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We Will Not Be Broken! Thousands walk off the job in support of striking teachers

Portland, 22.10.2005 03:38

Despite government threats, thousands walked off the job in support of striking teachers on Monday. Businesses were up in arms at the refusal of BC workers to adhere to the law. "People must obey the law", Jerry Lampert from the Business Council of British Columbia warned, "or we are on the short or long road to anarchy in this province, and we just can't afford that". Lampert's comments, cited by speakers at the rally, provoked the laughter of thousands of striking teachers and their supporters. When faced with the gross disavowal of worker's rights, thousands have shown that the law is illegitimate not the strike.

Victoria IMC coverage | Courts Seize Union Assets, But Teachers Remain Defiant | Friday 10/21 update: "British Columbia teachers strike in grave danger"

Bush Visit Delays Flights and Snarls West LA Rush Hour Traffic.

LA, 22.10.2005 03:08

Bush Visit Delays Flights and Snarls West LA Rush Hour Traffic.

Ato unificado contra o aumento das Tarifas em Goiânia

Brasil, 22.10.2005 03:08

Passe Livre Já!

Mel &amp; Floyd, October 21th, 2005

Madison, 22.10.2005 00:07

Hello Minions! It's a beautiful day, so why not have a little Mel and Floyd with your beer (it is Wisconsin, right?).

Interview with Professor Rich Appelbaum on Sweatshop Labor

Santa Barbara, 21.10.2005 22:37

Professor Rich Appelbaum discusses the UC code of conduct for factories abroad that manufacture clothing for the UCSB Bookstore, and the new Student Labor Action Project at UCSB.

Taller de Indymedia en Villa el Salvador

Peru, 21.10.2005 22:10

Taller de Indymedia en Villa el Salvador

Taller de Indymedia en Villa el Salvador

Peru, 21.10.2005 22:10

Taller de Indymedia en Villa el Salvador

Chubut en pie de lucha

Argentina, 21.10.2005 21:37

Chubut en pie de lucha

Chubut en pie de lucha

Argentina, 21.10.2005 21:37

Chubut en pie de lucha

Former portland panther Floyd Cruse will kick ass oct 22 7pm at laughinhg horse books

Portland, 21.10.2005 20:38

Before it was M.L.K. it was union ave and the city of portland had a bad ass black panther party chapter. 3619 ne union ave to be exact, and on the international day of protesting police brutality it seems only fitting to have the people's servant and former minister of information of the B.P.P Floyd Cruse come and rap with y'all. If that is not enough we will also show the buried film STREET FIGHTER IN THE COURTROOM, which is an amazing documentary about black panther lawyer Charles R. Garry.

NH Congressman Bass and the Indictment of Tom Delay

New Hampshire, 21.10.2005 20:09

Texas Representative Tom DeLay was indicted today for campaign finance fraud. Among the campaigns DeLay has helped to finance is the 2000 race of NH congressman Charles Bass.

Sen. Jack Barnes and Company Hate the Gays, Lesbians

New Hampshire, 21.10.2005 20:09

The New Hampshire state commission set up to investigate the question of gay and lesbian marriage, even before its findings have been presented to the public, has voted to recommend a constitution amendment against gay marriage.

Sununu also took money from DeLay

New Hampshire, 21.10.2005 20:09

Senator John E. Sununu took money from Texas congressman Tom DeLay to finance his 2002 senate race.

Local Animal Rights Groups to Protest Ringling Cruelty

New Hampshire, 21.10.2005 20:09

Press release detailing the upcoming protest of Ringling Bros. circus in Manchester, NH by New Hampshire animal rights groups.

NH to Protest After 2000th US death in Iraq

New Hampshire, 21.10.2005 20:09

Dear friends, As of today, 1978 U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq. Uncounted thousands of Iraqis--over 100,000 civilians, by some estimates--have died since the U.S. invasion in 2003. ON THE DAY AFTER THE 2,000th U.S. military death in Iraq is announced, people will gather in communities across the U.S. to say that the country's pro-peace majority wants Congress to stop the killing by stopping the funding of the war. (If current trends continue, the 2000th U.S. death will occur in late October or early November.)

