abu Khusa said a routine patrol tried to resolve a scuffle between two citizens at an ATM machine. One of the two was Rantisi, who, the PA statement said, called upon Hamas supporters and fighters to come to his aid.
- Al-Ahram Weekly October 6th 2005
Armed groups join to denounce internal fighting | US, Israel provoking tensions | New group claims Hamas kidnapping | Israel mulls letting PA buy arms | PA police death in clash with Hamas | Fatah gunmen shoot senior Palestinian official


Argentina, 14.10.2005 05:07

ABD'nin 1 numarası!

Istanbul, 14.10.2005 02:08

Fresno, ABD'nin 1 numarası!

Information and encouragement to use the Freedom of Information Act 2000

United Kingdom, 14.10.2005 01:37

The FOI Act is only part of the new openness package. Environmental Information Regulations (EIRs), which implement an EU directive, come into force at the same time. These provide a more powerful right to information about pollution, conservation, the natural environment, land use, road building, genetically modified organisms, air and water-borne diseases, food contamination and many other issues.


Colombia, 14.10.2005 00:37

¡Se estaban demorando!,
Las fuerzas de "Inteligencia"
arremeten con personas solidarias de los hermanos países con el pueblo colombiano.

Timber Cutting Continues in Sequoia National Monument

San Francisco Bay Area, 14.10.2005 00:37

Despite a recent federal court ruling, timber cutting continues in and near the Sequoia National Monument. On September 9th, Justice Charles Breyer from the US District Court for the northern district of California halted logging on a 2,000 acre commercial logging project called the Saddle fuel reduction sale. However, the ruling left open the fate of the Ice, White, and Frog timber sales, all of which are areas contiguous with or in the immediate proximity of the Saddle project. The focus of Breyer’s ruling was the absence of credible scientific evidence in the Forest Service’s guidelines for these timber sales. Of particular concern was the critical condition of the Pacific fisher population in the southern Sierras. Further decrease in canopy cover and disruption of fisher habitat could likely bring about the extinction of the species (the Bush administration has refused to accept the recommendation of scientists for listing the southern fisher as an endangered species). Sierra Nevada Earth First! activists were in the woods again this past weekend surveying timber sale units in the Frog, White, and Ice sale areas.
Reports from Earth First! activists | Central Valley page

Venezuela Matters Expo Kicks Off in Chicago

Chicago, 14.10.2005 00:08

venex [permalink] The Venezuela Matters Expo kicked off this morning in Chicago, giving Chicagoans an opportunity to explore a culture, history and political system whose precarious relationship with the US government has been vehemently criticized as of late by the Bush Administration as being a disruptive force in the Southern hemisphere.

But, this isn't a one-way affair -- Chicago has been making news in Venezuela lately, as well. Venezuelan White Sox manger Ozzie Guillen (who yesterday told Mayor Daley to "watch out," as he might be running for mayor) received a televised phone call from President Hugo Chavez last Sunday night, saying that the nation is "watching closely" and rooting for the Chicago team. "Now I want to win more than ever," said Ozzie, a self-proclaimed Chavez supporter.

But it is Venezuela's oil reserves that has put it on the US-media map. Two months ago, Chavez, while in New York, announced an "oil-for-the-poor" program, through which he plans to distribute cheap gas to low-income communities across the country, via Venezuelan CITGO stations. Chicago's Cabrini Green housing project was also selected as the pilot project for an equally ambitious plan to provide for the mass transportation of low-income African-Americans to Cuba for cataract surgery, compliments of the Venezuelan government.

All of this just weeks after Pat Robertson publicly called for the assassination of President Chavez on the "700 Club." Robertson, as well as others on the right, dislikes Chavez for his outspoken disdain for President Bush and his criticisms of US policy.

Events during the next two days will highlight Venezuela's model of participatory democracy, a "bottom-up" way of organizing the economy and politics. The model has served to redistribute the oil wealth in the country, while significantly increasing literacy, access to health and educational services and community participation. For these reasons, the 'Bolivarian Revolution' has instilled fear and loathing among neo-conservatives in this country, while instilling hope among poor people's movements around the world.

Danny Glover and Jesse Jackson, two popular supporters of the Bolivarian Revolution, will be participating in the Venezuela Matters Expo in Chicago, which will feature talks, panels and performances at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition headquarters, Loyola University and at the East River Arts Center in the Loop. Comment here.

Additional Information: DN!: Hugo Chavez: "If the Imperialist Government of the White House Dares to Invade Venezuela, the War of 100 Years Will be Unleashed in South America" | Participatory Democracy in Venezuela

Tenncare Forum Urges Special Session

Tennessee, 13.10.2005 23:08

Tenncare Crisis Costing Lives Nashville, TN: As the Tennesseans formerly enrolled in Tenncare enter their third month without health insurance uncounted numbers are dying due to a lack of critical life saving medication such as high blood pressure medication, insulin, anti-depressants and hiv retrovirals. These cuts, which have cost 223,000 poor and uninsurable Tennesseans their health care coverage, and which will cost another 97,000 Tennesseans their health care coverage, have prompted the call for a special session at the State Legislature, which the Governor has said he will not convene. In light of the Governor's refusal to call a special session, advocates have begun to enlist the support of State Legislators, of whom 35 have signed on thus far.

