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Protest Against the EU development

United Kingdom, 20.10.2005 01:07

The EU Development Ministers are meeting in Leeds on 24 – 25 October at the Queens Hotel. A protest has been called by local groups for 4-6pm, Tuesday 25th in City Square. They are calling for a thousand people to take to the streets against the EU's neo-colonial policies in Africa and across the global south.

The G8 again lied about cancelling debt, boosting aid and stopping forced economic liberalisation – we chased them out of Gleneagles. Now it is the turn of the EU Development Ministers who are meeting in Leeds on 24 – 25 October at the Queens Hotel.

- EU Development policy is not about abolishing poverty but enforcing neoliberalism in poorer countries

- Bogus aid and debt relief deals are being used as blackmail to privatise the economies in the interests of Euro-corporations

- EU Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs) are in fact free trade deals that lead to increased poverty, inequality, human rights abuses and environmental destruction

Our demand is simple: EU get out of the Global South!

Neo-fascists on trial for stabbing a left-wing student

Athens, 20.10.2005 01:07

A rally outside the Evelpidon Court is organised on Friday 21/10, due to the trial of two neo-fascists. They are accused for stabbing a student and beating a female teacher.

The one of them was arrested incidently. ( newswire report).

U'wa Reject New Drilling Plans

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2005 01:07

17 October 2005: The U'wa people of northeast Colombia have again rejected the extraction of oil from their cloudforest home and refused to participate further in a "Prior Consultation" process to legitimize the process. The project in question is the Siriri oil block, abandoned by California multinational Occidental Petroleum under sustained pressure from the U'wa, campesinos and international supporters. The block is now being explored by the Colombian state firm Ecopetrol, with the assistance of Spanish multinational Repsol. When government representatives helicoptered in to U'wa territory on September 28, they were met by a clear rejection from the U'wa traditional government, which vowed never to allow oil drilling.

As part of a speaking tour across the United States, two representatives of the U'wa people visited the Bay Area October 10-16 to speak out against renewed oil drilling attempts in their territory. U'wa international representative and community organizer Daris Cristancho expressed her communities defiance against government threats to cut off social spending if the U'was do not permit drilling: "The laws of the U'wa do not change as the laws of the government do... We would rather live dignified lives deep in the mountains than be bribed [in exchange for drilling]."

[U'wa Website (es) | Amazon Watch: U’wa Grassroots Leaders Speaking Tour and Background on Siriri Oil Project | Colombia Indymedia U'was rompen silencio y dicen No]

Police State

Sydney, 20.10.2005 00:38

Sedition Laws Target Peaceful Civil Disobedience

Counter Recruitment Conference to Be Held at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2005 00:37

"On the Frontlines: Options for Youth in Times of War," a counter recruiting conference, will take place beginning at 9:00am on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd in the Valley Life Sciences Building at UC Berkeley. There will be 45 workshops on every aspect of Counter Recruitment. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network and Military Out of Our Schools-Bay Area. Aidan Delgado, an Iraq War veteran and conscientious objector; Pablo Paredes, a Navy resister who was just discharged after refusing deployment; parents who lost their children in the war on Iraq; and students, parents, educators, and community activists will join veterans and military families. The conference aims to expose the lies that military recruiters tell young people, and to examine ways to get recruiters out of schools and alternatives to military service.
Read More | More Coverage Of Anti-War Protests And Organizing

Listen! NO THEOCRACY Press Conference held at World Can't Wait Encampment across from White House

DC, 19.10.2005 22:08

October 17--A "No Theocracy" Press Conference was held yesterday at the "World Can't Wait..Drive Out the Bush Regime" encampment across from the White House.

Prospects for Participatory Democracy in the United States

Madison, 19.10.2005 22:07

Prospects for Participatory Democracy in the U.S.

Presented at International Seminar on Participatory Democracy
"Participatory Democracy. Political Actors and Social Movements"
Barcelona, Spain, June 17-18, 2005

Former High School Senior Sentenced to Prison for Having Sex with Freshman: Punishment to Fit the Crime or Railroaded Through the System?

