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Honkie America Redux- The Plight of the Latino Immigrant

Tennessee, 03.08.2004 01:40

(First published in issue #2 of The Dawn, an anarchist communist newspaper from Oakland, California, on August, 2004.) “It is no longer fashionable to be openly racist in the American middle class… The middle class, we are led to believe, has risen above all that... The political hot-button issue of the day is “immigration reform”. “Everyone” agrees that immigration reform is in order. ...what is the fret and worry sweeping the nation over “immigration”, but the latest clothing, the politically correct manifestation, the new façade of our old enemy, the racist-pig bourgeois white American middle class?”

The industrial cordon gets mobilized

Argentina, 03.08.2004 01:29

Monday, July 26
The industrial cordon gets mobilized

Santa Cruz Night Out Returns to Tuesday Nights in August

Santa Cruz, CA, 03.08.2004 01:07

Last summer a group of community volunteers successfully piloted community street fairs on Pacific Avenue showcasing local talent and building community. Santa Cruz Night Out will once again unify the local community Tuesday nights in August. Building on the success of last year’s gatherings, the Coalition for Community Commons along with support from New Leaf Community Markets and Cruzio, will be hosting five events, two more than last year. “The goal of these events is to; once again, demonstrate that these events are beneficial to our community and local businesses. Many other communities are fortunate to have events such as these, and we hope that someday these events will be a weekly occurrence during the summer in downtown Santa Cruz”, stated John Fisher of the all-volunteer Coalition for Community Commons. Santa Cruz Night Out will take place from 5:30 – 8:00pm on Tuesday nights in August on Pacific Avenue, between Lincoln and Cathcart. This pedestrian friendly portion of Pacific Avenue will host the following events: August 3 – Kids Night Out, August 10 – Dancing in the Streets, August 17 – Santa Cruz Unplugged, August 24 – Avenue of the Arts, and August 31 – A Taste of Santa Cruz. All Santa Cruz Night Out events are free.

Don't Spend a Nickel on a Mount Olive Pickle

Atlanta, 03.08.2004 00:44

August 3rd, Nashville, NC: Support Arrested FLOC Organizers #media_6862;left#On August 3rd FLOC is calling on friends to pack the courtroom in Nashville, NORTH CAROLINA to show support for arrested organizers, Blake Pendergrass and Francisco Heredia. Afterwards, the group will publicize the Mount Olive Pickle Boycott at a local Lowe's Foods. Also, from earlier this summer, Mount Olive Boycott heats up on July Fourth weekend [Article & Photos]
[VICTORY for FARMWORKERS! Charges are Dropped] For more info on FLOC and the Mt. Olive Boycott visit the [FLOC website]

Georgia Local Travels to Colombia with Christian Peacemaker Team

Atlanta, 02.08.2004 23:53

#media_6860;left#Georgia resident, Anton Flores, recently traveled to Colombia with seven other individuals from Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Ontario where he protested Coca-Cola’s involvement in the oppression of Colombian workers and experienced life in the "drug war" zone along the Opon River in Medio Magdelena. The trip, organized by Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), provided its delegates with rare insight into a long, complex war whose seemingly incessant atrocities stereotypes life in this remarkably beautiful South American country. For Information on CPT in Columbia visit: Read: >[CPT calls for Coca-Cola Boycott][Flores' speech at Coke protest] Take Action: [Contact Coke's CEO today!]

Margaret Cho Disinvited from Major LGBT Event

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.08.2004 22:46

Margaret Cho Disinvited from Major LGBT Event in Boston

[Firenze] Novantenne contro la municipale

Italy, 02.08.2004 22:35

L'eroismo ai giorni nostri

[LIVORNO] Morti in Carcere

Italy, 02.08.2004 22:11

Vai in carcere e poi muori!

Rally and March to Livermore Weapons Lab

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.08.2004 21:49

Books Not Bombs Rally and March to Nuclear Weapons Lab

8/8 Rally to Defend Same-Sex Marriage in SF

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.08.2004 21:12

Summer of Love 2004 Rally to Defend Same-Sex Marriage


Colombia, 02.08.2004 20:17

Foro Social de las Américas


Arizona, 02.08.2004 19:54

Actions held in conjunction with DNC, Cheney's visit

Images: July 2004 NYC

NYC, 02.08.2004 19:17

Photographs from NYC - July 2004.

Think that July 2004 was a busy month in the NYC Activist community? You're right ... and here are the photos to prove it.

The hungry March Band performs at Times Up! fundraising party in their new space on Houston St, plus Ground Zero, Greene Dragon, High Times Party, City Hall permit rally, Sean "Puffy Combs (Citizen Change), Madison Sq Vendors rally, Robert Jereski fundraiser, NewNation fundraiser, Starbucks Union, Times Up! fundraiser... all here.

Us Election 2004

Sydney, 02.08.2004 18:22

Is this what democracy looks like?