Foro Medios

Colombia, 21.10.2005 19:08

Foro Medios de Comunicación.

Serial Killer May Have Been Special Branch Agent

Ireland, 21.10.2005 19:07

Prime Suspect in disappearances of young women both sides of border scrutinised by Nuala O'Loan The prime suspect in the disappearance of Castlederg teenager Arlene Arkinson, as well as a number of young women in the Republic, may have been working as a Special Branch agent throughout the time of those disappearances. Robert Howard, the man who gave Arlene Arkinson a lift home from Bundoran on the night she disappeared without trace, was recently cleared of her murder at a trial in Belfast. It emerged after he was cleared that he had a previous conviction for the kidnap, rape and murder of another young girl in England during the 1970s. Legal experts have now said that this would have been admissable in the court but still the PSNI never made it part of their case. Nuala O'Loan is now investigating why the PSNI witheld this information . The prime suspect in the disappearance of Castlederg teenager Arlene Arkinson, as well as a number of young women in the Republic, may have been working as a Special Branch agent throughout the time of those disappearances. Robert Howard, the man who gave Arlene Arkinson a lift home from Bundoran on the night she disappeared without trace was recently cleared of her murder at a trial in Belfast. It emerged after he was cleared that he had a previous conviction for the kidnap, rape and murder of another young girl in England during the 1970s. Legal experts have now said that this would have been admissable in the court but still the PSNI never made it part of their case. Nuala O'Loan is now investigating why the PSNI witheld this information. Local MP Pat Doherty , the Arkinson family and many local people in Castlederg are convinced that at the time of the murder Howard was a spy for RUC Special Branch in the Castlederg area. It has also emerged that at the time of Arlene's disappearance Howard was out on bail (despite his long history of sexual assaults, kidnap and murder) for attacking and raping another Castlederg woman. Despite his depraved and murderous history (which was known to police) and the fact that he was the last person Arlene Arkinson was seen in the company of - Howard was only arrested and questioned about her disappearance after the Arkinson family went to the Sunday World. Unbelievably, after the Arkinson family publicised the fact that Howard had left Bundoran heading for Castlederg with the girl, the RUC then descended on the Arkinson family home and dug up their garden in full view of television cameras which accompanied them. This gave the public at large the impression that Arlene's family were somehow implicated in her disappearance, or at least that senior detectives believed so. It has also emerged that the Detective originally responsible for investigating Arlene's disappearance, Special Branch officer Eric Anderson, was the same man tasked with leading the RUC investigation into the Omagh bombing. After an investigation by Nuala O'Loan into his handling of that case it emerged that hundreds of pieces of evidence and eyewitness satements were tampered with or destroyed completely. Evidence that security forces both sides of the border had advance knowledge of the bombing and that Special Branch agents played a central role in it was witheld by detective Anderson, who has since retired. Irish born Howard, who is now a prime suspect in the murder and disappearance of numerous young women in the 26 counties, also regularly crossed the border from the village of Castlederg (were he settled in the late 1980s). Local people in the Tyrone border village claim he appeared from nowhere and had no connections with the village at all. Despite being unemployed he seemed never to be short of money and was never stopped by police despite having no tax or insurance. Following local suspicion over his involvement in Arlene Arkinson's murder Howard left Castlederg and moved south to live in the Republic. It was when he moved to the 26 counties that the disappearances of numerous young women began and carried on for years. These disappearances are widely believed to be the work of a serial killer and as yet no-one has been brought to justice for them. Nuala O'Loan is now investigating the claims that Howard was a Special Branch agent. If he is guilty and if a blind eye was turned to his activities it will be yet another damning indictment of Britain's use of murderous agents in their dirty intelligence war. Whether Howard was an agent, of which many in Castlederg are now convinced, remains to be seen. And if he was it raises the further question as to whether the Gardai in Donegal knew about his role at the time as well. And the question mark that leaves over their investigation into the subsequent disappearances of young women in the 26 counties is a huge one. More on the story">here

Dia de la Raza Celebration attacked by Police

San Diego, 21.10.2005 15:37

MECHA DE SDSU WON'T BE Intimidated !