Madison, 19.10.2005 22:07

A Dane County judge recently sent former Madison LaFollete High School student Eric Dixon to prison for having sex with a girl when he was a senior in high school and she was a freshman. Although the act was consensual, he was convicted of second degree sexual assault because she was under the age of 16 years at the time and he did not contest the charge. Following his conviction, the judge ordered him to serve 40 days in jail, register as a sex offender in the state of Wisconsin, and he was placed on 4 years probation. His sentence was suspended, provided he stayed on probation. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections revoked his probation on July 28, 2005, and on September 2, 2005, the judge sentenced him to 2 and 1/2 years to 6 and 1/2 years in prison. The earliest date for his release is March 2007; the latest March 2011. Eric's mother claims he was railroaded by the system.

Goon squad too late for beating up severly ill inmate

Madison, 19.10.2005 22:07

On October 2d Lornell Evans, inmate of Boscobel 'Supermax', Winsconsin Secure Program Facility, died after, or because of, not being treated properly for a carcinous illness. Apparently he is the second inmate who died after neglect in a short span. The letter is from an inmate who shall remain anonymous.

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 14, 2005

Madison, 19.10.2005 22:07

The Oct 14 show.

Work Week Radio Show, October 17th, 2005

Madison, 19.10.2005 22:07

This is WorkWeek, a show providing news and analysis of the current issues effecting organized labor and working people across the globe, produced by the KPFA Labor Collective. On this week’s show you’ll hear from Jesse Jackson at a healthcare workers' rally, Ralph Nader's speech at the September 24th anti-war rally, California state workers picketing John McCain and much much more.

Community Benefits Agreement Approved

San Diego, 19.10.2005 21:38

After almost six hours of testimony, the City Council voted 5-1 in favor of the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) and the Ballpark Village Project! The CBA requires the developers of San Diego's largest ever development, to increase their commitment to affordable housing, implement a hiring process and job training programs for San Diego residents and abide by some of the highest environmental standards for residential high-rise development in the country!

xarxa i llibertat

Barcelona, 19.10.2005 21:07

Hackmeeting 2005. T'ho perdràs?

Arriba la sisena edició del Hackmeeting, que es celebra aquest any a menorKCAH del 21 al 23 d'octubre: CALL 4 NODES :: Crida a la participació : Hackmeeting 2005 ::: Hackmeeting a la wikipedia ::: Hack, hackers i hacking +sobre programari lliure: Projecte Dacco: Diccionari anglès/català de codi obert ::: 2ª Jornada de Programari Lliure a l'Administració ::: El PSC incompleix el 'Pacte del Tinell' pels recursos de programari lliure::: 'Grans multinacionals saben que programari lliure és el futur'::: La II Conferència Internacional de Software lliure

+altres trobades: fadaiat2005: tanger ::: Fada'íat: les xarxes invisibles de l'estret ::: Hackmeeting Napoli 2005
+altres notícies: La Quimera surt al carrer ::: El Parlament Europeu diu prou! a la directiva de patents de programari ::: Internet: un front a la guerra de la comunicació ::: Aprovada la proposta de domini ".CAT"
+edicions anteriors: hackandalus sevilla 2004 ::: HACK3ÑA Iruña 2003 ::: MadHack madrid 2002 ::: leioa 2001 ::: hmbcn barcelona 2000
+info:: >>>xarxes i llibertat +++ menor-hack

red y libertad (es)

Barcelona, 19.10.2005 21:07

Hackmeeting 2005. ¿Te lo vas a perder?

Llega la sexta edición del Hackmeeting, que se celebra este año en menorKCAH del 21 al 23 de octubre: CALL 4 NODES :: Llamada a la participación : Hackmeeting 2005 ::: Hackmeeting en la wikipedia ::: Hack, hackers i hacking +sobre software libre: Proyecto Dacco: Diccionario inglés/catalán en código abierto ::: 2ª Jornada de Software libre en la Administración ::: El PSC incumple el 'Pacte del Tinell' sobre recursos de software libre::: 'Grandes multinacionales saben que el software libre es el futuro'::: La II Conferencia Internacional de Software lliure