ABD: Stanley &quot;Tookie&quot; Williams davası

Istanbul, 13.10.2005 23:08

Stanley "Tookie" Williams affedilmezse 13 Aralık'ta idam edilecek

Indigenous Communities &amp; Activists Protest Columbus Day Parade

Chicago, 13.10.2005 23:07

anti-columbus [permalink] Over forty local activists, most from local indigenous communities, protested the city's Columbus Day Parade on October 10th. Police arrested one activist who was charged with an "offensive utterance."

Indigenous activists resisted the parade (complete with corporate floats, high school marching bands, JROTC and other military school students, police, and other icons of Eurocentric dominance) through their cultural traditions using dance and ceremony. Other activists carried out a die-in, talked with spectators, and chanted along the route.

Reactions to activists varied. Many, including onlookers and even people in floats, agreed with the protesters on their main points, some offering not to celebrate in future years. Others hurrahed genocide, swore at activists, and one protester was shoved.

Columbus contributed to the genocide that cost the lives of 80-100 million indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. In Chicago, his holiday has been taken up by Italian-American communities as the day to celebrate their heritage, while in some countries like Venezuela they celebrate Indigenous Resistance Day instead.

After a closing ceremonial event that thanked ancestors and the Mexica Creator for the survival of culture, protesters at the parade vowed to make it an annual event, hoping to bring hundreds next year.

"Scribbler" was taken to the 1st District under the direction of Commander Keating who was on the scene. Although he was not processed and only given a citation, he has a courtdate on December 1st. Read the full account.

Indymedia Coverage on Resistance to Columbus Day:
Indigenous People's Day Broadcast on RadioActive San Diego | Colorado Reports on the Toppled Statue of Columbus in Venezuela
Additional Information: Christopher Columbus and the Indians by Howard Zinn | Transform Columbus Day | DN!: Indigenous Activists Blast Columbus Day as "Propping Up of Racist Propaganda"

ecologia (ca)

Barcelona, 13.10.2005 21:07

Per una nova cultura de l'energia NO A LA MAT !!

[15oct_17h] Manifestació Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia / Carrer Aragó

Bloc de bicicletes a la Manifestació + 15 d'octubre > NO a la MAT + Serrallonga contra la MAT

++llobregat Manifest en defensa del riu i del Delta del Llobregat. (addesions) + Crónica del primer aniversari del desviament del Llobregat ++caufec 15oct: sopar-espectacle a can oliveres + ARA! obrim el parc de can oliveres + 8 oct: acabem les obres!! ++patraix Subestació de Patraix (Valencia): protesta contra associació de veïns col.laboracionistes + sentència judicial + festes de Patraix ++cambi climtic Cinc regles per a sobreviure el col.lapse que ve + Houston els dies previs a l'huracà Rita + La vida després del col·lapse del petroli + El planeta ha entrat en el canvi climàtic més acelerat de la història ++alternativas al cotxe La llibertat del passejant +Oblida't dels teu cotxe i pensa en una bona bicicleta + Fotos Massa Crítica i pròxima convocatòria 7 octubre + Més de 30,000 persones en la Massa Critica de Budapest ++altres lluites Més trens, «no» al PEIT + manifestació antitaurina de Zaragoza! + Marxa en defensa de la Serralada Litoral

++info:: >>>ecologia

ecologia (es)

Barcelona, 13.10.2005 21:07

Por una nueva cultura de la energia NO A LA MAT !!

[15oct_17h] Manifestación Barcelona Passeig de Gràcia / Carrer Aragó

Bloc de bicicletas en la Manifestación + 15 d'octubre > NO a la MAT + Serrallonga contra la MAT

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November 5th Reproductive Rights Rally and Take Back the Night March

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 20:07

The Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights will be holding a rally for reproductive rights on Saturday, November 5th from 1pm to 4:30pm in San Francisco's Dolores Park, at 18th Street and Dolores. The event will feature speakers, entertainment, performances, information tables, and art. This event will in part be a way to raise awareness of plans to mobilize people to counter the “Walk for Life,” anti-choice fundamentalists who will be coming to San Francisco on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 21st, 2006.