At approximately 12:20pm during the Día de la Raza celebration at San Diego State University today (october 12) campus police tried to shut down and intimidate organizers and speakers who were celebrating the life and struggle of the oppressed people's throughout the world for land, peace and freedom from 513 years of European/U.S. colonialism.

Project H.O.M.E. Opens Kate's Place

Philadelphia, 21.10.2005 14:37

People told Sister Mary Scullion she was "crazy" when she suggested a low-income housing apartment building in Philly's swank Rittenhouse Square neighborhood. Today, four years and 130 units later at the grand opening of Kate's Place, Sister Mary's words carry a powerful hope for the future, "people think we are crazy to think we can end homelessness in Philadelphia. But together we can."

MSTS protesta em três órgãos diferentes e conquista reunião conjunta

Brasil, 21.10.2005 14:37


Fascists stabbed people in Monastiraki. Silence is accomplice

Athens, 21.10.2005 14:37

On Wednesday, 16/10, some fascists attacked two people, students, in Monastiraki sq, seeming determined to kill them. The one has got 7 stabds, one next to his ear and another on the collum, leading, according the doctors, an injury in the celebrum. He is in a critical stage, incoscious.

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New Orleans, 21.10.2005 13:38

Stop the removal of public housing residents from New Orleans

Continúan los reclamos de los docentes rosarinos

Argentina, 21.10.2005 13:07

Continúan los reclamos de los docentes rosarinos

Trabajadores desocupados movilizaron a Desarrollo Social

Argentina, 21.10.2005 13:07

Desocupados movilizaron a Desarrollo Social

Bauen/Con cama afuera

Argentina, 21.10.2005 13:07

Viernes 21 de Octubre 2005 | 5 DE OCTUBRE FESTIVAL POR EL BAUEN
Con cama afuera

Desalojo Cucha

Argentina, 21.10.2005 13:07

Viernes 21 de Octubre 2005 | BUENOS AIRES
Quieren desalojar la Asamblea de La Cucha

A luta por uma identidade humana no Iraque

Portugal, 21.10.2005 11:07

A luta por uma identidade humana no Iraque

Nottingham EcoWorks- Straw Bale work on eco-building in St.Anns -- Part 6

United Kingdom, 21.10.2005 10:08

We have done a bit more on "eco-building" at ECOWORKS, a community garden project on the Hungerhill allotments in St. Ann's. Volunteers have been working on this exciting project since last October, and the walls up now! Straw bales are a low-impact, highly insulating and user-friendly building material. The construction process is highly inclusive, satisfying and fun.

Mudanças no transporte podem quebrar atuais concessões. Prefeito é empresário no setor

Brasil, 21.10.2005 08:07


HackMeeting2005 - Libertad en construcci�n permanente

Euskal Herria, 21.10.2005 06:07

Schwarzenegger niega licencias de conducir a trabajadores indocumentados

LA, 21.10.2005 04:37

Schwarzenegger niega licencias de conducir a trabajadores indocumentados

Delay is Busted

Houston, 21.10.2005 03:07

Hell Freezes Over: Arrest Warrant Issued for Delay

Militares fuera de las escuelas dicen

Philadelphia, 21.10.2005 02:38

Activistas a favor de la “Campaña Optar Fuera” estuvieron trabajando el mes pasado frente a las escuelas superiores de toda la nación. Estaban ahí para hacer saber a los estudiantes que pueden obligar a sus escuelas a no dar su información personal a los reclutadores militares.

Africa: Legacy of Colonialism

Tennessee, 21.10.2005 02:09

During the era of colonialism, 1880-1960, African countries were ruled by authoritarian, iron fisted colonial administrations. The legacy of democracy was not strong in Africa. Colonial administrations had well trained armies, police and secret militaries. The families of military personell were fiercly loyal to their colonial masters as were their children.