+otros encuentros: fadaiat2005: tanger ::: Fada'íat: las redes invisibles del estrecho ::: Hackmeeting Napoli 2005
+otras noticias: La Quimera sale a la calle ::: El Parlamento Europeuo dice basta! a la directiva de patentes de software ::: Internet: un frente en la guerra de la comunicación ::: Aprobada la propuesta del dominio ".CAT"
+ediciones anteriores: hackandalus sevilla 2004 ::: HACK3ÑA Iruña 2003 ::: MadHack madrid 2002 ::: leioa 2001 ::: hmbcn barcelona 2000
+info:: >>>redes y libertad +++ menor-hack

Local Activists Raise Funds for Fair Trade

Boston, 19.10.2005 20:07

Fair Trade activists came together Monday night to raise funds for trade justice around the world in style. The model in the photo is wearing a scarf, hat and bag that were produced by workers paid fair wages in safe conditions and produced in a way that is more respectful of the environment. Photo by Christopher Brown. Over 150 local activists celebrated trade justice in style and raised over $1,000 at the Fair Trade Fiesta at All Asia Café last Monday night. The fundraiser was hosted by the Boston Fair Trade Coalition in cooperation with Unitarian Universalists for a Just Economic Community (UUJEC), Oxfam America, It’s Only Fair, Dean’s Beans, and other local organizations.

Chuva destrói mais de 200 barracos de sem-teto

Brasil, 19.10.2005 19:07


Rvolution is addictive

Perth, 19.10.2005 18:39

Perth Indymedia Fundraiser - Saturday 22 October 830pm

Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival at the Guerilla Ride-In

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.10.2005 18:38

Still We Ride and the Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival

A special GDI event THIS Friday. We have the honor of co-hosting the Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival with People Power. The lack of easy and convenient public transportation this month is sending you a clear message: Get on your bike. Become part of bike culture and join us for this special event.

The Santa Cruz Bicycle Film Festival will show several bicycling films, including animated shorts, documentaries on bike messenger culture, and short films about the simple joy of riding a bike. The featured film, Still We Ride, is a newly-released documentary about Critical Mass, from its formation in San Francisco over 10 years ago to the mass arrests of cyclists in New York in August 2004. Currently the film is on a international tour to bring awareness to the New York Critical Mass cause.

PLUS thrilling and funny short films, an intermission, great company, and a rollicking bike ride after the movie.

Friday October 21st, 8:00pm
Railroad Tracks at Fair Ave, Santa Cruz

see also: Critical Mass is Thirteen: The Culture War is Older (and far from over)

Rally, Queer Kiss-in Greet Military Recruiters at UCSC

Santa Cruz, CA, 19.10.2005 18:38

On October 18th, hundreds of students marched and rallied at UC Santa Cruz to protest the presence of military recruiters at the campus career fair.

A Queer Kiss-in was staged in front of recruiters' tables during the march and rally. From inside the fair, kissers were able to effectively block access to military recruiters without shutting down the entire career fair.

The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hiring practices are in violation of the UC system's non-discrimination policy. Protesters demanded that the UC adhere to its own policies by protecting all students from discrimination and securing UCSC as a hate-free zone.

Currently, the Solomon Amendment states that any university which denies military recruiters "equal access" to students will lose federal funding. The Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR) is challenging the constitutionality of the Solomon amendment in a Supreme Court case, FAIR v Rumsfeld, which will be heard in December. Protesters on Tuesday urged the University of California to become the thirty-ninth school in the country to join FAIR.

SAW Press Release: Students Greet Military with Rally and Queer Kiss-In

Audio: FRSC: Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Radio Coverage

Photos: UCSC shuts down recruiters || Recruiters Shut Down at UCSC, Rally Photos || Military Recruiting Protested During UCSC's Career Fair || Photos of the Queer Kiss-In Against Military Recruitment at UCSC || Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War || Oct. 18 Counter-Recruitment Events - Photos by Bob Fitch

blog coverage: Evan Branigan’s Blog

protest announcement: Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Tuesday!

Την Παρασκευή 21 Οκτώβρη δικάζονται νεοφασίστες που μαχαίρωσαν αριστερό φοιτητή

Athens, 19.10.2005 17:37

Σε συγκέντρωση στα δικαστήρια της Ευελπίδων καλούν αριστερές οργανώσεις με αφορμή τη δίκη νεοφασιστών για το μαχαίρωμα ενός φοιτητή και τον ξυλοδαρμό μιας εκπαιδευτικού.