Road to Boston - Comunique from my sister: Boston, the Final Days

Portland, 02.08.2004 17:08


What A Single Mom on Welfare Needed

Portland, 02.08.2004 16:54

Artist James De La Vega's Sentencing Postponed

NYC, 02.08.2004 16:23

In the July 21 Indy we reported on James De La Vega's impending sentence for 3 misdemeanors resulting from painting a mural on a Bronx warehouse. De La Vega's sentencing, scheduled for July 29, has been postponed until October, in which time his lawyer will present a motion in his defense.

Ireland gives a summer welcome to Citizen Traveller - yet again.

Ireland, 02.08.2004 15:04

Life as a Traveller in Ireland under the Public Order and Trepass Act. In August 2002 Indymedia Ireland carried a letter to the EZLN and Mexican civil society entitled "In Ireland Marcos is a Traveller".. The previous month the above poster had appeared campaigning against the trespass laws that had recently been passed. In the two years since that article Ireland passed the Nice treaty and built an Anti-War movement. Indymedia published 75,000 articles or comments and the Public Order Act sprang to prominence used against RTS'ers, Bin Tax campaigners and others. Of course some of those 75,000 articles also mentioned the trespass aspect and it's use against travellers. But since the DoJ decided to cancel the Citizen Traveller campaign, somehow the issue faded from the view of many. The stories from Cork should surely be told. Last summer, we saw why this county leads the league table of evictions with 138 evictions taking place under the new act in the first 12 months of its operation. An eviction in May 2003 (with more details and loads of debate) and another this summer (more coverage here). Indeed the last two years have seen the TASS initiative and — on Indymedia at least — an attempt to increase traveller visibility by telling the stories, following the cases and discussing the issues. An Indymedia editor suggested an update to 'Marcos is a Traveller' and contact was made with the Traveller Visibility Group. We got sent a set of pictures with asides and an invitation to tell the big story, do a feature and say what was happening. But when you look at the pictures, see what Ireland demands of her citizens, even those who qualify under the proposed new restrictions, its very hard to improve on the words that were published here two years ago. This war is happening everywhere including Ireland. The Irish government is at present using draconian new laws to move Indigenous Irish Travellers from anywhere that they attempt to camp. They are the Irish equivalent to the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico and they are being described openly by members of the establishment in Ireland as 'Terrorists'. They, unlike the EZLN, have never taken up arms to fight for Justice, Peace and Dignity. They have done nothing except live their lives as their ancestors have for generations. They are a nomadic people. Just today I read of 30 families who had moved their caravans to an unused portion of land near the city of Dublin (our capital) being driven from this land by the Irish Police. So why am I telling this to the Zapatistas and Mexican Civil Society? To point out that in the Fourth World War things are becoming the same everywhere. And to point out that the resistance everywhere finally can realise this through channels of authentic speech and authentic tellings of the truth. And to show the pictures of the welcome that Citizen Traveller receives this summer.


Palestine, 02.08.2004 14:31


Kayakada caribeña por el ambiente

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2004 13:45

Kayakada caribeña

Kayakada caribeña por el ambiente

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2004 13:44

Kayakada caribeña

Southern Oregon 'Welcomes' Dick Cheney

Rogue Valley, 02.08.2004 13:37

A few hardy souls took some time to 'welcome' Dick Cheney to town last Friday. Read reports from the inside and the outside.....



Southern Oregon 'Welcomes' Dick Cheney

Rogue Valley, 02.08.2004 13:37

A few hardy souls took some time to 'welcome' Dick Cheney to town last Friday. Read reports from the inside and the outside.....



Kayakada caribeña por el ambiente

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2004 13:30

Kayakada caribeña

Fight the Lay Offs at D-Dot

Michigan, 02.08.2004 13:29

Picket and demonstrate the D-DOT Headquarters: THURSDAY, AUGUST 5TH, 2004 - 3:30pm-5:30pm, 1301 EAST WARREN @ I-75 DETROIT- On July 30, 2004 Mayor Kilpatrick laid off 112 DOT workers – all the attendants that clean the buses as well as many of the mechanics that repair them. The Mayor claims these outrageous cuts will not affect services. Everyone knows that’s a lie! On July 29th, D-DOT Director Norman White unlawfully walked out on the City Council after he was subpoenaed to answer under oath whether he plans to privatize the laid off workers’ jobs. If D-DOT isn’t privatizing those jobs, why did White refuse to answer under oath?

Brigada boricua de solidaridad

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2004 12:58

¡La solidaridad jamás será bloqueada!

Brigada boricua de solidaridad

Puerto Rico, 02.08.2004 12:56

¡La solidaridad jamás será bloqueada!

The Mendocino Model

Portland, 02.08.2004 12:40

DNC 2 RNC Marches on!