Gases y balas de goma bajo tierra

Argentina, 21.10.2005 02:07

Gases y balas de goma bajo tierra

Pakistan /= Palistine

Houston, 21.10.2005 02:07

Pakistan is not Palestine

Gases y balas de goma bajo tierra

Argentina, 21.10.2005 00:07

Gases y balas de goma bajo tierra

California Special Election Nov. 8th

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2005 23:37

The California special election of 2005 will be held on November 8, 2005 after being called by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on June 13, 2005. California voters will vote on eight ballot propositions. Propositions 73, 76, and 77 are initiative constitutional amendments, while the others are initiative statutes. The upcoming election is set to be the most expensive in California history.
Statewise Propositions:
Prop. 73: Waiting period and parental notification before termination of a minor’s pregnancy. Read More
Prop. 74: Would make new teachers wait five years before achieving permanent status, and would make firing permanent teachers easier. Read More
Prop. 75: Would require public workers unions to get written permission yearly from each member before their dues money could be used for political activities. Read More
Prop. 76: Gives the governor significant unilateral powers to cut the budget. Overturns voter-approved Prop. 98 to guarantee minimum funding for education. Would result in cuts to education, health, firefighters and police. Read More
Prop. 77: Places responsibility for redistricting in the hands of a panel of retired judges, instead of the state Legislature. Read More
Prop. 78: Prescription drug initiative written by big pharmaceutical companies. Drug companies could enter a voluntary prescription drug discount program. Fewer people would be served by Prop. 78 than by Prop. 79.
Prop. 79: Initiated by the broad Health Access coalition, it would create a drug discount program requiring participation by drug manufacturers if they wish to sell drugs through the state’s Medi-Cal program.
Buy Blue | Post On Local Initiatives | PWW Endorsements | Indyvoter Endorsements: San Francisco | The People Against the Machine

Η σιωπή είναι συνενοχή...

Athens, 20.10.2005 21:37

Την Τετάρτη 19 Οκτώβρη, φασίστες επιτέθηκαν σε 2 άτομα, φοιτητές, στο Μοναστηράκι, με καθαρή πρόθεση να τους σκοτώσουν. Το ένα άτομο φέρει 7 μαχαιριές, η μία δίπλα στο αυτί και άλλη μια στον Αυχένα, η οποία του έχει δημιουργήσει, σύμφωνα με τους γιατρούς, εγκεφαλικό τραύμα. Η κατάσταση του είναι κρίσιμη και νοσηλεύεται στην εντατική μονάδα βρισκόμενος σε κώμα.

[ Προηγούμενο κεντρικό ]

Venezuelan Political Muralist Nelson Santana Touring PDX Oct 21-Nov 3

Portland, 20.10.2005 21:08

PCASC is proud to announce the visit of Venezuelan muralist Nelson Santana to Portland from October 21-November 3. During his stay, he will paint murals with PCASC and several other community organizations. Please take the opportunity to join us at these events where you can meet Nelson and learn about his participation in Venezuela's Bolivarian Social Movement and his work as an artist [ Read More ]

Presentation of the Artist- Nelson Santana and the Work Group La Piedrita The landslide victory of president Hugo Chavez Frias in December of 1998 spawned and consolidated a host of national and international movements in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. The Venezuelan people, after five decades of struggle against oligarchic and neoliberal governments, finally took the reins of their own destiny; the world celebrated this democratic victory. The movements in solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution have been key in communicating the ideology, victories and battles, of the Venezuelan government - a government founded on a constitution that establishes a participatory democracy, in which people are protagonists. This informational effort has been particularly important in view of the aggressive media, economic and military campaign, waged by national and global capitalist elites against the Bolivarian Revolution. The labor of solidarity movements is thus commendable, and the continuation of their support for a Latin American project of social justice, necessary. [ Read More ] [ Presentation of the Artist- Nelson Santana and the Work Group La Piedrita | PCASC ]


Tales of a Local Activist in the Deep South

Rogue Valley, 20.10.2005 19:08

Please read this brief announcement and see if there is any way you can offer assistance at this watershed moment in American history. Kerul Dyer, an incredible community organizer and visionary activist, is working tirelessly with the Common Ground Collective in New Orleans to offer basic aid to the devastated communities of the Deep South. The stories she has to tell about what is happening on the ground there right now are almost beyond belief.