Ο ένας χρυσαυγίτης συνελήφθη τυχαία και για άλλο λόγο. Η σχετική είδηση του Ιντυ.

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Saint Louis, 19.10.2005 15:37

Kansas City native and friend to many in the St. Louis region, Joe Carr, is active with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine. He frequently gives updates on his actions and reports back to the U.S. some of the daily terrors that Palestinians live with. The following is an article about the latest demonstration in Bil'in and how, with the thanks of Palestinian doctors, he survived surgery after being injured.

You can read more and see pictures on Joe's Blog at Lovinrevolution.

Bicycles in the train!

Athens, 19.10.2005 15:07

Hundreds of cyclers flooded the streets in Athens, on Saturday 15/10 demanding the permission of the bicycles to enter the city train and the Undergound. The unprecedented cycling demostration went through the most busy streets downtown, replacing the car honks and the petrol gas with ringings, slogans and whistlings. Plus, the collective joy of the pedal...

Update and photos from the cycling demostration

COCA COLA up to their usual tricks in Guatemala

Portland, 19.10.2005 13:38

They didn't even know their father's crime until the armed men told them: "We are going to get that son of a bitch for trade unionism and he is going to die."

On a sunny afternoon in Guatemala City a number of weeks ago armed men entered the house of Jos? Armando Palacios. On finding he was not at home, they tied up his nine-year-old daughter and 17-year-old son. Holding a gun to the children's heads, they demanded to know the whereabouts of their father. The children did not know.

Jos? Armando is a member of Sitinca, a joint trade union of workers of a Coca-Cola bottling plant in the south of Guatemala and of a coffee producer called Incasa. Despite the signing of peace accords in 1996, which brought an end to the country's 36-year civil war in which thousands of social activists were "disappeared" and many more were forced into exile, little has changed for the trade union movement. According to some, the situation has worsened.

Anti-war movement wins Peterson's reinstatement; Tariq Khan still facing charges

Boston, 19.10.2005 13:08

After being 'banned' from campus, Charles Peterson, as of Oct. 8, has been reinstated at Holyoke Community College. This victory for the entire counter-recruitment and anti-war movement came only after massive worldwide support for Peterson and resistance actions including a march and rally on campus Oct. 6. But the counter-recruitment movement is still being attacked relentlessly by the Pentagon and college administrations as the case of Peterson and Tariq Khan demonstrates.

No al TAV

Euskal Herria, 19.10.2005 07:07

October 22nd National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2005 06:37

Saturday, October 22nd will be the 10th Annual National Day of Protest to Stop Police Brutality, Repression, and the Criminalization of a Generation. Police continue to brutally beat and kill people all over the United States, including in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina. Muslim, Arab, and South Asian immigrants are still being arrested, detained, and deported. Every year, people wear black on October 22nd to remember people who have died at the hands of the police.
Details: San Jose | Fresno | San Francisco
Read More | Indybay's Police Page

Reproductive Rights Rally November 5th

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2005 06:37

The Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights will be holding a rally for reproductive rights on Saturday, November 5th from 1pm to 4:30pm in San Francisco's Dolores Park, at 18th Street and Dolores. The event will feature speakers, entertainment, performances, information tables, and art. The rally will be followed by a Take Back the Night March. This event will in part be a way to raise awareness of plans to mobilize people to counter the “Walk for Life,” anti-choice fundamentalists who will be coming to San Francisco on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 21st, 2006.
Read More On Indybay 's Women's News Page

November 2: DRIVE OUT BUSH

Rogue Valley, 19.10.2005 06:08

November 2, 2005 at 3:00 - 5:00 P.M.: Protest at the corner of McAndrews & Biddle Road (Bear Creek Plaza). Droves of motorists there to see us . . . show up for peace & justice, stand up and be counted!

Protest Theme: DRIVE OUT BUSH. Bring signs and also music,if you like, maybe percussion: drums, pots with wooden spoons,what have you. Leave work, leave school----stand up for peace and justice . . . .a guaranteed good time. This is not hard work! ---

November 2, the first anniversary of Bush's "re-election", we will take a major step in ending the regime by joining a massive nationwide day of resistance.

NCAA mascot decision

Urbana-Champaign, 19.10.2005 06:08

UIUC's Board of Trustees (BOT) have appealed the NCAA mascot ruling. Urgent action is needed to encourage the NCAA to stand by their decision and pressure the BOT to action.