Portland, 02.08.2004 10:32

El Algarrobal

Argentina, 02.08.2004 09:21

El Ingenio Tabacal pretende un nuevo desalojo en Orán

El Algarrobal

Argentina, 02.08.2004 08:28

El Ingenio Tabacal pretende un nuevo desalojo en Orán

Take back the Streets Protest Edinburgh Saturday 31st July 2004

Scotland, 02.08.2004 08:28

This is a short report of the "Take back the streets event" in Edinburgh on Saturday 31st 2004 with photos.

[call for street party | Reclaim the Streets]

Don't Let Halliburton Privatize Virginia Highways!

Richmond, 02.08.2004 05:28

ACTION ALERT: Issue: I-81 CORRIDOR PLANS WILL SHAPE NATIONAL POLICY AND DETERMINE WESTERN & SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA'S ECONOMIC & ENVIRONMENTAL FUTURE STOP Taxpayer subsidies for dedicated truck toll lanes on I-81. Call Senator John Warner's Legislative Assistant, Ann Loomis. Tell her to urge Sen. Warner to oppose Congressman Don Young's (R-Alaska) House earmark of $900 million for Halliburton's Corporation's STAR Solutions consortium. Halliburton wants to turn I-81 in Virginia into an 8-12 lane East Coast Truck Bypass. Halliburton is trying to privatize a free public asset (I-81) for private profit and then replicate this strategy all over the U.S. The real solution is to put all that freight on rails. Don Young's earmark will take transportation resources away from the rest of Virginia. Contact: Senator John Warner: Telephone: (202) 224-2023 Fax: (202) 224-6295

Movie Night: Outfoxed

NYC, 02.08.2004 04:23

The Indypendent is proud to present a screening of Outfoxed Monday, August 2nd, at 8:00 pm at the Independent Media Center. 34 E. 29th St, 2nd Floor (between Park and Madison; 6 train to 28th St). $5 suggested donation.

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism uses the inflammatory tactics of the Fox News Channel to demonstrate the conservative bias that's handed down by Fox's owner, media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

:::Get Involved:::

Brisbane, 02.08.2004 02:10

Public Forum: Australia at the Crossroads: Time for Change

The FBI Lied, Again

Portland, 02.08.2004 01:25

South Berkeley Garden Lot for Sale

San Francisco Bay Area, 02.08.2004 01:14

South Berkeley Garden At Risk- Property for Sale


Portland, 02.08.2004 01:07


Secretary Ridge, changing colors,

DC, 02.08.2004 00:43

calls the threat information credible, recognizable and actionable, three criteria for upping the ante on the fear game.

On Pride, Patriotism, and Progressivism

Madison, 01.08.2004 23:07

While Kerry and Bush battle it out to convince the electorate who is a bigger patriot, maybe it's worth pausing to think about what it means to be an American and what it means to be patriotic. Pride can be both a virtue and a sin. What side are you on, and what does it mean for the future of our country?

Police Tase Large Mentally Ill Black Man

Portland, 01.08.2004 18:53

Marines train for &quot;crowd control&quot; in West Virginia

Portland, 01.08.2004 18:51

Raise Your Voice to Stop Abuse of Jailed Activist Tre Arrow

Portland, 01.08.2004 18:46

Theft, Property, Capitalism and 'the Workers'

Portland, 01.08.2004 18:41

Marines train for &quot;crowd control&quot; in West Virginia

DC, 01.08.2004 17:58

ABC TV News last night (Saturday, July 31) aired a story of Marines "training" onn the streets of a West Virginia town for crowd control and urban combat. A series of chilling video clips showed Marines in full riot gear moving forward in rank while beating nightstick-like batons in unison against the plastic riot shields they carried.

[LIVORNO] Morti in Carcere

Italy, 01.08.2004 17:55

Vai in carcere e poi muori!

Live Webstream at RNC - Participate! - OPEN HOUSE Aug 9

NYC, 01.08.2004 16:48

OPEN HOUSE AUGUST 9th, 7PM at the Tank 432 West 42nd Street, between 9th and 10th Avenues

From the folks who brought you the recent DNC stream, WEF stream, FTAA audio and many others, will be a 24-7 stream going live throughout the RNC. It will be relayed on FM stations near and far.

President Bush Greeted by Hundreds of Protestors in Grand Rapids

Michigan, 01.08.2004 15:53

p>GRAND RAPIDS – President George W. Bush was greeted by hundreds of protestors outside of his July 30 appearance at Grand Rapids Community College’s Ford Fieldhouse.

The Supreme Court Decision on the Guantanamo Bay Detainees: Finding Out What &quot;Yes&quot; Means

Baltimore, 01.08.2004 15:17

Commentary on US Supreme Court decision about the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

NYTimes: Police Warn of 'Increased Terror Threat' to NYC

NYC, 01.08.2004 13:31

(from the New York Times): "The New York Police Department, responding to new information that terrorists may be planning to attack corporations or large public institutions in the city, last night advised building managers and corporate security personnel to step up their procedures to guard against vehicles rigged with explosives and against chemical agents placed in ventilation systems." [Full Article]

"The Fear Factor," from the July Indypendent

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