Virginia Anti-War Network protests Vice President's appearance at Richmond fundraiser

Richmond, 20.10.2005 18:07

Demonstrators from the Virginia Anti-War Network held a vigil in suburban Richmond, Virginia October 17 to "protest the arrival of Vice President Dick Cheney and demonstrate our dissatisfaction with his key role in embroiling us in an illegal and immoral war in the Middle East," said VAWN organizer Garrie Rouse.

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Protest Series

Richmond, 20.10.2005 18:07

Part I: Life and Liberty “Face The Truth” Tour Sometime around 5am, September 28th, someone…somewhere decided to start their day with a little bit of misogyny…actually that’s a lie. Someone woke up and decided to start their day with a LOT of misogyny.... Part II: RRFP hosts Abortion Speak Out On Saturday, October 2nd, Richmond’s abortion fund collective, Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project hosted an abortion speak out in the VCU student commons. All genders were invited to share their personal experiences of having an abortion or share a story of someone they knew having an abortion.... Part III: Emergency Die-In Takes Place At Grove and Boulevard A day after RRFP made progressive strides to discuss the necessity of reproductive freedom, one of Richmond’s women’s clinics that provides abortions came under attack on National Life Chain Day.... Part IV: Die-In Direct Actions planned for mid-October October is Abortion Access Month and RRFP members have got some great plans up their sleeves. Stay tuned to this website for breaking news!

Review of &quot;How Nonviolence Protects the State&quot;

Richmond, 20.10.2005 18:07

Peter Gelderloos critiques nonviolent activism in his harsh but potentially useful new book.

Civil Liberties under attack in Australia

Melbourne, 20.10.2005 14:08

Terror laws a recipe for a Police State

Não deixamos que nos apaguem a memória!

Portugal, 20.10.2005 12:07

Não deixamos que nos apaguem a memória!

Peaceful Vigils Continue in Support of Justice for Fouad Kaady

Portland, 20.10.2005 09:37

Kaady Grand Jury second day: People began arriving at the Clackamas County court house shortly after 8 a.m. and gathered their signs and flyers to begin a second day of informing the public about what happened to Fouad Kaady on September 8, 2005. There are still many people in the community who are shocked to hear about what had happened to him. Today there were about 40 people standing on the corners of downtown Oregon City. Many of them were members of the Kaady family. I cannot say enough about how strong and caring this family is. They talked about how generous and full of life Fouad was, how he loved growing food in his garden and what a fabulous cook he was. There was so much love for him expressed that even though I had never met him, I came away with the knowledge that a wonderful young man was killed in a tragic way and that his family will always carry him in their hearts. [ read more ]

Pass The Collection Plate For Oregon City: I attended the protest at Clackamas County Courthouse today again, where parking tickets were flying more numerous than leaves, because little Oregon City likes money so much more than people. I parked blocks away on the river side of McLoughlin in a free two-hour zone, because i had not enuf change for a meter, which gives only a half hour for each quarter. Just one other car was parked where i was, so spaces were obviously not in demand. When i went back to my car i had a ticket. It said that my tire was chalked at 9:15 & the ticket issued at 11:17. So the meter person was literally waiting to give me a ticket! Oregon City is THAT desperate for revenue. [ read more ]

Kaady Grand Jury Day 3: We got to the court house at 11 a.m., joining some of the Kaady family in another day of passing out fliers and generally keeping Fouad Kaady's name and story before the public. There were only 12 to 15 people there today, most of them members of the Kaady family, but many citizens continued to stop and ask about what had happened to Fouad. A woman stopped her car, got out, and hugged two of the Kaady family saying, "I lost my daughter three years ago, and my heart is with you." Someone else made small angels for the family. One gentleman gave the group a potted plant, the red flowers a bright spot to the day. Mrs. Kaady, always mindful of the needs of others, gave the plant out to people who had been helping her and it finally went to the office of Executive Copy Printing, a local business which had been printing fliers for us as we ran out, at no cost. [ read more ]