Commercializing a National Volcanic Monument

Portland, 19.10.2005 05:38

Some of you will remember the words which follow. In offering them today, I propose that we look upon the impending transmogrification of Mt. St. Helens not so much as a loss, but as a call to action. In the ongoing war against the Corporate Takeover of Nature, losses were inevitable. Perhaps Mt. St. Helens could not be saved. But there are hundreds, if not thousands, of areas that will likely be targeted for industrial wreckreation development in much the way that Mt. St. Helens was targeted. I hope, and trust, that many of those areas will be saved and that some of them will be saved by efforts led by some of you.

Below is a perfect example of how the misadventures into the realm of industrial tourism will lead to privatization of our nation's public lands

Nazi March Shut Down in OH, Cops Injured

Portland, 19.10.2005 05:38

Antifacists and toledo residents shut down american nazi party rally, riot and clash with cops

Infoshop News has learned that massive fighting has broken out in Toledo, Ohio against the police and neo-fascists who attempted to march today. The neo-fascist march had been organized by infamous racist and neo-nazi spokesperson Bill White.

more info and pictures at:

Statement by former political prisoner Antonio Camacho Negrón

Portland, 19.10.2005 05:38

The FBI has issued an arrest warrant for former Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Antonio Camacho Negr?n, arrested for being a part of the MACHETEROS in the late 1980s. Following is a statement that Antonio Camacho Negr?n wrote and asked that ProLibertad read at the Oct. 14th picket in New York City:

"I feel that the FBI will make an attempt on my life and justify it with fabricated lies in pursuit of the information I have shared with various elements of the Puerto Rican media, as well as to quell the revolutionary spirit that has been activated by Filiberto's death. The FBI will resort to acts of terrorism against me and others who are calling for a full investigation of Filiberto's death to terrify and silence the people from demanding the truth.

Earlier this week, there were allegations by provocateur elements in Puerto Rico who have made bold attempts to smear the name and reputation of Filiberto's wife. I believe that the smear tactics are a strategic ploy by the federal government to ruin her credibility as a witness to events that led to her husband's assassination."

Counter Recruitment Conference to Be Held at UC Berkeley

San Francisco Bay Area, 19.10.2005 05:37

"On the Frontlines: Options for Youth in Times of War," a counter recruiting conference, will take place beginning at 9:00am on Saturday, October 22nd and Sunday, October 23rd in the Valley Life Sciences Building at UC Berkeley. There will be 45 workshops on every aspect of Counter Recruitment. The conference will be co-sponsored by the Campus Antiwar Network and Military Out of Our Schools-Bay Area. Aidan Delgado, an Iraq War veteran and conscientious objector; Pablo Paredes, a Navy resister who was just discharged after refusing deployment; parents who lost their children in the war on Iraq; and students, parents, educators, and community activists will join veterans and military families. The conference aims to expose the lies that military recruiters tell young people, and to examine ways to get recruiters out of schools and alternatives to military service. Read more

On the Frontlines Conference website

Ending Violence Together

Worcester, 19.10.2005 03:08

Ending Violence Together

Chicago: Anti-Minutemen eylemi

Istanbul, 19.10.2005 02:38

Chicago: Göçmen karşıtı ırkçı konferans protesto edildi

Toledo erupts into Insurrection in response to Nazi's trying to march through their neighborhood

DC, 19.10.2005 02:08

(From Columbus Ohio IMC ): Toledo, Ohio October 15th. A plan by Neo-Nazis to march through a black neighborhood in northen Toledo incited a riot. When police tried to escort the nazis out in the neighborhood they were pelted by rocks and a crowd of up to 600 residents gathered in protest. Tear gas was used to push back people but the police were unable to control the crowd as they were hit by rocks when they would try to advance. Eventually a small bar is burnt down and several fire trucks pelted by rocks and a state of emergency is declared for the city and an 8pm curfew set. The police plan to have a strong presence in this community for the next few days. They had arrested 114 people by Sunday.

What Has Happened to Organized Labor?

Philadelphia, 19.10.2005 01:37

When I was growing up, I seem to recall that the purpose of organized labor was to fight for the rights of workers in the union. With very few exceptions, recent "union" stories are mostly about wage and benefit givebacks. When did union leadership stop fighting for the rank and file?