BACORR, one of the Bay Area’s oldest direct action reproductive rights groups, recently re-formed itself to mobilize resistance and raise awareness in response to the attacks on women’s reproductive rights and the surge in attacks on clinics in the Bay Area. BACORR’s demands include the voting down of Proposition 73. This Parental Notification Initiative will be on the ballot in California on November 8th. It targets young women’s fundamental right to abortion and will especially impact low-income women and women of color if it is passed. Additional demands include: Supreme Court justices and laws supporting a woman’s right to control her body, expansion of civil liberties for all; the repeal of the racist Hyde Amendment, which was passed in 1976 and bans funding for abortion for women in the military or on Medicaid; universal healthcare, safe birth control, pre-natal care, and affordable childcare; defense of clinics from right-wing terrorism; ending of forced sterilization abuse of women of color; and ending the war on women at home and abroad.

BACORR is organizing during a time in which a great deal of negative pressure is being put on women's health advocates. In January 2005, 5,000 members of the anti-choice community marched in San Francisco streets, aided by the San Francisco diocese and led by two local women. They were met by thousands of defenders of a woman's right to choose. In May, Operation Rescue harassed gynecologists at the Convention of the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists at the Moscone center and harassed a gynecologist in her Oakland neighborhood. In July, “The Crusade for Life” targeted Planned Parenthood in California and harassed Planned Parenthood clinics in San Francisco for a week.

9/24 Interview with a BACORR member9/24 Interview with a BACORR member | BACORR website

Fresno is Number One

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 16:37

October 12, 2005: Today the Brookings Institute released a study on poverty, focusing on New Orleans and how the concentration of poverty contributed to the disaster. Fresno was identified as having the highest concentration of poverty in any large U.S. city, 15% higher than second-ranked (pre-hurricane) New Orleans and four times the national average. The study describes government policies as having contributed to the segregation of the poor, but did not specifically mention Fresno's other distinction, moving many of its homeless residents into tool sheds. Read more
See the full story on the Health, Housing, and Public Services Page

Meanwhile, Poor News Network reports on how a state-wide education policy is impacting low-income and immigrant youth across California. The new high school exit exam reportedly imposes an additional penalty beyond the infamous "No Child Left Behind" act; it is estimated that the examination will deny diplomas to over 100,000 high school students in 2006, "creating a permanent underclass ... mandated by the state." The Governator recently vetoed AB1531 and SB385, which would have allowed school districts to develop alternatives to the exam, and allowed students to take the exam in their first language. Full story
Read more on the Education and Student Activism Page

Santa Barbarans Make Arnold Listen

Santa Barbara, 13.10.2005 16:07

Santa Barbarans came out in large numbers today even though they weren't invited to Governor Schwarzenegger's "town hall" meeting. They made sure the Governor heard where Santa Barbara stands on his anti-education, anti-worker agenda.

Stanley &quot;Tookie&quot; Williams Faces Execution This Year If Clemency Not Granted

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 14:37

On October 11th, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Stanley "Tookie" Williams' appeal to investigate the racism and discrimination at the heart of the case, as well as Tookie's innocence issues. The prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed all of the Black jurors from the jury, leaving an all-white jury to deliberate the case. During the trial, this prosecutor made racially-coded remarks during his closing argument, comparing Williams to a Bengal tiger in a zoo, and stating that a black community - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger.

The Supreme Court's refusal to investigate racism in this case establishes as "case law" for the nation the right for prosecutors to exclude jurors on the basis of race and to denigrate minority defendants in front of all-white juries. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals posited in 2002 that Tookie's prison writings, in which he renounces his former life as a gangster, could be grounds for the California governor to grant him clemency. If he is not granted clemency, he will be executed on December 13th.

Campaign to End the Death Penalty is sponsoring a "Voices from Death Row" speaking tour. It includes Tookie's friend and advocate, Barbara Becnel, and there were events in San Francisco and Berkeley on October 11th. The Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarians will be screening the movie "Redemption", which is about Tookie's life, on Friday, October 21st, at 7:00 pm, at 1924 Cedar St. at Bonita Ave. in Berkeley.

Read more about the October 11th decision | Past Indybay Coverage of the Williams Case

Fresno Is Number One

San Francisco Bay Area, 13.10.2005 14:37

October 12, 2005: Today the Brookings Institute released a study on poverty, focusing on New Orleans and how the concentration of poverty contributed to the disaster. Fresno was identified as having the highest concentration of poverty in any large U.S. city, 15% higher than second-ranked (pre-hurricane) New Orleans and four times the national average. The study describes government policies as having contributed to the segregation of the poor, but did not specifically mention Fresno's other distinction, moving many of its homeless residents into tool sheds. Read more
See the full story on the Health, Housing, and Public Services Page

Meanwhile, Poor News Network reports on how a state-wide education policy is impacting low-income and immigrant youth across California. The new high school exit exam reportedly imposes an additional penalty beyond the infamous "No Child Left Behind" act; it is estimated that the examination will deny diplomas to over 100,000 high school students in 2006, "creating a permanent underclass ... mandated by the state." The Governator recently vetoed AB1531 and SB385, which would have allowed school districts to develop alternatives to the exam, and allowed students to take the exam in their first language. Full story
Read more on the Education and Student Activism Page

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