Might be last day, pray for justice: The grand jury may be releasing their verdict Thursday October 20th whether or not to indite the two bastard officers that killed Fouad Kaady. The support is crucial at this time and we need to show the police and county that we care and need justice...for all. The jury meets around ten a.m., but any time you can make it would be powerful. If they do not indite these officers for killing a naked, injured man then that will be clearly showing us, the people, that NOTHING will ever prove that these cowards are guilty. Do not let this slide under your nose without doing what you can, use your word, use your presence and stand up for our rights, safety and justice. The Kaady family needs you to stand strong with them, and for all others who have lost someone this way or WILL lose someone this way if we don't speak out now. OREGON CITY COURTHOUSE 8th and Main. [ read more ]

related articles: [ Fouad Kaady, Grand Jury now extended for two more days | Fouad Kaady Help still needed! | License to Murder ]

more articles about Fouad Kaady

Rally, Queer Kiss-in Greet Military Recruiters at UCSC

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2005 03:07

On October 18th, hundreds of students marched and rallied at UC Santa Cruz to protest the presence of military recruiters at the campus career fair.
A Queer Kiss-in was staged in front of recruiters' tables during the march and rally. From inside the fair, kissers were able to effectively block access to military recruiters without shutting down the entire career fair.
The military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" hiring practices are in violation of the UC system's non-discrimination policy. Protesters demanded that the UC adhere to its own policies by protecting all students from discrimination and securing UCSC as a hate-free zone.
Currently, the Solomon Amendment states that any university which denies military recruiters "equal access" to students will lose federal funding. The Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (FAIR) is challenging the constitutionality of the Solomon amendment in a Supreme Court case, FAIR v Rumsfeld, which will be heard in December. Protesters on Tuesday urged the University of California to become the thirty-ninth school in the country to join FAIR.
SAW Press Release: Students Greet Military with Rally and Queer Kiss-In
Audio: FRSC: Military Off UCSC - March & Rally Radio Coverage | FSRN: UC Students Against War
Photos: UCSC shuts down recruiters | Recruiters Shut Down at UCSC, Rally Photos | Military Recruiting Protested During UCSC's Career Fair | Photos of the Queer Kiss-In Against Military Recruitment at UCSC | Discrimination Is Unacceptable to Students Against War | Oct. 18 Counter-Recruitment Events - Photos by Bob Fitch
Read more

U'wa Reject New Drilling Plans

San Francisco Bay Area, 20.10.2005 03:07

17 October 2005: The U'wa people of northeast Colombia have again rejected the extraction of oil from their cloudforest home and refused to participate further in a "Prior Consultation" process to legitimize the process. The project in question is the Siriri oil block, abandoned by California multinational Occidental Petroleum under sustained pressure from the U'wa, campesinos and international supporters. The block is now being explored by the Colombian state firm Ecopetrol, with the assistance of Spanish multinational Repsol. When government representatives helicoptered in to U'wa territory on September 28, they were met by a clear rejection from the U'wa traditional government, which vowed never to allow oil drilling.

As part of a speaking tour across the United States, two representatives of the U'wa people visited the Bay Area October 10-16 to speak out against renewed oil drilling attempts in their territory. U'wa international representative and community organizer Daris Cristancho expressed her communities defiance against government threats to cut off social spending if the U'was do not permit drilling: "The laws of the U'wa do not change as the laws of the government do... We would rather live dignified lives deep in the mountains than be bribed [in exchange for drilling]."

[U'wa Website (es) | Amazon Watch: U’wa Grassroots Leaders Speaking Tour and Background on Siriri Oil Project | Colombia Indymedia U'was rompen silencio y dicen No]

Yeni Zelanda: Palyaço ordusu eyleminde 20 gözaltı

Istanbul, 20.10.2005 01:08

Yeni Zelanda, Palyaço Ordusu silah tüccarlarına karşı: 20 gözaltı

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