Protests as arms dealers attend careersfair

United Kingdom, 19.10.2005 01:37

The last two days saw the AIESEC careers fair taking place at Nottingham University. The Portland Building, where the Students Union is based was full of businesses promoting their oppertunities for the under and post-graduates. People within the university informed the students attending the fair about some exhibitors: 'the problem is, they supply arms to countries with appalling human rights records'.

Arms manufacturers such as Caterpillar, BAE systems and Rolls Royce exhibiting at the fair were targeted because of their non-commitment to ethical responsiblity and the way in which they 'lie about the truth'. The protest, organised by NSPM, took place on both days of the fair. The Student Environmental and Ethical Network (SEEN) is organising an ethical careersfair later in November.

Links: Nottingham Student Peace Movement (NSPM) | Environmental and Social Justice Committee | Student Environmental and Ethical Network | Stop Caterpillar :: Violations of Human Rights | Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) | The Ethical Student | AIESEC Nottingham Careers Fair | Environmental and Social Justice Committee | Previous article about NSPM

Another Squatted Social Centre Taken, and our Freedom

United Kingdom, 19.10.2005 01:37

The Circle Community Centre at the old St.Georges Theatre 49 Tufnell Park Rd, London was occupied just over a year ago, but sadly was evicted last week by 30 police and and 10 bailiffs. [1] [2]

It will be fondly remembered not least for indymedia's 5th Birthday party, but also for the many workshops and events held there over the years, and their work with the local community. To hear an Audio interview on the eviction.

Weapons Conference a Battleground for Protesters

Aotearoa, 19.10.2005 00:39

About 70 protesters in Wellington, including members of the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army, took on Te Papa and a tank on Tuesday as part of protests against the New Zealand Defence Industry Association. The Te Papa entrance was blockaded for two and a half hours and a tank was stopped from leaving the area by a second blockade. 20 people in all were arrested, 7 of whom have been charged. [Report] Photos [1] [2] Conference attendee's sleep was disturbed when a wake-up call erupted outside their hotel early on Wednesday morning. Looking rather tired, they were also privileged to "meet and greet" as they attempted to make their way to the conference the morning after. [Report] The conference is host to an international assortium of weapons manufacturers including Halliburton, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin, as well as a range of New Zealand companies. [More Information]

Anti-Fascist Action Around the Country

San Diego, 18.10.2005 23:38

Toledo Erupts into Insurrection in Response to Nazi's:
image of crowd and tear gas columbus indymedia report

A plan by Neo-Nazis to march through a neighborhood in northen Toledo Saturday October 15, incited a riot. The ISO (international socialist organziaton), ARA (anti-racist action) and various members of the community came to counter-demonstrate against the Nazi's which were comprised of members from the NSM (national socialist movement) and National Alliance. When the protesters arrived there were only about 8 nazis including Bill White spokesperson of the NSM. When police tried to escort the nazis out in the neighborhood they were pelted by rocks and a crowd of up to 600 residents gathered in protest. Tear gas was used to push back people but the police were unable to control the crowd as they were hit by rocks when they would try to advance. Read Full Article

Related: Opposition to Neo-Nazi March in Toledo

Protest those racists! Anti-immigrant Conference Faced Protest, Blockade, Arrests: [permalink] Dozens, and then hundreds [ 1 | 2 | 3 ], of Chicago-area community members delayed, in dramatic fashion, a national anti-immigrant organization's meeting in Chicago's Arlington Heights suburb on the morning of October 15, 2005. Activists linked their bodies arm in arm to form a human chain at the gates of the school where a meeting of the Minuteman Project was slated to take place.

Chicago Indymedia Newswire coverage: iNo Pasaran! Stop the Minutemen! | Arrests In Arlington Heights | Report from the Chicago Anti-Minutemen Protest | Minutemen: Media Coverage Report

Other Indymedia coverage: San Diego: Minuteman efforts | Arizona: Beyond the Minutemen | LA: Minuteman protests | Mexico: Cierre del Proyecto Minuteman | Indymedia US: Two People Reportedly Run Over by "Minutemen" Racists

Additional Information: South West Action to Resist the Minutemen | deleteTheBorder | Immigrant Solidarity Network: Minutemen Watch

Why Has Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Refused to Intercede in the Tenncare Crisis?

Tennessee, 18.10.2005 22:08

I attended a funeral on September 19th, 2005 for a family who recently lost their 50-year-old husband. He died from lack of hemophilia medication and there are three children in this family with the same problem--one of them is covered by medical insurance and the other two have been cut from the TennCare roles--they are living on the surviving mother's meager wages and have an $800 mortgage payment. This is the third person I am aware of who has died as a direct result of the cuts. Many more have died who I do know of personally and the number of deaths is expected to grow to many thousands in the coming few months.

City Council Considers CBA Today! Call or GO!

San Diego, 18.10.2005 21:07

/*/PLEASE NOTE: The Council may take up this issue /*/ /*/THIS
MORNING/*/ /*/rather than this afternoon. Please call for updates as the
Council meeting progresses./*/ /*/ The ACCORD Coalition will arrive at
City Hall by 10:30!/*/

*Council to Consider Ballpark Development Agreement TODAY*

*Affordable Housing Issues Dominates Debate, Fuels Controversy*

Protests Planned to Greet Bush Visit to LA

LA, 18.10.2005 20:37

Protests Planned to Greet Bush Visit to LA

Mass Deportation of Immigrants Blockaded in Dublin. Arrests Ongoing.

Ireland, 18.10.2005 17:37

Early Morning Raids by Special Deportation Police Net Autistic Boy Immigration police seized several families across Ireland this morning (Tue Oct 18th) and brought them to Dublin for summary deportation. Among those detained was the family of a writer. He had sent them to Ireland so that they would be safe from the repercussions of his writings which are critical of drug dealers in the country in which he resides. An attempted blockade of the Garda National Immigration Bureau premises in Dublin has resulted in arrests and is ongoing. Ireland has been pursuing a policy of expedited deportations of immigrant families for the last couple of years. Amid a rising tide of racism fueled by the rhetoric of prominent politicians (who refer to Turkish workers as "kebabs") there are deep concerns that the human rights of vulnerable asylum seekers are being ignored. Among the families reported to have been snatched for deportation this morning is one which includes a child with an autistic spectrum disorder. An appeal by Denis O Donovan TD from Bantry has secured the assurance of McDowell that this family will not be deported until McDowell has personally reviewed their file. However approximately 35 other asylum seekers with unknown personal situations seized in this sweep have received no such assurances of due diligence. Rosanna Flynn of Residents Against Racism commenting on the current broken system said: The asylum system continues to be in disarray. McDowell will deport women and young girls who have fled here fleeing Female Genital Mutilation. His response has been to send them back to a country where the World Health Organisation estimates that over 50% of the female population has had the operation performed on them. We need an asylum system that is effective and fair. We need the asylum system taken out of McDowell’s hands completely and handed over to a body such as the Human Rights Commission that will view the asylum system from a human rights angle and not as a system that deports as many people as possible in order to facilitate electoral gain. All these families have been signing on at Garda stations as required by law. It would appear that the Gardai, through the direction of the Minister for Justice (Michael McDowell) are creating the conditions that will encourage the creation of a completely underground illegal immigrant population. This is an arbitrary, arrogant and ineffective set of policies which reflect a lack of thought about the realities of immigration in the 21st century. Irish activists are currently undertaking an attempted blockade of GNIB at Burgh Quay to prevent the mass deportation scheduled for approximately 11:30pm tonight. Two people have been reported arrested on our newswire already. If you can get down to the blockade then your presence will be welcomed.

Robbie Conal's 'Patriot Inaction' posters appear across L.A.

LA, 18.10.2005 16:37

Robbie Conal's 'Patriot Inaction' posters appear across L.A.

MPL catarinense se reúne pela primeira vez

Brasil, 18.10.2005 15:07


Instantáneas del Encuentro

Argentina, 18.10.2005 15:07

Martes 18 de de Octubre 2005 | Mar del PLata
Instantáneas del XX Encuentro Nacional de Mujeres


Peru, 18.10.2005 14:39


Attack on Civil Disobedience

Melbourne, 18.10.2005 14:39

Bad Mouth the Queen and it's off to Jail

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